Duncan Quietly Returns To Spurs

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — As we endure another Dwightmare and recover from the shock of Steve Nash choosing to play with the rival Lakers, Tim Duncan‘s free agency has gone without fanfare.

Oh, you forgot that Duncan, the four-time champ and future Hall of Famer, was a free agent?

Other teams probably forgot too, because back in May, Duncan declared himself a “Spur for life.” And on Tuesday, Yahoo! Sports’ Johnny Ludden reports that Duncan and the Spurs have agreed on a new three-year contract about equal to the $34 million that the Celtics are giving Kevin Garnett. That would keep Duncan playing until 2015, when he turns 39.

Yahoo! Sports’ Marc J. Spears also tweeted out three important details about Duncan’s new deal: First, the deal is fully guaranteed. Second, the third year of the contract is a player options. And third, Duncan has a no-trade clause in this new contract.

The Spurs also have agreements in place to bring back guard Danny Green and big man Boris Diaw. So their playoff rotation will return intact and they might now see what they can get for DeJuan Blair.

The Spurs have done an excellent job of supplementing their veteran core with young role players, but Duncan is arguably still the most critical piece to the puzzle.


  1. Miron says:

    i dont think the spurs can get Kaman for now, Kaman want’s to play in dallas with his fella german dirk,.If the spurs really need a big man they could try Joel Pryzbilla or Greg Stiemsma. thats more cheaper than Kaman

  2. jay says:

    try tiago for half the season. if he’s really not fit for the team, get rid of him and get a “REAL DEAL” center.

  3. ggginobili says:

    I agree with most, Spurs need another big, a rim protector if possible, or at least a presence there. Kaman kinda makes sense.


    I don’t think the Spurs would rush to get one during the off-season. Especially if they don’t like the price. First, the team is fine the way it is, for the regular season. Yes the Spurs lost to the Thunder last year, but they’re still the league’s best offense and they’ll get a high-seed regardless – you know, offense wins games and they’re not bad defensively albeit inconsistent. So they’ll keep on winning throughout the regular season and they’ll have time to get that right deal for a big man from now until the trade deadline. Or maybe Tiago is the answer? We’ll see but Spurs have time. The playoffs though would be another thing, but at least they’ll be there, with a high-seed, with or without big man X.

    Internal development is also there for Tiago, Danny, and Kawhi at least. Neal would have a steadier season – not like last year playing out of position as PG and banged-up here and there bec of injuries (I smell a bounce-back year where he focuses on what he does best, snipe shooting).

    At Duncan’s age, where his team is right now, gotta love his situation still having a contending team. Kudos to FO.

  4. beans says:

    sign mayo and get rid of manu. thats all.,

  5. beans says:

    i think the spurs also need someone like oj mayo, they need a great SG. coz i think manu will missed a lot of games as usual next season,especially its a 82games full season.always injured all the time,.,.what you think guys?

  6. Joe Miller says:

    I have been a spurs fan since 1999 when my man Timmy came on board. Listen Pops you guys pick Blair for rebounding not scoring, and I believe he did just what you wanted him to do. now YOU WANT TO TRADE THE BEAST, ARE YOU NUTS. You guys promise him listen we want you to rebound he did that, he is the only one who rumble against the thunder in the semi finals. my thinking you keep Blair work with him on his shooting, he has a great teardrop, I believe if you trade Blair he will haunt you just like the past guys you got rid of. Think this over Buford, Pops, I believe Blair will do his thing this year. And please get him to lose weight and eat the right foods, you guys should have a diet dishing to help you with what the payers eat, so important in staying healthy. YOU SPEND SO MUCH MONEY IN THESE PLAYERS BUT WHAT ARE YOU DOING TO KEEP THEM HEALTHY. its like buying a racing horse and feeding him sugar, your going to kill that horse.

  7. alex zandro says:

    Please spurs get kaman at all cost.

  8. natefilewood says:

    I cant believe there arent any comments on here from the Heat bandwagon criticising him for his integrity and not signing with them for a ‘guaranteed’ ring… weird…

  9. Fefe (Nets) says:

    @ MC FUNK: Wade did not play 10+ years for MIAMI because he was drafted in 2003. Of course he will reach that threshold.Some others are 7, 8 years and counting too (Granger, Iguodala) but of course it’s not 10.

