Hill Also Looking At Thunder, Heat

Free agent forward Grant Hill is still considering at least two other teams–the two teams in last month’s Finals, Miami and Oklahoma City–as well as the Lakers as he decides where he’s going to play next season, according to a source with knowledge of the 39-year-old forward’s thinking.

Reports Tuesday indicated that Hill has decided either to play for the Lakers or retire. But the source strongly indicated that Hill has not limited himself to Los Angeles as he makes up his mind. The Lakers emerged as a strong favorite for Hill after they agreed to terms with the Suns last week on a sign-and-trade deal that will send Steve Nash to the Lakers after the end of the July Moratorium on the 11th for four Draft picks and $3 million. But Hill is looking at the Heat and Thunder as well.

Each team has indicated an interest in the veteran, whose defensive skills and leadership are still strong. It is not known if Miami’s interest in Hill was at all affected by its agreement last week to sign guard Ray Allen from the Celtics.

Hill averaged 10.2 points and 3.5 rebounds in 28 minutes a night last season in Phoenix, where he stabilized his career after losing several years to injuries while a member of the Orlando Magic. He had played in 243 out of a possible 246 games over three seasons with the Suns before suffering a torn meniscus in his right knee that needed surgery late in the regular season and caused Hill to miss the Suns’ drive towards the playoffs, which fell short.


  1. Grant Hill says:

    Im signing with the Lakers, and dont say im not fast because red bull can give me wings. Im going to drink 5 red bulls before every game to pinch up the fuel in my old man tank if ya know what i mean bro. And I went to Kobe’s bachelore party, so me and him can party on that there court and score a handful of points. Lookout LA, Grant Hill is coming to town!!

  2. Batman says:

    OKC need Veteran/Defender/Mentor. They are young team. And also they need a Solid Center. Get Bynum from Lakers and Grant. They will win the Ring Next year…

  3. Wingwrenshi says:

    If Grant still decides to play i think the best team for him will be in OKC…. OKC still needs maturity…. though i still want to see him play w/ nash

  4. FRAZE says:

    I definitely agree that it is highly important for the Lakers to fortify the bench. The Lakers lost to the Thunder because of the latter’s efficient and bench. Either the Lakers opt to choose Howard over Bynum or vice versa is not that important. The key to the Lakers success is the addition of dependable bench players.

  5. Wayne says:

    Would like to see Grant Hill Go to Chicago, would be a great fit for the Bulls. Give good defence and play vital role we missing

  6. Jamie S* says:

    I really try not to indulge in silly blogs, but always hear something so ridiculas that it just pulls me in.. You can stop dicussing the age thing, because S Nash still got plenty of juice, and has no ring. You have any idea how much determination he’s going to play with, he’s already one of the best ever. People are going to see just how much difference one player can make, especially a point guard. Grant can still play a little “D” and trying to get a ring before retirement. So he’s welcome, if they can fit him in. I don’t see them moving Metta or Ebanks for him, so we’ll see how it works out. Lakers made a nice move with the 7’0 Sacre out of Gonzaga, and Johnson-Odom out of Marquette will inject pure fire into that bench. Prediction: the lakers are about to go on another championship run, and I think Grant’s looking and would love to be a part of it. And he’s a good guy, so good luck!

  7. TonAstorga says:

    I think Hill to OKC is more suitable for him, with harden and him in bench, cant wait to see the score in the forth quarter. #Heat and Celtics Fans here! #sorryformyenglish


  9. tortoisebrown says:

    Grant Hill drinks Sprite.

  10. tarim says:

    excellent fit for okc.

  11. john salanap says:

    grant hill is a great player.. during his time he owned a monicker as “mr. tripple double” but that is his past.. but grant hill still a reliable player. he can shot, defend and run… lakers might need him as a back up for kobe if kobe on the bench… hill and nash has a great chemistry. such a great move if lakers get grant hill… on the other hand lakers must develop devin evbanks for defensive purposes they do not need him to attack they need him to defend the best as mwp did. improve the shooting of ebanks for kick out from kobe and big guys and steve nash…..

