Dwight Update: Hawks Still In Play?

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Time is running out on the Brooklyn Nets. If they’re going to work out a four-team trade for Dwight Howard, they probably need to do it in the next 24 hours. The free agency moratorium period ends at midnight ET on Tuesday, and at that point, teams and players will need to start moving on.

The latest reported deal required the cooperation of not only four teams, but also six free agents who need to agree on new contracts and new destinations. So to say that the negotiations are fragile would be an understatement.

That’s good news for other teams looking to land Howard. And near the top of the list are the Atlanta Hawks. Michael Cunningham of the Atlanta Journal-Constitution writes that Danny Ferry is lying in wait, hoping to bring Howard home…

The Hawks have engaged the Magic in trade talks involving Howard, according to a person with knowledge of the discussions. That person did not want to be identified because the teams involved have not discussed the negotiations publicly.

The Hawks could offer Orlando better players than the Nets. But Atlanta could run the risk of trading away valuable assets only to lose Howard in free agency when his contract expires after next season.

Howard has given no indication he’s willing to commit beyond next season to any team other than Brooklyn. He recently told Yahoo Sports that if a team other than the Nets acquired him, he planned to play out his contract and become a free agent next summer.

As our man David Aldridge reported yesterday, the Nets and Magic are in talks with the Cleveland Cavaliers and at least one other team (it could be the Clippers … or Hawks … or Bobcats … or just about any team) to make a Howard mega-deal possible:

Amid several reports that a deal to send Dwight Howardto the Brooklyn Nets is close, a source directly involved in the discussions said Monday that the Nets are exploring offers from other teams that want to get involved in the Howard talks besides the Cleveland Cavaliers — the third team that is reportedly the conduit to take on players and Draft picks to enable Brooklyn to get Howard while sending players and picks to the Magic.

While the structure of a deal involving the Nets, Magic, Cavaliers and at least one other team is in place, involving numerous players, the moving parts involved in that scenario are a long way from being resolved. For example, Brooklyn created the structure of the deal, which would include sending forward Kris Humphries to the Cavaliers as part of the trade. However, Humphries, being a free agent, would have to agree to the terms of a sign-and-trade deal first.

If Howard still has his eyes set on Brooklyn, the Hawks would be taking risk by trading Al Horford (in all likelihood) as part of a package for the three-time DPOY. But that’s similar to the risk that the Nets took when they got Deron Williams at the 2010 deadline from the Jazz. And given the chance to get Williams invested in their franchise (and eventually acquire Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson), the Nets were able to convince him to stay.

Could the Hawks pull off the same trade-and-sell scenario?


  1. HAWKSMAN says:

    i verry happy if howard play for hawks

  2. Rod Miller says:

    Everybody get ready to laugh.

    Howard should come to Cleveland. LeBron jilted hometown fans who gave him so much love that there is left a void that only Howard could fill. Think about it. Howard, the adopted son, comes to Cleveland and leads a bunch of young and talented studs to the promised land.

    Howard would then have done what LeBron couldn’t do … produce a championship for a city that craves one. Howard doesn’t need the money. What better way to prove to the world that he could beat a great player while improving his image?

  3. 1goldenstate says:

    just go to da lakers and get it over with.

  4. WALDEN says:


  5. Celticsman says:

    So much drama.

  6. DH is a crybaby says:

    Just punish DH and send him to the bobcats. His big whinny *SS is so fcking annoying.

  7. Glosh says:


  8. Perrito says:

    Tssss,,,well in all honesty as DA says the most logical trade for ORLANDO,,not DH is Houston,,,,just deal him 2 Houston and stack up 4 the future and leave it to Rockets 2 sort it all out,,then Orlando gets what they want and so does Houston.
    Who cares what DH wants its business,,,,time for Magic 2 think about themselves and leave it all behind them.

  9. Cody says:

    If what Howard is saying, that he will only re-sign with the Nets, is true than why would any other team send draft picks and most likely good young players to the Magic. It doesn’t make sense, they would get Howard for a season and then nothing else, unless they try to move Howard also.

    • trade1 says:

      cody, my point exactly, what should happen is, everybody should pack up the dolls(because the nba is now the sissy league) and dishes on trying to get howard and get 99.9% of the other free agents who can help your team win.. the magic, nets and howard will get what they deserve… no bargaining power from either side..

  10. makataeus says:

    This is getting way out of hand now, all these players being shifted for a Howard who isn’t going to commit unless it’s the Nets is stupid. If he goes to ATL they lose a decent player for a superstar who’s not going to give 100% and then leave after a season. I feel sorry for all the players being seen as trash and traded just so Howard can go to the Nets. Kris Humphries is getting a raw deal to sign for a team that doesn’t want him just to be traded to a team he probably doesn’t want to be a part of. This needs to end asap even though now Howard isn’t actually doing wrong as he’s set his terms and is just waiting.

