Bulls’ Rose ‘Ahead Of Schedule?’

Derrick Rose might be ahead of schedule in his recovery from ACL surgery, which might be great news for the Chicago Bulls and their fans.

Or, and this is entirely possible too, this might be horrible news cloaked as great news if it tempts Rose or the Bulls to unnecessarily fast-track his return and jeopardize things far greater than a few victories, some ticket sales or even a playoff spot next season.

This has been the summer of glum in Chicago, in terms of the Bulls’ offseason work in generating excitement for the coming year. The selection at No. 29 in the Draft of Kentucky point guard Marquis Teague – a player to sub for Rose eventually, rather than help alongside him – didn’t move many folks’ needles. Nor did the signing of alum Kirk Hinrich, a combo guard who came cheaply enough (“mini” mid-level exception) but seems like a one- or two-round guy rather than a championship piece.

Every day that forward Luol Deng spends with Great Britain’s national team for the London Olympics is a day lost from his expected surgery and recovery from the torn ligaments in his left wrist (Deng has that on indefinite hold). Also, management’s hardline approach to the Bulls’ bench — maybe matching Houston’s offer to Omer Asik but waving goodbye to C.J. Watson, Ronnie Brewer and possibly Kyle Korver and John Lucas III — struck Bulls fans as moves to save money rather than win playoff series. This all while talks over a contract extension for coach Tom Thibodeau have dragged on (nothing urgent, but still another mild downer).

Now we’ve got Reggie Rose, brother and manager of the 2011 MVP, reporting in from Los Angeles (where Rose lives in the summer) to ESPN.com that little bro’ might be capable of coming back sooner than expected. The timeline put on Rose by surgeon Brian Cole was “eight to 12 months” from the moment of his repair. Eight would have Rose back sometime around the New Year, 12 would wipe all of 2012-13 off the board for him.

But here’s Reggie Rose raising folks’ hope at a time when they are starved for something to feel good about:

“He’s walking without a [brace],” Reggie said. “He’s way ahead of schedule.

“It’s just keeping him focused, and we’re not trying to rush him. Basically, just rehab, rehab, rehab. We haven’t put nothing basketball in his face.”

That might not stop those desperate for Rose’s return from getting ahead of schedule as well in their hunger for something, anything, positive. It’s unlikely Bulls management would succumb to impatience and risk putting their franchise player in harm’s way too soon. But holding him out could get dicey not only with Rose as he strains at the leash to play but with a what-are-they-doing-anyway public.

Derrick Rose might be ahead of schedule in his rehab from left knee surgery, but he needs to be held to that schedule – plus a couple weeks – just for the Bulls’ future and everyone’s peace of mind.


  1. ryan says:

    Hope D Rose gets back soon, no challenge for my Miami Heat if he is not playing, and I enjoy watching him play as well, Best of Luck!

  2. javz#6 says:

    I think D-Rose should follow the treatment regimen no matter how long it takes and avoid rushing things… He can be one of the greatest player who ever played in the NBA if he could last long enough in the league like 15 years or more… That possibility can go down the drain if he fast tracks his rehab and try to help the bulls this season… I say he skip a season, get healthy, and make a legacy!

  3. DJBULLs#! says:

    Michael Jordan was injured in his early years but recovered and has become the greatest NBA player of all time. I think D Rose should only play if possible limited amout of minutes this saeson. I have a serious problem with the way Carlos Boozer has played during the last two seasons in the playoffs. he supposed to have been the palyer that filled the void like a Scotty Pippen but has not lived up to expectations. H edoesn’t play defense and he shoots too many jump shots without consinstency. As for Deng, he feels it is more important to play in the summer than to rest his wrist. During the season, you could see how much pain he was in and it definitely affected his game on offense. I say keeep Noah and and let Gibson get more playing time. CJ Watson, Brewer, Lucas and Korver need to be replaced for a power forward that will produce better than Boozer has. And I live in New Jersey but have been a Bulls fans since 1980.

  4. MJ says:

    This remind me of Brandon Roy. Thib need to improve his offensive game plan. Asking his start o do everything is not what we should expect from COY.

  5. smack says:

    Rose definitely needs to take it easy. Just take the whole season off, an early return is not worth an early retirement. The Bulls will have plenty of chances for a championship if they keep the core together and get some better pieces.

