Magic Dealing Of Dwight Has Stalled

ORLANDO — General manager Rob Hennigan would not say he’s suspended trade talks for disgruntled All-Star center Dwight Howard, but did admit the process has stalled and the Magic will take a step back to regroup.

Hennigan had been in talks in recent days with the Lakers, Rockets, Hawks and Howard’s preferred destination of the Nets.

“As currently constructed, there’s not much there,” Hennigan said of his talks with the Nets. “I’m not sure there’s much more to discuss.”

The Nets signed center Brook Lopez, the centerpiece of a package that Orlando would receive in return for Howard, to a maximum contract. That eliminates the salary cap space the Nets would have to trade for Howard and, according to NBA rules, make Lopez ineligible to be traded before Jan. 15.

“We tried,” Hennigan reportedly told Howard during their conversation.

Hennigan denied that the Magic were turning away from the Howard situation entirely in order to concentrate on hiring a new head coach for the team.

“That’s not accurate,” Hennigan said, though admitting that he hoped to have the job filled soon.

Warriors assistant Michael Malone, Spurs assistant Jacques Vaughn, Jazz assistant Jeff Hornacek, Suns player development coach Lindsey Hunter and Pacers associate head coach Brian Shaw are said to be the prime candidates for the position.

The Howard saga is now dragging on into its eighth month from the time that he first said he wanted out of Orlando and named the Nets, Lakers and Mavericks on a short list of preferred destinations. But the Nets were always at the top of that list and sources say that Howard is “frustrated” that a deal to get him to Brooklyn couldn’t be completed.

Now, with Lopez signed and the Nets apparently ready to move on with the a lineup that includes Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace, that door could be closed for good.

While Hennigan said he would rule nothing out, even keeping Howard in Orlando — “there’s a chance, yeah” — it is clear that the team is now firmly in control of the ongoing soap opera and will hardly make concessions to benefit the one-time foundation of the team.

“Our deserve to know that we want whoever is on our roster to be about certain things,” Hennigan said. “We want our players to be invested in the organization.”

Virtually nobody can envision Howard, a one-time beloved figure in Orlando, being willing to once more don the Magic jersey and take the court to feel the wrath of the home fans that he has betrayed.

Hennigan stressed that while he was ready to step back to take a long view of the process, he was not closing the door on any potential deal at any time.

“I’ll tell you that we’re not confining ourselves to a time window,” he said. “We’re confining ourselves with a window that allows us to go through our process and analyze the situation. We’re not just sitting there on a treadmill and not making any progress. Some days you move forward and some days a little backward, but at the end of the day it’s about being comfortable with the decisions we’re gonna make and being comfortable with the basis for those decisions.”


  1. joezstuff says:

    Howard need to grow up!! He messed up in Orlando and does not want to go back because he knows what Orlando feels like! that’s why he does not want to go back because of his huge scew up!! And believe me that’s why! he won’t get any love there!! As big as he is he is imature and needs to face his deamons!! Howard better go back and play with Orlando and either wait for a trade or rebuild and get the players he wants with Orlando.

  2. magicareDEAD says:

    the news of the nets ending their trade talks w/ orlando is pretty much a bad news for orlando. too bad they replaced a bad GM w/ a worse one Hennigan is stup*d.

  3. truthhurts says:

    Next year Howard will be free agent and most likely will play for a losing team. 1st, no good team has cap space to sign him. 2nd, no good team will mess up their line-up just to know he will only stay for three years and then make this kind of drama all over again. 3rd, no team wants to have him at this point (even the Nets fed up of this drama). There is too much talent are out at the free agency this year , the GM can surround him with enough cast(Joe Johnson, Nash, Camby, Session, Smith, Allen, Batum, Miller, lou Williams etc,.) and maybe change his mind to stay. But none shows interest to play in Orlando because of the attitude he shown.

    • RMV says:


  4. Denise504 says:

    I say send him here to NEW ORLEANS HORNETS, then he can still be CLOSER to MICKEY MOUSE in Orlando……….No place like home.

  5. SOUPSHOUSE says:

    Dwight Howard in Boston!? Seriously!? Ha1 That will never happen. Hey! if you want somebody that b ad frfom the sunshine state., maybe they’ll send over Eddie “Curried” After all he does have a ring for simmering on the bench for about six years. Who could beat that!?

