Houston’s Quest For Howard Revs Up

As another morning dawned on the Great Dwight Howard Trade Watch, there was no change in the All-Star center/diva’s whereabouts: still stuck in Orlando with those Brooklyn blues again. There was, however, some uncertainty about the rest of his Magic teammates. And, for that matter, the Houston Rockets’ roster as NBA followers once knew it.

At this point, Rockets general manager Daryl Morey lacks only the peg-leg and a harpoon to differentiate himself from Capt. Ahab in his impassioned, seemingly obsessive pursuit of Howard, his dunk-slamming, shot-swatting, free throw-clanging version of Moby Dick. It has reached quest proportions, revved up as the Brooklyn Nets essentially dropped out of the trade market for the unhappy strongman superstar.

No cost is too great, it seems, as Morey pursues Howard. Already, the Rockets have taken a cleaver to their roster and are prepared to forge ahead in 2012-13 without seven of the top 11 players in minutes from last season’s squad. Now the roster cost might include forward Luis Scola, who not only was on the court more than any other Houston player (2,067 minutes last season) but scored more points, took more shots and grabbed more offensive rebounds than any of his teammates.

Scola, a 32-year-old ironman in his five Rockets season, clearly has given them their money’s worth. But his future paychecks are the ones that might get him sacrificed to the cause, as Josh Robbins explains in the Orlando Sentinel:

According to Yahoo! Sports, the Rockets have decided to waive forward Luis Scola using the collective bargaining agreement’s amnesty provision. Although Scola still would be paid the remaining $21 million guaranteed to him over the next three years, the move would clear his contract off the Rockets’ books and would allow the Rockets to accept more of the Magic’s onerous salary obligations.

The Magic would like to shed as many long-term contracts as possible from their payroll, and trading away some combination of Chris Duhon, Jason Richardson, Quentin Richardson and Hedo Turkoglu would improve the franchise’s salary-cap flexibility.

Magic general manager Rob Hennigan emphasized Thursday night that no trade is imminent. “I don’t think there’s a real correlation to anything with Luis as it pertains to us,” Hennigan said.

But the Magic have limited trade options otherwise.

The whole process might be gummed up by Houston’s agreed-upon offer sheets to New York guard Jeremy Lin and Chicago backup center Omer Asik; if the clock on those starts Friday and the Knicks and the Bulls use up their full three days before deciding to match or not, Morey won’t know exactly how much salary-cap flexibility he has for a while.

And then there’s the chance that Hennigan and the Magic opt for a deal that includes the L.A. Lakers, in which Lakers center Andrew Bynum could be the big man ending up in Houston (Orlando has injury concerns about Bynum and isn’t interested in coping with another 7-footer-who-won’t-stay headache).

If that one played out, the Rockets still might be better off than the way they look right now, wrote Jerome Solomon of the Houston Chronicle:

Bynum playing for Kevin McHale would be interesting. McHale can be tough, but he is fair and straightforward. If Bynum is serious about becoming a superstar, McHale can help to that end.

The Rockets run simple stuff, but simple is good when you have a dominant low-post presence. Bynum would get more than his share in the paint and could find being the No. 1 option quite enjoyable after being the fifth-option on team Kobe. (The Lakers’ standard offensive order: Kobe, Kobe, Kobe, Gasol, Bynum.)

Another problem with the Lakers-Magic-Rockets deal is it makes the Lakers the favorite in the Western Conference, and on paper, perhaps the entire league. But the Rockets can live with that, because they would be closer to the discussion than they have been in some time.

That’s not quite right: The Rockets are in the middle of a lot of heavy NBA discussions at the moment, whether it’s GM to GM and a whole lot of media types and fans fascinated by Morey’s high-wire act across Niagara.


  1. D12isaBust says:

    i dont get why this GM keeps on pursuing the biggest crybaby in all of professional sports. aside form his attitude, dude has a degenerative disc injury. his back & surely his game will never be the same again.

