Dwight update: Not close to a trade with Rockets

Friday came and went, and just like all the other days that have passed since June 24, 2004, Dwight Howard was still a member of the Orlando Magic.

Despite the Houston Rockets using the amnesty provision to waive forward Luis Scola, there was no trade of Howard from Orlando to Houston, and sources briefed on the talks between the two sides said the teams weren’t nearly as close to a trade as many have speculated. That can change in an instant, of course, but late Friday, there was no deal.

Talks between the two sides are “not active,” one source said Friday.

“There’s nothing happening,” another source said.

The Rockets, according to a league source briefed on the discussions, are willing to take one bad contract back from the Magic, not two or three, as has been speculated. And in return, Houston will give up one of the their three first-round picks in last month’s Draft– Jeremy Lamb, Royce White or Terrence Jones –but only one.

The Rockets would be willing to send a future draft pick to Orlando –presumably the Lottery-protected first-rounder Houston received this week from Toronto for guard Kyle Lowry — and send a veteran player to the Magic, helping Orlando clear $10 to $15 million worth of cap room, in exchange for the six-time All-Star and three-time Defensive Player of the Year.

Orlando has several high-priced contracts it would like to clear if it opts to trade Howard, including forward Hedo Turkoglu (two years, $23.4 million remaining, though the last year of the deal is not fully guaranteed) and guards Jason Richardson (three years, $18.6 million) and Chris Duhon (two years, $7.2 million).

Waiving Scola, who was due $20.6 million over the next three seasons, was not done just to give Houston a better shot at Howard, according to the source. With the Rockets in full pursuit of Howard, however, keeping a high-priced player like Scola on the roster didn’t make much sense going forward — especially if Houston isn’t successful in getting Howard.

By cutting Scola now, the Rockets will be able to take a big contract back at any point this season if it suits their rebuilding plans. After spending the last three years trapped in NBA mediocrity following the injuries to and eventual retirement of franchise center Yao Ming, the Rockets are determined to land a star or construct a roster of players with the potential to become stars.

To that end, the Rockets officially tendered a three-year, $25.1 million offer sheet on Friday to Knicks restricted free agent Jeremy Lin. The Rockets reworked their deal from the original offer they had negotiated with Lin, eliminating a year of the offer but raising Lin’s third-year salary up to $14.898 million, in an attempt to make the offer sheet as difficult as possible for New York to match.

League sources continue to indicate that the Knicks will match, however, feeling Lin’s potential both as a player and as someone whose marketability is unlimited are too important to pass up. But with a roster that currently only has veterans Toney Douglas and Shaun Livingston as point guards, Houston felt it had to do whatever it could to get Lin.

The Rockets are still expected to tender a similar three-year, $25 million offer sheet to Bulls reserve center Omer Asik.

Meanwhile, Orlando continues to take a methodical approach toward dealing Howard, who has indicated the only team with whom he’d be willing to sign a contract extension after this season is Brooklyn. Howard has been adamant that he would not re-sign in Houston if traded there.

However, the Rockets remain convinced they can change his mind once he gets to town. He has a strong relationship with Rockets legend and Hall of Fame center Hakeem Olajuwon, who told FoxSportsFlorida Friday night that he’d been asked to reach out to Howard if and when a trade is made.

Orlando is determined trade Howard on its own timetable, when it gets the combination of picks and young players it wants. The Magic, who are still looking to hire a new coach and just hired new general manager Rob Hennigan late last month, may be trying to replicate the formula used by the Nuggets in 2011, when Denver held onto forward Carmelo Anthony for months and months until the Knicks offered a package featuring Danilo Gallinari, Wilson Chandler and Timofey Mozgov for a Denver package featuring Anthony and Chauncey Billups.

Orlando is continuing to talk to other teams, including the Lakers. But after sending two future firsts and two seconds to the Suns in the sign and trade deal for Steve Nash, Los Angeles is out of Draft picks to offer in the near future. The Nets are out of the picture for the foreseeable future after re-signing center Brook Lopez, who was supposed to be the centerpiece of any offer to Orlando for Howard, to a four-year, $60.8 million deal earlier this week. Under league rules Brooklyn cannot trade Lopez until Jan. 15.


