The Best Of The Rest

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The moratorium period is over. Deron Williams has re-signed with the Nets, Steve Nash is now a member of the Los Angeles Lakers, and the Miami Heat have welcomed Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis as their newest role players on Wednesday morning.

Other moves that have been unofficially reported over the last 10 days will officially announced in the coming hours and days. We might also find out where Dwight Howard is going to play next season!

Almost all of the top talent is off the board, but there are still some good players available. Here’s a list of the top 10 free agents who have yet to reach an agreement on a new contract…

1. Brook Lopez, C (Signed extension with Nets)
Lopez is at the center of the Howard trade talks. And if the Orlando Magic aren’t buying what the Nets are selling, Lopez is almost certainly heading to Brooklyn with Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace. But according to a Yahoo! report late Tuesday, the details on Lopez’s contract haven’t been finalized, and another team (Charlotte, perhaps?) could step in and give him an offer sheet. So technically, he’s still on the board.

2. Elton Brand, PF (Signed with Mavericks)
Brand is still on the Sixers roster, but reports say that Philly will waive him via the amnesty clause in order to sign Nick Young and trade for Dorell Wright. Even then, he probably won’t be a free agent, because teams with cap space will bid on the final year of his contract. But he’s a better get than everyone below, and he will have a new team in the next week or so.

3. JaVale McGee, C (Re-signed with Nuggets)
McGee still hasn’t harnessed his freakish athleticism to become the elite defender that he really should be. If it ever clicks for McGee, it will probably happen in Denver.’s Sam Amick reported late Tuesday that the Nuggets and McGee were progressing on a new contract.

4. Chris Kaman, C (Agrees to deal with Mavs)
If Kaman is looking for a paycheck that’s anything close to what he made last season, he may have to take a short-term deal. His shooting percentage has dropped each of the last three years, down to 45 percent last year with the Hornets. He’s more skilled in the post than anybody on this list, but he’s got to be more efficient.

5. Kris Humphries, PF (Re-signed with Nets)
Like Lopez, Humphries is linked to Howard. If they don’t get the three-time DPOY, the Nets aren’t as anxious to bring Humphries back as they are Lopez. But Humphries is likely their best option at power forward. Lopez needs a rebounder next to him, and Mirza Teletovic (who the Nets are signing from Europe) isn’t that.

6. Courtney Lee, SG (Dealt to Celtics in sign-and-trade)
In order to make room for two restricted free agents they’ll probably not get, the Rockets withdrew their qualifying offer to Lee, making him unrestricted. Lee, who has shot better than 40 percent from 3-point range in three of his four seasons, likes the Celtics, but Boston doesn’t have the cap space to sign him outright. They might look to work out a sign-and-trade with Houston.

7. Carl Landry, PF
We haven’t heard much of anything about Landry of late. He’s not the rebounder that Humphries is, but he’s a better shooter and scorer.

8. Robin Lopez, C
If you need a big body to defend and rebound, the lesser Lopez brother could be your guy.

9. Gerald Green, SF (Signed with Pacers)
Signed out of the D-League after the All-Star break, Green was a revelation for the Nets last season, averaging 12.9 points on 48 percent shooting. The Nets would love to have him back, but can only offer him $1.2 million for next season.

10. O.J. Mayo, SG (Signed with Mavericks)
The Grizzlies never presented Mayo with a qualifying offer, so he’s been unrestricted from the get-go. Yet, while Memphis has replaced him with Jerryd Bayless, Mayo is still out there. He’s more explosive than Lee, but not as efficient. Phoenix (once the Hornets match on Eric Gordon) and Dallas could be appropriate landing spots.


  1. Vanimal says:

    need to upgrade the tracker; all these guys are signed or traded.

  2. HeatFanSince95 says:

    I hate all these Miami Heat Bandwagons… your making the ACTUAL fans look stupid aswell as yourselves. I’ve loved Miami ever since I was born. Lebrons a good player, but I’d still love Miami without him. So all you bandwagons can go back to Cleveland, go back to Boston, cause the actual fans don’t want you. LOSERS!

  3. rose says:

    deron should have came 2 da bulls an rose a (scorer)@sg
    will would of been great wit booz/kim

  4. Golden Boy says:

    It may be the heat and lakers and co time now but wait, in 2-3 years times with devolpment and smart roster management teams like Golden State, Toronto and even cleveland and washington could become serious contenders

    GSW now have harrison barnes and draymond green who can solidify the 3 spot, they have stephen curry who if he can stay healthy will be an all star point guard of the future for sure, david lee and bogut who if staying healthy can give the warriors some inside scoring presence and defensive/rebounding ability and then there is klay thompson, i feel like at pick 11 he is going to be a steal for the warriors, if you include that in a year they lose the ridiculous contracts of beidrins and jefferson it all looks good for them. It is similar with toronto, they have bargnani, derozan, lowry and valanciunas who could all be very good players who mould together well, if toronto keep them all and make smart decisions

    Of course if they keep thier big 4 OKC will be the favs, but bandwagon fans dont be so sure your franchise will be doing too well for long

    I bet in a few years time there are going to be alot more GSW fans around

  5. baler56 says:

    this list is silly since when is mcgee and humpries more useful then tim duncan and tmac i dont even have to tell u why timmy should be number 1 on that list and even tmac…. yeah hes not the same but id say he could really help teams like the bulls hes not horrible if u watched a few games of his this year you would know wat im talkin bout… anyway thats my opinion

  6. baler56 says:

    this list is retarded since when is mcgee and humpries more useful then tim duncan and tmac i dont even have to tell u why timmy should be number 1 on that list and even tmac…. yeah hes not the same but id say he could really help teams like the bulls hes not horrible if u watched a few games of his this year you would know wat im talkin bout… anyway thats my opinion

  7. frankeyc says:

    Boston Chris Anderson is still out there. get’ em

  8. frankeyc says:

    Boston needs one more qaulified center. D. Howard would be perfect if the money was right.Up and coming Javeel Magee or Mark Gasol.

