Mavs Don’t Want Your Pity

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — The Dallas Mavericks have seemingly struck out in free agency. They didn’t land Deron Williams and lost Jason Terry and Jason Kidd to the improved Atlantic Division.

Eight months ago, Mark Cuban made the decision to break up his championship roster, allowing Tyson Chandler, J.J. Barea and DeShawn Stevenson to head elsewhere. Cuban believed that the new collective bargaining agreement calls for more sensible spending, and he might be proven right eventually.

But right now, the Mavs are moving in the wrong direction. And looking on from the outside, Chandler offered his empathy.

“If they weren’t able to land Deron Williams or Dwight [Howard],” Chandler said from USA Basketball training camp. “I knew there would be trouble down the road. I feel sorry for Dirk; really for Dirk and the coaching staff. You go from winning a championship to kind of it seems like you’re almost in a rebuilding stage. Especially for Dirk at this point in his career, I really feel bad for him.”

On Tuesday, Mavs coach Rick Carlisle responded to Chandler’s comments, as noted to the Dallas Morning News

“I love Tyson,” Carlisle said. “Look, he’s a guy that genuinely has a sincere care for everyone he’s worked with, in virtually every organization he’s been with.

“Look, there’s no reason to feel sorry for us. Dynamic change is one of the things that you sign up for when you get into this league. The thing we have to do is continue to be resourceful, understand that this is still a very long summer and that there are a lot of other possibilities that can happen if we keep working at it.”

Dynamic change is exactly what the Mavs have undergone since they won their first championship 13 months ago. And only time will tell just how quickly they can recover from the last two offseasons.


  1. BullsFan says:

    Even though Chandler,Butler,Terry, and Kidd walked and were not traded most of this is Cuban’s fault because he just let them go without an effort to resign them. His whole idea of blowing the team up was ridiculous because they had nobody else to fill the old player’s shoes. I just don’t get why teams break up. The 98 Bulls borke up after 3 peating again for god knows what!

  2. I still think that there are lot of better player out there with Talent and Attitude– All the MAVs have to do is scout well at the different leagues–Olympics, Free Agents, Summer League and other Basketball Leagues– In the words of Mark Cuban –Effort is the only controllable variable and study very well on how you can improve on things and Learn the lessons of the past– I m still positive Mavs will be a strong contender this 2013

  3. rahul says:

    trade w/ detroit 4 prince
    trade w/ ind for lance/paul george…go small like the heat


  4. Chester says:

    Mr. Cuban, bring it the likes of Elton Brand, OJ mayo, etc to help Dirk and the team to bring back the championship. Move on and try to concentrate on your main goal. Hope you hear. Thank you.

  5. Me says:

    WTF cares about Chandler’s opinion…this reminds me of one of Dave chappele’s skit where they were talks about some world crisis and then the announcer / broadcaster of the show asked Ja rule’s opinion on it…I mean, why ask 4 his opinion? there’s Dallas’ coach right there, ask him!

  6. matt s says:

    mavs may not want your pity, but they are looking to sign chris kaman from what i hear, but if they dont get anything done, they are in trouble:

  7. DJBname says:

    They probably think/thought that Dirk would draw others to the team. Cuban thinks everyone wants to play for Cuban. They signed Dirk early and now he is stuck. Why not feel sorry for them? They are dysfunctional and other players know it. My 2 cents…

  8. Name says:

    how do you get luck and win 4 playoff series

  9. Rodney says:

    You are right Justin, Chris k will be a great 5, trade Brendan H or even mahinmi for a young back-up center, Jamison can be a starter or a sub for either 4 Shawn or brendan wright, add Courtney lee for sg and he can slash to the basket too make Brooks the pg with udrih relieving him, trade d- west for andre miller for guide and back-up role for either pos 1 and 2.

  10. Justin says:

    Macs you still have time to get fellow German Kaman, brooks,,Courtney lee, jamison,udrih,resigned d west,trade Haywood for a young center

  11. mike says:

    LOVE MAVS! But. mark Cuban is a genius. Chandler; JJ; Desean were not worth paying big money for. Yes, maybe they could have made another run. Maybe. Then they’d be done and stuck with Chandler for 5 years and a huge contract. Cuban has to have a successful team every year for the next 20 years, not another title run and then suffer for 5 years because of horrible contracts. D Will didn’t come to Dallas b/c he got an extra 25 mil in Brooklyn. Like Cuban, we must all be patient and see the big picture. Dirk understands this is a business and so should we. Realistically, they are one BIG player from another title. Jason Terry was still solid but Kidd is about 10 years past his prime. He is probably the least agile player in the nba right now. In case anybody actually reads this, mark my words, Mark Cuban is a genius and his team will continue to thrive for the next 20 years or however many he owns the team. BTW, I emailed cuban that they’d never win a title with Carlisle. I no longer doubt MC. GO MAVS!