  6. SOUPSHOUSE says:

    Anyone that thinks for a second D. Howard is Screwed is dead Wrong. He may not be happy, but if he just have some patience he’ll get what he wants eventually. The longer Orlando Magic takes to make a deal the less they will get. You have to remember that guy whats his name? you know the one who ran under D. Wades coat tail for a championship. No not bosh the other one. Year him.! Cleveland got nothing but indigestion waiting for a dream with no hope. At the end of the day the Magic will be taking anything they can get just so they don’t have to walk away empty handed. What are they thinking!!?.. It doesn’t matter who and how many players or draft picks they get, it still won’t be an equal trade for Howard. So, take what you can get and call it a day, before you end up with nothing. Dwight won’t get a penny more or less if he waits to the end of the season or commit to a sign and trade today. His situation is not like NYMelo’s. If Melo didn’t get his deal before the end of the season, he would have lost a great deal of money. The salary cap is set now. So Dwight stands to lose nothing but a chance for a championship this year. Who’s to say he’ll get one next season. you’ll still have to get past that overloaded team of talent. You know, That other Florida team! At least he can go to the team of his choice. I say if Orlando wants to play the wait game Big “D” then call their bluff!!!.

  7. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    Do what the best LAL…

  8. Mary Doyle says:

    I know it’s not possible but I’d love to see Howard in Boston, donning a green uniform!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  9. Celtics says:

    People are waiting too long for Bynum. He has had more than five years on the Lakers to step it up but he still has not. Dwight will play when he has to. He tries on the Magic but he can’t be trying his best all the time when there’s no support from his team if you could even call that a team. Trading Dwight or Dwight going to the Celtics is the best idea. Celtics are left without Ray Allen so they need somebody to carry the weight and Dwight will do that with support from Rondo and Pierce. Maybe Garnett too.

  10. Hector says:

    Guys, the Lakers will not lose the opportunity to get Howard. They will trade Bynum and Gasol, for Howard and some other guy for the bench. The Lakers are about to sign Antwan Jamison. They don’t need Gasol anymore!

  11. Robert White says:

    What would you rather have: Brook Lopez and his max contract or all the salary cap space that Dwight will clear up if the Magic just let him walk at the end of next season?

  12. EZfoRPREZ says:

    good for the magic, playing my brooklyn team, They shouldve took the trade, It would have been wayyyy better then w.e they’re getting now as far as trades go. Hopefully by mid season, They will realize and come to their senses. Or else dwight will walk away. And GO TO THE NETS.

  13. While it seems there are too many variables in this case, perhaps the Orlando Magic ought to table this issue until a Head Coach is hired. There are many legalities in this trade but there is always options… 4 to be exact. Win/Win, Win/Lose, Lose/Win, and Lose/Lose. Perhaps like a Petulant child Dwight should be benched, this might be what some want. The Magic will do what is best for the franchise but it might be too late to get the very best. Another rebuilding year for the Magic. I think here will be some conversations in Grand Rapids (DeVos’) about the future of the franchise sooner or later.

  14. Phil says:

    In my opinion Dwight’s best move would be going to the lakers making them instantly the strongest team I nthe west together with okc, then LA should get rid of world peace who has a huge salary but who has become decadent and sign any young upcoming sf, then there would be none one stopping the lakers from their ring imagine it
    1) Nash
    2) Kobe
    3) ?
    4) gasol
    5) Howard or even Bynum ( if he matures)

    Keeping bynum is also a good choice he is the future of the league, lakers real only porb is Small forward position and their bench resolve that and they are set

  15. Skrutz says:

    They should send Howard to the Bobcats, just to spite him.

  16. Yeahokaylol says:

    whether any of you like it or not Dwight howard will still be a brooklyn Net because one if they send him to LA he does not want to play with guys who are gonna be retiring when he will be 30. Second if he goes to Houston he is not going to sign an extension and you can bet on it that brrok lopez will look like a golden boy after a full season with the new brooklyn nets and they will be worried about losing howard for nothing because then the nets can just trade with the blazers or bobcats because that is who was going to sign brook lopez if the nets didn’t act fast yesterday. So either way Dwight will still get his wish in being a brooklyn net

    • Yeahokaylol says:

      Also I meant if the rockets get the trade they want and as the trade dealine comes up you will see the nervousness of the rockets and thats when the nets can have their way with howard because the rockets do not want to lose everything they gained for howard so the nets can just offer exactly what they did to the magic and the rockets will have no choice but cave this is why I’m happy with what happened yesterday and the nets signing brook lopez

  17. Connor says:

    Although I am a Celtics fan, here is a possibility: Dwight Howard to the Knicks! Sign and trade Howard and Jameer Nelson to the Knicks for Tyson Chandler, Amare Stoudamire, Jeremy Lin, and the Knicks first-round draft choices for 2013 & 2014. This trade would help both teams and Howard would still be going to New York.

