USA Basketball: Summer Time Is ‘Melo Time

LAS VEGAS — The noticeable ease that Carmelo Anthony operates with when he has those three letters (U-S-A) across his chest is unmistakable.

In this environment, when he can blend in with an array of other stars, when the pressure to be the alpha male is absent from the equation, when he’s not obligated to carry the heaviest load — as he has in both of his NBA stops in Denver and New York — there is clearly a different air about Anthony.

And it’s not that he minds carrying the burden for his franchise, its fans and an entire city. He’s been doing that seemingly forever, since his time at Syracuse.

But USA Basketball has been a haven for Anthony the past nine years. His connection to the current program predates the reign of both USA Basketball managing director Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Krzyzewski as stewards of the program.

Anthony has played on 10 USA Basketball teams (some 59 games). Only LeBron James has been with the program as long, as they are both playing on their third straight Olympic team.

And while James is clearly this team’s best player, Kobe Bryant its unquestioned leader and Kevin Durant perhaps its most intriguing talent, you could make the argument that Anthony will be the this team’s most important player in London. This may be especially true given a lack of experienced frontcourt depth and Anthony’s ability to play power forward in international competition.

“On this team he does what he does best, just finish plays,” Bryant said. “We don’t ask him to be something he’s not. He goes out there and finishes plays and shoots when he’s open and if he’s not he passes it. That’s why he always kicks serious butt when he’s here.”

Anthony has always been one of the NBA’s elite scorers. He’s also been one of the most nit-picked superstars of his generation, as well. His top five Draft classmates — James, Darko Milicic, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh —  all own or will own NBA Championship rings. The Heat won’t officially get theirs until opening night of the 2012-13 season.

Even with all of the accolades he’s piled up throughout his NBA career, he’s a five-time All-Star and All-NBA performer, Anthony gets more headlines for his deficiencies than he does for anything else.

“I don’t know why he takes a beating about his game at any time,” Krzyzewski said. “He’s one of the top players in the world. Carmelo, in international play, can play three different positions. On our team he’s not married to one position. So any time down the floor he can be in different spots. And I think a really good player likes that. Defensively, the physicality of the game is something Carmelo likes, he’s a guy who enjoys contact and he doesn’t back down from it. He’s able to play through it and use it. Carmelo is one of the better international players, he’s one the best [NBA] players, but it doesn’t always translate internationally … as good a player as he in the NBA, internationally he’s just a sensational player.”

Anthony said it’s just a perfect fit of style and personality for him. Being able to blend into an ensemble cast and then to play his game and adapt what he does best into the tapestry of stars that makes up any given Olympic team has allowed him the freedoms he might not see normally. There are no labels here, no defined roles that limit anyone’s game, abilities or contributions.

“I don’t have to score 20 or 30 points for us to win a basketball game,” Anthony said. “I can go out there and say, ‘tonight I’m going to try to get 10 or 12 rebounds’ and we still win the game and I can have an impact on the game. As far as scoring goes, I really don’t have to do that here. And while it’s definitely not a burden to score like that, everybody has their opportunities on this team. But it’s the little things you bring to the team, the little things that everybody brings, that make us successful.”

Anthony and James understand that better than anyone on this team. They suffered through the bronze medal campaign on the 2004 Olympic team before moving into leadership positions on the “Redeem Team” that won gold in Beijing in 2008.

The good friends have adopted a similar approach to the international game that served them well through the years.

“I don’t have a position. Just put me on the floor,” James said when asked what position he’ll play on this team. “My role is the same as it is in Miami: Do whatever it takes to win. If we need to play big, then play big. If in the course of the game we need to play small, then do that. Play point guard. Guard the point guard. That mindset doesn’t change.”

Anthony said he had to do a double take during a weekend practice when the team took the floor and he, James and Durant lined up in the three frontcourt positions.

“I know it sounds funny,” Anthony said smiling, “it sounds weird, but in the international game you just have to be ready to go out there and none of us have a position, you just go out there and play basketball the way we always have.”

Durant, playing on his first Olympic team, saw the same things.

“Carmelo can bring the ball up and play (center). LeBron can play 1 through 5. Me? I don’t know if I can play the 1, but I can go 2 through 5,” Durant said. “It’s going to make up for a lot. People say we’re not tall enough, don’t have a big front line, but quickness makes up for that. We get out on the break, and who’s going to stop us?”

Krzyzewski is convinced that Anthony’s basic love of the game is what has made the marriage with the superstar and USA basketball last as long and grow as strong as it has over the years.

“He’s knows that we’re going to let him do his thing with us, and he loves that,” said Krzyzewski, who also admitted that he wasn’t sure what to expect from Anthony when they first met. “We’ve got a great relationship. I love Carmelo. And I guess when you don’t know somebody, you never know how the relationship will turn out. I didn’t know he would be as cooperative, as friendly, as smart. I felt he would be good, but he’s been better. He has been as committed as anyone in our country to USA basketball. He’s been doing this for almost 10 years. That’s a pretty good commitment.”


