USA Basketball: Dream Team Vs This Team … Who Wins Clash Of Titans?

LAS VEGAS — The question has been raised during each and every Olympic year since the original Dream Team took the world by storm 20 years ago.

So no one should be surprised that it’s come up here during the USA Basketball training camp and that this team’s elder statements and competitor extraordinaire Kobe Bryant would have a diplomatic response when asked how this current team would fare against the originators.

“Well, just from a basketball standpoint, they obviously have a lot more size than we do — you know, with [David] Robinson and [Patrick] Ewing and [Karl] Malone and those guys,” Bryant said. “But they were also — some of those wing players — were also a lot older, at kind of the end of their careers. We have just a bunch of young racehorses, guys that are eager to compete … So I don’t know. It’d be a tough one, but I think we’d pull it out.”

Of course, he does. When has Bryant ever been on a team that he didn’t believe would beat back all challengers?

It would have been supremely disappointing if he said anything else.

How these teams might have fared against one another is a conversation reserved strictly for revisionist historians and fantasy basketball fans.

The original Dream Team, led by Michael Jordan, Magic Johnson, Charles Barkley and their own elder statesman, Larry Bird, would certainly claim a similar victory against this or any other team that has come after them.

But you have to admit, it would be intriguing to see Bryant, LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul and the rest of this current crew go head-to-head against their idols.

If it’s an Olympic team spitting contest, then others would have to be invited as well.

The 1960 team, Dream Team II, the 2008 team that boasted five of the players on the current team and also the 2000 team that won gold in Sydney … just to name a few.

If someone had a simulation program that allowed us to play the imaginary games out a million times, there would probably be close to half a million different outcomes.

Would the pros from 20 years ago beat the college superstars from 32 years earlier or the new generation of stars that followed them 20 years later?

We’ll never know.

But you better believe that no one involved with any of those teams would ever, ever, concede anything.

We’ll side with U.S. coach Mike Krzyzewski, an assistant coach on the original Dream Team, when he says that every team that’s come after the original crew, should abstain from not only using the word “Dream” to describe themselves, but also making comparisons as well.

No need to poke that bear!

We couldn’t help ourselves, though.

We have to ask …


  1. McKinley says:

    I am old enough to have seen dream team play in 1992. No doubt an amazing team. They destroyed all the competition. But back in 1992 there was no competition. They would have the size advantage on this years team. Yet they would have no answer for Lebron. I’ve seen Kobe dunk over Yao Ming, I doubt Ewing or Robinson would bother the mamba too much. Durant could outscore anyone on that team including MJ. This years team is much faster and athletic. I believe the outcome would be decided by who controlled the pace of the game.

  2. gege20703 says:

    No Disrespect to the 2012 Dream Team but they can try but they can’t win..



    1. SCOTTIE
    2. CLYDE
    3. BIRD
    4. KARL is THE RUNNING TRUCK out There..



  3. Fan of Basketball says:

    Let’s compare the 2012 team to Dream Team II before we even get to the HOF team.

    Dream Team II – Shaq, Hakeem, Charles, Pippen, Malone, Stockton, Admiral, Payton, Penny, Hill, Reggie, Mitch Richmond

    Honestly it’s not even clear the current 2012 squad can match this team. Please stop comparing the current team to the original Dream Team.

    Another point to add: It was John Schuhmann that wrote a blog about the 2012 team titled “DATA SAYS TO PLAY BIG” (url:

    Let’s use this one point that says going big for the 2012 team is WAY better then going small. Easily understood. So let’s compare only the bigs from DTII to DT2012. Not even close….Tyson against Shaq? Hakeem? Admiral? WOW..Once Tyson is out whose in? Love? Davis?

    We can collectively agree that DT > DTII while we (or atleast I unless others agree with me) can’t even agree that DT2012 > DTII. Let’s show some more respect to the other US Dream Teams, and even more respect for the 1992 team.

  4. Frank says:

    If we’re looking at possible rosters:


    1992 – and give me a year allowance on Hakeem because he was nationalized a year later and played for USA in 1996.


    That is what the true matchup should have been. Yes Stockton was great but if we’re going to match up with 2012 we need all the athleticism we can get and GP, CWebb and Shaq were all about to take the NBA by storm in ’92, Shaq was the number one pick that year, it was GP’s rookie year, and CWebb was #1 the next year.

    Magic is a mismatch for everyone except Lebron, Melo and Durant,

    No one can guard MJ on the 2012 team.

    No one can guard Lebron on the 1992 team except maybe Pippen. When Lebron goes to the post he’s gonna need help from Shaq and Hakeem.

    The C matchup is a joke. Hakeem-Shaq would house Howard-Bynum. Howard could body up with Shaq for the most part but Shaq still wins by a long shot. Lets not forget what a locomotive he was when he was younger, and let’s not even talk about Bynum vs. Hakeem.

    The PG’s are pretty even.

    The thing that keeps this matchup so close is the versatility of Lebron-Melo-Durant and their ability to either guard Magic or simply be too athletic for the 1992 players to guard. You probably wouldn’t see Bird a ton because, as much as I love him, he wasn’t the most athletic guy in the world and I can’t picture him defending Durant on the perimeter.

    Durant is a huge X-factor because if you put Barkley or Malone on him he is too quick, and he’s shoot right over Charles, just like he would with Drexler. 1992 simply didn’t have any of these 6-10 2-guards.

    1992 did have amazing team work though, and they had ridiculous basketball IQ’s. Switches and help defense would be the key to them shutting this newer team down. With Shaq and Hakeem patrolling the paint there is a good chance they could neutralize 2012 driving to the hoop and turn them into a bunch of jumpshooters which this 2012 team loves to do.

  5. Jordan says:

    Michael Jordan. That is all.

  6. justaguy says:

    maybe they can beat the dream team with this lineup

    Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Deron Williams. or maybe rondo
    Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade,
    Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James,
    Chris bosh, Kevin Garnett, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum,

    but who knows..
    but one thing for sure. everybody in this world would donate a dollar for a time machine.

  7. 2012 fan says:

    come on.lets say MJ is better than kobe(but not to much)kobe is better perimeter shooter than MJ O.o! kobe is also a elite defender(maybe 10times straight 1st all defensive team)! and no way scot is better than LBJ? no way scot can beat lbj! mj is the greatest basketball of all time! and 2nd maybe kobe or lebron but not Magic! and no way drobinson and patewing is greater than howard? OMG morons! and charles cant even defend KD(too much speed,catch and shoot player )!for me 2012

  8. gio says:

    1992 DREAM TEAM vs. 2012 USA Basketball Team?!
    11 Basketball Greats (Hall of Fame) vs. Present NBA Stars who are still trying to make it in the ELITES? (well maybe kobe and lebron is already in there!)

  9. GGustave says:

    I just can’t image anyone on the 2012 team matching up with Clyde Drexler and Charles Barkley coming off the bench or even starting. I think Majic vs. Lebron is a great match-up because of their size and skills, Kobe vs. Jordan for their will to win and Scottie vs Durant (offense vs defense). Now one thing I do have trouble with in terms of match-up is Carmelo Anthony, he would destroy Chris Mullen but I would have loved to see him go up against Bird in his prime. But this whole thing is a joke because of Ewing and Robinson.

  10. GGustave says:

    I just can’t image anyone on the 2012 team matching up with Clyde Drexler and Charles Barkley coming off the bench or even starting. I think Majic vs. Lebron is a great match-up because of their size and skills, Kobe vs. Jordan for their will to win and Scottie vs Durant (offense vs defense). No one thing I do have trouble with in terms of match-up is Carmelo Anthony, he would destroy Chris Mullen but I would have loved to see him go up against Bird in his prime. But this whole thing is a joke because of Ewing and Robinson.

  11. Sportsfan says:

    Also Jordan would have said the same thing Kobe did if asked because they are both competitors. Even if the team looked like this;

    c- Jabbar
    f- LBJ
    f- KD
    g- Kobe
    g- Big O

    Reserves – Bill Russell, Wilt Chamberlain, E. Baylor, Iverson, Isiah Thomas, Jerry West, Shaq

    MJ would say the Dream Team Wins, cause he’s a true competitor. Kobe get’s that from him. If you don’t truly believe you can win going into a game, you already lost!

  12. Sportsfan says:

    It’s a nice agruement that will never know but it’s nice to debate. But I still feel Magic and MJ get cancelled out by LBJ and KD so it’s up to the rest on each team. And remember none of the Dream Team were Hall of Famers in 1992!

  13. Ian says:

    Win the Gold First before you compare yourself with the dream team….

  14. Wah! says:

    “I guess we’ll never know. I’d like to think that we had 11 Hall of Famers on that team, and whenever they get 11 Hall of Famers, you call and ask me who had the better Dream Team. Remember now, they learned from us. We didn’t learn from them.”-Michael Jordan – read this from espn. The last two sentences sums it all up!hahaha!

  15. sketch21 says:

    I know how good LBJ and Durant is.. we’ll see them in the legend list in few years.
    But Team 2012 beating the Dream team? They might stand a chance but saying that the members in the Dream Team are older and slower? Come on.. LBJ and Wade had serious trouble with the current Celtics.
    Garnett, Pierce, and Allen are way older then the 92 members were back then but still consistent in the game.

  16. dfn8lynotanagebrc8arguement says:

    this things better talked over a pair of controllers in hand, LOL. 2K12 then..

  17. MR.SKEPTIC says:




  18. mejuto14 says:

    USA’2012 team won’t win gold medal. They have got one center. Who will covete to brothers Gasol?
    Why are we talking about this?

  19. Tough to determine but players in 2012 are stronger, bigger, faster, and quicker. The game is always evolving and Jordan reported that he is a product of the evolution from dr. j etc. Before Jordan everyone would say Julius would kill any of these young guys etc then came Jordan and after Jordan came Kobe and then came Lebron and the Durant. As it progressed they became more athletic, faster, taller etc. Who was going to guard Chris Paul? Stockton or Magic? Who was going to guard a 6ft 10 inch Durant? or a super quick Wade or a 6ft 8 260 lb Lebron who is as quick as any player on the DT and as strong. Lebron could guard Magic as Pippen slowed him to the point where the Bulls beat them in the finals but Lebron is stronger and quicker. Jordan would have to deal with switches of Kobe, Durant, Lebron guarding him. Howard could handle their centers, Bird was done, Stockton was done, so the only ones to worry about were Mike as far as matchups. Malone shot jumpshots mainly and Drexler had a receding hairline at that time. These young men are 23 and up, how about Westbrook? or Williams. There were only a handful of players in 92 that were as athletic or even close and they were Mike, Pippen, Drexler, Isiah maybe, Dominque…..and now there are tons of super skilled players to match that…Durant, Wade, Kobe, Westbrook, Lebron, Howard, Griffin, Paul, Williams, Rando, etc etc. It would be the equivilent of Mike and Dominque playing against players from the 70’s who be overskilled and have too much athleticism for the West or Baylor or Julius.

