Rockets, Lakers In Latest Howard Talks

The Orlando Magic are talking to the Los Angeles Lakers and Houston Rockets in various trade scenarios involving Dwight Howard, according to league sources. However, a source directly involved in the discussions said Tuesday night that no deal involving Howard going to either team was likely at the moment — though the situation remains fluid and could re-heat at any moment.

Discussions with the Brooklyn Nets, the one team Howard has said he’d be willing to sign a contract extension with after this season, were “quiet,” the source said Tuesday. A proposed four-team deal involving the Nets, Magic, Cavaliers and Clippers never came near fruition, and the Nets started looking for different trade partners Monday. In that complicated deal, Howard would have gone to Brooklyn, with the Nets sending center Brook Lopez (in a sign and trade deal) along with three future first-round picks to Orlando, and Cleveland taking Nets free agent Kris Humphries in a sign-and-trade deal. A fourth team, reportedly at various points the Clippers, Bobcats or Timberwolves, would have taken another Nets player, guard MarShon Brooks. But another source said Tuesday reports that that deal was anywhere near close were “way premature” because of all the moving parts involved.

The basketball website HoopsWorld reported Tuesday that the Magic, Rockets and Lakers had initiated discussions with one another about potential trade scenarios involving Howard and Lakers center Andrew Bynum. The website said the Magic were talking about potential deals that would send Howard to the Lakers and Bynum to the Rockets, with the Magic getting what they want most of all: numerous future Draft picks. The Los Angeles Times reported later Tuesday that the Lakers would be willing to take the contract of guard Jason Richardson (three years and $18.6 million remaining) from Orlando to facilitate the trade. The Magic has also been looking for someone to take the contract of forward Hedo Turkoglu (two years, $23 million remaining) in a potential Howard deal.

The Lakers are uncertain that they’ll be able to re-sign Bynum, who made his first All-Star team last season and is entering the final year of his contract. Bynum has loads of talent, but has rubbed feelings raw within the organization with occasional bouts of immaturity and bad on-court decisions. But Howard has not yet said that he would be willing to sign an extension with the Lakers, leaving them leery to pull the trigger on any potential deal.

“Dwight does control this, still,” another source directly involved in the talks said Tuesday.

The Rockets have made no secret of their desire to get a star player, having amassed any number of potential assets in the last two weeks. Even though Howard has consistently said he will not sign an extension in Houston, either, the Rockets have gathered pieces they hope will be palatable to Orlando.

They got an extra first-round pick from Minnesota for forward Chase Budinger, then traded center Samuel Dalembert and the 14th pick to Milwaukee for the 12th pick and forwards Jon Brockman and Jon Leuer. Houston then took guard Jeremy Lamb and forwards Royce White and Terrence Jones in the Draft. They then traded starting point guard Kyle Lowry to Toronto for a future lottery pick, a pick that could be a significant chip in potential deals. On Monday, Houston sent veteran center Marcus Camby to New York for guard Toney Douglas and bigs Josh Harrellson and Jerome Jordan, as well as two future second-round picks. The Rockets also are expected to tender an offer sheet to Chicago center Omer Asik for three years and $25 million when the July Moratorium ends early Wednesday morning, as well as a four-year, $28 million sheet for Knicks guard Jeremy Lin. The Knicks, however, are expected to match the offer sheet.

Houston also still has guard Kevin Martin, who is entering the last year of his contract, and talented forward Luis Scola as potential trade chips as well.

The Magic remain determined to deal Howard, who asked for a trade last year before changing his mind at the last minute and opting in to the last year of his contract instead of becoming an unrestricted free agent this summer. Though he and the Magic expressed their desire publicly to try and mend fences, and fired former coach Stan Van Gundy and general manager Otis Smith, Howard reiterated his trade request last month to the Magic’s new general manager Rob Hennigan. The Magic have indicated since the end of the season that they will trade Howard rather than repeat the soap opera of last season.


  1. phil says:

    LA fans are totaly one sided now a days… trade bynum for OMG..
    lols! he have a very bad knees people nad you want more than howard still?

    admit it guys yoy will nvr win agains the OKC and the Heat! jerks

  2. phil says:

    hey! who told you HOWARD wants to be a BALLERINA??

    HE didnt say that?? hes a realman period!..

  3. Howard to LA says:

    make it happen baby (D12 and J. Rich to the Lakers), that’s the only move you can bring back the trophy to LA!!!

    • Alex214 says:

      i rather get howard and kevin martin to the lakers

      bynum and turkoglu to the rockets

      magic get 3-5 picks and a couple of rookies from both teams

      This would be an easier trade than what i posted before

  4. JOHN says:

    alex. i dont think your trade will be possible because rockets arent going to trade scola and martin looking for a rebuild
    i think the tede should be like this:
    rockets taking: bynum and j richardson
    lakers:howard and trkoglu
    magic:4 future picks only from rockets and barnes and scola for bench

  5. Alex says:

    Just trade dwight for Jeremy Lin and Tyson Chandler.

  6. MGIC Core says:

    All this situation with Dwight Howard is driving all magic fans crazy,tired and boring at the same time.I know that the new GM is trying to do his best, but he have to be very carefull and don’t make the mistake of deal Howard for unproven
    players and some future picks.For geter, this is not OKC.

  7. Lakers4life says:

    Man please howard come to the lakers!!!! We got one of the best point guards in history and we have the Mamba(one of the NBA’s greats).
    I always hated Bynum to me he looks like a little kid playing. Howard if you come we have like a 88% chance for the title lol.

  8. shawn says:

    they keeping turk because his contract is coming off books but j-rich contract is just starting thats why they let anderson go for a project player all the gm wants is 1-2 year contracts young players with upside and picks so just get it done so us real magic fans can finally root for our new team

  9. shawn says:

    the magic dont want contracts back in return they want cap space and picks they want 2 start all new with young players so they can build together like okc

  10. dash says:

    dwight neeeds to leave orlando so the magic can move on . we shouldnt give him what he wants and trade him to brooklyn and create another super team. that will be bad for the nba. who cares were dwight wants to go dont create another super team!!!

