Love Impatient With Wolves’ Losing

Something has to happen in Minnesota.

That sounds like an ultimatum, even though Kevin Love — the frustrated Timberwolves power forward who said it, in an interview with Marc Spears of Yahoo! Sports — isn’t in the best position anymore to give one.

Love would have been, of course, had he opted to play the 2012-13 season on a one-year qualifying offer of about $6.1 million, rather than accept a four-year, $61 million contract extension in January that was frustrating in its own right to the Wolves’ leader and inside-outside punisher. If Love were 12 months away from unrestricted free agency rather than 36 (his deal has an opt-out after three years), you can bet both Minnesota management and the team’s fan base would be heeding — and probably convulsing — over every dissatisfied thing he said.

As it is, Love has no actual hammer to hold over president of basketball operations David Kahn’s and owner Glen Taylor’s heads. He’ll have to settle for the less-tangible weapons of public relations and threatened crankiness by a star player.

That’s not nothing, though. So with just a little less clout behind it, Love’s message remains the same: Something has to happen in Minnesota.

What’s the beef? Love made the final cut for the U.S. Olympic team over the weekend and, as he looked around at the other 11 players, it became clear to him: Everyone else in the room had been to the NBA playoffs. Six of them had made it to the Finals and three of them – Kobe Bryant (5), Tyson Chandler (1) and LeBron James (1) – won rings there.

It was enough to make a guy feel like Christian Laettner on the original Dream Team. And that’s where Love was coming from when he spoke to Spears.

“My patience is not high,” Love said. “Would yours be, especially when I’m a big proponent of greatness surrounding itself with greatness? All these [Team USA] guys seem to have great players around them.

“It’s tough seeing all these guys that are young and older who have all played in the playoffs. When they start talking about that, I have nothing to talk about. If I don’t make the playoffs next year I don’t know what will happen.”

The Timberwolves haven’t made the playoffs since 2004, a string of eight seasons. Love was hopeful the T’wolves would end the streak last season, but they lost rookie point guard Ricky Rubio to a season-ending knee injury on March 9 and never really recovered. Love admitted he was disappointed Minnesota’s front office failed to get an adequate replacement for Rubio. With Rubio sidelined, the T’wolves finished the season with the Western Conference’s fourth-worst record (26-40).

In fact, since Love arrived in 2008, he has had four coaches on teams that have gone 82-230 (.262). They’re a little better on the nights Love actually has played — 77-192 (.286), including 24-31 last season — which justifies his sense of inadequate help. Serious questions about the NBA viability of Kahn’s high lottery picks, Derrick Williams (No. 2, 2011) and Wes Johnson (No. 4, 2010), and the lingering fail of Jonny Flynn (No. 6, 2009) linger.

Then again, the 6-foot-10 forward from UCLA has to own some of the losing. Help did seem to be on the way, too, in the form of Rubio and center Nikola Pekovic, a Most Improved candidate last season who was part of Minnesota’s promising 21-19 start. Kahn told Spears: “I’m sure Kevin has a sense of urgency. I think the team demonstrated it could win last season before we were hit with a cascade of injuries.”

So far this summer, Kahn has worked out a deal for retired Portland guard Brandon Roy to attempt a comeback with the Wolves and wooed Blazers restricted free agent Nic Batum with a $45 million offer sheet. He dealt the No. 18 pick in the first round to Houston for forward Chase Budinger. And he cut loose forwards Michael Beasley and Anthony Randolph.

Whether subtraction equals addition and the moves in sum equal improvement, it’s too soon to say.

“At this point, I’m not afraid to go on the record,” Love said. “Being around these [USA] guys, they know the situation I’m in and how competitive I am. I want to win. All the players on the Timberwolves feel the same way, as well. The coaching staff is awesome. They want to win and win now. Hopefully, we can make some stuff happen.”

Something has to happen in Minnesota. Kevin Love is antsy.