  1. rizz says:

    Kobe earned his championships. What was the common denominator between those five Lakers Championships …. Kobe. If it wasn’t for Kobe then 5 Lakers Championships equal 0 Lakers Championships nuff said. He never had 2 other superstars on his team. Yes Lebron was the best player on that Miami team but he was playing with Wade and Bosh and yes we can argue Wade and Bosh was off their game but the fact they were Wade and Bosh allowed Lebron to attack the basket like he did because you can’t ignore those two on defense period. Lebron did not single handedly take that Miami team to the championship he had a ton of help. Also his supporting role stepped up BIG time in the finals. Had they not then that series could have easily gone to OKC. So what I am saying is Kobe did have a lot of help to win his championships but so did Lebron. It is still a team game and no matter how good one person is on the team you still need 4 other players to play.

  2. rizz says:

    TBH I believe Durant is gonna dominate the game in a way Lebron will never be able to. Why might you ask? Well we can all agree that Lebron is a physical beast but he doesn’t have a shot. I think the OKC and Boston series did a great job in exposing just how bad of a shooter Lebron is. The far majority of his points came from the paint which is all fun and games when you are in your physical prime but when you hit that 30+ year age mark and your legs have left you and you only have a shot to rely on then you are asking for BIG BIG trouble. Durant is 23 years old and he is already an exceptional shooter. That’s a skill that won’t leave you even when you are 35+ years old in the NBA. That is the biggest difference between Durant and Lebrons game. This is also why Kobe can still make a HUGE impact in the game even at his age because he has developed into an exceptional shooter and this is why I believe Kobe’s overall career will be far more impressive then Lebron’s career because I really don’t think Lebron has what it takes to develop into an elite shooter. Who knows though maybe he will he is 28 but the door will soon close where he can rely solely on a physical game and unless he works really really hard to develop a shooting game he can turn from a stud into a dud in his later years.

  3. jim says:

    it wouldnt help

  4. jim says:

    pls stop smoking

  5. Pedro says:

    Im a Kobe fan but give credit where credit is due. Today LBJ is undoubtfully the best player in the world. Period. Kobe will play a secondary role in therms of minutes. But his leadership should never be questioned. He will play a big part on this teams sucess.

    • jim says:

      shut up cams.. how bout kobe with all the stars? ur plainly…. dont want to comment!
      he played btr than that kobe even the younger days! kobe always have all the parts to win championship.
      Lebron almost single handedly took charge to make it to championship.. could u go to school?
      cant u see wade waasnt consistent in the play off? to think bosh is always out

  6. andre says:

    yall dont give melo any credit yea he is a ball stopper but wasnt he one in college and for denver? yall kno what he brings to the table he can be a ballstopper but at the same time who is gonna stop him? but him around some legitimate talent and i bet he will get a ring.

  7. andicrackers says:

    Michael Jordan is the best player playing at the moment, followed closely by Scotty Pippen, witha zimmer frame.. They should play at the para olymics!

  8. jad says:

    bryant and lebron are both different players… stop comparing them…. im a big laker fan always has been but i hav to say tht its lebron s time nw… but overall 17 years and kobe still is in the scoring stats… 17 years !! u gotta respect his talent and heart and love of the game… what lebron lacks kobe will provide the team ,,, lebron is the best player hes a gr8 deffender a great slasher fast and strong but lacks the experience of kobe … the clutch time plays … soo what i shld say is kobe haters respect the man for what hes done …. hes stil amazing when most gr8 players tht get to his age fall down hes stiil playin gr8 basketball … and kobe lovers just admit tht lebron is better now than him … but he wnt be as gd as kobe is nw when he gets to his age thats a facct …. peace! 😛

  9. badman says:

    Is every single comment section in every NBA article going to always be about Lebron vs Kobe? Have you guys forgot they are both on the same team? Not to mention this article isn’t written to say who is better, it was written out to show what individual contributions Melo and everyone else can make.

    And want to know the key point?

    Basketball is a TEAM game!

    The team isn’t made better by simply adding star players, it’s all about how the players will work together and gain chemistry with each other.

    Back when I played ball in high school, our whole team was filled with huge amazing athletes with loads of skill, but we lacked one thing and that was chemistry. Everyone was too single minded.

    One of my buddies who had played on a different team always beat us when we played them. But in all honesty they weren’t that skilled or had great bodies. But from what my friend told me, they were like a family, on and off the court. And I think that’s the key to winning. It adds fluidity, and it brings out the best efforts in everyone, but it also hides the weaknesses.

