Heat To Sign Lewis To 2-Year Deal

The Miami Heat continued to add veteran free agents at low prices Tuesday, agreeing to terms with forward Rashard Lewis on a two-year deal worth around $3.3 million, according to a source.

Lewis had visited the Heat on Sunday and spoken with both the Hawks and Knicks in the following couple of days. But ultimately, he liked the fit of the Heat. And given that he is already going to make $13.7 million this season after being bought out by the New Orleans Hornets, who acquired him last month from Washington for Emeka Okafor and Trevor Ariza, money was not a major issue. The buyout completed the massive $118 million deal Lewis signed with the Orlando Magic in 2005.

The Heat are clearly looking to surround LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh with as many proven shooters as possible. Miami reached agreement last week with free agent guard Ray Allen, the NBA’s all-time leader in 3-pointers, to a three-year, $9.5 million deal. The 32-year-old Lewis is currently eighth on that 3-point list with 1,690, and is a career 38.8 percent shooter from behind the arc.

Lewis has been injury plagued the last couple of years. Since coming to Washington in December, 2010, in a trade for Gilbert Arenas, Lewis missed 60 games with knee problems, and lost his starting job at forward with the Wizards to rookie Chris Singleton. But even the threat of someone as potent as Lewis has been over his career as a perimeter scorer will force opposing defenses into a quandary next season — even more so if Allen is on the other side — as they figure out how to keep Miami’s Big Three from going wild if facing single coverage.


  1. topz10 says:

    WOW,, the ex all stars of the seattle supersonics are now in south beach..damn!

  2. kien says:

    the miami also got a 3point shooter center..the rookie justin hamilton

  3. BringBackTheSonics says:

    Hmm Lewis, Ray Ray…the Heattle Sonics?

  4. jose says:

    I’d rather sign Grant Hill, he’s much better for defensive purposes and also, add depth to the bench. Miami already have allen, miller, battier, jones, chalmers, cole as jumpshooters.

  5. steve says:

    I agree with Danny but you forgot to add that he is also a Future Hall of Famer, and he played with Rondo, Pierce and Garnett, if he was in a bad team he could score so much more.. He had limited touches with all that talent there was in boston. and terry was the second option behind dirk so its really irrelavant..

  6. ustedtobeamagicfan says:

    James,Wade,Bosh,Allen & Lewis, I am no longer a MAGIC FAN. I was born and raised in the dirty south so I guess it’s back to my roots, I am now an official Msmiamiheatwholehearted & unconditional Heat Fan

  7. danny says:

    lol @ pat riley theDon, Ray Allen cannot be compared to Jason Terry. He did as good, as Jason Terry despite havin and injury prone season. Ray Allen is as clutch as they comes, he gets double teamed when he comes off screans, like rip hamilton. He is a 10 time all-star, Terry is not even an allstar, and since he healing his ankle this summer to become healthy, i dont know how good, he will be. Even though He can’t go off for 51 points like he did against the bulls 3 years ago, he can still can get the job done and efficently… expecially with the shots battier and miller got in the playoffs its a done deall

  8. nbafan says:

    amitpal i come on this forum everyday just to read the filth and slander you write about the heat, your so bias its pathetic…although i laugh at the expense of your stupidity. go heat! =)

  9. JG says:

    Heat fan here but we can’t overstate or understate the value of the signings. Let’s see how well they play together with the big 3 at this time in their careers … I’m definitely excited by the possibilities!!!!! GO HEAT!

  10. MR.Jokes says:

    lol McGee in Miami hahaha what a team then lets go heat lets go

  11. shakenbake33 says:

    I say Get
    Ryan Hollins: Young Athletic and a 7 footer. Kinda low on IQ but being on a championship team can improve his game
    Jermaine O’neil: Experienced big man he is just injury prone
    Greg Oden: Young Big and definitely can play defense bad thing about it is if he gets injured he is again useless
    Greg Steisma: A restricted free agent from Boston. As we saw in the playoffs this guy can handle himself with the big guns.
    Kwame Brown: HELL NO!

  12. hot boy says:

    OHOOOO BABY thats what i talking about!

  13. Bruno Osugi says:

    Well done Heat….Lebron´s wife also thanks….

  14. Americano says:

    The legs with go – but shooting a basketball or hitting a baseball stays with one for a long time. Older guys make sense — nervousness is minimized and pure shooting is their game.

  15. Curtis says:

    Miami will be UNSTOPPABLE in sooo many ways! Im just curious on our centre’s i think we need someone related to ODEN or something like that in order to a great force. 😀

  16. Jake says:

    To everyone saying Ray Allen and Rashard Lewis are old and/or washed-up, do you not remember how the Heat won their first championship? We had old and less talented (at the time) players like Jason Williams, Gary Payton and Antoine Walker. And we won.