  11. Alex214 says:

    Lakers, Magic + Rockets trade.

    Lakers get Howrd, Turkoglu, Scola, Martin

    Rockets get Bynum, J. Richardson

    Magic get 4 low cost players 2 from each team
    4 future round picks 2 from each team and cash

    what does this trade do for each team.
    for the lakers adds Best Center in NBA, and a solid bench

    for the rockets adds sencond best and improving center andrew bynum and a shooting guard

    for the magic it adds players that they use or can trade coming next season, Cut a huge salary cap
    to rebuild next year since they want to do that and future picks that can come in handy later on + cash.

  12. Miami Joe says:

    Even with Howard, Bryant, and Nash I don’t see the Lakers making it past OKC. I do feel that with Howard, Bryant, and Nash they become the favorite over the Clippers lol…

    • All we need if the Howard deal goes through is another wing player and possibly another back up PF , because Pau can slide over to the 5 if Howard is in foul trouble. We need like Carl Landry, Gerald Green or Courtney Lee. Lakers need to just make moves because if with the trade the Lakers will still be a piece away.

    • CommonSense says:

      Tell me when Miami gets 16 championships..and counting. Alright?

  13. DJBname says:

    Some team should take him for the one year, then take their chances.

  14. Lakers need to pull the trigger and make this deal if possible. If the Lakers win a title Dwight will gladly sign a extension. If the deal isn’t made I’m sure Bynum will not resign next year because he’s heavily involved in these trade talks. Make it happen Mitch, we need to be the elite in the NBA again.

  15. would love to see bynum vs howard


  17. L A says:

    d will, johnson, wallace, k hump, b lopez is not a bad combination, if they take dwight and sign landry or a nobody, they would be better but still not a championship team. if lakers send bynum and get howard, nash, kobe, artest, gasol and howard would be a monstrous team but they still need perimeter tread and depth.

  18. HARDfacker says:

    BYNUM is a good free throw shooter while howard is a poor free throw shooter..when ever they go to the paint in the crucial period,bynum will raise his team to victory unlike howard that cant,,

  19. john salanap says:

    shaq has a great year in lakers, but his pride overcame him. he compete with kobe, if he stay in lakers his will not be wasted and during his retirement maybe his jersey will be the 8th laker player that retired in l.a. lakers is a great oranization, one of a great team in nba. many player want to make their names involved in lakers achievement.

  20. angie says:

    So gone are the days of a Shaq leaving Orlando with nothing outirght to sign a 7 year $121 million contract with the Lakers. If that was today, Shaq would have either had to take fewer years and a whole lot fewer millions to come to Los Angeles, he would have just stayed in Orlando, or he would have orchestrated a S&T. Whatever the option, Orlando wouldn’t come out empty handed.

  21. john salanap says:

    if howard will move to lakers maybe his jersey number might be retired at los angeles for the rest of his career. if howard will be mature enough to decide for his career. lakers is the best place for him as a great player… for me howard will agree to be traded to lakers and make a name for his own…

  22. angie says:

    No matter where Dwight and Drew end up, they WILL sign the extension. It won’t be right away. They’ll both become FAs. But they will eventually go back to the team who owns their Bird rights. Why?? Because the CBA pretty much makes it impossible to for a player to jump ship unless they are willing to leave obscene amounts of money on the table.

  23. sirsparhawk says:

    Lol if he went to OKC, hellooooo rings. If he stayed anyways.

  24. john salanap says:

    trading bynum to dwight is such a big move. a year contract to a year contract without confirmation of a new contract is a risk to have howard on a roster of a lakers without knowing that maybe howard will be re-sign as a laker if lakers will trade pau for josh smith… such a risk move but josh is a young and a great player.. lakers move means ring…

  25. Bobo says:

    Dwight its easy. Go to the Lakers, settle in and push the strings until next season u dont have to go to Brooklyn, Dwill will come to you into L.A

    • That's so out there .. says:

      It’ll work! It’s so crazy .. it actually makes sense. If Dwama Howard goes to Lakers and by some fluke they win a ring .. guess who will want to join up as SG when Kobe retires on a (hypothetical) 6th? You said it: D-Will. They get to share the franchise as their own when Kobe quits – and will probably drag a few other stars to LaLa Land with them. It would probably be the longest shot, craziest, out of this world deal … but hey, as much a pipe dream that it is, i think you win the prize for original thinking. 😉

  26. Dennis says:

    Man NBA in 2012 is like the Bald and The Ugly.

  27. qwerty says:

    i say this is what the lakers need to do, FORGET ABOUT HOWARD!!!!! they need to keep bynum and if he doesnt extend then oh well its 17 million off the books and they can sign 2 or 3 roll players with that money next season. what the lakers really need to do is now that there is a log jam at the SF position with the sixers. iggy, young, wright, and even turner they need to trade gasol to the sixers for either iggy or young because both of them are beasts on both ends of the court and re-sign hill to start at the PF position and hopefuly the lakers get maybe grant hill as the back up SF and call it an offseason, the lakers would have one of the best starting line ups in the NBA

    Iggy or Young

  28. Carlo Tulas says:

    Whats up david aldridge. Tell the lakers they dont need howard. Bynum,pau,kobe,nash will give kobe a chance to play in the finals. they just need to focus on their second unit and probably they can get GERALD GREEN for starting 5 small forward. and put worldpeace as a back SF.lakers PG problem solved.. Now they need a young,shooter,athletic and defender SF that is mid level value for them to be tough contender and save some money.. GERALD GREEN would fit the missing puzzle for them.

  29. HeatFanfromTDot says:

    Though I don’t like the lakers, with kid Canuck there I would be willing to close my eyes take a deep(x10) breath and say: Go Fakers… I mean Go Lakers!!! Doesn’t matter who’s at 5, Lakers and Heat in the NBA Finals!

  30. Howard is not Shaq says:

    Just stop lakers. Dwight does not want to go to lakers or play with ballhog kobe. Magic don’t want a arrogant idiot like Bynum either.

