Mavs Make Serious Strides To Retool

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Less than 24 hours ago, things weren’t looking too good for the Dallas Mavericks. In fact, they barely had a starting lineup.

But now, after a few transactions on Wednesday night, the Mavs are beginning to look like a team again. At center, Brendan Haywood (reportedly waived via the amnesty clause) has been upgraded to Chris Kaman (who says he has a one-year deal). And they acquired a starting point guard (Darren Collison) and a wing defender (Dahntay Jones) on reasonable contracts by working out a sign-and-trade deal with Indiana for Ian Mahinmi.

So now, you have a depth chart that looks something like this…
PG: Collison, Roddy Beaubois
SG: Vince Carter, Dahntay Jones, Jared Cunningham, Dominique Jones
SF: Shawn Marion, Jae Crowder
PF: Nowitzki, Brandan Wright
C: Kaman, Bernard James

The Mavs still have some cap space left, enough to put in a competitive bid for Elton Brand, who the Sixers amnestied on Wednesday and who had a pretty solid season last year. Jeff Caplan of reports that Dallas will make an “aggressive” bid on the 33-year-old power forward, who would be happy to join the ’11 champs, according to our David Aldridge.

With Brand, Kaman and Dirk Nowitzki, the Mavs would have one of the best frontlines in the league, with scoring inside and out.

Can they compete with the Lakers and Thunder in the Western Conference? Probably not. But they’ll had plenty of cap space again next summer to chase the big fish (Dwight Howard or Chris Paul) again.


  1. mark says:

    we should go get oj mayo nd scola i dont like brand if not get delonte back nd scole either 1 i like but oj is more betta

  2. dallas fan says:

    if the mavs can get elton brand they will have one of the best frontcourt in the NBA. not only dirk brand and caman, they have wright who finished last season strong, who can play the 5 or 4, and shawn marion can play the 4 spot too and help defend and hopefully james will help caman and wright by getting extra boards. the mavs though will be the third if this comes true. We also have great rookies who averaged 17 18 pts per game so it will be a great year for the mavs

  3. Joseph says:

    I dont care about anything!!! If Dirk could win a title with the 2011 roster he could win with this one too!! Just add Jose Calderon after we trade with toronto! Lets go Mavs!! WE ARE 98 GAMES FROM SHOCKING THE WORLD AGAIN!!!!!

  4. JamesinDallas says:

    Go for Allen Iverson! he still has some years left in him!

  5. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    I love watching Elton Brand and Dirk so this is good!

  6. Go Celtics says:

    I know this is off topic but Go Celtics!!!!!!!

  7. Marco Santiago says:

    I was hoping they’ll get McGee and OJ Mayo.. lol

  8. ram says:

    Mavs wont win a championship thats it!!

  9. Ola says:

    Get Scola and Mayo. then Mavs is back.

  10. Heat Nation says:

    Big 5 for the Heat!! hahaahha

  11. TRUEBLOOD says:

    Yeah!! Ibaka and harden should trade for Dwight… if Ibaka plays Team Defense, they will be 2013 champs! he only want is stats.. hahaha.. im a Thunder fan but the way Harden and Ibaka play in Finals, im so disappointed! Go KD!

  12. LBJFan says:

    Good moves by the Mavs. Gives them the flexibility of rebuilding(starting next season) or be a better unit.. Marc Cuban is close to being a genius.. LOL.. But still I’m favoring the Heat.. 😀

  13. steve says:

    listen up imma tell u right now the spurs will win the nba championship if they can get a big man next to tim duncan

    • MFFL says:

      HAHAHA you got jokes!! You honestly tell me that the spurs will beat the Heat? Let alone OKC again? Good Luck!!

  14. rash says:

    sign delonte and add mayo or escola…go mavs!!

  15. rash says:

    pls get mayo or escola to be able to compete with thunder lakers and spurs.

  16. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    too much greed on the part of the owner..
    if he only stuck with Tyson, Stevenson and Barea… there could have been a Heat/Mavs Finals again…
    and now look at the teams line-up… they’re good for another 8th place finish again, if they get lucky to reach 8th spot this coming season. am a Mavs Fan, and i’m very disappointed to what Mark is doing.
    good luck Mavs on 2012-13 season, i hope you finish it strong!!!

  17. Jance Lohann says:

    Vince Carter. Haha.

  18. JM says:

    Forget Elton Brand and get a bid for Luis Escola.

  19. J says:

    mavs dont stand a chance this year and won’t for the foreseeable future… and man thats a boring team

  20. Gabriel says:

    try to get O.j mayo and Elton Brand.

  21. Bob says:

    That’s retooling? Kaman is a walking training table and was sent home to be traded, but no one wanted him. Brand is just OK, but the West is full of long players. When your starting SG is Vinsanity, you have troubles. I have faith in the Cuban, but Carlisle has his work cut out for him this year.

  22. dreb says:

    get OJ Mayo!

  23. blaiyan says:

    Its sad seeing people consider Carter and Marion non-factors. Vince was once a superstar and The Matrix on the rise to becoming one and now, like stackhouse and grant hill no one considers them as huge pieces in the pie. They should take that as motivation and surprise everyone this year.

  24. blaiyan says:

    It’s sad seeing people consider Carter and Marion non-factors. Vince was once a superstar and The Matrix on the rise to becoming one and now, like stackhouse and grant hill no one considers them as huge pieces in the pie. They should take that as motivation and surprise everyone this year.

  25. Roni says:

    The all “oldfolks”team.

