Brand, Mavs agree to one-year deal

The Dallas Mavericks were the winners for the services of Elton Brand Friday, claiming the 33-year-old forward off of amnesty waivers for $2.1 million. Getting Brand continues a strong comeback for the Mavericks after losing out on Deron Williams and Steve Nash at the start of the free agency negotiating period.

Brand wanted to go to Dallas, a source told Wednesday. And he got his wish, giving the Mavericks a big who has never scored less than double figures or averaged fewer than 6.1 rebounds per year in his 13-year NBA career. He will back up Dirk Nowitzki and Chris Kaman at the center and power forward spots, but Brand is most interested in showing that he can still be a major contributor to a good team.

Last season, Brand averaged 11 points and 7.2 rebounds for Philadelphia in the regular season. Those numbers went down in the playoffs, but Brand was dealing with a neck injury that limited his range and effectiveness.

In Dallas, he’ll re-team with former Clippers teammate Chris Kaman, whom the Mavericks signed to a one-year deal Wednesday. The Mavericks also traded for guard Darren Collison and swingman Dahntay Jones in a deal with the Pacers for backup center Ian Mahinmi.

“It was his number one choice,” said Brand’s agent, David Falk. “I can’t say I’m thrilled with the amnesty process, but I’m just glad he is on a team with a great coach. The chance to play with Nowtizki is special. And he and Kaman had a good run in L.A. Plus it gives us some flexibility if he has a good season.”

The Philadelphia 76ers, who amnestied Brand on Wednesday, will have to pay $16 million of the $18.1 million Brand was due this season, with the Mavericks paying the $2.1 million they bid for him. Brand was amnestied so that the Sixers could make several moves, including signing free agent guard Nick Young and acquiring small forward Dorell Wright from the Warriors in a three-team deal.

A source said Friday that the Mavericks have not yet decided whether to make an amnesty bid for former Rockets forward Luis Scola, who was officially waived under the amnesty provision Friday by the Houston Rockets, as that team tries to clear additional cap room to make a push via trade for Magic star center Dwight Howard. The source said that the Mavericks want to see if other prominent players are waived via the amnesty process.

Teams that want to bid on Scola have to bid at least $3.3 million for the 2012-13 season, and will have to pay him $10 million over three years under the amnesty rules–the non-guaranteed part of the final year of Scola’s contract with the Rockets. Houston will have to pay Scola the $20.6 million he’s guaranteed for 2012-13 and 2013-14. The $20.6 million also includes $1 million that Scola is guaranteed in the final year of his contract, 2014-15.

Under league rules, Scola officially went on waivers at 5 p.m. Friday. Teams have 48 hours, or until 5 p.m. Sunday, to bid on his services. Eligible teams have to be under the salary cap to make a bid, though teams that don’t have enough cap space are allowed to waive players on their roster with non-guaranteed deals for the season in question to clear additional room. Teams cannot make trades to create additional room.


  1. Realtalk says:

    You guys are nuts if you think Brand will help your team. I watched him for years in Philadelphia. The guy is 6’10” and can’t dunk. He was a good player, but age and injuries have caught up with him. He has been stealing money for years now he’s stealing Cuban’s money.

  2. C'z says:

    scola will probably just end up going to the heat and playing for 10 dollars a game anyway! since everyone and there mom is jumpin on the heat bandwagon.

  3. jordy says:

    they should bring back IVERSON now, then they have their scorer at the guard position

  4. Joey says:

    How about adding Jeremy Lin, maybe he’s still available even as a back-up pg

  5. MasterPiece says:

    It’s a pretty good move yeah i agree but…… the Mavs must go after a PG & SG cuz they have become weak with the departure of Jason Terry & Kidd

  6. malongski says:

    The Mavs should sign Sandy, together with Patrick and SpongeBob and Squidward and Mr.Krabbs..I agree, this is just for the Cuban Show..all thumbs up for the 1 year deal…cross your fingers and even your legs for Dallas shot for the 2nd championship in a million!!

  7. jarakal says:


  8. HoopsKing says:

    The mavs should acquire Jeremy Lin

  9. MyMavsMakingMoves says:

    Let me just say that this was a great addition to the mavs, but they’re still off from being a championship contender again, but if they’re lucky they’d be 2nd or maybe 3rd round playoffs for sure. On the topic of Luis Scola joining the mavs, i think it would make for bad chemistry, I mean like he could play SF, but it’d be out of his comfort zone rather then playing PF, like what happened to caron butler when we put him at the 3. My opinion for the mavs would be to aquire some gaurds, i.e. look to resign Delonte West, and pick O.J. Mayo along the way. If we acquire Mayo, then the mavs can maybe be a top 4 West team once again.