  31. beejay says:

    trade the immature andrew bynum and non-sense metta world peace fro D12… to winback the ring next season,,it’s gonna be amazing watch against the miami heat in the finals..go!!!

  32. Baqar says:

    I think Howard should go somewhere else. He should go to the Clippers. They can use his experience, and have an addition to lob city.

  33. W/E says:

    oh man this is getting more and more exciting, i see big changes coming cause of D12 and believe me, the NBA NEEDS another SUPER GOOD team ESPECIALLY in the eastern conference CAUSE OF THE HEAT, if not its gunna be so boring to see the Heat have no oppostion in their road to the NBA finals for the next couple years…the Heat are so much better than any other team in the eastern conference that no matter what happens with the trades i still believe that the Heat are having another sure trip to the finals at least for the 12-13 season..

  34. 16going417 says:

    At this point it really does not matter. Dwight has issues and cannot shoot free throws. Bynum has issues and has an attitude. So, who cares which one plays with LAL. I would prefer the Lakers keep Bynum as he knows the system and the players. So, he is a better fit given the current situation.

    So, Lakers stop messing around with your big man situation and focus on your problem area YOUR BENCH!!! You are good enough with your current starting 5. Get some good supporting players that can come off the bench and maintain the lead by playing defense and rebounding or make the outside shot or make an inside play. Do that and you will be a serious contender for the title next year. However, if you have a great starting 5 and no bench, then you can expect to say good by in the second round again (if you even make it that far)……………

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Yeah but their bench isn’t as bad as Miami Heat’s bench even though LA could get away with it like Miami did. LA has a PG now, so they really should focus on backups now. Get carl Landry, wait, he resigned with the Hornets. and others

  35. Mike P says:

    Good, that way Jason Richardson and Steve Nash can be closer to their children.

  36. Hoopzaah says:

    I though DW’s shoulders were huge. But now i just think the shoulders are not that big instead is the head really small.
    Typical, wants to have a word in the business room, on the court and in the club later in the evening, just because there was a town following everything he was doing.
    Is there any humbleness left in these so-called stars?

  37. Brandon says:

    Dwight should just go to the celtics cuz rondo is better than d-will and also he can work with pierce and garnett who r old but still are good

  38. Edwin_Lakers24 says:

    The LAKERS getting Howard and Richardson..Damn what a good deal finally someone to help out KOBE with the Shooting Guard Position. KOBE is about to get 3 more rings!!

  39. Brain32 says:

    I find all this whining about Howard being drama queen and stuff quite silly. He is a star and he gets a LOT of media attention, we can’t possibly know what happens in the inner circles of all these deals.
    We also don’t know what happens over the years with the coaches, players, management etc. Promises, guarantees etc.
    So why all the fuss? I realize Orlando fans are not happy with their star player leaving but I don’t understand those that jump on the hate bandwagon…I mean fo’ real?
    Are you all kids here or what?
    I think it’s time to relax and actually enjoy this trade madness, I mean it’s quite exciting waking up in the morning checking the NBA page for some shocking transfer news 🙂
    As for Orlando fans, sorry guys but hey, if he stays – great, if he leaves – let’s be honest it’s time for a rebuild of the team, it might actually be a good thing, especially if the management pulls a good deal on it 😉

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      True, remember when Shaq left Orlando for LA. D12 leaving for LA will become Shaq leaving Orlando to LA 2. Majic fans, it’s time to move on with life. The GM may start a rebuilding process

  40. wtf says:

    we dont need f*cking cry baby D12 & unskilled s*it Turkoglu

  41. jpb says:

    La with Kobe, Nash, Gasol and Howard will inbativeis! champions!

  42. Kobe Bryant says:

    I want D12 on my team.

  43. alex .T says:

    Well in orlando-lakers-houston trade something is missing, they might need another teem with more options. But so far i would say best scenario is
    Orlando – Scola, Martin and plenty picks
    Lakers – Howard
    Houston – Bynum and J Rich

    Have no clue where is Hedo’s future but still some part is missing…

  44. FreeAgentTracker says:

    Please send Kobe to Magic and get Howard.

  45. alex .T says:

    Well in orlando-lakers-houston trade something is missing, the might need another teem with more options. But so far i would say best scenario is
    Orlando – Scola, Martin and plenty picks
    Lakers – Howard
    Houston – Bynum and J Rich

    Have no clue where is Hedo’s future but still some part is missing…

  46. daniel.b says:

    i dont like this, i rather take my time with bynum then howard.. the lakers need solid bench players right now, not no starters other then nash… thats what the difference has been the last 2yrs.. the bench not doing anything in the playoffs!!

  47. JDish says:

    TRADE THE GUY ALREADY! All this is probably that Dwight isn’t not wanting to go anywhere else other than Brooklyn, which is making things prolonged and tought on everyone. Man just give it up D12, you’re the one that wants to get traded anyway. Besides, after one year you can pretty much sign somerwhere after the season anyway, so anyway you put it he’s still gonna have his cake and eat it too. I hope Dwight ends up on the Bobcats or something on a long tenure and he can’t do anything about it. LOL

  48. Stuart Opel says:

    The Suns need to get in there for D12. they would be back on track with a young core. they could trade the Magic all the draft picks the Lakers gave them, their own draft picks, and Gortat. Making the Magic want to jump on the deal because of the draft picks but D12 would also be surrounded by Beasley, Dragic, and Gordan (possibly.)

  49. EricR says:

    Bottom line is no knows if Dwight will resign with LA except DWIGHT… so stop saying he will because of this or wont because of this… let the situation play itself out then we can all come back and laugh about how everyone in this chatbox was wrong!!!

  50. shakenbake33 says:

    So much drama on Dwight. This is much worse than Lebrons. Atleast bron helped kids out of his way on cleveland while Dwight gets a coach fired and is saying he will just sign with one team forcing his teams hand not giving any choice. wtf is that??