  9. Bballf says:

    Heat fans need to watch out the knicks, celtics, and nets are all going be teams to watch next year in the east i dont see the Heat making it to the finals this year with the improvement each of them teams has had in the offseason
    OKC vs Celtics finals you heard it 1st here

  10. Mavs says:



  11. Mavs says:

    Mavs got mayo brand and kaman look out western conference

  12. Knicks 4 President says:

    Honesly, I love carmelo and everything bu the knicks need to trade him off and get like 2 good players, some picks and cash to sign better bench players.

  13. celtics 100 says:

    east conference
    1. heat
    2. celtics
    3.brooklyn nets
    4. indiana
    6. chicago
    8.philadelphia/orlando /or / bucks

  14. rL says:

    can the SPURS sign Robin Lopez?……i thnk he’s good as a back up for TD when Splitter/Blair(if he’s still in SA) is on the floor…

  15. Matt says:

    Why is everyone jumping down lbj’s throat? How do you even take what he wrote seriously? It sounded more like a joke or random “fantasy” he thought up. The only people who look stupid in this situation are those of you debating the proposed fantasy trade. Everyone knows Miami isn’t going after Dwight Howard, nor do they have any reason to do so. Would he help Miami? Sure. He’ll be great no matter where he plays. Ya’ll need to learn to take a joke. All that aside, I believe Dwight is going to play this season out in Orlando so he can decide himself where he ends up.

  16. LeBronFan says:

    i have been a Lebron fan since he came into the league. Clevland over reacted just bcuz he wanted a ring and couldnt do it a alone doesnt mean he is bad he has won multiple mvps and now a ring so he has played him self into the HOF. Also who ever is aying that the heat are getting Howard is stupid. even if they could get him they would have to give atleast one of the big 3 most likly bosh plus battier draft picks and haslem because the lakers would give bynum

  17. Jay says:

    Dwight Howard is not coming to Miami. No matter how much us heat fans want him to come to Miami, he’s just not gonna come. So we should stop worrying about what’s not gonna happen, and think ahead to next year because I have a feeling that Kobe, and Steve Nash are going to try to come and win another championship for the Lakers. At this point the Heat should just work with Ray, Rashard, Dwayne, Bosh, Lebron, and all their back-up stars like Mario Chalmers and Shane Battier who can put up the points when needed, and focus on coming into the full 81-game season stronger and with even more heart and tenacity than they had in this one.

  18. lbj Comment's FAN says:

    Lol i came here for lbj’s comments, and he did no fail to disappoint..hahaha..i love this guy, he’s either an idiot, or a 26 year old KID who plays NBA2k12 non stop and NEVER watches the ACTUAL GAMES and current CBA of the league…EPIC!!

  19. hahahahaha says:

    now now children no need to fight about anything the knicks are going to win the nba finals next year.

  20. NbA says:

    Dont you guys think this whole thing is a little bit messed up? How players just go to what ever team they want and suddenly make a “dream team.” When they do that they leave the team/city that relied on them to be they star player and win for them it’s kind of screwing over lesser teams. Oh and when the people on these “dream teams” retire they will have no team and be forces to rebuild and that will open the door for lesser teams to do better.

  21. kevin says:

    Hey I’m a Lakers fan since Jamaal Wilkes and i would love to see the Lakers pick up Dwight for a childish Bynum, but when do the Lakers say we’re tire of this circus, sign Bynum and move on!

  22. Center says:

    Shooting for a center is a big advantage buy a center that shoots TOO MUCH is bad. You have enough shooters on the floor anyway why have a center that shoots just as much as a SG ? they are brought in the game to make life easier and create easy HIGH quality shots not shoot from 15 and up feet. Thats why Teams typically will like their centers shooting around the 50-55% reigion if you can get one that shoots 60 and up thats even better!

  23. kevin says:

    I wonder if Carl Landry would take 3mil 1yr w/ Lakers? Yeah, I’m the acting GM!

  24. kKNICKSm says:

    Heat fans DO NOT EXIST, even if you were a Heat fan before the signing of the King. You are all fans of LeBron and winning and nothing else. Face it LeBron going to Miami ruined Heat fans because you all have absolutely NO CREDIBILITY anymore. Now with Ray Allen taking less money to play there even LESS credibility. You are all saying, “Dwight to the Heat”, c’mon, really, grow up this isn’t a gd video game, front running f’s.

  25. Glosh says:

    How about this
    Three team trade:

    Kings get – Andrew bynum, jason richardson
    Lakers get – Dwight howard and a 2nd draftpick from magic
    Magic get – DeMarcus cousins and a 1st draft pick from kings

    And then trade pau gasol for derrick williams so they can sign an extension for howard?
    What do ya think?

  26. Joey says:

    Why did lbj left cavs?

  27. BIG MEECH says:

    and y hasnt anybody singhed Javale Mcgee yet??? he going to be the NBA’s most improved player next season Denver needs to quit play’n befor they regret it

  28. BIG MEECH says:

    Rondo for Westbrook would be a good beneficial trade for both teams i think the thunder would have more of a chance that way

  29. KobeNeedsSix says:

    I want to know what anybody thinks about my Idea of Rondo going to the Pacers! I think it would be a team that can go to the finals!

  30. KobeNeedsSix says:

    O.J. Mayo is gonna be a good pick up for someone. I swear if he cuts his loose ends, he would be a great 6th man like Jason Terry or just a good starter.!

  31. hh says:

    kd is a baller kobe is a ball hog

  32. BIG MEECH says:

    Mcgee to the heat!!!!…that all they realy need is an athletic big man to run up and down the court block shots and dunk it every now and then

  33. Don says:

    Its interesting if O.J. Mayo will go to Boston. He will easily fit to the system.

  34. ben says:

    I don’t understand how Gerald Green is rated 9 and OJ mayo is rated 10. I also don’t understand how Antawn Jamison is not on that list when he is clearly better than Elton Brand.

