Houston Rockets: Team In Flux

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Got any idea who’ll be suiting up for the Houston Rockets on opening night in late October?

Me neither.

Gone from last year’s rotation are Chase Budinger, Marcus Camby, Samuel Dalembert, Goran Dragic, Courtney Lee and Kyle Lowry. In their place are a bundle of draft picks and a bunch of spare parts from Milwaukee, Minnesota and New York.

Right now, the Rockets have three guys who are NBA starters: Kevin Martin, Chandler Parsons and Luis Scola. But Martin and Scola have both been reportedly involved in talks for Dwight Howard.

With the Nets out of the picture, the Rockets might have the inside track on Howard. But to get him, they would likely need to waive Scola via the amnesty clause, according to Jonathan Feigen of the Houston Chronicle

The Rockets are open to the three-team deal in which they would receive Los Angeles Lakers center Andrew Bynum, with Howard going to the Lakers, but are primarily working directly with the Magic to acquire Howard, the individual with knowledge of the talks said.

Getting in position for the planned next move will be difficult. To create enough cap room for the kind of blockbuster trade that has been proposed, the Rockets are considering making veteran forward Luis Scola an amnesty cut, likely in the next 48 hours, a person with knowledge of the move said. That would create enough cap room for the Rockets to take on the additional contracts necessary to complete a trade for Howard.

Scola, 32, is due $21 million guaranteed over the next three seasons. The Rockets could wait until Tuesday to make Scola an amnesty cut, by which he would receive his full guaranteed salary but not count against the salary cap or luxury tax figures.

Complicating things even more are the offer sheets that the Rockets have promised Jeremy Lin and Omer Asik. Those can’t be signed until everyone involved in the Camby trade passes his physical. And after they’re signed, the Knicks and Bulls will have three days to match.

Getting Howard is the priority here. And the Nets have just proven that you can “rent” a superstar and eventually convince him to re-sign.

But if the Rockets do land Howard, exactly who are they surrounding him with? A better team than the one he’s trying to escape from now?


  1. Victor says:

    The Houston Rockets should leave Dwight Howard alone. Dwight is responsible for the firings of a head coach and a general manager. A normal player should have stayed after such action by the Orlando Magic’s management. Howard has not made any improvement about his free throws and has no offensive game. No one can count on Howard when the game is on the line.
    Andrew Bynum is better than Dwight Howard. I will stake my fortune on Bynum before Howard. Kevin McCale will be on the hot seat after next season if the Houston Rockets fails to make the playoffs this coming season. The final melt down last season is still hard to “digest” especilly with the position of the team towards the end of last season.
    LEAVE DWIGHT HOWARD ALONE. Orlando lost a great coach – Stan van Gundy because of the immaturity of Dwight Howard.

  2. JPA says:

    Wherever he plays he will be great in every sense he is the best denfessor the bottle….

  3. KB24 says:

    Dwight Howard is goin to da Lakers at da end

  4. DeShawn says:

    Amnesting Scola…

    Houston… YOU have a problem…

  5. hooplover says:

    DWIGHT HOWARD: never ending saga. i refuse to read another article about dwight howard!

  6. markangelo says:

    Never ending dwight drama.. *sigh! i think dwight will never won a ring, he was the so called “childman” but he’s more of a childish this offseason, wish you all the best D12 to chase your dream of a title

  7. spurs! says:

    scola, sign to the spurs. help your fellow agentinian manu

  8. MiamiHEAT says:


    2013 Miami Heat

    PG. Dwyane Wade
    SG. Ray Allen
    SF. Lebron James
    PF. Chris Bosh
    C. Dwight Howard

    Theres your NBA Champions for the rest of there careers!

  9. @dmorey says:

    Dwight that would be PERFECT!

    First: Hakeem Olajuwon; your trainer

    Second: Yao Ming; asian king

    And then You: Best Center in the NBA

  10. Cristian says:

    Leaving Rockets is the best thing that could possibly happen to Scola.

  11. jpa says:

    Howord should go for Lakers!

  12. Rodnay says:

    No Bynum or Howard please. Both unrestricted after one year. I do not think Rockets have a champion even if we had both of them. Two physically injury prone and mentally sick centers will not get us where we want to be. If we go with FA and Drafts we can win. Look at Oklahoma. GO ROCKETS

  13. Fede says:

    Amnestying SCOLA? HOUSTON, you have to be kidding. You definitelly know nothing about Basketball

  14. SM says:

    For the last 12 months we have been hearing that D.Howard want to leave/stay/leave/stay/leave/stay……… Orlando.
    I hope we can see some games from Mr. Howard rather than markiting and business.
    This is like an insult to other players in Orlando.
    If youi want to stay, just stay and play for your team. If you want to leave just ask for trade and leave.
    This is sport and NBA not a grossery stor.

  15. Abdelhamed says:

    Houston Rocket its already too late to fire your G.M , i have more hope of Toronto Raptor than them for the coming season.

  16. Jerome says:

    Congrats to Apaige1, you got that right!!