  51. zanaroth says:

    How many balls are they going to use? One for sure isn’t enough…

  52. mgm says:

    I remember when Howard said “LOYALTY” when he waived his FA rights and Wade tweeted ‘Loyalty, Hahahahah’!!!> How true. I am not saying Howard owes anything to Orlando (or) He is wrong to go to another team at the end of his contract. But, come on man, all this freaking drama with words like Loyalty, having execs and coaches fired… This is Lebron 2.0

  53. BD says:

    How about this one:

    Orlando receives:
    K Martin

    Lakers get:
    Howard & Turkoglu

    Houston gets:
    J Richardson

    Each team gets a superstar player (Howard, Gasol, Bynum) while Orlando gets expiring contracts in Martin & Scola but able to compete and make up for loss of Anderson to Hornets as they get solid post player in Scola.
    Lakers gets Howard, while Rockets get Gasol who they wanted in failed CP3 trade to build around.

    • two says:

      Lakers dont want Turkoglu, and are absolutely not going to give up both bynum and gasol.
      If the lakers will be involved in a howard trade, at most they will give up Bynum and bench players.

    • raphz says:

      howard has to go to lakers if he wants a very good competitive management. kobe just needs to trust his teammates more likey and coach brown has to be enlightened and realize that he has 4 more players in the court aside from bryant.

    • NBA_that says:

      BD u forgot Andrew Nicholson he could go to Lakers just like TWO said they are not giving up both B&G .

  54. Sixers ! says:

    This is getting annoying now ! If you dont want to trade Howard to the nets trade him somwhere where you will get the most for, he said he isnt signing with anyone else but BK so he will become a net, its just a matter of time, the only thing you can do is do the best for you, which is trade him to the lakers for andrew bynum, picks, & possibly sessions in a sign and trade deal

  55. BLABLABLA says:

    NEW FINALS 2013: LA – MIAMI 😀

  56. spur okc says:

    hope he will go to my SAS team but its impossible (keep dreamin to revive twin towers!) hehe =)

  57. BH says:

    Latest rumor says the nets are resigning lopez… Guess this trade will indeed happen

  58. The French Durantula says:

    Kevin Love is way better than Bynum. He s in the top 5 best in NBA

  59. SmoothMM says:

    Houston needs to pull out of this discussion. They’re talking about trading their long-term future for a temporary present. Dwight / Bynum may re-sign if sent there but highly doubtful. They have a good young core at the 2, 3 and 4 (Lamb, Royce, Jones). Let them build to All Star status instead of trading for current All Star that already has years of wear-and-tear on them. We just need a defensive, playmaking PG (Toney Douglas is more of 2) and shot blocking C with inside offense. The SG, SF and PF spots are good in depth.

  60. bart says:

    Bottom line: trade Howard ASAP ( who cares where and for what) so that this joker will not destroy Orlando. Anything is probably better than having Howard to play for Orlando this coming season. But on second thought, maybe keep him so that the rest of the world can enjoy more of this soap opera.

  61. Giz says:

    Suggestion if lakers cannot get Howard, & Bynum does not want Lakers, trade for Amare (from NY Knicks) or (Tyson Chandler) or Kevin Love A scorer & rebounder plus Michael Beasly. My best bet would be Tyson because he is a team player. Amare is use to Nash but not with Kobe so it won’t work. How about Cousins from Kings? Lakers fan, there is alot of good deals in exchange for Bynum. Remember Triva Ariza wanted more money but now dissappeared. Being Greeedy is also no good if there is no future! So Bynum, take heed & grow up.

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Yeah Lakers can trade Gasol for Amar’e so Nash can throw some dunks to him. Gasol hasn’t been doing well lately so good point and Amar’e can form the twin towers with Bynum. But Bynum needs to grow up man. Andrew u still have a long way to go. That would be plan B if they don’t get D12

  62. Ballsa says:

    I dont even understand why anyone thinks he is going to the Lakers. You’re ignorant if you think so, so stop saying it. He WON’T resign there. So why on earth would the lakers want him?

    He will, however, resign with Brooklyn. And with a starting lineup that already has Williams, Wallace and Johnson, why would he?! That team is instantly good, and I can guarentee that he will be traded to the Nets.

    • Dan says:

      no he WOULD resign. If the Lakers pick him up the Nets could not afford him through free-agency next year, and the only other team he might want to play for would be the Knicks and they couldnt afford him either. So what other choice would he have than to sign with the lakers? And with a lakers, rockets trade the Magic could get more. so it does make sense-you my friend are ignorant.

      • hooplover says:

        i hate these dang know-it-alls! if you can’t comment on someone’s comment without being rude, why bother? it ticks me off when someone has an opinion but yours is different and you call someone else ignorant. in all actuallity, noone knows the outcome of this howard drama but we can all hope and wish the best for our team and guess what?, we can even voice our opinions on what we think should happen. just because you differ doesn’t make you right. remember that the next time you choose to call someone ignorant because you never know who thinks you’re ignorant. ijs!

  63. shakenbake33 says:

    If Dwight ends up with the Lakers and not win any championship. Lakers will end up with nothing because surely Dwight will become a free agent and will sign up with another team of his choice. thus Lakers will end up with nothing in 2013-2014. I think the Lakers should keep Gasol and Bynum.

    • beatz says:

      Either way they loose Bynum next year so why not add Howard so they have a better chance of getting him to commit next year because the Nets will not be able to afford him, unless they work out a trade. I think that once Howard gets his ring in the big market he has been pushing for then he will change his mind. The guy changes his mind more than Mitt Romney changes his ideals…

  64. Pedro says:

    Howard to the Lakers wont happen unless Bynum goes to the Rockets. He doenst want to play for Orlando, that much is clear, so Houston is the only viable option. There he would be their franchise player and wouldnt have to play 2nd fiddle.

  65. RemcoNL says:

    Watch my idea:

    Why don’t they send Howard to the Lakers.
    Bynum to the Nets.
    Lopez and some draft picks to magic and maybe some other role players.

    Couldn’t they find a way to make this happen? Both nets and lakers are happy and magic happy to lose crybaby.

  66. jjjj says:

    If I were the Magic GM I would trade Howard to OKC. I would make a deal for Ibaka, Harden & Perkins. Both teams will benefit from the trade. Orlando can build around Harden. OKC gets Howard, a defensive presence.