    And THAT is what this is about. Creating a team that works on everyones strengths and hides the weaknesses, and in this case, Carmelo Anthony.

  10. jpb says:

    kobe ​​is the best player without doubt!!!

  11. Bob says:

    What?! Kobe better then LeBron? LOL

  12. bheinteh20 says:


  13. bheinteh20 says:


    Kobe never carried the Lakers by himself. Shaq/Horry/Fisher/Fox/Phil Jackson = 3 rings
    Gasol/Bynum/MWP/odom/Fisher/Ariza = 2 rings (dont complicate)

    Lebron carried Cavs to the Finals although they were swept. Hughes/Ilgauskas/Gooden/Snow = Lost to Spurs
    Old Shaq/Wallace/Mo williams/Jamison = Never got to the Finals

    LeBron got his first ring. Wade/Bosh/Chalmers/Haslem/Miller.

    Simply saying. KOBE was LUCKY



  14. dont says:

    EVERYONE JUST SHUT THE F UP Are we going for Bronze or GOLD?!! winning the gold will be the best!

  15. 314huSTLa56 says:

    every body hating on Melo smh dude can play good defence if his team does it its liike hes motivated cause every time he plays lebron or kobe he steps up and always is a good game i guess when he play the best he plays his best

  16. Tushig says:

    this is really really bad defense. It looks like rookie defense

  17. KB is not..... says:

    How the heck is kobe the best player on the team? These stupid laker fans -__-

  18. andicrackers says:

    lebron is the best, kobe is the best, who cares! Very clear that this a grown ups article that 15 year olds are trying to interpret.. Get over this boring, unreadable jibberish…

  19. Hotrod11 says:

    There are a lot of Kobe fans, but take this into consideration. Kobe had to earn everything while Lebron was giving everything form the key to the city to whatever he wanted.I agree Kobe is getting old but Lebron is just a big athlete with minor skill. take away wade and bosh you have the same thing happen in cleveland no ring. He can be a front runner with help but not a lead runner.Kobe on the other hand has proven his ability to win or carry a team with another superstar note superstar Nash is the first Superstar since Shaq. KD is great but it time he put the committment in the weight room instead of being a dominate scorer ,relying on that length and jump shot. Put Kobe on the team with Wade and Bosh the heat would of beat Dallas senseless. LBJ still has room to improve and please realize the EAst has gotten stronger and it will be 80 games this season not 66.Congrats Heat no a hater just not going to jump on the stat bandwagon of LBJ I wont to see domination not here and there moments

  20. vlad says:

    lbj is the best ever to play the game of basketball. he makes his teamates beter and make them involve all throughout the play. he does it on and off the floor. defense and offense wise,almost incomparable or remove the word almost,he is really incomparable and unmatchble player. he is so quick and his agility is so rare. he can dominate every aspect of basketball. kobe only cares shooting but wat about defense? thats the diferennce of kb & lbj. try to trade kobe to miami and lbj playing with the lakers=multiple championship,thats for sure.

  21. t1ajai says:

    kobe is just lucky…having shaq for his first 3 rings,and pau and bynum in has last two rings…..but the real difference is he has phil jackson…….if kobe went to cavs in his early years…..i doubt it that the cavs will be an elite team consistently…lol…..

  22. The best player in the league is always the best closer. KOBE > all. if you dont agree with that then you dont watch basketball and i dont care to hear it from you haters.

    • t1ajai says:

      kobe is just lucky…having shaq for his first 3 rings,and pau and bynum in has last two rings…..but the real difference is he has phil jackson…….if kobe went to cavs in his early years…..i doubt it that the cavs will be an elite team consistently…lol

    • Sick says:

      yeah just like he close OKC… LOL

  23. just because lebron is a bigger player and drives the ball everytime he touches it doesnt make him a better player than kobe. his skillset is no where near kobes not to mention kobes a way better closer. size is all lebrick has. there is nobody better and never will be. quit saying kobes career is over you idiots. get off the lebronze/miami band wagon. call me when lequeen gains a good skillset and can actually shoot the ball decently instead of driving and whining to the refs. lBJ is a true nickname for him. servicing the refs before the game.

    • YoYo says:

      LOL you seem angry…Just saying!!!
      Come back later and talk like liek gentleman maybe someone will listen to what you have to say…..

  24. Jay Quiz says:

    take Kobe off this team and this is team would be beat badly by other international teams. Kobe’s experience and grit makes this team work. Remember the team before the Redeem Team, Kobe didn’t play on that team and and they lost badly to some teams. Lebron and the gang were pretty good back then already.