  1. Cedric says:

    Love in the Minesotta is another example of Lebron in Cleveland the management staff does not do anything at all and when he will leave they’ll call himtraitor

  2. JDish says:

    Batum hasn’t even signed anything and he’s already being mentioned as if he’s a T-wolf already. Kevin Love has good reason to be worried and cranky, he averaged 20 and 10 and he realizes he will probably be the only one averaging such stats on a squad still developing into a team that will compete and win most games night in and night out. Besides it must really stink for him to be the one on the outside looking in when his USA teammates are hanging and having a verbal spar about what the playoffs are all about for them. He’d be like, “screw this, I’m tired of you guys talking about the playoffs and I can’t say anything… .”

  3. angelo says:

    People, please stop saying Lebron chose the easy way to a championship.It’s never easy winning in the nba.
    It’s hard to win a championship, even with an other star player on your team.

    • Nate says:

      Please stop making excuses for LBJ, he did take the easy way out to get a ring. Of course even with other stars on his team, he still had to work for it, this is after all a profession, but he worked less hard having Bosh and Wade on his team. You can’t tell me that him having them two doesn’t make it easier. I’m not hating on LBJ, I think he’s probably the most unstoppable player in the league right now, but just stating the facts.

      • Michael C says:

        Well considering both bosh and wade were injury riddled in the post season its not as easy as you guys make it seem. Also what he had to do this season wasn’t even close to easy. I guarantee you i couldn’t score 45 points in the nba in a need to win game, average a double double in another need to win game with 40+ points and 10+ rebounds, and almost average a triple double in the finals to win finals MVP. You guys are just trying to find ways to take away from what lebron has accomplished. Please stop and just watch talent at its best.

      • Nate says:

        I’m not taking away anything from what LBJ as a player is. Like I said, he’s arguably the best player in the league right now, but don’t sit there and say that him being on a Miami team with two other stars doesn’t make it easier for him to win a championship. If it doesn’t make it any less easier for him then why leave Cleveland? The whole reason why he left Cleveland was because he knew that Miami with two other stars would help make it easier to win a championship.

  4. Nate says:

    No big deal, this is just Love’s way of telling management to be committed to building a championship team. Like any competitive person would.

  5. Nenea says:

    Dwight Howard is not a championship-caliber player. Melo is not either. Paul is not in group, also. Love has a long way ahead.
    What these players don t get is that a championship is not won with demands, but with actual winning. Take the following example: Lebron was the big thing in Cleveland, the guy that will break all the records and win the most…. It did not happen, but it got into his head, so he made the “decision”. After that, people disliked him, but the Heat had a good run. Still short though. Only this year he understood that it is not press articles and demands that will win tough playoff series. He played better than he did his entire career and worked for it. Therefore now, Lebron is a champion.
    Dwight better work on his offense and free throws. Melo better be consistent and lead a team, instead of being the wildcard. Paul better make sure that he teaches his teamates how to play better and help him. Love better do all of this and more. He is right in badly wanting to go to the playoffs, but even after that, the road is lond and difficult.

  6. EDC says:

    Love isnt a jordan, but best describe he’s a pippen. if he wants a ring, instead of making support cast for him, maybe step down a little and support a bigger star! So please go Hollywood.

  7. EDC says:

    i think Love should go to Lakers, and Pau to Timberwolves. Everyone know that Minny is not a playoff team and even they make it, they won’t get into second round. He’s a good rebounder and the 3pts champ, he would bemuch more useful in LA along with Kobe and Nash

  8. Highlander says:

    God here we go again, has signed a contract and now is heading down the same track as every other NBA primadona. This is getting pathetic. You signed a contract to work for them, not to run them. Its not even been a year since you did.Grow up and get on with it.

  9. KB24-of-Phil says:

    Are you sure that you want to win? Then GO TO HOLLYWOOD!!

  10. redowl says:

    A cranky Kevin Love is good. I can’t wait to see him barking at his Teamates.

  11. John says:

    Had the Timberwolves drafted better, they could have had Stephen Curry and Demarcus Cousins, in addition to Kevin Love, Ricky Rubio, Brandon Roy, a supporting cast of Chase Budinger, JJ Barea, Luke Ridnour, Darko Milicic, Nikola Pekovic, and enough cap space left over to sign someone like Courtney Lee, J.J. Hickson, or someone like that. Hard to imagine a cast like that not contending for a championship.