  1. Chris C says:

    I belive that Howard is not a bad guy but he just wants to win . trade Bynum to the cavs;Howard to the Lakers and call it a day…. Howard always said he wanted to work on his acting !!!!

  2. Glosh says:

    Lol if the magic will trade howard to the rockets i guess he will play alone there. He said he want to win a championship but why rockets? Go to L.A,bulls or okc or spurs that is a championship team.

  3. DJBname says:

    Dwight is damaged goods. He says no second year if not the Nets. His back surgery is not healed. He has selfish attitude. And, he costs too much for all the drama he likes to cause. And, really why did he opt back in for another year before changing his mind again. Let him stink up someone else’s crib and leave LA to gel, as is.

  4. JaMeS PauL says:

    D-12 is so dramatic..What a cry baby..

  5. Aamer says:

    MAgic get: jokim noah, loul deng, and carlos boozer

    Bulls get: dwight howard, jj reddck, jason richardson, and glen davis

    no team is giving away 2 all stars., and i dont think orlando get a better deal then this one

    boozer still is a top 10 pf in the leauge avg 15 ppg and 8.5 rpg

  6. Charles says:

    This doesnt make sense for the magic. they would only be getting rid of one bad contract, receiving 1 pick and 1 of the 3 young draft picks? that doesnt sound all that great. the deal of lopez, brookes, and multiple first round picks that they could have gotten from the nets sounds a whole lot better. plus the nets would have taken on not just one but multiple bad contracts.

    • Swaggie boy says:

      I think Dwight is scared of being great. However, I think orlando should trade J-Rich for Mike Conley, sign Antwan for a 3 year/12 mil contract, and sign Gerald Green for a 2 year/ 9 mil contract. I think that will convince Dwight to stay in Magic

  7. J says:

    Howard is not even that great. what is the point. Yes he will be a good add on but the centers are not the main factor right now as b4.

  8. bob says:

    So, looks like the Lakers would’ve been in prime position to land Howard, if they didn’t sign Nash…
    3 years with an aging bryant/Nash… Or a decade with Howard.
    Hope you’re happy, Lakers…

  9. leland says:

    wow most of the team today was so greedy on taking super stars in one team. why don they just
    sign phil jackson who dont need a bunch of dramatic superstars to win a championship but will rely on role
    players who are willing to do thier job. man i hope some team will give a chance to many underdog players who is a nobody and will rise next season proving that they more worth than this so called drama queen!

  10. Jesse S.A says:

    Howard should just retire!

  11. ken says:

    Howard will go to Lakers! just watch

  12. Eric says:

    Trade Howard to the Harlem Globe Trotters or Washington Generals for all I care.

  13. Lee says:

    The best deal, (as I said in another blog)

    LA get Dwight
    Houston gets Bynuum and J Richardson
    Orlando get Scola and Kevin Martin

    LA get who they want, Houston gets either centre their after, and Orlando gets a big man and scorer (who is in the last year of his contract)

    Then trade Turk and the other useless wally’s for another centre and picks…

    Win win all round 🙂

  14. Lakers-R-Us says:

    One thing about all this is really baffling me! If D Howard wants out of Orlando so bad; why on earth did he opt in for another year?

  15. Ivan says:

    Howard to the D-League

  16. PDXfan says:

    I wonder if the Blazers will ever be interested in him? I know the owner is one of the 5 richest guy in the world (Paul Allen) Why not?

  17. Jen says:

    That picture of Howard is hilarious. Magic should just take any good deal presented to them because Howard wants to leave and they can only get him to stay another year anyway.

  18. daniel.b says:

    the lakers really need to stop this, and fianlly get a REAL bench.. omgggg

  19. Koupilias says:

    Let’s forget about what the Magic want for a second …. WHAT DOES D12 WANT ???

