Report: Knicks Land Camby In Sign-And-Trade Deal

The New York Knicks continued to spend for quality depth before the end of the July Moratorium, agreeing to terms with veteran center Marcus Camby on a three-year, $13 million contract Monday in a sign-and-trade deal with Houston that will send Toney Douglas, Josh Harrelson and Jerome Jordan to the Rockets, along with two future second-round picks.

The 38-year-old Camby is still a productive player, averaging 7.1 points and 9.3 rebounds last season in 24 minutes a night for the Rockets after being traded to Houston from Portland for Jonny Flynn and Hasheem Thabeet. In New York he’ll be the backup to starter Tyson Chandler at center and spot Amar’e Stoudemire at power forward. It will be Camby’s second tour of duty in New York, after playing for the Knicks from 1998-2002.

His deal, according to a source, is only partially guaranteed for the third season, meaning it will either be a two-year deal for $10 million or revert to the three-year, $13 million deal if New York decides to keep him.

Douglas saw significant playing time as a rookie, but injuries and the electric play of Jeremy Lin consigned him to a deep reserve role last season. But in Houston, Douglas will be one of the few point guards on the roster. The Rockets have committed to giving Lin a four-year deal worth $28 million when the free-agent moratorium ends on July 11, but the Knicks are almost certain to match.

New York also agreed to terms last week with Jason Kidd to be Lin’s backup next season. Houston lost free agent Goran Dragic to the Suns in a free-agent deal and opted to trade last season’s starter at the beginning of the year, Kyle Lowry, to Toronto for a conditional Lottery pick.

The Rockets continue to amass assets in an attempt to acquire either Dwight Howard from Orlando or Andrew Bynum from the Lakers. In the last two weeks, Houston has acquired forwards Jon Brockman and Jon Leuer from Milwaukee in a trade sending center Samuel Dalembert to Milwaukee, taken Jeremy Lamb, Royce White and Terrence Jones in last month’s Draft after getting an extra pick from Minnesota for forward, Chase Budinger gotten the future Lottery pick from Toronto and gotten the three Knicks’ players.

Houston still has guard Kevin Martin, who’ll be entering the final year of his contract and forwards Luis Scola, Marcus Morris, Chandler Parsons and Patrick Patterson on its roster, and the Rockets are expecting 2011 first-round pick Donatas Motiejunas to come over next season from Europe.


  1. dattebayo says:

    Oh boy, the times when you could laugh at the Knicks are clearly over now. It doesn’t matter what people think about Kidd and Camby’s age, they can still play pretty damn good. Chandler and Camby on one team gives the Knicks a constant solid defensive presence around the rim and makes their team even bigger. Kidd is still a good defender and he will involve Stoudemire more in the Knicks offense which will only increase their versatility there. When Shumpert returns, they will have another solid wing defender to bug the elite guards in the league.

    Expectations will be higher than ever next season. Let’s see if those players can come together as a Team and become what their roster and talent suggests: A new Powerhouse in the East

  2. knickfan212 says:

    I think some of you guys are just talking out of your head. All the moves made so far are good moves. J. Kidd is a thinker and coach on the floor coming off of the bench for 9 million over 3 years which is nothing, Camby can still rebound and was a 2 time defensive player of the year. A defensive player of the year doesn’t all of a sudden forget how to play defense because he’s 38 years old. He’s still in basketball shape and rebounds with the best of them. We gave up 2 bums, an alright player and 2 future 2nd rd. picks. Lin will be signed and his salary wont go against the cap because of his “Bird Rights”.
    Sure they may not win the trophy this coming season but they will be a big problem for whoever comes up against them.
    The Nets if they don’t get Howard will still just be the Nets. D. Will is their only threat. J. Johnson and G. Wallace are good players but who do they scare. If you don’t think these are up sides for the team than you just don’t understand basketball.
    I just read JR and the team agreed to a new contract.