  17. Rocket33 says:

    Keep Scola and take Bynum. Howard is the better player but Bynum is more likely to stick around if he’s the focus of the offense. Scola is one of the most underrated players in the league and I think he and Bynum could make a decent frontcourt. Asik and Lin’s offer sheets shouldn’t be a factor as both the Bulls and Knicks will be matching as far as I know. The Rockets should resign Courtney Lee and use Kevin Martin and maybe Royce White or Patrick Patterson in the trade to bring in Bynum. They need to sort out the PG as well. D.J. Augustine is available now it seems so he’s probably worth a look. Bench could be OK with Lamb and Terrence Jones coming in. Plenty of work to be done but I don’t think this season is a write-off yet.

  18. wtf says:

    the fact is dwight is young & can be the next face of his team (ofc if he resign)

  19. jmar says:

    much better if howard going to miami heat because heat is no center..

  20. Pedro says:

    IMHO DH12 wont go to the Lakers for some simple reasons:
    1) Bynum did have a nice season, and showed some promising signs of what he can become
    2) Dwight does not want to go to Houston, and Bynum does not want to go to Orlando,. So the only possible scenario is DH12 to the Lakers and Bynum to the Rockets. The big question is: whos gonna take the terrible Turk contract?
    3) Lakers already have a roster, all they’re lacking is a good back up PG (Sessions if he resigns) and a good back up SF (Grant hill maybe). Like OKC and the Spurs, they dont wanna gut their team just to land a superstar cause they know they are top 3 in the west.
    So my guess is Lakers will stay put, add some veterans from free agency and try for 2-3 more runs with this roster.

  21. Jordan says:

    I think Jerome is talking about the Hawks. The All-Star is Horford, the 2010 guard is Teague, the bench player is Louis Williams (he is on the Hawks roster, check their site). They also drafted PF MIke Scott in the second round, though I can’t see him replacing Horford. However everything else fits Jerome’s description.

  22. mario says:

    Houston is not a team in flux is the santa clauss team. Giving away Dragic, Lowry, amnesty Scola. Many gifts to other teams. Even if they get Howard i cannot see how they ll convince him to resign with this supporting cast. Offcourse their plan is to get Paul next year but i dont c that happening

  23. alex .T says:

    He who doesn’t risk never gets to drink champagne. But in this case Morey and Co might get vinegar.
    I still hope that there is a chance to built decent team.
    Houston must get decent PG and Bynum, he will be more devoted to this team also keep Scola and forget about Howard with his back issues. We might see him next year on TV with Chuck and Shaq, that would be best place for him.

  24. Theo says:

    Howard wont sign in Houston but they are making the trade to the rockets look likely so he will demand a trade to LA. Bynum will go to the Rockets as he will just take the money under Bird Rights. Very smart strategy here by the 3 teams just noticed LA interested in 3 other bigs looks like a smokescreen.

  25. GGKman says:

    Scola to the SPURS… for Tiago and Dejuan Blair!!!

  26. VINCENT says:

    Pau is still one of the most skilled Bigs of the NBA or the world.. Bynum is the only comparable player to DH.. Lakers needs backup not another selfish player like DH.

  27. Bob says:

    I don’t think they dismantled the team for Howard. I think Rockets were tired of never getting into playoffs in the last seasons and getting bad draft picks. They were in the “limb “like an NBA reporter wrote some days ago. So they started to dismantling the team knowing that in the next 2-3 years this team will challenge Bobcats for the worst record in NBA but they ll prolly get good draft picks and will able to build something from scratch. For me it’s a gamble that they will lose; managment started realizing the error and now they are desperatly throwing lot of money to mediocre players like Lin and Asik and chasing without hopes Howard. I feel sorry for Rockets fan, this team for the next 2-3 years won’t be worth watching.

  28. johnny says:

    All these players n draft picks the Rockets are trading to the Magic are players G.M. Darell Morey drafted and his reputation of drafting good talent n working the cap will make Houston a title contender with Coach Kevin Mchale and Andrew Bynum in a year or two.

  29. apaige1 says:

    Jerome given the clues you have to be talking about it’s the Sixers. The guard is Evan Turner the all-star is AI9 and the bench player is Thaddeus Young. The replacement they drafted is Maurice Harkless.

  30. phoenix?? says:

    the suns have enough pieces to make a trade lopez in a sign and trade and a few of the lakers and their own picks would be appreciated by the magic since they will go into a rebuilding stage. gortart may also be an option. he is familiar with the franchise being dwight’s old backup and put up good numbers lat year as one of the most improved players of the previous season. Eric gordan’s offer will probably be matched and that means the suns will be able to offer dh12 a max offer. with dragic at the point and a few other good shooters dh way want to stick around for a while. if necessary dudley or frye may be chucked in as role players. and most suns fans wont mind seeing j rich back in the oragnge and purple. im not too sure about cap space though.