    I mean BEING A FREE AGENT is the only situation where you get to GO WHEREVER U WANT (if it is possible)

    So if I were D12 I’d just wait for a year …. Then it would be IN MY HAND …

    Just a thought…

    • Aamer says:

      theres no way hhawks give away josh smith to take on salary

    • qwerty says:

      WOW!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! in what make believe world do you live in? where a team that already has 3 young super stars on the roster only has to give up their bench worthy center that for some reason starts (joel anthony) in a 3 team trade and get dwight howard, a 4th super star in return. and to answer you question NOT POSSIBLE IN A MILLION YEARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  20. dj says:

    Orlando’s GM is stupid. End of discussion. Orlando will never match the offer that the Nets offered. Just plain stupid

  21. Thomas says:

    Maybe a three way package deal can be worked out with Orlando Magic, LA Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, since Andrew Bynem from the Lakers indicated he would agree to go to Cleveland and they have draft picks that the Magis might agree to.

    • trade1 says:

      the problem with this deal is who will take hed/ojrich contracts and what players would come from these teams, you have to throw in players, lakers still don’t have a bench and cleveland doesn’t have any players to give.. can’t be done…

      1st off everyone may want to think backwards..
      if 2 or 3 1st round picks, plus humphries and lopez, plus take 1 bad contract didn’t work, then what other team can offer more?? NONE..

  22. linda says:

    i would be willing to bet if the rockets and magic agreed on a trade, howard would sign an extension with orlando asap. the longer the magic own his rights and he fears he might have to wear an orlando uniform and be booed by the hometwon crowd, the more he cracks.

    he can talk the bravdo but he can’t walk it.

  23. mel says:

    send him to atlanta and called it a day

  24. chandler says:

    im getting tired of checking nba .com so much jus do somthin

  25. MackDaddy says:

    Orlando GM is a laughing stock. Playing hard ball when everyone on the planet knows that HE’S the one under pressure to make a deal, not other teams.

    Yet in his version of reality, other teams arent ‘paying’ him enough when it comes to trades. Wake up man…. there is no market value for Howard, and whatever his value is now- well that’s only dropping as time goes on because there will be less and less teams able to bid.

    The way thing are going, GM’s pride will get in the way of any deal… and the best deal he could have got has already expired and cant happen anymore. Orlando fans should be annoyed- angry even. There are less and less suitors every day,… make a deal already!!!!!

    • Derek says:

      I agree 100%, couldn’t have said it better myself.

    • Aamer says:

      MAgic get: jokim noah, loul deng, and carlos boozer

      Bulls get: dwight howard, jj reddck, jason richardson, and glen davis,,,,,,,,

      that would be the best deal for orland getting back 2 all star level players

      boozer is still a 15 ppg guy and has 53 FG% and a 8.5 RPG he might be a top 10 pf ……

      its a very good deal for both teams and they should look into this trade and money macths


      that can be a better deal for D12

    • trade1 says:

      thats what i’ve been saying all along, cause once july 11th came, any leverage just went out the window for the magic on a trade… 100% agree..

  26. Robert` says:

    I been saying this for a while now. I don’t think Howard really wants to be traded he just didn’t want to play with Stan, and I don’t think the magic really want to trade him. So I bet he is going to stay in on the magic and sign and contract.

  27. overrated says:

    rockets wants to trade for howard and if they think he really wont sign an extension, they’ll swing a deal for another allstar for howard.lets say bynum or lamarcus??? good thinking houston!

  28. nba-spy says:

    D.Howard if you wanna go just go…if u wanna play with the nets-hou-lal- or whatever team is it just go… SO MUCH DRAMA…

    • D says:

      Except it’s not up to Dwight? He just can’t “go.” He was to wait and see who trades for him.

  29. John says:

    Lol. DA has the Rockets trading K-Mart and Jeremy Lamb for D12 and Jason Richardson. No wonder he thinks the deal isn’t close.

  30. Lyn says:

    DA definitely the most reliable voice in NBA news!

  31. corky says:

    WHAT A SOAP OPERA. I am a devout LAKERS fan. I think we should keep Bynum and make him happy and concentrate on getting a solid bench and a better small forward, keep MWP to come off the bench unless he somehow learns to shoot again. Bynum has the skills to be better than Howard within next few years. The more we hear about Howard the less appealing he sounds.