  12. kevin says:

    The Heat con’t need anymore and the Thunder won’t sign him! Go to the Lakers or retire!

  13. ToddNguyen says:

    No way Hill will fit OKC team…. His legs not allow him to chase those young legs of OKC … Imagine Hill is running with Russel Westbrook?!… lmfao…

  14. beans says:

    yah OKC needs like him,.just go to OKC and just sit on the bench grant, or maybe also get a nice Suit and sit beside Scott Brooks and just do coaching,.,.hahaha,

  15. jb says:

    well, i would say okc would be a perfect fit. OKC needs the experience of a veteran in order to run for the ring next year.

  16. No.1 Lakers Fan! says:

    Grant go to LA and bring your talents there! maybe the Lakers is too old now but experience counts the best guys! the only thing the lakers need to do now is retain barnes find a back up bigman. train metta and kobe to the three point shots! bynum should make freethrows. and play defense! lessen the mistakes! play together now!

  17. Okc says:

    Come to the Thunder Grant! You would fit in well!! Western conference champions, come to the city with the best and loudest fans’ you will have the time of your life here, come help us get a ring this year! Thunder Up!!

  18. Rez says:

    The Lakers could use a good 3 point threat other than Nash…it would spread the floor for Kobe. It was teeth gnawing to watch Barnes and Metta throw up bricks. The Lakeshow would be deadly…any imput on this?

  19. Go Lakers says:

    Grant Hill would make an ok fit with the Lakers. Kobe wants to win pretty bad, and the three year deal with Nash might help, but he still needs some other support. I quess A one year deal to Hill is ok, but the Lakers have to sign someone young quick so they can take minutes of Kobe and Nash.

  20. W/E says:

    lol all the old good players going to championship contender teams,hoping to get their ring….

  21. LAL will be OK says:

    Huh What cap space does LAL have to work with for these young players???? Its good to want things but a wiley veteran could be the the best upgrade without a major trade. Nash was a freakin miracle yet some fans just don’t get what Mitch has to work with. Lets face it most of the ring chasers are headed to Miami. The rest want a payday that LAL does not have.

  22. Tasketball101 says:

    Grant Hill would obviously want to win a ring. That is a no-brainer. So what we hear is Lakers, Thunder, or Heat? If you want to get the most playing time then I’d go with the Lakers. If you want the best chance to win it all, I’d go with the Heat. And if you want a good mixture of playing time with a ring and obviously doing something really special, go with the Thunder. Young talent mixed with experienced veterans that no how to lead by example… dangerous team. But if Dwight goes to Atlanta then Hill should become a Hawk!! Go ATL!!

    • Bersem says:

      Hill playing for the Heat…Are you kidding ? I can almost understand the decision of Ray Allen coming off the bench in Miami (he absolutely wants to get another ring before retiring, even if he won’t be a lot on the court), I can’t really understand the decision of Marcus Camby landing in NY instead of the Heat, where he could be the defensive anchor in the paint and finally get a ring (forget NY where they have no chance to get it) but concerning Grant Hill, Mister Nice guy… What will he do with James, Wade and Allen ? No way : the parfect fit for Hill is leaving Phoenix for the Lakers, where he could perfectly replace Mister Bad Guy (Metta)… Ok the team would be older but Nash and Hill will be really hungry, they want (and deserve) a ring : Bryant is still hungry too, Pau Gasol also would love to play with those unselfish players… Bynum is also a young promising center who will appreciate to play alongside with those futur hall famers…
      Imagine the starting five with Nash – Bryant – Grant Hill – Gasol and Bynum… try to find another team with such a tremendous starting five and give me a call ! Well, after that they just need to find solid young bench players willing to play less time…

      Go to LA Grant, there you’ll have more than serious chances to get the ring you deserve !

      Greetings from Belgium

  23. Austin says:

    For what it’s worth, Grant Hill can shut Kobe down. He’s one hell of a defender, especially considering his age. I’d put him on the Lakers. He gets up and down the floor at a Suns tempo, and Nash keeps his team quick. Between his agility, ability to defend, and veteran presence in the locker room, he’s a perfect fit for an increasingly stacked veteran team.

