Howard Talks Over, Nets Move On In Position Of Strength

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — At the end of the day, the Brooklyn Nets were going to have a top-10 center. Either they were trading for Dwight Howard or re-signing Brook Lopez.

It will be the latter, because the Nets are done talking with the Orlando Magic about a possible trade for Howard, according to multiple reports. And according to our David Aldridge, the Nets reached a deal with Lopez on a new four-year, $60.8 million contract.

“In talks to this point, there’s probably not a whole lot there,” Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said of talks with the Nets at a press conference Wednesday afternoon.

The Nets needed some sort of resolution on the Howard talks by Wednesday, because other teams had interest in Lopez. And if the Nets weren’t getting Howard, they had to hold onto their own seven-footer.

The Nets have been pursuing Howard since the lockout ended last December, hoping to team him with Deron Williams. They’ve seemingly been close to acquiring the three-time DPOY on a couple of occasions, and they could have signed him as a free agent today if Howard hadn’t waived his early termination option back in March, a decision he clearly regrets at this point.

Lopez was the centerpiece of any potential deal Brooklyn wanted to make with the Magic for Howard, the All-Star, three-time Defensive Player of the Year who wants out of Orlando. The Magic have committed to dealing Howard rather than replaying the soap opera that they were subject to last season, which ended with Howard opting into the final year of his contract, the team firing Coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith and hiring Oklahoma City executive Rob Hennigan as the new GM. But in a news conference Wednesday, Hennigan said that none of the current offers on the table for Howard were good enough for the Magic to accept–though he stopped short of saying trade talks were officially dead.

The Nets had offered several packages for Howard, including Lopez and several future first-round Draft picks. Brooklyn has consistently tried to include other teams in potential deals, including Portland and Cleveland, the latter part of a four-team proposal this week also reportedly involving the Clippers. But that proposal never came close to fruition. Brooklyn tried to include new teams in the deal, and the Magic looked into potential deals with the Rockets and Lakers. In one potential deal, according to the basketball website HoopsWorld, the Lakers would receive Howard, and the Rockets would get Lakers center Andrew Bynum, with the Magic getting several Draft picks from the Rockets.

Brooklyn gave Lopez a new contract after it became evident that the Charlotte Bobcats would be giving Lopez an offer sheet, according to a source directly involved in the discussions. The new deal kept the Nets from having to match an offer sheet and got Lopez the payday he was seeking. The move was similar to that done by the Pacers earlier this month when they agreed to terms with center Roy Hibbert on a four-year, $58 million deal. Hibbert had gotten a commitment from the Portland Trail Blazers for an offer sheet for the same amount.

When the Magic held their celebratory press conference on March 15 to announce that decision, the Nets looked like the big losers in the deal. They had a bad team and they seemingly had little to convince Williams to stay.

The difference between then and now is night and day. Williams has signed long-term and the Nets are heading to Brooklyn with a much better squad. They’ve added Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson, and are set to add power forwards Reggie Evans and Mirza Teletovic, a shooter who averaged 22 points per game in the Euroleague last season.

Whether or not they landed Howard, the Nets were returning to relevance after five years of struggles.

Just as important as any of the additions is Lopez’s return to health. He played just five games last season, dealing with a fractured foot. He obviously needs to rebound better than he did in his third year, but he’s just 24 years old, has averaged 20 points per game over the last three seasons, and has acted as professionally as one could through seven months of rumors.

So the Nets move on without Howard, and with a little more depth than they would have had if a trade went through. They keep second-year guard (and likely sixth man) MarShon Brooks, and they retain the bird rights to power forward Kris Humphries.

A big four of Williams, Johnson, Wallace and Howard could have contended for a title. And the Nets probably aren’t threatening the Miami Heat with what they have left. But a starting lineup of Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Humphries and Lopez still has a good chance to compete for a top-four seed in the Eastern Conference.

Just how good the Nets can be is up in the air, because, in his 15 months with the Nets, Williams has played just 17 games with Lopez and 12 games with Wallace. And he’s never played with Johnson. This team shouldn’t have much trouble scoring, and their ceiling will be determined by how well they defend.

Of course, the Nets aren’t completely out of the Howard picture at this point. Once Lopez signs his new contract, he can’t be traded until Jan. 15. But if Howard is still in Orlando at that point, we may go through this Dwightmare one more time.

Until then, the Nets can concentrate on building with what they have. And they ought to be pretty good.

— TNT analyst David Aldridge contributed to this blog.