  3. NBA says:

    @Jerrell Benitez the knicks did not let Jermey Lin go. Have to get your facts straight. He has not signed with Houston. He simply signed and offer sheet with Houston which as long as the Knicks match he remains in NYC. New York has alreays stated that they will match anything anyone offers Lin.

  4. Hubert Gerisma says:

    i’m just so happy to rean all the post,i just state learning as a knicks fan

  5. knickfan212 says:

    @ CAMERON- You’re saying Marcus Camby isn’t worth Toney Douglas, Josh Harrelson and Jerome Jordan along with 2 future picks? Camby is a great pickup for resting Chandler and Stoudemire. I might’ve given Toney Douglas away for a future draft pick. Same with Jordan. I wouldn’t have minded keeping Harrelson but gladly give him up for Camby as a bench player. Camby is a hustler, and if he’s just half of what he was when he was with the Knicks last time it can be nothing but a good move. We need a few vets to stabllize our crew. It’s not like we’re getting them because they’re the missing pieces, they (Kidd, Camby) are like starters coming off of the bench playing against 2nd string players while giving are core rest to be able to play up to their potential for the whole game instead of running out of gas come 4th quarter. Believe me, it will work. I really don’t think Dolan will let Lin get away, he’ll match any offer just for the ticket sales.
    These moves are definitely good moves for us. Be patient!

  6. kryptonean says:

    Good move for Knicks! Camby is a defensive monster to complement Chandler’s D, and still reliable Jeffries.
    Now Melo and Stoudemire can concentrate on offense. Giving up Douglas, Josh H, and Jordan is a lot for Camby, but who needs 10-12 depth when 1-9 is solid. Likewise, the two future 2nd round pick is OK. What is a 2nd round draft if you are a playoff bound team for the next 2 years (posibly 38 pick and up).

  7. tony says:

    Does anybody remember signing a SF named James White?? He didn’t do much in the NBA his first time around, but the Knicks signed him and he’s on the roster for this year…He’ll back up Melo at SF and just in case NOBODY’s heard of him…Go to youtube and type in “In Flight James White” just to see the potential…If this kid can keep his head on straight, he’s probably the most gifted Athlete in the NBA…His problem was never talent, it was attitude and the people around him…He’s going to be a more than capable bench player. I believe with the veterans we have on the team and Mike Woodson’s hardnose no-nonsense style, James White is going to be dynamic… And for fun,hopefully he’ll represent NYK in the Dunk Contest and win it! The NY Knicks are going to be really good next year!!! Get ready!

  8. Raz Rah says:

    Why does everyone keep pointing out Amar’e on defence? Didn’t he make the Knicks relevant again without any of these current players. Dirk doesn’t play defence either so that’s why they got Chandler. (He won a title) Melo is the chemistry killer. J.R. and Melo kill ball movement every time they get it. Please DO NOT overpay for Lin. (he looked good for about 15-20 games) This is a whole season and he’s comming off of an injury. Lin will not catch anyone by suprise and will be exposed with the full season. Woodson’s system is not point guard driven like D’Antonie’s. I like the Camby move to solidify the Center position. Now they should add Felton and Rashard Lewis and Blair for the minimum. These guys can contribute for winning teams and have something to prove. As for the SG posititon they should sign Mayo because he plays better in a system than J.R.

  9. b-rad says:

    Camby will be a good backup but i wish they would have kept harrelson. He’s a good defender and can score a bit too. Looks like they just resigned Novak. Good move. Te teams coming together but is still a few pieces short of being a contender. A quality shooting guard would be nice and lets hope Amare’s health can hold up. They need to win in the next 2 years or the rebuild will start again.