    • sbfern805 says:

      Why would OKC want to trade? they made it to the finals and were considered favorites at such a young age….. OKC would have to be stupid to do that trade…mess up all they have?

  67. Joe Harris says:

    All this squawk over Howard, he’s a freakin bum

  68. OKC BABY says:

    if im dwight. I would get out of the magic, the magic is a solid team and i respect them alot but i hate it when dwight carries them all the time. Its like kevin love with the timberwolves a star player who deserves a ring is brought down because he,s team mates simply are not good enough. LA would obviously be the best option for him. But i want him to get out of orlando now.

  69. jnereid hill says:

    he have said he not play no one but the nets The Lakers have a big men Bynum look i am nets fan i am getting tired of this you want him to be Lakers f@#$%^ this i want the nets to walk always now i am tired of this bull s@#$%^

  70. THE TRUTH says:

    As long as Mike Brown is the head coach of the Lakers they will not win a championship no matter who they have on their roster. I will say this Brown is a very respectable defensive-minded coach..however, he is atrocious on the offensive end. I’m meszmorized why Laker fans won’t admit it .,we need Phil Jackson to come out of retirement and coach this team in order to win a championship……..plain and simple!!

  71. LAL, HOU, ORL make a trade! says:

    Lakers gets: Howard
    Hou gets:Andrew Bynum & J Rich
    Orlando gets: Scola, Martin and draft picks
    The three team trade scenario between the Lakers, Orlando and Houston seems like the best possible deal that has surfaced for Howard. From the Lakers perspective you make this trade because Kobe’s era is coming to an end and it is wiser to go “all-in” now that you have acquired another aging star in Steve Nash. Even if Howard walks away next season it’s okay because it’s not entirely certain that if Bynum isn’t traded he would sign a new contract next year with all the issues he’s had with the Lakers organization this past season. From Houston’s perspective you make the deal to get a top 20 player in Bynum and the all-star big man that they have desperately wanted since Yao’s retirement. From Orlando’s perspective you make this trade because it would also include J rich’s contract and the trade will make it easier to rebuild since it will include the cap-friendly expiring contracts of Luis Scola and Martin along with draft picks, one which will probably be a lottery pick (Pick from TOR from Lowry trade)..

  72. erwin says:

    What L.A. need are good bench players, with the core of Kobe, Pau, Bynum and Nash, they can make a good run for the championship. Any player joining the Lakers should remember that it is Kobe’s team (thats the reality) and if you cant play with Kobe, better not join him.

  73. jnereid hill says:

    nets can you please move on f@#$%^ Dwight Howard

  74. lakers can be a contender for the finals this upcoming season with the new captain nash, kobe and the rest will easily jell. Sign up barnes and seession and give chance for mc roberts to play extra time he’s a good leaper and an offensive dunker. Mr. world peace just have to prove more in offense because i believe he’s really an intillegent player. Stay – Gasol ur just okey and bynum too….

  75. NOREASON says:

    dhoward is worst then lbj in this situation

  76. saintski says:

    he should go to fc barcelona

  77. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    hey Dwight if you want to have a ring go to L.A……

  78. Killernacho says:

    if any case i guess D12 must go on lakers or brooklyn nets.

  79. Nathan says:

    And even tho Bynum is the 2nd best centre out there at the moment would you want him as the main piece of your team looking to win a ring? No. Id be looking to shop Bynum elsewhere

  80. Nathan says:

    Magic should trade Howard and Hedo for Lopez and draft picks to Brooklyn and start over. Get rid of him for as many picks you can get and forget about this whole thing

  81. ALexandr says:

    Well, why don’t send him elsewhere, just where he never thought he’d end. Orlando is fed up with all the drama that has gone on since his contract was expiring. Last year he decided to be here for another year. And when management decided to clean up the staff, he suddenly wants to be traded to Brooklyn. And so, is Orlando, and it’s people, ready for yet another year with only questions about Howard?? As far as I know not. So Orlando’s GM should not care about where Howard’s gonna go. He’s just a piece to get a lot picks and players from. A lot have already said it, but trading him to OKC for some good players (harden, Ibaka) would be a great idea. Orlando, get some picks from teams that wouldn’t receive Howard, and send him to a place where he’ll have a hard time to say he won’t play there, and instead go to Brooklyn to make it easier for him. So in the end, does he walk Lebron’s path to a championship, looks like it I guess………. (I recall I’ve heard him say he wanted to walk his own path, didn’t he say that?)

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Send him to portland where he’ll become another Greg Oden and he’ll learn be wanting to go back to Orlando PERIOD.

  82. Glosh says:

    D12 must go to the lakers, not the Brooklyn nets. Brooklyn nets are not a championship team howard!

  83. Petshop says:

    Wait, No Dallas in these discussions. they have money right? They need a center plus they dont have both jason now so they need pieces for dirk to have a run at another championship.

  84. supertammy says:

    lakers are better off without dwight howard. main problem which can arise is friction with kobe. coming from the magic where is the primary option on offense, how would he feel being the 3rd or even the 4th option on offense. will howard be happy just doing defense? i think not. remember kobe is no d wade, he knows the lakers is his team and he won’t relinquish his authority for anyone unlike d wade who knew that he is better off as the 2nd option after le bron and which is better for the heat. if you are thinking that nash can distribute the ball to make everyone happy, its true if he has the ball to himself and he distributes it, remember kobe is among the top 3 players with the highest percentage of ball possession in the nba. among the top 5 if i remember it right are all point guards and he ranks second not being a point guard.

    my 2 cents.