  1. la4life says:

    as a lakers fan i highly recomend a extension if d12 wont sign it then lets move on with drew and have him work his game also lets grab a shooting guard via free agency cause gouldlock needs to be a 3rd role

  2. TYRONE says:

    THERE LIEING -___- IS THIS THE SAMEEEEEEEEEEE NETS THAT WENT ON TV AND SAID THEY WERE NO LONGER GOING AFTHER MELO?? 2WEEKS LATTER THEY WERE STILL IN THE TICKER throwing trades at denver…. they are not over d.Howard.. i say NEW york trades CHANDLER and shump a couple picks for howard and j.RICH!! and BAMMMMMM DEALS DONE!! CHANDLER is still better then lopez in my eyes 8)

  3. Niko says:

    3 team trade, Bosh to Bobcats, Howard to Heat & Bobcats 1st & 2nd round picks for the next 3 yrs to the magic with a few bench players thrown in to make it all work…. Bahahaha, I’m a funny mofo

  4. Definitely the Nets is a much better team now– I m sure they will land in the playoffs this 2013– though they still need a descent bench if they want to reach the semifinals at the very least– besides Howard is so volatile a player to handle– I think he lacks professionalism and maturity– Nets is lucky that they did not land Dwight

  5. la4life says:

    ethier come to la sign a commitmint or stay with magic and quit the game of basketball

    lets see witch starting 5 is better

    nash nelson
    bryant richardson
    mwp/hill turk btw im from arminia
    gasol baby d/anderson/clark
    drew/d12 orton/baby d/d12

    clearly la is your best destination so come here sign a extension and win your first ring and make kobes and steve nashes last few years worthy

    we want dwight

  6. D says:

    This is perfect. First Dwight resigns with the Magic so that he’d have a bigger payday when he forced a trade. Well now if he wants to keep that huge pay, he’ll have to resign with the team that trades for him. And to top it all off, Lopz is untradeable until January, and the Net’s don’t even have enough cap space to sign Howard next summer, which means Dwight is going to have to sign with another team besides the Net’s, or the Net’s will have to trade away nearly every player to create cap space.

  7. BOSTON says:

    go to BOSTON

  8. mr-plow says:

    seriously DH is so flippin OVERRATED. Until this loser gets a shot or can hit free throws WHO CARES

  9. digitioli says:

    The bottom is going to fall out from under this guy and he’s going to be the one walking away empty handed.
    Herniated disc surgery is nothing to shrug off, especially for a crybaby wimp – back injuries are seriously debilitating.
    Let’s see, how many players in the NBA have had herniated disc surgery that are still playing? It ended Bird’s career among others who are actually tough guys. Dude would have to really prove he’s not hurt before getting a dime if it were me – let alone upwards of 100 million – which he isn’t worth healthy. Not a winner.

  10. Shooterzzz says:

    Does not matter where he goes you cause it’s going to be raining in Miami all season long. Raining 3’s that is πŸ˜‰

  11. kobe4life says:

    oh yes somebody wrote that leborn is better was than kobe but you people don not understand anything kobe is 33 and lebron is about 27 in his prime, but the difference between is very tiny. so if you go back a couple of years ago when kobe was in his prime and compare him to leboren of today who is in his prime the difference will be huge and kobe obviusly the dominant player.

    • lbj says:

      I understand the difference between lebron and kobe what I didn’t understand is your ENGLISH! very poor grammar!

    • Danny Seigle says:

      please tell me your joking.. are you serious? Kobe is better than lebron in his prime? kobe in his prime never led the lakers to the finals.. yeah kobe is setting scoring records at the expense of his team and they are not winning, damn lebron even led a the cavs to nba finals at age 22 and not yet in his prime.. lebron singlehandedly beat the same detroit pistons who destroyed the 2004 lakers with shaq, kobe , payton, malone and phil jackson..kobe may have a better resume than lebron in terms of championships but that is because kobe got a better team for a longer time than lebron did..kobe bryant is a poor man’s michael jordan but lebron is something we havent seen before.. say all you want but LEBRON > Kobe

  12. kobe4life says:

    lets say the lakers still want to get dwight which i hope they that is not the case, but if they do they would have to buy hedo and jason richardson’s contracts along with dwight. if that happens the lakers roster could be about 16 playersso they would have to get rid of alot of players like metta world peace (makes too much problems), steve blake(you have too any guards), josh mcroberts(not very good), christian eynega ( you have enough small fowrds, andrew goudelock(too many guards) then you could resign ramon sessions to back steve nash and also resign jordan hill to back gasol or even dwight. the problem dwight is going to face with the lakers is that the lakers are amuch more solid orginaztion and have stars so he can not get anyone fired like he did with orlandoso he is going to have live through his contract because are not going to trade him away until he bcomes a free agent so tight life

  13. LOLakers says:

    Sign with Miami next year! Then you’ll be guaranteed your first championship! Miami 10-peat!!!

  14. lbj says:

    this is what I’m talking about. Nets will not acquire howard. Howard will go to Miami for haslem,turiaf,anthony and future round picks.

    PG: Wade
    SG: Allen
    SF: James
    PF: Bosh
    C: Howard

    6th man: Battier
    Deep bench: Lewis,Chalmers,Cole,Miller and Juwan Howard

  15. JG says:

    You can blame all this on the new Magic GM. I don’t like the way Howard is forcing his way but the Magic had a chance to get a good deal back when you had the other teams involved, now that’s gone until at least Jan. 15. I see this as more of a personal vendetta vs Howard (well deserved? Maybe).

    He will not sign elsewhere hence staying in Orlando.

  16. PoooooT says:

    BTW, where is Lamar O. going this season???