  31. E.Harris says:

    If Howard goes to Houston it will just be another Orlando situation in my opinion. And even if they do get him he’ll probably not sign long term there and enter the Free agency where who will be there waiting for him? The Nets, hell…Miami will probably go after him in that scenario. But if he ends up in LA it would be a great potential chance for him to get his first championship even if it’s with the team that beat him in the finals before. I mean look at the Ray Allen situation he not only left Boston the team he finally got a ring with but he left to sign with the very same team that has put them out the past two years.. So at this point the Motto for the NBA the past couple of years seems to be if you can’t beat them join them. I personally feel the LA can be a contender With/without Howard.

  32. Jerome says:

    Don´t know why but i can´t reply on my last post but here is another clue about were Dwight is going. This team has recently cleared the cap space to bring Howard, As I said, they´ve been working on this trade for a month and they are doing the moves to bring him. This team is willing to take the chance of Howard walking out the next summer, but they are confident that they can put up a good team and convince himto stay, after all they weren´t bad last season. A true NBA fan wouldn´t need any more clues.

  33. LakerForeEver@Manila says:

    I love Lakers always.. I just wish that they stop looking for Howard.. Instead, try to find a way for a deeper bench.. That’s what they are lacking right now.. Get Arenas!! He can shoot.. Just believe in him.. For sure he will make basketball a lot easier for LA..

  34. ram says:

    I think the rockets will be just fine. Either Howard or Bynum will give the rockets what they’ve been missing in the middle. This is the lineup they would have and it looks pretty good.

    Pg- Lin, or Brooks
    G- Martin
    Sf- Parsons
    Pf-Patterson, DMo
    C- Howard, or Bynum
    We won 42 games with centers that didnt put points on the board and no superstar. I think 52 games is a possibility. Also, I would love to see a team with only one superstar or none to beat all those teams with three or more.

  35. Brunolay says:

    DW-12 is worst done LBJ…. Crying Baby…

    • david says:

      he is he a cry baby he hasent even been commenting about the situation so when did he get the time to complain. -_- stupid

  36. greg ostertag says:

    Houston are being very risky with this plan. if they don’t get Howard, they have no team left. Martin is okay, parsons has talent and scola is decent but without Howard most of the big free agents are already gone. there is not much of a rocket team left. its all ridiculous. the nba is a league of haves and have nots. there should be an equal cap for all teams. at the moment only six or 7 teams out of 30 have any chance.

  37. Baller says:

    As it looks right now the Houston Rockets may have a chance this year to be the worse team ever in NBA history!

  38. Jerome says:

    I know for a fact that Howard is going to a team that has NEVER been mentioned. They´ve been working in the shadows for over a month, If someone guesses i´ll tell. This are the clues: it´s a team who desperatly needs an inside presence, they´ll give the magic an allstar player, one of the most solid bench player in the league (who will probably be starting in Orlando) and a promising guard drafted in 2010 along with picks in exchange of Dwight, Jason Richardson and Quentin Richardson. This team has drafted this season already thinking about this trade because the guy they took can replace the allstar going to Orlando.

  39. Dan says:

    Saw it on twitter. Rockets have just amnestied Scola!!! They wouldn’t have done that until after ORL (and possibly LAL) have agreed to the trade. Either Dwight to LAL and Bynum to HOU, or Dwight to HOU. It’s practically official.

  40. josh says:

    i like how everyone changed their name to say heat NOW i never met a heat fan till now

  41. ddd says:

    maybe the rockets is planning to rent howard for a year and clear cap space for next year. perhaps taking a run at chris paul, al jefferson or even josh smith, bynum, milsap, monta ellis and may also convince howard to stay? with almost everyone off the books and all the above being unrestricted fa, i dont see why not.

  42. underdog says:

    this obsession with Dwight is beyond my comprehension

  43. johnny says:

    H-Town is in the freak-en house now. With a G.M.like Darrel Morey pulling the strings for the Houston Rockets. He’s rebuilding a team without having to tank games and we will be back with the title contenders. Although we’ll trade Dwight for Bynam, it’s still a great deal for us….

  44. KiwiBball says:

    Random thought – help me out here. Now that the Celtics have lost Allen do they have the cap space and bench players to make a trade negotiation worth its salts? I figure Garnett isn’t getting any younger and can’t keep doing the minutes through a full season like he used to.

    • trade1 says:

      toss that out of your mind… no way garnett has any value to the magic at his age, no future, so basically that trade would require about 4 or 5 rookies and 2nd yr players, but none the less, NOT GOING TO HAPPEN.. makes no sense..

      • KiwiBball says:

        Sorry, misunderstood. Howard to Celtics, Garnett stays with C’s to play along side/play off the bench to keep his minutes down. Magic gets cash and as you say rookies / prospect players and draft pics. I just don’t know if C’s have any up and coming rookies etc that the Magic could be interected in as part of a rebuild.

  45. mister says:


  46. T.Monk says:

    the rockets are commiting a mistake that I hope the Spurs capitalize.
    Pop, go get SCOLA!!!!!