  32. linda says:

    if this is the best the rockets are offering, i turn it down if i am orlando.

    • trade1 says:

      and get what in return?
      nets are out
      houston out..
      No other team has cap space, draft picks and players to give besides houston now

      so you want the bynum for howard trade which is the only 1 left?? another center thats a free agent at the end of the year?

      great going orlando.. NEW GM roflmao… seems like somebody else other than the gm is running the magic organization…

  33. Henry says:

    Will Howard even stay in Houston if traded?

  34. b-rad says:

    Give me a break Rockets! You have no chance. Dwight wants to go to a contender. Who will he be playing with in Houston? They wont even come close to making the playoffs. I predict sooner or later the nets and possibly lakers will come back into the picture.

    • trade1 says:

      yes back into the picture with less than they could of received for howard before free agency… no team really wants to pay $2 for every $1 over the salary cap starting next season except maybe 5-7 teams…

  35. josh305 says:

    I’m not a Orlando magics fan, but i’m sure am a howard fan when it comes to the most dangerous center in the nba league.. i believe Dwight Howard wanna get out of orlando, so why not take his talents to south beach and join the Miami Heats, after all aint that what playing in the nba is all about anyways.. I believe Dwight Howard can play for any team in the league right now but the question is does Dwight Howard wanna go to a team and win a nba championship title and ring one time or many times?? to be honest i think Orlando magics should go into a four team trade to send Dwight Howard to either the Brookland Nets or Miami heats.. Im a Miami heats fan so i believe that Dwight Howard should go to the miami heats. in order for that to happen Miami heats will have to trade one of the big 3, and trade Joel Anthony, so heres how the heats starting 5 line up is if Howard does come to the heats. PG= Mario Chalmers, SG= Dwyane Wade, SF= Ray Allen/ Rashard Lewis, PF=Lebron James and the center= DWIGHT HOWARD…. if possible!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • me says:

      you don’t have a brain and obviously a backbone either..so your eastimation is that he should hop on the Heat bandwagon?..well you can keep dreaming cos D Howard ain’t going to the Heat, ‘sides they couldn’t afford him

    • ATLHAWKS says:

      see this is why i hate miami fans nothing is enough for them go get hign on bath salts somewhere else

  36. magic fan says:

    magic need way more than a veteran player (probably kevin martin) one of this years rookies and a future pick for howard and only one bad orlando contract…i was pretty happy when i thought orlando was going to be able to dump almost the whole team of bad otis smith signings on the rockets for howard 🙂

  37. Mandep says:

    dwight howard is going to the lakers. bleachers had a report that he is in la sporting the lakers gear before they removed the site and the rockets doing all this is just a smoke screen. i’m a rockets fan i just want this to be over with but i hate him going to la its like the rich getting richer and thats just wrong. i hate all these stars joining together to win chapionships at least back in the days they had the guts to win with thier team. i hated kobe brayant comments that they can beat the old usea team when they cant even win a chapionship without putting a all star team together thier like the monstars from spacejam. taking all the talent at least jordan ,Olajuwon, duncan they did it with their teams!!!

    • me says:

      LMAO Kobe said that? dam that fool smoking ego-uana cos that’s just the most ridiculous statement I’ve eva heard

      • D says:

        What should Kobe of said then? If you’re an athlete then you should understand that your competitive side would never let you admit that another team is better than yours. Should Kobe of said that the Dream Team would smear the Olympic team he’s playing for?

  38. I personally think that Dwight’s value is a bit overstated– he is a good Defensive player but Lacks offensive skills- and more importantly leadership skills

  39. rocofella says:

    That is false. Orlando is NOT desperate to trade the best center in the league get real. Thus far what has been offered for him is garbage and frankly Orlando knows that they are better off waiting. As it stand Howard only wants to play for the nets so if that doesnt happen he may well end up staying in Orlando. The nets would have to revamp their whole roster and simply do not have the cap space to sign him next year either. Orlando is smart and will either keep Howard or get a maximum trade value for him.

