Deconstructing Rockets’ Camby Trade

It looks like the Rockets have grown tired of having the best record in the draft lottery every year, being annually the last team not to qualify for the playoffs.

So they’re diving.

They might as well be leaping from an airplane door without a parachute or plummeting to depths that normally require a scuba tank and flippers.

They’ll call it simply modifying the course, staying flexible with contracts and keeping themselves attractive to potential trade partners.

That’s why they let Goran Dragic walk out the door as a free agent. That’s why they traded Kyle Lowry to Toronto for a lottery pick. That’s why they withdrew their qualifying offer to Courtney Lee. Now, they’ve swapped Marcus Camby to the Knicks for a handful of magic beans.

According to’s Jared Zwerling:

Camby’s contract will be for $13.2 million over three years. The Rockets will receive guard Toney Douglas, center Jerome Jordan, forward Josh Harrellson and second-round picks in 2014 and 2015, according to a league source.

The deal cannot be finalized until July 11.

Camby appeared to be narrowing his choices down to the Knicks, Miami Heat and Brooklyn Nets. But after postponing a meeting with the Heat on Saturday because they used their mid-level exception on Ray Allen, the Knicks were in the lead. The Nets only had a conference call with Camby, while the Knicks had a face-to-face meeting with him in Houston on Sunday, which a source close to the situation said was “very positive.”

Camby returns to New York, where he played from 1998 to 2002. He was the starting center on the 1999 team that went to the NBA Finals against the San Antonio Spurs.

Now the Knicks will arguably have the best big man one-two punch with 2012 Defensive Player of the Year Tyson Chandler starting and Camby, who won the award in 2007, backing him up.

A few days before the June 28 Draft, the Rockets were the talk of the NBA as they made a frantic bid with Orlando to acquire All-Star center Dwight Howard, even without a guarantee that he would sign a long-term contract.

Now as that possibility seems to fade by the minute with the word of the four-team deal growing closer between Orlando, Brooklyn, Cleveland and the L.A. Clippers, it appears the Rockets have changed direction — to straight down. When Lee chooses another team, the Rockets will have only Luis Scola and Kevin Martin left as players in their regular rotation from last season. Six non-guaranteed contracts are said to be assets for possible deals.

But after resisting the temptation to rebuild by tanking for a high lottery pick and finishing in the middle of the pack — an unrewarding 42-40, 43-39 and 34-32 three seasons in a row — it seems more likely the Rockets have seen the light.

The Warriors stepped over the cliff and got themselves Harrison Barnes with the No. 7 pick in the Draft. The Hornets walked the plank and were rewarded with the No. 1 pick and Anthony Davis.

It would seem the Rockets are getting with the program to play a whole different game. Fittingly, in an Olympic year, it’s a gold medal-type effort worthy of Greg Louganis.


  1. Mrb2 says:

    Buy and sell everything Martin should have been the first to go! Rebuild with all the younger players and watch a contender unfold like the Thunder!!!

  2. M says:

    Guys, what do you think abaout Donatas Motiejunas?

    • Montiejunas? says:

      People are comparing Montiejunas to Dirk, which I can see, only Montiejunas seems to have a higher ceiling ( no disrespect to Dirk ). Montiejunas seems more dedicated to playing D, which Dirk is atrocious at. Also Montiejunas seems much more athletic than Dirk. Bottom line this kid will be a star along with the Raps pick Valanciunas.

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      Going to be something special…

  3. wuffe says:

    Morey was offered the number 8 pick for Kyle. Thats when he should have traded Kyle. He should have bundled K martin and the 8th and the 16th pick .. I bet they could have gone up 3 steps to Sacramento and get Andre Drummond and avoid this rebuilding project. They could have still got Royce White at 18 most likely. This whole rebuilding project with all these #1 picks seems so mishandled.

  4. helloo says:

    The Rockets will be fine…. they may sign Pg FIsher (one year contract) who can start or backup Defense oriented Toney Dougles… Sg they have Martin who will be backed up by Lamb… SF they are loaded with young talent at that position…. Pf Scola is an awesome Pf who has proven to be a low post presence (can get 20 pts any given night)… their only weakness is the Center position…. Watch once the dust settles on the D-12 talks Houston will get their team together!

    to say that they are imploding with the moves they are making is kinda foolish.. they still have some very good players and ALOT of trade options!!