  6. pigeons01 says:

    Derrick rose is a beast. Why don’t Chicago give this guy a Superstar to play with. I hate that with this team. They’ve always been cheap. Rose hase has tremendous talent and Chicago should be in the mix for Howard. He won’t win a championship with this surrounding players. They’re waisting his talent. I hate the Chicago Bulls management and Owner. Cheap a.s.s!!!!!!!

  7. pigeons01 says:

    Why don’t Chicago give this guy a Superstar to play with. I hate that with this team. They’ve always been cheap. Rose hase has tremendous talent and Chicago should be in the mix for Howard. He won’t win a championship with this surrounding players.

  8. Jdiaz says:

    I’m a die hard Chicago Bulls fan but I think rose should take the 12 months off. People on here are saying, “Oh, but he’s an athlete, he should be on the short end of recovery time.” That’s exactly why you hold off longer. Rose is an explosive player. Sitting out with various lower body injuries last year probably created muscle imbalances that may have affected his ACL. Also, because he’s an explosive player his rehab has to take longer to re-strengthen not only his ACL but his entire body will need to be reconditioned. If not, you risk losing him again and rarely do athletes bounce back from multiple ACL injuries. Rose needs to be patient and so do Bulls fans/management. You wait for your star athlete to make a complete recovery, physical therapy and then strength and conditioning. Only until he’s back physically do you re-introduce him to basketball in a progressive manner i.e. shoot arounds, practice/drills, full contact practice and small game time minutes and then all out. You have to be conservative when dealing with a delicate injury like an ACL in an explosive sport like basketball with an extremely dynamic player……but most of you will still want him to come out in 6-8 months because people are inpatient this day in age.

  9. Bulls 2012 says:

    Drose take your time!!! THe heat are getting older!!! every year soo you have time

  10. jick23 says:


    • ABC says:

      Rose could come back, but he should take next season off because the reason he is so good is because he is probably the quickest player in the league. If he comes back early but it isn’t fully healed, so he isn’t as quick it might never heal and he would never really come back as the same player.

  11. Travis says:

    Somebody tell Rose to relax and not to come back too early. Rose is by far one of the best players in the game the Bulls went from #1 to a 1st round exit because of 1 mans departure!

  12. HMH says:

    The rehab and recovery is far more important than the surgery itself. Work hard and take your time getting back DRose — the NBA and your fans will still be here. We want to see you strong and healthy, not a gimp running up and down the court and dominating.

  13. 203mkj says:

    If it was 70 degrees with no clouds in the sky, Aschburner would say “It’s going to rain in a week.” This guy is the most depressing blogger on NBA.com.

    Can’t wait till the Bulls win number 7 and shut people like him up!

  14. A says:

    @ LOLakers I don’t usually comment on these posts however, you are way off base in stating that Rose or anyone else for that matter, is getting what they deserved with this kind of injury. Regardless of his skills or how he plays or how you see him, noone deserves to be injured especially this serious of an injury. I don’t like the lakers and I think kobe is a ball hog but he does not deserve to have any injury much less one this significant. We can have our favorite teams and players and hoe that they never win titles etc but it is just plain wrong to say someone deserves something like this.

  15. laker fan says:

    sorry to say fans, he is done. His game is speed and quickness and he will never be the same player. He is gonna take his money and run.

  16. GJ says:

    Fire Tom Thibedeux….. Even though del Negro was a bad coach, look how hard the GM was on him for letting Noah overplay his minutes. Rose couldve been on the bench instead of in the game with a 12 point lead with a minute and change to go. Bulls need to blow this team up, no way they advance past Miami, idc how many season wins they get. And the East is only getting tougher. The bulls need a REAL Shooting guard, a new starting small forward, and a new powerforward. Put Deng, Boozer, and Hamilton/Korver’s heads on the chopping block. Bulls should trade Boozer for Ersan Ilyasova and a second round pick, trade Deng for Tyreke Evans and beno udrih, and sign Ryan Hollins. That adds firepower in Ilyasova, scoring in Evans, a good backup in Udrih, and Toughness in Hollins.

    • Jay says:

      You are being way too hasty. I agree with needing a real shooting guars and a power forward but Deng is the most solid player the Bulls have had in the past few seasons. They are stuck with Boozer for another year. Then they can use the amnesty clause to get rid of him which they probably will. Tom is a good coach. He was giving the player what they wanted. Who is to say that the next game he wouldnt have hurt himself. It was a freak injury plain and simple. But the organization does need to do more that whaty they are doing at the moment.