  17. dee einn says:

    how about trading dhoward to the okc? howard n exchange for harden, perkins, ibaka or collison…

  18. Lenny says:

    This is where suddenly teams are no longer interested in him and is forced to remain with the Magic…

  19. jpa says:

    go lakers

  20. jpb says:

    howard, kobe​​, nash, gasol and metta champions 2012/2013

  21. NNM says:

    Someone call the Knicks!
    Howard to NY!
    Melo for Howard?! :oD

  22. IIvviiccaa79 says:

    I think they are probably as good as Clippers last year or Hawks…good coaching, building team chemistry and couple of additional trades throughout the season would make them a top contender..

  23. Slovenia says:





  24. lakermig says:


  25. PatrickStar says:

    Why don’t we put Dwight on the Bobcats…
    So he could have a legitimate reason to cry more.

  26. willie says:

    yes!!! shout-out to the best franchise owner in pro sports… cuban, get howard… cuban, gut our mavs, save for dirk and matrix, trade everyone else including 1st round picks for 3 years to get D-Ho to wear the mavs jersey… πŸ™‚

  27. Andrii says:

    Howard is close and close to LA or…?

  28. Joel says:

    I hope Orlando uses their heads and just trades Dwight for Bynum so they end up with something in the end. The only reason i want that trade is so we can finally have that Kobe vs LeBron final to determine who indeed is the best (LEBRONNNN JAMESSS!!!!) Then if Howard ditches the lakers next season for the nets…i dont care :D:D

  29. lafan says:

    now the biggest question is WHICH team will Howard add to his list?? because most teams are not gonna give up anything significant if he’s not going to re sign with them. He needs to grow up and at least name 2 to 3 teams, its really unfair when u say you want to go only 1 team.. unlucky for him that the team he wanted to go for backed out at least till january!

  30. high leaper says:

    Dwight, go to okc, and magic, get ibaka and harden, include someone to match salaries thats not a bad deal..

  31. CP3 says:

    Hahaha….Howard the JOKE…

  32. John says:

    The magic organization is out of this world! They think they have the best center in the solar system!! The only way this organization is going to START thinking about any trade for Howard is if you offer them Derron williams, joe johnson, lebron james, chris bosh, carmelo anthony, kobe bryant, bynum and 9 first round picks. Magic get real please!!!!

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      lmfaooooo! Good one, I like how you threw in joe johnson. Lots of people don’t know who joe johnson is the way they talk about him. That’s why I like seeing TRUE SPORTS FANS who have knowledge of players.

  33. Cons23 says:

    I’m sick of this DWIGHTmare! Howard hasn’t proven anything yet & he’s acting like he’s indispensible as if he’s already won several Larry O’Briens. He aint no Shaq and he ain’t worth all this drama!

    • MackDaddy says:

      Exactly right.

      A lot of hot air over a player who hasnt proved anything yet.
      He’ll regret signing up to the Magic for 1 more year, for the rest of his life.
      He had the power to go anywhere he wanted. Now he’ll go anywhere the Magic can get good players.

      But the real question is, who’s going to trade for Howard in the ‘hope’ that he’ll be convinced to re-sign with them (after he’s already said he isnt signing any extension except at Brooklyn)?

      It’s a game of chess…. and it’s Lose Lose.
      1) Howard sticks to his guns and flatly refuses to sign an extension anywhere.
      2) He plays out his final year at Magic because no team is going to throw away good players for nothing.
      3) He leaves as a free agent next year… but to who?

      Who’s got the cap space to sign him as a free agent?
      The he’s stuck in limbo.

      End score?
      Magic lose him with nothing to show for it, and Howard plays for whoever makes cap space.
      What’s the saying about “Pride Before The Fall”?

      Stubborn Magic should have done the deal. Lopez is top 10, and everyone wins.
      Now Magic will have no one, and Howard will play with whoever can afford him.

  34. spurs! says:

    go to the spurs! trade blair, bonner, neal, green and future picks. πŸ˜€

  35. KOBESTEPHEN says:

    i like howard . especially with a guard like NASH.
    but the lakers are good with bynum.
    just what i said last season. i dont like the lakers to be a powerhouse team. like MIAMI.
    I dont like them to be the Favorite team,
    I like them having disadvantages and overcoming it.
    BENCH players is/are what lakers needs.

  36. bigfoot says:

    DWIGHT it is not HARD GO toTHE LAKERS its the easiest decision EVER

  37. Chitown Ray says:

    The person who should be kicking DH in the butt is his agent. Thats stupid of Howard to limit his agent to just one team. Now every other team will simply low ball Orlando in any trade package because they know he will only be with them for either 1 season or a few months. I really don’t know why DH was so stuck on NJ/Brooklyn. Now If im correct if he leaves via free agency next year he won’t get the same money then that he could now..not from Brooklyn. Way to go DH…limit your choices to 1 team..I know your agent is kicking himself now.

  38. @dmorey says:


  39. BOTSOY says:

    Lakers fans
    Big three also is enough to face Miamis big three and all the following teams.

  40. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Howard isn’t going any where.