  5. knick5 says:

    it’s good but it’s not…..! bring back camby but 3 players and 2 draft pick is out of wack..! keep josh harrellson trade jared jeffries ! hows that sound? we need some young talent stay w/ the knicks in future man…..! give josh some court time and he will be david lee soon…..!

  6. Joseph03 says:

    I think they did the right thing for the organization and the fans for not tanking the season just to get a better chance of landing a higher pick. Kudos to Houston front office for trying to build without sacrificing a season and for trying to land a franchise player repeatedly but albeit no success.

    To hit the complete rebuild option the Rockets are doing the right thing. With all the Championship aspiring teams loading up on players. It may seem possible that one or a few of the contending teams will realize it can’t win it all with their roster and would want to blow up their team to start over. Now comes the Rockets with all its non-guaranteed deals and can get bargain deals for quality players.

  7. kb24 says:

    trade pau for dirk , , , , , lol

  8. Choker says:

    Rockets made huge moves which i thought were bad…. trading Lowry, letting go of Dragic, trading developing Budinger…. wthell

  9. Iodine says:

    On their way to repeat Rockets history to get a second Yao Ming through No.1 overall pick.

  10. Yo Momma says:

    what we have to do first of all is change back our uniforms back to the red and yellow ones because the unis we got rightnow are just plain ugly especially the team logo..hopefully the rockets do think about this

  11. AM says:

    Oh god, so now the Rockets tickets sale department will be calling my cell 3x as much this season for me to buy tickets

  12. M. Nib says:

    I agree…it is time to rebuild so we can get back to the promised land…in 2020. I do like the draft picks however, so yeah. Reality is…we’re going to be a top 10 pick next year. future looks bright for the rockets, it’ll take time. A Long time…

  13. houston is a smart organization with terrible luck. i hope things work out.

  14. charles says:

    I thought they could for sure get something from Courtney lee rather than just letting him go…that was surprising to say the least.

  15. luis says:

    parsons was not trades to the t wolves . budingers was traded

  16. The Rockets are the dumbest and cheapest team in the league. It will take the Rockets 3 years or even longer to make the playoffs now.

  17. Iodine says:

    This sick lottery pick system encourage teams that are not winning to the absolute bottom. A healthy lottery pick system should have all 14 non-playoff teams get the same chance to land the No.1 pick.

  18. Paidonjok says:

    Please dump Scola and Martin too so you can do a full rebuild.

    • Antis says:

      Get real, if they do that now they will end up like Bobcats or even worse. Atleast get some young talent, then you can rebuild.

      • NBA_that says:

        Antis u are going to far with rockets becoming bobcats impossible bro also rocks have talent in there 3 picks white & jones stat sheet stuffer and jeremy lamb (not doron) is compare to Reggie miller do to his scoring talents!

  19. danny says:

    I feel like the eastern confernce is getting tougher, than the western conference. Teams like dallas,houston, phx, are gettin so weak, while the atlantic division in the east is getting to be a nightmare. Who would wanna go throught he atlantic division versin the celtics,knicks,nets,philly oww tough road trip.

    • NBA_that says:

      danny If it wasn’t for injuries u would be adding Raps and when AB is heathly we are awesome.

  20. Number1HoustonRocketsFan says:

    I saw this coming… Who knows what’s next? They should just trade Martin, Scola a future first round pick and cash considerations for Granger, West and future 2nd round pick.

  21. eqsharp says:

    I believe the Rockets are setting themselves up for a trade to get a big man. If they can’t acquire Howard this year, then Bynum will be at the top of their free agent list after this next season.

  22. Myself says:

    damn Nash and Camby? c’mon now, they getting everything! … don’t care 4 Nash but Camby should’ve gone to Celtics… East division will be tougher next season no doubt

    • Myself says:

      I meant (Kidd) and Camby

    • pakyaw says:

      thats how good the HEAT is… they wanna stack a good and experience player to beat that team…now there is more competition on EAST ,which is now more fun to watch…

  23. Elliot A says:

    With the limited amount of money the Knicks had available, they were able to make some very signifacant moves and put’s them in a much better position to possibly BEAT THE HEAT! The Heat are clearly weak at the center position and the Knicks are significantly much better with Tyson Chandler and now the acquisition of Camby. Defensively, the Knicks are now the NBA’s deepest team at the center position and they arguably have the all around best 3-4-5 in the NBA. The Knicks also added Jason Kidd. Kidd will be a huge addition for this team in a variety of ways. His basketball IQ is second to none and he will be a great mentor for Lin (who is sure to be with the team). If the Knicks are healthy, they will give the Heat a very tough time!