  10. FromAcrossThePond says:

    The Camby trade makes some sense. It is always a good idea to have a decent center as a backup and a Marcus Camby in his twilight years is just as good as any one else (Better than a Eric Dampier, that’s for sure!) to relieve the burden from Chandler. But again, I think the Knicks gave up too much, considering the outcome. Camby still puts some good numbers, but I think 3 players + 2 picks is two much, even if the picks where for the 2nd round. I mean, this year they didn’t get any pick in the first round and only one in the 2nd.
    It seems to me that the Knicks organization is always too eager to get rid of their picks, even after getting two gems in the last two years on very late picks(Fields was picked on the 2nd round and Shumpert was pick 17 in the 1st).
    A draft pick and any two player combination between Douglas, Jordan and Harrelson where more than fair for the aging Camby.

  11. ricky says:

    NY have enough good combinations of JLin and JrSmith. Try to get Baynum from LA.

  12. ricky says:

    bad decision to acquire J Kidd and Camby… NY can do better and find some productive player even from the Dleague

  13. willie says:

    ok, how are the knicks affording their players? they are well over the salary cap now… melo, tyson and stat are getting max contracts…. the bench therefore should be getting peanuts, like what the miami heat have… how can they afford the likes of camby, lin and jr smith without going over the salary cap? they must already be in the luxury tax which is 4x higher then the previous CBA

  14. Gusto DaGreat says:

    PF? We better sign Jeffries! He’s the best in the league @ drawing charges, Knicks can really use that against the better teams with the SuperStars! Lin will come back better than last year and I predict that Lin will be more aggressive with better control. Im sure him and KID will get along well and eventually be on the court together during crunch time. Amare should learn some much needed inside moves from Hakim ‘THE DREAM’ Olajuwan, Will miss Fields, Harrelson, and Douglas. Jordan just never got the time to developed for us. All thats left is JR Smith and we are ready to battle. Really like JR but he has to go to bucket more (sick handle). Once Shump is 150%, like Blake Griffin after his Rookie injury, Knicks will get a 3 seed in Eastern Conference. I have to say that I love what Im seeing from BKLYN. If they get Howard, smh, Its a RAP! BKLYN WE GO HARD!!!
    GO KNICKS!!!!

  15. ko0kie says:

    rockets management is crazyy…giving up lowry and dragic but getting all these mediocre players.. omg.

  16. mario says:

    As long as they have Stoudamire they ll never win a ring. Trade him n Chandler for Howard, but Orlando wont accept, so trade him to Houston for Scola n noumerous draft picks. Sign either Jamison or Brand n u r a very good team WITH cap space for any future moves AND draft picks.

  17. Achilleas Argyrides says:

    In my opinion Marcus Camby is one of the most underestimated centers in NBA history..he is a great player and am positive that he will help the knicks a lot..he is the man…c ya

  18. celtics 100 says:

    knicks fans love to dream . the most annoying fans are knicks ,heat and lakers fans .. but in the east i see this heat

    2. chicago

    (made some decent trade)



    6. philadelphia

    7 nets.

    8 brooklyn

    • mrj says:

      Brooklyn twice? lol

    • dattebayo says:

      Hey, I like the Celtics and I am glad they will get KG back and get some more contributors. Camby also would have been a nice addition for Boston.

      But the Knicks will have a long training camp to come together and they will want to prove that they are better than the 7th or 8th seed in the East. I think Miami, Indiana, Chicago, Boston and the Knicks will be the best 5 seeds in the East, I am just not sure on the order yet. Probably

  19. karoLT says:

    OMG KNICKS fans you cant still satisfy yourselves….

  20. higher ups!! says:

    Remember the leavage is very good for knicks if they have to make trades in future!! business is business!! whenever you can sign quality players to minimum deals it always looks good on the business end of the deals!!You never know how these GM’s NEGO!!! You can alway package players for better players!! I feel the knicks are getting a bit better handling business!!The players aquired are good if you need to renego!! IF you throw amare or lin or shump in with maybe one or two new aquisations then you can get that howard,bynum or maybe paul!!! You never know how a good GM is thinking!!! we’ll just have to see!! DOES THIS SOUND REALISTIC PEOPLE!!!!!