    The truth is, Lakers fans: The Lakers are done. They’ve got maybe 1-2 more runs in them before Kobe breaks down and the rebuild begins. I’d guess that Kobe wanted archnemesis Steve Nash on his team because he’s realized his joints are bad enough that he can’t find open shots anymore. Nash affords him the ability to become a spot up shooter like Derek Fisher. This turns Kobe into a role player (albeit a good one) with a significantly better shot percentage than he had this year. Maybe a strong defensive second unit staring Grant Hill, coupled with a Pau/Bynum/Artest trade for better pieces is just what Nash needs to lead the lakers to a championship. The sad truth for Kobe is that he’s going to have to once again Piggyback his way to a championship. Did it with Shaq, now he’s going to do it with Nash.

  24. Steffen says:

    Lakers have no other choice but stack old guys who can play. Once Kobe retires then lakers will figure out what to do, but theres no time to rebuild now. Hill will be a perfect fit in LA. Noway Heat will be, they already added 2-3 guys at his position.

  25. bheinteh20, you’re just throwing stuff out there, that you can’t guarantee. kobe will eventually win without them, he already won
    without shaq, now it’s phil’s turn, and derek fisher wasn’t able to get ring number 6 before kobe did, and now kobe can take the lead on derek.

  26. Joseph03 says:

    As a Laker fan I wish they get Hill, he may be close to 40 but he can still defend decently. Wing defense is undoubtedly one of the Lakers weaknesses. However, I really hoped the Lakers made a play for Ryan Anderson he was traded for almost nothing and with their need for another big man a glaring need Anderson would have been a great fit. A decent rebounder and a very capable shooter. Imagine him as a sort of reincarnation of Robert Horry, that will be nice.

  27. miami guy, i think eventually kobe will win without phil as coach, that will be the edge he will have over michael, that’s something that jordan has never done, win without phil, and kobe will be in better position to do so.

  28. David says:

    I bet grant goes to Oklahoma City.

  29. H Zone says:

    He need to go play with the Thunder!!!

  30. bheinteh20 says:

    Kobe wont win any ring anytime soon. Why?! Because he got no SHAQ. no PHIL JACKSON. no FISHER. no HORRY.
    KOBE-ALLABOUTHIMSELF-BRYANT will have to plead for D12 for him to even get close to WCF.

  31. bheinteh20 says:

    KOBE is BUSTED. He wont win any ring until he raise the white flag. Why?! Because he got no SHAQ, no PHIL JACKSON. no FISHER. no HORRY. GOT THAT?!!

  32. buck says:

    Lakers lost because of turn overs and no bench help. Also it was the first time they ran a different offensive and defensive scheme with new players. It was a shortened season under a new coach. Look at Miami and OKC and how long have they played together under the same coach and had practice time. For the Lakers having made it far to the playoffs compared to the other team like Dallas, New York, Clippers, Indiana, etc. was pretty good. Understand that it is after all about the “ring” and I think they can do it. Even Kobe has confidence that they can get it done and who knows which players are under the Lakers radar.

  33. comment says:

    true that Miami Guy. MJ and Kobe needed Phil Jackson to win championships.
    That being said LeBron is a better and great player than Kobe because he won a championship without a great coach.
    MJ is the greatest player, Bron is 2nd. Kobe just a faker and poser.

  34. Dew says:

    I personally see Grant Hill going to OKC. Would be a good fit for them as well as a good back up for Durant or even play the 3 while Durant plays a 4 against smaller bench players. You could see a lineup include Ibaka, Durant, Hill, Harden and Westbrook. Hill could even go out in favor of Maynor and still keep the Big 4 of OKC on the floor as well. Good fit and the best one for Hill if you ask me. I would see Hill starting in LA over Peace also, but I would not bring in Hill unless a successful of trading Peace was in place. Maybe do a sign and trade for Peace? Miami is a bad idea for Hill as he would not play with James and Battier eating up the SF minutes as well as Wade and Allen taking up much of the SG duties. Hill would be a cheerleader like Juwan Howard who just sat the bench to get a ring. Old savy vets who can shoot the ball and play defense belong in San Antonio anyhow, Pop has always found a way to get them rings in the past. Just ask Michael Finley, Steve Smith, Steve Kerr, Mario Elie, Robert Horry, etc. Hill should go to the Spurs!