  10. cez mavz says:

    now, we only need a good sg. .mayo i think would be a good fit

  11. Joey says:

    Mavs please sign Gerald Green or Courtney Lee or even OJ Mayo for shooting guards. And at the point you can resign Delonte West or sign Leandro Barbosa or Anthony Parker. So that you can be contenders again. You can remove players that are not needed.

  12. mitchy23 says:

    lol lol @ thinking this will be another championship run for the mavs!! You see them heat boys bringing in more forces, only means one thing….repeat!!

  13. Lmfaooo, Mavs sign another looooserr. Congrats

  14. John says:

    This is a ridiculously strong move. If the Mavericks sign anyone else, it better be a guard.

  15. mavs fan says:

    I am so happy they got rid of brendan haywood adding chris kaman is a huge upgrade.

  16. zroc says:

    I would have loved to see Brand @ Washington with Okafor and Nene at the rear. That would have been a monster defensive and rebounding lineup!

  17. bu says:

    Brand is a good backup for Mavs & even better if all his injuries are fully recovered. Scola is a smart & good & consistent player that gives you a double double every night. Great addition to any team esp champ contenders as his rebounding & low post play comes in handy in playoffs.

    The interesting thing is, after Rockets pratcially rip up the team with just 1 good & near star player left in Martin, & not being a bling bling city, will Howard want to sign an extension even after the trade is accepted by Magic? They also need to absorb the hefty contracts from Magic on Turkoglu.

    I doubt that this deal of Howard to Rockets make any progress or sense.

  18. skoolkid says:

    Mavs good moves to get big at center haywood didnt provide that last year but with these bigs on the lot of vets for bernard james to be good now sign west for three yrs and sign 3point specailist ylike mike miller since heats, sign ray allen and lewis.

  19. Demetrios says:

    Luis Scola is not a bad guy to have as I noticed when he was in my fantasy team. Scola averages a double double or nearly gets close to have a double double and is can be a 20 points 10 rebound guy. He is quick, athletic and plays hard and is a better version of David Lee

  20. Joker says:

    Scola is a very solid player, very good for a Championship Team. So which teams have enough cap spaces to bid for the Scola case? If nobody bids, can he choose any team he likes even with lower pay?

    Scola to the Lakers would be nice. Spurs with Manu. or BULLS would be best to replace Asik!

  21. Dreamer says:

    Mavs is not trying to build a championship team in this season. As you can see, all deals that they’ve made will last only for a year. What they are trying to do is to build a team that can scare opponents in the playoffs but couldn’t last up to 2nd round now and have 2 potential young superstars in the 2013 free agency. With this I can see that there management is better than that of the Magic and of the Rockets. Cuban is one hell of a smart businessman.

  22. Brandon Mavs says:

    Go Mavs! Luis Scola is another blue chip player, hungry for a NBA Championship run. I like Brand wearing a Mavs jersey because i actually named my youngest son Brandon Mavs last 2009 and at 2010 Mavs won the NBA title. Can it be another championship year for Dallas Maverick? you bet.

  23. thewebsiteguysnz says:

    Am I crazy but why is Charlotte not going after him.? Heis better than Humphries at under half the price….

    • staloma says:

      humphries is better than brand at this point in time. humphries averages a double double, and is more athletic and is younger. brand is also getting close to the end of his career and has more of a chance winning a championship with the mavs than with the cats…

  24. NUMBAH1MAVSFAN says:

    YEAH MAN!!! Now jut sign DELONTE!!!!!

  25. two says:

    Even with this move, I don’t see Dallas getting far, maybe not even into the playoffs. And it’s all their own (or well, Cuban’s) fault.

    • Cameron says:

      Your crazy if you think the Mavs wont make the playoffs this year. I will be the first to say this years Mavs wont be anything to brag about but they are definitely more talented this year. The bar was set pretty low last year.

      • Agree101% –iFTHEY are lucky enough to land Scola , then they will be even stronger and if there luck further extend to acquiring Dwight then they will be Champions again

      • YAKOB says:

        Yeah but you’re saying, Scola, Dwight, Brand, Dirk, Kaman, they are all power forwards and centers. The Mavericks don’t need any more posts, they lost Jason Kidd and Jason Terry they should be trying to find athletic, young perimeter players.

  26. MAVS FAN FOR LIFE!!!!!! says:

    Great move Mavs!!!!!! Brand will help Dirk a lot!!!! I am excited about the moves we have made since losing on D-Will 😦 Go Mavs!!!!! 2011 Champs

  27. Travis Best says:

    ice cream scooper is solid. Scola should play SF not PF, only weakness is rebounding. Nuggets, Clippers? Huge positive is the Ice cream scoop!