  20. Matthew Smith says:

    doesn’t matter. like any basketball game, the last ten seconds are all that matter…to any important basketball game at least…if the score’s close. and there’s something on the line…and there’s no hockey on.

  21. realist says:

    Based on a bunch of statistical mumbo jumbo that ive wasted the last 2 hours on I’ve calculated the 92 team would beat the 2012 team 65% of the time with the average winning margin of about 6 points and the average score being about 102-96.

    Sounds about right. The End.

    • realist says:

      That being said if Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, and Dwyane Wade replaced Tyson Chandler, Blake Griffin and James Harden, it totally changes things. And basically becomes a toss up. With both teams winning 50% of the time by a winning margin average of 5 points.

      Don’t believe me. Feel free to prove me wrong.

      • dattebayo says:

        Already did, Dream Team wins 99 times out of 100 by an average of 16, Barkley is the topscorer. Feel free to prove me wrong too.

  22. yniko says:

    It’s really hard to compare Magic – Stockton to Paul – Westbrook
    Magic – Stockton is really good at distributing the ball (slight better than Paul, way better than Westbrook) while in other hand Westbrook is one of the most athletic basketball player ever. Paul athleticism is also definitely above Magic – Stockton. In my opinion in PG position both 12 is equal with 92. But If Derick Rose plays instead of D.Will I am going to say the 12 team PG is better than dream team PG

    You can spend a whole year to compare which is better MJ or Kobe LOL. The difference is the back up. I think Drexler is way better than Harden or Iguodala. For me 92 SG is better than 12 SG

    12 has a lof of quality SF. James, KD and Melo. 92 has Pippen, Bird and Mullins. CMIIW but for me KD – James are better Pippen – Bird. The way James play is like Pippen. But he is completely in whole different level. Bird == KD (Bird is better at distributing the ball, KD is better at scoring). Melo > Mullins.
    12 SF is better than 92 SF

    Griffin – Love – Bosh vs Malone – Barkley. Right now Love is the best PF in the world. He just needs some achievement to prove that he is the best. And Griffin is the most entertaining PF ever. Barkley plays almost like Love. They PF but they can also knock down 3 points. Malone is simply the best scorer who ever play in PF position. So I think Malone > Griffin. 92 PF is slight better than 12

    Chandler vs Robinson – Ewing. It’s obvious that 92 C is wayyyyyy better
    Even if Howard plays I think 92 C is still better. Let’s say Howard is at the same level with Robinson or Ewing
    But we can’t even compare Chandler to Robinson – Ewing.

  23. Trigga says:

    Ppl say the first dream team because they dont want anyone to take over. Lol if you think about it 2012 team would beat them, they have just as good of ppl in 1992 or whenever it was, the 2012 has a better roster overall then the 1992 as well. To me i think 2012 could beat the 1992 team, but i would have dw12 or drew bynum over TC6.

  24. Big Cain says:

    MJ’s Dream Team will win the game in the paint and with BIG man defense. Kobe’s 2012 team wouldn’t get many layups nor shots in the paint. And 2012 Dream Team wouldn’t get any offensive rebounds. Ewing and Robinson VS> Chandler and Love. No contest and that would be the difference of the game the BIG man play. Cause Kobe, King, and Paul VS. MJ, Pippen\Drexler and Stockton would be even. And one more stat that I don’t even have to lookup is hitting free throw shots. Todays players can’t shoot too good and we know how they shoot free throws in 2012. 92 Dream Team would win every time. 92 Dream Team wasn’t old they all were in their prime except Magic and Bird. Isiah, Shaq and Dominique should’ve been on the 92 Dream Team.

  25. MS6 says:

    what’s up with people saying “if wade, bosh, d12, rose, werent injured” etc etc, the fact is they are and this is the team USA has

    same can be said about the dream team, if shaq was chosen instead of laettner, if olajuwon was on the team, etc etc

    just on a matchup standpoint, ’92 > ’12
    PG – ’92 > ’12 – magic, nuff said
    SG – ’92 > ’12 – jordan, nuff said
    SF – ’12 > ’92 – as much as i like pippen, lebron and KD would eat him alive
    PF – ’92 > ’12 – no PF today can guard a ’92 barkely, let alone griffin/love lol, and you got malone coming off the bench, gg ’12
    C – ’92 > ’12 – ewing/robinson vs tyson? no contest, shouldnt even be up for discussion

  26. Exhero says:

    I hear alot of people talking about if the players that were injuried this year were on TEAM USA today that they could beat the original Dream Team. Ok So let’s say the all the players or potenial players for both teams were healthy. Some may forget that Bird played while having back problems and Magic was playing after a long layoof from dealing with HIV, So don’t talk about if players were healthy, because with Bird and Magic healthy the score would be even more lopsided.People also try to downplay the fact that Stockton was one of the NBA’s leaders in steals. The original team a heart and drive the would be hard to match.

  27. Sportsfan says:

    First of all I know Dirk is German! That was the point, he can’t play, back then in 92 the best could play, the only people missing where Isiah Thomas who Jordan didn’t let on the team (so that allowed Stockton to play) and Olajuwan, who wasn’t a citizen yet. But Here are what the matches would be based on eligibility to play, not including injuries! Keep in mind with the injury issues the 2012 team has I don’t think they would win, but without the injuries this is the best squad since the dream team! Match ups;

    D Howard vs Ewing – At least even, but remember d howard is more athletic and better defending by far.
    Lebron vs Barkley – Barkley wants none
    KD vs Bird – the old larry legend will get contained and he couldn’t hope to guard KD
    Kobe vs MJ – MJ out plays Kobe, but it’s a good match up, better than any 2 guard he faced in his career!
    CP3 vs Magic – Magic Dominates this Match up!

    Blake Griffin vs The Admiral – David will clearly dominate.
    Love vs Mailman – The mail will be delivered here no question!
    Melo vs Pippen – Great Match up, Scottie the great defender and Melo the great scorer, Melo’s versatility is tuff!
    Wade vs Drexler – Wade will out play him no question.
    D Rose vs Stockton – D Rose will expose and dominate this match up.

    So if you combined the teams this may tell how close the match up is, here the combo team, who would make the cut!

    Starters; C- D. Howard, F- LBJ, F- KD, G- MJ, G- Magic
    Bench; C- Ewing, F- Barkley, F- Pippen, G- Kobe, G- CP3
    Extra Reserves; C- D Robinson, G- D Wade

    I know Bird is missing, but he truly was on the dream team out of Respect and for the experience, he didn’t play much do to the bad back.

    So again it’s close! If I have to bet I go Dream Team, but the 2012 roster is great, and at least 10 of the 12 that could have gone barring injuries will be Hall of Famers, believe it!

  28. Heatle says:

    Cp3, Drose, Dwade, Kobe, LBJ, Melo, KD, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Bosh, D12, Andrew Bynum.. Dream Team cannot beat this team

  29. spurs! says:

    no contest! ’92 dream team. redeem team will win if laettner will play at pointguard! haha!

    G.O.A.T vs wannabe G.O.AT. hahahahaha!

  30. R says:

    the 2012 team would win only if they played right now!!! lol 92 Dream Team would slaughter 2012 team all day get that time machine up and running i wanna see this….

  31. mr-plow says:

    remember this…
    the 08 RE-DEAM team won their games by an avg.of 40 points
    against teams with alot of nba players.
    the dream team won by like 43 a game
    vs teams WITH NOBODY IN THE NBA.

  32. Niko says:

    Puff, puff give Kobe…

  33. timber_canis_lupus says:

    1992 vs 2012
    @ C
    David Robinson, Patrick Ewing
    Tyson Chandler
    ’92 destroys ’12

    @ PF
    Christian Laettner, Karl Malone, Charles Barkley
    Kevin Love, Blake Griffin
    ’92 destroys ’12

    Larry Bird, Scottie Pippen, Chris Mullin
    Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James
    ’12 destroys ’92

    Michael Jordan, Clyder Drexler
    Kobe Bryant, Andre Iguodala, James Harden
    ’92 destroys ’12

    Magic Johnson, John Stockton
    Chris Paul, Russell Westbrook, Deron Williams

    Results: 1992 destroys 2012 (3-1-1 vs 1-3-1

    • realist says:

      Power Forwards –
      1992 Karl Malone – 28ppg 11.2rpg and 3apg
      2012 Kevin Love – 26ppg 13.3rpg and 2apg

      1992 6’4″ Charles Barkley – 23.1ppg 11.1rpg and 4.1apg
      2012 6’10” Blake Griffin – 20.6ppg 10.8rpg and 3.2apg

      This is 1992 Karl Malone and Charles Barkley, neither of which had proven anything in the NBA as far as making it to the Finals goes. Just like Kevin Love and Griffin havent either.
      We can all agree Christian Laettner doesn’t even count.
      Not dominating either way. Its a Draw.

      Point Guards.
      this isnt the career of hall of famer Magic vs the trio of 2012 point guards. this is 1992 Magic, just coming off his HIV announcement and hadn’t been playing, so we’re not talking prime Magic Johnson.
      but even if you take his 90-91 performance and apply that here. MJ and Pippen’s defense and athleticism showed Magic’s weaknesses in the previous finals. So take the speed and athleticism of westbrook, paul and williams, and how the heck is Magic going to keep up with them? Harldy dominating either way. Its a Draw.

      Like you said the trio of Lebron/Durant/and Carmelo would destroy Pippen/1992 almost retired Larry Bird (not hall of fame career larry bird)/ and Chris Mullin defensively and offensively.

      Conversely the Center position for the 1992 team no question would dominate the 2012 team.

      So now its really two positions are a draw and two positions are split.

      It comes down to MJ vs Kobe

      Ill admit I’m a Kobe fan but career wise I don’t think he’s going to ever catch MJ for GOAT. That being said though, most of you guys take the 1992 dream team out of context.