  18. digitioli says:

    this guy is greedy, full of bs, completely overrated, not a winner, and potentially not ever going to be the same after herniated disc surgery. don’t want him on my team.

  19. MGIC Core says:

    I really think that all this Dwightdrama could be prevented.Two reasons, first, I blame the GM Otis Smith,when he knows about Dwight requirements, that he want to stay in Orlando, but he want to have a championship and in order to do so he needs help that reqire better players with him.Otis didn’t pay attention and you see the results.I blame Dwight because he talked to much and cry to much to the press,and the last thing was to stay quite. Look Howard grow up and learn when to listen and when to talk.Anyways good luck! YOU WILL NEEDED!

  20. ddddd says:

    Here is the thing. The nets traded all of their good expiring contracts to the Hawks in the Joe Johnson trade. I would think that Hennigan would have accepted those contracts with picks in exchange for Dwight and a undesireable contract or two (Duhon, Richardson?) if the nets would have held off a little. However the nets grew too impatient and took the first deal for an allstar that came along. I think that Ferry took King for a ride and a half on that one. The nets will be better than last year granted, but realistically they are not going to be as special as everyone thinks with Lopez and Johnson and a bench of Mr. Nobody’s and D-leaguers. The whole thing is that the nets got impatient due to the glitz and glamour of being the only franchise in Brooklyn and took the first deal that came along so they could keep Dwill. Any and all of the Rockets and Laker trade proposals looked better than anything that the nets could provide post-Joe Johnson trade. Heck, I bet that even the bobcats at this point could come up with a better package than that! Patience is a virtue and that is why the spurs in spite of their age have been give or take title contenders for more than a decade. That is why OKC will be title contenders for at least a few more years if not more. Danny Ferry has learned from his CLE days. If he can’t get Dwight, he can be like that annoying roommate that comes home at the wrong time when you are trying to have sex with your girlfriend. He can block actions between two other teams and then swoop in and steal the Drama queen from under your nose when you aren’t paying attention. Believe it or not, that is seeming to be Ferry’s intention all along and the Nets and King played PERFECTLY into Ferry’s hand without realizing it.

    • Yeahokaylol says:

      First, If they did not act fast the Nets were going to lose one of if not the best point guard in the league which is your floor general and the most important part of the offense. I applaud King for acting quickly because right now the nets would DWILLESS which is not what you want if your going to try and create something great in the big apple. They acted and it worked as for dwight like I said regardlesss he will be a net, the nets gm has no problem sending brook lopez so that the space is available for their big man DWILL knows this and so does dwight end of story. They made the right move by keeping deron and by adding a scorer to the mix of the nets

  21. butthead says:

    Dwight is not going to the lakers. u know y??? lakers dont want to give him a motherpooping extension. if i were dwight i would go to the Compton College Public Bathroom and Fart on the toilet seat until I figure out i need to go to the Hornets. Austin Rivers + Anthony + Dwight + Ryan Anderson = Better than Bobcats motherpoopers. u feel my yos?????

  22. trade1 says:

    Well, as predicted a few days ago, the magic and the new gm are just like the magic and former gm.. gutless, and no understanding of the value of a player… as with any negotiations you need leverage, when july 11th hit, leverage goes out the window cause no team is going to wait for the gm to pull the trigger when ALL FREE AGENTS CAN SIGN, you must go ahead and get the best free agents available and NOW, just as i suspected last week, NO DEAL, idiots run the front office in the magic organization AND still NO COACH.. which makes no sense would help to have a coach so you would know his philosophy and playing style.. jeez, what a clusterf*&ck.. anybody can run this organization if you have a d12 to trade.. give me a break.. they had 2 deals that made sense, nets or houston.. houston was my pick cause they would accept d12 and 1 bad contract and give up players and a ton of draft picks, but that was before they made the Anderson deal, which made no sense..