  35. ayoko says:

    who cares about the Lakers. overrated team. any team but the Lakers pls!

  36. RIP says:

    Please god go to the Thunder, I don’t want to see my favorite All-Time player wearing a Lakers or Heat jersey.

  37. dvmlakeshow says:

    G Hill is not over the Hill…come to the Lakers! Raja Bell too! Lakers also need an athletic small forward that can shoot the 3 to spread the court! Maybe try to get Ariza back, but he’s not a UFA. Hmmmm?

  38. preet says:

    ok mike brown needs to leave if the lakers want to come back together really. hill, bynum, and others are thinking of leaving. if they leave they only have 3 more people that can save the lakers, metta, pau, and bryant. so mike brown if you want the lakers to stay together, LEAVE THEM! please. im like a very big lakers fan my favorite player is bynum ever since i was 5 and i dont want bynum to leave the lakers at all. bynum if you ever read this please dont leave please for all your fans please

    • two says:

      where are you getting that bynum is thinking of leaving? I havent read or heard anything about that

  39. leBron James says:

    gooooooooooooo miami heat

  40. pop562 says:

    well Grant Hill won’t be going to Miami now…the heats just snagged up Rashard Lewis for 2 years and that fulfills their small forward position.

  41. pop562 says:

    well Miami just picked up Rashard Lewis for 2 years…so Grant Hill is not going to the Heats.

  42. nuggetfan says:

    yah but i dont think he cares about starting. Miami wont be good unless they went hill to start over shane. OKC he would be behind durant, and lakers he probably would start. But Hill has to think about what team has the best chance in winning a ring

  43. Choker says:

    If he ever gets an offer from any of those teams i would join any of them…. and most propably pick the team where i know i can win a championship with…. how about Jordan Hill?? Heat should get him or the Lakers get him back… he is a solid rebounder against the Thunder last playoffs

  44. AIR JEDI says:


  45. misterD says:

    Kobe bryant is so great plus he have gasol bynum and artest now steve nash ??? How can he not win a titel ? kobe do not even need teammates to win a titel . So does it matter if hill join the lakers or not ?

    I don t think so .

  46. lakers fan says:

    the lakers should get him, but should also look at younger players. if they dony, they’re gonna have a losing season after kobe’s gone, because they lost all their draft picks to the suns.

  47. Tony Nguyen says:

    If Grant Hill join the LA Lakers he will have a much better chance to be a starter than with Miami or OKC. I bet he knows that.

    • two says:

      I don’t see him starting? Metta is the starter, and rightly so.
      Grant Hill will be a valuable back up, playing 22 or so minutes.

    • joanne says:

      They should get Humpries Grant Hill and we will be alright.

  48. Respect Kobe's Greatness says:

    Kobe is Guaranteed another Ring!!! David Stern cant VETO that.

  49. BRR says:

    Mr. hill will joined Kobe for back up kobe, They take turn scoring.
    Mr. hill will get his first ring. for sure..lol

    • BRR says:

      Mr. hill wont be with miami because they wont get any luck anymore. last year, they kiss the league with the referees favor them to win it all. David Stern the big kahuna.