    • TeamUSA says:

      @JayQuiz Are you on crack boy? if you remove kobe from this team it wont matter! This team is not about kobe, because whether you like it or not USA will win the gold without Kobe.. With this kind of roster the loss of one player wont have any effect! But if you would ask who’s better internationally, it’s gotta be lebron.. He who can play 5 positions is of higher value in the olympics.. You guys are just giving kobe his lifetime achievement award.. At this point of Lebron’s career no one is even close! AND THAT’S COMING FROM A LEBRON-HATER!

  25. btw how many mvps or if that player got the mvp that year doesnt mean theyre a better player.

  26. heatfan34 says:

    Lebron wont last as long as Kobe in the nba because Lebron had to do way more from a younger age than kobe lebron had no good players in cleveland most of his career kobe had good players and great players most of his career lebron is the best the past 3 of 4 years mvp that right their proofs hes the best now he has a ring doesn’t matter how many superstars he had most championship teams have more than one superstar lbj is the best than durant close behind just face it lebron is the only player to play five positions through out the whole playoffs

  27. anthony says:

    obviously a lot of people disagreed to this article, so did I. its just a man’s opinion, you are not the one who looked stupid, so shrug it.

  28. david says:

    it’s amazing how some idiots can turn this article into a debate about kobe vs. lebron. they can’t be compared because of different playing style…. kobe is best at what he does and lebron is best at what he does

  29. JOHN says:


  30. Jose Roberto Zaracho says:

    I’m not sure if all of Melo’s haters actually watch his Knicks games. I mean he’s the whole team. If the Knicks lost is about the other players that are not regular ofensively and defensively like Amar’e, Landry Fields, and Chandler (he shined in just 5 o 6 games in whole season). Melo shined always for the Knicks and he leaded this team. What happened? Well, the Knicks faced a 3-headed-dragon that have 3 leaders (as Melo is) that have LBJ, Wade and Bosh. I mean if Melo would have 2 other stars backing him up too (for example, CP3 or Deron Williams and Howard), he definitely will be able to guide this team to a Championship. I HAVE NO DOUBT about it.

  31. Terror says:

    So many delusional idiots here saying Kobe is the best hahaha. He isn’t even the second or third best in the USA team. At the idiot who said, kobe won 2 championships with only gasol? yet they had bynum, sixth man of the year, AKA best frontline in the league, with the best coach in History and the most talented team in the league with some deep bench.

  32. Rocabye says:

    Melo plays better when he’s not the #1 go-to guy. Melo’s problem is he keeps trying to be the #1 guy. He reminds me of Westbrook, without the phenomenal hustle and defense to back that up.

  33. Pat says:

    This Jimmy guy here is busy commenting against other great players while still praising LBJ like a form of a god. Y’know, Kobe will still be the leader, the most important player, and would be the outstanding superstar of the USA team. No doubt about it. He is the elder, he will lead this team to the Olympics Basketball Finals.

    LBJ may be the best, all-around player right now, but Kobe will always be ahead of him in terms of caliber and ‘heart of the game’ attitude. Durant may be the best scoring threat right now, but Kobe will always be the number one pick for clutch shots in the game, ever.

    Let Kobe retire before we decide who’s next. But for now, as long as Kobe plays in the NBA, he is the best player in the planet. His prime is continuing.

    • Jimmy says:

      I’m not agaisnt any players in the NBA, with the exception of Paul Pierce and Blake griffin lol
      Just calling it how i see it…Kobe one of my favorite all time but right now James is clearly ahead of him…James is putting on a show everytime he’s on the floor…

  34. Michael B. says:

    I love how these threads ALWAYS break down in to “who’s the best player, blaj blah blah!!!!!!”

    All of you on this note are morons. The NBA is the most elite league in the world. This article is bringing up the points of how it is a collaborative effort for all these “Superstars” to play and gel together. Who is the best of the players at this point is irrelevant. I have always been taught that a team is only as good as the sumof it’s parts. And is as good as it’s weakest player.

    I am not American, (I’m an Aussie actually.) And when I look at this USA beast of a team, it is frightening. We won’t have Bogut, so our best player is probably Patty Mills. And I only like his matchup against Chris Paul. If you have Lebron playing the 1 spot, he will decimate Mills. Same for Kobe, Williams, and Westbrook.

    Every player on the USA team can light it up, and nearly every player on the tam can play lockdown defence. (What a player can do in the NBA is irrelevant on an international level. Fiba rules are stricter, and make things harder on an inside game.) The USA just needs to worry about Spain, and Argentina. Luis Scola is one of the best international players out there. I would actually argue that he is the best Power Forward in the world at an international level.

    Please just give us a rest from the inane and petty discussions on who is the best. USA basketball is tarnished by idiot fans that constantly have this debate.

  35. renz says:

    Let’s see if LBJ or KD or anyone will be at their mid 30’s and can still play as what they can do right now. and can give a big contribution on their team and can lead them to NBA playoffs and finals. bcoz Kobe does even though he’s already an OG.

