USA Basketball: Griffin Out, Davis In?

LAS VEGAS — It appears Anthony Davis will suit up with the Olympic team after all.

The rookie forward and No. 1 overall Draft pick of the New Orleans Hornets is being called in to replace Clippers All-Star forward Blake Griffin, for tonight’s exhibition game against the Dominican Republic at UNLV’s Thomas and Mack Center (9 p.m. ET on ESPN).

Griffin completed practice Wednesday with the rest of USA Basketball’s Men’s National Team but woke up feeling some discomfort in his left knee and was flown back to Los Angeles for further examination from the Clippers’ team doctors.

Griffin signed a five-year extension with the Clippers that could be worth as much as $95 million on Wednesday.

But there has been no permanent decision made about Griffin’s availability for London. USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo told TNT’s David Aldridge that there haven’t been any discussions about Griffin not making the trip.

“I don’t want to go there yet, but I don’t have to tell you can build the case for length, shot blocking,” Colangelo said, “but until we hear about Blake I don’t want to speculate about anything.”

The injury — Griffin reportedly twisted his knee at some point during a scrimmage — caught Colangelo and the USA Basketball staff by surprise.

“He had a very strong practice yesterday. He felt great last night, never said a word about anything,” Colangelo said of Griffin. “And he woke up this morning with some discomfort and swelling, and the Clippers said we want you back home.”

Colangelo said they will not bring in anyone else, other than Davis, if Griffin’s status for London becomes an issue. That means Davis, who dealt with an ankle injury of his own, would potentially be in line for a permanent spot on the 12-man roster.

“He’s doing better,” Colangelo said of Davis. “The first week with the ankle, he wasn’t able to do very much, but he’s gotten better each day. He’s actually shown up well in the scrimmages and practices. He’ll dress tonight. He’s an alternate, so we can do that.”

Davis was one of three players, along with Hornets guard Eric Gordon and Grizzlies forward Rudy Gay, that didn’t initially make the cut for the 12-man roster that will compete in London. But if Griffin joins the long list of NBA stars who will miss the competition due to injury, Davis is positioned to take his place for the remainder of the summer.

The U.S. is already working without injured stars Dwight Howard, Dwyane Wade, Chris Bosh, Derrick Rose, Chauncey Billups and LaMarcus Aldridge.


  1. Beau says:

    I think Davis will keep pace with this team. I think the international style of play benefits Davis more than it will griffin.

    Check out this article…

  2. ROLEPLAYER says:

    1. Chris Paul PG
    2. LeBron James G
    3. Kevin Durant F
    4. Kevin Love F
    5. Tyson Chandler C

  3. greg ostertag says:

    monroe, jefferson, bynum, cousins, j smith, aldridge….the list goes on for players who have earned the chance more than Davis.

  4. Bulls Fan says:

    Get Jokiem Noah to play back-up for Chandler. We know he can play so get him to be a sub 4 Chandler!!!

  5. Cones says:

    I thought they should have selected Cousins and Josh smith instead of Griffin and Harden anyway. Got enough deep shooters and slashers. dont need Harden. Blake’s D is not that great anyway. Smith and Cousins would have helped both the offense and defense. Too bad nobody cares about anyone in sac otherwise Cousins would have been on.

  6. Raisa says:

    Without Griffin Anthony Davis played good at the end of the game he scored a 3 pointer and the Foul! The while team was like
    ” Welcome to the Team

  7. Lucas says:

    Cousins is amazing…But this isn’t about talent. It’s about team play. Cousins isn’t know to have the best attitude.

  8. mikeymikeandthefunkysmellingbunch says:

    The best USA lineup for me would be…

    C – Chandler
    PF – Love
    SF – Durant
    SG – James
    PG – Paul

    Clearly lack in the bigs department though…they should have sacrificed an allstar guard for a legit solid seven footer. Are Bynum and Hibbert injured? Or American? lol Sorry I haven’t been keeping up :/

  9. Michael says:

    What about Bynum?