  85. travispurcell says:

    The Lakers going for Dwight Howard would be a great move. People that say it isn’t don’t know basketball. What the Lakers need is a blocker, a big time shot blocker, it would be worth going for Ibaka. This is the reason, the guards from LA are going to get burnt all day, and you will need a big defensive presence down low to block some shots. Get rid of Bynum and Jordan Hill and a draft pick for D Howard. Multi team trade could work as well, but they need a shot blocker, because you aren’t going to bench Steve Nash or Kobe Bryant in the clutch, you need someone to play D. Believe it or not, there is 2 sides to basketball

    • lol says:

      Lakers just needs a good young SF. Since Metta isn’t the same anymore! That’s all! Nash/Kobe/ ? /Gasol/Bynum

    • Lemming says:

      Having said that, it’d be mad if we got him but he’s still foul prone down there, and he’s only gogt six fouls… Yeh he’s going to be a great presence down there but if he’s in foul trouble, we’re in an even worse position (cos we don’t really have any guard that can chase westbrook etc. down).

      Having said that I’d make a swap between dwight and bynum anyday, because I’m more than sick of bynums shennanigans, and frankly don’t really want to see him be the face of LA unless he really cleans up.

    • Lakersfan says:

      We know that Howard would be better for the team, but do we want to risk him not signing an extension and end up without Bynum and Howard.

  86. Reality24 says:

    I honestly believe that if Howard wins a Championship with the Lakers or at least gets that Championship feeling until the injury happens that prevents the championship, which would be the only thing preventing the Lakers from winning a championship with Howard- at least on paper, but once he either wins it or knows he’s about to PLUS all the new media exposure from being in Hollywood… Howard would resign. Definitely.

    So the Lakers need to pull the trigger, now with the Rockets facilitating the trade. I no longer see what’s holding it up now. The Magic get picks and rid of the contracts they want, Rockets get Bynum who they want, Lakers get Howard who they want. Everyone wins!

    So what’s holding it up?

    • Chandler says:

      Lakers want someone to sign a contract extention. They want a guarantee that they are going to be left with either Dwight or Bynum after this year. Both of them are the future of this league as centers. It is key that Lakers hold on to one of the top 2 centers in a center-starved league.

      • beatz says:

        Howard still could not go next year because the Nets couldn’t afford him… so where is he going to go then? Bynum already said he will walk and go to Houston, or another place. I think he said Cleveland, which is a head scratcher.

  87. Lakersfan says:

    If I was the Lakers GM I wouldn’t do the trade because of DH12 is a big cry baby, and I would roll the dice praying that He will sign an extesion and get nothing at the end, Keep Bynum he will get better and better.

  88. purpandgold says:

    Lakers dont really need Howard, what the Lakers need more is some good bench players. Lakers will be happy to take Howard though, they do need consistency from the center position, something Bynum has not done in any of his years as a Laker. If Howard comes on board, the Lakers become the west’s faves. I think the Lakers can still pull a championship run without Howard, long as they get a little deeper on the bench.

  89. Battle of the 'Bigs' says:

    Whether Bynum wants to be the ‘first-option’, franchise star on another team next year, or get a max deal from the Lakers, he would have to play ‘lights-out’ and produce his best season in 2012-13. The acquisition of Nash would only make it that much more viable. With Gasol and Bryant also excited about Nash (and looking forward to their own seasons of harvest) why would the Lakers want to trade Bynum for Howard ? All they really need are some ‘other’ good pieces (Grant Hill ? ) and they should be serious contenders to the title.

    If they do win it all, Nash would have done what he is best known to do – make everyone around him better. That should entice Bynum to re-sign, or entice other talented seven footers, of whom there isn’t a dearth as it did some years ago.

    Just mumbling here … You are the expert Mr. Aldridge.

  90. Jah1 says:

    Dwight Howard,

    Listen dude. If you consider the Houston Rockets, you’d have a lot going for you than any team can offer. Houston is no punk city, men. Your idol played for us, Hakeem Olajuwon. Our franchise has a strong tradition of big man from Elvin Hayes, Moses Malone, Ralph Sampson, Dream, Yao and you can be next. It’s a rich tradition of big man.

    We’re a big market as well. And thank to Yao, the China market will be huge, once again if Jeremy Lin signs with us. Think of the endorsement with the China market, besides a base salary of 100 million plus. And the fact there is no state taxes, you can’t find a better place to play. I don’t know what junk your agent selling you but playing in Houston is credible.

    I understand your desire to team with D. William but D.William got his ($$). You wont get a better bang for your bucks with the Brooklyn Nets than a market like Texas. Tell your agent to do the math or do it yourself.

    Base salary, Asian market and the face of the franchise with a young nucleus of Jeremy Lamb and Jeremy Lin….life should be good. Consider the Rockets, man. It’s a superior deal than anything out there.

    • NoPlaceButBKN says:

      thats exactly why he doesnt want to be in any place but brooklyn he doesnt want to be an edition to all the rockets great big men even the lakers great big men he wants to start his own tradition in brooklyn

    • Bruce says:

      LoL, keep dreaming. The Knicks aren’t going to give up Lin. You should look into the difference between a restricted vs. unrestricted free agent. The Rockets are in a rebuilding phase, so it’s going to take a couple of years to be a championship contender. And the China market, that’s a stretch… because that market is all about the NBA in general. Did you check out what they offered players like Kobe, LeBron just to play a couple games over there?

  91. kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

    I think he will end up staying.. like for ORLANDO i think they are asking for too much for a diva.. i know hes dwight howard but of all stuff that happened.. i dont think people looks at him as it used to be.. just an opinion..

  92. KnickerBocker says:

    the magic should do the houston trade once they traded anderson it was obvious they were rebuilding so they should tade dwight fo houstons draft picks good for L.A houston andorlando

  93. LakersKB24 says:

    And D12 will not sign an extension with LAL, neither does Bynum with Orlando, so don’t take the risk LA. Just keep Bynum and Gasol and just upgrade your bench please.

    • beatz says:

      Bynum would go to Houston. A place that he would resign with next year… Howard couldn’t walk because the Nets couldn’t afford him next year thanks to the new CBA 🙂 = no supper team in the Brook…

    • pakyaw says:

      Bynum is not going to Orlando..,it’s Houston….re read the article!