    The drama is really about to begin.. roflmao.. how can d12 stay and how can the gm keep him for another worthless year? gotta luv 15mil man on your roster who won’t be playing his heart out and MAY NOT even be 100%, who knows if he is? and if d12 isn’t his old self, then OMG, the new wonderkid will look worse than otis… and yes, otis would of made the nets deal to at least get something back, cause now.. no bargaining chips and if i was an nba team, i’d let d12 sit cause i can’t pay 20mil/yr anyhow starting next year.. only sorry teams will be able to afford him and the magic will be done for about 10 years with no added picks, no free agents, no trading power after d12 leaves.. brilliant move hennigan

  23. Ricky says:

    Dwight, if you are reading this. First thinh fire your agent. The next thing to do is what you should have done last year. Play with Orlando until the trade deadline. When they trade you play with that team until seasons end and then choose the team you would like to play for in 2013.

  24. Mark Ryan says:

    Trade Howard to the lakers in return with Pau Gasol, World Peace, and Barnes.. its a very good transaction if ever..

  25. NBA fan says:

    Keep Dwight Howard another year, then let him leave in Free Agency…. then the Magic will have a lot of salary cap space to spend on any free agents they want and can go any direction they want….. its actually better for the Magic to let him walk away, than to take on more bad contracts of players they don’t need in a dumb trade….. why don’t more people realize this ?

  26. Rhett Bogan says:

    Dwight needs to be in Philadelphia. With the team that being put together we’d be a power house and he’s be like the second coming of Moses Malone…..Think about that Dwight!

  27. mario says:

    Orlando wants to get rid of the bad contracts plus good players plus draft picks. I don’t think they are in a place where they can get all of these. Howard will be a free agent next year and he will sign an extension only where he wants. Orlando lacks bargaining chips. Anyway the sooner this drama ends the better. I c him ending up in Atlanta btw.

  28. dunca says:

    just keep dwight until next year…then he can go for free…he can sign with any other team…hey…i forgot…he can’t go to heat,lakers,nets,or any super team…they don’t have cap space to do that…he will cry for a sign and trade and orlando can refuse it,even they will recive nothing,but that’s should be a punishment for the way he’s doing right now . so he can sign with a new” super team” with cap space : charlote,wizards, detroit,etc.

  29. Tret says:

    I’m so confused why he wants to go to the BN.
    It makes no sense at all.
    Yes,BN has a great organization but was not a TITLE CONTENDER BEFORE when Joe and GWallace still don’t exist.
    I mean,yeah Orlando made some bad moves on sorounding on Dwight some players but.
    Do Hardwork pays them off or no hardwork pays them off?
    If he wants to win,work hard.
    Even if Miami has Big 3,Lakers has those 3 or maybe 4 with Nash,Celtics has it,Spurs,OKC and others,Dwight and the Orlando crew hav something that other teams don’t have.
    He has to be better defensively,offensively and for his teamates.
    Just patience has to control him.

  30. Gordon says:

    Dwight Howard need to go to LA For A Ring

  31. Chi says:

    Howard to Chicago for

    Bobcats first round pick ( From Tyrus Thomas deal)
    Luol Deng
    Taj Gibson
    Joakim Noah

  32. STAN says:

    The Lakers with Nash only need to pick up a good outside shooter who can defend on the ball. Keep out of the Howard deal!!!!!!! and try to win 2 or 3 more titles!!! Then overhaul the team!!!

    • stan….you are proof that all laker fans are in a permanent state of denial….and delusional………i have 2 words to say to you and all the faker fans……1) heat…2) thunder…………say bye bye to any delusional title run for the next decade moron