  50. stan says:

    the lakers having grant hill and ron artest on the same roster will be a nightmare for other teams. the lakers will be able to play both at the same time or switch them out with equal playing time, so that they strong defense with fresh legs all the time. lakers also need grant hill because he can shoot very well. ron artest has had a shooting slump since coming to la, but was showing signs of regaining his shot late last year since getting into better shape. grant hill and ron artest can shut down any perimeter scoring duo, and because of ron’s physicality, he can even guard 4’s. grant hill is mainly atractive to the lakers because of defense, but he also has very good chemistry with nash.

    the lakers sorely need depth at the 3 position, because as hard as barnes hustled, you could never count on his shot nor his defense even though he is considered a good defender. barnes did rack up alot of rebounds, but him missing lay-ups like he does is just sad. hill is the best/cost effective SF on the market right now, and regardless of his age is worth having on this team.

  51. cheko says:

    Go to San Antonio they need the defense skill

  52. Bai says:

    Hill , join the lakers to get your first ring

    • Samwise says:

      If he wants to have a chance at a ring, he should go to OKC or Miami. Lakers are still one of the toughest teams in the West, but they will not make it past OKC or Miami to win a title. Too many miles on those legs.

  53. LT says:

    I’d like to see Grant Hill win a ring. He put in the years…GO TO MIAMI!!!

  54. Joseph Hull says:

    LA needs to watch the movie ” No Country for Old Men”. LOL. They cant get to a title running on “fossil” fuel. kobe was done when he bricked his way to a ship in gm 7 vs BOS. hes been fading in the playoffs ever since. OKC is still the West favorite.

    • NBAfan says:

      Do you even watch games or do you look at box scores, pick out a few unfavorable stats and spurt hate all around?

      Kobe was injured last year….its was a shortened season this year and OKC was just playing great ball in the playoffs….

      They beat Dallas, Lakers, and Spurs….by the time they got to the HEAT, they’re all out of good games man…while the HEAT, didn’t really get tested at all in the east…closest was Boston..and Boston is done man…they’re even older news than LAL….

      The only reason Miami will see the finals a lot from now on is because the EAST so so much weaker than the WEST….face it…other than MIA, the EAST IS WEAK WEAK WEAK….Rose got injured and Dwight had some drama to work out…and Boston got old….

      • sam says:

        yes, the teams in the west are very strong… but the strongest of them was beaten by the HEAT… do the logic…

  55. Agreed says:

    Lakers need to keep doing what they are doing……….addition by subtraction. Don’t they already have enough 40 year olds in LA (Nash, Kobe, Gasol, etc.). What’s another 40 year old???????

    • jayr says:

      You realize Gasol only tuned 32 less than a week ago, and Bryant is only 33? Plenty of basketball left in those guys.

      The Lakers really aren’t as old as it first appears.

      Anyway, Grant Hill is one guy who I really don’t mind chasing a championship. He’s sure earned that right.

  56. erwin says:

    Its interesting to see youth versus experience, if OKC and Lakers w/ G. Hill meet…………..

  57. AckWright says:

    I dunno L.A. was what maybe 4-6 points from sending a series with Thunder to 7 games, they lost to their own mistakes and had chances to win, in those last posessions experience and poise matter more than youth. I won’t defend them picking up more aging players, but I also won’t say that L.A. doesnt stand a chance especially when replacing Barnes and Sessions with Nash and Hill, honestly at both positions those are great upgrades.

  58. noyb says:

    Obviously the Lakers didn’t learn anything from the last time they tried “stacking” (i.e. Gary Peyton and Karl Malone).

    • two says:

      Well they almost won then, it was very close. But Detroit had the greatest devensive team, no superstars, just all defense.

      Plus, no one in LA wanted Karl Malone to win a ring after what he did to Magic, so it’s all good.

      • Johnross says:

        Ha, it wasnt close at all. Detroit smashed them with young legs and good defense….its pathetic that some teams have to resort to buying who they consider the best players…BEAT LA!

      • NBAfan says:

        so it’s pathetic to go after good players who are free agents? So GMs should not go for good players? Good thing you’re not a GM, you’d be fired like Jerry McGuire with that kind of thinking…

  59. patrick says:

    David why wont’ Chicago’s GM make any moves? already let Ray Allen and now Jason Terry go buy…nevermind all the misses he had last season…

  60. killuabest says:

    nicely said DANITo….