  35. ROD says:

    If all you haters think that heat fan is an idiot why are you paying so much attention to him. I have been a heat fan all my life and I know Howard to the Heat is stupid, that would be team USA (minus rose) and unfair. For the record I never thought we would get Lebron, but lets be real compared to the rapist Kobe, Paul Pierce the gangster and the addictive gambler of Jordan who quit basketball for baseball!!!, why hate on lebron? Because he is excited to play basketball? Who cares how he did it, you people act like he killed somebody. He is not the best speaker but he damn well is the best basketball player in the world. He is an american has never been arrested and plays for USA, and all you people want to ride Dirks Dik? I know why you all hate him, because you wish he played for your team. All I got to say is Ray Allens work ethic and maturity is going to do wonders for Lebron and Wade. I hope we take a risk on Greg Oden, if not Turiaf will fill our last roster spot. Pittman needs a chance, Anthony has great intangibles and Haslem and Bosh can both play the 5 when we need it. That bumb heat fan up there is probably 12 years old…

  36. Joey says:

    The heat need Kobe too.

  37. Joey says:

    Heat are still short handed thats why fans think they still need Dwight Howard to win next year even with Allen and Lewis added.

  38. Miron says:

    why there’s no body picking up carl landry, He’s a Starter for me,

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Yeah good point but the heat needs a center and Landry can play the 5 and CB acan play the 4 again. But what about the money. Cause the heat doesn’t have much cap space unless they release one of the guys. Curry and Harris are FA so problem one solved and how about releasing Turiaf.

  39. Pg=rose

  40. Kobe Bryant says:

    trade turiaf and a washing machine for D12

  41. Jay says:

    First of all if i remember, the heat wasnt winning that much since winninh a championship after 2006, nobody hates the heat, its the way lebron handled the situation, if he wouldve just sat down at a press conference and said the cavs isnt the team for me anymore, signed to heat like a regular person would then everything would be fine. But he wanted to talk about winning 8 championships nd lost to the mavs last year, a team in my opinion that they should’ve beat. Now since they have one a championship they might jus do it again next season. A healthy team with the addition of Lewis/Allen for thier bench makes up for one of the best benches in the league. But even so the heat will have problems facing teams like celtics, lakers, clippers, and other teams that have positions that can be played and heat cant match them. The heat im pretty sure is out of money therefore canceling any trade attempt for d12 unless involving one or two of the big 3. Heat are just trying to be greedy because they know if d12 goes to a team with a better pg nd decent players at sg, sf, and pf they would have trouble with. Example the nets, dwill, johnson, wallace, whoever at pf with d12 taking care of the paint. Same with the lakers. D12 can change a whole game great enough ppl surrounding him unlike the magic, if not traded nd becomes a fa next year his best choice is the mavs, bulls if they have enough money or nets. Just My Opinion.

  42. Danilo B. says:

    Eddie Curry GO BACK TO BULLS ! ! 😀 in miami you have no playing time

  43. Jeeven says:


  44. Danilo B. says:

    Heat thinks that with the signing of Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis they will be champs again? …. Theyre really pathetic .. it wont happen guys . heat will never be champs for the 3rd time !! : D

  45. Juwan Howard says:

    Okay here is the best idea. This will help both Magic and Heat. Trade me for Dwight Howard. That will give the Heat a good center, and the Magic the best big man since Shaq. The magic will have a lot of skill now down in the post. Then the heat need to trade Mario Chalmers for Chris Paul. This will help the Clippers by getting an amazing point guard whos defence is lock down. The heat will also get a decent point guard. MIAMI ALL DAY 10 CHAMPIONSHIPS INA ROW!!!!!

  46. aa says:

    Lakers needs SG/SF position 3PT shooter badly.

  47. MFFL says:

    SERIOUSLY if one more annoying Heat fan so much as mentions Dwight Howard ONE MORE TIME! I”LL KILL YOU ALL! It’s not gonna happen! F OFF!! you have LeBron ’nuff said.. not to mention D Wade and Ray Allen.. Go AWAY HEAT FANS!

  48. Time for the Celtics to move on…bring on Courtney Lee! D-12 anybody jk

  49. Celtics fan says:

    Celtics bench dosen’t look half bad if we can get Lee

  50. Bean says:

    Im a Dwight Howard Fan I love him….but he still has a lot to learn about playing the center positon, and when he learns it he then will be unstoppable….but as of now he is not unstoppable..he’s good, but can be a lot better, I would love to have him on the hawks team, but not for Al Horford, Al can rebound and block shots too, but he can also know down the 15 footer and make his free throws, is he as aggressive as Howard, no but they would complement each other…Switching Bynum for Howard is confusing being that they play almost the same way…Bynum is just Stoopid and a punk….Chris Kaman is 7 feet tall and needs to be on the block, knocking down the wide open jump shot is a great talent to have bit as a seven footer the first place i need u to run is to the block, not to the wing…if he shooting jumpers who is getting the rebounds… a lazy big man world now, they dnt wanna play defense or hustle for rebounds they just wanna run up the court and shoot jumpers…

  51. Frenchito says:

    Teletovic is a very good rebounder.

  52. mario says:

    I wonder why there is not any buzz around McGee yet. Ok he s been a little immature on the field but the guy has freaky potential plus he s getting older, stronger n smarter. I d love to c him as a 4 in LA (imagine inside defence with Howard n McGee in the paint) or in Phoenix or Minnesota as a 5. He s allready a great defender (n he ll get better) n he could really thrive offensivelly with Nash, Rubio or Dragic.

  53. TheRealDRose says:

    Latest Rumors: Bulls And Rockets
    Houston sends Luis Scola (PF; 3yrs, $9.4M), Kevin Martin (SG;1yr, $12.5M) and Courtney Lee (SG; UFA) to the Bulls.

    Chicago sends Omer Asik (C; RFA), Carlos Boozer (3yrs, $15M), C.J. Watson (PG; 1yr, $3.2M), Chicago’s 2013 first round draft pick and Charlotte’s future first round draft pick to the Rockets.

  54. PoooooT says:

    Where is Odom here?

  55. AsianBaller17 says:

    Don’t forget about Dwight Howard guys 😀 But dayumm, there is so much drama around him, if he ends up in LA next season, then the lakers will b unstoppable.