      This 1992 MJ (not GOAT MJ) vs 2012 Kobe. MJ proved he could win back to back titles at this point and Kobe is getting older. But this is also 2012 Kobe who has 7 trips to the finals 5 rings and has barely started to show the signs of his age, unlike Magic and bird in 1992. This is Kobe who has mastered his footwork and post moves and trusts his teammates more then before vs 1992 MJ who hadnt yet developed his post moves as he did later in his career.

      This is 1992 Jordan, the prolific scorer, the one who still wants to prove to everyone he’s the greatest, but isnt there yet vs 2012 Kobe who has shown he belongs but wants to show he’s the elder statesman and show that he still belongs. It’s too tough to call. It can go either way on a good day for one of them.

      That being said, 1992 Jordan wants to prove he’s the man and hasn’t learned every trick in the book because he doesn’t have the hindsight that 2012 Kobe has, so 2012 Kobe realizes he’s not the current best in the world anymore and confuses the hell out of MJ and everyone else when he defers to Lebron and/or Durant…
      and there’s not anybody on that 1992 team that’s going to shut one, both, or all three of these offensive powerhouses down…

  34. Alexies says:

    I don’t think we should we having this conversation until TEAM USA 12 wins gold

  35. 4theLoveoftheGame says:

    I love how the ’12 supporters in this ‘match-up’ keep calling the Dream Team (the only one) old when other than Bird & Magic nobody else was over 30. Jordan was in his prime and really that could be argued for most of the team. Laettner is a wasted roster spot, which we’ve always known but he is the only weak link. You make the comparison of the top players and maybe there is a close clash but once you go to the depth of the rosters there is no contest. You really can’t overlook how good Pippen, Malone, Robinson & Stockton were. They would be starters on an amazing team and they are the bench in ’92!!! Whereas other USA teams have occasionally struggled the 1992 squad did not have to call a single timeout in the whole tournament. They were that good.

    One side note to the so-called debate is if the imaginary game was played with REAL basketball rules then I might even be inclined to take the 1992 Croation team over 2012 USA. Take away the precious little (travel) hop-step and illegal streetball crossovers that the NBA allows these days and the ’12 group of SuperBoys become a bunch of amatuers.

  36. ThunderUp says:

    face the facts people only jordan and the latter players are the only one who could still compete with the 2012 team
    i mean the retro players before jordan couldnt do the crossover that the current players can they’re style of the game are old sure they can beat them in the post up and long shots when they are at their prime years but they cant drive as versatile and as flexible as the current players.
    no offense to the retro players but the way of their game are different.
    hope you guys use your minds first rather than comparing using achievements and titles etc.

  37. The-Insider says:

    Come on who on the dream team could stop lebron, Kobe, Durant, Carmelo, and Chris Paul. No way the dream team has a chance had chris Mullins he is super weak I think our bench can beat the so called dream team. Nba players back then are to out dated or the game now. Dribbling skill are to advance for the dream team

    • Exhero says:

      I heal you talk about how the game has changed and how the player today would dominate. Yes the rules have been made easier so that the NBA show would look better. If a dribble (carry) of today would actually be called . People also seem to forget who was the original person to start getting the touch fouls called against the other team (remember Jordan RULES). It would be easier for the Original Dream Team to adjust to the game today, than it would be for the 2012 team to have to actually play real basketball or the 1992 time period.

      • jw says:

        umm i dont know what kind of ball u were watching in 92 but jordan did a lot of carrying, traveling, switch up of pivot foots…etc jordan was deceptive and ive seen it with my own eyes plus those jordan rules mean nothing internationally. if you really think the refs of the world today are going to give american players any type of advantages you are sadly mistaken. basketball today is the product of the only thing the remains constant; change. the players are way tooo talented now.

  38. GAMACH says:

    This is just a silly debate. You can’t compare a team that played 20 years ago to a team today, 2012. How much basketball did other nations played at that time? How many non-Americans played professional in the NBA at that time? Do you think the dream team can beat today’s teams by 45 points? The game has involved and so have many players. Do you think Jordan or Magic will be so much head and shoulder above all the talented players we have now? From the human evolution standpoint, I believe there are many players as good as Jordan today, if not better. Was Pele better than Maradona? Was Maradona better than Messi? My point is the game is involving, so no one today or in the future can shine way over the other players as it happened decades ago.

  39. Wrxrtd says:

    True basketball fans with half a brain will understand why the 92 team would win. Arguing by about how many they would win by is pointless and irrelevant. The simple fact is that the 92 team are too much of a complete team for any team to handle including the 2012 USA Team. Look at the individuals and you have players who are so fundamentally sound it is scary.

    Let’s start at the No 5 position. Ewing and Robinson. Next to Hakeem, Ewing and Robinson are easily the best shooting centres you will ever see! For crying out loud, Ewing and Robinson shoot better than majority of guards in todays league! Robinson was a monster athletically. He would easily handle Dwight. Do people forget Robinson once scored 71 points in a game! All Dwight can do is Dunk and Block Shots. Outside of dunking he is the most limited offensive skillset in a player you will ever see!

    Now to the Number 4 spot. Malone and Barkely. I can not even begin to imagine how scared Griffin, Love, and Chandler would be at the thought of having to guard Karl. The guy was an absolute animal when it comes to strength and conditioning. Not to mention he also had a jumpshot better than most guards today. What the heck can Griffin do apart from Dunk!! Barkley would have a field day at the 4 spot! People forget Barkley could knock down 3s all day, run the floor and dribble like a guard and out rebound anyone he wanted to!

    Number 3 position. This spot like the number 2 would be an amazing matchup to watch. Pippen vs Lebron/Durant. All so similar in physical attributes. Lebron slightly has the edge when it comes to offense. But he wouldnt have an easy time getting his shot off and getting to the rim against Pip and neither would KD. Pip defensively could and did shut down anyone he wanted to when it was required of him. I am not even going to bother mentioning much about Melo. All the guy is is a scorer. Cant play defense and would get manhandled by Pip on defense and shut down. I havent even mentioned Bird. Why does everyone think that the more athletic a player the better he is! Well not everyone. Mainly ignorant kids who have only ever seen the NBA in post Jordan era who think dunking is everything. Bird would flat out score from beyond the arc against any defense put on him.

    Number 2. Jordan vs Kobe – Jordan would dominate this matchup by a mile. He would intimidate Kobe out of the game. Kobe thinks he is mentally tough and has a will to win that noone can match. He is seriously over confident and arrogant when it comes to this. Jordan was an absolute master at dominating and mentally intimidating his opponents out of a game. Jordan could outplay Kobe just with his post game alone.

    Number 1. What can I say. MAGIC!!!! 6”9 point guard. Seriously, who on earth on the 2012 would be able to stop him from dishing dimes. No player in history has been able to. Paul would get crushed!!!

    • mr-plow says:

      replace durant with boozer on the 08 team and they could compete with the dream team

    • realist says:

      All sound arguments, but you have to consider a few things:
      We’re not talking about in his prime Larry Bird, we’re talking about about to retire Larry Bird. You argue Larry “would flat out score from beyond the arc against any defense put on him” have you actually watched Kevin Durant play?

      You say the matchup at the three would be intriguing between Pippen vs. Durant/Lebron and I argue he cant gaurd both of them all game.
      On the defensive end you go on to say what point guard is going to guard Magic… at 6’3 and 6’4 Deron Williams and Russell Westbrook are very capable elite point guard defenders, but guess who else could easily matchup well against Magic, Lebron. He is afterall, like Magic a natural Point Forward.

      Dwight’s not on the team so youre right about the middle is going to be lacking. But Charles was an undersized power forward his whole career. Dude even admitted he was really only 6’4″ or 6’5″. Kevin Love would eat him up inside and out.

      You say that all that some of these players can do is dunk. Dunking is actually a pretty important part of the game, just ask MJ. In a league saturated with less athletic players, Michael came in and dominated with his athleticism.Similarly, the original dream team, domintaed against countries that didnt have the same physical prowess the US did at the time.

      Athleticism can easily triumph over skill. Just look how the Thunder manhandled the Spurs this year, and how the heat dismantled the Celtics in game 7. The physical specimens that seemed so dominant in the late 80’s early 90’s would be average compared to the physical specimens/athletes of today, it’s just common sense as far as evolution goes. I mean just from a physical stand point Blake Griffin, Lebron James, Andre Iguodala have freakish speed combined with strength. Yes Karl Malone, David Robinson and Ewing would dominate inside in a half court set against 90’s countries. But how would they fare trying to run up and down the court against rimrunners of today.

      Again on the athletic side of things, you argue nobody would be able to guard Magic, but would the point guard tandem of Magic and Stockton really be able to handle the highly athletic and quick point guard trio of Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Russell Westbrook? Just ask how Magic how he would feel having to guard three guards whose games are prototypically built on Isiah Thomas for the full 48 minutes of a game. then if you have to swith Drexler or Pippen onto the quick cutting point guards, who’s going to switch onto Lebron, Durant, Carmelo, or even Harden for that matter.

      It’s all about versatility athleticism and matchups. It’s not just statistical dominance in a given time period.

      Oh, and Christian Laettner? nobody on today’s team would be intimidated by Christian effin Laettner.

      People seem to be thinking that every player was in their prime mentally and physically on both sides of the equation. Or they seem to be taking complete careers into consideration as they judge each players skill on that 1992 team.
      Mental fortitude and experience is a hard one to argue for or against. Keep in mind again we’re talking about 1992 players here, we’re not talking about MJ and Pippen with 6 rings already. We’re talking about Robinson, Stockton, Malone, Barkley, Ewing, and Mullin all before they had ever they even played in an NBA Finals game.
      We’re not talking about hall of fame worthy players as of 1992.
      Larry bird with a bad back isn’t going to be shooting over the 7’5″ wingspan of Kevin Durant. 6’4″ Charles Barkley isn’t going to be dominating the post against anybody in today’s league. Just ask someone like Chuck Hayes. It doesn’t work that way anymore.

      People tend to glorify the dream team, and rightfully so, but you have to throw out the +- stats against their competition back in the day. You have to take into consideration we’re not talking about a video game where you have each player’s career all wrapped up into one neatly averaged out player. I’ll take 2012 Durant over 1992 Bird anyday. I’ll take 2012 Kobe over 1992 Magic. I’ll take the unproven 2012 combo of Westbrook, Paul, and Williams over the as of 1992 unproven John Stockton. 1992 Jordan vs 2012 Lebron is a toss-up both are just coming off of a championship win. I’ll even take 2012 Blake Griffin over 1992 76ers, non role model, 6’4″ Charles Barkley (remember it’s not Phoenix Suns Chuck) 1992 David Robinson and Ewing could defend the post and block shots. But the offensive strength of the 2012 team isnt in the post, so who are they trying to stop.