  10. rickpams says:

    marcus aldrige can play better than davis ..he is a good perimeter shooter…….i think he fit for that possesion…OK

  11. Ambria says:

    a little upset about the outcome, they could have gotten someone a little better with more experience, lets see how this plays out in the olympics

  12. Louiemdc says:

    Gasol and Ibaka inside the Paint!

  13. boygan says:

    It’ time for Charles “sir chuck” Barkley to suit up.. o_O

  14. JPaquino says:

    Charles Barkley is laughing right now….

  15. NoName says:

    Why has no one considered Al Jefferson? He averaged several 20-10 seasons with the Wolves until he went to Utah and averaged 18-9 which is understandable considering he shared the front court with Millsap and Favors. He’s a good defender and could really help the U.S.A team, not to mention he’s one of the few skilled big men left in the game.

  16. pokie says:

    Early on in the selection process I would have taken Cousins and Monroe aside and told them that one of them was going to be the last big chosen for London, and let them work it out on the court. Where you at, Coach K?

  17. why123? says:

    I still couldnt understand why Andrew Bynum is now even in the conversation to join to USA Olympic team. Why is that? They always say and we all know that Bynum is the second best center in the league.

  18. bystander says:

    European teams have great big men. who can also shoot outside and in the perimeter.

    Teams from the FIBA Americas also have dominant big men.

    USA, only has one legit center. Their PF/C are a little shorter if we’ll compare it to other teams’ big men.

  19. LAKERS$LIFE says:

    IDK why everyone is excluding Blake Griffin from the Olympics already.. he has time to recover if it’s not a serious injury.

    I mean does it say anywhere that he has a torn ACL?

  20. Mino says:

    USA team is just too good!

    1 – CP3 / D-Will / LBJ
    2 – Kobe / LBJ
    3 – KD / Melo / LBJ
    4 – LBJ / Davis
    5 – Chandler / Love / LBJ

    Wait, why has LBJ to be in every position damn it!

  21. New Yorker says:

    How about Bynum? Is he ever invited?

  22. Tasketball101 says:

    Josh Smith on the team!!!

  23. Jamie says:

    Bring back KG !!!!!!!!!! lol, great centre still good for defense, the only thing he’d be limited by is minutes.

  24. James says:

    Davis in for Griffin is a good thing. Davis is a defensive unit and Griffin is just a highlight machine, and the team don’t even need Davis to score lots of points because they’ve got other players that do that.

  25. joe says:


  26. Ken says:

    I was fortunate to watch, as a fresh student who loved basketball, our HOFer US team beat the world at the 1960 Olympics in Rome, Italy. Big O, Bellamy, Jerry Lucas, Jerry West – all college players – were unbeatable. I can still see every dribble, every shot and every block taken toward the gold as if they were alive now. Simply, there’s no reason to be defeated by anyone. I wish I could be there now. GO USA!

  27. EU says:

    Look…ya’ll talking bout the highlihgts about griffin in the olympics..but take a look at his game…he has no post moves,he can’t shoot the ball 5 feet from the besket….he only has his athleticism and thats not enough at the olympics…i guess the USA is going to win it all again cause of all the talent on this team but griffin wouldn’t play a big role anyway…you’d see 🙂

  28. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    College players for the Olympics…
    like in the past. No good idea. Basketball turned into spot light first in ’92 in Barcelona, Spain during the Olympic games. Since then Basketball and the NBA is known all over the world. Everybody outside the US is very very looking forward to seeing ’em.
    For example in Europe we have got the time delay problem. NBA games (except the first game on Sundays) are starting at about 2am. Difficult to watch for many. And seeing the best players in the world together is a great thing as well.
    So I really really hope to see many more real “Team USA”s in the future…

  29. BLAZER FAN says:


  30. BLAZER FAN says:


  31. BLAZER FAN says:

    Seriously…….. people worry bout not winning gold? We can take 12 guys from this years draft (all rookies that have never played an NBA game) and still bow thru the competition w/o one loss! you add one star to that, we start winning by huge margins. Right now we have all stars, its going to be like ….. first team all NBA vs. the WNBA…. SO SERIOUSLY EVERYONE SHUT UP ABOUT INJURIES USA WILL WIN GOLD GUARANTEED

  32. Luis says:

    Why cant they pick Andrew Bynum, Josh Smith, or maybe JaVale McGee ?