  11. jloc says:

    Dwight Howard is going to be a Hawk! When I saw the move with Lou Williams coming to ATL that just validated it! Dwight, Josh, and Lou Im pretty sure have played AAU ball together and have known each other for many years since shorties. This move makes perfect sense. Bring the big fella home!!!!!

  12. all this Dwight Howard talk is getting really annoying the magic just need to give up cause it seems like they dont wanna get anything so let him play out there and become a freeagent or trade him already everytime i turn on the t.v a new team is in trade talk he said he wont sign wit no one else so the magic just need to do the right thing and work something out already enough is enough i want him to come to nets but if he dont he dont im just tired of all the talks and rumors the magic are looking to get a all star team from this trade give up already please this is the kind of things that destroy teams moral and focus

  13. yao ming says:

    howard should retire NOW or go play in europe or china they need your talent there then comeback when the league needs a crying baby and and dwamma king or try make some movies he’s gonna be loved in L.A. hollywood baby (crying) big hit CRYING BABY now on theatre

  14. Adrian says:

    If the hawks can get dwight howard the hawks will probably go the conference finals or they work hard maybe just maybe go to the finals

  15. Blah says:

    All the hype bout howard.. he not worth it.

  16. cjoneyi says:

    magic do your city a favor move on take the atlanta trade of al horford and teague and rebuild DH12 is to much drama

  17. karoLT says:

    ATL HAWKS its worth the risk… DWIGHT & JOSH … im sure they are going to win the title if that happens or at least the FINALS… oh & SIGN Bonzi Wells… he is a utility man… pippen type

  18. Zawahra-ATL says:

    I’m a diehard hawks fan, and tbh I have never liked dwight howard. The guy is an insane athlete but skill wise i don’t think he’s a truly GREAT center, and the way he’s handled this situation is childish and immature. That being said, he will make an immediate impact on whatever team he goes to. But to me, I’d rather keep horford in ATL and play him at PF where he’s most comfortable. If howard doesn’t resign wherever he ends up, we could make a push for him then, but for now, i think our core of smith and horford is really solid and that’s where we should build around. In addition, cp3 will also be a free agent next year and we have the cap room to get him as well as howard. I admit it’s somewhat wishful thinking but it COULD happen if the cards fall in place. As for orlando, I wish them all the best, no matter what happens

  19. sirsparhawk says:

    Howards image doesnt mean jack if he can still play ball. People will still come to see him even if its to see him lose, people will still want them on their team, teams will still win regardless of his image. Nets will get him not lolatlanta.

  20. lakeshow says:

    what would they do with horford???

  21. lbj says:

    trade him to chicago bulls for hinrick and future draft picks

  22. eo says:

    please lets stop talking about this lebron wannabe bitch

  23. Ravensbball says:

    All this drama… Not to be a hater, but I hope where ever he goes, he doesnt win a ring. He has completely screwed over the Magic organisation by getting both Smith and Van Gundy fired. He has constantly whined about the front office not making the right trades to put big names around him which in my opinion ORL did a fantastic job over the years by acquiring key players such as J.Rich, Vince, Turkoglu (return from Phoenix), Lewis, Arenas etc. Sure some of these players may not be at their prime when they joined, but they made the effort and did alot more than Clevelands front office when Lebron was there. For you Heat fans out there; you guys cant afford him and better yet dont even need him to probably win another ring next season so quit talking about Haslem, Anthony and your worthless draft picks cause its not gonna happen, Lakers would need to trade more than Gasol or Bynum for Dwight and I cant see them making drastic changes after acquiring Nash (besides it wouldnt really benefit ORL anyways since Bynum has a terrible attitude and you can no longer really build a team around Gasol anymore) and sorry to say if Dwight went to Atlanta it wouldnt change anything – Atlanta’s gonna be an early exit bottom seed playoff team at best without Joe Johnson (and possibly Horford, since presumably they would need to trade him to acquire D12). Bottom line is, Dwight wants a ring so he wants to move to a team that is already a contender, however teams who are already a contender either dont have that kind of money, or shouldnt risk making huge changes to gamble with Howard, as it could majorly backfire if Dwight isnt happy at the end of the day. The only trade that makes any sense here is the Brooklyn or OKC trade (Harden, Ibaka and Perkins) for Dwight and somebody else. OKC is one of the best teams right now, but they cant afford to extend both Ibaka and Hardens contracts at the end of the year, Orlando on the other hand has the money to sign both and build around them 2. Personally I’m a Spurs fan and I don’t want Howard anywhere near San Antonio (not like we can afford him but thats besides the point).

  24. TKO says:

    Who cares!! Waive him.

  25. bunbury says:

    on a different note. kobe played this last year as if he has something to prove. maybe to coach mike brown. as a result, he led the league in shots per game WITH a career worst 43% shooting . WHY WILL HOWARD WOULD LIKE TO PLAY WITH KOBE? There is a reason why things went bad with Shaquille. the truth of the matter is that howard (like shaq) want to be 1st option.

  26. Just trade him to the nets.It will make the league more interesting. plus the heat, lakers, OKC will have another great opponent.