  2. Allen says:

    I think Howard Really should connsider Going to the Rockets He would be surrounded by Many young big men to help him out and a descent back court after signing Jeremy Lin. Also he would be coached none other than the great post player himself, Kevin McHale Im shure Dwight could learn Many things From McHale. Even though the Rockets Missed the post-season last season they still came close without any star players I think Dwight Should keep his mind on the Rockets

  3. Shane says:

    This drama over Dwight Howard’s destination is almost as aggravating as trying to figure out at what point Brett Favre would finally retire for good! Maybe the free market of modern sports is something for the exploding industry of sports media to talk about for ratings and so on, but… in all actuality, this type of thing is really mutilating my overall interest in professional sports. Magic was with the Lakers from 1979 to 1992, Scott, Worthy, Perkins were added to help him & Kareem win championships; Thomas, Dumars, Rodman, Laimbeer, and Edwards were together in Detroit for years… with Vinnie “the Microwave” coming off the bench… MJ was in Chicago from 1984 to 1993, retired, and came back to Chicago in 1998… until 2000 or whenever, and many think that tarnished his legacy a bit… Pippen was in Chicago over 15 years… Stockton & Malone were consecutive first round draft picks in Utah in 1984 and 1985; how long were they there together? Payton & Kemp would have been a perennial contender in Seattle until Kemp had his off-the-court problems… KJ, Dan Majerle, Tom Chambers were excellent in Phoenix; Run TMC was awesome in Golden State until they traded Mitch to Sacramento… New Jersey even built up through the draft: Kenny Anderson, Drazen Petrovic, Derrick Coleman…. New York drafted Mark Ewing and Mark Jackson who beat Scottie Pippen in ROY voting….before trading for Charles Oakley & then, if memory serves correctly, John Starks signed after being cut by GS… What’s my point?? Buying a jersey really feels beyond pointless these days because this dude might be playing his home games 1,500 miles away next year… unless it’s that guy whose name means king… who I’m honestly tired of hearing about… I understand it’s a business and the owners & GM’s want the best for their teams… and the media flocks to the next big sensation, but what about the love of the game??? To be honest, I’d rather be a “loyal fan” than a “valued customer”… but I guess that’s relatively irrelevant by comparison to the bottom line (which is $$$)… right?

  4. wilson says:

    this will happen 3 to 4 players in max contract in one team ! unless the player max limit is taken out but max cap must remain ! this will be able team to give more to their star player to stay ! if this max salary is intended to protect the small market then it is not working to thier advantage ! wake up david stern change the rule .
    sample : if cleveland can give lebron 30m do you think he will leave cleveland ? and if miami match the salary will you think wade will accept 15m only ? if dwight will be offer by the magic 30m will he leave orlando ?

  5. laker nation says:

    why wont dwight come to the lakers ? kobe said he wants him to go where he can get sucess , its stupid if dwight goes to rockets , rockets has a unworthy roster to winning a championship , so whats the point ? , the only place to go and win a championship is lakers , which is his best option , hes wasting his tme going to rockets , time while hes still young with a high athleticism , hes only going to get worse as he grows older in a unworthy team like ROCKETS !! so please , team up with kobe an get a RING ,

  6. Ish says:

    The magic need to do he deal with Houston and rebuilt, go young and maybe we can be an exciting team, and the Nets are going to be BIG disappointment, maybe a 7th or 6th seed but they will have a 1st round exit. Orlando on the other hand can put something together for a championship run by 2013/14 season. Go magic, and yes Howard will defiantly boo’ed when he come back, he did it way worse than Lebanon,

  7. spence says:

    what more do the magic want? i mean young talent, cap relief, draft picks…. i mean jesus. there is literally nothing else the rockets can do to make the trade better. this lets orlando start over quickly and maybe even give them a shot at first overall pick in next years draft with the pick they would get from the rockets that came from toronto. fact of the matter is they wont get a star caliber player unless they get a guy like horford from atlanta. but still id rather have a shot in the lottery and build young cause horford ceiling is at best… chris bosh.

  8. Josh says:

    Dwight will most certainly NOT be traded to Miami, so for the ignorant fan who said that, please leave.

    Being a Magic fan, I want him going to Atlanta for Horford, Teague, and future 1st rounder, top 3 protected. Because the Hawks will be just good enough to make the playoffs as an 8 seed but never any better (as they have been the past 5 seasons). Orlando can rebuild.

    I wonder if they will boo Dwight when he comes back to play in Orlando?

  9. nasg says:

    howard –> okc
    ibaka + harden -> orlando

  10. LOL says:

    I hope Houston gets Howard. I hope the Nets get Howard. Heck, I hope Howard stays in Orlando. But keep him away from LA. We have a strong starting five. We just need to focus on strenghtening our bench.