  33. la is awesome says:

    this is dumb they should have gotten andrew bynum i wouldsay get dwight but he is injuredso they should get bynum and put him as a starter

  34. BROADCASTER says:


  35. Billy says:

    If a team comes close to USA it will be a bit of a failure, no other country has this much talent!

  36. BROADCASTER says:


    • John says:

      Please don’t joke about Kareem Abdul Jabbar. This is a man who leads all NBA players in scoring. Kareem in his prime or even in the twilight of his career could have destroyed any of the big man we have nowadays.

  37. Gabriel says:

    By the way… congrats A Davis go show some wildcat power blocking all the spanish, argentinians and brazilians that stand in the way of the new dream team

  38. Gabriel says:

    What do all the injuries got in common… All the players that are seriously injured had a minimum 42 minute load during a 66 game season with usual back to back to back games ocurring… Conclusion: begins with 82 well distributed games and no more &%^&*^@#@!%* LOCKOUTS

  39. Ben says:

    LaMarcus Aldridge anyone???

  40. Ben says:

    Amare is born in the US right?

  41. Kings in Sac For Life says:

    Team USA could use the services of Cousins. Cousin’s is bigger, stronger, and more experienced than Davis. Plus he is a true 5, something that this team only has 1 of. (Chandler). Kevin Love is big but, he really is a power forward. So is Davis. Stupid politics.

  42. Paul says:

    I am somewhat nervous to even want all the NBA stars play in the Olympics. I would rather see us put together a group of recent draft picks or highly skilled college players to play in the Olympics. Would probably be more competitive games and a lot more fun to watch than the USA being up by 35 and having a star player hurt themselves and be out the NBA season. Just a thought. Although we might not be able to see all the highlights the stars provide it would be fun to see the young talent we have coming into the future of the NBA.

  43. Herr says:

    Alright nice now we might have a chance without this loser on the team. Griffin is a cancer to this league. we don’t want him representing this country.

  44. Nada says:

    Gold for sure!
    Everybody forgot that Durant minus Kobe,LJ,CP3…and company won the gold medal in the world series. no differences…!

  45. Eddy says:


  46. I4sun says:

    Let him rest and give others a chance! It’s only the winning difference change from winning by 50 to winning by 30. XD

  47. What the says:

    Why would you put a guy with no NBA experience.

    Seems like Derrick Favors or Cousins would be the smarter choice. I’m sure there are even better options as well.

    Oh well there is no question that Cousins and Favors will be the better players during the season.

  48. Brian Scalabrine says:


  49. g0dlyk says:

    cousins has no chance of getting selected. according to colangelo (and coach k?) he is too immature to play in an international competition. i hope they reconsider and let GAY play. rudy can play both forward positions in olympics because of his athleticism.

  50. Deemstot says:

    cousins got my vote but guys say he’s inmature why don’t they ask greg monroe as a big guy?

    • kwiat_1990 says:

      Yeah, I am wondering why they just do not want to give the kid a chance. Monroe has played really good in the past season – he has one of the best stats among centers in the entire league…

  51. RICHARD says:


  52. Chuck Norris says:

    I think the USA team should fill Blake Griffin’s spot with Brian Scalabrine from the Chicago Bulls.

  53. LongTimeNBAfan says:

    Some of you guys that say Griffin can only duck should watch some clippers games instead of just highlights on ESPN. You don’t average 20+ points a game with just dunks. He only averaged about 3 dunks a game so were does the other 14+ points come from. We know it isn’t from the free throw line.