  61. IsLaM says:

    they hav to add him, they dont have any reliable offensve players at SF or SG or PG on the bench…..

  62. Jerimiah says:

    Lakers! What’s up with the “Bucketlist”? We need some new blood. We can’t continue to let the younger players go (i.e. Shannon Brown and Trevor Arriza) and recruit from the bucketlist (i.e Theo Ratliff and Joe Smith).

  63. DANITo says:

    lakers need to stop looking at older players, and get some young legs to boost there energy, thats the reason they lost last year. they should went after butum or iggy, they cant win with that team

    • Saddam DeLuise says:

      THERE β‰  THEIR β‰  THEY’RE…

    • stan says:

      danito…..the lakers lost because they couldn’t defend the young legs of scorers, not because they were an old team. some of the best defenders are old veterans. there are many young players who cannot guard for anything. some of them lack defensive understanding, and some just don’t have any athletic ability to guard the faster players. grant hill, ron artest, shane battier, shawn marion, kidd, ect, are all older but they still have athletic ability to guard the best scorers even if they are a tad slower than they were in their prime. the good thing with being a veteran defender is, you don’t get fooled easily. guys like iman shumpert, wade, ariza, joe johnson, and petrious are all young very talented defenders that will still be great when they get older.

      • Laker Fan says:

        The Lakers lost the series because of careless turnovers in the 4th quarters of game two and four! Otherwise it would have been 3-1 with the lakers taking it in 6!

      • Team Kobe says:

        Yea I mean look at Nash hes like wat 38 and look at him!!Hes still young and full of energy!!!We’re lucky we got him for 3 million a year!!!

    • 180deg says:

      DANITo, I was reading your post and thought, “who the heck is butum?? hmmm… ooohh is that BATUM??”

  64. bravo says:

    go to Thunder mr hill….Thunder will crush everyone this year…

    • other teams says:

      Their Definitely ONE of the elite teams. Hard to put much faith in them after their pitiful showing in the finals…. I still think their one of the top 3 teams. They just need a little more experience…

    • s27m says:

      just like they were gonna crush the heat? lol until LeBron turns atleast 31 or 32 they’re not stopping him

  65. OLU says:


  66. I believe Hill still has something left in the tank, but I do not want him to even consider putting on a Lakers uniform on. Heat already have Ray Allen now, so I don’t see them bring in a 40 year old Grant Hill and his transmission can slip at anytime if you know what I mean. He needs to stay with Phoenix and stop trying to ring camp.

  67. Greg Boss says:

    Please don’t add another 38+ year old to the Lakers. I like Grant Hill, but the Laker’s approach to signing aging veterans is getting tired, pun intended. Greg at Dazadi.

    • Danny says:

      What you have to understand is that with the move involving Steve Nash, the Lakers have clearly set out a goal whether you like it or not: WIN NOW. Do I agree with it? No, because LA is going to regret doing this when Kobe is gone and the best player they have is Bynum, and g-d only knows what his situation is gonna be in a couple years. Any way you look at this is that it’s a bad move, but if you want to win now, then signing Grant Hill gives you a guy who actually plays really well for a guy who’s 39 and I think doesn’t get enough credit, especially after all the devastating injuries he suffered when he was with Orlando. Perfect fit at this stage of his career, but keep an eye on the Knicks, Celtics, and Spurs who have all expressed interest in him every time he became a free agent in the last several years. This time though, I do agree with what everyone is saying: he will not pick phoenix

      • other teams says:

        @ Danny…. He is not interested in the Knicks, Celtics or Spurs. Your keeping an eye out for nothing.

      • Team Kobe says:

        No I dont think so I mean he’s close to retiring a nd Hill has to agrre but he wants LA OKC OR MIA!!!!!But would be great if he went to LA but hes just to old.We need young people for the team.We also need shooters like O.J. Mayo!But really Lakers try to get Mayo for a shooter we need one or two more!!!

  68. brian says:

    i see stacking

  69. Alex says:

    Any chance that he stays in Phoenix?