      It’s not as clear cut as everyone thinks it is because it’s the 1992 Dream team, not the careers of the 1992 Dream team vs the 2012 team.

  40. BKN2334 says:

    Kobe was misinformed when he made that statement the only player who could no longer play at the time for the 1992 team was Larry Bird. Jordan and Pippen I believe won 4 or five championship after this particular olmpics. The rest of the team where is contemparies in age probably about 28 or 29 so they were all in their prime. Kobe at 34 gaurding Jordan at 29 I think Jordan would win that matchup. The 1992 team is more well rounded, this years team has no inside players they’re all wing players. If Durant can’t handle physical play from Lebron how’s he going to handle Barkley who not only is much more physical he’s a lot meaner.

  41. John says:

    Kobe’s forgetting that what made the dream team players great was they were all excellent defenders. As much as it pains me to say it, being a Kobe fan, most of the 2012 roster can’t guard anybody with the exception of Chandler, James, and Iguodala.

  42. RK says:

    So, what’s Kobe supposed to say when asked whether they would beat the Dream Team…”Uh nope, not a chance we’re just not good enough.” No, sorry these guys are too good to say stuff like that. It’s hard to bet against the Dream Team, but the game has changed and players ARE bigger, faster, stronger now. It would be a great game, but I think the 2012 team pulls off the shocker. And it’s funny how Barkley couldn’t wait to say something…he’s been hatin on Kobe for years now.

  43. ko0kie says:

    dream team… you could make a point if howard, wade and bosh are healthy

  44. Louiemdc says:

    Dream Team Don’t Need to Double Dwight Howard

  45. neo says:

    there’s a reason why they are called “DREAM TEAM” 🙂 dream on kobe!

  46. True FAN says:

    Is Kobe high? Really? 2012 USA Team will beat the 1992 Dream Team? Really?
    Let’s see..
    PG = Magic/Stockton vs Paul/Deron <— With Magic's size and awesome play making abilities, he'd eat em up!
    SG = Jordan/Drexler vs Kobe/Mel <— Jordan of 1992? His prime? You really think Kobe, at any point in his career, can match up MJ?
    This is pointless, dont even let me get into the debate of their PFs and Cs! Who will they have to play against Malone, Barkley and Robinson? Blake Griffin? Tyson Chandler? Really? Realllyyyyy?! Oh come on Kobe.. Dont drive man, you look like your drunk!

    • jw says:

      Really guy? first get ur positions rht. melo is not a shooting guard. second how do you jus forget lebron who is in his prime rht now, as well as durant rht now.
      also russel westbrook and cp3 are the quickest pg off the dribble in this league(no healthy d-rose to consider).
      yall so stuck on positions yall forget to see that doesnt matter in internationaly play. kobe is still in better shape than magic or bird was during their run.
      Mj will have too much at stake and revert to tht same ball hogging mj he always has been.

  47. Bernard says:

    If this team can make an average of 43 point difference with their opponents then we can discuss.

    • RK says:

      Not really relevant, man. The world’s talent has increased exponentially since the Dream Team days. Dream Team would still beat today’s international teams, but the margin of victory wouldn’t even be close to 43 points.

  48. Christiaen says:

    I loved team USA 4 years ago and the current version, but really?
    Everybody knows that Michael Jordan always stepped up when challenged?
    Just imagine the challenge when faced with Team USA…
    He would dominate like never before.
    Take in account the supporting cast back then:
    Malone, Barkley, Robinson, Pippen (let him play d-fence on Bryant or Lebron, see what happens), even Mullin (the guy shot 60 % plus from downtown that tournament)…
    It might be close, I’ll give you that, but still a no brainer.
    Wish we could turn back time.

    • jw says:

      pippen couldnt guard lebron on his best day…to fast 20 lb weight difference and pippen wasnt fast enough n a open court and in case you forgot thts where lebron thrives.. pippen couldnt guard duran standin at 6’9 he shoots rht over the top of him and believe thts the scoring champ for a reason.t. as for mullin goes its easy to shoot 60% from the field when ur the 5th option to score hes wide open when he shoots ur suppose to knock them down. michael couldnt guard lebron jus like he couldnt guard magic. he to small for tht… barkley in todays league is undersized at the 4. people act like karl malone was a low post bang bodies type of forward whan in actually he was a jump shooter as well. i.e pick& roll that team was entirely to slow to run with this one. they would have gotten ran out the gym hands down… face it

      • Lepiv says:

        jw, you seriously need to stop smoking whatever it is you’re smoking: u talk about 2012’s team dominating? How exactly are they gonna stop the DT? Who’s defense is better? It seems your gold card is LeBron, but then what’s he gonna do in the half court set? Who has the advantage there? Who has the best sooters? Are you seriously talking about a pick&roll ofense better than Stockton-Malone? Do you seiously think that the DT guys can’t run? Have u seen David Robinson (a center) runing during a fast break? By the way, let’s say that every time the DT is on offense they throw the ball inside to Ewing/Robinson/Malone/Barkley, how long before half of this year’s team fouls out of the game?
        I’ve got so many more questions for you but i kno for sure you can’t come up with an answer that supports your theory; your dumbness is astounding … to say the least.

  49. Mr. says:

    So easy just count the number of NBA title betwen this two team and the winner is : The only “DREAM TEAM”

    • mr-plow says:

      nba titles mean nothing in olympic play btw,
      esp to players who arent in the nba,which is prolly like
      80 percent of Olympians

  50. jw says:

    ok this is it by the guy ahead of me made no sense. ‘TEAMS DEVISED NEW STRATEGIES TO WIN RINGS EVERY YEAR.” THE A BOGUS LINE GUY. how many different teams won championships in the 90″s? the bulls one 6 detroit won 1, rockets two and spurs 1. the rockets honestly do not win anything if jordan doesnt retire 93 -95. also the bulls organizatioin had a miami heat type build. scottie pippen was one of the best small forwards in the league during the reign. thats y u can take jordan of the bulls and pippen leads u to the finals then the eastern conference finals respectively and also win a mvp award with no mj. any where else pippen is the go to guy on the floor.

  51. jw says:

    u all think kobe is old…fact kobe is younger NOW than larry bird(35) was on the dream team fact magic was 32.more importantly neither one of them were in the physical shape kobe is in. matter fact outside of kobe and chandler no one is older than 29… the average age is 26 on this team Dream Team? 29.
    the athleticism is by far one sided…between melo, blake, wstbrk,lebron even iguodala is a no brainer, and i cant stress this enough, 20 yrs is a long tim. the game has been reshaped… evoloution of basketball is clearly evident by jus watching the players then internationally to those now.

  52. jw says:

    or paul and who ever wud be dangerous for patrick ewing or david robinson and especially christian lattener(who by the way would be eaten alive by carmelo anthony and kevin love)
    which brings me to #24. kobe bryand as stated by former coach phil jackson(who also coached mj for those who didnt kno. lol) stated the kobe takes and made tougher shots than mj. kobe is arguably the most prolific shooting guard to ever touch a basketball. (let me remind u this man scorfed 81 points without playing a full 48 minutes). but i digress, more importantly kobe is and has been the guy who WILLINGLY guards the othr teams best perimeter player. his will to win is unmatched outside of mj and him being the oldest isnt saying much when hes only 33. he is surronded by showtime laker type run and gun players. the dream team tries to hang their hat on being dominant but no one can dispute the fact that they were the best at a sport that wasnt on the world stage as much as it is now. international players arent shaking the hands of usa players as the shoot free throws or wanting to take pics of them b4 the game.
    the tony parkers, dirks, manu’s, rubios, the noah’s the gasol bros…. i mean its real hoopers in foreign countries and the dream team if in competiion today wud b n for a rude awakening if they had to play spain as well…. ill take the 20102 squad in a flash…

  53. jw says:

    wow…i never knew ppl were stuck in the past. Im goin br8 it down and give u my reasons y the dream team will lose.
    1st; throw the word domination out the window, the dream team was at that time the best players in the world. The competiition level internationally was nothing in 92 compared to what is is now. tht 40 pt margin is easy to accomplish when ur opponent is watching you and shaking ur hand and kissing ur butt for the duration of the game.
    2nd there is none on the dream team that could have guarded lebron james. not an aging magic, definitely not jordan or any f the bigs charles barkley karl malone. lebron is too much of complete all around player.
    3rd john stockton and chris paul not even close. the pick & roll was deadly with stockton and malone but chris paul and kd or

  54. malongski says:

    The 92 Dream Team was a dream come true..the 2012 dream is a nightmare…Kobe should make a public apology..kobe, not even close or in your next lifetime..even 2012 team will play 1992 team on 2017….all of you will be ashes after the 92 Titans clashed you!!

  55. EC says:

    A clear win for Dream Team 92… WHY???

    Everybody is talking about Bird and Magic being old and at the end of the career…. and about the explosiveness of Durant and LBJ…

    BUT: Pippen and Drexler were top defenders, MJ anyway, they would have stopped Kobe, LBJ and co. Stockton is the all time steal leader (and not only because of his many games). Even Mullin and Bird had quicker hands than most of todays “stars”. Depth on the center position, the power of Barkley and Malone, team chemistry and knowing how to play team basketball…

    I´d say pro 1992

  56. Ransm says:

    Of course the Dream Team would win.

  57. Tanner k says:

    Well its two different styles of game. One thing I can guarantee is this years team will do a lot more complaining and expect a lot more foul calls their way

    • Mikep says:

      In my opinion dream team every one talks about offense. Team usa has athleticism and youth but as soon as the dream team clamps down defensively the game would become half court. In that case i would take dream team to many playoff veterans who know how to execute under high pressure defense. From a execution of plays, strategy, and basketball IQ dream team at the end of the day.Basketball is still x and o’s to many floor generals. In a era when stars stayed with there teams and devised new strategies to win championships every year. ps I loved 90s basketball.

  58. Robert - Basketball Fan says:

    I guess at some point every team has to have an old guy. The reason Kobe is saying this stuff is because he is the “old guy” on this USA team. Meaning he will be outshined by Kevin D. and Lebron J. no question. With old guys…as skills begin to fade into the sunset the mouth starts flapping. To me this is a sign that Kobe is not only aging but he is beginning to feel it as well. Having said all of that I still respect his game…

  59. Martin Alcaraz says:

    I think if this years team wouldn’t have faced so many injuries, then this years team would win! Imagine D Rose, Dwight, D Wade, and Bosh on this years team rather than say Harden Iggy, Westbrook or D Will and either Blake Griffen or K Love???! Without all the injuries I think the 2012 USA Olympic team would be unbeatable! By anyone, including the 92 dream team!