  33. Al says:

    How about Orlando does what Dwight asked for in the first place around the time that he mentioned the trade ordeal? Bring other guys into Orlando that can help him out. There is no one that even gets close to an All-star spot besides him now. If you look at the last few title winners, they have had more than one All-star. The core group of guys that they had gotten to the finals a few years ago was good, but it’s now over 3 years later. Most of these guys are past thier prime. Time to bring in new talent. Otis for some reason didn’t realize this. Traded Courtney Lee after his rookie year(the year they got to the finals) to the Nets for Carter and Anderson. Carter was definitely past his prime. Anderson stepped up this past year, but then got traded it seems to make cap room for this Dwight trade which who knows will happen. Otis also made the ultimate mistake of trading Mobley and not Francis several years ago which started the downfall of Francis. Also last year, there was an article on this site which said that Orlando said they would make a trade before the deadline to get Dwight help. Didn’t happen. He just wants to be on a team that he gets help. He can do just about everything but shouldn’t have to. Now some Laker fans are wanting him on thier team. Most of them are probably the same ones calling him Dwight Coward. Funny how things work out.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      I didnt understand why they got rid of Lee after his rookie year. Dude was ballin with Dwight and would be much better now if he had stayed.

    • bsj968 says:

      Actually the Mavs only had one all-star when they won in 2011.

  34. HOWARD says:

    howard is worse than lebron lol!

  35. Larry says:

    wow still tons of Dwight talk this is crazy, i cant be on here anymore, i now have chronic diarhia from the sickness know only as DWIGHTS LANDING (extreme hershey squirts), this disease is very contagious and spreading fast, there is no know cure in sight yet so beware!!

  36. MrCbx02 says:

    The Knicks should put Amare, Chandler, Camby, Novac, Smith, Kidd, Jeffries, Shumpert and Popodapolus (or whatever the guys name is) all on a platter and offer any 2 for Howard.
    With a core of Lin, Melo, Howard with whoever is left over we become instant contenders.
    Orlando would be mmuch better with Chandler and Smith than they would be with Bynum or Lopez.
    Even without a commitment to resign our chances to beat the Heat, Thunder or Lakers next season is better with him in our line up.
    And if we came close he would stay.

  37. Kamote says:

    The best thing Orlando can do is deal Howard to Sacramento for Cousins, Tyreke, other players and draft picks. Cousins still has potential, Tyreke can give Magic the option to get rid of Jameer. As for Sacramento, the Maloofs wouldnt care anyway if Howard wont sign the next year.

  38. Lakers says:

    As a Lakerfan4life I REALLLYYYYY HOPE he doesn’t end up in LA.. Knowing this giant flaming douchebag, he’s gonna repeat all this drama again next year. Just keep Andrew Bynum and pray to god he matures.. (with Nash around maybe there is a chance he might)

  39. bart says:

    Hennigan is beginning to sound like a broken record already. The longer he keeps Howard, the riskier the transaction. Would Howard plays 100% if he knows for sure he is not staying in Orlando? Maybe, maybe not.Should try to get rid of him for anything you can get before the season starts.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      I reckon they should tell him to stay home. Take away what he loves most (supposedly) and move him 1-2 months into the season. Pouting superstars should not be bowed down to when the organisation has all the control. Then trade him to the highest bidder even if its the worst destination.

  40. OctoPPus says:

    Lakers / OKC / Boston – if u want THE RING !!!

  41. Iodine says:

    I think NBA is the only place in earth someone earns $20M per year and is not happy.

  42. noy says:

    dwight howard,you know what happen to shaq oneil when he is in orlando he found the the right team were he belongs which is the LOS ANGELES LAKERS why dontyou do that also??????so that you might be got a championship RING….

  43. Firebee says:

    I’m pretty much done with D12 and the Magic. Wherever he ends up, good luck dealing with his ego. And the Magic can go and rebuild as of upcoming season.

  44. @dmorey says:

    dwight i give you whatever you need CA$H MONEY WHATEVE

  45. jaylen says:

    he need to go 2 duh rockets

  46. @dmorey says:

    Dwight Howard,

    Come to Houston, it’s a great city and a great organization!

    Imagion this!

    2013 Houston Rockets Starting Lineup

    PG. Jeremy Lin
    SG. Kevin Martin
    SF. Chandler Parsons
    PF. Pattrick Patterson
    C. Dwight Howard

    • Amitpal says:

      New York will match Jeremy Lins offer and I’m pretty sure Orlando will Want Paterson in a trade. Maybe Chandler as well but definatelty Paterson.

    • AN says:

      The Rockets are on the path to rebuilding, they have let go of too many good people to be considered a title contender even with D12. If he goes there, it’ll just be like the Magic again, where they go to the 1st or 2nd round of the playoffs and then lose. He’ll complain again, and then be in this position again next year.