    • oldschool says:

      Not a chance. It’s hard for Sun’s fans to lose those great players but Suns have to rebuild.
      On the bright side starting with Gordon and Dragic is a nice way to do it πŸ™‚

    • two says:

      I don’t think so. He was thinking of retiring, and all that’s keeping him from doing that is a championship ring, which is not likely in Phoenix.

    • Suns says:

      Unfortunately the suns failed to give him the contract he wanted two years in a row. Now that Hill has plenty of suitors the Suns won’t make a move….again….

  70. Danny says:

    Lakers would be nice fit, but they arent getting any younger. Lakers would be the oldest team.

    • two says:

      The lakers aren’t looking to get younger just yet, they are pushing for at least one final championship for Kobe within the next two years. Any veteran that wants to help and is willing not to play for the entire game is a fit for them right now.

      • Miami Guy says:

        Kobe can not get another championship without Phil Jackson. He and MJ were so lucky to have Jackson as a coach unlike James.

      • Dennis says:

        hey miami guy, didnt the lakers have Phil Jackson when they got swept by the Mavs? Your crazy if you think the coach is everything. They can have all the ideas in the world, but if the players are gifted, talented and hard working.. there is nothing to do. So Jackson or no Jackson, the Lakers got punished. And you could put Isiah thomas in there Heat will still win Eastern Conference. Dont ever compare Jordan, a player who came back out of retirement (after nearly 2 years), at age 32.. and won 3 straight. A player, who set a winning record 72-10. A player who dropped 50 point when he was 40 years young. A player who could hit the shots when it counted, for the game, for the win.

        Kobe has only 1 MVP because he was always surrounded by other players. LeBron, has another MVP in Wade, and dominant player in Bosh to go with a 3pt champion. And now has a ream full of all stars on his team. I mean STACKED. And they are playing against teams who are not stacked.

        Jordan was the only MVP on his team, and he nevr had the ridiculous 6-24 games in a game 7, or couldnt buy a bucket in the 4th quarter. Please, dont compare Apples, to well, these guys.

      • Remz says:

        Haha, a Jordan fanatic, remember Jordan won with hall of famer pipped and rodman while Kobe won back to back only with gasol and artest, and bulls are a very strong team against weaker teams, while Kobe beat a very strong team with three franchise players Garnett Pearce and allen, Jordan didn’t even beat Larry bird in the east, and beat an old aids infected magic Johnson. Kobe shot 6/24 because he gets constant double team even when he is above the tree point line. Jordan also let penny hard away steal the ball from him when it matters back then and lose the playoffs,

    • Lakers fan says:

      Seriously old. Raja Bell is also a consideration but he’s like 37 or 38 too. I don’t mind old veterans but how many is too many?

      • LA says:

        raja bell?? really?? are u even a lakers fan. do u not know the hate between kobe and raja?? lol

      • two says:

        @LA , well that’s what Kobe wants. He loves those players, because that means they are aggressive against good players.

        That’s how they recruited Barnes, Metta , and now, Nash.

      • Chandler says:

        @LA Are you a Lakers fan? Doesn’t sound like it, because if you are, you’d know that Kobe pushed so hard for him last year because he knows that Raja is a strong competitor and will get in people’s face.

      • susie says:

        Kobe always try to recruit them ‘Kobe stoppers,’ Kobe even tried to woo Shane Battier. This is what Kobe does to get rid of those perceived to be the best defenders against. He don’t want to tire and struggle against those defenses, that’s why he makes them his teammates. Raja, Barnes, Artest, Nash, who else?

      • Raja says:

        @ LA – I hope you are not a Lakers fan for their sake. What kind of moron are you? Do you even follow your team? It has been KNOWN for over a year now that Kobe wants Bell on the team. He has said so clearly in plenty of interviews. Know what you speak of before you open your mouth. And for the Lakers sake…keep yours shut.

    • John says:

      sure, but sent derek away for younger sessions and it dodn’t work that out either

      • darnall says:

        it dnt matter its all miami foor the next 2 seasons anyway , so no matter every body in the league no that beating the heat is impossible.