  36. r2dtoo says:

    Every shot, dunk, foul counted, hard layup of Lebron just is like a normal shot of every players in the NBA.
    But every Kobe shots, moves, doubled team and can still escape and make a shot is just amazing. Man you can say that its really a talent! not just being strong like “I can dunk! yeah!” thing! you can see for yourself! 😀 watch him in youtube!

    • Idoubtit says:

      True about KBs game, no doubt he is remarkable.

      But not true that LBJs game is the same as anyone else’s. His ability to elevate towards the rim, draw contact, and finish while fallling is a once in a generation gift. This is not merely a product of his size (allthough it doesn’t hurt) but soft hands and ability to read the D and the hoop.

  37. jonathan says:

    The real deal is we need to love all sports figures this guys lbj,Kobe, kd work hard to entertain us as fans. Although Kobe is at his prime we all should appreciate the longerity he’s put into the sport (17) years. Although lebron has won a ring how long will his body really hold up playing all those position but no question he’s great (10) years.. Now looking at Durant an unbelievable scorer will his frail body last or will he decide to bulk up. (4) years, now Melo awesome scorer but does he have the support to really win a championship right now in NY (10) years nah dont think so. ENJOY…

  38. steven says:

    yall forget one thing past present one team knows how to win and where none of the players where schooled know its easy for anybody too get schooled aka king james dunked on by a kid kevin durant stepped away and westbrook toke the reigns too carry the thunder against the heat kobe just being kobe when age will catch up too u there will never be a prefomace i watched during the dream team run pure kill mode these superstars wanna prove something destroy every oppenent as the dream team did no excuse no 10 point games slaughter everybody and then they will hold the greatness to be in the same sentence as jordan bird barkley etc cylde even know what lebron dont

  39. kevin says:

    i cant believe you guys saying that Carmelo is a selfish player smh.

  40. jwalk1234 says:

    lebron is clearly the best player now , even on the cavs. kobe was great with paul on the back to back champion ships. But he is not a team player now ,this year playoffs all he cared aboutt was his ponits and not the team. shoot even KD and melo better than him now , his 5 rings is in the past

  41. goforgold says:

    I respect Anthony but face the truth- Durant is this man, after all he was the man who brought gold to USA last time. There were lot of moments when other players just didn’t know what to do, Durant stepped up and saved the situation!!! As we saw he can understand European basketball very well too. We can discuss about missing superstars last time but Durant is genius on basketball-field. All the best for USA (by the way, I’m European)

  42. gameon says:

    This article is just simply telling everyone what each player brings to the team and how they can contribute to get the team to the gold. It doesn’t matter if you think LBJ/Durant/Bryant or Anthony is the BESTall that matters is the three letters that are across all of these guys chest (USA). You can bet all of them have one common goal despite who they think is the best, the goal is to bring back the Gold if that doesn’t happen each and every guy on the team has failed and none of them are the best. Plain and simple!

  43. Julian says:

    sekou smith your are CLEARLY wronhg about lebron james being the undisputed best player on the team. Kobe bryant is the best player and the leader(just like you mentioned).Kobe will lead them to the gold . Just because lebron has a ring doesnt mean he is the best player. Im sorry but you are wrong about Lebron being the best player. He cant score,defend on ball, or lead Like Kobe.
    Other than that I like your posts about the league.

    • Silly_Lakers_Fans says:

      Kobe is blatantly not the best anymore… he’s more selfish than LBJ, worse defensively, and not as athletic. Doesn’t mean he wasn’t better in his prime cause he was awesome, but don’t start thinking people only rate LBJ as he finally has a ring cause his MVP awards obviously prove that wrong. You need to grow up and realise that while Kobe is still awesome he is NOT the best player in the league anymore, not even top 2.

    • Gman says:

      lol Kobe defend on the ball? ahahahahahahahaha

  44. Bodiroga says:

    Anthony in international games :))

    • Jimmy says:

      All i see is bad defense!!!

      • Sane Fan says:

        Yeah he beat him on TWO plays. Wow. How will Anthony live with himself after that highlight reel. lol… How’d that game turn out anyway? Oh yeah, team USA won and went on to go undeafeted.

  45. don says:

    Carmelo isn’t the most important player on this team and I’m a diehard Knick fan.

  46. TTKIN says:

    Darko Milicic has a championship? With what team?

    As for everyone saying Kobe aint the best and wont lead them through the olympics…well he probably will not. but that’s cuz Kobe is at the point in his career when he doesnt need to worry about this. He wants NBA rings, so he’ll proly rest a lot. Anyone watch the Dream Team documentary? Even Michael JOrdan wasnt all that concerned about it. Hence he easily let Bird and Magic captain the team.

  47. Robbabobba says:

    Y’all are talking about what the article said well that’s just one guys opinion not fact. Some people aren’t too smart.