  47. Hunter says:

    Never the less, any team he goes to whether it’s Brooklyn, Maimi, LA or New York he’s gonna get a ring or maybe two rings down the road. Guess it’s just the way talent goes in this league.

  48. Hunter says:

    I don’t care whether it’s the GM or the owner or what not this athlete is a head full of aches. The only man that can coach him to true greatness is the Zen Master, and i don’t think he will leave his ideal retired life to swallow the ongoing slew of drama, whines, and shenanigans.

  49. Bob says:

    Amazing…… It’s going to be a distraction all year. If Dwight changes his mind and stays, it’s going to be awkward. If he doesn’t change, Orlando just lost out on dumping a contract and a slew of draft picks for nothing. Ah, send him to OKC for Perkins and PJIII and James Harden. That would be a nice deal. D12 gets to win and Orlando has some talent

  50. Hunter says:


  51. bonanation says:

    Get Howard out of there and make more room for my main man Nicholson

  52. Stevy Wonder says:

    This short sighted power and control tactic will cost the Magic big down the road and it is this exact kind of thinking and efforts at control that has america in the shape that it is in. Dwight will have a rough year and then for him it will be over. The Magic will be left looking stupid for letting him go for NOTHING! He will walk and wind up wit a ring like Shaq did and like LeBron. As much as the same angry people dealt with LeBron in the same manner; he still wound up with his ring! He had a rough year, learned, matured and moved on. The haters have not moved on. We can all learn from Gilbert, Smith, VanGundy and Hennigan; choosing to try and control another person’s life is very costly. Even abraham lincoln decided it wasn’t worth it! LOL!!!!

  53. Amitpal says:

    Oh my god can we end this already. Dumb orlando GM shoul have done the nets trade and got it over with. Then he should have done the lakers and Houston trade and get over with. But no we r going to keep Dwight, man u dumber then Otis and Otis was pretty dumb. There’s nothing out there that’s going to give u a equal trade. Dwight doesn’t want to rebuild so nobody is going to give u everything for Dwight. Except
    For maybe Houston and I don’t why the GM just doesn’t take Houston deal. Patrick Paterson, Jeremy lamb drafts pick and other young players. I would’ve taken that in a heart beat. Sure u don’t get a star back but u get players and draft pick that u can trade for a star later on. U have to rebuild anyways.

    • Megapickel says:

      Hennigan is the man! Turn down that trash that the Nets were offering without even blinking back. Thats what the Magic need in a GM! Otis would have accepted the nets deal, no problem. You people posting are mislead and underinformed. Dwight is getting traded, thats practically guaranteed, he’s not staying in Orlando at all this coming season. You people have to have patience, and you will see Hennigan’s plans unfold slowly. Best deal ‘leaked’ so far is dwight to LA, Bynum to Houston, and picks/young players to Orlando as well as cap relief. Thats the direction we are going to go i believe.

      • Mikey says:

        Orlando has now lost their leverage. Howard would have signed a long term contract with the Nets. Andrew Bynum will not sign with Orland and probably will not sign with the Rockets. With all that beibg said the longer Orlando waits to pull the trigger on a deal the less they are likely to get for him. And if they start the season with him on their team they are not likley to be able to trade him at all and he walks away at the end of the system and they get nothing.

      • Fly Guy says:

        Actually Bynum would be open to signing an extension with Houston. Its Dwight holding up that trade

      • AN says:

        Actually Bynum has not said anything about whether he will sign with the Rockets. Also, Howard hasnt said anything about signing with the Lakers. So again, you have people that you aren’t sure about long-term. This might not be a problem for the Lakers, who only have a few years left anyways, but for the Rockets this is a huge problem.

  54. aze says:

    the problem here is that bynum would be in the same exact boat as howard..he has already stated he has to interest in saying a long term contract with orlando so u would be traded yourself into another headache..the nets could have offered orlando everything they wanted but they wanted to string the nets along to get better offers from other teams…they could have had lopez humphries n 4 1st round picks plus cap relief now they are up S**T creek without a paddle..no1 is going to deal away what the magic feel is equal value for a guy would what to go to bk…now the magic will have to wait n play with a center no1 wants there

    • Stevy Wonder says:

      Plus at the end of the year they get NOTHING!!! They should fir the whole front office, but they probably will get a ‘bailout’! Ha!Ha!Ha!