  21. Bob says:

    NY is just harvesting players year after year without planning ahead. If you look at the team is quite good (far behind Miami, Chicago with Rose and Nets tho) but it’ the mentality of the staff, the managment and the players once they arrive there that it’s flawed. There isn’t a winning mentality, players just join Knicks for money and for the possibilities that a city like NY can offer. They are about to max Rockets offer for Lin…. i can understand Rockets cause they dismantling the entire team and they don’t know what they are doinganymore butKnicks aren’t interested in Lin as a player (too few games played to value him)… they need the asian/american icon only for keeping the cash flow. I’m sorry but can’t win an NBA title if you focus solely on showbusiness and entertaiments.

  22. I am a Houston Rocket fan and from everything that has happened so far this off season i doubt Houston is chasing anyone right now. They’re unloading and picking up draft picks and rookies via trades and creating cap space, maybe will wait another season or two till Kevin Martin and Louis Scola’s contracts are up and out and hopeful a few of the rookies might develop into quality players. Perhaps then they might trade for a star or sign a free agent.
    As for the Knicks and Camby, a good move all around. Knicks do not play a lot of team defence which makes individual defenders look worse that they actually are. Mike is an offensive minded coach whose system relies heavily on guard oriented offence created by a lot of penetration and cuts. He has, though, tried changing his coaching strategies since his move to NY and i think adding Tyson last year and then Camby this year further proves his coaching staff’s committment towards defence. But as anything new, this defensive mentality will take a year or two to develop but Camby should be able to step in and step up immediately. Good luck to Campy and the Knicks.

  23. Karlo Garcia says:

    This is a good trade the NYK made. Camby can cover up for Chandler. Lucky the NYK not trade for Greg Oden or it would have been OVA!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  24. KnickTeam says:

    The knicks made two good roster building moves Kidd will help with mentoring Lin if we resign him (knicks stated they will match any offer) Camby is a great team defender & rebounder he will help the team be better on defense when chandlers isn’t in the game he is old but we arent asking him to play starter minutes nor Kidd melo & stat arent horrible defenders like yall are all making them out to be no there not a lebron or ibaka on defense but Kevin Durant isn’t great on D but yall talk about melo we have 3 great all around defenders now shump, camby, & chandler plus good defenders with them the last two years we went two the playoffs we had injury’s stat twice shump , baron , billups , Lin, key players in are rotation & melo had to score alot of points we are signing vet players that know what they are doing on defense & a second coach on the floor in kidd we gave up jerome jordan who never play last year Douglas who stunk up the place all season a second round pick where you might not find any talent at & a okay harllson who needs work on & will not do as while as camby can this year its all about now.

  25. jrsmith says:

    you guys dont know ish bout b-ball….only chandler plays defense….ahhh thats why hall of famers,coaches and all-stars said shump is ine of the best on ball defenders in the league (as a rookie playin 20min!!!!!!) do you even know iman shumpert?????

    #stupid hyped up brainwashed nba-fans

  26. Martin from Austria says:

    What a stupid decision by Camby, he could’ve played starting center and played for a championship in Miami, and now he opts to play for the Knicks to play backup to Chandler just because of a bit more money, what a moronn

  27. Andres says:

    Good move by Houston getting those players from NY basically for free! Still I think the rockets are headed for a terrible season but that means new front office and good young talent in the next few drafts so not too bad

  28. Reece says:

    josh is wack anyways dummy n he get packed n the rack his drive is weak

  29. LordP says:

    That’s a non sense..Tyson Chandler and Camby..they play both at the same way..not a good move for NYC i’ e always doubt about their ability to built a team and they show it again..Camby would be a better fit in Miami lineup..with more playing time…Bad Move

  30. BlackDove- says:

    KNICKS TOP 4 EAST 2012/13

  31. Rafael says:

    Who is the projected number 1 pick in the draft next year? Is it worth the Rockets tanking a season? (something they don’t do, respectively!) So disappointed in the moves the Rockets are making. Even if they get Howard or Bynum for a season, does that change or help anything? Both Howard and Bynum will be worse off in houston with “sub-par” players surrounding them.