  56. Graham says:

    lol i think some ppl that comment on here cant speak english
    i just hope some other teams in the east and west besides miami get some free agents and actually make this next season fair
    but from the looks of it alot of these free agents wanna piggy back with super freinds down in south beach
    i dont hate miami i just think its ludacris too team up three all stars and have the refs call everything for you
    thennn have two very good shooters the next season
    i mean when was the last time you saw a championship team get better the next season

  57. TruthHurts says:

    If David Stern controls the flopping *cough-Miami-cough* this year and makes sure the refs take no sides *cough-Miami-cough*, then I think OKC will win the championship regardless of where Dwight Howard goes and regardless of where anybody else goes either. Although, I have to say, with Steve Nash with the Lakers, they have a great chance too. I may hate them but Kobe is beast and with Steve Nash at point, I could stomach a championship for him. HE deserves it.

  58. haha says:

    whats stupid about this is most heat haters pose as heat fan and say stupid comments to make heat fans look bad like that idiot lbj on purpose.

  59. Pete says:

    Nash to the lakers great.. in a videogame. Dont really know how is he supposed to fit. 2 big guys like Pau and bynum, lakers low tempo possesions are not the best style for a player like Nash. He is old, still got his amazing court vision and a bit of grit, but let´s face it how is he going to defend Wesbrook or any younger, quicker Pg?! Is a great move to power up the second unit´s offense, but unless Lakers get rid of 1 big and bring another scorer and change their style is not likely to work.

  60. akosibonik says:

    heat should atleast sign robin lopez, or make use of turiaf and curry if they ever face a great front line oppponent. but the heat line up is good, they just need chemistry and the will to repeat. i’m not saying heat to the finals, but even though other teams are stacking up a bit, like the lakers, wolves or the nets. i think the issue for those mentioned now is how to play the new guys, but in miami it it is not, they added two great shooters(lewis and ray), with LBJ and Wade. no problem, screens, kick out and dish, that’s the new heat basketball.

    • LaVErdad says:

      keep dreaming ! howard to miami ??? you got to be kidding me .. theres no way howard will go to miami and trade you propose is totally nonsense .. they cant evep come up with the salary cap.. howard to lakers enough said …. Lakers all Day

  61. anotherNBAfan says:

    Robin Lopez to the Nets! Let Hump go. Will it be Stanford all over again, Robin would play better alongside his big bro and I think would compliment/contribute better than Hump.

  62. im not a girl says:


    POWER 5


    james can do all .thats why he is the king
    bosh can center forward

    the big 3 ..atacking the rim
    allen and lewis pro shooter .

    no 1 can stop them

  63. Andie says:

    Heat fans seriously. Dwight to Heat are you kidding me? LOL. I hope the Celtics get Courtney Lee.. Rondo needs young teammates who can run with him. Green, Bradley, Lee and Rondo running..

  64. Joe says:

    Seriously? no Delonte West on the LIST?

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      LBJ would probably have issues with Delonte due to the fact that he had an ‘affair’ with his mom in Cleveland which he found out and was why he left Cleveland

  65. LBJfan says:

    Keep it coming lbj!

  66. kingchris says:

    why does everyone always hate on the heat, its funny how people hate on lebron but i swear if he played on the team you liked you would love him, and when dude was talking bout dwight to the heat i’m pretty sure he was joking , and by the way i’ve been a heat fan since bimbo coles and herald minor back since the 90’s.

  67. Himulmol says:

    Miami doesn’t need Dwight! The Heat can win another Championship with its current line-up. With Allen and Lewis as an additional in its rosters? Smells like another Ring for the King. Miami is the team with the players playing for the WIN, not for the MONEY!

  68. heat fan says:

    that was crzy you exchange dhoward to lbj? that was stupid.lbj is the best bball player this decade!heat dont need howard(back injury)

  69. Bandwagon? says:

    Why ppl are hating he HEAT so much? if other teams’ managements have the vision n ability to convince all the big names to get less money. DO IT! dont rant like a fool after seeing your favourite team being knocked out by the HEAT. Am jz saying~

  70. kupchak says:

    lakers should trade bynum for josh smith and draft pick. lakers starting: mcgee, smith, mwp, kobe, nash. bench: gasol, j. hill, ebanks, g. hill, mayo

    • j-money says:

      Bulls can trade Deng, Noah, Brewer and C.J. for Hedo and D12.
      Sign C. Lee,
      Trade KK and future 1st for Derek Williams
      Resign Asik.

      D12/ Asik

      D/Rose back after all star break

      • j-money says:

        if not courtney lee, the could also add Gerald Green ( explosive wing to run with derek)
        J. Kapono as a 3 pt threat.

      • bbluvbulls03 says:

        how about Noah Deng boozer and watson to howard and hedo?
        so the bulls can have more cap space to sign quality player humpries or green maybe.

        hamilton/lee or mayo
        butler/korver or green

        Rose when healthy

  71. kupchak says:

    lakers should get o.j mayo and javale mcgee for better bench players. also both are young players which will be beneficial to the lakers in the future.

  72. LOL says:

    @LBJ LOL!

  73. BROADCASTER says:

    ur so funny man.. everytime i see ur comment it really rocks! haha! keep screwing tthem.. specially to people hus too serious with a comment which meant to be a joke.. they yacht!!

  74. BROADCASTER says:

    hahah!! celtics fans cant still move on.. guy’s? Celtics cant win miami alright?? never in the play off why dont u just move on? u expect too much by having a new comers?? or a guy hu recovered from a heart surgery? or aging garnet and pierce?
    bradley was too lucky with just 1 block with wade like jordan had a few from his years but it doesnt mean u already win with jus a block? hahah!! move on.. stop smoking! this is basketball mate.. ur so out!

    • Retro Silk says:

      So we got an Aussie living down in Florida. What kind of content can we expect from a 4th generation criminal living in the 36th ranked state for public and private education. Its not your fault though, Mate… Ingnorance breeds ignorance.
      Make your family lineage a little proud. Be the first one to STFU!

  75. daniel.b says:

    javale mcgee i think would be a good addition to the lakers bench, ya hes still raw but in the lakers denvers series he looked good with lawson, image him getting lobs from nash.. good show right there.. courtney lee and oj mayo would also be good additions to the lakers bench, better then blake and barnes

  76. irfan says:

    Mike Miller can retire and his 5.8 milion should be used to sign robin lopez, there is enough shooting with ray and lewis now 😀

  77. Blue Juice says:

    I feel dumber every time i read the comments on these blog’s.