  55. JD says:

    Yes, “Dwight-In-Flight” might’ve screwed himself with this soap opera farce. The Stones said it best: “You can’t always get what you want, but if you try sometimes…you get what you need” Dwight needs to eat some humble pie and realize the Nets and the Magic both are tired of his sh–, and the best deal that can be done will be (Ta-Da!) Dwight to the Lakers, along with some other players, Bynum to the Rockets (with others) and the Rockets send role players and a slew of draft picks to Orlando! At least L.A. fans like myself will be happy!

  56. Arvin says:

    damn if orlando do trade howard! damn if they don’t also.

  57. angie says:

    It was all a scare tactic, people. That ridiculous 29 team 1500 player deal was never even close to happening. Orlando was just trying to make the Lakers blink. They want Bynum, and the Lakers are willing to part with him. What the Lakers aren’t willing to do is take on garbage contracts with Dwight.

  58. Lakers-R-Us says:

    It’s not that simple! The Lakers want a commitment from Howard; and the Magic want a commitment from Bynum! the Magic also wants to shed big contracts!

    • Fly Guy says:

      Thats also Orlando’s problem….They want to get rid of their Dwightmare, and dump their awful contracts. Most teams are not going to accomodate them with solutions for both problems

  59. Blue Juice says:

    Orlando are going to end up with nothing……. again!

  60. OrlandoLoosersUnited says:

    New gm is even more dumb than ottis.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Thats a dumb statement, I totally disagree. It aint about what Dwight wants anymore. Hennigan doesnt give a stuff what Dwight wants and thats the way it should be. Hennigan will wait to get the best for the organisation and wont be bullied into placating a frustrated prima donna into a deal that doesnt make sense and wont get value in return. Orlando needs to be patient and get the most it can, there are no do-overs on this trade, only one chance to get it right.

      • MackDaddy says:

        Yeah, and in the meantime Howard will continue to refuse to sign any extension with any team but the Nets. Then what?

        Magic GM is playing with fire here…. and the way he’s going, he’s going to lose Howard for ‘free’.

        Howard made the mistake of signing the extra year… in the hopes that this wouldnt leave Magic with nothing. They might be able to trade him for something. But that hasnt happened. Magic got greedy and stuffed the deal, completely forgetting that they VERY EASILY could have watched Howard walk by now to Brooklyn- no trade required.

        Howard is a cautionary tale on how not to listen to GM’s fake promises. Do what’s best for you- because in business, no one else will.

        What a mess. Howard made the first mistake, now the GM is making the second.

      • Fly Guy says:

        Trust me….ITS ALWAYS UTIMATELY GONNA BE WHAT DWIGHT WANTS…..Heres the Reality fo the situation. Would u trade for Dwight Howard if he wouldnt sign an extension with u? (exactly…LOL)…Would you accept someone in a trade who’s not gonna sign an extension with you (Bynum wont sign extension with Orlando…LOL) So you’re back to square 1. And ultimately , if you dont find a way to trade him where he wants to go. YOU FACE A NIGHTMARE SEASON….AND THEN YOU LOSE HIM FOR NOTHING!

        Realistic scenario…..this contract Brooke Lopez signed wont allow him to be traded til Jan 15 (2 weeks before All-Star Break/ trade deadline) He will end up in either Brooklyn, or L. A at the deadline. Because Orlando’s biggest nightmare is their alternative. LOSING HIM FOR ABSOLUTELY NOTHING!….LOL

        So Ultimately…..Yes it is about what Dwight wants

      • BENNY ROER says:

        Great commento !! agree 100% !!!DH doesn´t deserve more.

  61. W/E says:

    the magic will never get what they want,maybe D12 is staying with the magic as a punishment for his sins until next year…..

  62. Meldog says:

    Jus send him to the lakers in return for Andrew Bynum. That’s the best option right now

  63. Lucas says:

    Dwight really screwed himself on this one

  64. lideroo says:

    I think the most the Magic can get back would be Andrew Bynum, and poor draft picks which clearly does not look likely to happen. This guy is just going to hurt Orlando by keeping Howard in the team longer. Much like Nash in Phoenix.

    • LOL says:

      The Magic is not chasing for Bynum since he’ll not commit next year in his free agency. What the Magic after is some pile of future draft picks and throwing out some players with bad contracts so they can rebuild asap.