  48. Gwatts says:

    Lebron=best player on the team, Kobe leader of the team, Carmelo =most important player, Durant =best scorer and stop comparing lebron to kobe cuz as of right now lebron is better but know that nobody is better than kobe when he was in his prime,notice how lebron needed another superstar and an allstar to get the job done once, while kobe only had gasol to get the job done twice and i’m not even talking bout the early days with shaq!!!

    • mrvnr says:

      nobody better than kobe in his prime. man look litle back in time in the 80’s and early and mid 90’s (jordan,magic,bird)

    • Jimmy says:

      He only got the job done once cus it only been 2 years, and First year Finals, 2nd year champion, I love Kobe and think he has more skills then anyone ever played but LBJ at this stage bring so much more to a team then Kobe can….I mean come on the man damn near everage a triple double in the regulars season and in playoffs while defending 5 position…What more can a man do to proof he the best?

  49. were is Wade? says:

    Damn, I would miss Dwayne Wade this Olympics.

    He is the virtual MVP of the 2008 Olympics, leads the whole US team in scoring and Dominated the opposition with his dazzling plays….. whats even more amazing is that he’s coming from the Bench!

    Wade is the MASTER of international plays. Good luck on your knee surgery and God Bless!

  50. Lucky says:

    kobe is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  51. samn says:

    Le Bron James will not lead the way because Kobe Bryant is going to stop him

    • gameon says:

      and how do you expect us to win with a team that is divided within itself hold back your Kobe man crush for just a second and let’s think about the team.

      • brooklyn_boy says:

        very true @ gameon. Why are people comparing the stars within the team. Each player has his own features and luckily we have the team with plenty of these sort of players.

  52. dmkb24 says:

    kobe is the leader of the team and lebron is the best player on the team

  53. lebron_can't_make_FT says:


  54. Harley K says:

    melo does to mush thinking about what hes gonna do he will catch and look instead of catching and going that lets the defence lock in on him, he did it in denver now hes doing it new york, i think new york would have been better off not making that trade and keeping it amares team that was a good unselfish team now the team cant even get a good playyoff spot

  55. What the eff???…read the article again…you missed something because you were too blind seeing Kobe’s name…

    And while James is clearly this team’s best player, Kobe Bryant its unquestioned leader and Kevin Durant perhaps its most intriguing talent, you could make the argument that Anthony will be the this team’s most important player in London. This may be especially true given a lack of experienced frontcourt depth and Anthony’s ability to play power forward in international competition.

  56. bball expert says:

    carmelo defintly the best international player, kobe the best player still and also the leader, and lebron the middle man who runs the offense and durant only a scroing threat

    • ChrisBrown says:

      I respect them all, but the big part of my respect is for Kobe, he’s still the best.
      Take away Harden and Westbrook, Durant will still be a young inexperienced player.
      Take away Wade and Bosh, LeBron wont win another ring.
      Take away Pau and Bynum, Kobe would still be Kobe.
      Before you flame me with hates, I would just like to say this, Kobe will always be great as long as he plays, even though he’s old and don’t have the strength of Lebron and the length of Durant but Kobe still kicks butt even in their prime. Great respect for Kobe you’re the man.

      • Robbabobba says:

        Yup, Kobe has actual skills Lebron just has size

      • hoopfan says:

        you forgot how lbj carried the cavs right? or just dismissing those facts because youre a kobe fan. take away pau and bynum? kobe wont get them any where. i know you heard about the news how kobe threatened LA that he will sign to another team if he wont get HELP. this is a team game. everyone needs help including kobe. just dont forget to give where and when credit is due. you kobe fans just wont accept the fact that it is lbj and durants time. we’re talking about now not the past.

      • pakyaw says:

        take away WADE and BOSH, LEBRON wont win another ring,(only playoffs) take away PAU and BYNUM, KOBE wont make a playoffs…SEE THE DIFFERENCE?

      • BOOyah says:

        agree with u all they way ..

      • Jimmy says:

        Wait take away Pau and Bynum Kobe get merk by Phx every year in playoff….YES PHX…
        Did you guys forget that LBJ took Cavs to finals, and conf. finals by himself?

      • fader says:

        Carried the Cavs to a ring? Carried the Cavs to what, exactly?

      • ChrisBrown says:

        @ hoopfan you also forgot every year the Cavs sends him a player to help him? the Cavs were a deep team with good role players and so as the Lakers. Cavs were beating the Lakers in the whole season but where did the Cavs go after the season? Gone fishing while Kobe was hunting some rings. You sound more of a Kobe hater than me as a Kobe fan, haters won’t just accept that Kobe still has many gas left in his tank even in Lebron and Durant’s prime. Yeah we are talking about now.
        @pakyaw count Kobe’s ring, uhmm 5? count Lebron’s, 1. SEE THE DIFFERENCE? and you say its a team game, one can win a game but a team can win championships. Now who’s the more team player now?
        @Jimmy yeah and take away Nash and Hill so they get even, who wins? YES LAKERS. If LBJ can do that by HIMSELF then he’s a God.