    And FLIGHT5FOREVER shut up man We all know that LBJ did better with miami. Lebron will always be better than Dwight Howard. Im not sayin that Dwight isnt a good player. he IS a great player but LBJ is better.

    +The cavs are HORRRIBLE he DID NOT have any support!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  27. Austin says:

    The magic was once my favorite team till they traded ryan Anderson and about to trade Howard they are easily the dumbest run team since they fired Stan Van Gundy, and Otis Smith and will probably trade Howard to the hawks for a nobody.

  28. allan says:


  29. merryhairyfish says:


  30. NC says:


  31. Just trade him to the nets.It will make the league more interesting. plus the heat, lakers, OKC will have a funner season.

  32. chrisso says:

    the Knicks should trade for howard.. give up chandler, fields and picks to trump brooklyn and show them who’s boss of this town!

  33. hawksfaninthewest says:

    If I’m Danny Ferry, I push all my chips in and offer Al & Tegue even w/o a contract. Perhaps he’ll change his tune playing in his hometown with homeboys – J Smoove & Morrow. Plus after this year, the team that has Dwight has the Larry Bird deal on re-signing. They even have room to sign another key player. Worse case, he walks but you still get one year shot with a core of Howard, Smith & Devin Harris. That’s as good as Magic team that went to finals. If he doesn’t resign, you blow it up and start all over as all 3 of those would be off the books in a year.

  34. wynaut says:

    here is what they should do. bynum to nets , brook to orlando, howard to lakers

  35. Also Ivan Johnson = meanest mug in the NBA.
    I’m sure anyone’s shooting percentage goes down drastically with his ugly face in your face

  36. Gman says:

    Bring him to the knicks for Carmelo and Amare, the two worst best players!

  37. DEFENSE WINS CHAMPIONSHIPS. sure it makes for “boring” basketball but all i care about is wins for my team. Bring Dwight home, no ones getting to the rack with howard and smith in the paint, not lebron not griffin not anyone. Will force teams to pull up and settle for jumpers, but ATL has morrow and jenkins 2 great shooters to go back and forth with 3’s if yall wanna shoot it out against us. plus we got big dogs gonna eat u up inside on the offensive end as well. all yall sleepin on smoove, he is a premier defensive/rebounding talent that this organization has built around over the years even through a lack of point guard and crippling contracts/ draft mistakes. I cant wait to see james get stuffed in the lane time and time again. BRING A CHAMPIONSHIP BACK TO YOUR HOMETOWN D12!!! This will save your image! (unlike some other that betrayed his hometown to get one.)

  38. william says:

    The people on here saying the Heat should pickup Howard must play alot of 2k12, cause there is no way they can afford or even want him, they lebron and dwade as the main parts, plus Howard wants attention,also i do not mind the drama it is just a build up before the season, and I people talking about super teams, it takes more than 3 players to win a chip, Miami won the chip majorily due to Lebron and Wade had his moments, but Millera nd Battier, also Haslem did their parts,either way Howard to the Nets only means hype and Howard getting too much pressure on him.

  39. brods says:

    the NBA has to be one the most interesting sports as far as off seasons go, it makes it so easy to be a basketball fan even when there isn’t even any basketball being played. Howard is a great player and he plays at a position where a lot of teams are weak at. He is a defensive beast and although he can shoot very well and doesn’t seem to have the breast offensive skill set he still manages to average 20+ points a game. Orlando fans face it, your not going anywhere with howard. its time to start over a rebuild if you want a championship. Orlando is getting a lot in return for howard in this deal so i hope they do it. I don’t think the lakers should go for howard, they have a great team already and i don’t know if there team would even be any better with howard because of what they would have to give up. He should go to the nets, it would probably be best for the NBA if he did, but i don’t think they should trade Marshon Brooks. All i care about is that someone can knock off the heat!!!


    What ever team Dwight Howard goes to I definately will not be cheering for them… Nobody should pick him up to teach hima lesson… Send him to europe for a year or something. Im tired of hearing about him and seeing him. He is the most selfish ball player i have seen in years.

  41. Dwight needs to stop crying and go try to win a ring in Los Angeles where he has the best chance to win one. He won’t win in Orlando, he won’t win in Brooklyn. He won’t win anywhere but in a Lakers uniform.

    • Jayde says:

      I don’t understand why some people are so stuck on Dwight going to the Lakers he has CLEARLY stated he ONLY wants to go to Brooklyn and that was a huge reason why Deron Williams stayed and did not go to the Mavs. Come one now

  42. FreeAgentTracker says:

    Send Kobe to Orlando for Howard…..
    You don’t need 2 good point guards unless the other become the sixth men.
    Kobe game hasn’t been improving……beside down hill.

  43. Antis says:

    Damn i miss the earlier NBA era, now it’s all about big 3’s, crying like little baby’s. Man up already.