    Love just needs to be patient. The Wolves are fine, they just had some bad luck with injuries. If they can bring-in another guard-forward, they will be a deep, strong team.

  12. John says:

    OMG, not another ASCHBURNER article!

  13. aaron says:

    if Roy plays like he used to and Rubio comes back healthy, watch out for the Wolves

  14. Dhruv says:

    Its absolutely ridiculous to hear this kind of stuff from such a talent. KLove is surrounded by so much talent, and he isnt able to get his team where they need to go. When KG played for the Wolves, for most of the time he didnt even have half the potential in his team that Love has, and yet year in and year out, he worked his behind off to put his team on his back and take them to the playoffs and give them a chance to win. If he wants to keep talking, he should, but after signing a max contract, he should be able to pull this off himself. And the Wolves front office has done a very solid job with the roster, with draft picks, and now adding veterans like roy, this should be an elite team, it just requires Love to show some commitment to his club and making his teammates better!

  15. Kevin says:

    23 year olds aren’t known for their patience. Love might want to play a full season with a healthy Rubio and wait until Williams has more than one shortened rookie season under his belt to make such statements. An I’m sorry, but four seasons hardly seems like an acceptable amount of time to start laying the groundwork for trade demands.

    Unless of course, he is just following the Dwight Howard formula for making the extra money a current team can offer while at the same time choosing the NBA destination. It looks like it is going to work out for Dwight, so why not follow his lead and s**t all over the CBA?

  16. trade1 says:

    Love can say whatever he wants to say and feel like he wants to feel, BUT, after you sign a 15mil/yr deal, thats not the time to complain after you are locked in.. its not like the T’wolves organization has ever done the right thing, EVER, so what makes him think they will now.. get real… this is like crying to a lot of people… unreasonable expectations and his wanting to get better players on his team…LIKE?? what great free agent would seriously consider playing for that franchise.. i mean really.. get a clue K – love…. obviously you weren’t considering your options when you were resigning that huge contract with a loser franchise… stop whining..

  17. AussieCelticFan says:

    wow I really do feel for the bloke. He’s all heart and it really shows on the court. He brings what Garnett brought to the Wolves all those years back. I hope they at least make it to the first round of playoffs this season…otherwise, i can really see him leaving

  18. Baller says:

    So when will Dirk start whining? He’s in a worse position than Love is right now. Although he does atleast have a ring under his belt. The answer i believe is he wont.

  19. James says:

    Love is a very good player not a GREAT player lets get this straight!! He needs to start making players around him better because if he can’t do that, then he should not be demanding things!!! I think Love cares more about his personal stats than the overall teams success… That might be the problem!!!

  20. spur okc says:

    Think of the SPurs they still manage to win and be contenders all the time(+4 championship) with out having shocking trades!! all they did was intelligent pick (TP9 2nd rnd pick ,Manu 57th pick and the last time they got a 1st round pick was when they pick duncan 1st overall) beside spur is a small market team…. Praise the spurs they need the respect and other team should do the same!!!

  21. DWADE says:


  22. Bigdaddylef says:

    I say Love for Gasol

  23. philip says:

    this team is so ordinary., ordinary defense (one-on-one defense) can break them apart. i mean they dont have a guy like rose or westbrook they bring speed, they dont have like kobe or wade they bring versatility and they dont have like howard or bynum they bring strength in the paint, i mean those guys are very difficult to stop on a one-on-one defense.. and thier defense also are very weak so, no space for them in the playoffs..

  24. BasicElement says:

    Kevin Love just wants to stay competitive and, obviously knows he’s talented. Everyone is so judge mental. You can argue he is being a whiny star or, that he isn’t grateful for the money but, it comes down to him wanting some improvement in the form of consistent help. He deserves it. You can’t honestly tell me money solves every problem because, for a man who loves his job, money is the end result of a desire to compete at a top level. Yes I know he probably loves money. Don’t we all? But he seems to love winning more.