  17. John Doe says:

    the Heat should trade wade and bosh for howard…. Teaming up Howard and LeBron sounds wuite scary…

  18. shakenbake33 says:

    Impressive move again by the Heat. Getting a 6’10 guy who can shoot and penetrate. Anyone who said this is a lame find is just bitter. Miami’s Bench is getting deeper by the moment and i think they are not done yet. There is still a big hole in their Center spot. Oden Next?

  19. aa says:

    So Miami already brought 2 snipers, while they already have Battier and Miller. So one of them gonna leave the team or what ?

  20. James Cabagnot Lebron says:

    wow..now wth lewis, allen and a legit center hamilton..its a succesive CHAMPIONSHIP on the making!!!!!!!!! GO GO GO BICTU!!!! GO GO HEAT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  21. MANINOY says:

    Lewis got $13 from his buyout contract and will likely to sign with the Heat for $1.1M which is a wise move. Monetary consideration is secondary, what he aims is to be in a Championship team. Yeah Allen and Lewis maybe older injury prone and may as well be slower but these guys brings experience to the team in crunch time.The Heat held on to E. Curry all season long, they are hopeful that he will be healthy next season. C- Curry, PF- Bosh, SF-James, SG-Wade, PG-Chalmers>>>bench Allen, Lewis, Battier, Jones, Haslem, J.Anthony, Turiaf. not bad

  22. Ritchie says:

    Nice miami They Have many shooter ….. I like it Go Heat Go and get another champion in 2013 Good Luck …

  23. Warren says:

    lol if they cant defend howard james,bosh and wade will give 6 fouls early

  24. KingJames says:

    Champions for the next 2 years babe!!
    3Peat,YEAH,Calling it NOW.

  25. Nashtastic says:


    Allen and now Lewis? ….other teams could no way stand a chance with that overload of talent and deep roster.

    How can you stop a team with 2 of the top 5 players in the league, an all star PF and a perimeter loaded with deadly shooters and snipers. I mean who needs a center to block shots when you get bombarded from beyond the arc.

    What’s even more scary is that Wade is having his knee repaired. So expect a more dominating, aggressive and unstoppable Wade next season.

    It seems every player that wanted a title could just sign with Miami with $3 dollars, with a guarantee of a sure ring. They can even force Karl Malone and Charles Barkley just for them to get their god damn ring,! Anybody else wants to join the Heat for $1. haha.

  26. HeatAllTheWay says:

    I like the strategy of the Heat. They want to surround LBJ with good 3 point shooting. I cant imagine for now when LBJ tries to drive to the hoop and get doubled, he will just throw the ball to the 3 points and boom!

  27. MICK SEYER says:

    I wonder what Lebron’s going to do with him on the floor. Rashard had an affair with his girlfriend / livein partner when he was still in Cleveland in 2009 & Rashard with Orlando during their eastern conference finals which the Magic won the series. Hmmmm…

  28. Isaac says:

    No real impresive move. Lewis has now become an inconsistent shooter. He is also older and has become injury prone. Miami has just replace 3pt shooters for more shooters. They are just going to struggle more against a 2-3 zone.

    • bigZo33 says:

      yeah, struggle all the way to a championship? besides 2 3 zone is easy to break down. If you played any ball anywhere else in the world in the last 20 years where FIBA rules applied then you would see.

    • pakyaw says:

      that’s how u beat a zone defence! with a bunch of shooters…learn how to play bball first kid…

    • Rocketsfan16 says:

      A 2-3 zone forces you to take more long range shots instead of driving. That’s why with Allen and Lewis they don’t even need to try an drive on a tough 2-3.

  29. Lets go heat says:

    The heat are awesome, they got some of the best 3 point shooters in the league (milller, battier, allen, jones, and now LEWIS!!!!!!!!!!!!) go miami heat

  30. bheinteh20 says:

    i think everybody forgot that Heat won the championship as they are now (still lacks PG, CENTER) an upgrade to their shooters is good enough and if they add decent big men then whalla, another huge campaign for back to back to back

  31. cid says:

    way to go heat!

  32. K,G-zus says:

    LMFAO… You Heat “fans” are seriously some band wagon jumping clowns. Stacked????? Jesus…. you get a 38 year old shooting guard and an oft injured has been and you’re ready to order more rings. Well… good for you all and all the fans that dress like maxi pads at all the home games. Whatever floats your cocaine smuggling boat

    • pakyaw says:

      first of all,dont be jealous just b’coz your team doesnt a have roster like what Miami have…..Miami is a champ and now u put an upgrade on that roster with a 1st and 8th alltime 3pointers…..doesnt sound like a repeat to you?…

  33. John says:

    After several years of teams paying Rashard $20 million a year for his services, the Heat get him for $1.7 million a year. What a ridiculous bargain. If he’s even relatively healthy this year, the Heat will be exceedingly hard to beat. and I continue to wonder why the Heat insist on being so strong at every position except Center.