  44. jlane says:

    if atl can get him in Free agency, then thats the best defensive front court with D12, Al, and josh smith

  45. winston says:

    NBA team owners should put an end to the drama that comes with superstars. They whine about a lot of things. Only you guys can end this. Trade Howard to a team, if he does not want to sign an extension after the season, let all teams unite and don’t acquire his services. That will teach him a valuable lesson in life. “You don’t get things that you want simply by crying”. Yes, he’s a superstar but, is he really worth it?

  46. Kosther says:

    Dwight will never land in the West even with the Lakers. The West is way more competitive and he knows that he’ll have a harder time to battle out and be more pressured to deliver.

  47. Wow says:

    im sick and tired of these trade rumors about howard . . . as of now, i dont really care anymore . .

  48. Ricky says:

    I am a Hawks fan and I like Dwight Howard but he made a mistake when he decided to opt in for the upcoming year. If he would have played out his contract last year or allowed a trade before the deadline last year he could have gone to any team he wanted to . I do not want the Hawks to go after a player who does don’t want to be here.

  49. Mino says:

    big baby dwight.

  50. like says:

    I wish the orlando magic to screw this cry baby like send him somewhere where theirs no talent

  51. JSmoove says:

    Atlanta have more chance to get Howard because the Magics could have Al Horford and Jeff Teague

  52. chitown says:

    How bout they just end this by trading him to Brooklyn and get him off the team! Its where the guys wants to go and he really wants to go there. Look at what the Cleveland Cavaliers did. Lebron went to Miami and they got NOTHING. They now have built their team with draft picks and some trades. The Magic are in a better situation because they get 3 draft picks and a young center in Brook Lopez. At least they have something to do build with. Just trade him and move on with life!!

    Plus, the Magic have more important matters to attend to. Like hiring a new coach!! With all these trade proposals they haven’t even had time to find a new coach. They need when ASAP and they need to get rid of Howard ASAP!! JUST END IT!!! PLEASE!!

  53. W/E says:

    i really hope something REALLY BIG with D12 happens and we get to see changes in alot of teams

  54. W/E says:

    this is great, without D12 the NBA trade period would be so boring,i dont care what u guys say, D12 is the man,every sport needs stuff like that to spice things up

  55. Scisca says:

    I don’t get it why you call it a drama right from the start. OK, it was a drama last season, when nobody knew if he was going to opt-in or not, but this? This is just a trade, so I can’t get it why call this a drama. He wants to leave, the Magic are trying to get the best offer for him, so they negotiate with a couple of teams. Where is the drama? You people should just chill out and stop hating.

    • trade1 says:

      hmmm, lets see, i won’t sign and extension with any team other than the NETS..
      you call this a trade.. hardly, he’s trying to make the magic make moves they don’t want to, in other words deal with the nets only.. i’m sure the magic would rather KEEP d12, but d12 doesn’t want to stay there.. i think this equals drama.. he is signed by the magic you know, he has this year left to play for them, but he doesnj’t want to.. get it, got it, good

  56. Dwight needs 2 go 2 the hawks cuz since this 4 team trade is goin crazy he should jus go 2 the hawks wit josh smith and get this over wit Danny Ferry can clear this up real fast! THIS MAKES NO SENSE

  57. aries says:

    howard don’t think too much just go nets man

  58. Alessio says:

    Can anyone explain me why they probably need to do the trade in the next 24 hours????

    • JG says:

      Because then free agents start to sign and cap space starts to shrink, which means less teams involved in possible trades and that only hurts the nets.

    • chitown says:

      Because the free agent moratorium ends at July 11, and by then teams can sign the players they want to max contracts and then end the free agent period. Events that can happen during this period include:
      Rookie scale contracts
      A restricted free agent can accept a qualifying offer from his old team
      A restricted free agent who has ended his rookie scale contract can sign a max qualifying offer
      Players can be signed to 1 or 2 year contracts
      Teams can amnesty players

      This trade needs to happen in the next 24 hours because it is a sign and trade deal for guys like Brook Lopez and Kris Humphries. Those guys have to sign contracts with the teams that they are going to. So Lopez has to sign a contract with the Magic and Humphries has to sign a contract with the Cavaliers. The problem is Humphries doesn’t want a 1 year deal. He wants to stay long term. The Cavs don’t want to sign him to a long term deal. They are willing to acquire him and maybe use him as trade bait.

      • trade1 says:

        finally, somebody understands whats going on.. thank you chitown…
        now can we ship howard to Houston already and start laughing at how he’s gonna play for the nets anytime in the future… roflmao.. i just want to see the russian billionaire spend $40-50 million luxury tax in 2013-2014 when its $2 for every $1 over cap.. AND still not get to the finals and no bench..