  41. Rob says:

    It’s a very interesting scenario and one that many fans think that D12 deserves to be in – what do you do when you have eyes for only one team and that team doesn’t want you back? Going to the Lakers would be a great option, I mean most players can only dream of playing for them. I think in four years’ time Kobe and Nash will have both retired, and LA will be looking for a new face of the franchise, Dwight could be the first pice of that rebuilding process. He could wait it out, become a free agent next year and sign with the Clippers, I mean they’d have room in their cap, I couldn’t imagine CP3 and Blake together leaving nothing in the coffers. Aside from those teams, Dallas is the only one I could see winning his heart to stay.

  42. truthhurts says:

    dwight is beginning to be a headache. Hes not even a “superstar”, yes, he got DPOY 3 times but remember ben wallace and mutombo won it 4 times. right now, dwight is still a “big potential” but not a “superstar”.

  43. killuabest says:

    GUYS its DYNASTY again for my LAKERS..D12 soon will be ours … why??MONEY,FAME,RINGS..simple as that. D12 will have surely fame in HOLLYWOOD as NBA , ENDORSEMENTS and so on. D12 will have his RINGS to come with a good core of players surrounding him, yes D12 will be 2nd to my KOBE in everything ( and soon 6th-7th rings for Bryant- D12 his 2 rings for sure). FAME-D12 you are in GOLD and PURPLE uniform..ITS A DYNASTY AGAIN…..simple as that… D12 you’re on.( for sure D12 will sign for extension seeing/ reading this.GO LAKERS FOR LIFE..

  44. Luke Duke says:

    What do you have to do to become part of a “BIG 3” or a “BIG 4”??? That’s gotten quite old. What ever happened to 12-13 guys playing AS A TEAM?!?!?!?!? The current rational, that you need 3 or 4 “stars” to have a chance, is ridiculous. Miami won the championship because LeBron has no peer in the NBA today. Dwayne Wade and Bosh had little to contribute, and the contributions they DID make were hardly “star quality”. I’d say there are 10-15 NBA teams that have a legitimate shot at a title next year and it doesn’t matter how many “stars” they have. My Bulls would have won it all this year had they not been hampered with injuries… a team that most would say only has a “BIG 1″… but still the best record in the NBA. Go figure.

    • lol1 says:

      lol miami heat always own the bulls on the playoffs, don’t think that jus because your team had the best records on 11-12 season your goin to win it easy. and no.. chicago bulls don’t have the (BIG 1) like you said, they actually have star players.

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Uhhh, no true guy. Back in the day when yall won the championship with shaq you guys beat the bulls in 6 I think. The next year I think the bulls beat you guys in 5. You two teams never faced each other again til two years ago, and probably would’ve had it not been for the injuries like the chicagoan up there said. So, just so you know…YOU’RE WRONG!! lmfao Man, I love coming on here with knowledge just to punk retards who talk crazy sh!+. It’s like shooting fish in a barrel…

      • AN says:

        As a Bulls fan, I don’t understand how you can put down the superstar model when the Bulls pratically invented the Big 3 model. Do the names Jordan, Pippen, and Rodman ring a bell in anyone’s head? That was pratically the first Big 3. Also, not to shatter your dreams, but your so called Big 1 is out half the season.

    • mr-plow says:

      da bulls werent going anywhere. your right though,with all these big-3 teams there will so many scrub teams now. who wants to see orlando,cleveland,atlanta,phoenix,etc. when they havwe no players anyone cares about?

  45. Magics are gonna get screwed says:

    Magics are being Idiots, They think they are trading the best center in the league, but they are not. They are renting a center for 1 year. The only team that was garanteed an extension was the nets but since that’s not gonna happen because the magics want half of the league for him, they will just keep him for a year and watch him walk for free next summer. They should have traded weeks ago before they got joe jonhson and complicated things.

  46. Zabuza says:

    The Indecision goes on and on…. LOL

  47. Nets Blow says:

    ikr what’s wrong with Dwight lmao..

    Also, the Neta wouldn’t be a threat to Miami even if they did get Howard. No way they’d reach the Finals…

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      I say, yes they could’ve. Hell, I think they got a better chance now than they would’ve because they have more depth(only if lopez comes back the same though).

  48. jasper says:

    i just hope dwight comes to lala land signing an extension and also dont trade bynum 4 d-12 because if the lakers dont win the championship with nash kobe and d-12, dwights contract will be up and we wont have bynum.

  49. knickfan212 says:

    @Luca, you better hope they don’t play the Knicks in the first round. Not this season.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      I’m hoping they don’t, because I actually like the knicks and wouldn’t want to see them go out like that lol. Real talk…melo’s on his own stuff, amare’s not the same, j.r.’s inconsistent, and I don’t think lin can do it all by himself.

  50. Alessio says:

    Hahahaha 1st of all i can’t stop laughing with all these Nets fans pretending that it’s better that they kept Lopez when in reality they cry silent tears!

    Also those Laker haters will bite their tongues when we get Dwight sooner or later.

    Oh and something else, please stop crying about Dwight’s back injury like he’s finished or anything else, he will be fine and play fine, so stop pretending that he’s finished, ’cause you can only wish for tht duh.

    Go Lakers baby!!!!

  51. knickfan212 says:

    That my friends means that The Nets are still just The Nets! D. Will is the man no doubt but Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace although they can play, aren’t threats that will concern anyone. J.Johnson is too inconsistant the same with Wallace. I can see Deron upset with Joe already. They do have a new arena !