  78. Yeahhh says:

    Javale Mcgee have the good’s to be a good player he needs a great coach staff, or a mentor like jakeem . he just need mentality and the will to win , i wish to see him playing on a great winning team

  79. TrueHEATfan says:

    Please… All you bandwagon Heat fans just stfu. Most of you make no sense and make true Heat and basketball fans look ignorant and stupid. The Heat don’t want D.Howard and obviously don’t need him. The only way that it would be remotely possible is if they give up LeBron or Wade that’s a double negative as in not going to happen. Even if let’s say the magic would go with Bosh, Chalmers, Battier, Anthony… That would be stupid of the Heat to do it because Bosh though not as skilled as Howard in the low block or on “D” is great at doing what the Heat desperately need from they’re big , which is, consistently drain a jump shot. Even if the Heat could pull some kind of deal off doesn’t necessarily mean that they should. The heat would risk messing with the team chemistry too much after coming off of a title year. Also we don’t need anymore negative press and hate from these people that think just because the heat havet wo elite players that they are some kind of super unbeatable force.There are other teams that need a player like D12 very badly to finally get over the hump to be able to be a legitamate contender so it will be better for the league for one of those teams to land him. I personally think D.Howard somehow ending up in OKC would have been better maybe for Westbrook and Ibaka or Harden and Ibaka And Perkins , not sure what thosecontracs are looking like but Durant, Harden, Howard would be a nasty combo.

    • kingchris says:

      true heat fan rite here, if the heat where smart they would try and pick up k.humphries, all we are missing is a big man who can defend and rebound, and i dont know if you watched us play the nets last yeat humphries looked like an allstar agaisnt us. plus he hustles.

      • andrew w says:

        You guys still don’t understand what cap space is. Humphries isn’t signing for the vet minimum, your team is done adding anyone of sig unless the decide to trade away their better players. I don’t see Humphries getting any less than the high mid and that might be too low.

  80. sWAGmORE says:

    Dwight should hve jus went to THE BULLS when he had the chance … DUMMY

  81. Ram says:

    mcgee is young and is pressured too much to get famous..but i think he and brand will be a good addition to a hopeful team

  82. Wilsen Fevrier says:

    i m a hater of miami heat

  83. bheinteh20 says:


    or he may want to build his own team out of nothing.

  84. boging says:

    kaman will go to spurs

  85. Joshua Jones says:

    Miami Heat fans are not idiots. Sure some of them do not know the financial half of the NBA and just see players and no salary cap or even understand free agency but a lot of teams have those. Miami’s just catch a lot of Heat because their team is talked about more than others due to them winning as of the last two years. But as for Dwight to Miami…Never. One…I love Dwight but why would you want him to come in and mess up the chemistry of a team that has proven that they are MORE THAN CAPABLE of winning a championship. Two…Dwight operates in the low post which means hell bring a low post defender with him. We want lanes cleared for LBJ, Wade, and Bosh so as much as he would help he would hurt on the offensive end. Slashers dont want to see centers hanging next to the rim for 40+ minutes. Three…Youd have to give up Dwade and Bosh to snag Dwight. Orlando wont let him go for anything less than a chunk of the big three. If they had those four itd be Team USA vs. NBA teams which isnt even fun to watch.

  86. Me says:

    McGee to the Celtics please, even more so that Courtney Lee cos C’s definitely need a decent Centre and he’ll do for now.

  87. Demetrios says:

    Will the knicks sign anyone new to the team ??? Knicks will not resign Fields, so the knicks need another guy at shooter guard to help out smith, so im thinking Oj Mayo since hes a good ball handler and can post up one on one and take you off the dribble to score.

    Oj Mayo is a much better player than everyone thinks he is, because memphis is a bad team for him due to problems with the coach, but he did average 19 points his rookie year and if given the minutes, can score at least 20 points a night if needed.

    • gameon says:

      That’s not a bad idea that is who I would go for or Courtney Lee they are both consistent scorers however Mayo is a better defender but Lee can help control the game better when is on the floor

  88. Shizzels says:

    Why would the Lakers need Brand or Landry when they have Pau and Bynum and maybe Jordan?

    Lakers need someone like Gerald Green to spice things up again,

    And lbj your comments are the most idiotic ‘plans’ i’ve heard in ages.

  89. Lakerfan says:

    @LBJ……stop commenting….please!

    • lbj says:

      coz reality hurts!

      • nba says:

        ahahah reality? you get back to reality why in the world would howard go to miami? and how kg wasnt good and how they wont compete for a title next year? boston has a strong team you cant count them out cuz they only lost ray, they have pieces now and with everyone healthy you better watch out

  90. I’m not sure about the cap space on most teams but Elton Brand or Carl Landry would be a huge pick up for the Lakers.

  91. Person8365 says:

    Bulls yes, Boston – no. The grammar of some people just pisses me off BTW

  92. killuabest says:

    @lbj comments ,dumbest and an idiot of all nba fans here period.

  93. Vic says:

    lol at trades these people think could happen. im a Heat fan and there is NO WAY the Heat will get Howard. the only way that could happen is if they sent Wade or LeBron over… makes no sense to make that deal. and 45% is a bad percentage for a center @ whoever thinks that is a good %. centers take most of their shots within 10 feet of the hoop, gotta make at least 50% to be considered a good % in my opinion. i think Kaman could end up with the Blazers. looking for a center, lost out on Hibbert and Kaman isnt a bad option. people agree?

  94. Ninguem says:

    And since when one of the dumbest players on the history of the NBA is worth something??? Javele??? You serious?

    • gameon says:

      He just needs a little fine tuning and Coach karl is just the coach to take care of that

  95. lbj says:

    Chicago was a big mistake no one scared of them even they are top seeded. It happen once did it twice. Rose is the only ace in the team if he didn’t play they will not win compare to old bulls even without Jordan they can still win due to deeper bench player.