    • Lepiv says:

      I’ll give you 3 teams that would beat this year’s team: DT, DT3 (the one in 1996) and 2008. That’s too many teams better than this one …

  60. Patricia Wolfenden says:

    OK, so no time machine? Well constructed player sim game! There’s a fortune out there waiting for someone. I’d buy it.

  61. DMart says:

    I don’t think there is any doubt the 92 team would win. What would really be fascinating would be to see if Pippen in his prime could guard LeBron. Pippen was the perfect combination of size and athleticism, and more than any other player since, could have had a chance at guarding LeBron. Durant would present matchup problems with his combination of size and shooting range, but then you have the multiple bigs on the 92 team…

  62. wake up says:

    come on people wake up look at the match ups too many people are getting caught up in the whole hype of the “dream team.” and thats all it is hype. michael jordan has shown time and time again he struggles against hight such as when he would have to guard magic. magic use to eat him alive so they had to put scottie on magic. so i would put lebron against MJ and trust me MJ would most definately have his hands full. And i realize malone is a beast in the paint but D Howard would not get completely dominated let me say that much. and absolutely no one on that court is gonna stop carmelo from getting his idc who you put on him it don’t matter. and as far as kevin love goes he is a big man who can stretch the court so barkley would be forced to step outside and not clog up the paint witch is going to allow for constant penetration from lebron. and if they double team him? well lol lets just say we all know how that went, atleast if you watched the championship series with the heat and thunder, there will be 3’s a plenty. all i am saying here is don’t you older people get lost in that 80’s 90’s hype where your generations loved throwing out the words greatest and dream team. we will never know who would win in the match up but to come out and say that the dream team would win by 20 is rediculous.

    • BFoulds says:



    • Lepiv says:

      Wow, how dumd you sound … What’s the 3pt percentage of this year’s team? Less than 40% (Iggy); what was the percentage of the Dream Team? More than 52%, yes, you read right, you can look it up too. So now who’s gonna spread the floor? Who’s defense is better? Who’s gonna have ALL of the advantages? Do us all a favor and please STHU if u don’t know what you’re talking about!

  63. JimW says:

    I’m sorry but this time, albeit offensively explosive, does not match the interior defense of the Dream team. But it would certainly be close. In a 10 game series I would expect that team to win 6-7 times over this team. Now if Wade were here it might indeed be a split.

  64. spartan!!! says:

    if it was dancing with the stars NBA 2012 Dream team would win.. hahahaha best line up Majic, Jordan, Drexler, Malone, Robinson!! unstoppable barkley, Bird, pippen, stockton, ewing.. no chance blowby 20!! easy answer no one can stop jordan at his prime!!

    • K.D. says:

      your right on on every point but can u ever imagine what kind of a dream team they would of had, if they’d allowed the pros in the 60’s to play? Only one word comes to mind. SICK!!!!!!!!!!! Robertson, West, Baylor, Russell and CHAMBERLAIN!!!!,ALL IN THEIR PRIME!!!!!!??????? lol… seriously though, no team in history(including the 92′ team) would ever get a rebound.

  65. yomero says:


    The only 2 players that may be compared to any player in the Dream Team are Kobe and Lebron.

    Also remember the coaches: Chuck Daly, Lenny Wilkens, P. J. Carlesimo, and Mike Krzyzewski also, all hall of fame coaches.
    And now: Mike D’Antoni ??? common!!!! Nate McMillan ??? Respect all of then (except D’antoni) but none of then can be comapred with the original Dream Team coaches.

  66. david says:

    The answer is easly… first beat any other olympic team with the dominance of the real dream team, we´ll talk then

  67. John says:

    Kobe must have gotten ahold of something that altered his thinking process! The oldest player on that team was 35 which is nearly where Kobe is today! Second oldest was Magic at 32 and yes, I said that correctly, 32!!! Everyone of these guys was in their prime with the exception of Bird and Magic and we all know that Magic still had plenty left in the take when he was forced out of the league.

    Kobe, you’re a phenomenal talent, probably the closest we’ll ever see to MJ, but you must be out of your mind if you think your 2012 team would even stand a chance at being within 25 points of the Dream Team!

  68. Andrew says:

    Its official…Kobe has been smoking something he should not have been. The Dream Team would wipe the floor with any of today’s trumped up, me first, wanna be stars. Im not saying todays guys aren’t amazing players but they could barely hold the bags of the originals. Karl would pound them, Charles would stomp on them and then even an ageing Magic and Larry would finesse them…oh yeah and then you have Michael….end of story

    Wake up Kobe…not now, not ever!

  69. Voice of Reason says:

    Kobe Bryant is living proof that not all people outgrow being idiots …

  70. Joemar23 says:

    I think the best way for us to know who’s better is to see whats the result of their Olympic matches.
    the dream team had 8 matches (Angola,Croatia,Germany,Brazil,Spain,Puerto Rico,Lithuania & the gold medal match againts Croatia) the Dream team average 117.3 points against their opponents which averages 73.5 points with an average of 43.8 points differential if the 2012 US team tops it then i guess that would solve the issue since there is no way we can have them play each other then let the stats decide. I specifically choose the DREAM team since as a person and a player they are more easy to appreciate than the current ones…

  71. Farscape says:

    There is a saying iron sharpens iron. The talent of every NBA team was much better than it is today, due to expansion. So day in day out, the 92 Legends had to prove themselves in a league that did not protect them as they do now. Older or not the 92 team was built to rise to the occasion to crush any challengers, foreign or domestic. I cannot say the same for the 2012 team.

  72. fpejr says:

    Sorry Kobe, and whom ever thinks they are better ….hahahhahhaha, that must have been some goodd stuff they are smoking or drinking..

    NOW, IF they would have Howard, wade, poss. Bosh… derick rose maybe could reach their ankles .

    I mean like Chris Paul is good but i dont think he is better then Magic.

    Maybe both Bryant n James combine can kind of Match Jordan no offense they are good but.

    Chandler is ok, but he is not DAVID ROBINSON or Patrick EWING. if you had Howard n chandler maybe it could mean one of the two ( Robinson or Ewing)….

    Barkley n Malone … who ever is comparing them to griffin or love or w.e…. they really must have fallen of the bus like 10 times.

    any ways too many things to name n compare left to be said. First this team should blowww out every game like the original did or better then it can come up to some talks..

    The Current team is good but not great. :).

  73. Big Sando says:

    Kobe done bumped his head!

  74. JohnMitchum says:

    Stupid question. I’m sick of those players with no humility. This is ridiculous. You win a few games and everyone is gonna compare you with the legends. No modesty, no respect, just a bunch of punks. I miss Bird & Magic. I miss Bill Russell. What he did meant something beyond basketball and he never bragged about it. Nobody can compare to this guy, no even MJ.

  75. smash3r123 says:

    The difference between the two teams is that the 92′ dream team has no weaknesses.. all of them can shoot the free throws.. even centers that time can shoot on long jump shots..the shooting ability of the 92′ dream team is more superior.. but the new dream team is more athletic..

  76. mario cheese says:

    even the 2000 gold medal team could beat this 2012 team

  77. Tony Snow says:

    dream team all day. not even close.

  78. smash3r123 says:

    the difference between the two teams is that the 92′ dream team has no weaknesses.. all of them can shoot the free throws..

  79. COMMON SENSE says:



  80. Jackie says:

    Kobe is drinking the wrong kool aid…..nobody then and nobody now could beat that ’92 team…they can only dream.

  81. Marcelo says:

    Finally somebody said it,im so tired of those old geezers talkin about how the dream team was the best ever,lets compare just the starting five.A young Chris Paul who is by far the best pg in the game vs a guy who although was great was at the end of his career,ill take a young paul.At the 2guard you got jordan vs kobe,ill take kobe who is and will always be better than jordan.At the small forward you got Lebron James who is basically unstoppable vs a very old larry bird who even in his prime would never be able to keep up with Lebron.Then you got Kevin Durant vs Charles Barkley,i know barkley would destroy KD on the Block but Barkley would not be able to stay in front of him on the defensive end.At the Center spot Ewing vs Chandler.Ewing would no doubt take advantage of chandler but thats the only weakness on the real dream team(2012).The bench of the 92 team is better but not by much,Basketball is better than it was back then get of jordans nuts he wasnt that good,ill take Kobe,Lebron,Durant over Jordan.IM OUT…

    • sketch21 says:

      Paul taking out MJ, Kobe taking out MJ…. uh…any solid proof for that?
      And by the way, basketball isn’t a 1 on 1 game.
      I myself are tired of newbies like you thinking Jordan and the HOFs were only good because they played in the 90’s.
      Yeah, you should be out. I mean it YOU’RE OUT.

  82. jm says:

    think ppl view this the wrong way- kobe is right- alot of the players just exiting their prime- starters magic-cp3 kobe-jordan durant-bird? barkley-lebron tyson-robinson? winners magic- push- push- lebron- robinson—– would be close this way- but this is what ithink the team should be if healthy

    rose-johnson kobe-mj lebron-bird love-barkley dwight-robinson — would look like this johnson, push, lebron. push (barkley not keep up with love) push (robinson better at offense but dwight would be able to guard) in the end would be a tie (keep in mind all players would be age at that specific yr)

    think LA would be better bench player than griffen (shoots better) would stand up better against the dream team
    cp3 off the bench would match up better against stockton (might have to consider rondo for D)
    wade is better off bench
    durant would be better than all bench players in olympic history
    chandler? defensive boost off bench might prefer bosh at center off bench though

    in end it would be a battle for the ages- the winner would depend on the night and who is hot or not

  83. Blah says:

    ’92 Dream Team hands down! Kobe is a Jordan wannabe…Kobe sings “Like Mike I try to be like Mike…”

  84. davidstern says:

    except kobe forgets ‘he is kind of at the end of his career’

  85. theflowson says:

    it is really hard to say and I don’t really agree with the 92 dream team blowing out the dream team we have now. Obviously the current dream team is missing very big names like D.Rose and what not but come on! LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Kobe Bryant, Chris Paul, Kevin Love, Carmelo, Westbrook and Dwight … that is beast right there. I admit the current dream team lacks the big men of the 92 Dream Team, but no matter who you are you will be hard pressed to guard the likes of KD, basically a 6’10 player with exceptional guard skills, LBJ, literally nobody can stop him and if you have somebody like Kevin Love spreading the floor with 3 pt shooting, it makes it really hard for Ewing or Robinson to guard.

