Lakers Make Nash Trade Official

LAS VEGAS — The Los Angeles Lakers didn’t waste any time making their sign-and-trade deal with Phoenix for Steve Nash official, announcing that the deal agreed to late week was signed on the first day free agents can their names on their deals.

A press conference with Nash and general manager Mitch Kupchak has already been scheduled for this afternoon at 3 p.m. ET. It should make for interesting theater with the always open and well-spoken Nash dealing with the Los Angeles media for the first time as a member of one of the home teams.

The Suns will have to wait a while to enjoy the draft picks acquired in the deal. They received the Lakers’  first-round draft picks in 2013 and 2015 as well as second-round draft picks in 2013 and 2014.

Nash received a three-year deal for an estimated $27 million


  1. Lakers says:

    now we can beat the heat, we have a great point guard while theirs is OK, we have kobe who i think is better than wade, we have two 7 footers that they won’t be able to defend, and i think if we resign hill and sessions and maybe get grant hill, we’ll have a great bench to compete with theirs

  2. Lakers says:

    i think now we will see some of the old pau gasol now that we have a great point guard for the first time since magic johnson

  3. Lakers says:

    the addition of an elite point guard was important, now lets keep jordan hill and sessions to be our backup pointguard, and i think world peace should also stay, he is a great defender and 3 point shooter. also keep bynum, dont trade for howard

  4. KOBE IS A BEAST says:

    yall heat fans just happy cause lebron get 1 ring lucky they werent playing lakers he was gone get ring under he eye

  5. Michel says:

    Five Playoff Appearences?? WTF ?? Not correct.

  6. Iodine says:

    13 – 10 = 3, it represents a salary cut from $12M to $9M per year.

  7. Butta. says:

    Getting Grant Hill and Raja Bell would strengthen the bench. And with Jordan Hill on there too? He did such a great job last season. I can see the lakers going as far as the finals.

  8. DC3 says:

    Thats so lame.. Everybody wants to go to Lakers/Heat/Celtics.. Disappointed in SN

    • SCAL4MVP2013 says:

      You only added lakers because of steve nash no one else wants to go to the lakers. Everyone wants to be on the Heat though. Even the players are starting to join the bandwagon

  9. ZULU says:

    Don’t completely understand all of the skepticism about Nash moving to the Lakers. Nash will not have as much pressure and it’s not like the cupboard is bare. The ‘Show will be a hit again!!!!!

  10. spur okc says:

    Still not enough to beat OKC ,MIAMI or even the SPURS for sure

    • KobeBryantRules says:

      lol the Lakers beat all of those teams at least once last year with NO bench, and no point guard. The Lakers were a few turnovers away from taking game 3 in the series versus OKC which would have turned the tide of thats eries considerably lol you’re just a laker hater who HOPES the lakers are done cause ur tired of them adding championship banners to their rafters. Man, i guess somebody has to hate:P

    • Axel says:

      WRONG, they are definately good enough to beat the spurs, but the thunder and heat are another story.

      • 16going417 says:

        With their current roster I would agree with you. However, if they can increase their fire power off the bench then they could be considered contenders for the title next year. Which means they will be good enough to beat OKC and Miami, but only if they get a supporting cast.

  11. pacfan says:

    this would benefit both teams. Phoenix would have the opportunity to rebuild its team into a contender while nash will be traded to a team where he can be a key piece to winning a championship.

  12. choy says:

    C- bynum/howard
    PF- Gasol
    SF- Grant Hill/MWP
    SG- Kobe
    PG- Nash

    what an exciting Line-up to Look forward to!!

  13. choy says:

    nash pick n roll with gasol/bynum/howard = hammer and1…

  14. choy says:

    nashty + kobe = Lakeshow!!

  15. Deebe007 says:

    Yeee thats a good move i see you nash

  16. two says:

    Now just sign Grant HIll and maybe Raja Bell, and make sure Jordan Hill returns, and we´re set!

  17. erwin says:

    Showtime 2 will definitely happen in L.A. with Nash running the team…………….

  18. Nashtastic says:

    Great move Nash! prevent Kobe from ball hogging and make Bynum more effective at the post. That will make the Lakers to be contender. GO NASH!

    Beat the Heat and the piggyback champ Lebronica.

  19. Fingazz says:

    lakers going to the final? we can only wait

    • 16going417 says:

      Not unless they beef up their bench. After doing that a trip to the finals “MAY” be in the cards for them next year.

    • DC3 says:

      LOL you think that just bc they have Nash, they have a chance against OKC?? PAHAHA Good Luck