  94. tyler says:

    The Nets don’t have to get Howard, but with them moving into Brooklyn it would help them with fans and a championship for the first time in net history. Why would the Orlando Magic accept a trade that they receive absolutely nothing for the current year from L.A. and Houston? They get picks and nothing else the Nets will give them picks even though they wont be the best they at least have a decent team for a few more years with two young superstar players Brook Lopez and MarShon Brooks and a decent big man to back up Glen Davis and to help with the loss of Ryan Anderson. If the Orlando Magic added Jason Richardson’s contract in the deal i bet the Brooklyn Nets would find a way to accept it. I do believe the Nets should get Howard. Since I have been a fan of the Nets my whole life I still believe Howard will be appreciated and loved more in Brooklyn.

    • beatz says:

      The deal was with J-rich and Duhon too… the Magic don’t want the Nets picks because if they traded Howard and got that poor group they wanted to send they would be in the lottery and have better picks then what they received. Brooks went 0 for 10 in the summer league btw against rooks… Lopez isn’t better than Kaman who they could sign via FA and was an all star 2 years ago, not to mention he is a double double guy who blocks shots. Houston has the best deal because of the return… Martin will be in his last year and Lamb and White can contribute right away… If they can steal Lee somehow and send him back to the Magic that would be a bonus too… Let LA get Howard, Houston get Bynum (which he likes) and send Scola/Martin/White/Lamb or Jones and future picks here and sign Kaman… Done deal and the drama stops…

    • G-money says:

      The Nets already have a championship, bro.. What do you mean “first championship”? They won in The early 2000’s. Some fan you are

  95. LakersKB24 says:

    Lakers don’t need D12 anyways! He’s such a crybaby!! And we still don’t know what’s gonna happen with his game after suffering that back surgery. But Lakers can either get Hedo or JRich, they can be part of the bench. Lakers need a solid bench, not a crybaby! And they need to sign back Barnes and Hill. Bynum and Gasol w/ a decent sf and Kobe and Nash at the back court is a good starting lineup! Kobe can get more open shots this way. Go LAL! Give Mr. Nash his well-deserved ring!

    • Hoops_Genie says:

      You make sense, there’s no need for the lakers to trade for Dwight. They have a formidable starting 5 asis, what they need to be concentrating on is boosting their bench. Other Championship contenders have great contributors of their bench..ala Thunder and Heat. This Dwight tak is proposterous and reminiscent of soap opera. Get back to sports, trade him already, and lets get back to basketball

    • Jet says:

      You are right we dont need D12!, Bynum is enough, at this point he is entering the peak of his career. What the Lakers need is to solidify the bench, get a quality player who can play SG/SF, so that if Kobe is on the bench he can play with WorldPeace, if World Peace is on the bench he can play efficiently with Kobe. Also Nash needs a good and athletic back up PG that can defen opposing athletic point guards.

      • Dan says:

        they should try to sign either D. Stevenson or Gerald Green as wings, both r unrestricted FA. and if they can afford it Jerrod Bayless is also an unrestricted FA. would fit perfectly off the bench.

  96. Jay Quiz says:

    I miss the days wherein trades would just surprise me and those times wherein I would go nuts over a trade.. these days it’s really been a drama starting with melo, then cp3 and then this dwight.. just send him to Brooklyn if he really wants to go there

    • Rocket33 says:

      I agree with you. We’re already so sick of hearing about this trade and it hasn’t even happened yet. When it does come it will be more of a relief than anything. And as you said its been done before with Melo and CP3. The same thing happens with the awards. I remember Derrick Rose being asked what he thought about being MVP before that had even officially been announced. Its like searching your parents bedroom to see what gifts you’re getting for your birthday, no nice surprise on the day. I wish the media would tone it down, but unfortunately that’s not the world we live in today.

  97. Johnny Peng says:

    Howrad -If you want remember by people in the world in NBA-You should join LA Lakers. And Magic can get Bynum and other good player to help Magic become even better. So Magic Owner/GM You should trade Howard to Lakers for your benefit…..

    • Todd says:

      Bynum wont be going to Magic if he’s traded … hed be going to Rockets. Magic will get picks.

  98. dave says:

    Howard just needs to understand he isn’t going to Brooklyn….so he needs to inform the magic that L.A. is his new preferred destination, and will sign the extension so they could get this done…he knows its his best chance at championships and a big market for him…hurry up D12 so we could talk about who’s winning it all next year, instead of this!

    • Reality24 says:

      Kobe clearly doesn’t want him there. Lakers were right up there with the Nets until the infamous phone conversation last year between Dwight and Kobe where Kobe told Dwight he’d be the 3rd scoring option behind Gasol and himself. Even if it were true, you don’t tell somebody that you are trying to recruit that he’d basically be 3rd billing on the team.

      Translation: Kobe doesn’t want him there. As Kobe has also refused to have any part in talking to Dwight out of quote “respect for Bynum” I believe Kobe sees Dwight as another Shaq who we all know fueded with Kobe during their time together.

      Lakers best bet is to tell Dwight that look, Kobe is 34, and has 2 years left on his contract, you’re the future Dwight and the Lakers will be built around you in two years, but for right now suffer through it and get an NBA championship for putting up with it. I think that’s a good trade off. Because with Nash, Kobe, Gasol, and Howard on this team the only people not giving them the Championship are the most die hard Laker Haters! If the Miami Heat get a Center, then we’ll talk but as is Bosh can’t compensate for both Howard and Gasol in the paint getting easy buckets. No team could. It’s a Center starved league.

      • Joe says:

        Every thing you said is spot on except for one thing you haven’t taken into consideration. Dwight’s ego is bigger than his brain, so the logic behind the whole “endure 3rd/2nd wheel status for a couple of years and get a ring or two for your troubles” wouldn’t sit well with someone like Dwight Howard. Sad, but probably true.

        Dwight is basking in the fact that everyone’s currently after him, thinking that he can pick and choose (“I want Brooklyn and no one else”) and, as per usual, completely ignoring the fact that it has to be worth Orlando’s while too …

        Another case of big ego vs. small brain = inconsiderate prick (pardon my french).