  25. Danny says:

    First of all, Kevin Love is one of the most professional guys we have in the league. His frustrations are legitimate, he wants to win, and David Khan has done nothing but..oh thats right, taking like five point guards in a draft one year, and picking up inadequate talent everywhere else. Rubio and Pekovic are the only other players on that team who you could get solid contributions from. Now that Adelman is in the fold, already they look like a better team. However, Love is not a diva like Dwight, and he most certainly is not a Lebron, it’s not in his nature. He is mature to all meanings of the word, and it is so annoying that this guy who is without a doubt one of the more talented players in the league, has almost nothing to show for it. #KEVIN LOVE TO THE PLAYOFFS #NOW

  26. Eaham says:

    Shutup JG, Lebron cou;dve won the championship in Cleaveland but he chose to do it the easy way.

  27. tjl says:

    You guys need to get your facts straight…Jordan got Doug Collins fired. A very young Magic Johnson got his coach, Paul Westhead fired. Bird never had to deal with losing, nor did Magic, but him and Westhead butted heads anyways. Stars have always ruled the NBA, and they always will. There are only 12 guys on a playing roster, and when one of them is great, he holds the type of sway you can’t buy or replace. It’s just basic supply and demand.

    Love is just saying he wants to win, not that any heads should roll. Frankly, I want that out of my best players. He’s not like D’Ho, who thinks he should be making every managerial decision for the Orlando Magic, despite the fact that Howard couldn’t make up his mind on whether or not he wanted to leave or stay. Love is not pulling a ‘Melo and dragging out his contract by demanding a trade to a team he chooses. Him and Howard killed their teams (‘Melo with the Nuggets, anyway). That’s a travesty. Howard feels unnecessarily entitled, Love is just feeling frustrated. Any why shouldn’t he. These guys do get paid a ridiculous amount of money, but they also have an unnatural amount of pride (well, most do. D’Ho seems to have very little pride. He just wants to play for the cool team).

  28. john says:

    Maybe he should take his talents to South Beach!

  29. dan says:

    this is great news.

    if I was Orlando I would accept a straight trade!

  30. 7-8 seed says:

    For me….. I think Wolves are already a playoff team! Rubio just got injured and with Batum and Roy in the team and 1st round 2nd pick rookie who is healthy and ready to become an all-star…. I dont think it is nessesary to add some fire power to the roster! Why? Boost themselves a little with first round picks if they lose the 1st round of the playoffs and maybe in 2013-2014 they might be a championship contender! Maybe and good bench productions is better than star players because this is just becoming the superstar’s game not the player’s game

  31. Jean says:

    Wow even though we’re rebuilding we got another dwight… come on

  32. Mino says:

    seriously Love? thought you were more mature. you haven’t even been in the league longer than Durant, and it looks like youre on track in 2-3 years (if twolves still dont get good) to lebron everyone.

  33. chitown says:

    I think Minnesota has a good chance of doing something special with Love and Rubio. Love just has to be patient and Minnesota needs to find good talented players that have star player potential and put them next to Rubio and Love. Love has made a name for himself by being the star player for Minnesota, same with Rubio. They have to build around them or else they could be in the same situation as the Magic are in now with Dwight Howard. The good news for them is that they already have guys who can play around Love unlike what the Magic surrounded Dwight with. By signing Roy and Batum, I think they’re one step closer to making it to the playoffs.

  34. jasonC says:

    I wouldn’t be suprised if this is a calculated move on Love’s part to either get more help, or position himself in a positive place to leave from.. Whether he is (1) trying to position himself, PR-wise, so when he does decide to leave, he won’t be burned at the stake cuz he had asked for more help or (2) getting the USA team in his ear about sticking to his guns and be the driver, in the process, as much as possible.

    That being said, I whole-heartedly agree with the sentiment people are making concerning not b*tchin’ when you are in such an advantageous position, compared to 99.99999…% of the rest of us. I, personnaly, could see myself taking the $ too but, for Christ’s sake, honour your contract and the thousands that pay to see you play!