  26. Mike says:

    Dream on Mavs Fans, go ahead and get Mr Old and Mr Older, you might beat Sacramento or even the NUGGETS

  27. Mike says:

    Dream on Mavs fans, you got old and older, you will not even compete with the Nuggets next season.

  28. remedy says:

    i think with elton and chris will give teams problem… reason i say this is because u have dirk… who u have to focus on…and when was the last time dallas had another key big man…. im not saying there a+ forwards…but i think dirk will help them to gain there confidents

  29. GEDZ#41 says:

    woohhhhhhh.. i like it, i told you.. mavz will rock and will make a surprise.. go mavz

  30. Robert says:

    if they get mayo vince carter can come off bench and go ham

  31. Mavs still need to go after Oj Mayo because Vince Carter at your SG is still suspect. With Collison and Beaubois sharing the PG duties that could be nice. Mavs need one more piece thats why I would suggest going after Mayo. Kaman was a great addition. If he stays healthy the Mavs could make some noise.

  32. DDDDDIRK says:

    If the mavs can get brand and mayo i think they will a so so team again =). but idk if their cap space would allow them to get mayo and brand.

  33. Brian says:

    Um…apparently we mavs are not interested in winning a championship again…”fun to watch” doesn’t win championships…good players can’t compete with great players…I guess we are rebuilding??

  34. lakerman says:

    wow mark cuban shows why hes a owner!!

  35. Peter says:

    Mavs should try to get OJ Mayo!!! Swear to god

  36. heatbaby says:

    too bad noone is gonna beat the heat… go heat

    • JL says:

      You wish. The Heat are going to be toppled by the Thunder sooner or later, probably sooner, since the Thunder have added Perry Jones, who if healthy, can make the big 4 Durant, Westbrook, Ibaka, and Harden into the Fantastic Five.

  37. Collison is string young PG, Kamen a good fit for Mavs, Brand could play wit them both. Need to sign West and sign up some 3-pt shooting.

  38. jake says:

    go mavs lol!

  39. Kamote says:

    please Elton Brand… go to Boston hahaha

  40. letsdesignhappytime says:

    Great plays made by the Mavs Organization. Kaman and Brand are both walking double-doubles, when they’re involved in the offense and healthy. I’ve been wanting Kaman to come to the Mavs for a while now, I think him and Dirk will gel together nicely. It’s obvious that none of the super stars are wanting to live and play in Dallas, so f*ck em. I’ll take a hard worker over an over paid primadonna any day.

  41. johnnyboy2131 says:

    Can’t Rebuild??? The Mavs whole strategy is not to take on long term deals so they can rebuild with Star Talent. Kamen 1 yr, Collison 1 yr, Jones 1 yr, and Roddy and Brandon Wright’s contracts expire next season. If they get Brand it will be a one year deal. Cunningham, Dirk, Marion, and Dominque Jones are the only players that will have a contract past next season.

  42. NUMBAH1MAVSFAN says:

    I think sign Delonte and get OJ Mayo and if u cant get Oj go for Elton

  43. If they can get Chris Paul next season, I m 100% sure that they will be in the FINALs again and hopefully get their 2nd championship crown

    • Sixers ! says:

      Chris paul isnt even going to be on the market next year. He is only waiting to become a free agent then sign with the clipppers because he makes more money that way .

  44. Robert says:

    thats the worst startin lineup i ever seen in mavs history i dont know y cuban plays it cheap n get old players n bums they not finna make it out to championship bairely a playoff with that roaster they gone expect alot from collison and roddy we all they wat they gone expect from nowitzki but hes gettin old they not thinkin to get oj mayo cuz shawn marion to old vc need to be replaced or them rookie sg and they need way better center than wat they have DWIGHT HOWARD

  45. willie says:

    get mayo! i prefer mayo over brand, unless it’s a cheap brand… 🙂

  46. Slider821 says:

    Why is Roddy always second unit? He plays great when he’s on the court and puts in a lot of buckets, suprised not to see him start in front of Collison. Any thoughts?

    • An D says:

      I like him to. He has a high defense rate in my mind to go with that O. He added a few extra blocks to the table as a point.

  47. Amitpal says:

    Get oj mayo and all of a sudden u become a top 4 team in the western conference. Mayo is a really good player he just hasn’t really been given a shot yet. He average 17 point as a rookie al give him a shot.

  48. AN says:

    The MAvs just went from looking like one of the most pitiful teams in 2013 to a bottom tier playoff team again. Good job Mark Cuban, now you can’t even rebuild.

    • Reno says:

      Sad, but true. Kaman, Brand both got their big MF-ing contracts with the Clippers and started counting their money and forgot to play. Same with Haywood (with the Mavs).

      Upgrading from one slacker to two is … still an upgrade. Right?

      • Brian says:

        So tired of mediocre play and knowing we won’t contend….we might make the playoffs with this group but it will be a repeat of next year…to much mediocre play…

  49. Hunter says:

    MAVS 2013!! Sign Delonte and get Elton Brand and we may suprise the league!

    • MFFL says:

      Agreed! Good job mavs, way to recover from the failed DWill bid!

      • Axel says:

        Don’t get too excited now lol, they are not good enough to beat the Lakers or Thunder, however, they are now gonna be fun to watch, and i will enjoy going to mavs games since im in dallas.

      • MFFL says:

        lol not too excited, just think it was a good move. I still think OKC will take the west again, Steve Nash Isn’t enough to take them down with now having Hasheem Thabeet… Just proud of their front to score some decent names.