  32. terrible because they gave up 2 future second round pick’s & 3 players for someone nearing the end of his career. I respect the fact those players were washed up but still 3 players and 2 picks in the second round of future draft’s it was terrible and letting Jeremy Lin Go was terrible they need him to succeed , Jason Kidd aint the same person he used to be 6 year’s ago

  33. William says:

    It doesn’t matter who the Knicks bring in, Melo and Amare have to play defense. They basically won Chandler the defensive player of the year award last season!

  34. Bill says:

    Kamote, well there goes your Camby to the Celtics. How cum your not trolling this page…or do you have something to add on the Celtics ESPN site?

  35. NBA says:

    This is a very good move for the Knicks, They have Melo, STAT, Novak, Lin. All players which are moe effective on offence. Camby and Chandler, gives them an option for a big strong defensive lineup to battle against teams like Miami and help keep them out of the paint

  36. Ohboy says:

    Rockets kind of got 3 players and 2 2nd round draft picks for FREE!!! Camby was unrestricted and Knicks only needed the Rockets because of a sign and trade to get Camby more money. Rockets and Camby already agreed he wouldn’t be back on the team because of the new direction they were going.

  37. Xyrus says:

    Camby is great addition to the Knicks defense and Kidd veteran point guard will guide Lin .. Knicks in east semifinals or maybe east finals 2013 playoffs

  38. Tim says:

    Better than Gadzuric or Jonathan Bender the year before. Good to see Camby back. Will miss Harrelson and Douglas but I don’t control the team so go Knicks.

  39. Johnny says:

    This was a bad trade….the kinks will now have three centers and camby is old plus his durability can be bad

  40. koolbreeze says:

    knicks gone be decent and got a chance to do somethin hopefully kidd helps the chemistry and camby helps da d when chandler sits yall sound like a bunch of haters

  41. Danny says:

    My God, Rockets is revamping their entire roster, but the Bocats arent.

  42. freshkiidd says:

    man i know this guy can still play but knicks gave to many players for him specially Josh Harrelson this kid got a solid defense on the post

  43. @JGunda says:

    With this move.. Defense will rub in to Amare and Melo..just think of the defensive presence in the roster.. Chandler + Camby + Shump.. Melo will surely try his best not to look the weak man in defense in his team… And also Camby knows how to score from a PnR..

    • BIGMatta23 says:

      wrong…they got those defensive players so Melo and STAT dont have to play defence. Suits them both fine.

  44. Zach says:

    The knicks have no organization and chemistry! Kidd is a good addition for any team, he helps with ball movement. But once the ball gets to melo, it stops. Hes a wanna be kobe, or lebron, or durant. Camby is a waste of money! The celtics will always be the best in the atlantic unless if the nets get Dwight. The knicks are trash!

  45. Yeah I Said It says:

    All yaaa haters damnn, the nyk gave up Jerome Jordan the dude who averaged 0.8 ppg, Josh Harrelson 3.1 ppg, and with Toney im a little shaky on that but still now that we got J-Kidd and hopefully match lin’s offer. Heyyy Melo and Amare may not play d but they make it up on offense. Im telling yaaa watch out for the #Knicks!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • Bradley says:

      No you better watch out for the rockets knicls are overated and stay overated!!!!! lol @Rockets

    • Kareem says:

      i totally agreee tell me wtf is “great defense” melo and stat r not great defenders but now they at least they try and for the heat fans come on u know u won because of the refs dont lie LeBron is not a Superhero so stop acting like he is!!!

  46. tg0622 says:

    acquiring marcus camby is a boost specially on defense, as a role player, a good re-bounder plus experience for being a nba veteran and you can rely on him whenever chandler miss games due to injuries(hopefully not). as for jeremy lin. i observed that jeremy can play better with no any star players around him, he could easier hold the ball for a while and penetrate and kick the ball to steve novak(who recently agreed to resign with NYK) at the corner pocket three rather than dribble towards the left wing and give the ball to carmelo for a contested shot..Dallas had a ring with one super star but a very deep roster and smooth chemistry among the players are the reason why dirk got his first ring.