    I DO, however, really like him as a player and have appreciated his mostly humble (for a pro athelete) demeanor. So, I’m hoping this is nothing more than an isolated, immature attempt at some more help. I can accept momentary immaturity, but not when it’s relentless!!

  35. mike says:

    Love is a monster!! the twolves will make the playoffs this year they shouldve last year but way to many injuries! when they were heathly they would ethier win or make it a very good game almost everygame. Twolves are in the playoffs next year and will improve each year too.
    one more thing, do not let kevin love leave the twin cities!!

  36. Swaggie boy says:

    Why do people theses days whine when certain stars leave their teams? These so called “traitors” have the right to make their own choice , whether to stay with one team or to go to another, let these guys do what is best for them.

  37. Derek says:

    Love is the major reason why the Wolves are losing? That’s the dumbest thing I have ever heard, look at the entire teams stat. I’m sure he is putting up MVP numbers compared to his worthless teammates. He is applying healthy pressure on the front office so he and his team have a better chance at the championship. Who want to be like Garnett and regret right? When is KLove allowed to voice his concerns? A decade from now? When his prime has left him and his chance of a championship has diminished?

  38. J says:

    Minnesota is like where Oklahoma used to be before, they were notorious and a championship contender. Love should be patient he’s got an awesome team, Rubio, Williams, Batum, and Roy and an excellent coach Rick Aldeman.

  39. Kobe Bryant says:

    hey listen, when jason kidd went to the nets he has nothing, instead of asking for a trade to a contender team he transform the new jersey nets into a contender. that is a true superstar and a future hall of famer that you wont become!

  40. DJ 612 says:

    Kevin love has the right to feel this way but so does everybody whos a fan of the orginization. Since KG left we have been a walking L. But Hopefully with the additions we made in the offseason so far and Roy who we shoulda had in the first place can average 12-17 ppg and we somehow do get batum.. Watch out.. We were a 6th seed with just rubio and love back there last year till the injuries.. Now we got everybody back .. seriously if we can be health and roy and batum fit in and everything goes right… Where i usually would doubt but with a PG like rubio who can keep everybody happy I really see us being a 6th or 7th seed. Seriously doubt us but minny is on the way up ! if everybody can gel and be healthy. other wise kevin love will ditch us and we will go back to celebrating every win like christmas

  41. Herr says:

    Haha. I laugh at this. Minnesota has a slight chance of making the playoffs, but despite Love being a great powerforward, a lot of blame is on him.

    Love is terrible at defense, especially for a big man often called the “Best Powerforward in the game” (which is a joke). It’s been said that offense wins games, but defense wins championships. Obviously, the Wolves are incredibly far from a championship and would be having to play their absolutely best basketball every night to get to the playoffs, but it starts with defense.

    Unfortunately, the Wolves only have about one player on their team that is decent at defense, but they aren’t going to get Batum, who would surely help. But Love needs to step up his defense. It’s pathetically bad. A good powerforward doesn’t let sub-par powerforwards put 20 on them. Love does that a LOT. That is why I think LaMarcus is the better Powerforward. LA hasn’t had a decent center in his entire career that has an offensive game, but has remained productive the past 2 seasons and is much better at defense than Love is. Overall LMA is a better PF, at offense and rebounding, Love has the slight edge.

    I also find it incredibly ironic that Love would complain about this TO THE MEDIA after 2 seasons ago the Wolves were throwing games to get Love to that ASG and obviously have been throwing games for lottery picks but Khan has failed.

    FAR overpaying for Batum isn’t going to help either. Batum has been quiet this entire time and been a coward about the situation to us Portland fans. We have no idea what he wants, but while he was under contract the entire time he said he never wants to leave Portland. He’s got potential, but he’s too far of a coward to reach that potential.

    It’s also a shame that Roy is only going to be there for 2 years and is using the Wolves to see if he can truly return to the NBA. I love Roy. My favorite player by far, but by the time he hits the court it would have been about 18 months since he’s seen action in the NBA, and he’s had multiple treatments on his knees. Even if Roy returns and is decent, it will be awhile. That could hurt the Wolves. He also likely won’t be able to keep many of the penetrating guards in front of him.