  11. W/E says:

    D12 is gunna get pusnished by the magic….the rockets have no hope of reaching the playoffs even in their dreams with their current roster..

  12. amigo says:

    Dwight go to bobcats.

  13. james says:

    Players Makes Money but we dont, Stop wasting our time, NBA Is Drama Queen. Sorry FANS

  14. Alexies says:

    Rockets amnesty Scola, that would be a great pick up for the Nets at PF.

  15. lbj says:


  16. Umm says:

    The Rockets just waived Luis Scola. What if the Lakers take scola and ship him with bynum and an extra player for howard and two other ridiculous contracts? Wouldn’t that be something.

    • laker nation says:

      good idea mate , but you need to think money wise , lakers have already gone over board with money wise

  17. HeatFanSInceBirth! says:

    And ppl criticized Lebron for moving to Miami , but this guy (Howard) is the biggest baby yet i mean seriously he got Van Gundy fired and still ask to be traded and finally now that other teams want him he says he only wants to play with D-Will what a immature baby!

  18. gaurav says:

    Howard will not go to lakers. he just does not want to play there. even if he is forcefully traded, he will not resign with them. lakers are really wasting their time with trying to trade him. i say trade bynum away for a few quality bench players and basically make a run for the championship.

  19. GOHEATCHAMPS says:

    I’m a heat fan. If you think all heat fans don’t have a clue about basketball….. you need to stfu. I know dwight howard has no chance of coming to south beach. Not all heat fans are stupid.

  20. whatacat says:

    pfff.. that’s a shame! what a great frontcourt could it be: glen BIG BABY davis and dwight CRYBABY howard!

  21. Head Huncho says:

    Howard will not sign long term deal in LA if he is traded. He will play out yr and then go to highest bidder the next yr. The nets can still get him the following season if they can trade Lopez that same seaon. If Lopez stays healthy and has a big seaon of may 19pts and 10 RBs and a couple blocks per game then they could trade him easily. He is very capable of puttin up those numbers if healthy and he is averages 15 mil a season for next 4 yrs. with those numbers he would be a steal compared to what Howard can make as max player. Howard wont want to play with kobe. He wants a ring but wants to be top dawg on the team that wins the ring. Shaq and kobe didnt get along cuz of different personalities…Shaq was a fun big kid. Howard is same way. It wont work.

  22. OK says:

    champs through 2018? wade is getting old and ray already is. All of the supporting cast is either horrible or already old.

  23. Axel says:

    I don’t understand why Howard wants to play with Deron and Joe so much..what sounds better, Kobe-Howard-Nash-Gasol or Deron-Howard-Joe.. The lakers would beat the nets even with Howard. He needs to get his priorities straight. Shaq should call him and tell him to get his head out of his butt and go play with Kobe!

  24. DREAM68 says:


    • SmoothMM says:

      Houston organization has gone mad! Then again it could work out in their favor. But amnestying Scola is a horrible move regardless. Why not Martin? Why are they overlooking Martin? Martin!!!!!!!!!!

  25. LOL says:

    LeBron must be moving this. Amazing how two of the NBA’s most popular players two years ago are now two of the most hated. Who’s going to join the list next? Kevin Love perhaps.

  26. lakernation says:

    if dwight goes to La… Lakers lose Bynum and lose dwight after season ends
    if dwight goes to houston… houston loses martin and scola and valuable draft picks and dwight after season ends
    if dwight goes to brooklyn… Brooklyn loses all of bench + Lopez
    D-12 to La… Lakers lose in Finals Chances to La: 35%
    Magic stay the same
    D-12 to Houston… Rockets lose in first round dwight leaves Chances 2 hous:42%
    D-12 to Brooklyn… Nets win vs knicks in first round Chances to Nets: 35%
    Lose to Chicago or Miami second round

  27. Jaocbo says:

    Why should Scola, a great player and fan favorite, have to leave so we can rent Howard?! This is rediculous!!! Someone fire Morey before he screws up the rest of the team! He traded Lowry, Camby, Dalembert, Bud, and refused to bring back Dragic and Lee, when all he needed to do to make us Rocket fans happy was trade Martin!!. Howard doesnt even want to go to Houston!!! Everyone can say its better for them in the future, but people had to admire the hard work every individual put in to this club. For a team without a superstar they were pretty good! STOP THE MADNESS!!!