    • Deebe007 says:

      Trade rip hamilton for oj mayo its only right

  17. Amitpal says:

    I don’t think this is good news I think it’s bad news. I think rose is rushing it a little bit and maybe he doesn’t know it. This guy missed all most the entire last year with different injuries and he is just dieing to come back. A torn acl is a really bad injury. In reality it takes 8-12 months to get back on court but it takes 18-24 months to heal close to 100%. it takes 2 year to fully recover at least if not more. Without a fully healthy rose the bulls have no chance. Rose needs to take as much of this season off as he needs. At least half if not more. I’d take 60 games off and try to slowly come back. This season is already lost for the bulls.

  18. He should retire instead of returning.

  19. LOLakers says:

    Who cares. Rose is a terrible player who stole the MVP from Lebron in 2011 and he’s getting what he deserves! He’s nothing but a volume shooter who puts up 30+ shots per game and makes maybe 10 of them. He even throws complete airballs! Most overrated player ever!!!

  20. s9tpepper says:

    @Lani – While your numbers sound reasonable, you also have to remember that you don’t have a $95 million dollar contract, so they will be far more cautious with his recovery and return to the sport. Hope he comes back healthy.

  21. the man says:

    Hold him out all year, do not risk. Trade Booze, and get a lottery pick. This coming season is a scratch.

  22. Jay says:

    I hope he takes the whole season off! No need to rush back for hopes. Who knows what the Bulls record will be come new year. The rest of the team as well as the office needs to step up and show the the organization is more then just D-Rose. Be smart and play hard. That is all!

  23. Diego says:

    i am Heat Fan but wish Rose good and quick recovery so we can see Bulls Heat ganes again i will miss that if he doesn’t recover. I hate to see great Players injured, thats not good for the Sport

  24. Kevin duckworth says:

    don’t rush it rose. come back to soon and that could affect your whole career. do what’s best for you and not the bulls

  25. ninguem says:

    Now that’s some good news!

    Keep it up D-Rose!


  26. Scott the magician says:

    I had reconstructive ACL surgery, it took 8 mths to feel somewhat comfortable and now 26 mths later, its about 80% of what it was.
    I rushed back though and was jamming on clowns, take it easy and DO NOT rush your come-back!!
    not worth it

  27. Choker says:

    Not a Bulls fan nor a Rose fan but I wish him all the best and hope he heals up.

    • Ken says:

      How can you not be a Rose fan? He’s one of the best point guards to ever play the game! He’s a Rare Superstar!!

      • DP says:

        I like Derrick Rose too but to say he is one of the best point guards to ever play . . I would argue he’s not even the best point guard in the league with Paul, Deron Williams, Rondo and Westbrook.

        I defenately wouldn’t mention his name with Magic, Oscar Robertson or Stockton.

      • DP says:

        With that being said. I love his game and I hope he comes back as athletic as ever.

      • two says:

        I’m not a Rose fan, but I would have to disagree with you DP. I feel that in a few years, Derrick Rose is going to be the best player in the league. He is just so unbelievably good. He is already better than Paul and Williams, and much better than Rondo (who can’t shoot all that well) and Westbrook (who is more athletic than skilled), yet he is still very young.

        Besides, look at how important he is to his team. With him, the bulls got the number one seed of all sixteen playoff teams. Without him, they lost to the number 16 seed. I had really hoped to see how he fared against the Heat. Maybe next year?

      • batez says:

        Dude how long have you been watching basketball?? lol Must be like 13 years old

  28. Lani says:

    wow 8-12 months! That seems like a long time. I can see maybe 8 months, because most ACL surgeries are usually only a 6 month recovery period ( I know from experience because I had the surgeries 4 years ago). I would think someone that is as in decent shape as Rose would take only 6-8 months at the most. Twelve months is really long and it would be a blow to the Bulls for the season. I mean if they can at lease get him for the second half of the season at least they have a chance ( depending on their record by then.) Now Deng holding of surgeries and all of these roster changes, let’s hope the Bulls have something left in the tank. Best of luck on the recovery!

    • batez says:

      Probably would be shorter time for recovery for the average person. But this dude is a professional athlete dependant on his athleticism to be successful. No doubt if he just needed to live a normal life his recovery time would be wayyyyy shorter but because he has to explode off of the knee consistently he needs much more time to make sure its stabilized…Theres about 100 million bucks riding on that knee..Of course they should take some extra time to be precautious.