USA Basketball: D-Will Mum On Dwight Trade Rumors … Well, Sort Of!

LAS VEGAS — Deron Williams swears he hasn’t heard all of the rumors and doesn’t know anything about whatever the latest is on the Dwight Howard trade front.

“What’s happening?” Williams said while laughing as a crowd of gathered around him on the sideline before USA Basketball’s training camp practice at UNLV. “What about Dwight? I don’t know anything. I just hear rumors and speculation.”

Whatever potential deal is concocted to unite Williams, Howard, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace as the Brooklyn Nets’ version of the Big 3 (plus one) is fine by Williams. He’s just not going to worry himself about the details in the meantime. He said it’s been two weeks since he’s spoken with Howard, another stretching of the truth.

But Williams is covering his bases right now. He’s not talking like Howard is in the fold, while also making it clear that the addition of Howard will bring nothing but good things.

“There have been a lot of rumors over the past year where he is concerned, so early on I concerned myself with it,” Williams said, “but now you just have to let it play out. And whatever happens, happens. I think we’ll have a good team without him and I think we’ll have an even better team with him. But the situation is tricky.”

Williams said he feels for Howard, having to go through the endless speculation surrounding his future, because they are friends.

“You want to see it end one way or another,” Williams said. “It’s tough on guys being in trade rumors. I know definitely know it’s tough on Brook [Lopez]. I’m happy with him as my teammate, he’s a promising young player.”

While Lopez has a bright future, Howard is a known commodity right now.

Adding him to the mix in Brooklyn would push the Nets into a different category, alongside the true contenders in the Eastern Conference and the entire league with that one move.

“I think we’d be good,” Williams said of the Nets with Howard in the fold, “one of the top teams in the East for sure, and one of the top teams in the NBA. It just depends on how everybody comes together as a team. You never know. It took Miami a year and losing in The Finals, and this year they came out and won it all … It would be great, [adding Howard], there’s no doubt about it. He’s one of the top five players in the world. There’s nobody like him in the NBA. Andrew Bynum is probably the closest thing in terms of a low-post threat.”

For a guy who claims to have kept his distance from the whole drama, Williams certainly has some well-versed opinions on what things would be like for the Nets with and without Howard in the middle.

That might have something to do with the fact that the idea was hatched years ago, during the 2008 Olympics in Beijing (back when Williams was still wearing a Jazz uniform, like in the video above). Williams said there are a number of reasons Howard has been asking to be traded to the Nets for months, most of them obvious to anyone paying attention (New York, a chance to play alongside Williams and the opportunity to start something from scratch in Brooklyn).

Still, he’s cautious about getting too wrapped up in something he has no real control over.

“I’m not concerning myself it, because this whole scenario already happened once before in February,” he said of the rumors that a deal might be imminent before they disappeared. “It is what it is. Of course,  I would welcome that trade. But if it doesn’t happen I think we have a great group. I think Brook is a great player, and could be a special player in this league, especially with the right pieces around him.”


  1. Bird33 says:

    Good luck if you have both d-will and Howard on one team. I know one thing for sure – their coach will be fired by one or both of them at some point. Just ask Stan or Jerry. I wouldn’t want either on my team…..I stress the word TEAM

  2. ray says:

    Howard will wind up in LA

  3. celyicpride says:

    Brook Lopez is way better than Bynum, cause Bynum can’t do nothing out of the paint, so I think the Nets shoud give Lopez to Orlando and take Howard.
    Bynum can’t shoot, he hasn’t moves out of the paint, he only can do the hook, I think his offense is very overrated.

  4. NBAThor says:

    Either way Howard will not be playing the first half of the season, and unless you’re the NETS you’ll lose him at the end of the year. That is of course you win a championship next season and convince him to stay. The Lakers could make that happen.

  5. justaguy says:

    so even if Dwight Howard goes to Brooklyn. i don’t think they will win a ring because they don’t have that much good players from the bench. plus Joe Johnson’s been playing like a rookie since he signed a big paycheck. but as long as they get a bench players that can score on a regular basis and Joe Johnson would somehow finds his game then maybe they can compete with the celtics and heat.

  6. I just can’t see why would the Magic send someone that doesn’t want to play for them to a another team where he wants to play. The trade isn’t even attractive because Orlando has to interest in Humphries or Lopez. That’s why several teams have to get involved to pull this thing off. Orlando needs to send him to LA for Bynum and be done with it. They know out of everyone earning a NBA paycheck thats the guy they want if Dwight is no longer with the team. They need to stop playing around and pull the trigger on the trade with the Lakers so we can all be happy.

  7. Saah says:

    If Howard goes to the Nets… the Heat will have a tough time beating the Nets. Heat have Lebron, Wade, Bosh… Nets have Williams, Howard, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace… damn Nets roster is damn good, and one that can win a championship if the stars play like a team.

  8. litesout says:

    very complicated deal its seems like the clippers and cavs are both fighting to get marshon brooks and one may back out the deal if they don’t get what they want. tough, if billy king still pulls this trade off he should definitely win gm of the year

  9. Steffen says:

    The Lakers are waiting a few days more until the whole Free Agent frency is over. They have a good offer on the table surely with Bynum + Metta or somebody the long this drags out the better that offer will look for the Magic.

  10. nets! says:

    Im a Miami fan but dam it would be exciting to watch Dwight, DWill, J.Johnson & wallace on the same team! Semi finalist for sure!

    • Semi finalist? says:

      That team could knock out Miami for sure! It may take a season as it did Miami though to mesh, but you better believe Pat Riley will be shaking in his boots. Why do you think he picked up Ray Allen? Raja Bell will be free tomorrow, I’ll bet he goes to Miami as well. Miami has it’s work cut out next season. Who knows how Wade’s knees are going to be after surgery.

      • Really? says:

        If Brooklyn got a Big Four only two of them (Dwight and Deron) could match up to the Miami group in health, as Gerald Wallace is a defensive player and Joe Johnson isn’t as good as D-Wade or LeBron, who he will have to match up against. If D-Wade recovers from his knee surgery and stays healthy I forsee some interesting ECF match ups but the Heat winning MOST of the time. ( BTW Joe Johnson and Ray Allen are liabilities as well since they are both coming off injuries.

  11. MaFox says:

    I`m in France.

  12. JoSe says:

    I feel the team that wants to win a Championship will sign Howard, so it looks like either the Nets or Lakers have a 50% chance of getting him.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Nah, lakers have about a 20% chance as they don’t seem to be trying so hard anymore. Nets have about a 70% chance, as you’ve seen that they’re doing everything in their power to make this work(four team trade, where magic could actually coem of on some 1st round draft picks and players). The nets are taking the godfather route and “giving them an offer they can’t refuse”. Nets will end up with howard either way, so good job for the magic on milking the deal and getting future 1st rounders and some players that can contribute.

      • D says:

        Um no. The Lakers either have a 100% or 0% chance of getting Dwight, and the Net’s have either a 100% or 0% chance to get Dwight. They’re not flipping a coin for him.