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      inconsistent of what 19ppg? Or being in nthe all-star game(six-time)…?? Don’t let me get started on an 85% free throw, 45% field goal, and 40% 3pt…that’s better than dwade doofus!

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Wallace on the other hand may not be a superstar everynight, but everynight he plays great defense. So, I think you can under-estimate them all you want but I doubt that miami will. Wallace, has great both perimeter and post defense, a great stealer AND Ablocker who can shoot the 3 and score. So, nice try but no cigar pedro…

  52. Luca says:

    to be honest?! i like brooklyn’s move. when brook is healthy and kris as well they’ve got a good front court including wallace. they dont need dwight, sure it would make them a stronger team but w/o him they have more depth. it would be sad if they have given up loΓΌez humphries brooks and so else.
    take your chance with your guys and i think they ll compete for no. 6 in the east πŸ˜‰ how about a playoff 1st round with nets and knicks? πŸ˜‰

    • HeatH8r says:

      How ’bout you thinking the Knicks are going to finish No. 3 in the East is too high? Best-case scenario, Knicks will finish No. 5. They don’t play defense well enough to make it into the top four. Acquiring Tyson Chandler doesn’t automatically make you a good defensive team, regardless of what anyone says.

  53. jake says:

    screw the LAKERS DWIGHT….come to minnesota and play with the forgotten power forward in the game KEVIN LOVE…we need more black guys on our team

  54. shalom says:

    Dwight should be in Lakers. Miami is hard as stone right now…. only Lakers, can break it. with Nash, Bryant and Howard.

  55. TonAstorga says:

    Good move by signing Lopez, now get a veteran or a good bench players and develop TEAM CHEMISTRY! THEY DONT NEED A CRY BABY CENTER!!!

  56. sirsparhawk says:

    Getting old.

  57. LakersFan says:

    lets be realistic here. Dwight only opted into the last year of his contract to retain his bird rights and enable him to get more money. He thought he could play out the end of the season with Orlando, then they would trade him to the nets, where he could sign his extension (retaining his rights and his higher payday). all the people who are saying Dwight will “just wait till next year and sign with the nets then” don’t understand that the nets couldn’t pay him with Lopez on the books, and he would only get a smaller payday due to the loss of bird rights. If the deal with the nets is truly dead then Dwight will have to accept the dream of playing for the nets is over. Orlando has said they want this drama queen gone before the start of the season, so forget about a trade mid-season with the nets…

    The best offer on the table might still be the LA swap with Bynum, where I think Dwight would have to sign an extension, as that’s the only way he will get both the big market and big payday he seems to need. Not sure if this helps or hurts the lakers, maybe time will tell…

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Not true, who says that they don’t send lopez to a team with some other people for future picks? Then if they sign howard, they would be a force for YEARS to come with the future picks…

  58. bunbury says:

    listen. The nets will trade lopez next year for nothing and sign howard via agency. i have one thing to say though- i dont understand howard. why sign a 1-year extension if you’re going to demand trade a week later. he not only wanted to be traded he wanted to be traded to the Nets.

  59. chitown says:

    Screw Dwight, the Nets are a great team with/or without him. The lineup would be:
    PG-Dwill, Taylor
    SG-Johnson, Green
    SF-Wallace, Stackhouse
    PF-maybe Humphries, Teletovic
    C-Lopez, Evans or another center from free agency
    They should resign Gerald Green, maybe even Humphries. If Humphries doesnt resign, possible free agents the Nets should consider signing:
    Lou Admunson
    Elton Brand
    J.J Hickson
    Carl Landry
    Kenyon Martin

  60. james says:

    lol there is some hope for dirk

  61. davny says:

    Everytime I log onto NBA website, all i see and read is about this brat with immature, recalcitrant attitude who he thinks he is bigger or better than anyone in this leagure, that he will make any team who takes him in a championship caliber. Give me a break…at first I thought he is a funny guy, now i think he is an eyesore and malignin tumor to any NBA team. I hope no one takes him in so he can realize that he is just merely a basketball player who craves for attention, nothing else..tsk~

  62. trueLAfan says:

    DAAAAAAAMNN!!! ROTFLMFAO!!! this is hilarious! D12 never got 2 go to the brooklyn! Honestly, they have a team built for a good playoff setting, although, if they want to win a ring or two, need to go a little bigger. By the way, all of my fellow laker fans who want Dwight “diva” howard sent to LA, I’m sorry, but I strongly disagree… If you were to tell me the top 2 centers in the NBA at this point, I’m sure they would be Andrew Bynum and Dwight Howard. Howard has all the fame because of this Dwama and because of his defensive potential, but Bynum has shown significant improvement and is a successful allstar now!!! Why on earth ruin something on its uphill? Lakers as a franchise are trying to save a sudden pitfall and end to the dynasty (which in my opinion can be prevented). Kobe himself knows that he doesn’t have more than a couple years left. We have Andrew who is still young, and on his uphill climb (so is Kobe although his shooting percentage is at a career low, his points are sky high!) With Nash solving the point guard problem, I do believe we will get better shots going around. With four of the starting five as Kobe, Nash, Gasol, and Bynum, we have 2 of the best big men, plus Kobe and Nash as veteran players with years of experience. I might be exaggerating, but I do think we are finals contenders. One last thing that comes to mind is, that this new era of basketball is characterized by the “superteams.” The last era was characterized by leaders. Although, no era has reached a perfect setting yet, and until one does, all we can do is sit back and watch some basketball…