    • Rishi says:

      All Camby provides for the Knicks is a back up to Tyson Chandler. Need i remind you that in the playoffs the same Knicks 3-4-5 played the Heat and were taken to the cleaners bar one game. The Heat showed in the final that they have quality perimeter shooters in Chalmers, Battier and Miller and with the addition of Ray Allen they will be near unstoppable from 3 point range. With Wade and Lebron back and Lebron without any pressure about his lack of a ring, he will be even more explosive because a great player like him will not sit back and just relax because he has one ring, remember- he wants 7.

  24. willie says:

    dirk 45… dont you dare thinking of trading dirk from dallas.. he will retire with the mavs… also, mark, i think there’s also paterson…

    • Myself says:

      think not thinking, least learn some grammar…

    • dirk45 says:

      Like Nash retires with the Suns? If there’s any way Dirk will surely stay in Dallas. But if “New Dallas” plays for pos 9-12 in the playoff race it would be stupid for Dallas to keep him and stupid for Dirk to stay there. And last year Dirk gave an interview where he asked Marc to do anything to make the Mavs a contender.

      Currently the teams are trying to pack not three but four All Star candidates. I guess that many teams will suffer heavily from luxury tax in 2013/2014 but it’s a long way to go there. We’ll see what happens but I think that Dirk and Marc have enough respect for each other to agree to a trade if it’s best for both sides.

  25. Roger says:

    I figured it out!!! Since Houston will not have a team worth watching the ownership has decided to trade for Fan. Houston now has enough players to start filling seats in the stadium. That seem to be the only answer.

  26. Michael B. says:

    I love that My Rockets keep trading away fan favourites, but WONT get rid of the one player that it seems to me, is disliked by a majority of Rox fans.

    Why is Kevin Martin still around?

    That’s right, no one wants him.

  27. pedro says:

    Camby should have gone to Miami. he won’t win a title with NY until he retires. at his age, he should be aiming for the title

    • Harley K says:

      If camby went to the heat and stayed healthy that wouldn’t even be fair for the rest of the league…they are already stacked I would like to see an intense finals not a sweep…now with ray allen off the bench or starting…its already not even close with any other team. They can go with chalmers,allen,wade,lebron and bosh as a starting lineup in the playyoffs thats already the best starting five by a long shot. Just scribble then down for champions next year as long as lebron or wade dont get seriously hurt

  28. jayr says:

    I love the Cambyman from way back (but mostly from his Nuggets days)…


    Am I crazy, or does a 3-year contract for a 38 year old player with a loooooooong history of injuries seem more than a bit strange?

    I’m guessing there are get-out clauses all over that particular contract.

  29. Dirk45 says:

    Dallas could trade Dirk to compete with the Rockets for the worst record of the league.

    • SmoothMM says:

      Worst record? The Rockets are about to beast on these boys. #7 or #8 spot in the West this year. We’re in this thing, ready to compete. Just because they’re young and some are rookies doesn’t mean they can’t play well together.

  30. mark says:

    You said: When Lee chooses another team, the Rockets will have only Luis Scola and Kevin Martin left as players in their regular rotation from last season. What about Chandler Parsons? I haven’t heard any reports of him being traded. Are you that incompetent that you didn’t notice that Parsons became a starter (not just a rotation player, but a starter)? Apparently you didn’t think he played at all this past year (not a rotation player?). Do you even watch basketball or follow the Rockets? Maybe you should change your last name to Blindbury.

    • Jamison Hendricks says:

      Parsons was traded to the Timberwolves. Maybe you are just retarded

    • Patrick Harry says:

      no need to be so aggro man. Sports writers arent always going to include every single detail on every single team. Commenters like yourself on these blogs are what help to make the comment sections unreadable. Contribute something to the dicussion, dont make it a yelling complaining b****ing session.

  31. keven blaq says:

    Good news ny Is going to be a strong team this year

  32. zanonymous says:

    welcome home, Welcome home to the place you made it to the finals in your career well its time to win agian, and this time win it all. Cambyman, can;t wait till next season