  47. pokie says:

    It sounds like in order to get Howard, Houston is going to have to take on additional unwanted contracts. How is that going to help them keep Howard when he’ll probably be playing alongside all the guys he didn’t want to play with when they were together in Orlando?

  48. Jerome Bautista says:

    L.A. is the better place for Dwight Howard, because by joining the Lakers he has a chance to finally win his first ring, considering that Steve Nash is now the facilitator for the team.

  49. Josh says:

    If Dwight is pushing for ring bling, the only decision would be to sign with the Lakers. How can you not give a championship to this starting 5.

    5. Dwight Howard
    4. Pau Gasol
    3. Metta World Peace
    2. Kobe Bryant
    1. Steve Nash

    Last time i checked 4 is better than 3. Sorry Miami, not repeat for you.

    • trade1 says:

      well, the only problem with your thinking is, they had bynum who is almost the same as howard, the only upgrade at this point is nash and at 38/39, yeah he has basketball iq and can see the floor, but unless they address the bench problem, more of the same this year and please don’t expect nash, kobe and aging gasol and injury prone bynum to not be out this year for periods of time… good luck with that lineup with or without d12…

  50. Joaquin Hawkins says:

    Please find a new G.M. Houston. Daryl Morey must go.

  51. krackavelli says:

    Just send the little bitch to the Bobcats & be done with it so Orlando can get on with things.

  52. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Has everyone forgotten about Brian Scalabrine? He’s still available; and he will probably sign an extension!

    • pakyaw says:

      hmmm..youre right!..why don’t the LAKERS trade him for Bynum or Gasol? from there Lakers will have a SUPERTEAM…”KOBE ALLEY OPPS TO SCALABRINE,AND ONE!” that’s gonna be 1 , 2 punch there….

  53. Jak says:

    Rockets have money to bring in players gettin Howard would be the 1st step .

  54. la4life says:

    stay in orl or come to hollywood and sign extension please

  55. Who remembers when chris paul was supposed to go to the lakers and the nba denied the proposal even though all the teams agreed…but its funny how teams like brooklyn can stack and miami can stack with absolutely no problem

    • bryanboi says:

      did you know who owns the hornets at that time? it was the nba, and david stern as its commissioner can do whatever he wants as it is nba owned. please before you post something, research if its correct and not be a dumb commentator

      • D Lion says:

        That’s what I thought all along. Everyone was complaining abiut David Stern getting in yhe way of the trade, but since the Hornets were owned by the NBA at that time, then he was basically in charge of them, I thought . In that case, wouldn’t he have the rightful power to not accept a trade because it was “his” team the trade concerned?

  56. Jerbaxx says:

    sine the nets have pulled out, the most favourite team of howard’s . try deal someone else instead of howard , i know magic wanna keep howard so make him happy by getting him a superstar point guard .

  57. kobe84 says:

    I am obviously a Laker fan. I hope the Lakers let Bynum develop, he has had one good year, with more to come. He will be a monster next year. He is 23 years old. He does not have the mobility that DH has. But he is a monster offensively. He needs to keep working on his stamina, his endurance. The guy never played organized ball until he came to the Lakers!
    He played half of one season in High School! He is going to mature with Nash & Kobe & Pau.

    I dont care what happens to DH, he can go ………..

    Keep Bynum, Mitch sign him to a long term deal. Get Grant, Jamison, the other Hill & whoever else you can sign at the minimum, whoever wants to win a Championship sign em up!

    Do not dump Bynum for Howard!

    • Dutch_lakerfan says:

      Yeah Bynum is ok in my book, nice young guy with lots of potential. Might even outscore DH12 with Nash on the squad. With captian canada on the team all 5 people are offensive problems cause you never know where the ball is heading with nash; you only know that it is the guy on his way for pick en roll or wide open, and when you notice the ball is in the net already. Lakers should keep some cap to resign Jordan Hill, I loved that guy last season when he came off the bench against OKC best match of the season if you ask me. And Ebanks did great as well, bit immature moments just like Bynum but the guys are still young and playing in Hollywood for huge amounts of cash, its hard to keep level headed. And Grant Hill would be nice as well.

      PG: Nash
      SG: Kobe
      SF: Metta WP
      PF: Gasol
      C: Bynum

      6th Jordan Hill of the bench for Gasol and Bynum, Let the guy rebound and some inside out to nash or kobe
      Role 1 Grant Hill let him come off the bench for Metta or Kobe
      Role 2 Steve Blake, Still like the guy can come of the bench for Nash or Kobe

      As far as I know Darius Morris is on the squad still (must be so awesome for him to train with Nash), 2 decent new rookies, McRoberts has a Year left if Im not mistaken, and Ebanks so thats enough for a team if you ask me. So stop stacking stars because at some point you have to resign and extend contracts and with the new rules the superstar teams wont stick together for a decade.