    • AN says:

      You forgot to mention that the Lakers also have MWP, one of the best perimeter defenders, and might also get Grant Hill

  63. KB24 says:

    EVEN IF LAKERS GET D12 HE COME LATE FOR THE SEASON AND THEN Walk away after so they only having howard for half a season that may or may not end with a championship. I also think he cant sign with the nets cause they sign both williams and lopez in a max contract so they dont have the money to sign howard the big contract

  64. Bob says:

    Nets did a good thing by leaving howard

  65. DWIGHTMARES says:

    Even though it would’ve been nice to see Howard on the Nets, I guess Brook Lopez is a pretty good plan B. But he needs A LOT of work this offseason. He needs to improve his rebounding, post offense, and post defense. As for the Dwight Howard saga, if he stays with Orlando, that could be a dangerous situation because of the fans. I hope they have extra security for next season, cuz they gon’ need it! If Dwight isn’t traded by the end of the offseason, the Magic will wait until the deadline or even during Jan. when Lopez is eligible to be traded. Then they will see if this trade makes sense. Both teams will be looking at Lopez and Howard to see their health. All I can say is, DONT TRADE HIM TO LA!!!

  66. Bull says:

    Good move Brooklyn!

    Now trade D12 to the Bulls πŸ™‚

    • khalis says:

      Match Asik offer sheet than trade Asik, Boozer, Korver, and a pick to Orlando! Yeah Let’s Go Bulls

  67. davny says:

    Everytime when I log onto, the first thing i see is the pic of this immature brat who thinks he deserves better than anyone in this league and yet he produces nothing but recalcitrant attitude toward anyone stands in his way. So sick of it, I wish no one will take him in so he can realize that he is merely a basketball player…tsk~

  68. Rob K says:

    The Magic has a plan in place…. can you guess what it is…??? It’s GENIOUS!! May not actually work but they’re giving it the best chance they can. Wearing Howard out and exhausting all the trade options other teams offering, he may actually resign with the Magic! After all, Dwight said it himself, he’d only sign long term with Brooklyn and no one else! So, now that the Nets are spent all their money for several seasons and done dealing, what’s next for D12??? Unless he’s willing to sign long term with other teams (Rockets, Lakers, Hawks, etc.), he’d be forced to come back “home”. Give credit to this new, young GM, he’s smarter than you think!! πŸ˜‰

    • YoYo says:

      Yup go ahead and sign him to serveral years and hear him demand trade every year they don’t win a championship….Btw Ryan Anderson is gone so the chance of them winning a championship is like ZERO (they coudnt even come close with Anderson) So the magic are left with Jameer and Dwight, with Jameer thinking he the best PG in the league and pulling up crazy treys and with Dwight crying about how Jameer not good enough….

  69. Jackie says:

    This is all rumor and no fact……nobody really knows what the Lakers are doing or thinking– they never do and never will. How many people reported the Kwame for Gasol trade before it happened? None. How many reported the Chris Paul for Odom trade– none. The Lakers have no leaks……nobody knows.

  70. Hurt? says:

    I feel is good for Nets that they resigned Lopez instead trading for Howard. I mean dwight just had a complex surgary, didnt he get disc hernation some like that? heee is not coming back as superman more likly like mary poppins….if even that.

  71. Ahahahahhaa lmfaooooo!

  72. magic fan says:

    finally no more talk of orlando accepting a garbage deal from NJ….THANK YOU

    • YoYo says:

      LOL garbage?
      Nets damn near gave up all the players they can possibly give up plus 3 or 4 future first round, GL trying to find a better deal else where….

      • lol says:

        how many of those picks where lottery picks lol.

        any pick other then lottery ones are worthless.

        also lopez is coming back from worse surgery lol.

        how on earth is that a good deal.

        this aint nba2k lol

      • D says:

        Any picks other than lottery picks are useless?? So I guess Kobe, Nash, Ginoboli, Stockton, and Parker were all useless.

  73. bheinteh20 says:

    id say it would have been nice to have a superteam in Brooklyn to challenge Miami.

    on the far side, it’s likely that LA will land D12. and if it happens then another superteam will emerge.

    cant we just simulate the games and head straight to the playoffs?! LOL

  74. W/E says:

    oh nooooo,this is getting really ugly……

  75. Sharquay says:

    Biggest LOOSER in all of this. Dwight Howard, for opting in. If you don’t want to play for a team, why the hell would you opt in to the last year of a contract. Now we will be hearing him whine for the next year because he’s not playing for Brooklyn.
    Congrats to them for signing Lopez, good move.