  96. maimitot says:

    miami fans are really aiming for back to back championships.. IN YOUR DREAMS!!! Miami can get Howard if they will trade D. Wade, LBJ, or Bosh.. hahaha :)) This season will be 82 games and not the short lockout 62. With the addition of the old Ray Allen and Lewis, I don’t think they will be healthier in the playoffs. Bulls and Boston will give them a hard time! :))

    • NBA Fan says:

      The bulls will have a hard time challenging Boston or Miami seeing as to how they won’t have Rose for the majority of or the entire season and with Deng missing time too.

    • lbj says:

      you are talking old players. Is Kevin Garnett a rookie? he can no longer play good defense unlike when he was playing with Minnesota. How about Pierce. He is not a consistent scorer during playoffs with Miami he always fouled out.

      • GO CELTICS!!!! says:

        Who really cares if pierce fouled out once in his playoff career? How does that affect his scoring? And since KG averaged just under 2 blocks a game how would anyone consider that bad defense

      • Me says:

        FOH! C’s had lotsa injured playas lastaseason and still only LOST to the “almighty” Heat (sarcasm in case you don’t get it) in the 7th game. So, imagine a healthy Celtics team with Jeff Green comin off tha bench for pierce and Sullinger standing in for Kg while he’s resting. Oh and Jason Terry comin off the bench for Rondo and actually scoring. (Although I believe that Rondo will improve his shooting next season). Man this team is gonna be hard to beat next season so watch yo mouth. LBJ and Dewayne couldn’t save Heat. I doubt that their 3 point shooters will still be making treys next season….Plus, Avery Bradley recovering just in time for the playoffs, I can’t imagine how many D wade shots will be blocked

      • nba says:

        lbj did you watch the playoffs? kg was the best center who played, duncan did well too but kg was a monster, just another stupid bandwagon heat fan

  97. HD says:

    I think the NETS should try to get BRAND since the Magic is still playing games with D12.
    Brand will have his contract expire, so does D12. They can sign D12 freely next year and keeping a great elite in the team this year to make them competitive.
    Even it’s not Brand, they should go for Kaman and shifting LOPEZ back to his best position PF.

    I don’t think anyone can get D12 this year unless the Magic GM starts to sell even lower when the dealine is getting closer.
    D12 wouldn’t be happy to go anywhere besides the NETS, Everyone knows about it, all GMs in the league knows about it, why bother to bring the bomb onto their shoulder, let the Magic lose him naturally.

    Its time to end the drama.

    • mrj says:

      There’s a thing called cap space, you can’t just sign Dwight if your over the cap without birds, and Brooklyn doesn’t have them, unless Magic trade it to him.

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Brand is playing for the Mavs since Philadelphia used amnesty clause on him due to his age and contract.

  98. lbj says:

    howard wil get a minimum nontax pay and Miami will pay him at the back office without nba officials knowing it.

    • TruthTalker says:

      Dude, stop trying to act like you know what ur talking about… just stop all together, please… thank you

    • Lakers all Day says:

      No cares about the Heat. This page is for teams with more than two rings in the history of the franchise. Go join all trhe other bandwagon idiots elsewhere

  99. willie says:

    dwight, go to the mavs…. i hope cuban does something like signing majority of these players in the list + dwight and team up with dirk, vinsanity and matrix for another dallas championship 🙂

    • Lakers all Day says:


    • SANMANTAN says:

      i hope he means linsanity (who is somewhere in texas lol) cause vinsanity died a long time ago, and like the movie, the matrix also ended years ago, i guess it could be worse for those two guys, they coukld be former mvp AI

  100. Sunny says:

    Lakers go after these people!!! You need a Wing and a backup shooting guard!!! Stop patting yourself on the back that you got Steve Nash and go after some of these people. Courtney Lee for whole or Gerald Green for part of mini mid level exception and try sign and trade for OJ Mayo with Blake, Goudelock, picks and cash!!

    • jon says:

      they have no picks left!! the gave them all up for nash

    • only sign & trades possible says:

      for Lakers. Mayo, Foye or Michael Redd are the last SG’s left that are worth a look.

      But to get any of those, they’d have to probably drop Blake & Goudelock or Blake & Morris or Morris-Odom. With Mayo it would have to be at least 2-3 players and some ca$h.

  101. Javale all the way says:

    Mc gee should go to miami for pure entertainment,,,he’s half court dunk attempt during a game is freakin crazy,,yo da man Javale!

  102. Rog says:

    I dont see how the Hump is still a free agent, that guy is a beast on the boards and is a better shooter than most people think. Lead the NCAA in scoring one year, Sam Mitchell messed up when he was coaching the raptors by not letting Kris run loose. Only productive player on last years Nets roster, everyone else was just playing because they were in the lineup. Any team that needs a strong front line and a rebounding force.. and a guy who moves well on the offensive side, Humphries is the guy. Better pick up then any of the other players.

    And OJ Mayo should hit up with the Lakers, Mayo’s been struggling offensively ever since he’s been in the NBA, still playing alright but not to his full potential. Just imagine the amount of open shots he will get with Nash running a pick and roll with gasol or bynum..double team there, no one’s going to leave Kobe open.. good team for Mayo to go to

    • down_tothe_wire says:

      Ur second part is right but the part about humphries is wrong this aint the ncaa anymore its the NBA he cant play with the big men. He needs to pack up and go to the hornets at least he’ll be able to work on his disadvantages on the court

      • IND says:

        Of course if Humphries does find his way to Miami he already has someone there that he can consult with on how to deal with his life being ruined by the Kanye Kardashian (yeah he is kind of a B**** so he takes her last name!). Poor Reggie….

    • SANMANTAN says:

      the raptors were a horrible rebounding team, so they dumped the bad rebounders, (hump), turns out in nj hump can rebound, hmmm, what does this mean, that award for worst coach that mitchell got was more deserved that the one for coach of the year

  103. Lucas says:

    Its not even possible for Howard to go to the Heat. The Heat already have huge contracts with their big 3 and Howard puts a dent in anyone’s cap space. Keep dreaming.

  104. Don Oyo says:

    Howard to Miami???? In your dreams kiddo!!