    • SmoothMM says:

      We (Rockets fans) were only a few pieces away from being a contender. I wish they would’ve re-signed everyone, traded Martin for an offensive big, maybe traded Lowry (since he expressed some disinterest) for a defensive wing, and got Aaron Brooks back from China (if not, get another playmaking backup PG).

  28. odawg31 says:

    Pretty amazing how incredibly stupid Fakers Fans are when it comes to basketball. Houston is just as stupid if they trade everything for Howard. Houston GM is desperate as hell to get a star in Houston after Yao retired. Didnt get their man Pau, Nene, Marc Gasol, and now its Howard or bust. I wouldnt count out Houston getting Bynum tho. Rockets seem to love Fakers trash like Fisher, and Pau.

    HEAT CHAMPS 2012′-2018′

  29. odawg31 says:

    Pretty amazing how incredibly stupid Fakers Fans are when it comes to basketball. Houston is just as stupid if they trade everything for Howard. Houston GM is desperate as hell to get a star in Houston after Yao retired. Didnt get their man Pau, Nene, Marc Gasol, and now its Howard or bust. I wouldnt count out Houston getting Bynum tho. Rockets seem to love Fakers trash like Fisher, and Pau.

    HEAT CHAMPS 2012′-2018′

    u kobe fanz can stick that up wear the sun dont shine. (give them a minute, Fakers fanz r slow)

    • SmoothMM says:

      No way. I’m not a Lakers fan (Rockets fan) but the Heat are not winning 6 years straight.

    • D Lion says:

      D-Wade will be 36, LeBron 33, and Bosh 34 in 6 years. No way the other teams like OKC will not have beaten them by then, especially because they are much younger.

      PDX fan

  30. r0y says:

    i think that howard should got to the lakers cause u never know like wen shak went to lakers and he came from the magic to and laker one 3 championships in a row

  31. HeatFan says:

    Not all Heat fans believe what one guy does. I don’t even want Howard in a Heat uniform even if cap was not an issue. Dude is a malcontent. Say what you want about the Heat but all the guys we have are team guys that play both sides of the ball and don’t talk all that garbage behind the scenes. All the 3 guys waited till they where free agents not under contract before they where asking to be treaded like this superboy/

  32. DREAM68 says:

    I just can not believe all the “DWIGHT DRAMA” that has been played out so far. I thought LBJ did it “DIRTY” with the “DECISION’, now this Howard-OPERA must play on until NYK & CHI decide to match the offer sheets Houston already committed itself too for Asik & Lin which I hope they don’t match. Howard coming to H-town is gonna be another drama
    filled season. I LOVE my ROCKETS, but dis cat here is too damn sensitive. He’s immature, untrustworthy and a DIVA.
    Dude went and put his arm around the coach saying all is good then got the entire staff fired from the GM down. Morey
    think it this through before you finish blowing up whats left of the ROCKETS. Whats left so far ain’t even a .500 team, so
    keeping it real its at least 2 yrs away from the playoffs for nothing BC everything you’re giving it away for “UNDER DOGG”

  33. saverios321 says:


  34. Ryan says:

    If I was LA or HOU, I would not go for Howard. Simply because Howard said he would not sign a contract extension with any of these teams after the season ends unless its the Nets. So Lakers would give up Bynum for basically nothing after this coming season. Houston would lose Scola for nothing as well. Only way for Rockets to benefit from this is, trade Howard before the dealine in the season and use him to get good quality talent out of maybe 2-3 players in a trade. I mean your not going to keep him since he wants to go to the Nets no matter what anyway. LA shouldn’t even bother. Houston like I said should just get him, tade him in Feb to get a good couple guys since his value is high and rebuild that way, because Howard is immature and cries about everything. He ruined the front office of the Magic, wanted Van Gundy to go, now he’s gone he still wants to leave anyhow. He’s pathetic to be honest. Besides, he won’t win in Brooklyn anyways. NBA is all politics now, so the Nets wouldn’t be a popular choice to win the title anyways. I bet he only wants to go there there is because he is buddy buddy with Jay-Z.