  76. NBA_that says:

    Decent team Go nets

  77. Rikimaru says:

    Orlando are greedy hope they get nothing like cleveland πŸ™‚

    • Rob K says:

      not greedy, smart my man.. Smart!! Why help another super team emerge in your own conference? So, you won’t have a chance to win for years?? Just think about it….

      • YoYo says:

        Yeah but when dwight leave for nothing, you wont win period lol
        Nets by far offered a very nice deal to Orlando they will not find a better deal anywhere else…

      • AN says:

        Anyways the Magic wont win anything for at least another 6 years because there is one Super Team that is in the same state as the Magic

  78. big mo eazy says:

    now if this happens for LA this means complete Chaos for the west because dwight and gasol provide great paint defense therefore kobe will have an easier time on the defensive end and so will metta now that means the best defensive player in the game in dwight two of the best perimeter defenders of the last decade in kobe and MWP plus nash who is quick and can get the ball of a howard rebound and work his magic on the offensive end will have games with the scores of 123-84 on average against opponents if you dont like that for a basketball team you dont like basketball

  79. Spooky13 says:

    With Lopez being stuck at the Nets until January, I think this drama will go on until later in the season. Nets will trade for Howard after Jan and Magic will take on Lopez and his contract that would otherwise prevent Howard moving to the Nets. It’s unlikely Magic will get to offload many of their big contracts now as Howards stock will fall rapidly as the season goes on. The best they can hope for if they wait is Lopez and picks.

  80. LBj6TheNewKing says:

    daaaamnn soooo daaaaamn tired loggin in at and continously read bout him, you lost all of my respect, daaaaamn im tired of you, daamn you sooooo drama queeen, i mean Nets didnt loose nada in this. I think is good they kept brook lopez, dwight havin disc problems maybe Howard will not return as Howard, and plus Lopez is a better proffesional then miss drama queen of the year Howard, nevertheless, KIng James gon snatch another ring next year. peace out! saluut from SWEDEN

  81. david says:

    good news for my team the nets its a win at the end of the day for my nets they re-signed brook lopez let this dwight problem be someone else’s problem because right now he going to for sure be booed everywhere he goes and even in the magic who he backed stabbed signs out not to be a free agent to only want out again this makes him look stupid.

  82. wadefan says:

    thank god.. ’nuff said

  83. LOLzgonets says:

    I swear by all that is good that either the Magic will regret this if they keep Howard past Jan 15 or any other team foolish enough to trade for Howard *cough* Lakers *cough* because Howard will not stay with whatever team trades for him.

    • HeatH8r says:

      Dwight Howard on the Lakers with Pau Gasol, Kobe Bryant, Steve Nash, and Metta World Peace? The Lakers would destroy everyone and almost guarantee a Lakers-Heat Finals next year.

      • sportsCritique says:

        Soooo, replacing Bynum with Howard automatically makes the Lakers that good? Dont think so. All the highlight dunks aside Dwight is less an offensive threat than Bynum. Lets not forget you have Mike Brown on the bench “coaching”. Even with Howard and Nash I dont see the Lakers being able to beat the Spurs or Thunder. Anything they gain in star power they lose in inconsistency(Howard) and age(Nash)…

  84. JumpingRabbit says:

    Finally, the Nets come to their senses.

  85. big mo eazy says:

    this almost seals the deal for the lakers and no other team can give the magic an even closer offer than LA the hawks and clippers dont have any center worth dwight’s level good move nets you’ve ruined your chances of winning a title once again

    • Netsfan says:

      yo the nets can still get him at the allstar break…and even if he goes to the lakers hes a free agent next year and will prob go with the nets then

    • Cody says:

      How do you figure, if the Lakers trade Bynum to the Magic, the Magic will end in the same situation. Why would they want to put themselves in the same situation?

      • AN says:

        The Magic are now stuck in a ditch, because the only trade they can make without losing everything is trade Howard to the Rockets for their draft picks, because Bynum has not said whether he would sign an extension in either Houston or Orlando.

  86. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Finally done. Too bad that my Nets couldn’t get a deal for Howard. But still happy to bring Lopez back. Now all I wish is that Dwight doesn’t end up in L.A.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      I wouldn’t worry about it if I were you, this deal will blow up in the magic’s face I guarantee you. He’s not going to sign an extension with the lakers OR rockets. Plus, if brooks comes back and plays the same way he has been playing since he’s been in the nba then I think the nets will have a better record than the heat. Big man who scores and rebounds, along with the company of all-star caliber squad is ridiculous. Remember people, they don’t see if they can play together and wonder if it’ll work. 4 of the starting 5 have already played together, and if you think jj won’t play well…get real. Another perc is, you get to keep your bench players (mainly) marshon brooks who is going to be very good off the bench. I like the way he plays, he’s young, talented, very good scorer, and can sometimes be electric.

      • AN says:

        Another thing to be excited about is that if D12 really wants to come to the Nets, he might be able to in free agency, if he does a sign-and-trade, so maybe then the Nets might not have to give up Lopez to another random team for Howard. So then just imagine a team of Lopez and D12.

  87. Randy says:

    I’m really happy for the Nets, they can move on from all this trade drama and develop a solid team chemistry.