      • Sick says:

        did he mention a ring? idiot

      • ChrisBrown says:

        @Sick we’re trying to have a healthy argument here and you come and say offensive words without good reasons and didn’t even site any argument or whatsoever, I think that really makes you the idiot here.

      • Gman says:

        Lol take away Pau and Bynum and Kobe wont get far in the playoffs at all. Remember his best year…lol cmon now people

    • K_S85 says:

      Excellent way to describe Kd he is a scroing threat… dude his young enough to become greater with time. Kobe will just be Kobe simple as that we all know how hard he plays this game James has talent but doesn’t have the same footwork as kobe or even a good enough post up move yet. Melo- aka try to get in his face he is not backing down he will go at anyone and give them a run. This will be a nice team to watch not sure why blake is there he doesn’t have a good enough game to be apart should have told them no and practice his game.

      • Jimmy says:

        No doubt Kobe has the best foot work and skills set i ever seen, proly better then jordan as in skills wise…But You gonna need that shooting as many jumpshot as he does…Where as James doesn’t take many jump shots and play a different styles, i think the team built now best suit James cus they can play fast, they will run up and down the floor liek never before….Kobe won’t be able to run with these young guys liek he use too….James will be the best player on the team when all said and done!!!

      • Gman says:

        Jimmy you crazy? stay on topic. MJ has better footwork and a better jumpshot upto 20 ft. hence the %50 shooting.

    • Sane Fan says:

      Except Kobe DID make the playoffs without Bynum and Gasol before they got there. So NO I see no difference. Both great players, both need help. That’s all I see. that’s kind of all there is.

  57. uoykcuf says:

    All Big apple needs is a great point guard. Lin was good but not great. He might be able to anchor the knicks someday but I always thought Nash will be a great fit in New York.

  58. big phill says:

    kobe is the best player on that team…without question. Lebron is second, close second but 2nd still. Carmelo is the best at international play. I can’t wait for this Olympics

    • beans says:

      Yes Kobe is

    • What the eff have you been smokin’ in Lala land??? the article again…

      And while James is clearly this team’s best player, Kobe Bryant its unquestioned leader and Kevin Durant perhaps its most intriguing talent, you could make the argument that Anthony will be the this team’s most important player in London. This may be especially true given a lack of experienced frontcourt depth and Anthony’s ability to play power forward in international competition.

      stupid Laker fan..

    • Voice of Reason says:

      LeBron is the best player on this TEAM you idiot!
      You must be smoking something!

      • BOOyah says:

        Kobe has 5 RINGS … how many RINGS do Lebron have?

      • Jimmy says:

        So wait so that mean Fisher is the best PG in the league?
        Stop living in the past!!!

      • nonbiased fan says:

        oh the ring talk. so i guess luke walton is better than Durant smh

      • NBAfan says:

        In the international game…technique and smartws prevail over physical ability…..HOW MANY GOLD did Lebron win without kobe? Oh wait…none…they kept losing….

        Kobe is the best player in this team…..Lebron is the best player in the NBA, with how it’s structured…

        Stop living in the past? Stop living in the future….Lebron is years away from what Kobe has accomplished and the level of play he has achieved….Lebron still relies WAY TOO MUCH ON HIS PHYSICAL ABILITIES..what happens when that physicacl advantage goes away? Yeah…like Shaq…and iverson….and carter….

    • QuestionMark says:

      Playoffs say different, Kobe struggled against OKC, while Lebron beat them down.

      • Scott the magician says:

        Im a HUGE kobe fan and die hard laker fan, but in Kobes 17th season. lebron is now better. no question. so is durant actually. Kobe still has the most heart and drive i beleive but he’s mid thirties.
        Its hard for me to accept too fellas, but lets not be delusional.
        Lakers 2013 champs!!!

      • ChrisBrown says:

        Yes Lebron beat them down because he had good and teammates with good chemistry. Struggled? Kobe had career playoffs stats. Maybe you were referring to his teammates who struggled but Kobe? I don’t think so. I will not deny I’m a fan of Kobe and I will fight for it because I believe he’s the best. When the London games you’ll see Kobe is still the best.

      • LakerHater says:

        @Scott the magician, did you just say lets not be delusional and then Lakers 2013 champs?