    • lol? says:

      theres a reason why griffin got picked apart by the spurs in the playoffs. because griffin only wants to do the highlight plays or the fun things. offence. griffin doesnt have a relabile jump shot. he doesnt play great defence.(as he got taken to school by an old duncaon) and he CAN only dunk is where he stands out among his peers. he gets destroyed by LaMarcus/Love every year and those two are close in age to him. So he shouldn’t be getting destroyed. until he learns that dunks are just two points and puts time into the fundamentals of the game griffin will never be a superstar. just an overhyped player.

  54. fabio says:

    i don’t understand where the problem is…i am italian and we have not a star in our roster, maybe gallinari could be! we also will not be in london! every team in london2012 dream to have just 3 or 4 of the us team…if blake is injuried, there is another player that everybody would like to have with them than against…

    if italy lost gallinari, bargnani and belinelli all together is the end, game over for us…but when you have a roster with lebron, kobe, melo, cp3, d-will, durant, love & co, you have no problems, the opposite teams have!

    so don’t worry, there is 99,99% us team will win the gold medal! 🙂

    (i hope to write correct without grammatical errors)

    have a good day

    • D Lion says:

      You posted in English, your second language, better than a lot of people post in it as their first language

  55. Ed says:

    So arguably, the worst player on team USA got injured. Oh well. Maybe it’s time to get a legitimate big man to take his place. Why was he even invited? Intimidation factor against the other teams?! Work HARD on those fundamentals, BG, and get better soon.

  56. derp face says:

    USA will win gold easily they could still have a couple more injuries and still make it USA dominates the gold in basketball

  57. Al Johnson says:

    All the opposing front court players just breathed a huge sigh of relief. No posters for them

  58. Cam Fisher says:

    You are totally right when you say you shouldn’t have a 66 game season they should make it where you play every team once and you play your rivals twice that’s how i think it should be played. The playoffs would be better no doubt. If the season was like how i said it should be like Derrick Rose would of stayed healthy and maybe the bulls couldv’e went to the conference finals and beat miami. you never know.

  59. MightyNZAllBlacks says:

    davis over griffin is a big improvement. with the weapons the usa have, height and defense at the 5 are much more important than showpony dunks

  60. MGIC Core says:

    The replacement for Griffin, Anthony Davis Are you kidding? These guys are crazy.They are acting like a horny teen when the see a man in front of them.There are a lot of pproven players out there..Ex. Josh Smith,Kevin Garnet even Glen Davis.and many more that can fill that strong forward position.What happen guys.Don’t missunderstand Anthony Davis is a good player,very good, but these competitions deserve more experience.

    • CoachAiree says:

      Josh Smith wasn’t invited
      KG not invited; too old to play USA basketball
      Glen Davis isn’t even an all star, you retard

  61. jones says:

    Honestly, as a Clippers fan I was already torn about Blake being on Team USA.

    On one hand, it would be great for him to pick up some moves and tips from the more experienced guys on the team, not to mention the extra fans we’d pick up after the CP3 and Blake show goes worldwide… but on the other hand, I knew he didn’t have much time to recover after hurting that knee in the playoffs and it would be a major blow to the team to lose him even for a portion of next season.

    I guess I’m glad he’s coming home to rest, but it sure would have been interesting to see how his game might have evolved a bit after being on the team with those guys.

    HUGE boost for Hornets’ fans, though. Whether he gets a lot of playing time or not, Davis is going to learn a heck of a lot this summer.

  62. nonbiased fan says:

    hope he recovers fully before the start of the season. this doesn’t change anything in USA winning the gold though. it will change however how they win it, not with less highlights unfortunately

  63. misterD says:

    I don t miss offensiv fouls as a highlight dunk . I don t understand gasol to be that cool in last meeting when blake kicks his head and getting a and1 for this ……. pau had my respekt i would just freak out at the refs .

  64. Model says:

    Why Davis God dammit! what can this kid do, come on Mike, you have a lot of forwards that are great in NBA call some of them, man i can’t believe this… How can you choose a rookie over other great forwards in NBA that have few season on their back. Please don’t let this be a mistake so we don’t go home with a gold!