  35. Judge says:

    Howard going to the Lakers? NO…. You guys forgot about CP3’s trade? Surely David Stern will not let Howard be traded to the Lakers for BASKETBALL REASON!!! S.T.U.P.I.D.

  36. Glosh says:

    houston GMs is a fool. Future stars of houston like parson,morris,lamb or royce white or terrence jones just for the drama king howard and a bench trash? Dumbs.

  37. noyb says:

    Starting to sound like Howard must have some issues since does not have a deal in place already…

  38. dcuteness says:

    I dunno whats in the mind of the rockets pursuing howard. Giving up most from the roster is really a stupid move. Why not offer a contract to Tindus Niobeto or Jac Dandan of the austin toros. Those guys are impact players and are NBA ready. Just to add up to the already intact roster. Well, the rockets are taking a risk, if they win they are happy. But if they lose, they will learn.

  39. Ray says:

    Why the hell MOREY wants Howard in Houston that bad?? That guy is not going to sign back with us, PLUS we are giving away our entire roster (virtually) and YOUTH of our roster…got damn MOREY WAKE UP!!!! its bad deal all the way!!

  40. AO says:

    I really believe Morey is on the right track.

    With Howard on-board they can get into the playoffs (this upcoming season) and may make him consider to stay. If he does stay, then he will definitely attract more talent to Houston. There are probably not too many teams that can sign him next year (Dallas, Atlanta, Lakers) and if he want to be in a big market, the choices are even less! The only team that I think he will look at will be Lakers and that would mean Bynum would be freed up for Houston’s picking.

    Also if Dwight leaves, then Houston can do what other teams did … tank to get a franchise changing pick in the lottery.

  41. YO says:


  42. Ben H. says:

    GET HOWARD OUT! Enough of this drama, it’s become more annoying than anyone thought it could be. Or better yet, how about no team shows interest in him, he suddenly becomes aware that everything in life is finite, and he signs with a team and plays basketball like a regular person. I’m sorry Dwight, I am an Orlando fan and was a fan of yours, but this is beyond silly. Just pick somewhere other than Brooklyn and let it rest, please.

  43. robert zimmerman says:

    Orlando will retain Howard. May trade him in January.

  44. jaylen says:

    I say duh rockets shuld get bynun but eitha way iht go its still a win 4 duh rockets!!!!!!!!!

  45. John Doe says:

    I guess the first thing Howard would say when he is traded to Houston: “I want to be traded to Brooklyn.”

    I guess the Lakers Management doesn’t like all the drama around Howard and it wasn’t too bad with Bynum last season.

    I guess the first thing Howard would say when he is traded to LA: “darn – no one cares about me here – I’m third to Kobe and Hollywood. I want to be traded to Brooklyn.”

    I guess the first thing Howard would say when he is traded to Brooklyn: WI should’ve stayed in Orlando – fans and press are killing me for each free throw I miss… My smile doesn’t work here – it’s too far away from Disneyland.”

    I still think the Magic should trade him to Lithuania – they have talent in return and they would teach Howard how to cry. And I still think that the NBA should make a rule that players can’t say where they want to go publicly. They can talk with there management respectfully – each public comment should cost them 250 000$.

  46. Bobo says:

    Unless they want to trade Howard in January for something awesome its kinda stupid to get rid of the teams best player Scola for a guy who leaves anyway in the end of 12/13 season.

  47. James says:

    This is not a HOWARD thing THIS IS A GM THING !!!! THE MAGIC CO. is holding up the deals that were put in front of them. They are the real DRAMA QUEENS IN THIS MESS. Howard is just the poster boy because he opened his mouth to many time.

  48. Hopeless says:

    I’m sure Dwight would love to play with no one in Houston rather than no one in Orlando! Haha, if the Rockets make this move, sure you might make the playoffs but it’ll be a while until you make it far.

  49. Chris says:

    Guys, you all remember all that talk about Melo, Amare, and Chandler playing together? What has become of it? Secondly, I think Howard looks like a fool. I remember him making mocking LBJ after his infamous “Decision”. Well, at least LBJ made a decision. He did sign a paper and turn around and ask for a trade, Howard is a baby boy. He doesn’t even sound like a real man when we speaks.