    With Robinson, Ewing and Barkley, they would provide a brick wall defense but I could imagine them struggling to close out on 3pt shooters. Obviously though, it really is hard to tell unless it could actually it happen, so talks like these are pointless … They are different and unique “dream” teams with their own and unique playstyle, with different strengths and weaknesses at the same time, just leave it at that.

  86. hank4hoops says:

    I wouldn’t count out the possibility of USA ’12 beating the “Dream Team”, or at least give them the run for their money. Remember, the U.S. select team beat the ’92 team in a scrimmage and that team had players most people never heard of. I’m sure the current squad could beat the select team, I donate a dollar the the time machine.

  87. Rocabye says:

    The answer is the same every year. The dream team is called the dream team for a reason. It aint ever happening like that *again*. Count on it. You’re talking about 11 guys who were basically the pinnacle of basketball, with MJ standing at the top in his own tier. In the past, 10 years we’ve had maybe 2 guys you could legitimately “compare* to MJ. The Dream team had 11, with MJ coming out on top.

  88. bow says:

    its either 2012 team win or lose either way it will be 1992 therz was no competion guys USA was the only team that played basketball so thats y they won with such was like they were playing with a high school most countries have improved since so competion is stiff out there…i think if the two play the result is unpredictable we talkin about two diff generation of which the game has evolved now..

  89. junior says:

    basketball wasn’t so big back in the day ,, Now more countries have better international players, like scola, yinobli , rudy fernandez, the gasols. so its more competitive now , still the US have the best players in the world no doubt, but its a lot harder to compete with them wich makes it a lot more fun to watch.
    not like watching the Dream team was like watching the harlem globe trotters versus the Generals . lol.

  90. Dee says:

    Dream Team would probably beat this team as presently constructed but add Dwight, Bosh, Rose, and Wade instead of Tyson, Love, Harden, and Westbrook…..that team would DEF win. The only clear adv Dream Team would have over that group would be at Center (and just barely). STARTING 5: Rose, Kobe, KD, LBJ, Dwight vs Magic, MJ, Bird, Chuck, Ewing

  91. pasigiri says:

    I voted that Kobe and Co. would win, but to be honest, this is much more difficult to call. MJ was in his prime at that time, but Kobe is no longer in his. If Kobe was in his 81 point prime, this match-up ALONE is THE MATCH-UP everyone would be watching. But you can say that about Bird and Magic. Now aside from that detail, the original dream team wasn’t playing Dirk, or T. Parker, or the Gasols, or Rubio, or any other of these seriously good foreigners. The other thing is people go blind and take a step back from the realization that the folks playing ball today are seriously good when talking about the legends like Bird, MJ, and Magic. Yes they were awesome, but a team of Lebron, Kobe (in his prime), Durant, Rose (uninjured), and Dwight? That’s a SERIOUS threat. Heck, that might even come to be known as a new cuss word.

  92. JERBY says:

    Michael Jordan will stop Kobe.Pippen will stop Lebron. Magic will just shoot jumpshots mid range on westbrook.. hehehe! the Paint would be EATEN BY THOSE ELITE BIGMAN HALL OF FAMERS..Specially if the Gorilla inside the Paint is in there! im talking about Patrick Ewing.

  93. Buzzman2000 says:

    Sorry Kobe you are great but for this you are greatly mistaken. No chance in the world would 2012 beat the 92 Dream team. No other version will ever compare to 92. Imagine if they had Shaq and not Christian Laettner.

  94. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Lol Kobe smoked some crack

  95. chuchovsky says:

    why don’t you just say of this 1012 team, who would you put in the original only dream team, the only clear cut guy is lebron, and maybe kobe, but no one else.

  96. MJspeaking. says:

    Kobe was dreaming:)

  97. MK says:

    I am sick and tired of Dream Team, when they played, basketball was just started to grow in other country and not too many international players played in the Olympic. When I hear the B.S. coming out of Magic or Jordan mouth that we did not care who got the ball and blah blah blah, please who made Nixon leave the Lakers, Jordan would cry when he would get less touches please hook up your old VCR and play some of those game. If Magic was so great whey did we loose some of those game in playoff Magic that I would watch as a kid and get frustrated watching it. Magic, Jordan and all of you just stop it

  98. Peroul says:

    WOW! about half of the respondents think that the 2012 team stands a chance against the 1992 team… even worse, about 24% think the 2012 squad would beat them!!
    How come so many ”basketball/nba fans” can be so ignorant?…

  99. RazRah says:

    Sportsfan DOESN’T know basketball if he thinks Dwight Howard is even close to Ewing or Robinson. You must have never seen the level of competition of the 80’s/90’s players. The quality of defenders were way better and they were anchored by 7 HOF centers. Barkley and Malone would have Dirk in foul trouble and he would be on the bench. The IQ of the Dream Team player for player was 10 times what you have today. This is the wrong team to break down. I’ll give you ten players that didn’t make it that would beat this team. Hardaway, Thomas, Kevin Johnson, Shaq, Mourning, Kemp, Chambers, Wilkins, Dumars, Miller. All of these players are better than, Westbrook, Harden, Iggy. Chandler, Love and Griffin would not make it past the first 20 min. of the game. If you think Durant can score at will then get a load of Dominique. Dumars and Miller gave Jordan problems.(So that covers Kobe) What would Blake do if he saw a younger, bigger and More athletic Shawn Kemp? The IQ of this team is better too. LBJ is NOT jumping with Wilkins. If you don’t believe me watch YOUTUBE.

  100. Kobe Bryant says:

    Sorry guys I was just Dreaming of being like the dream team so when I am retired everyone would be talking about how legendary was the dream team and I was part of it. Like I said it’s my dream to be part of something like The Dream Team, therefore I was talking nonsense. Sorry.

  101. digitioli says:

    Not even close. The original dream team would blow them out today, let alone in their prime.

  102. jake says:

    This team will totally destroyed the DREAM TEAM….you have the best all around basketball player to ever play the game in LEBRON, someone who is equivalent to Michael Jordan in KOBE, a point guard who is just as dangerous as Magic in CP3….and ewing, bird, barkley can never guard KD…..its a no brainer

    • Average Joe says:

      And you’re what? 14? 16 years old? It seems you’re too young to even remember these players.

  103. 2012 team will win! because of griffin!

  104. W/E says:

    LOL IF D.ROSE AND HOWARD WERE ON THE TEAM?!?these guys cant even SHOOT THE BALL comon,D.wade?!?the guy has worn out already….and hes just 30…B.GRIFFIN?!? WHAT?!? the centers and powerforwards of 92 WOULD CREAM 2012 team…

  105. Starlin says:


    • Average Joe says:

      In their prime, I’d take Jordan and Larry/Magic all day. No comparison. More skills, more heart, more will.

  106. dattebayo says:

    Stockton owns Paul – Magic owns Williams – Jordan owns Kobe – Barkley owns James – Bird owns Durant – Malone owns Griffin – Ewing owns Chandler – Robinson owns Love – Drexler owns Westbrook – Mullins owns Harden – Pippen owns Anthony
    Laettner vs Iguodala is a draw. Iggy is a better player but he won’t be a scorer on the national team.

    The Dream Team was older, but they were all in or close to their respective primes. They would have beaten the 2012 roster 99 times out of 100. Kobe is overconfident in his game, which is why he thinks he will win more rings. I give the Knicks a better chance to win it all next season than the Lakers. It would be nice to see James guarding Jordan though.

    • Anon says:

      “Barkley owns James”

      I agree with every match up you have there except this one.

    • Tre says:

      No One “Owns” KD Once He Rises To Shoot All You Can Do Is Hope He Misses

    • dattebayo says:

      You guys are funny, you realize I pulled these matchups out of thin air. We can only speculate and I highly doubt, we would ever have seen Bird guarding Durant.

      What I meant is, that the 2012 roster doesn’t have any favorable matchup. James might have held his grounds even though Barkley was a lot stronger and bigger back in the day and posted up a lot. James is primarily a wing defender, he usually doesn’t guard PFs that mostly post up. Just look at the Indiana-Miami series, West was almost exclusively guarded by Battier and Anthony/Haslem. Durant is a great scorer and yeah, you can do nothing but hope he misses, but Bird is a 3 time MVP and he has 3 rings. He was old and hurt in 92 but all he had to do was shoot. He wouldn’t have had to guard Durant and probably would have scored more efficiently.

      The 92 Team was a lot bigger and the 2012 roster misses some of their best. Come on, its not even close which team will win.

  107. Farscape says:

    Actually it depends on what rules would be in play. The tick tack rules of today, where if you stare at a person its a foul, or the rules of the 90’s where you had to behead a person to get fouled.

    If it;s the 90’s rule then The Dream team wins by 40 because most of today players would not know what to do against real physical defense .

    If it’s the rules of today, the Dream team wins by 50 and with half of the 2012 squad fouled-out by halftime.

  108. someone says:

    Nah they would beat us<< ARE YOU EXPECTING THIS FROM KOBE? hell naw.. 92 could beat this team but Kobe said right thing

  109. Real Talk says:

    Listen… The I hate all this hype about who is the greatest of all time, whatteam is the greatest of all time, all that all time shyt etc… Step into reality… Things change… The athletes of today are stronger, faster, more skilled… Its not fair if you ask me. Theres only one player on that DREAM Team that can never be out dated and that is Michael Jordan, Becuase he was before his time. But REAL TALK… The Atheletes of today would have to much fun with the athletes of yesterday. R.I.P. To the old and in with the NEW!

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      I think you need to watch some “videos” of the players of Dream Team. You wouldn’t be saying the above if you had all your faculties and brain synapses in place. Better athletes…no way.

  110. Tots8087 says:

    ok,to end this discussion,i want to remind all of u and for the information of those ignorants…stop making comparison to this 2 teams, the dream team of 92′ mades a lot of record that makes them history!you can check in google. and 1 of those that i realy really i maze is THEY DONT EVEN CALL A TIMEOUT!!YES,VERY IMPOSSIBLE TO THINK,but threy made it!and no TIME OUT not in jst a game but NO TIME OUT IN ALL GAMES IN THAT can u imagine how far they are in 2012 dream team?