  65. GoBulls says:

    Oh my god… Rose, Bosh, Aldridge, Wade, Howard, Billups, and now Griffin? Seems like a bit too many injuries to be coincidential.

  66. solomon says:

    The USA national team r still d favourite 2 win d olympic gold so injury will not really determine their outcome, they r so good period.

  67. Ben H. says:

    Dang, we must have some kind of curse lol. A lot of guys have gotten injured so far…

  68. ReaperChief says:

    You can always put LeBron on PF when Love is not available. In the worst case scenario you can do PG-CP3/D-Will, SG-Kobe, SF-Durant, PF-Lebron, C-Chandler.

  69. jrich says:


    I agree, cousins is a beast and should be on the team

  70. King says:

    This is horrible for Clippers fans, but huge for the Hornets. Nothing better for a player than getting time with the best in the game. Maybe a little time with Davis will bring back CP3! Yeah I know, that won’t happen… But since I brought up the Hornets… PLEASE let Eric Gordon go! If he doesn’t want to be there, just let him go and sign OJ Mayo, You get a great player, save money for the future, and have a team of players that want to represent New Orleans. With that, you would think I am from New Orleans, but actually a die hard Hornets fan from West Virginia.

  71. jrich says:

    how’s there no hope. All griffin knows how to do is dunk. He’s not even that good. Exactly why coach k told him to just go for offensive boards cuz that’s the only thing he could really bring to this team and he can’t even consistently hit a mid-range jumper. At least Davis is a real baller.

  72. OKC fan says:

    At least all griffin can do is dunk. He has about a 0.000001 percent. Of free throws

  73. jp says:

    we still have lebron and durant thats enough to win gold

  74. ARGH says:

    man, that shortened season’s taking a toll on our guys.. hope the best for blake..

  75. Jessie says:

    Did you guys hear Jerry Stackhouse is already beefing with someone in Brooklyn? LOL

  76. qwerty says:

    im starting to think rondo’s the smartest guy here. he skipped olympics so he could relax this summer with that shortened season….

  77. Angel says:

    2012 Dream Team should be call the “Avangers” Go Kobe!
    win 2 more Rings

  78. installer-x says:

    Griffin out? My immediate reaction is Cousin’s will be the next one in since they’ll need a big man. Then i saw Davis in. What i thought he was just injured a few weeks ago?

  79. Scrufus says:

    what about Josh Smith

    • Tasketball101 says:

      Whoever this Scrufus guy is, he is a genius. Nobody has yet to see Josh Smith’s full potential (He has been working on his jumpshot range). When Joe Johnson got hurt he practically carried the Hawks night in and night out (whatever that means). J-Smooth or J-Slim2012 is an absolute beast. He has been rebounding, blocking shot, and dunkin on cats way before Must-See BG came on the scene. Anthony Davis is a great runner up choice because it also gives him early experience against guys bigger, stronger, and sometimes taller than him but if you want to win, go with J-Smooth.

  80. Punjabi Kobe says:

    this is what you get for showing your dunks off in scrimmage..

  81. Tony says:

    I think having Lebron, Kobe, Wesbrook, Durant, and Bosh is enough to practically guarantee gold.

    • Base_line says:

      Bosh pulled out of the Olympics due to injury. He’s definitely key to winning gold. I guess Amare’s “hand injury” during the playoff series versus the Heat turned USA Basketball off of him.

  82. Dash says:

    You guys do realize we have at the very least 5 of thethe best 7 players In the world right now on the team

  83. Samuel says:

    Damn guys, cmon man… I mean, even with all those players injured, there is no team in this world besides Spain, that can compete with the US. I mean look at the roster: Kobe, Lebron, Durant, D-Will, Chris Paul, Chandeler… other teams would be happy to have a guy like Andre Iguodala….