    • lbj says:

      because they need to start practice with their new players since Miami was so tough especially ray allen is in the house. They need long preparation. They need to acquire bruce bowen to kill all Miami players so they can beat them. Bowen is worst than meta world peace

  59. Myself says:

    why is D howard obsessed with the Nets anyway? LMFAO dude Orlando got into the finals! they could have gotten past the first round with you in it! While Nets didn’t even make 10th seed (if they had 10th seed). I don’t understand it, wtf would anyone wanna leavve a better team for a wackier team?! Everyone should just 4get this dude. I bet y’all that if (a big if) he does land in Nets (his dream team) his impact will be minimum; in other words, they might make it into the playoffs but they won’t even get to the quarter-finals.

  60. jaydog says:

    OK for all you Miami fans you just won a championship now you want another superstar is what you have not enough. Besides you want to give away worse players and DRAFT pics LOL most likely the worst pic in the draft possible. Why would Orlando go your direction at all they have many better deals than yours out there.

  61. jsking says:

    im tired about DH and trades, bring him to dom. rep i’ll find him a job… sanky panky ahahahahaha

  62. Common Sense says:

    All signs are pointing to the Lakers. Considering that Howard is only interested in a one year deal if he doesn’t go to the nets. Who would be a better one year deal? The Lakers have Kobe and Nash. Both older players that would want to get the ring next year or bust. Just what Howard is looking for. Also he goes from Miami to LA, not a bad change of location. Finally, when the 10 player, 4 team trade falls apart(they are trying to fit a circle peg in a square hole) They are going to have to settle for a simple one team trade. The only team that can do the one team trade(really) is the Lakers for Bynum. As much as i hate it, it looks like Lakers vs. Heat in 2013(especially now that Allen is in Florida)BLAH!!

  63. Magics owner Rich Devos should offer D12 & his agent 2 choices.
    #1 Agree to a trade to a Western Conference team, or
    #2 See DNPCD 82 times next to his name on the stat sheet next season!
    My guess is that D12 won’t make it out of the month of November before he calls his agent & tells him to make a deal happen!
    What a concept! What a precedent! The team is in chargre not the player!

  64. VP Groot says:

    Howard to the heat?! Are you high on crack…

  65. JDish says:

    But off the record though, I would like to see Dwight land with the Nets. Just to see how Brooklyn will look like next season. It would be fun seeing that team field out a squad of DWill, JJ, Crash, And D-wamma-12 all on the same floor, and then see what kind of back-ups the Nets would send out from the bench when the starters need a breather.

  66. susie says:

    No people, Dwight will go to the Bobcats! He loves Michael Jordan so much, he’ll play for his team!

  67. dwynn says:

    Hey Lbj the Heat doesnt need Howard!!!!The Heat just need a descent big men not a cry baby howard!!Even if went to the nets its not guaranteed that theyll win a championship its not given,..they have to earn it!!!!say whatever about the Nets Bla..bla…the heat are still the team to beat!!!

  68. OrlandoFans says:

    D12: If I go to Brooklyn, I’ll promise to win not 1, not 2, not 3, not 4, not 5, not 6…. championships…

    OrlandoFans: We promise that if you leave Orlando, we will win a championship before you will.

  69. This guy says:

    I think the Nets have more than 1 day to get this done. This deal is being negotiated taking into account the verbal commitments of Deron Williams & Joe Johnson as well as everyone else taking up cap space on all teams involved. If it doesn’t get done now, I believe Howard will still be a Net by the trade deadline as the Nets are the only team he wants to play for right now and the Magic don’t want to lose him for nothing in free agency next year. & now with Joe Johnson, the Nets don’t have the cap flexibility to sign Dwight in free agency, so they are going to pull the trigger on some sort of Dwight Howard deal before the trade deadline, but I think that this will be done sooner rather than later because everyone wants this drama to be done with & move on with the NBA world.

    • trade1 says:

      they better pull this sooner than the trade deadline, cause if it gets anywhere near that, they will be lucky to get bench players.. in fact, if it gets anywhere near trade deadline, why bother trading for him, at that point, he won’t sign an extension with any other team and he can sign with them straight up… BUT, being laughing stocks in new york for 1st year will be bad and then dealing with salary cap will be a problem, they will have to move wallace or whoever they would sign this year somehow..

  70. Steffen says:

    And in all honesty, there’s too many teams in the NBA. There’s simply not enough talent. Most teams are so bad now a days filled with youngsters who have no idea.

  71. noyb says:

    Howard isn’t going to Miami. They can’t afford him. P-U-R-E-U-D.

  72. Lmfao at u morons, Dwight is the best player in the world n if u don’t believe me then just ask TNT drama.

  73. Steffen says:

    This just shows how bad it is to have a spending cap for NBA teams. Dwight is crashing the boundaries of how things have been conducted for ever in the NBA. Obviously he is and know that people hate him for how he’s forcing his will around the league, but the end goal is so sweet.
    If he will, as it’s been reported not agree to any new contracts with any teams but the Nets, who dare to touch him then. If things stay as they are, Dwight will play out his contract with Magic or whoever he is traded too and then next season he will team up with a super team in Nets. One year of bad boy and if things turn out right be on a great team for the remainder of his pro life. Filling the bench with people wanting in on the fun for next to no money isnt going to be any problem and even if the stars of the team take a paycut, they’ll make up for it doing commercials, selling garbage stuff with their name on, etc without sweating.
    The CBA is in effect soon, but with Celtics, then Heat being allowed to do what they did not long ago and now Nets following up with a even more pro roster, altho without someone called Lebron, the Lakers have to follow up on it as well. Clippers and Thunder must realise they need to beef up as well or their two superstars might end up getting kicked around each year. This is a spiral thats going to show that Small markets do not stand a chance vs big markets, no matter how much Stern tries to make it out that way.