  111. Jcity says:


  112. moronfromtheUS,,,, says:



    won at least one nba championship


    have been to the finals at least once

    what are we talking about?


    barkley is a better ball handler than most guards on the 2012 rooster

    dude look at the finals in 92, they don’t even sweat for it and still win by like 25 or 30

    these guys are THE legends of nba basketball, dude seriously stop posting these things… really

    • moronromUS,,,, says:

      yeah i agree with what i just wrote

    • Sick says:

      they don’t even sweat for it
      because basketball from other countries are not competitive
      back in 92 moron

    • realist says:

      You guys don’t think logically do you? Its the 1 9 9 2 team not their career stats and accomplishments. Robinson, Malone, Stockton, Mullin, Barkley, partner, hadn’t yet proved they could make it to the finals much less prove they could win the championship as of 1992.

  113. jukovme says:

    Kobi Kobi Kobi…. I think I want whatever you\’re smoking, man.

    Just the names make you tremble. Man, those people are in the Hall of Fame of sport, any sport. Titans of the game. Not players, super-athletes, who shaped Basketball as we know it. Players from all over the globe felt privileged just to stand near them at the Olympics.
    They’d beat you by playing backwards, 3 vs 5, with their eyes closed, on one leg, while drinking martinis.

  114. Rems P says:

    This is so true. What people forget that the Dream Team played against the world that has almost no Pro basketball players in the NBA. Now the NBA is full of international players that go back to their courntries and this makes hard for the USA team to bit them with a large margin as the Dream Team did. Let’s compare with fairness. Yes the Dream Team was made of big talents but they can be challenged with the new USA 2012. Can you see this new USA team playing the world that faced the Dream Team of 92? We would beat those teams with the same margin. Those countries were far behing on basketball.
    This is the same now with Soccer in Europe. Most European teams beat with difficulty countries like Ivory Coast, Nigeria, Ghana etc.. because these countries have famous professional soccer players in the European teams. Years ago african national teams could bearly face Europeans .
    This is an important factor to consider when you compare the Dream Team of 92 and the USA Team now. I don’t think that the Dream Team would beat the world with the same margin if they were facing Spain, Argentina ,and other now. Of course they would win the Gold but not with the same margin as in 92.

  115. Jaime says:

    As much as I hate kobe, he’s got the mind set of a winner(clearly obvious by his statement). That’s probably the most important trait you can have as a player.

  116. NBA says:

    NBA, I am sexy and i know it ♩ ♪ ♫ ♩ ♪ ♫

  117. rigor says:

    dream team of 92 is much better than,2012 version,the 1992 dream team are the hall of famer’s and have basketball IQ’S. the only consolation is if LBJ won this year’s olympic medal,he can join MJ,who won a MVP, a championship and a gold medal in the same year

  118. Wacks23 says:

    92 Dream Team wins by a landslide, not even close. Nobody can touch MJ. And all the bigmen in 92 DT can “shoot” and not just rely on dunking ability.

  119. Me says:

    Hahaha dream team vs this team? that’s a joke rite? Dream team are LEGENDS, this team ain’t sorry

  120. Bobby says:

    You’re not a real competitor if you think you would lose to a team; no matter how could they are/were. That’s what I’m talking about Kobe, stay confident in your game and your team and you will win a few more rings.

  121. Albert says:

    1992 Team was the Dream team. 2012 with Kobe is “dreaming” team

    • alex says:

      hahah dreaming team i like that!

      • Rocket33 says:

        Team of Dreamers. I had more intelligent things to say but it won’t let me post them.

      • Rocket33 says:

        One thing now its posting… The 92 team would win as they were better competitors. Today’s players don’t have the same heart. If LeBron was Jordan he would have recruited his friends Ewing and Barkley when he couldn’t beat the Pistons.

  122. Dre' says:

    Chris Mullin might be the most underrated HOFer on the Dream Team. He could flat out play. The 92 Team Bench was a little bit deeper with David Robinson, Chris Mullin, Clyde Drexler, John Stockton, Karl Malone, Scottie Pippen vs. WHO, WOW!! I might have just changed my mind.

  123. Dre' says:

    Kobe may have a point. Bird was on his way out, Magic was not far behind with his problem. Yes they have HOFer’s that’s because they’ve been gone for so long. This team too has D-Wade missing (future HOF), Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, they are all lead by a 33 year old elder statesman in Kobe. Chris Paul, equals out Stockton, LeBron gives Magic some problems, the X factor would be Jordan. Man, Jordan would be hard to guard in any era and the other thing would be bother me would be Barkley’s rebounding and Ewing’s ability to hit short shots. I think it would be closer because of Durant, Anthony and though Pippen was young. Kobe actually played against and with some of those guys so he may have a supereme insight.

  124. Mike says:

    Stop dreaming KOBE..

  125. Of course 2012 would win, you don’t think basketball has evolved in 20 years? Geez.

  126. mj says:

    I grew up watching the nba since the late 80s, and the rules were different it was more pure dog fighting to win, sissy fouls didn’t count, well anyways no way would this years usa team beat the dream team of 92, lebron is a close comparison to scottie pippen and kobe to clyde drexler but none would match jordan…. so dream team wins by 15-20 if bosh, howard, wade were on this team, and they are not so I’ll say they would win by 30…

  127. TONY says:


  128. Sportsfan says:

    It’s a good discussion, people remember how much the dream team blew everyone out, and they think no team has been better, which may be true. But remember the world has gotten better, before the dream team we beat the world with college players, then because of a loss, and the commitee letting us send our pro’s, we demolished them. But now the world is better. That’s why our pro’s don’t win by as much. We can’t even send our best squad because the best power forward in the league (Dirk) can’t play. So this 2012 team, if not for injuries would have been the best we’ve sent since the dream team, which would make a match up close. Remember bird wasn’t in his prime anymore at that point, pippen played more than him, he barely played at all. So Kobe is in better shape now then bird was then. Mike and Magic are 1 and 2 all time, but LBJ and KD may have something to say about that, by the time there careers end. And Dwade is better than drexler, D Howard is at least as good if not better than Ewing and David Robinson. And stockton wants none of westbrook, Rose, Paul, or Dwill, to big or to fast or both in some cases. And Mullin vs Melo, come on. The only advantage is Malone and Barkley over Love and Griffin or Bosh., But is Dirk could go… Malone and Barkley want’s none of that. So it would have been a great game. Probably come down to the last team with possesion of the ball wins, which normally leads to MJ winning, but don’t count out LBJ, KD, and Kobe. You don’t bet against MJ, but the dream team losing wouldn’t shock me!

    • Dream Match says:

      nicely guys comment so have to check every aspect.

    • moron from the US,,,, says:

      Dirk is German…

    • asda says:

      Dirk Nowitzki’s German

    • Kris says:

      are you serious? DHoward is as as good or better than Ewing and Robinson. You have got to be kidding dude.

    • Chris says:

      I’m not going to try to argue with everything else, but Dirk is German. He would play for Team Germany if they were going to the Olympics. The same as Yao Ming to Team China in Bejing or Manu Ginobli and Luis Scola to Team Argentina or Tony Parker to Team France. So Team USA would not get Dirk.

  129. thugnificent says:

    i think if we had Dwight, Rose, Wade and any other injured stars we could at least give them a run for their money.
    remember, European teams weren’t as good as they are now so of course they looked better and all those old players on the 92 team would slow down the pace. We could play fast and defenses have improved greatly over the years since the Dream team. we could give them a good game. I think they’d still win but not by as much as some people think.

  130. Foulpowl says:

    OFC te original dream team.. seriously? its not even a question..

  131. TONY says:

    Are you kidding me? PLEASE PEOPLE! The ONE and only DREAM TEAM would KILL, this sqaud! Wouldn’t even be close! It would be practice! HA HA HA! I can’t even believe that someone would even right this story!

  132. MG says:

    historically the 92 team has better players. But remember that the league is getting better and better as a whole with each year. This means the best players today are inherently better than the best players 20 years ago. Not to take anything away from the 92 team and everything they accomplished, but I definitely thing the more explosive 2012 team would run circles around them.

    • Average Joe says:

      Ever heard of a thing called defense? Everybody on that ’92 team played defense. Even if Rose, Howard and all the other injured players today were to play against the DT, there’s no way in hell that they can pull it off. DT just too good, has too much basketball IQ and too much defense.

  133. Celtic fan says:

    1992 dream team beat teams on an average of 44 points no way could the current team do this.

  134. Matthew says:

    I would say the 1992 dream team right now, but if Rose, Howard, and Wade were available to play then I would have to favor this 2012 team because of depth.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      because of Depth….hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Oh man, stop!! It hurts!!

  135. gameon says:

    The Dream Team. Jordan in his prime with 11 other Hall of Famers = No Brainer! But I would sure try and build that time machine just to see the Dream team whoop the 2012 team. Blake Griffin trying to hold Chales Barkley or Karl Malone makes me laugh so hard tears stream down my face. MJ in his prime lol and don’t wake up the fierce defense that each and every player brought on the Dream team, let me finish this comment I am starting to fantasize and drool it can never happen but man would it be the game of a lifetime I would be the first person to buy my ticket to sit front and center.

    • scott says:

      wow you made the PERFECT point. everyone on that dream team would and did play defense. they would make it there mission to shut this team down. and as many have pointed out. this team doesnt even have all the best players of the day on it with all the injuries. even if they did. i have seen the dream play. and these players. it would be close for a min. then this team would be wondering what hit em.

  136. toronto416 says:

    dude quit your job, i cant beleive u nees a story that bad u gonna go ahead and direspect the legends of our game no comparison g.t.f.o.h wit ur b.s.

  137. hello says:

    C’mon Kobe what kind of statement is that ?!?!?! All the bigs on the 2012 team are just talented. They got no skills whatsoever! Blake Griffin is a joke, he got no basketball skills period. Sure he can dunk over a kia but that don’t win games or championships. Its a slap in the face to guys like Ewing, Barkley, Malone, and Robinson to even mention Blake Griffin in comparison to any of those guys.
    The facts are: in 1992 NBA players actually went to college stayed there ( if not graduated) developed their basketball skills IE low post moves, etc and got drafted. it’s not like today where anyone 6’6 and above who can dunk and has a decent jumper automatically elects for the NBA draft. NBA stars today are too stupid and immature, they wouldn’t stand a chance against the Dream Team.