  84. g0dlyk says:

    blake is surely NOT injured. the clips management just dont want him to play in the olympics after signing him up for a max contract. anthony davis cant replace griffin. we (basketball fans) would have loved to see those griffin highlights in the olympics. i predict davis as a bench warmer…

  85. Jen says:

    USA will still win gold. As long as the team has Durant, Lebron, & Kobe, they should be fine. Plus, they have Melo, Westbrook, Harden, etc. Go USA!

  86. James says:

    I wish they would send Harden home and get a lock-down defender like MKG. I have no problems with 2 rookies on this team.

  87. Matt Ulrich says:

    Davis, Gordon, and Gay are reserves. Davis is the obvious choice since Griffen is a F/C.

  88. Danny says:

    No hope for this year gold medal…

    • cool knicks fan says:

      Um… ever heard of LeBron, Durant, CP3, Kobe, Westbrook, ‘Melo, Kevin Love, D-Will, etc. We still have VERY talented players that will be hard to stop by any team. But it will be a lot closer than it was in ’08 and ’92(Dream Team).

    • Eric says:

      Your crazy! They are def getting the gold!

    • WuT says:

      lol Griffen out and you say no hope are you crazy Blake only made it for publicity and because other PF’s are injured his game is limited at this point of his career.

    • lBj says:

      r u crazy? usa wins easy

  89. ray fields says:

    Hopefully Blake’s MRI is negative. On another note didn’t just a couple of weeks ago, they annouced that Davis was hurt? Or was that just a PR cover up to say the #1 draft pick didn’t make the final cut? Once Blake went down the committee should’ve selected another big-man.

  90. steve says:

    Griffin out for the 2013, would be a bust for the clippers, gee

  91. toronto416 says:

    LOL G.T.F.O.H. his knee been injured since that memphis series he just played it smart and faked it until he made it LOL, sign that big contract extension then played it off like he just been injured. damn these ballers smarter then yall think ahahahahahah

  92. John says:

    Thinning out the roster with all the injuries… cant imagine if another star goes down. The USA’s chances for gold just keep going down hill.

    • sportsCritique says:

      ..At this point in Blakes career he’s a highlight factory and little else. We’ll miss seeing some nasty dunks but this wont effect the Olympic teams chance at gold at all…Durant, Lebron, Kobe….’nuff said.

      • gameon says:

        I agree totally in all actuality Davis is an upgrade and with the other guys on the team like Love, Griffin will not be missed

  93. This is really unfortunate for Blake. He just signed that deal worth 95mil. Have a speedy recovery man!

  94. ball says:

    nooooo blake ): gunna miss out on some crazy dunks now if hes out

    • Scott the magician says:

      First…I hope hes ok and recovers very quickly. Injuries are so dis-heartening
      2nd…I agree with you, gonna miss alot of highlights with the blake show out!!
      get some rest and ice big fella!!!

    • Nate says:

      Yeah, it would’ve been nice to see all the highlight dunks he could’ve pulled off in the Olympics. See if he could top VC’s Olympic dunk, which would be hard to do.

      • noway says:

        blake griffin is a good dunker but some of his huge so called dunks can’t evne be considered dunks cuz his hand was a foot away from the rim and practically just threw the ball in the hoop like the one of kendrick perkins…..hand never even touched the rim

      • Amitpal says:

        @noway Dwight Howard won a dunk contest with that dunk. Watch the superman dunk again and you’ll see that he never touched the rim either. But ur right it wasn’t a dunk it was a throw down. But throw down r considered dunks.

      • Say No to Lakers and Heats Fanboys says:

        last time I checked, dunking does not require touching the rim, as long as the ball enters from an elevated position. u can dunk your donuts in a batch of sugar, or your cookies in a bowl of milk, nothing about having to touch an edges or anything.

  95. two says:

    I had hoped to see davis in the summer league.

  96. Neel says:

    Wow, first Chauncey Billups, then Derrick Rose, then Dwight Howard, then Dwyane Wade, and now Blake Griffin?

  97. Jayray says:

    Team USA is in big trouble….Not just because of this…. But cuz of all the injuries in general….. Let this be a lesson… Please, let’s not have a 66 game season ever again.