  105. Cedric says:

    lbj you must be smoking some good. Howard can’t come no money for heat

  106. HyLeCiOuS says:

    @lbj: You are stupid right? DO you have any idea what cap space of salary means? You are just awful NBA fan. I dont think you even watch a game =))))

  107. Cactusball says:

    OJ Mayo to the Raptors via sign and trade.

    Raptors have the trade clause from Bosh, could probably give Memphis someone like Kleiza.

    PG: Lowry SG: Mayo SF: DeRozan PF: Bargnani C: Valenciaunas

    It’s a start!!!!!

    • BermudaTriangle says:

      Miami might take that lineup for their bench!

      • Lakers all Day says:

        Said the Douchebag Miami bandwagon fan.

      • Amitpal says:

        That’s funny cuz there pg is twice ad good as Miami and the center is probably 20 times better then anything Miami can come with.

      • Joe says:

        Doesn’t Miami’s bench have a broke down Mike Miller (3-4 years past his prime), the last standing Fab 5 (seriously, how long can Juwan Howard stay around? His son is a Sophmore/Junior in college), and a bunch of rejects that they got at the minimums. Does Miami need a deep bench, no. But I would put any amount of money in a 82 game season, Miami won’t win another championship without a solid bench. One injury to Dwayne Wade/Lebron and their season is OVER. Look at Chicago. They sunk faster than the titanic w/out D-Rose in the playoffs.

      • Cactusball says:

        So funny Bermuda you must know very little about basketball. Lowry is miles ahead of Mario Chalmers, Jonas V is going to be a premier center, and with Bargnani at PF he is going to be able to play his game. I’m not ignorant and I highly doubt this team will make the playoffs, but they are already so much better than last years team because they gained two valuable positions. This team will make some noise in a couple years mark my words.

    • WHYRAYALLEN!?!?!?!:'( says:

      Would be a great start to the overhaul, they need to get rid of Colangelo though, he’s done nothing but hold the team back. I know it’s not a popular place to play but you’d think he could reel in some sort of a star, the “rebuilding” excuse only works for so long. I’m very happy they got someone instaed of Jose, he’s a solid back up PG but no starter.

  108. Jay says:

    Magic need to get rid of Dwight, J Rich, and Chris Duhon. Then sign Courtney lee to a 2/3 year contract.

  109. Baller says:

    Reply to Two-45% is decent for a guard and just barely average for a forward but not great for a Center who doesnt shoot many jumpers. It should be over 50% like Shaq career 58%,Nene 56%, Tim Duncan who shoots more jumpers at 50%, Yao Ming 52%

  110. Ricky says:

    If you think miami is going to get howard you’re the dumbest nba fan in the world.
    And even if they did, you think they wouldn’t have to give up anybody?

    45% from the the field is a decent shooting percentage…. for a guard.
    Last season there were 80 players who shot 50% or better. A big majority of those players were big men.
    That should be Chris Kamans goal

  111. keir4 says:

    dude sorry to put out your firework, one miami does’nt have the cap space or the player salerys to match howards monster contract, and secondly i doubt orlando want miamis lame draft picks and role players, over the likes of new jersey and la, who can package superstars and good picks……… jus’ sayin’

    • BermudaTriangle says:

      Superstars? Uhhh…what superstars are you talking about. Even though Howard to Miami is about as dumb a suggestion as one can be…calling the garbage that the Nets want to throw at Orlando as “superstars” is equally ridiculous. I wouldn’t even take the baggage that LA wants to throw at Orlando…Bynum is an emotional disaster! If I was Orlando, I would have traded Dwight to Houston for all of their draft picks and future picks! Starting over is their best option!

    • lbj says:

      Miami will pay howard at the back office without nba officials knowing it

  112. Joe Lopez says:

    Heat Fans Are Idiots…

    • Blah says:

      They’re not Heat fans. They’re bandwagon fans.

    • Amitpal says:

      So true. First it was lakers and now heat Knicks. I guess the richer the team the stupider te fans.

    • MGIC CORE says:


    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Heat fans are n00bs. Plus getting D12 is never going to happen without breaking up the big three. which would most likely mean trading away Chris Bosh. Plus chemistry can be broken up. Or two, the heat should pursue another guy which they are not doing right now. Since they are very quiet like the Thunder have been this offseason. I had been a heat/ knicks fan since I was seven. I can’t believe a twelve year old is saying this.

  113. krnplcd says:

    Green can only make 1.19M if he signs with the Nets

  114. DeBrosh says:

    Robin Lopez and Kris Humphries would look good with the Heat!

  115. lbj says:

    good choice for allen and lewis. If you want a ring better play with the king! one more player is missing in the line up. howard better sign to Miami now and Orlando will get haslem,turiaf,anthony and future draft picks. not bad for Orlando lot of big men and future round

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: Lebron
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Strong reserve player: Chalmers,Norris,Miller and Juwan Howard

    • DeBrosh says:

      not gonna happen! Heat don’t need Dwight Howard. too high maintenance!

    • brandon a says:

      dumbest thing ever! howard to miami? strong reserve player, juwan howard?

    • Kamote says:

      Yes…. and Orlando wouldve wanted to build their organization around Joel Anthony… and would really get excited with the Heat’s draft picks (since the Heat is an elite team for a long time, their picks would be not better than 25th). Way to go, so smart!!!

    • James says:

      wow that is foolish, Orlando wont fall for that. They can get ALOT more with other teams… stop dreaming my friend

    • YEAH_RIGHT says:

      Dreaming dreaming dreaming, Waoooooo people think this is NBA2K12, LMAO LMAO and you are right, if you want a ring play with “NBA officials team” cause the give it to them. East is mor competitive let see how they match BNETS

    • Celticsman says:

      Heat will have to make a trade for that to happen and if they do they need money to sign him

    • DieHardMiamiHeatFan says:

      On behalf of true Miami Heat fans everywhere. Shut the f*ck up!!! You are absolutely delusional if you think that is financially possible. This would be a more realistic roster if we ever managed to get Dwight Howard:

      PG: Chris Quinn
      SG: Dywane Wade
      SF: LeBron James
      PF: Chris Bosh
      C: Dwight Howard


      Brian Scalebrine
      Ike Diogu
      Wayne Simien
      Eric Spoelstra
      Rookie McRookerson
      Charles Barkley
      Lil’ Bow Wow wearing Michael Jordan’s shoes.