  50. willie says:

    the report is wrong… lakers’ standards offensive order….. kobe,kobe, kobe, gasol, kobe,kobe,kobe, bynum…

  51. Vicster says:

    Man, Rockets giving up too much for D-12. Just stay with what you got and sign some star to a max deal next season .

  52. Nets Blow says:

    How would lakers be the favorites of the whole league?

    • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

      Kobe, Nash and Howard? Sounds pretty good to me

  53. JJ87 says:

    Using amnesty on Scola is a big mistake right now. After a couple of really impressive seasons, why throw away your main port of call? And in exchange for big baby Howard? Who might only stick around for one season? Really?

    Sure, maybe in a couple of years time, Scola has lost his touch. That’s when you start looking around at other options. But not now. If the Rockets get Howard, it’s all going to go downhill……

  54. Rafael Enrique Merino says:

    I´d like to say to the Los Angeles Lakers management be careful if you are going to deal with the Magic or the Rockets for Dwight Howard, someone can block the trade…

  55. Miamiheatstupidfan says:

    Why are Heat fans really S.T.U.P.I.D????

  56. justin says:

    he wants to play in brooklyn..NYC…the lights the cameras the ACTION. and the Ny media ready to rip him up with sharp teeth.

  57. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Stop Drama. Trade Howard to the Rockets and that’s all!

  58. pokie says:

    Orlando would be better served if they realized that all these players they no longer want that they signed to bloated long term contracts and trading Dwight Howard are two different things. Man up.

  59. Eaham says:

    LMFAO you Heat fans are so annoying, no pride. You know Heat won’t be able to sign Dwight as Free Agent OR Trade him for garbage oieces yet you all choose to talk about Howard joining the King. Got love for LBJ but man you Heat fans are annoying. Did you guys fall off the Bandwagon on your way to the cahmpionship, it might have been pretty full to hold all you brokeas* bandwagoners

  60. Miamiheatstupidfan says:

    hey stupid heat fan! there you go again. Heat doesn’t have any more money to afford Howard salary! Dream on! S.T.U.P.I.D!!!!

  61. JL says:

    I’m sick and tired of this drama. What is it going to take to get through Howard’s head to telll him that he won’t go to the Nets. Just get it over whit say he wants to go to the Lakers, sign an extension, and we’re done. Kobe is getting old, and he is reaching the end of his prime, as he has played sixteen seasons. In the next three years, Dwight could become the number one option for the Lakers. The Rockets will never get Howard, since they would have to give a way Martin and Scola. Do that, you could slate them for last place. Just get this over whit.

  62. M. Nib says:

    Morey’s still going at it…but will they pull the trigger? This Dwight Howard drama is “must-read and must-see TV”. LOL…i find it rather amusing…c’mon lets get a deal done already! Lets just swap rosters…no problem.

  63. PD29 says:

    I think that the Rockets should stop trying to pursued Dwight. There is no definite on him re-signing next year. They might be better off with Bynum. And what is up with Morey’s decidion, trading away Bud, Bear, Lowry, Lee, letting Dragic walk out the door and signing Asik for more than he actually worth, all because they are so desperate for a center to fill the void left by Yao Ming. Either they are trying so hard to make the playoffs, or getting the record to gain a higher picks, which is not the best choice because next year’s draft can be one of the worst.

  64. spurs! says:

    if you waived by the rockets.. scola pls sign to the spurs. help your fellow argentinian manu.

  65. Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

    The Lakers as favorites of the Western Conference, maybe the entire league. I like that idea.

    • dom42 says:

      Nash is too old. He wont get more then 50 games in this year……….unless Lakers and Phx trade medical staff.

      • OMG says:

        Nash too old? You’re talking about the same Steve Nash that only missed four games this past season and averaged 12-10…no we can’t be talking about the same Steve Nash!

      • Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

        I don’t know which Steve Nash you were watching the previous season but the one that played point guard for Phoenix definitely does not play like a 38 year old

  66. Lakers get lou Deng says:

    enuff said

  67. Henry says:


  68. Ingman says:

    I’m die-hard Lakers fan , but i had nice laugh about ”Lakers offensive order” – Kobe,Kobe,Kobe,Gasol,Bynum, even tho its quite right.

    • THAT GUY says:

      well thats the only thing that goes down, cause nobody else comes to play…and im a lakers fan too…what is our other offense under Mike Browns system..i think Bynums overrated, we have to use Gasol a lot more, he proves to get rings.