    • dattebayo says:

      Thinking Carlisle is a poor coach makes you the same type of genius that Marc Cuban is for letting Kidd, Nash and Chandler get away. Kidd became one of the top10 point guards of all time along with Nash. Nash also became a 2 time MVP and Chandler just got a DPOY award. Marc Cuban was never shy about paying more money, I will give him that. But he is definitely no genius and giving up those 3 players is proof enough of that. Had they kept Barea and Chandler, they would have had a higher seed and more chances to beat OKC/LAL/SAS. I am not sure they would have won it all again, but you surely would have never seen players like Harden just run through the entire Maverick team for a 2 hand slam dunk.

      Dirk took less money and expected several good playoff runs and not a 1st round exit and probably not even making the playoffs this year.

  12. jzarecta says:

    Is it me but I see thee other way around. Mavs were never dominant, they GOT lucky on the playoff run. But Mavs was never a powerhouse. Not this year, nor last.

    During the championship season, they got lucky defeating the Lakers and OKC. But Spurs was the number 1 seed, and Lakers the number 2.

  13. big cat says:

    to MD631 dirk cant carry a team ????? he carried them to championship and didn’t have to leave to form a superteam too do it like some other ppl we kno, thats wat separates the all time greats, dirk is a true professional not a phony who needs 2 other top 10 players too win it all,

  14. MFFL x3 says:

    honestly i knew this was goin to happen..cuban thinks hes smart lets just hope he is…whats the deal with ramon sessions

  15. defdun says:

    Cuban is clever, as when you win a championship you can’t go further up, so its time to rebuild. So he blew the whole thing up and within 1 year has now lost Chandler, Terry, Kidd, Barea, Stephonson and Butler. Great move and fantastic for Dirk who has been loyal to Dallas for all these years. I’m sure that he could also get rid of Dirk, so that it is a proper rebuild…

    • szabi says:

      dirk will NEVER leave, nor will cuban trade him – he is a loyal guy, just like duncan with the spurs. if you read something about dirk is that he is not fan of the money chasing and getting superstars together attitude. he will be maverick for life!

  16. porong says:

    hoping that allen iveson will play in this team and play combo for mark cuban can check this one … the answer for now is the THE ANSWER..! GOD grace hope we will see allen and dirk ,,,for they last time of their careers..!

  17. Hunter says:

    I just wanna know when they’re gonna sign more players. They have seven players under contract right now, they should sign a couple of names. Unless they have something else in the works.

  18. Maneesh says:

    Okay, so we’re lamenting loss of players we’ve been writing off for a while, and especially for carrying too much age into the team. I guess they should have signed Terry to retire at 38, and Kidd to keep going thru 42 or 43? Seriously people, there are no guarantees and never was with Deron Williams. But the least you could do is try? And that they did.

    I would rather see West signed, and Roddy/DoJo have a chance to develop (or go home). The three rookies they drafted appear promising at first glance and this MFFL hopes they deliver.

    Nobody expected the Mavericks to be in the finals in 2006. Who was the guarantee then? Dirk. Anybody care to point out the other players they were counting on?

    Few expected the Mavericks to be in the finals in 2011 much less win it all. And now things have changed. How?

    • szabi says:

      totally agree…

      im MFFL too, and i think west, with mayo and kaman are the best free agent options.

  19. Damien says:

    Mayo may be one of the most underrated free agents in the NBA this summer. Funny how everyone forgets the kind of star he can be if played and coached the right way. He would be great alongside Dirk in Dallas…

  20. two says:

    I kind of feel sorry for them, but it’s kind of difficult seeing as it is completely Mark Cuban’s fault and he’s not the friendliest guy in the world.

  21. jake says:

    whats happening to DALLAS right now all key players are lost!!!!

  22. Frank_Ocean says:

    I’ve been a Mavs fan since i know what Basketball is.
    Dirk has given us so much, that we should give him the option to go to another team.
    he deserves to be able to compete for his last 2 years of his prime..
    although it would hurt like hell

  23. MD631 says:

    lol i have to laugh at this! i hate the Mav’s and its great too see them lose all their talent. Dirk can’t carry a team lol! He’s coming to the end of his career. They won’t make the playoffs this year and in a few years will be rock-bottom 30th overall 🙂

    • DC3 says:

      Then we will get the next top draft pics, and score some free agents bc we will have the cap space! hope ur right.. Glad to see that bandwagon fans love Dallas!

  24. Rhedz says:

    Dallas really is in the brink of extinction…Sad to say, 2010-2011 roster owns…Blame it all on cuban…hahaha

  25. JG says:

    Norwitski to LA for Pau/MWP? I kid, I kid.