    • trade1 says:

      well, here’s the problem the nets have..
      its called Barclay Center and New York Knocks..
      if the nj nets don’t get howard this year.. odds are, they won’t get him next year, cause they will have to sign somebody THIS YEAR and new york, i mean, new jersey will be laughing stocks in that brand new arena thats 1/2 full AND they won’t have enough cap space for howard, so he will have to take a pay cut.. i’m luving this… trade him to anybody BUT NETS… serves him right for resigning with the magic in the 1st place…

  74. bheinteh20 says:

    this lbj commentator makes us real miami heat fans feel sick. go back to your momma please

  75. JDish says:

    Besides, in the present NBA it doesn’t matter what players need to be traded, what money has to be given up, whatever obstacle in trade talks comes up, you know something’s gonna work out. It’s all a matter of who will give, or if both sides of the trade-talk table parties give and go. Just Find A Way, get something ironed out and send him to… to wherever… just send him to the Cavs already, he could team up with Kyrie Irving for a season then he can opt out and become a free agent anyway. So whatever, move him soon please.

  76. pogz the great says:

    to Ima Joking..DWIGHT IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD???? c’mmon man…how can you consider him as the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD if he hasn’t even had an MVP award and a LARRY O’ BRIEN trophy? thru your statement, you’re saying that LBJ and KOBE, primarily, (together with the bunch of players who already won an MVP award and became champions) are just runner-ups in that BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD CATEGORY..do some research and learn the world of basketball kid..oh well, maybe it’s just a statement coming from a die hard fan of cry-baby-dwight..peace bro!

  77. i also have to say this, howard cant go to the lakers because bynum will not resign with the magic neither will dwight with the lakers, both of them will become free agents. i think they shoulld just get this over with so people can stop worrying about what team he is going on

  78. JDish says:

    Just send him out already. Don’t matter if it’s Brooklyn or whatever, its still just better and wiser to END the drama once and for all. But looking at all that’s going on and the patience-of-Job time that the trade-talks are lasting, it’s more of a logical reason that the NBA, as well as the media, are just prolonging this to make some news happen, when if all this would have gone down along time ago it would be a long off season of summer league, players going some place else without much drama really. But there has to be some drama in the offseason mix to spice up the NBA news wires right. Ditto.

  79. pogz the great says:

    to Ima Joking..DWIGHT IS THE BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD???? c’mmon man…how can you consider him as the BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD if he hasn’t even had an MVP award and a LARRY O’ BRIEN trophy? thru your statement, you’re saying that LBJ and KOBE, primarily, (together with the bunch of players who already won an MVP award and became champions) are just runner-ups in that BEST PLAYER IN THE WORLD CATEGORY..do some research and learn the world of basketball kid..oh well, maybe it’s just a statement coming from a die hard fan of cry-baby-dwight..peace bro!

  80. NBA_GUY says:

    Maybe I’m old school, but i would perfer to play for my hometown team. It’s all about Dwight, not the Nets. He wants to be in the big market, New York City, Nets new to Brooklyn, what better way to cash in on your endorsments, right?

  81. bheinteh20 says:

    Send him to the Lakers, and maybe he’ll sign extension with them. im not a laker fan. In fact im a Kobe hater. I just want to see the Lakers move themselves up in the contenders to challenge the Defending Champs and finally witness how King James demolish this ballhog-allbouthimself-rapist. LeBron>>>Kobe

    • BOOyah says:

      remind me again how many rings Lebron has compared to Kobe ?

      • pakyaw says:

        remind me if D.FISHER (5 rings) is better than C.PAUL(0 rings)….or ROBERT HORRY(7 rings) is better than M.J(6 rings)…

  82. rasetsuyagami says:

    i hope the trade falls through now for Brooklyn so that we can move on with more FA signings and player movements. this is getting too tiresome and tedious.

  83. lbj says:

    Dwight will never land in hawks even with nets. Miami will get howard in exchange of haslem,turiaf, joel anthony plus future round picks. Dwight already visited Miami to talk about his 1st ring if he take the nontax minimum offer.

    • Noori says:

      LOL Miami fans are so retarded…

    • IBS says:

      That is the most ridiculous thing I have ever heard.