    • dattebayo says:

      Maybe they resign a fit and revitalized Curry that can actually run up and down the court for 6 straight minutes and shock us in the next season with him 😀

    • Harley K says:

      well lewis also has like 15 mill coming to him from the hornets because they waived him

  34. lucyfear666 says:


  35. bijoux says:

    Welcome aboard the gravy train.

  36. colichi says:

    The heat has done good so far… However, I believe that A big man; a decent big man someone that can block and have some offence when is need it at the post should the best addition to the heat this season.

  37. wagner godinho says:

    Miami is the best! The new team has no limits! Let’s go Heat!

  38. Amitpal says:

    One good thing about shooters yet don’t mess ur chemistry. When u bringother players along twy have to get used to the team. As for shooter all they have to so is catch and shoot. One thing j don’t get how come nobody is trying to go to okc. This next year is there year.Kevin Durant is about to show his real potential next year.

  39. nobody says:

    Whoa. With Allen and Lewis, that’s the former core of the Sonics back in the day. Seattle fans will rejoice. LOL

    • Scott the magician says:

      back when allen was jesus shuttlesworth and lewis was a highschool superstar!!

  40. ZULU says:

    Old rich team just keep moving along……….

  41. Ambria says:

    I am so happy right now, this is like a birthday present to me which is tomorrow.I was highly upset when Orlando let Rashard Lewis go, but Miami is bringing him back to the sunshine state. At least one of my teams are getting him, now we need to bring Michael Beasley back. HeatNation BOOMIN!!!!

  42. Jstew says:

    This is getting ridiculous. These guys are tipping the NBA ship over by loading all the players onto their corner. I don’t know what to say but this cannot be good, for anyone outside Miami. I will still watch but it is harder to be a fan when 5 teams matter and the rest don’t. I guess I will root for the Thunder next postseason, when it is a genuine team vs the Heat.

    • Pat Riley The Don says:

      “a genuine team” lol oh cmon with that. What about The lakers with nash? What about the Celtics with a big four (Terry is statistically exactly the same as ray allen)…what about the knicks or the nets…have you seen their rosters? We have 3 talents surrounded by rookies/youngins and oldies…

      If you actually watch the league instead of just Sports Center you would see that there are PLENTY of talented teams, many of which under acheive..many of which overacheive (which is good).

      These teams can win a title in the next 2 or 3 years: Lakers, Heat, Thunder, Knicks, Nets, Bulls, Spurs, Celtics, Pacers, Clippers, Grizzlies, Timberwolves (don’t laugh..look at their new roster)…no exagerration. That’s almost half the league!

      c’mon with that pessimistic defeatist shhhh..! The NBA has a great level of competition..and not only competition, ENTERTAINING and TALENTED competition. Stop hating…please.

      • Harley K says:

        no the heat are stacked how can you have the best sg (sorry kobe) the best sf and a top 5 pf now they have a top 10 sg in allen and lewis can bounce back and be a top 10-20 sf this year and he means the thunder were built through the draft not getting some of the best players so sign to the same team. plus only the spurs, thunder, lakers in the west and heat and anybody who matches up well with them has a chance at a title

  43. uoykcuf says:

    I think Jerry Stackhouse wants his last name back!

  44. the fantastic four says:

    get DeJuan Blair and or Greg Oden and Miami should be set to win the next few years, especially now that Howar might not be joining the nets.

    • Pat Riley The Don says:

      Oden is a curse but I might take a gamble…Blair on the other hand lacks size but makes it up with long arms, body and hustle…I definitely have my eye on him.

  45. kinggotti85 says:

    done deal is over wit put another ring to it …. we stackin dem shoooter , snipers … haha and ray your right just one center away from having a dynasty team fo real wade abd bron in the inside attacking the basket , bosh on the rebond and perimeter jumper along with a medicore 3 pt then add the shotter from the outside opening the floor we getting that insid out game ridiculous , plus wade healthy we def got it this season !

  46. Mason2k12 says:

    Heat Nation continues to grow baby

  47. Nyk says:


  48. bheinteh20 says:

    nice addition. Lewis in Orlando Finals was good. He should bring his A game at South Beach and not disappoint Heat Nation

  49. ray allen says:

    hey heat.just get a big man! like Scalabrine and its a dream Team

  50. Luca says:

    i dont get it. why do they say that lewis will sign with noh? and in this article here they say he will sign with the heat?