  138. rakic says:

    Nobody couldn’t beat dream team from 92 only I repeat only Yugoslavia(civial war stop them to go on olympics) could to that but also only Yugoslavia from 92 player’s like Toni Kukoč, Dino Rađa, Žarko Paspalj, Predrag Danilović, Vlade Divac, Zoran Savić, Aleksandar Đorđević, Velimir Perasović,Drazen Petrovic, Zoran Sretenović, Zoran Savić,Jurij Zdovc on one and jordan,magic,bird….on other side that would be a match not this dream team

    • lol says:

      Watch the Dream Team Documentary and You’ll see what happened. Kukoc was the big thing in europe back then and did not score against USA! lol

  139. The original Dream Team would slaughter the current USA mens’ team. NBA players are not built how they used to be. I’ve been following the practice on NBA TV and it isn’t anything like the clips I’ve seen of the 92′ teams’ practice.

  140. nba1970 says:

    lol Kobe’s so butthurted that he can’t fill jordan’s shoes. I can never be a fan of someone who has big mouth.

  141. Jt says:

    Anyone who didn’t see the superstars of the 90s play really did miss out on the best era of NBA basketball. There are guys who didn’t make the 1992 Dream Team that are better than Players who made the Team in 2012. Guys like Shaq, Hakeem Oljuawon, Shawn Kemp, Alonzo Mourning,.. Heck, I’d rather have John Starks or Kevin Johnson than Deron Williams.

  142. Therealdeal says:

    No brainer…………….The original dream team would win by forty………….too many cry babies and whiners on the 2012 team…..Kobe would have to score 60 with Jordan guarding him….wouldnt happen…..and everyone on the 2012 team probably wore the number 23 at one point in there career

  143. Jumping Gigawatt says:

    If it’s the Dream Team as they are today then yes. The Dream Team as they were in 1992 would be too good. Also the Dream Team’s wing players were not as old as Bryant seems to think.

  144. Blah says:

    The Dream Team aren’t a bunch of pansies that yell at the refs demanding fouls, so I’ll say the Dream Team.

  145. MIAMI CHAMPS says:

    Not even a valid question. Dream team 1992 will win. no doubt.

  146. wadefan says:

    it’d be a different story without all these injuries.. i think the team now vs the dream team.. dream team takes it for sure.. but if you had the team now minus the default players and plugged back in the injured players.. it’d be pretty dang close

    PG : Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Derrick Rose
    SG : Kobe Bryant, Dwyane Wade
    SF : LeBron James, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony
    PF : Kevin Love, LaMarcus Aldridge
    C : Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh

    argument could be made for blake griffin instead of aldridge simply for the entertainment and showmanship factor.. but it dwade was playing, harden wouldnt be, if howard were playing chandler wouldnt be, if chris bosh were playing they wouldn’t have room for iggy, if d.rose were playing, coming off an mvp season and leading his team (what would have been deep into the playoffs if he didnt get hurt) westbrook probably wouldnt be playing either

  147. dunk says:

    If a man could handle and help his team to TWO 3-peat champs in 8 years, then he could be called the great. If not, still MJ is the great.

  148. Cab says:

    I have donated a dollar. I look forward to this clash.

  149. Tots8087 says:

    definitely,dream question about it,hour line up now is luck of i dont think 2012 big can defend david rob and malone together inside

  150. WuT says:

    The 2008 team was way better than this one. Deron Williams, Bosh, Dwight Howard, Wade. all missing this year I’d like to 1992 vs 2008. The dream team line up is too crazy only the dream team could beat the dream team lol

  151. Shady says:

    If DRose,Wade,Howard and Chris Breezy were on the team then they would be able to win.With this 2012 team,the Dream Team is taking it.

    • TONY says:

      Put who ever you want on this years sqaud , any active player in the NBA. It wouldn’t even matter! COME ON PEOPLE! They didn’t give that DREAM TEAM, that name for nothing! BLOW OUT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  152. Gman says:

    Since we keep comparing the 1992 Dream Team to every other current one… imma go with the 1992 team.

  153. Kobe aint got nothing on me , number 23

  154. Laettner says:

    Small technicality.

    Christian Laettner isn’t a Hall of Famer as an individual player. So the poll should be Jordan plus 10 other Hall of Famers and Laettner.

    Laettner is in the HoF as a member of the Dream Team, but I wouldn’t count that.

  155. Travis says:

    The dream team would destroy this team! Kobe Bryant as great as he is aint no Jordan! After that the only problematic player in comparison to the 1992 Dreamteam would be LBJ. Eming, Robinson would put a stop LBJ, Love, Griffin and we haven’t even started talking offense yet whose going to guard Magic? Bird? Drexler? Barkley was beast down low Karl Would body these little kids! Not even close! 1992 Dream teams wins by 20 easy! Look how long Kobe been in the NBA and he can’t beat Jordans scoring record don’t forget Jordan retired twice horrible comparison we’re not even sure if this USA basketball team can beat Spain get your mind right Kobe just because players get paid more now doesn’t make them better. Thank God for LBJ and Durrant otherwise the NBA might have been on a decline right now!

    • Bball fan says:

      well said, hopefully Anthony Davis can live up as expected.

    • silvio says:

      WOOOOWW!!! everybody just STOP! this post just killed it! extremely well said sir…. standing “O”.

    • scott says:

      so right. and you hadnt even included the center comparison. oh wait they dont compare. howards NOT playing. hes the only one that had a chance against ewing and robinson. some people say this teams faster ? maybe a little. but no way they can compete with the IQ of the dream team. dream team would spank them. even in there old age

    • Devon says:

      Well in the 1992 the international teams wasn’t as good as they are today

  156. Laker Fan says:

    92 Dream Team Hands Down! Too Much, MJ! and too have to defend Magic, Drexler, Barkley, Malone and Pippen! Too much Basketball Talent and IQ out there! Issaiah Thomas should have been on that team instead of Christian Latener!

    • Shoumic says:

      Shaquille O neil lost his place to lanier, but Isiah would have been great

    • DR fan says:

      They required a center at that moment, and he was selected over shaq, shaq should have been on that team, he was no. 1 draft pick that year and Christian Latener was no.2, shaq should have been on that team that year

    • momi says:

      The reason why Issaiah Thomas was not on the Dream Team was because Jordan & Pippen threatened not to play on the team if he did. They hated him and the rest of the Detroit “Bad-Boy” Pistons.

      • WuT says:

        The Pistons were a Dirty team plus Isiah put a ban on Jordan getting the ball in his first allstar game

  157. John Doe says:

    I guess the 92 team was more complete, but: imagine this possible roster: Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Kobe Bryant, Dwayne Wade, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, LeBron James, Kevin Love, Blake Griffin, Dwight Howard, Andrew Bynum, Deron Williams.

    I don’t think any team could beat them based on skill and athletisism. Not even the 92 dream team.

    But it would come down to team chemistry and pure will. I donate for the time machine 😛

    • gameon says:

      Your team wouldn’t have a chance just by putting Blake Griffin on your team is a fail Karl Malone and Charles Barkley would eat him alive!!!!!!! I do agree with your donation though

      • mike krballo says:

        would eat him alive, lol that´s so funny and SOOOO TRUEEEEEEE barkley and malone in 92 were monsters

      • Troy says:

        I agree with gameon. Griffin isn’t a great all-around player. I would put Chris Bosh or LaMarcus Aldridge; but even then I don’t think that they could stack up with Malone or Barkley.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Malone and Barkley would make Griffin feel like a little girl playing against men

      • Clo says:

        43? Wow you are dumb. It’s like you ignore the difference in how fast the game is played now. Lebron and Westbrook pushing the ball up? Wow I just see some people can’t accept change. It’s a human disorder



  159. Yao Thing says:

    Kobe……Kobee….Kobbbeeeee please tell me your kidding? Bird,Johnson,Jordan,Drexler,Barkley,Stockton,Malone etc If they were to play each other now the 92 dream team would win by 20 or so points.

  160. two says:

    I forgot Magic was on the dreamteam, so I would have almost agreed with Kobe before. But then I remember that the best player of all time, Magic Johnson, was on the dream team. No way 2012 team can beat them, no way.

  161. QuestionMark says:

    Dream team easy, no one can compare to Magic’s playmaking, or Bird’s shooting, I can say Durant can match Jordan’s scoring but that is about it. And no one can compare to Malone, Barkley, Ewing or Robinson. Maybe if Rose, Wade, and Howard were playing then maybe, but still slim chance.

    • Axel says:

      No it wouldn’t be easy, you are talking about Team USA, not regular NBA teams. It would be close.

    • Amitpal says:

      Everybody keeps forgetting that a lot of players on the dream team were old. Bird career was done magic had already retired and so on. Had those guys been in there prime like the team right now then yeah maybe no chance but since they were old and if team USA was fully healthy with wade rose and Dwight then this team could out run the dream team. Those guys were slow with Jordan probably being the only athletic one. Even back then Charles would be out of breath after the first couple of minutes. And today’s game with today’s rule I think team USA would win. Plus I think Dwight is the best post defender and even though Jordan was unguardable so is KD.

      • LeCHOKE says:

        your thinking too much Amitpal its bad for your brain. No words could explain Dream Team in 15+pt margin

      • mrky says:

        Amitpal. maybe you need to do a little more research before you comment. Other than Larry Bird and Magic being over 30. Bird being the same age as Kobe (33) at the time. Everybody else on the Dream team were in the prime of their careers not to mention they were 29 or younger at the time. So i don’t know where you got the statement that “a lot of players on the dream were old” from but having only 2 players being “old” doesn’t count as a lot. That’s Kobe being Kobe. You expect him to answer that question as you would any athlete, where they would say they would win from their point of view. i mean if somebody asked me if my team would win, i wouldn’t say my team lose. if i did that would look like i didn’t have confidence in my team and that’s defeatist talk. but going back to the discussion. realistically, in a close game, i would never bet against a Michael Jordan led team. It will be close but the Dream Team would still win.

  162. dy4tone says:

    the 1992 dream team will win if they were younger. strong words there kobe

  163. Kobe Bryant says:

    1992 Team would beat us. I misspoke.

    • G BOOGIE says:

      Todays NBA pro athlete has proven to be self effacing! The concept of team no longer exists. Dream team by 43.8.

  164. John says:

    The simulation is easy NBA 2K12, search for hawks23 ultimate base roster im sure he will add the 2012 USA basketball team to the roster in upcoming updates.

    There, now you can play a million times Dream Team vs USA 2012 😉