    You forgot to mention Paul Pierce too – how come!!! – with 14 YEARS only in BOSTON!!!! As you said, with Dirk & mostly T.D./Manu/Parker he is one true franchise player!

  10. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Tim Duncan: the best “franchise” player in the NBA currently, with Dirk Nowitzki.

    He never complained, he’s always been loyal to his coaching staff, his teammates and his fan. Every basketball fan should respect him because any fan of a team would love to have someone like him on their squad.

    Hope that he’ll get another ring before he retires!!!!! Don’t think that the Spurs can’t get one next year or the year after: it’s very possible!

  11. Jayjoe14 says:

    They should trade Tiago for LaMarcus Aldridge who is the new Duncan of this era.

  12. dgar says:

    sorry 3 points

  13. dgar says:

    yes we need big man can shot 3 piont

  14. spurs fan says:

    without Tim Duncan in the middle the spurs are lost ……so i think he deserves that money, but they sure at least need one more player sort of Robert Horry type, i wish he can still pley :)….

  15. MC Funk says:

    Being a 1 team player your whole career almost seems impossible in the NBA. It looks like the spurs have 3 of them (not including Robinson)!

    The only others in the league who have played for 1 team for 10+ years are Kobe, Dirk, and Wade…all champions, apologies if i left someone out.

    This deal locks Duncan in as one of the all-time greats (im talking top 10)….There are 5 names that should be thrown up since the 80s as the greats…Magic, Bird, Jordan, Kobe and Duncan…thats all, thats the end of the argument

    Such a beautiful career

  16. spurs fan says:

    no suprise that timmy sign for 3 yrs for 34 million on spurs..hes not over paid he deserve that even he pas his prime his to intelligent to play basketball maybe he cant do consistent double double like his prime but he can make his teammate play great..duncan is not just a talented basketball player his intelligent player also..spurs need to sign some bigs like kaman or anyone that can help duncan defend the post.i know spurs will be a champioship contender again that’s why i love my spurs we dont want a high atlethic player like heat and brooklyn and any other team do to make them a contender we just play great basketball not just talent..if neill,green and bonner be consistent in playoff time we are dangerous for any other team..spurs for life go spurs go!!

    • Lucas 5spurs says:

      I share your toughts!!!
      Let me add Thiago to be consistent in playoff time! if he can play in a A lavel in playoff time we don´t even need to bring another big.

  17. Choker says:

    he should come off the bench… i dont think he’s legs would be able to hold in to him for a long time not to mention a 3 year contract. Spurs are fierce competitors. Teams of the west shouldnt relax

  18. G.J. says:

    Spurs keep making the same mistakes over and over again. The Spurs need to get rid of one of the big 3, and my pick is Ginobili. Dont get me wrong, I love Manu, but its time to rebuild slowly while still contending. Spurs are also messing up by not bringing in overseas picks. Im glad they got Kawhi, a good young player who can develop, and Danny Green also. Spurs need to focus on getting a good Center, Power Forward and a good Shooting Guard, and they need to give Patty Mills more PT. They still have Viktor Sanikidze overseas, who is a really good player, a sf/pf, and are yet to bring him over, they need to bring in Nando De Colo if he wants to come over, and they need to start letting these player develop under Duncan while they have a chance.

    • Lucas 5spurs says:

      Sorry dude, you are saying that ” the spurs keep making the same mistakes “but on the other hand you are giving credit for everything that the spurs have done, bringing Manu and tony from overseas, doing good drafts picks Etc Etc.
      Let the other teams do the changes, we have to keep every piece in the same place and develop what we have! it is an adventage for us!

  19. AGUSTIN says:


    • DeejAY says:

      The Spurs needs to keep Blair because he plays very well for them. They should have played him more. Wneed someone withsome weight on them.Duncan is doing good. Boris just don’t take enough shots.

  20. Sameheer says:

    dog retire already, freakin garden gnome the size of a tree this guy

  21. I’m happy for Timmy he wouldn’t even look right wearing another teams jersey. I wonder how his body holds up in a 82 game season next season.