    • Bryan says:

      You heat fans are so dumb. Like Howars is going to sign a nontax minimum offer! I am sick of super teams. The way its working we should just do away with 50% of the rest of the NBA teams, if all the stars are just going to take the easy way out. No Loyalty anymore with players. To me Dirks championship means so much more to me than Lebrons because Dirk stayed loyal even when everything seemed hopeless. You can’t tell me Lebron feels 100% satisfied! Neither will Dwight. This coming from a Magic fan, i think he would feel much more accomplished if he went to the Hawks and brought them a championship banner

    • kobeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee says:

      the dumbest comment i ever read on this thread!!! quit dreaming hahaha!!!

    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      You must be high, there is no way Miami could ever afford him without getting rid of one of the big 3. They are already way over the luxary tax. Besides Dwight would never fit in there, he craves the attention and needs to be the center of attention.

    • elt says:

      u sir r not right in the head orlando does not want those garbage plus maimi wont be able to aford him.

    • jbl says:

      you are dreaming!

    • Glosh says:

      are you f*ckin kidding with me? Thats not gonna happen idiot

    • ClipperNation says:

      That is actually the worst possible trade I have ever heard of in my life. First of all, throwing in scrubs like Turiaf, Anthony and Haslem who are all pushing 30 or over right now, and who are major scrubs to begin with, who didn’t even play significant minutes on a Heat team which desperately lacked size doesn’t in any way shape or form compare to D12. Secondly, future picks for the Heat will be garbage, bottom first round picks for years to come. How about you go sit in the corner and think about what you just said for a few minutes, then you can come back and comment when you actually have something relatively intelligent to say.

    • JG says:

      I’m a heat fan, but you are just insane, sir.

    • lbj says:

      believe me it will happen! just like wilt make the 100 pts in one game

    • DJ3 says:

      DUDE!!! This is what gives us Heat Fans a bad name. You need to think about this. Dwight Howard. He made 20 some million last year. He could make even more with this trade and be on a team that is almost as good. NOBODY WILL EVER DO THIS!!! Miami wouldn’t even do this. We dont want that crybaby.

      • lbj says:

        Nothing is impossible just like when lebron leave cleveland no one thought even his mother that he will sign to Miami

      • Peter says:

        lbj.. in the game of basketball, there is this thing called a salary cap. Miami could sign Lebron, James and Bosh because they shedded most of the players on there roster so they could be under the salary cap. But now that theyve signed those 3, they now have no more money to sign another star. the reason they could sign ray allen was because they used there mid level exception on him.. Ray accepted the deal because he already has made a lot of money in his career. But Dwights next contract, in all seriousness, will be his last big payday, and he will cash in on it.. the heat cant afford to give him that much money

      • lbj says:

        why they didn’t pay the player under the table without nba knowing it so they can get what they want. just pretend they paying the player minimum but giving them lot of money outside the nba. bright idea huh?

    • phatknuckle says:

      Heat probly could use Howard. Once Miami has to play a full length season, ‘Bron and his refs aren’t enough to carry the team.

      Wade will be using a walker by next Spring, Allen was a relief to BOS to get rid of and I have forgotten who Rashard Lewis is… He must be new.. Oh wait…

      I see a lot of crying in Miami soon… Maybe even for the fans

  84. first the lakers then nets then clipps and now the hawks? just get it over with already

  85. Bull says:

    ORL should think wisely.
    Trade that big baby for the best return possible.

    If ATL wants to trade AL, proceed!

    Still Howard should realize that he could win champs with other teams as well!
    Why only commiting to Brooklyn?? D-will is now the franchise player, he has proven loyality!

    Why not considering OKC or CHI?
    OKC could give Ibaka & Harden, Dwight could join Durrant and Westbrook!
    Sounds like rings!

    CHi could offer Deng & Noah
    With DRose, it sounds like rings!

    Be smart, don’t be a baby Dwight!

    ORL be wise, take a better return than what Brooklyn is offering!

    • Blah says:

      Thing is, just because a great players goes to a team with another great player, doesn’t mean they’ll get anything done. Look at Denver when they had Melo and Iverson. Look at New York with Melo and Stoudemire. Hell, the 2003-2004 Lakers were stacked with 4 or 5 future hall of famers and they couldn’t even beat the Pistons team with no superstar. The players need to complement each other for it to work out. Rose likes to slash, but Dwight stays in the post. That right there is conflicting playstyles. Westbrook also likes to slash and KD likes to have the ball in his hands. Neither of those teams would fit Howard. That’s not even mentioning salary cap space and all the legal nonsense. Plus, the Bulls and Thunder are already title contenders, so why do they need to change anything?

  86. Nativeorlandoan says:

    To all of my fellow Magic fans,

    Let’s take the high road in this situation. We are a wonderful city with or with out Dwight,and if we can get through the departure of the greatest player in our team’s history in Shaquille, we will certainly get over the departure of Dwight. Yes it will hurt to feel betrayed by a person who we as a city embraced with nothing but love and adoration. Let’s not do the things we saw in Cleveland that will give our city a negative image. In my conclusion, remember that no matter how painful it might be love releases without any ill will to the one being released. Dwight has made his choice to move on let us as true MAGIC FANS do the same. GOD bless you all and lets embrace the players we have and the ones we will get in the future.

