Deron Williams Makes It Official, Signs Five-Year Deal With Nets On IPad

LAS VEGAS — Someone needs to get Deron Williams a crown since he’s the NBA’s new king of technology.

First he broke his own free-agent news by Tweeting that he was picking the Brooklyn Nets over the Dallas Mavericks. His latest high-tech move came just after 9 p.m. local time, when he signed the five-year, $98 million deal with the Nets on the opening night/morning of the free-agent signing period on an iPad, per Ken Berger of

An added twist, according to Berger, is the fourth year opt-out that was included in the contract, which no doubt serves as an escape hatch for Williams if the Joe Johnson sign-and-trade deal is the only other major move the Nets make to revamp their team.

The Dwight Howard trade rumors that were percolating Monday have shifted dramatically and now include teams other than the Nets, the team Howard has requested the Orlando Magic trade him to since December.

TNT’s David Aldridge reported earlier Tuesday night that the Lakers and Rockets have jumped back into the Howard mix as it enters into its eighth month of uncertainty.


  1. natefilewood says:

    So he gets a 5 year contract worth $98 mill AND an opt out clause if he isnt happy and hasnt got what he wants after 4 years? This is a joke now.
    If these guys cant win it all with 2 stars, let alone the 4 that he (and most players) want, the problem isnt with the coaching or the club- its with the player himself.

  2. two says:

    Just because you sign a contract on an ipad doesn´t mean people should give you a crown.

    Come on, that’s just silly.

  3. Nashtastic says:

    crybaby Howard just needs to go to the Lakers, swap with Bynum. that’s the best possibility.

    Nash, Kobe and Howard as Lakers big 3.

    Pleas make it happen!