  22. dew says:

    The Spurs were right there up 2-0 on OKC. I honestly think the refs had way too much of an effect on how that series panned out. The flopping of Westbrook and Harden did not help their cause either and Stern is putting an end to it this upcoming season. I think the Spurs have a great shot if guys like Green, Neal, and Bonner step up in the playoffs to take some pressure off of Parker, Ginobili, and Timmy. They also need to watch film and see how Miami scored so well on Ibaka. I am sure Spurs are watching that film immensely. Also, if Splitter starts hitting free throws, we have nothing to worry about. I am sure Spurs will return to the West Finals again this year. They have great talent and sometimes if not watched or underestimated, will dominate anyone. Spurs have the best 3 pt shooting than any other team in the league and with Diaw and Jackson getting a full season in with plenty of rest between each game rather than a shortened schedule, will be a whole new ball game for SA this time around.

  23. jason says:

    I thought Duncan and Garnett were in the 5- 7 million dollar range. For cap purposes. Love Duncan. But they over paid him. And what are they thinking of getting rid of George Hill and now Dejuan Blair. Those guys were steals in the draft for them. People were touting how good the Spurs were at drafting. Then they get rid of George Hill who was the next Tony Parker in SA. Both low first round draft picks. Hope Leonard works out. Blair is a big body. Just not tall enough. Totally dominated OKC in the regular season. THen was hardly used in the Playoffs against them? Well if I were him I would want too leave too. Rather have him than Splitter.

  24. John Doe says:

    Well at least one who knows how not to make drama. Thank you.

  25. Danny says:

    I thought Duncan would accept lower amount to continue as a Spur so they can get more impact players especially a true center.

    • GGKman says:

      Well said Danny… I’m all for the Spurs resigning Duncan, he’s an absolute legend, but if he were serious about winnig another ring, I myself would have taken half the amount offered, and would’ve told the team to bring in some back up, some serious back up to help out in the front court. Spurs need a big man either in the 5 or 4 position. Not discounting Diaw, but if the Spurs could bag Kaman or another centre it puts a whole new spin on the rotation and also another interior defender to protect the ring and pull down the boards.

  26. LA24 says:

    It makes me sad to know that the chances of the guys I grew up watching (KG, Duncan, Kobe, Nash, Pierce, Ginobili, Dirk) winning rings is getting smaller every day because of OKC, Miami, Chicago, and possibly Brooklyn (if the crybaby goes there)

    • lol says:

      I would put Lakers on that list. I can see you are a Lakers fan! but didn’t KB cry when Gasol was not around yet? I would watch what I say If I were you!

  27. KingPurel20 says:

    Get Kaman

  28. aaron says:

    Yey!, duncan signed!,,

  29. Ant says:

    I think it’s sad that the Spurs are choosing to get rid of DeJuan Blair rather than Boris Diaw. Blair was way more of an effective player before Diaw came into town.

  30. KingPurel20 says:

    We NEED a big man !

  31. Travis says:

    Top Power forwards of all time in my opinion

    1.) Tim Duncan
    2.) Karl Malone
    3.) Kevin Garnett
    4.) Charles Barkley

  32. Sunny says:

    KG and Duncan were paid way to much. How do you pay $11 million to a guy past his prime. I understand they are legends and have done a lot but still $7-8 million is more reasonable.

  33. Nacodemo says:

    Well, that guarentees that they won’t win another ring for at least another 3 years.

    • RG says:

      sorry, but you can’t guarantee that. not everything is guaranteed. the Spurs can still contend. they’re definitely not the favorites, but they still have a shot to win a title.

      • Nacodemo says:

        Agreed. They are still one of the best teams in the West, no doubt. But, they are ONE of the best teams in the West and I certainly don’t see Duncan lasting a 7 game series against the Heatles… I have great respect for Timmy and I put him in the top 3 PF of NBA History. I would have loved his loyalty in Philly… but I don’t think they will be winning a Championship with him at this age.

  34. spurned says:

    duncan needs help in the frontcourt they should at least find a big man

  35. Paidonjok says:

    Spurs do owe him from that championship run. I think he deserves to retire as a Spur and no one else. However, their run is over. They must rebuild and eventually have Duncan come off the bench.

  36. G.Dragon says:

    TIm Duncan and Spurs are capable of winning another ring for sure. Don’t sleep on them!