    • sportsCritique says:

      Big trouble??? Really? Lets wait for Durant, Kobe, Lebron, Deron, AND Carmelo to go down before we scream “the sky is falling”.

      • Treshiq says:

        sportsCritique you just preached a WORD!!! are we forgetting LBJ, KOBE KD and MELO are on our team??..Do we thik the WOrld has come THAT far that it can beat the reigning BEST in basketabll…and the closet to MJ type player. Arguably the best rebounders in the LEAGUE..( HELLO NBA IS STILL SUPREME FOR THE BEST OF THHEEEEEE BEST) best defensive player and 2 solid top 5 pg’s and the Russell Westbrook…a crazy outta control crazy man who can screw you if your OKC but will probably go on a mission of kicking the WORLD’s BUTT come july 27th. Chill y’all. Chill. Not saying they’ll skate…but I am saying to chill.

    • Z says:

      So…you blame a 66 game season for injuries, when the regular season is 82 games? Let’s be honest, the US team was going to be stacked unless every all star born here in the last three years went down with an injury. The only problem with this olympic team is a lack of quality big men, especially with defensive prowess, because of Dwight Howard’s injury. Yes, Dwight Howard, I refuse to turn these men into legends by using nicknames that sound like rappers.

      Kobe, Lebron, and Durant are the core of this team, and I don’t think anyone would argue that these are three of the top five, if not the flat-out top three, players in the nba right now.

    • Bball fan says:

      1. Lebron at point
      2. Kobe at shoot guard
      3. Kevin at small foward
      4. Melo at power foward
      5. Tyson at center

      these guys are capable playing the whole game, i dont care about the rest of the team, with those 5 guys, we shouldn’t be losing to nobody.

      • Treshiq says:

        Please preach!

      • Say No to Lakers and Heats Fanboys says:

        Chandler cannot play the whole game, especially if he gets into foul trouble. Dwight Howard could have, but not Chandler.

      • i’d go Kevin Love playing Center over Tyson Chadler.

      • B says:

        The team has only one center, who is fairly unreliable and foul trouble prone. It doesn’t matter who you have on the perimeter if you give up easy buckets inside every game. It just makes things more difficult than they should be.
        Stupid decision not to get a backup center

      • Nathan says:

        Why does everyone keep saying play Lebron at point or Kobe at point? This USA team has 3 superstar point guards, cant they play them at point?

  98. rYNo says:

    What??? No Cousins????

    • el jefe says:

      That’s what I keep saying… He is one of the most underrated and talented centers in the league. He is also a big body that can throw around the gasol brothers.

    • two says:

      No one cares about sacramento I think 😦

    • Base_line says:

      Apparently Cousin’s had been rubbing team USA the wrong way during the scrimmages against the Select Team. I heard that he was extra physical, but you can argue that that’s what the Olympic team needs to prepare for the tournament. I agree, they do really need him because he’s actually good, it’s probably his demeanor and immaturity that’s tainting his image.

    • Skrutz says:

      He’s not a guy I would want to be representative of my country.

    • DeBrosh says:

      it’s all about attitude, Cousins just aint got it !

    • Say No to Lakers and Heats Fanboys says:

      the ROSTERS are set. Sick of hearing this guy and that guys name being tossed around. These guys been playing together since 2010 FIBA World Championship. If the player you mentioned is not part of the USA basketball camp, then forget about it. Plus he’s super immature.

      • Say No to Lakers and Heats Fanboys says:

        Cousins is in the selected USA basketball training camps, expect him to be there in 2016, along with Kyrie Irving and other outstanding rookies like John Wall.

      • Aussie says:

        Err John Wall will be a 3rd yr player next season and Kyrie Irving is Australian ….. If John Wall makes it you may as well add Kwame Brown to be consistant

    • Staying with tradition says:

      I think US Olympic Teams always go with a promising rookie. Davis definitely fits that billing. Besides, it would be a great chance for everyone to see the kid amongst the best of the best.