  47. no jeremy lin says:

    dont match for jeremy lin he is not even good he cant go left and was exposed by mario chalmers the knicks should still get jared jefrries who wont ask for much and sign raymon felton who worked well with stat before and melo and amare hopefully will improve defensively

    • LOL says:

      For an undrafted, minimum wager, asian basketball player… Why are many people expecting something big from him??? I say, Knicks are lucky to have him averages since starting: 24pts, 6reb, 7ast and 2stl… He only played one time vs the Heat so that means the argument is invalid. Its unfair to point finger at Lin versus the Heat while the Knicks has the superstars: Melo, Stat and Chandler inside the court who actually didn’t do any thing to stop the Heat.

      • LOL says:

        Plus the Knicks has no summer training, unlike the Heat…. Expect something big from the Knicks this coming new season. If it wont work well, might expect to trade all the players.

  48. BlackDove- says:

    Lin’s lucky man, he took the opportunity to play and play he did. I doubt that he will be worth the money he gets next season.
    Give the knicks time, this season they’ll finish top 4 east. (Go Shump!)

  49. gpr says:

    Camby finish the regulars kinda well… dont no, maybe a good move!

  50. gerald29 says:

    thats a waste of money for new york,,,

  51. overrated says:

    ROCKETS tanking the season w/ hopes of getting a rookie franchise changer next draft!!!

  52. BACK2BACK says:

    Knicks are an absolute joke…the only thing more pathetic are their fans. Worst management in sports and this camby deal further cements that. Welcome to another five years of irrelevance. Let’s go HEAT!!!! B2B championships baby!!!!!

    • spencer says:

      yeah ok back 2back if the knicks were so bad then whycan we beat the celtics lakers heat magic mavericks and clippers and if you think the heat are going to win a championship your crazy and you better hope the knicks dont see the heat in the playoffs this year

  53. scootter says:

    Phil Jackson said it best this team will never win a championship its just a big mess that looks like it was thrown together.

    • fan says:

      and phil said,stat had to play with a system and the ball shouldnt always stop whenever carmellow holds the ball….mark my word knicks wont get to the eastern confrence finals this year

  54. LOL says:

    I’m still hoping Knicks would still consider signing Jared Jeffries… They would be stupid enough not to!

    • NBA_that says:

      Boris is better to get no lie plus Boris can shot 3s plus he most likily take less money and spurs have problem with Dejuan Blair so not likely to re-sign with spurs

      • LOL says:

        I agree, why is there nobody checking on Dejuan Blair??? I guess probably Dejuan Blair wants to start in a team or probably waiting for Duncan to resign so he can be the spurs PF or C

    • rich says:

      Knicks have an identity crisis. Under D’Antoni Lin, Melo and Stat wouldn’t need to play D. They’d just run the Tarkanian offense and win. Under Woodson they need Jeffries’ D with Chandler and Camby, but then must jettison Melo and Stat. Yeah, kind of disfunctional aren’t they?

      • LOL says:

        Huh??? Lin averages 2.2 steals per game and has stolen 55 of them since he was a Knicks. Oh and by the way, he just blocked my favorite player D.Rose which gave him my respect

  55. A.I. says:

    totally agree with you dude!! Melo and STAT are horrible defenders since they came to NYC, and until they change their ways it wont matter who the Knicks bring as supporting cast!!

    • Amitpal says:

      First off melo and amare were never good defenders. They have always been bad not just since they got to new York. Next this helps then big time on defense. If u have a shot blocker on the floor all the time ur defense is going to be at least decent if not great. Ex without Dwight, the magic have to be the worst and slowest defense unit out there. Hedo can’t keep a snail in front of him how’s he supposed to guard an NBA player. And yet with dwight they r a top 10 defensive team. So to prove my point a shot blocker and 2 former defensive player of year people should help the knicks out a lot. And camby is still one of the best rebounders in the game today. Per minute rebounder not overall rebounder.