    • trade1 says:

      roco, you do understand howard is a free agent about 10 months from now? GETTING NOTHING….
      You do understand, there’s only about 3 teams that can even think about getting howard?
      You do understand teams can’t wait on trying to deal with howard and not sign other valuable free agents?
      You do understand howard won’t sign an extension with any team other than the nets? Nets had to move on or lose their own free agents and have no team…

      All of this equals less leverage

    • D says:

      There’s no chance Howard stays with the Magic next summer, not after everything he put the team through. Honestly I think they need to get rid of him this summer, because Dwight will be pouting all season if he’s still in Orlando. And if the Magic keep Dwight until the trade deadline then they’re in a worse position because they’ll be desperate to get rid of him so he doesn’t leave for nothing that summer.

  40. JPA says:

    where it will be the fate of Howard?

  41. Jefferson homman says:

    …We defintely don’t need this guy in Staples Center….he’s 2 dramatic…he’s not gonna accept 2 being number 2 or 3, knowing that we already have Steve Nash there running the show along with KOBE….so my guess is that he will be shocking with Kobe just like Shaq used 2….Gasol and Bynum are enough….Mr/ Gasol just need 2 put sum muscle in2 his body, he’s 2 soft for a ball player…peace…

  42. KC says:

    ????? Why not make a good choice and DON’T GO TO MIAMI but go somewhere like Boston to make an interesting and most likely successful season.

  43. Aamer says:

    MAgic get: jokim noah, loul deng, and carlos boozer

    Bulls get: dwight howard, jj reddck, jason richardson, and glen davis,,,,,,,,

    that would be the best deal for orland getting back 2 all star level players

    boozer is still a 15 ppg guy and has 53 FG% and a 8.5 RPG he might be a top 10 pf ……

    its a very good deal for both teams and they should look into this trade and money macths


  44. erick says:

    Houston Magic

  45. John says:

    I’m pretty sure Scola makes $30.6 million over the next 3 years, not $20.6 million.

  46. lakernc says:

    wait till the trade deadline and orlando will give him away for nothing, what team is going to rent howard for a seaons, who is coming off back surgery and says he will not sign after the season is over? What bargaining chip do the magic possibly think they are holding? It is not even comparable to the carmello deal as he signed the extension before the trade…..bottom line magic have no leverage with a trade, if they dont move him then they lose him for nothing.

    • trade1 says:

      Finally, some sanity.. this is exactly correct…
      Since free agency started now, no team can take on the contracts of hedo/jrich except houston…
      so once again, the magic and the NEW GM aren’t any better than the OLD GM..

      THERE IS NO REASON FOR ANY TEAM IN THE NBA TO GIVE the magic 2 1st rnd picks, 2 good players and take overpriced hedo or jrich and howard… cap space and making moves from that point on will be limited…

      Houston is the ONLY destination howard can possibly go.. bynum for howard is a stupid trade for both sides without an agreement on an extension… plus accomplishes nothing, 1 big for another big and you have the same team basically…

      If the magic think a team is going to give them a denver deal like the knicks, then they are dreaming.. furthermore that was a stupid trade also, so comparing that deal to a possible magic deal like that isn’t going to happen…

      paying lin $5 mil/yr isn’t really that bad, but with or without him, they are still a 6th-8th seed team, so I’d tend to let the rockets have him.. the way the knicks play offense, you need a mo cheeks type of point guard, can score when needed, but low on turnovers and gets the ball to the players in position.. i think you can get a point guard like this for about 2-3mil/yr … don’t get dazed and confused by his outburst with both superstars out, the guy can score, but turnovers, lack of defense will hurt any team in the nba, PLUS, knee surgery…

  47. wondering says:

    would Scola to the lakers as back up pf/c be possible with a smaller contract?

  48. SmoothMM says:

    It seems like the Magic are trying to make it impossible to trade Howard. I say let Dwight play out the season in Magic and become a free agent in the summer. There’s too much drama surrounding this with so many teams that have expressed interest in the transaction in one form or another: Brooklyn, Cleveland, Charlotte, Los Angeles, Houston, Atlanta… I like Dwight as a player but come on.