  51. Rob says:

    They’re paying these guys more than their contract says.. There’s no way Heat can afford these guys without exceeding the cap.

  52. Amitpal says:

    Anybody else want to win a ring without trying please join the heat. But really they r adding more shooter when there big problem is the center. If Dwight goes to nets try don’t stand a chance. Miami big weakness is still a shot blocking center. Lebron and wade still can’t make more then 1 jump shot a game and if u play a good zone and don’t leave the shooter to double team the heat can’t do anything.

    • Amitpal says:

      Oh and those of u who think Chis bosh can handle Dwight keep dreaming. Dwight is taller longer and much much stronger. I think lebron has a better chance of guarding Dwight then bosh.

      • wadefan says:

        think about when dwight and bosh faced each other in toronto.. bosh isnt worth nearly as much.. but he has enough defense to play against howard’s limited offensive game

      • Tre says:

        Dwight Isn’t Taller Or Longer Dwight Is Only About 6’9

      • Amitpal says:

        Um tre says Dwight is 6’11 not 6’9 get ur stats straight. And wadefan ur so blinded with ur stupid heat nation that u think actually think bosh can handle Dwight. First off couple years ago dwights game wasn’t great and yet he still put up 20 plus points on just about everybody. Now he actually has some post up game and along with another superstar player who he’s never played with one before he will be even more dominate.

    • JG says:

      “There” big problem didn’t seem big last season when we won the championship.

  53. I’m beginning to get very upset with the trend of taking leftover talents to south beach! This easily makes them the deepest team in the league.

  54. Dizzle says:

    Ma boi Lewis gonna get the ring he deserve ye

    • LBJ6 says:

      Could we try and use spell chack and speak right… We aren’t gangsters man. And Lewis doesn’t DESERVE a title, he never lived up to the hype, and he was LAZY

  55. YIKES says:

    Damn!!!!! First Allen and now Lewis. On top of that they got Miller ,Battier, Chalmers and James Jones as three point threats . Fortunately for the rest of the League most of these guys ,save for Battier and Chalmers are prone to injury . So if anyone else is willing to join the heat for 2 Dollars and a chance for a championship then Please sign at the X …………… ,haha . On a more serious note you dont need damn size when u have James ,Wade and Bosh with the three point gang . So all the best to any other team trying to oust Miami from the top . Better pray for injuries ,thats the only way they going down.

    • shanydawg says:

      Dude…. did you HAVE mention the “I” word at the end there?!. Poo Poo POO-WEE! GO HEAT!

    • Kobelover says:

      he is not going to miami he is going to hornets that was a typo if you watched the vid you would know that

      • greg colon says:

        the hornets waived rashad lewis.

      • Pat Riley The Don says:

        Miller is likely retiring due to injury and James Jones might retire as well…that’s why we got these guys. I am slightly worried about zone defenses but Lebron is still in his prime and Wade has a couple solid years left…you don’t want to try to take these guys 1-on-1…

        I’m happy we’re making moves. Camby would’ve been nice but now the two New York teams are looking tough and with Nash the Lakers are favorites in my opinion…OKC is a contender of course and LAC can make some noise too…even the Timberwolves, Grizzlies, Pacers, Bulls (if Rose comes back at seasons end) Spurs and Celtics are very very talented. This looks like another solid year for the League! A straight up Renaissance!

      • Philip says:

        A typo that was made four times in a short article and plus they mentioned Miami players too? You are wrong, my friend, he is going to the Heat, The Hornets just waived Rashad Lewis.

        With Allen and now Lewis joining Miami they clearly want to defend the title. D-Wade, LeBron, Bosh, Chalmers, Allen, Lewis, Battier, Miller, Jones and upcoming Noris Cole. What a roster.

    • Mohanad says:

      I think miller retired though

    • greg colon says:

      lmaooo thats funny………LETS GO HEAT!!!!

    • Lose5 says:

      @Yikes Miller and James Jones may not come back, that is why they’re loading up on replacements. On a serious note, size is extremely important and may be the only way a team can beat us. Look at how far Indiana and Boston pushed Miami with their legitimate post threats (Hibbert, West and KG). OKC’s bigmen are all defensive stoppers as opposed to offensive scorers so that played right into our hands. If that Brooklyn deal with Dwight does down, we’ll be in a battle for this next title. Don’t snub out the re-energised Lakers either.

  56. Chirojenic says:

    Go Miami!!

  57. Ray says:

    lol, sick team!!! Now they need to get GREG ODEN – EASY BIG BODY TO block the paint area. Man, I really wish some of the other teams stack together so that we can see some sick games.

    TOOO SICK!!!

  58. two says:

    Old people year