      • A.I. says:

        makes no sense dude…howard is a better defender than both of those guys but even he couldnt fill the gaps left by other four guys on orlando that dont play defense…dude u have no idea what ur talkin bout if u think an AGING 27 yearold CAMBY can make a difference on a team where other than chandler NOBODY knows even HOW to play defense hahahahahaha and fyi..MELO CAN BE DECENT ON DEFENSE, and the one year he was decent his nuggets went to the conference finals…grow up and learn bball dude

      • A.I. says:

        37 year old camby*

      • BermudaTriangle says:

        Actually he’s 38…Haha!

  56. NBA_that says:

    rockets are beasting they have Lin at PG ,SG:Doron Lamb SF: Terrence Jonas PF: Royce White C: Donatas Motiejunas

    • LOL says:

      Rockets will NOT have Lin… like the Knicks already said in the news, they will match anything Lin gets to offer, even if it reaches a billion dollars.

    • trade1 says:

      sorry, lin will not be in houston.. nyk will have to overpay for Lin, this is getting more hilarious by the day for knicks fans, if they still have any.. lmao

      • LOL says:

        looks like you’re not updated with the Knicks…. Like what the owner just said in an interview, there’s no way Knicks gonna let go of Lin who has made the improvement on MSG stocks, sponsors from China and around Asia, ticket sales and jersey sales, and syncing Melo, Stat and Knicks roster last season. They’ll match any money Lin gets to offer even if it reaches a billion dollars and ended up paying huge luxury tax. I know it sounds funny but its what the press release says 😀 I suggest you read Jaren Zwerling of ESPN who is an insider of Knicks deals this season.

    • Bob says:

      its jeremy lamb! Doron may have the same last name but doesnt have anything on what jeremy can do. Get your names right. c’mon!

    • George Stuarts says:

      NYK said they will match for lin

    • xantheus says:

      dude they don’t have Lin as the Knicks will still be able to match for him on wednesday…and would be stupid not to

    • wuffe says:

      And then you woke up…heh. Motiejunas who has never played center ? lin whose contract will be matched by NY. More realistic is getting Aaron Brooks PG, and Omar backup center from Chicago… It matters not. Neither strikes fear into the oposition.

  57. LakeShow says:

    Man who cares about the Knicks!! Every year its the same story, melo preaches and preaches and preaches about defense but come game time he disappears and never does anything on offense. As a leader you gotta do a lil more than just talk my friend (same goes for Amare)…

    Camby and Chandler are great D players, but they arent the team’s superstars so they wont be able to pull the team in that direction! Same goes for J-Kidd who I appreciate a bunch!!

    I still wanna see what happens to Howard tho because if he goes to the NETS then the Knicks just might be no. 2 in new york which is hillarious!!! If Howard goes to Brooklyn, I ll take Derron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerald Wallace, Mirza Teletovic (yes I said it!! MIRZA TELETOVIC and his 22ppg last season in euroleague aint no accident) and big Dwight, over Lin, Melo, Amare, STAT and whoever any day of the week.


  58. MDubb3 says:

    Great Pick Up For The Under Achieving Knicks

  59. juan says:

    i wanna see how the rockets new team is going to work out, gonna have a whole new starting line up and bench!! hopefully some big trades are coming up as well

    • rich says:

      Rockets are pulling a Mark Cuban this year. LOL!

    • Bigd says:

      I am with you. I hope the rockets can land a big man, but honestly I dont want them to get howard because he wont stay, and he wont play 100% . Bynum isnt really worth it. Wish they would have kept dragic , but oh well. If they can land Lin , keep Scola and Parsons, and land a big guy, they will be alright. Scola is one of the most underrated players in the game.