  58. Swala says:

    The rockets are being smart here. They realise that in the game of basketball you either need to be a great team or a horrible team to eventually win a championship. By getting the big fish you may be able to construct a team that can compete for a championship. If that doesn’t work out you are left with a horrible team that will have a very good chance of gaining a future franchise player in the draft with the first or second picks. Having a ‘ok’ or ‘decent’ team that just misses out on the playoffs means you are unable to compete for the championships and you are not likely to improve because you don’t have access to quality draft picks.

  59. Krespino says:

    TIRED OF HOWARD… TIRED… TIRED… I was a fan of him, but I do really wish now he should just go to hell… He is a nightmare, he is cancer. He killed all my love for basketball, for the NBA. There is not a single day of life that I do not have to see yet another story to the never ending disgusting drama. And if he goes to the Rockets now, oh my god, another full year guaranteed with 875 new stories about how unhappy Howard is, etc. . These days we should be reading about new players new talents etc but this DH nightmare is in the news every single day. I wish that he never ever wins a championship. In fact Orlando Magic has become a better team after he quit at the end of the season due to injury. Ugly clown.

  60. ley says:

    Once again lakers management aint trying the best to recruit howard and this seem to be a wild conspiracy against the lakers and particularly Kobe not to have another ring.The management prefer to keep Pau and bynum among the lakers cuz of anti-black mamba..It’s a broad conspiracy which involve the NBA executives, the media and lakers management….Bynum can’t be compare with Howard base in his performances he has done nothing to improve the team in the playoff…as i suggested before aquiring Nash i also deeply believe that if the lakers acquire Howard,the team will be able to get another title and be able to beat the miami heat who has just aquire the best 3 pointer ray allen from boston without any media drama…. anti-kobe are doing everything to avoid the deal of howard…..shame!!!!!

    • trade1 says:

      dude wake up.. if not for the illegal trade of Gasol to be a laker in the 1st place, Kobe would have 2 less rings…

      • blobby says:

        I thought that was one of the stupidist things i have ever witnessed in my life when pau was younger he was one of the best players in the games so why would the grizzlies trade him for mark

  61. popito26 says:

    They can have the rings… its not like they were they BULLS LAKERS CELTS OR SPURS winning them with a cohesive effort as a squad … I hope we trade coward to Portand for Aldridge and picks

  62. Lee says:

    This will be a good trade for all three teams. If they can pull it off. LA get who they want, Houston gets who they want and Orlando get a scorer and a big man.

    LA gets Dwight
    Houston gets Bynuum and Jason Richardson
    Orlando get Kevin Martin and Luis Scola

    Then Orlando can trade Turk to Atlanta for Al Horford.

    Just get the deal done coz not only me but other NBA fans are sick and tired of the Dwight-O-Drama! LOL

    • Eveything you’ve just typed makes alot of sense, except the last part about trading Hedo for Al. Like you and millions of other fans I’m anxiously waiting to see how the saga unfolds.

  63. Celtic fan says:


  64. Michael23 says:

    Please get Bynum instead. Howard IS DONE. DOES ANYONE KNOW ANYBODY THAT JUMPS AFTER THE SURGERY HOWARD WENT THRU? He’ll be lucky f he can run full speed let alone jump, please do the trade but go for Bynum. Let the Lakers take the risk of getting broken goods.

    • You think Bynum is better when it comes to injury? Bynum has two championships and he was hurt for both. Last year was the first full season he played probably since high school.

  65. Dakota says:

    Funny thing. If Dwight doesn’t get traded to Brooklyn, he can’t be signed there next year because Brooklyn wouldn’t have the cap space. What does he do if he doesn’t get traded? Take a four year hiatus from basketball. Stop crying and play the game that you supposedly love (otherwise, why would you put any work in to it) for multimillion dollar contracts diva.

  66. Mr. Magic says:

    Rockets get Howard, Turk, Richardson and Duhon
    Magic get Martin, Parsons, Lamb, either Morris or Patterson and either White or Jones plus Draft Picks

    • Chirag says:

      Houston LOOOOVEEESS Chandler Parsons No way they’re letting him go. Remove him from that fantasy trade you’re thinking of and add alll an extra draft pick or two. Cuz we got PUH-Lenty.

  67. Al Johnson says:

    Dwight and J-Rich to Lakers for Bynum, Blake and McRoberts. Get it done please Mitch!!!

  68. DREAM68 says:

    I can’t believe HOUSTON has completely dismantled an NBA TEAM in the hopes of landing D-12 after the guy said he would not re-sign a long term deal. YES, CLUTCH CITY has been good to the bigs that have come thru since Olajuwon,
    but I guess he thinks he’s to good for them as well. I just hope HOUSTON gives up on him B4 they continue to gamble on a lost cause.

  69. Shawn says:

    I do not understand why people say Miami is cheating. They got free agents to join their team. Mia didn’t do these skeptical trades like Boston or LAL to form their Big 3’s.The guys were free agents and joined together on the same team. Thats not my team but that is not cheating. People need to understand the rules before crying about things like this.