      • SpursFan says:

        wow. i did not realize that there were rational, intelligent heat fans out there. You just redeemed at least a lil, the whole group of bandwagoners that spew BS about the heat. no hating, they deserved it this year, but most of the bandwagoner fans did not. you, are not a bandwagoner

      • joe says:

        i’d love to see charles on the bench hahaha

      • MFFL says:

        hahaha FINALLY a Heat fan that realizes that all your DREAMS will never happen! LOL this isn’t fantasy land this is reality.. be happy with Ray Allen.. CHRIST!

      • qwerty says:

        Im also a heat fan and I highly doubt we could keep all of our big 3 if we wanted to get Dwight, which if you guys had any sense, you would realise we dont want himon our team.

      • wow .. thy'd be unstoppable says:

        with Scalabrine the White Mamba in tow.

      • David says:

        Dang a smart heat fan lol THAT EXIST?!?!?!

    • cbg says:

      This shows how little basketball fans know about basketball; pathetic.

    • gameon says:

      I see you are still gettin high and still believing that the Heat are going to get Howard for raggedy Turiaf and Busted Anthony and some inexperienced draft picks that still won’t make up the the amount of money they will still have to pay him. What are they going to pay him in?……….gum.
      Say no to drugs

    • dbcop says:

      hahahah i love the heat but orlando would have to be trippin balls to accept haslem, anthony, and turiaf and future 29th and 30th picks because thats as high as it would go, for the best center since shaq,

    • Tristan says:


    • j-money says:

      Bulls trade can trade Deng, Noah, Brewer and C.J. for Hedo and D12. Sign C. Lee, Trade KK and future 1st for Derek Williams, Resign Asik.

      D12/ Asik

      D/Rose back after all star break

      • kingchris says:

        maybe if this was nba2k12 but come on, do you even know what a salary cap is???? dont get me wrong d.howard for c.bosh u.haslem and mike miller and future 1st round picks wouldnt be bad but once again this isnt nba2k.

      • BullsFAN says:

        lets be realistic here…the bulls drafted teague which is an upgrade over watson…they are going to sign hinrich which is an upgrade over john lucas the third, but cj watson has left via free agency, we will nott have enough $ to resign asik, get howard, and c.lee…i dont even know where to begin with your bad points because they are all wrong.

    • Wow LBJ u are ridiculous to think the heat could get howard for those players and draft picks smh. Mavs making something out of nothing watch

    • lebronjames23 says:

      why isnt lewis in there?

    • M3Z5 says:

      Let me have some of whatever you’re having buddy, lol… Howard isn’t going to play in Miami for $1.4 million, which is the most the Heat can offer… The NBA does not have unlimited cap

    • Oburger says:

      why would orlando want turiaf, anthony and haslem in return for dwight, your kidding urself, and juwan howard a strong role player? put ur crack pipe down mate

    • BullsFAN says:

      ok u obviously no absolutely nothing about the nba if you think howard is gonna goto the heat…

    • Gerardo says:

      Wowww really why would howard go to miami why would orlando except those three players that is the worst trade ever smh do you think at all before you type?

    • james says:

      your gonna tell me youd start 80 year old ray allen over a young star like mario chalmers? wow thats logical your about as good a coach as their current one. and the magic are not going to trade Howard for a bunch of D league players your not being realistic. If Haslem Turiaf and Ugly anthony are good players then weve been watching different games. Also the first round draft picks they would get would be in the high 20’s and up. this isnt the NFL Draft that trade will never happen

    • JROQ20 says:

      They’re gonna be way past the salary cap still even with getting rid of all those big men…. And we all know Dwight won’t settle for less, contract wise…

    • MadMax55 says:

      the heat would need to offer bosh and chalmers along with some draft for the magic to even consider, why would they trade their 3 time defensive player of the year for a bunch of old scrubs

    • Dreezy says:

      Howard better be Juwan Howard because they 4 d@mn sure can’t afford Dwight and battier startin

  116. Scisca says:

    OJ Mayo to Phoenix!

  117. two says:

    Since when is shooting 45% not consistent? Or am I missing something?

    • thebigdeal says:

      You are missing something. Centers typically shoot a much higher percentage. 45 is actually very low for a center

      • SmoothMM says:

        45% is low for centers that rarely shoot jumpshots and score 5 feet or less from the basket.

      • Common Sense says:

        Kaman has perfected the 15 foot jump shot, and this is what he shoots most of the time. Therefore 45% is actually excellent. If you watch his game you shouldn’t compare his percentage to howard who dunks 100% of the time.

      • BIGMatta23 says:

        Shooting 45% on 15 footers would hardly be considered “perfected” surely??? Maybe 55%

      • Fly Guy says:

        Thanks @ Common Sense. people kill me Stat Watching on a guy who’s playing on an awful team. Surround Kaman with some talent…..then see what happens

    • Quique-Arg says:

      45 % is not bad for a center that shoots from 15-feet range, but it is still bad for a center. Would you rather have a center that shoots 45% or a center that shoots 55%. All that matters is % and not the distance, at the end of the day a player that shoots 55% will score 22 points if taking 20 shots and a player that shoots 45% will score 18 points. The point difference wins games, the distance doesnt.

      • An D says:

        Guy thats shooting 45%, and hitting some 3 balls as part of that % = 55% dunker center.

      • BullsFAN says:

        ur logic makes no sense… what about free throwa and threes?

      • wasdamaddawichyu says:

        You forget that a center who can hit a 15 footer as well as dunk opens up the floor. A second big can now post up, athletic guards see more driving lanes, and when a ball handler is in trouble at the end of a shot clock, he has the option for: a a pick and pop, a kick out, take it to the hole himself without having to worry about a defensive shot blocker who has to pick either Kaman or him, and not just have to rely on the average pick and roll with an alley-oop option. Percentage IS NOT everything, basketball is game full of intangibles and x-factors. Also, somebody who can shoot and dunk gets more field goal attempts because of versatility