  49. jaycee says:

    common dwight get frustrate and go to the lakers…think twice b4 you go to other team!

  50. LITOLAPId says:

    POSSIBLY Rockets Starting 5
    PG Jeremy Lin
    SG Jason Richardson
    SF Chandler Parsons
    PF/C Omer Asik
    C Dwight Howard

    Hmm.. Not bad i guess what they need is a Power Forward who can shoot 3’s and stretch the defense

    Rashard Lewis sign Miami. (Too late!)
    Ryan Anderson sign New Orleans (Ouch!)
    Lamar Odom sign Los Angeles (What a steal!)

    Antawn Jamison

    • D says:

      Jeremy Lin isn’t gonna be on the Rocket’s. There’s no way NYK isn’t going to match the offer, they want Lin to be their starting PG plus Lin rakes in money.

    • Chris Garza says:

      Donatas Montiejunas needs to be our starting 4. 7 footer who has some post game, can shoot, and has improved his rebounding. Went for 25 and 9 yesterday (7/13/12) in less than starters minutes.

    • MEL says:


  51. daniel pierce says:

    as a rocket fan i dont care who or even all of them get traded as long as we get howard to houston and get him to sign long term contract none of the guys on the roster last year was good enough to get to the playoffs and the rooks probaly is not either take the chance will have cap space to sign others players next season and beyound

  52. bu says:

    If I were Morey, I’d not go after DH as he clearly is just too overrated as a super star MVP type. like the guys said here, he is super star level in a few categories only. I’d rebuild with good & hungry & younger players who’re willing to fight rather than whine like DH. Besides, he clearly wanted to be in bling bling cities so Houston clearly will not make him sign the extension.

    Magic will probably not get much in return or work out any deals now. Maybe after Jan 15, with Lopez on contract & all the dust settled a bit, they may try again though who’s in position to take the poisoness contracts of richardson & turk?

    Magic is in a deep hole wl these contracts & it’ll be interesting to see how Houston will make this work if they do they DH & one of the heavy contracts.

  53. the boss says:

    well morey isnt looking too good right now. they had lin in the first place before waiving him, then he has like 15 good games in ny and they want to pay him that much. they let walk and traded 2 pg’s that are both probably better than lin. sure lowry wanted out of houston but they knew that last season when they referred to him as untouchable in the gasol trade. morey thinks teams will just give him what he wants. he needs to learn the cost of doing business and bringing talent to that humid houston hellhole. i get morey dousnt have much to lose but dwight will never stay there and has said that but morey is deaf and too mentally challenged to realize how little d12 would help that team any ways. the bright side to morey is that his poor decisions might eventually pay off with lottery picks after a few seasons of losing

  54. D says:

    Nobody but DA should even be allowed to make articles on this site anymore…

  55. Adam says:

    As a Rockets fan, espn had me hating daryl morey because of their false reporting. Glad to know the reports of Houston giving their whole team for the Howard is erroneous. I’m only listening to David Aldridge from now on. Good work DA as always!

  56. Demetrios says:

    If I were the Nets I would sign Scola and the combination of Lopez and Scola in the interior would be superior than having Howard in the interior during offense and Defense.

    Howard is a poor offensive player who cant hit and open Jumper or even make free throws.

    with Lopez, Scola, Johnson, and Williams, all those players are highly skilled offensively and socre lots of points and can shoot amazing jumpers.

    Lopez will give them height needed for defense and Scola is a hard noised offensive and defensive rebounder who hustles and boxes out and is a great rebounder.

    • Dirty says:

      Nets cant get Scola only teams with cap space can bid on him

    • 21 says:

      The Nets can’t just sign Scola, he isn’t a free agent and he still got his contract with the Rockets. They would have to trade for him, and they obviously don’t have anything to offer unless they want to give up Gerald Wallace.
      And Howard definitely is not a “poor offensive player”. A poor offensive player doesn’t average over 20ppg. If you think that he needs to hit jumpers, you didn’t understand the principle of a Center in basketball. Get Howard anywhere within 6 feet of the rim and he will punish you, big time.