    • trade1 says:

      AGREED, sketchy inside nba deals that stern didn’t veto, he should of vetoed the gasol deal for sure for basically nothing

    • celts33 says:

      You don’t get it Bush And LeJoke were free agents, that is right.
      The Celtticsa gad positioned themselves for either Durant, or Oden. Stern made sure they fell to 5th.
      So the Celtics made trades to get Ray Allen IE Green and West.
      They then traded the best player on their team and 4 others to get Garnett.
      What the 3 did at the from Miami did was join togehter during the Olimpics when both LeJoke and Bush were franchise players with 2 teams niether could make better. So they gave upand came together, if the owners had done this while they were still under contract with the current teams it would have been illegal, but these so called great players just quit on their teams, Jordan, Bird, Johnson, all these guys made their teams better, when they came to their resepective cities, LeJoke couldn’t clsoe the deal so he caved. And now the NBA is just a joke no small market team can compete, the players are running this league, which is why this Whole Dwight Howard farse is taking place the baby doesn’t want to earn his legend, or even his pay, he wants to go be buddies with JZ and the poor fans in Orlando who have supported this fool now have no option but to ship his sorry but somewhere just like Chris Paul and Melo another sorry excuse of a professional basketball player.

  70. Nosleeptillbrooklyn says:

    I hope he goes to Houston, then tells them there’s no way he’s resigning with them, then they trade him too Brooklyn ! Job done !

  71. Roy says:

    When will this circus freaking end?!!! Make a trade already god damn, why cant the Lakers just trade Bynum and a pick for Howard and get it over with thats the only fair trade the magic are going to get, cause he definitely isnt staying with an awful franchise thats in shambles. They got rid of a top league coach for no reason and Dwight wants to leave because Otis Smith had NO IDEA what he was doing.

  72. rdap says:


  73. Mahmoud says:

    dwight drama continuing again

  74. samuel says:

    We have been hearing Howard trade for the last 12 months. Howard and Orlando should stop this and make a final decision. This si frustrating.

  75. John says:

    Don’t do it rockets. Dwight will leave the following summer. Even if he stayed, the rockets still won’t put a championship caliber team together. I hope dwight goes to lakers because what they are doing down in miami is borderline cheating.

    • TTKIN says:

      It’s funny cuz Lebron claims to be such a scholar of the history of the NBA and all, yet both Michael Jordan and Larry Bird have on record said that these guys taking pay cuts to all play on the same team is destroying the sport. Anyone curious why MJ didnt bother putting a decent team together? it’s cuz he cant get 3 superstars no matter what and that is what is needed to win these days.

      Honestly I dont get why all these vets are so gungho on Miami. Ok ya u get to win a ring, but does it even matter when u only average like 10 mins a game? that’s contributing so little it shouldnt even count. That’s like Luke Walton getting rings for being a Laker…uh ya cuz he did SO MUCH to earn them right?

  76. RocketMan says:

    If Daryl Morey can land Dwight Howard, convince him to sign an extension with the Rockets, and surround him with a team (better than 4 guys from the neighborhood Y), he’ll belong in the general manager’s Hall of Fame.

    There isn’t one? They should build one if Morey can pull this off.

  77. M. Nib says:

    I don’t know what to expect…if the Rockets pull this off, then they HAVE to have a winning season…or else.

  78. san says:

    I think that would be the best for Scola, and not for Houston. Houston will end being one of the worse teams and rebuilding the team. Scola can be to a good team and be champion.

    • stasie says:

      i agree with you. Scola is a great player and deserves a ring. i think the spurs will be perfect for him

  79. Tony Nguyen says:

    It is Bynum’s attitude that worries the Lakerland, not his basketball skills. If he can get his attitude right, he can turn out to be second to no one in his position.

    • RocketMan says:

      That’s an awfully big “if” , my friend.

      It’s also why my stomach turns every time I hear/read something about the Rockets pursuing Bynum. I don’t think he can get his attitude right.

    • ATLHAWKS says:

      that is true he is a true center howard is just an athlete

  80. JAMES says:

    why don’t my commends EVER STAY POSTED ??????

    • D Lion says:

      this one did lol. Yesterday I typed a huge post about Batum leaving Portland, then it went away when I posted it. It just happens…

  81. Houston needs to sit down some where. They already screwed up their whole team, now they’re trying to do it to someone else. Maybe if you guys had a team someone would want to play for you. You have D Leaguers on your roster, and most likely New York will match the Lin offer and they won’t end up getting back the person that they cut in the first place. I don’t know what they are doing in Houston, but they will eventually turn into the Bobcats.

  82. BRR says:

    he needs to retire so can play with magic johnson. look like the DH doesnt want to play with anybody.
    i think he can be a “Coach”. lol it will bad for organization who ever gets him if his attitude or gratitued not change ..he is too immature than bynum.

  83. lbj says:

    In the end howard will landed in Miami in exchange for haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks. howard will think if he wants to get a ring he will play with the king!