  69. Melvin says:

    Just let Howard go to Nets and everything will be okay.
    Stop drama!! or else Howard will be more famous than LBJ LOL.

  70. Tony Nguyen says:

    Kobe, give Howard a call. He is the only chance you have for the sixth ring you have been wishing for.

  71. dwynn says:


  72. come on theres too much drama…

  73. Choker says:

    no need for them to get Howard. Howard isnt going to stay in Rockets for a long time. Your team is good and just fine as of now

  74. @dmorey says:

    Come to Houston

  75. lbj says:

    Cry baby again! Hey howard if you want to get a ring come and play with the king! (James) go to Miami in exchange of haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks, not bad for Orlando.

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    Center: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong Reserve: Lewis,Chalmers,Cole,Miller and veteran Juwan Howard!

    • stfu says:

      you obviously don’t have a clue about anything

      • MIAMIWHO says:

        Ive said that about heat fans all along. They are clueless when it comes to NBA basketball. Most of them think they are playing 2K12 and can just put anyone they want on the team. No way in hell Dwight would ever end up in a heat uniform.

    • Greg says:

      you are an idiot if you think that’s going to happen.

    • James says:

      keep dreaming, that will never happen. will be wayyyy over salary cap

    • Hopeless says:

      wow yeah, then we can all never watch the NBA again because it’ll be too damn predictable

      • toronto416 says:

        are u ok?? how can u have 4 max players on a 1 team? did u kno there was a lockout last season? do u kno y? get out from under that rok wak up!!!

      • toronto416 says:

        ayy thats wasnt 4 u lOLOLOL

      • SmoothMM says:

        It’ll be “predictable”? Wow, people are giving way too little credit for other teams that don’t have 2 or 3 All Stars on there team. Others teams can still compete. Put Howard on the Nets, Heat or Lakers… even OKC. That doesn’t guarantee victory.

    • toronto416 says:

      are u ok?? how can u have 4 max players on a 1 team? did u kno there was a lockout last season? do u kno y? get out from under that rok wak up!!!

    • Rafael says:

      Yh Ray Allen starting over Battier.. YOUR obviously just a retard that thinks hek nows Basketball
      Usually im not htis pissed but ur whole comment was ratarded

    • jwa988 says:

      you’re in idiot…

    • jwa988 says:

      oh and while there at it why dont they just trade mike miller for derrick rose that should work right…

    • dave88 says:

      you been playing too much NBA 2K12?

    • D Lion says:

      On the last D12/Houston article you posted that same lineup and somebody said that you post that on every article. I guess they’re right lol.

    • MGIC Core says:

      WOW what a bargain NO energy in Turiaf,NO legs in Haslem,NO inteligence in Anthony.And the picks ,probably # 62 .
      You do bussiness like the Cubans does. But don’t worry keep dreaming.

    • Rocket33 says:

      LBJ… even if the numbers in your trade worked, I think Miami would still have a better chance of convincing Orlando to just amnesty Howard so they can sign him for the minimum.

    • THAT GUY says:

      okay….Turiaf, Anthoney, Haslem, and picks, for Howard…. are you calling the Magic GM an idiot?!

    • Put Name Here says:

      Keep dreaming my friend..if that ends up happening the miami heat will be the most hated team in all of the NBA (not like they already are)

  76. Bob says:

    How can the Lakers afford Kobe, Gasol, Nash, and Howard?

  77. grantstern says:

    The Rockets’ Morey is either incredibly bright, or incredibly stupid. Either way, their team is going to have a better future for it, because a lost season will finally vault them to the top of the Lottery. Or, they’ll win the big man lottery and make the playoffs. Glad I’m a Heat fan!

    • TONY says:

      If it wasn’t for the league being rigged. Queen James wouldn’t have won. Thanks to Stern’s puppets! It’s really sad, that a future HALL OF FAME player, who’s been in this league for 14 years, doesn’t get the calls that a player in his 9th year gets. BS! RIGGED!

      • Who Cares says:

        That Was not a well thought out Comment, I do not like the heat myself but I highly doubt Stern Is rigging the NBA finals..Ohh the simple minds of the Die hard fans!

    • john says:

      Must be getting crowded on that Mami bandwagon huh?