  88. Chiroy says:

    It would had been great seeing Howard at the Barclays Center ever night. If he was on the team, the Brooklyn Nets could had been 2nd to the Miami Heat. Hope he comes next season when he’s a free agent.

  89. Chris says:

    Wow. Just wow.

  90. underdog says:

    wait till the trade deadline it is… Good move not falling for the Nets’ bluff Hennigan. Evaluate Lopez through the Nets first then decide if he’s worth the 4yr/60m.. Houston is obsessd, they will wait until the trade deadline

  91. basket ball says:

    About time, I’m sure too many egos in one team wouldn’t have worked out. I’m sure orlando wouldn’t have traded for Lopez anyway… at the end of the day something had to give, most likely he’s heading to LA or Houston, hopefully houston just to balance things out.

  92. frappe says:

    can’t wait for 12-13 season
    G0 HEATS

  93. This is music to my ears! Come on LAKERS get this deal done so we can be back in the Finals. I believe he will end up someone in the near future or should I say I hope. Not trying to drag this out until the all star break. Net will most likely end up in the spot Atlanta usually ends up in.

    • Average Joe says:

      Think again. If they do get Howard, it’s most likely be for one season only. Howard made it very clear he ain’t signing an extension if it’s not the Nets. If they do get Howard’s long-term commitment, they only have one or two years left out of Nash and two or three years out of Bryant. They’ll probably be out of contention if Howard remains the only star. And they have to put up with another sixteen-year old in a man’s body.

      And don’t forget the Thunder. Howard has always struggled with Perk in the middle for Boston and it won’t be much different in OKC. The aging Lakers legs can’t keep up with OKC’s youth. So it’s very probable that they won’t get past the Thunder even if they bring Howard in.

      But anything can happen. Let’s just see how this goes. This should make for a very interesting season.

      • Axel says:

        Yeah, that’s about all you are joe, average. That comment was average, and not even close to making sense.

        Howard dominates the post against OKC, and plus he will have Gasol w/ him if he does come. The Lakers are good enough to beat the thunder right now with Nash, they just have to solve some schemes on defense.

      • AN says:

        Thats why this trade makes no sense for the Lakers. Bynum has been recognized as a center with almost as much talent as Howard. Even though Bynum goes through ocasional breakdowns, Howard is coming off of back surgery. Teaming Bynum and Gasol with Nash would be devastating for all of the teams in the NBA, there is no need to bring in Howard, especially when no one is sure how well he can play next year after surgery.

  94. Mark Caguioa says:

    Finally, getting rid of queen o’drama howard is one of the best thing Brooklyn did. He will sign with the nets season anyways. Still can have a very decent first five and bench after all.

    • A Fan says:

      He won’t sign with the Nets next year because they won’t have the cap space to get him. Between Williams, Johnson, Wallace, and Lopez, they won’t have much room left over. Certainly not enough for a max contract that Howard will command.

      The only option would be a sign and trade but if a deal hasn’t been worked out by now I doubt that will change in the future. My guess would be he signs with Dallas or takes part in a Howard/Bynum swap.

      If I were you, I wouldn’t worry too much about Howard anyways. The Nets are still going to be a very good team this year.

    • LEXCORPAR says:

      is this MC47?

  95. Me says:

    why they so greedy? what, brook ain’t enuff? smfh…

    • Rob K says:

      Uhhhmmm.. let me think… NO! Brook ain’t enough!! πŸ˜‰

    • Blektrey says:

      Yep I know what you mean. How is Brook Lopez and 4 first round picks not enough for someone coming off back surgery, and who does not have a low post game and cannot shoot free throws? This Hennigan is an arrogant nerd. I hope he is not able to trade Howard this year and gets nothing for him when he walks as a free agent next year. Unbelievable!! He turns down Brook Lopez and 4 first round picks!!? Maybe he should try and swing a trade with Miami for Lebron James, Dwayne Wade and Chris Bosh?

      • lakernc says:

        you guys are idiots, lopez is also coming off surgery that is way more serious than howards back.

      • DP says:

        Even if he stays with the team I doubt they would even play him after all of this drama. I agree they should take what they could get because they will probably end up with nothing now.

      • BoyfromOz says:

        Brook Lopez and four most likely LATE round picks ? Are you serious? That’s nothing! Lopez injury was more severe than Howard’s, you guys have to be Brooklyn supporters right?

      • trade1 says:

        actually what i heard was it was lopez, humphries and a few 1st round picks… to me that should of been a done deal, but i’m sure they wanted the nets to take hedo or jrich, where the problem comes in…

    • Danny Seigle says:

      please tell me your joking.. are you serious? Kobe is better than lebron in his prime? kobe in his prime never led the lakers to the finals.. yeah kobe is setting scoring records at the expense of his team and they are not winning, damn lebron even led a the cavs to nba finals at age 22 and not yet in his prime.. lebron singlehandedly beat the same detroit pistons who destroyed the 2004 lakers with shaq, kobe , payton, malone and phil jackson..kobe may have a better resume than lebron in terms of championships but that is because kobe got a better team for a longer time than lebron did..kobe bryant is a poor man’s michael jordan but lebron is something we havent seen before.. say all you want but LEBRON > Kobe….