        The problem is that, as you stated, this IS a center-starved league and he is going to get what he wants in the end, because, as limited as he is on offense (push him half a foot away from the basket or send him to the line and he’s got nothing), he’s the best defender by far, getting better on offence and the only good center who’s managed to stay relatively healthy (though last season it looked like he may be developing a back issue, and those, once they start, have a knack of becoming chronic).

        Me personally, I’d rather have a healthy Brook Lopez or Roy Hibbert on my roster over the pain in the neck of dealing with Howard any day of the week. As for Bynum … well, his ego is as big as Dwights, his brain is smaller and no one can promise you that his knees will hold … Think of him as a potential less talented, less intelligent, not as nice and smaller Yao Ming. Orlando are taking a big risk if they do eventually trade Howard for him, but who can blame them? The clock is ticking and they simply can’t afford another Shaq incident …

      • Jerimiah says:

        This is a great opportunity for the lakers to put together another championship team. The already possess most of the pieces. With thw addition of Steve Nash you have ball handling and long range shooting, Jordan Hill bring toughness,shooting and defensive presence, Kobe just be Kobe, Pau length and shooting skills, Howard would bring inside presence and defense. This is a championship group.

      • GoHeat! says:

        It doesnt matter which big 2 the lakers end up with (out of Gasol, Bynum, and Howard). They are all soft…oversized big soft babies. Wade and James will drive and get them in foul trouble. Plus who will step out to gaurd Miami’s three-point shooters (Ray Allen, James Jones, Mario Chalmers, Shane Battier, Rashard Lewis) when they go small…with Bosh as the five. The Heat will Repeat!!!

    • Miami Guy says:

      I doubt that LA will be a contender without Phil Jackson. You already have 2(7′) of the best big men of NBA, and Kobe.
      James never had the luxury of having a coach like Phil Jackson unlike Kobe, and MJ…

      • Eric P says:

        Man you make almost as much excuses as Lebron does. Ef the Heat and they’re retarded fans..

        Lakers have the same coach Lebron couldn’t win with, but now we will win it this year.

      • Go Lakers says:

        I have to disagree with your statement. Kobe wants to win extremely bad and will do anything to win, even if he has to put up with Howard. Send Bynum to the Magic for Howatd, and/or trade Gasol for a few bench players to bolster their roster. If the Lakers can resign Jordon Hill, they don’t have to worry about a power forward problem. Kobe needs some rest badly, so resigning Hill, getting rid of their two seven footers for bench players and Howard could keep him off the floor and save his legs for the postseason,

      • ev1398 says:

        why would you even bring lebron into this?

      • Dennis says:

        Ther same coach that helped them get raped by the Mavs? Oh yeah, he was the difference.

    • Migo says:

      Well maybe this year he wont but that’s precisly what Howard is saying if they trade him he wants to Nets if is not the Nets he made it clear whoever gets him he will not sign extension to contract that way next year he can sign with Nets with no problems as he will be unrestricted free agent, Howard knows what he wants the thing is if not the Nets this year will the Magic or any other team be willing to take Howard for 1 year and loose him to free agency….

    • david says:

      man u dont no basketball brooklyn big 4

  99. Karl says:

    Turkoglu should be traded in Howard’s move. Turkoglu earns 11.8 millions/year and J-Rich 5.7. Adding this, Turk’ performance is declining a lot. If Turk isn’t traded it will be a wrong move.

    • beatz says:

      This is the best deal on the block… Do it and let’s get the ball rolling… Try to squeeze Lee into this too somehow… It would be better to include J-Rich and not Turk because J-rich has a longer contract and Turk ‘s is ending next year. That will leave more money off the books. Then if Martin doesn’t work out they can let him walk and if they get Lamb we can move him into a starting role. I always liked White and with them sending Anderson packing this could be a huge move if they get all their recent picks, and many future ones as well. DO NOT trade Howard the Coward to the Nets to let them create a supper team when it would just leave Orlando with future non-lottery picks and and bum players. I will go over to the HEAT if this happens for sure. Rob needs to step up and make this deal happen and send the spoiled brat away. He will have no choice BUT to sign an extension next year because the only way the Nets can afford him is through a trade. NBA executives do not want this to happen.

  100. Alessio says:

    Make it happen plz!!

    Mr Aldridge, what’s your personal opinion on this, where do you think Dwiight will eventually be traded to??

    • lbj says:

      what will happen is howard will end going to Miami for haslem,turiaf,joel anthony and future round picks. He likes to play with Lebron and Bosh and win a ring!

      • Andy says:

        To Me Miami Is Just GREEDY, How Can You Come Off A Championship Season and Still Sign Ray Allen And Rashard Lewis, All That Is Unneeded because with the team they had they will probably be one of the top teams in the league for the next 4 years

      • T says:

        That trade is not possible because of cap space. There is no way that Howard could be traded to Miami unless Wade, Bosh or Lebron is part of the trade. What is unlikely to happen, because Miami is not going to trade Wade and Lebron. And the Magic won’t trade Bosh for Howard, the Magic have better options.

    • BadLuck Bryan says:

      He will be traded to Troll City.

    • branden says:

      i dont care where he ends up as long as he does not come to okc i have been a thunder fan for my hole lofe and do not plan to have a guy come to town and talk trash because he does not win a chapionship next tear or so anywhere but okc.

      • LBJ6 says:

        OKC hasn’t been a team your whole life… so how could you be a fan for so long??

      • sinclair says:

        What are you 5 yrs old? how can you have been a thunder fan your whole life? they’ve only been in existence for a few years….

      • Dennis says:

        Way to take him literally you idiots.

      • LBJ6 says:

        He shouldn’t make false statements Dennis… So glad you’re here to clarify for us though!

      • Scott the magician says:

        He spells like he’s 5 yrs old, lol
        Lakers dont need Dwight, we have the second and third best big men around with a mamba and kid canada front court. game over people!!!

      • Tyrone Lu says:

        U mean you r a seatle Supersonics/OKC Thunder fan ur whole life

    • memfas says:

      Whereever he goes, I hope they hire Van Gyndy to coach.

      • piku427 says:

        He should be Traded to Nets ….Fire Avery Johnson…Hire Stan Van gundy…Ruin howard….