      • Supamanluver says:

        Kobe struggled against OKC? Kobe was the only one doing ANYTHING against OKC! Let’s review – Game 1 20 pts of Lakers 90pts, Game 2 20pts of Lakers 75 pts, Game 3 36pts of Lakers 99pts, Game 4 38pts of Lakers 100pts, Game 5 42pts of Lakers 90pts. Kobe averaged 31.2pts that series despite 2 low-scoring games (by his standards) in games 1 & 2. Bynum was the 2nd leading scorer for the Lakers with 16.6ppg and Gasol was third with 12ppg.
        Lebron averaged 28.6ppg vs the Thunder. Wade averaged 22.6, Bosh 14.6ppg.
        Difference between Lakers & Heat – Kobe did not get enough help from his top guys OR role players while Lebron had 4 guys on his team average double figures other than him.
        So bottom line is ur comment that Kobe struggled while Lebron beat them down is false.
        BTW both Melo & Lebron were on the 2004 team that won bronze. Kobe was the difference in them winning the gold in 2008.

      • Jimmy says:

        He did not get enough help cus he don’t make enough plays for them to get better score, where as James 90% of the time set up his whole team for easy baskets…That my friends is the difference, and that why James everage 8+ asts and Kobe everage only 4 or less….And kobe everage 31+ points with 40% -42% shooting while James average 50%-52%…And kobe average 5 rbs while James Average like 10 rbs….Need i said more?

    • SmoothMM says:

      Kevin Durant… 2010 World Championship MVP. Or, at least, that’s who I’m going with for the claim at the moment.

      • nonbiased fan says:

        nah, I say he is the best scorer in that team but Lebron will always be the best overall especially in defense. I would like to say Carmelo is the best scorer but for now he’s a close second. we’ll see what happens in London

    • MJ says:

      OK I’m a big Laker and Kobe Fan and as much as it pains me to say this… Lebron is a beast. Maybe last year I would have agreed with you, but we all saw what he did this year especially in the playoffs. Lebron is the best talent on this team, because he can simply do it all. The dude can play positions 1-4 and probably 5 against most international teams and play them really well might I add. As for Kobe, he is the best competitor on this team, without a doubt the hardest worker and that is why he is the unquestioned leader. Big KD fan as well I’m pumped to see them all playing together.

    • Mino says:

      Kobe has the biggest heart and will lead it 100%, but Lebron’s body is fresher.

    • Gman says:

      Lebron is the best player on the team. he is as dangerous on offense as he is on defense.

  59. Title hungry Wolf says:

    Before I’m a fan of Carmelo, but when he transfered to the Knicks he was exposed. His lack of leadership and ability to Gel with other stars was the cause of the Knicks downfall. I hope this all will change in the future and learn something in this US team about ” Chemistry”.

    • Stix says:

      How can you have a lack of leadership or responsibility when in all the past years you have lead your team to the playoffs & once to the conference semis/conference finals. Carmelo is more than a leader he loves this game beyond human extent. he hasnt had anybody 2 help him or perform at least half way the way he’s performed just as well as when lebron didnt have any help until he got 2 miami let melo go play wit 2 more superstars and watch how his season turns out

      • Jimmy says:

        So STAT, Tyson, and a good PG in Lin is not enough stars for him?
        Carmelo is a Liability on defense and refuse to plays defense cus it take away from his offense…That where him and LBJ differs, LBJ does it all for your team, whatever needed to win…That what seperate LBJ and alot of the Players in the world today….The ability to do it all, not just on offense…

    • Cams says:

      The Knicks would have to be up first before they can have a ‘downfall’. I never expect the Knicks to win a championship nor an ECF with Melo and Amare – they want to occupy the same space on the floor. Two great talents, exciting and nearve-racking (for a fan) to watch. If your a Knicks fan, save yourself a lot of heartache and don’t count on any deep playoff runs.

      On Kobe vs. Lebron – Having Wade and Bosh was integral to Lebron getting that championship, that much is obvious. But it does not retract from his fantastic ability because they were on his team, and it does not belong in his comparison with Kobe. Recall that Kobe did have Shaq, Pau, and Bynum all at his disposal for his champsionships. AND let’s not forget that the puppet master, Phil Jackson, was sitting in that big cushioned chair for each of those rings. To me, it comes down to who would you rather have on your team right now, in the 2012-2013 season, Kobe or Lebron? If you’d honestly take Kobe, I think your allegiances are muddling your choice.

    • Omegaki314 says:

      Its not that he doesnt gel with other stars its that they dont gel with him.
      Amare could have had a better season but he played like a bum because he wasnt getting the ball all of the time. The way I see it is Amare is the only star on that team who didnt give full effort. there was plenty of times, more than too many times where he didnt even try to rebound the ball. just let it go over him. Tyson tried his hardest. obviously he got defensive player of the year.

      The only thing melp was exposed of was not having enough support. the knicks relied on him entirely too much. no one else would even help. novak couldnt hit a shot. smith nor landry.

      baron davis is just a all out bum so of course he did nothing