    • two says:

      That would be a devastating offense and defense indeed, but since Scola got amnestied, it’s a bidding war right? I’m not completely sure how it works, but doesn’t that mean that Brooklyn now has to many large money contracts to join the bidding on Scola?

  57. Sam says:

    I think a fair deal for both teams would be

    Rockets get: Dwight Howard, Jason Richardson, Chris Duhon

    Magic get: Kevin Martin, Patrick Patterson, Marcus Morris, Toronto’s and Houston’s 1st Rnd Picks in 2013, Royce White, and Terrence Jones.

    The Rockets would get D-12, and the Magic would get a variety of young talent and draft picks plus Kevin Martin’s expiring contract and they’d get the Magic’s

    I also think the rockets would have a better chance at resigning him than people think, what team that dwight would want to play for would have the cap space to pay him? And even if they could Dwight would likely be taking close to a 30 million dollar pay cut because the new CBA gives huge advantages to teams resigning players with bird rights

    • SmoothMM says:

      I wouldn’t give up Patterson and both Royce White and Terrence Jones (maybe one). Also, I recommend keeping one of the picks. Morris is solid and still has potential but the Rockets are stacked at PF (so I’d rather keep Patterson than Morris at this point in their careers).

  58. Ruel says:

    Inspite of all the things said about Bynum, i still think the Magic would rather get Bynm for Howard.

    Orlando Magic is not accepting any trade proposal from the Rockets, because the Magic and Lakers may have agreed to just wait for Howard to get tired and frustrated, and he will just eventually just say, “what the heck! OK, I’ll commit to the Lakers, justget me out of here. I can’t start the season in Magic unirofrm”

    • Tristan says:

      Regardless of this, Bynum has stated he will not sign an extension with the Magic, so Orlando would be in the same situation with Bynum as he also only has one year left on his contract. Not to mention the Lakers do not have the cap space to bring on any of Orlando’s bad contracts in, which is arguably Orlando’s main priority in any trade they will make.

      • Aaliyah says:

        Why do people keep saying Andrew Bynum will not sign an extension with the magic. Did Andrew Bynum personal call you and told you that if not hush. Stop believe every report you see. If Andrew Bynum were to be traded to the Magic he would after next season sign for the max. Bynum is a player who has health issues and him leaving 100 million bird rights is absurd. He will never do that. He has to secure his future. So Bynum would sign an extension with the magic, Any ways who knows what’s gonna happen with Dwight Howard it’s a soap opera. Lakers r the only real possibility besides atl or Houston. the lakers can take at least 2/3 bad contracts if they amnesty a player/and or switch out Blake for Duhon than they can take Duhon/ Davis & or Richardson/Hedo with Dwight Howard. Plus trading away mcroberts ebanks and or Morris expiring contracts. With a few 2 round picks. They would have to trade one of there rookies for a 1st rounder along with a exp contract. Magic would give than.

      • two says:

        And on top of that, reports say that the lakers are no longer interested in Howard, and are instead looking for bench players.

  59. Damo says:

    Finally this is now starting to make sense. ESPN had Howard going for the entire roster!

    The biggest thing that makes sense with this is that someone has finally reported that the rockets are not so stupid after all…they have more leverage in this scenario than all of the reports have been suggesting.

    The Magic remember want to trade Howard pretty badly, the Rockets on the others and, don’t have to if they don’t want to do.

    Well played David Aldridge, first report I actually believe…

    • Thomas says:

      Maybe a three way package deal can be worked out with Orlando Magic, LA Lakers and Cleveland Cavaliers, since Andrew Bynem from the Lakers indicated he would agree to go to Cleveland and they have draft picks that the Magic might agree to.

      • David Todd says:

        yeah, I heard that on ESPN radio today, being a LAL fan, I hope that happens, although as the sports talk guy said, there’s uncertainty in life and certainly in this rumored trade, i.e., Dwight would be one and done. Andrew might have another fender bender on the freeway.