    • NBA_GUY says:

      As a Hawks fan(and division rival), I’m really disgusted with the way Howard as done the Magic. He whined and cried until SVG and Otis Smith were fired, then wants to leave? Forget him. The Magic can rebuild from this, its actually a blessing in the long run. We kind of have the same problem with Josh Smith. He keeps asking to be trading, just our situation isn’t all over the media like y’alls.

    • Common Sense says:

      well said. Hopefully your message will spread. Good for you and good luck to your beautiful city

    • Johnny says:

      That’s a nice sentiment but I think a lot of people in Orlando want are kind of over it by now. Very few are begging him to stay unlike they did in but****k no where in Ohio.

    • DJ3 says:

      So now Orlando will have ORL-MIA shirts like the CLE-OKC shirts in Cleveland? Remind me never to go to Orlando so I don’t have to deal with more stupid fans.

    • BertMcgert says:

      Agreed. Forgiveness and love works better then blame and hate.

  87. JumpingRabbit says:

    All of this is BS

  88. khalis says:

    Trade him to the Bulls please we will give Orlando Boozer, Korver, and Asik! If he leaves us at the end of the year GOOD than we will have CAP room to sign another good power forward and shooting guard. Chicago get involved and let’s use this trade to help our team out! Derrick will be back in January and Dwight can play his heart out until Derrick comes back healthy!

  89. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    just trade this D12 “D” for drama-king to Brooklyn for Lopez and Gerald Wallace.. then sign free agent Chris Kaman. to fill the void of drama-king howard with Kaman and Lopez as their Centers. lets get it done Magic GM!

    • DJ3 says:

      Nets want to keep Wallace…

      • bunbury says:

        I cant believe howard is manipulating the magic this bad. he is basically forcing them to trade him to Brooklyn for lopez and humphries. He should’ve not re-signed the 1 year extension and pick and choose his team via free agency.

  90. Carlo says:

    He’s not the best player in the world… For the free agent… His one of the best… But not the best.
    He’s following the footstep of lebron… To have a superfriends… To achieve his goal.
    Who’s the next team that will create a superfriends?

    • DJ3 says:

      This is what D. Stern wanted. He wants every team to have superfriends. He should reward Boston, Miami, OKC, and Brooklyn for following his plan.

      • THISGUY says:

        OKCdeveloped their trio on their own..dont hate cause they know how to draft..

      • pakyaw says:

        it’s not about Stern wants.. it’s about the GM of the team if they want to win it now or build for the future…BTW you sound like most of a Lakers fan here(D.Stern excuse)…LOL

      • pakyaw says:

        or CLEVELAND

  91. el tinedor says:

    Nooo not the Hawks..

  92. dy4tone says:

    damn the people are sick & tired of this.

  93. kirk says:

    best player in the world??? really??? pls. use your head!

  94. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    tired of this drama.

  95. waldow says:

    i think this trade drama is getting nonsense….

  96. Yap Dwights is the best player in the world n that’s y every team wants him so badly. Atl don’t be a fooooolllll.

    • Jimbow4jc says:

      All of this D Howard stuff will come to a head soon, the team that will get him will be the LA Lakers. It’s going down to the wire because that is how the Lakers make their choices. Kobe has about 3 or 4 years left to play and that is plenty of time for D Howard to win a championship. When he goes to the Lakers, he will solidify his legacy because LA knows how to build around a championship kind of player. LA has always acquired a dominating center and DH is no exception. It’s so funny watching these teams trying to jockey for position to acquire DH’s services but all for not, the Lakers will make another bang, like they did when they got Shaq and Pow.

      • DJ3 says:

        You crazy Laker Fans. HOW?? Pau Gasol? Yeah right! Orlando doesn’t want your lazy dog! Bynum? Yeah right! Orlando doesn’t want your wheelchair guy! Who would the Lakers Trade???

      • Lakers fan says:

        I wouldn’t be surprised but I don’t see that happening. Although if anyone can convince him to stay put it will be L.A. He’ll get more attention that he bargained for in L.A.

      • BOOyah says:

        and who would u rather get if your Orlando … Bynum or Lopez ?

      • Chingon says:

        I would take Bynum’s better offensive game set and better free throw shooting over Howard’s drama any day…. Lakers should get a good defensive SF to compete and stay put with bynum… Nash could be a good influence for Bynum to grow up…

      • Bob says:

        You cant win anything with just Bynum. Lakers dont seem to be doing too well with Bynum, and they have kobe + gasol too. I’d take Lopez and three first round draft pick and rebuild.

  97. Melvin says:

    Too much of drama on Howard LOL…..
    This will only ruin his image.
    Orlando stop drama and proceed with trades pls!!

    • Indy Kene says:

      I wish they go ahead and get something done about Howard. This trade is holding up the remainder of moves that needs to take place.

  98. thatstinks says:

    Filthy Hawks !!