  60. Axel says:

    So, the Rockets are trying to get Dwight or Andrew, NOT HAPPENING. Pffttt

  61. Now Camby should be traded to the Bucks for their 2013 2nd Round Pick! He would be great with Illyasova!!

  62. Cameron says:

    Horrible Move for New York! Who needs a washed up Marcus Camby?? He was not worth 2 second round draft picks, much less three knickcs players on top of that. The Knicks have have no clue what they are doing…

    • QuestionMark says:

      Washed up Camby? He can still rebound and block shots, Knicks need defense and thats what they get from him.

    • knicks says:

      you kidding me? we gave up josh harrelson…toney douglas…and jerome jordan 3 SCRUBS for a prominent center, how many other teams have 2 legitamite centers on the team. both Defensive stoppers, and at least 7 feet tall. this was a GREAT move for the knicks. we’re now loaded in the guards position with jkidd, shump, lin, jr (hopefully) or mayo/foye. great move. A++

      • Twizz says:

        Too bad Lin is going to the Rockets lol. NY won’t be able to match Rockets if Rockets go higher than they are offering him now, thanks to Melo and Stat’s big contracts. Jr most likely won’t go back either, but we will see. and Mayo/Foye would be too much $$ to sign, especially if they plan on matching anything that Lin is offered, unless Mayo/Foye take a paycut.. People need to think lol.

      • alex says:

        JR agreed to a 2 year contract to NY, ESPN reported, so the knicks just need additonal PG and a SG, Lin is coming back for sure, so the knicks have 10 players, kidd, anhtony, chandler, amare, novak, JR, Iman, Jeffries, Gadzuric and need 4 more players to complete the line-up including the reserves…

      • SmoothMM says:

        @Twizz Knicks most likely will match Lin’s offer. Plus who knows how much money the Knicks got… They can keep dumping salaries by trading, amnesty or releasing players. They just traded three players and draft picks. Chances are they may do some more trades to improve the roster or free up cap space.

      • Scisca says:

        Probably only the Suns have a couple of Centers better than this couple. Still a nice move for this and maybe next seaon. A bit like the Lakers getting Nash, only not so flashy and good, but at least cheaper.

    • sanozuki says:

      I love camby wish they had never traded him! I think it a good deal. the nicks aready have really good pieces!they have pretty good stars so draft picks r no big deal to trade. Its a great deal. U get a camby for about 4.3 mill per year and free money for the next few years its smart! Plus camby a real team player that dosent need the ball to score! I love that he a great defender and a killer shot blocker! He fix really good in to the knick! really

    • BermudaTriangle says:

      Apparently the Knicks are trying to steal the “oldest team” nomination away from Boston! Well at least Camby will be good for one or two points a game!

  63. Britt says:

    I don’t think giving up Josh Harrellson is a good idea

    • LOL says:

      Great move by the Knicks for clearing out the remaining non-performing rosters(Douglas, Harrelson and Jer.Jordan) in their team in exchange for a legitimate Center, Marcus Camby. All the Knicks need now is a one(1) PF/C, one(1) SG and one(1) minimum salary SG, and one(1) SF.

      Knicks projected roster:
      1.Tyson Chandler – C
      2.Marcus Camby – C
      3.Amare Stoudemire – PF/C
      4.Carmelo Anthony – PF/SF
      5.Kostas Papanikolaou – SF
      6.Steve Novak – SF/SG
      7.Iman Shumpert – SG/PG
      8.Jeremy Lin – PG
      9.Jason Kidd – PG/SG

      My UFA great to add with the team would be:
      10. Kenyon Martin or Jared Jeffries – PF
      11. Shannon Brown or J.R. Smith – SG
      12. Matt Barnes or Mickael Pietrus or Tracy McGrady – SF
      *optional* 13. Gilbert Arenas – SG (just for a minimum salary and 1 year deal)

      • LOL says:

        Or they could search in the undrafted players or D-League… same as how they found Jeremy Lin 😀

    • SmoothMM says:

      Yeah. Josh Harrelson actually plays well in spurts. He doesn’t get much playing time though.