  26. Joey says:

    please consider:
    1. Howard, Dwight
    2. Lopez, Brook
    3, Kaman, Kris

    shooting guard:
    1. Mayo, OJ
    2. Miles, CJ
    3. Barbosa, Leandro

    point guard:
    1. Miller, Andre
    2. Parker, Anthony
    3. Felton, Raymond

  27. robert zimmerman says:

    Cuban’s no fool. He is biding his time. He knows what he is doing. Let the other teams overpay for a sorry bunch of free agents. Look at the Knicks spending like drunken sailors and still cannot win a playoff series. The Mav’s have won a championship.

  28. Travis says:

    Cuban had it coming yes the NBA is a business but teams should take a serious look at whats happening in OKC at least at the present OKC is staying loyal to their players! Mark Cuban did what I consider to be an unforgivable crime after Dallas won that Championship he broke them up you should have kept them together for at least another run at least keep Chandler I thought letting him go was a horrible move. Bosh is what won Miami the championship this year last year Chandler put a stop to Bosh. Chandler would have also slowed down OKC who ran over Dallas because there was no presence in the middle. Chandler and Dirk two 7 footers in the middle on offensive one defensive one both very talented 7 footers with long arms I think that move by Cuban will go down as one of the worst moves in NBA history plus look who he signed Lamar Odom what a disaster that was and where’s Lamar going to now???

  29. Mino says:

    There are still a few good players open, maybe we can try for Courtney Lee and Raymond Felton? Chris Kaman is there too, he loves playing with Dirk.

  30. Joey says:

    Last season was a disaster and I think the team knew about it even before it started so why continue that road again. The team doesnt have a solid center, shooting guard and a point guard please act now you owe to your fans and for dirk.

  31. Bob says:

    Mayne Roddy will get some run this year

  32. android 10000000 says:


  33. Lugenjam says:

    Mavs, is like winning it all in 2011 and now losing it all in offseason, i think dirk should leave dallas,Dirk has brought the mavs the Rings and now the management has Ruined it.. blew up the TEAM just for this?…Dirk should Get out of this Organization..if I’m Coach Rick i will ask for a trade..this is isn’t fantasy basketball game.

  34. BadLuck Bryan says:

    Please hurry while Scalabrine is still available!

  35. mvsfn says:

    I don’t think it’s all that hopeless.
    Sure, they’ve lost 2 starters. But, come on, both Kidd and Terry weren’t getting any younger, and it’s not like they are impossible to replace. There’s still a number of good free agents out there who are considerably younger and have lots of potential, plus the Mavs’ draft picks might prove good. Young players need a chance to prove themselves and I think this might be a good opportunity to finally get this team younger again.
    Get rid of Haywood, try to sign Mayo, McGee and Sessions/Brooks as starters and a veteran PG like Bibby as a backup, resign West, and things might look very differently.

  36. TRE says:

    I feel like this ,cuban messed up and he knows it, Its a shame what happened to the mavs, you built this team for years and when you finally get it right ,you BLOW the whole thing up,What in the world was he thinkin? Its gonna take another 10 yrsa or maybe longer to get right again but I AM A MAVS fan so Iam just gonna wait and see if Mark has a ace up his sleeve like he has in the past(and please dont trade dirk)if you do iam truly don with the mavs

  37. jam says:

    im a dallas mavs fan i watch their games i scream for dirk i cried when they won 2011 but i am just being true to the situation . no all star player wants to go to dallas and deal with cuban . if u r an all star u go to crazy famous place like broklyn new york orlando los angeles miami but when those all stars career is almost over they can think of dallas mavs i feel bad for dirk i wish he is playing in thunder for sure they win a champ he wil be surrounded with durant westbrook harden perkins ibaka players that are young and hungry . if you look at the mavs now no respect at all .im still going to watch dallas games because of dirk but im not expecting anything especially being a champ again theres no way theyl be a champ with what they have right now i hate how soft haywood is carter is all done like 5years ago and i dont know the rest oh i like marion but soon hel go other team SURE i dont like coach rick

  38. hooplover says:

    if i were dirk, i’d walk!

  39. dirk45 says:

    I’m really curious about the team they will add together. And I wonder what happens if they’re constantly south of the playoffs. Dirk is too good a player to fight for a playoff spot – at least at his age.

  40. Cord says:

    They are DONE….Dirk is in the latter stages of his career and can still carry a team but he should not be stuck in the middle of a rebuild. They can still get Mayo in free agency and maybe add another player via a trade to fill the shoes of Kidd and Terry but they have to act FAST

    • DC3 says:

      Absolutely rediculous.. horrible choices.. as a mffl this was a horrible mistake.. good job guys! way to let jet go