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong reserve: Chalmers,Cole,Lewis,Miller and Juwan Howard

    • ATLHAWKS says:

      i think miami fans are just high on bath salts when it comes to the point where they think they can get howard i mean really turiaf anthony and haslem? they only would do that trade is if pat riley was about to eat robs face off

      • AM says:

        dude, I’m a Miami fan and I completely disagree with lbj, he posts that coment in every article, and anybody woudl know that it’s an impossible trade, miami can’t afford howard and the big three, besides, it’s better if howard goes anywhere but miami, then the nba wouldn’t be exciting any more

    • Marc says:

      LBJ, here is you and every other Heat fans chances of Dwight Howard going to the Heat:

      PG: Not
      SG: Ever
      SF: Going
      PF: To
      C: Happen

    • HeatROCKS! says:

      I certainly agree. Dwight Howard should sign with the Miami Heat! That is the only way he can win a championship within the next ten years. I feel awfully bad for other teams right now ‘cos I know they’re never going to be able to beat the heat. I also feel sad for the fans of other teams, they might cheer their hearts out but in the end, MIAMI is still going to win.

    • TTKIN says:

      You do realize that even if Orlando was down with this (and I mean cmon, we all know theyre not), how do you expect to afford Howard while paying Lebron, Dwayne Wade and Chris Puss? You can turn off salary caps in video games, not in real life.

      Brooklyn tried getting Orlando to take Kris Humphries, a double double machine who is not even at his prime yet. Why would they say no to that but yes to Haslem Anthony and Turiaf, 3 dudes who r over the hill and never really had primes to begin with.

      • Blobby says:

        You all are really stupid miami cant afford howard and; Are you kidding me who in their right mind… Who in their wrong mind state(high) would trade howard the best center in the leauge for udonnis halem who is 40(and scores 3 points a game) and turiof(whos just so bad it’s not even worth spelling his name right). The draft picks the heat would give the magic would be at the very end of each round.


    • Zach111122455 says:

      How much cap space do you think miami has?

    • blobby says:


  84. spurs! says:

    spurs org this is your chance.. go for 3way deal to get scola. trade blair, bonner and neal.

  85. Diddy Ho says:

    Please trade dwight for jeremy lin and chandler!

  86. q says:

    A question to all team …who’s willing to rent Howard and convince him to re-sign?.Nice decision by the Brooklyn.. good job re-signing Brook Lopez. Rockets so desperate they will lost key players just to rent Howard.

  87. Nonbiasedfan says:

    Howard in Rockets is gonna be worse than him being in Orlando drama wise. this is getting so frustrating. u go to NBA website and then u see Dwight all day everyday. ugh

  88. Nate says:

    Houston hasn’t made the playoffs the past couple seasons with these players.. Trade for Howard then trade for Bynum as he recently stated he wants to play for Houston.. Bynum will attract players and there is a better chance of making the playoffs with just Bynum.. Try to keep parsons and lamb..

  89. Zay says:

    Who would the Magic get?

  90. jrocks says:

    im a houston fan and right now i hate for all the trades they are making. they`ve got a great team last year and now they trade them all. they want howard but they are giving away the good players; and the problem is that he is leaving orlando because he dont have anyone who can help him and right now houston dont have anyone who can help him, my point is houston keep your people and look for reinforcements leave howard in orlando

    • Tim says:

      I am not sure how you think they had a ‘great’ team. They were in the lottery last year. That is the third year in a row they ended the season as the last team not to make the playoffs (the 9th seed in the West). They were treading water and going nowhere and unable to acquire top free agents without a bonafide superstar. Trading for Howard is a risk, but a risk worth taking. Where is he going to go next season as a free agent? He can’t go to N.J. or L.A. as they don’t have the cap space. Houston would be able to offer him more than any other team and should be able to acquire other free agents now that DH is there. If DH does bolt elsewhere via free agency then the Rockets simply expedite the rebuilding process. It is better to finish as one of the worst teams and get a high draft pick than to continually finish with a low lottery pick each year and, maybe some day, work your way into the 7th or 8th seed only to get bounced in the first round.

  91. Turk (not Hedo, but of the same nationality) says:

    Enough already with Dwight Howard. He’ll be going to the Rockets anyway or staying with the Magic, the Lakers already have a center that is second only to Dwight Howard anyway. My personal gut feeling. It’s the small forward position and some bench depth that they have any weakness whatsoever. I’m following the trades and the rumors with interest, but this is getting unbelievably redundant.

    • MrSIlva says:

      I agree with you. Our starting lineup is set. Why trade an all start for someone who doesn’t even want to be in LA? Now like you said, working for a SF and bench would be really smart. We got Nash, he’ll improve everyone as it is, but most importantly he’ll improve the big men. WE NEED A BETTER BENCH!

  92. George says:

    I think Bynum is better and we build around him. Must Keep Coutney Lee

  93. Z says:

    Am I the only one who is confused by this article. The article quotes a piece that says Andre Bynum is going to the Rockets with the Lakers getting Howard. But the article ends with a question asking that if Howard would like playing for the Rockets???

    Is he going to the Lakers or Rockets?

    • Peter says:

      if the rockets can’t get dwight howard by themselves, there will be a three team trade that sends bynum to Houston, and Dwight to LA


    I’m from Philippines (an asian)
    I don’t want howard to play for Houston
    If he end up with Houston, he’s just wasting his time..
    He should have ended in Nets but Lopez signed allready so..
    it’s dwight fault anyway.. he signed an extension and now he wants to get traded.

    I agree this drama is getting more and more annoying

  95. Junter says:

    We need Bynum cause he will actually re-sign with us as opposed to Dwight who wont re-sign. We have to do the three team deal with the Lakers so we get Bynum, they get Howard, and we give the Magic whatever they want.

  96. W/E says:

    lol if D12 ends up in houston the drama will be 10x worse next season….the rockets are probably one of the weakest teams in the western conference right now

  97. Anthony says:

    Someone need to sign dwight howard and then sign Allen Iverson. lol

  98. MWP15 says:

    Another day another drama C’mo DH12 ;/

  99. dennis Scott says:

    the rockets are gonna tank this season. i can’t believe how they have dismantled the roster. all this for free agents to come to Houston but there’s no guarantee they will get anyone. should have kept lee and dragic. dalembert as well. add in scola and that’s a decent team

  100. I think if Houston can get Dwight, they can lure other good role players to their team

    • D Lion says:

      Orlando probably thought that too

      • Paul says:

        I could be wrong but I am pretty sure the Rockets are setting their sights on Bynum, but are working with LA and Orlando so Howard can go to LA and Bynum sent to the Rockets. The rockets in turn send multiple first round draft picks to orlando with some other role players.

    • JL says:

      HAHAHAHA…No. Howard is just a big baby who wants to go to one team, the Nets. Face it, he’s not going there. If Houstan miracuosly lands Howard, it won’t matter. The Rockets will have to give up Scola and Martin, leaving them with Parsons and Howard. The Knicks are probably going to do everyhting they can to bring Lin back while Asik will probably sign with another team with more potential. And then you have just traded away two above average players for a drama queen who will leave you and knock on the Net’s door. Face it, the Rockets traded everyon they have away, it will be a very long 4-6 years for Houstan fans.

  101. Lucas says:

    Have the rockets gone mental? They’ve gutted their entire team, don’t have any promising draft picks coming up as far as im aware, all for one guy who’s proven immature and has said without question he won’t resign. This isn’t like williams and the nets, the whole time Williams said he might resign but he wasn’t sure. I have a feeling, unless they get a transcendant player with a lottery pick in the next few years, that the Rockets are in for a gloomy decade.

    • Bob says:

      I agree with you. I don’t understand these franchises that will gut their team or invest ALL of their money into one player. The last I checked this was a team sport and you need a team to win not just one player unless you are playing golf.

      • purpngold says:

        For years now Howard has been a big distraction to the Magic. Always causing some type of drama, always in the media, and mostly for the wrong reasons. I feel bad for the Magic fans, but where ever Howard goes, that city and its fans will also have to deal with it. Howard is an allstar player, the best center in the league right now, and the teams that win it all are the ones with the super stars. Championship teams have that undeniable super star that pushes them over the top. Some teams have more than one super star, those are the teams that win. So getting Howard would be the foundation to a championship team and a franchise commiting to winning. The catch here is Howard also comes with a whole lot of drama. Good luck, and I hope that if he is traded to the Rockets, they can convince him to resign. Thats some more drama for ya!

  102. Laker lover says:

    I wish the trade would just happen already. Where ever Howard goes he should not be a baby and sign the extension if it’s a good team with a good supporting cast.

  103. two says:

    I keep reading everywhere that a lot of Asian people are hoping for Howard to end up in Houston?

    • nobody says:

      Probably because of yao ming retiring asians think that dwight would be good man to place in yao ming’s spot

    • stephen says:

      … and a lot of Magic fans too. You want to go to Brooklyn? We’ll send you to the opposite of Brooklyn. I just wish they could send him to Charlotte or Sacramento.

      • Ayyub says:

        If they send him to Charlotte, you’d have to deal with him in your division and the fact that he could draw free agents toward him and build a contender.

      • Skrutz says:

        Thats what I said! Just to spite the giant baby.

      • Sixers ! says:

        Who would the bobcats give the magic. they have no trade bait, not body is good on their team maybe MKG but he is a possible allstar for a future all of famer ,,,NO

  104. me says:

    Oh God, not another Dwight drama!….

    • david says:

      so what if he opt in he thought they had a chance him wanting to leave doesnt make him a cry baby. your not a basketball player so how would you understand

      • david says:

        actually he only opt in because they threatened to trade him to the Lakers so what would you expect

      • two says:

        He opted in so he would be able to get a max contract next year with bird rights. Whichever team he gets traded to will also get these bird rights, which is why he wanted to go to brooklyn.

        If he plays out his contract, he’ll get a smaller deal as a free agent.