    Anyways, TL;DR version….

    -Love is a hypocrite since he’s a major reason the Wolves are losing.
    -No one in Minnesota can defend
    – They need to start defending to even hit the playoffs
    – Khan has been making poor decisions his entire career and this season looks like he is doing the same. Only smart thing he’s done in ages was get Roy to sign with them, but I can guarantee you it’s only for those 2 years and he’s back to Portland.

    • brian says:

      defense doesnt just mean blocking shot. I agree that Love was not a GREAT defender but he is not that bad either. The wolves does have pretty good def before Rubio went down. I think Rubio was a pretty good team defender and hopefully they can land Batum.

      • lakernc says:

        How is love a bad defender? tell me one other PF that went lights out playing against him….LOL

    • dattebayo says:

      Love is not a poor defender, what is wrong with you. I watched every game he played his season and there was not one game I remember that they lost because Love couldn’t defend his man. I think Love is the best PF in todays game, because he is a solid defender with a great versatility on offense that no other PF besides Dirk in the league has. Garnett, Aldridge and Nowitzki are all great scorers, KG is a great defender, but they don’t/can’t hustle like Love and they don’t rebound like he does. With Rubio, Johnson, Ridnour and Webster they had solid/good defenders, what cost them games was the inability to hit open jumpshots. Rubio was among the top2-3 in steals, at times could deny his man the ball and he could defend well against dribble penetration. When he went down, Minnesota couldn’t stop penetration as much and gave up too many easy shots.

      While I agree, that Love shouldn’t complain like this, I am almost sure the media blows this outta proportion in the same way your affection for LA is out of proportion. I liked Portland too this season, its too bad they blew that team up.

    • dattebayo says:

      Love is not a poor defender, what is wrong with you. I watched every game he played his season and there was not one game I remember that they lost because Love couldn’t defend his man. I think Love is the best PF in todays game, because he is a solid defender with a great versatility on offense that no other PF besides Dirk in the league has. Garnett, Aldridge and Nowitzki are all great scorers, KG is a great defender, but they don’t/can’t hustle like Love and they don’t rebound like he does. With Rubio, Johnson, Ridnour and Webster they had solid/good defenders, what cost them games was the inability to hit open jumpshots. Rubio was among the top2-3 in steals, at times could deny his man the ball and he could defend well against dribble penetration. When he went down, Minnesota couldn’t stop penetration as much and gave up too many easy shots.

      While I agree, that Love shouldn’t complain like this, I am almost sure the media blows this outta proportion in the same way your affection for LA is out of proportion. I liked Portland too this season, its too bad they blew that team up.

      And of course it didn’t help, that Love, Ridnour, Barea, Webster, Rubio, Milicic, Pekovic and Beasley missed 166 games combined because of injuries. At the end of the season the Wolves had only Barea and a Rookie at point, because Ridnour tweaked an ankle. A Portland fan like you should be sympathetic, you guys know to well, how it is to lose a keyplayer to injury…

  42. Danny says:

    Hopefully Rubio comes back strong because I want the Twolves to contend in the playoffs and they are fun to watch.

  43. The Wolves have a better chance this year– all they need are :
    1. Good Point Guard
    2. Good All -around Center

  44. Adam says:

    Why are people talking trash on Kevin Love? What wrong with adding some fire power to the team? The Timberwolves are a losing team unlike Dwight Howards Magic, so when you are comparing Love talking about how the team needs to change and about adding some better players its totatlly different compared to when Dwight cries about wanting a star player on the team.

  45. Willy says:

    KL is boring stay in Minny earn your millions and have some kids. You don’t fit anywhere else country boy !

  46. Play better D says:

    i think KLove should play a better defense individually if he wants his team to win.

    • Dave says:

      Agreed! Everyone has accountability to take.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Lol you wouldnt say that about kevin durant would you. He is the unathletic white version of durant except he rebounds better. How can you even say play defense better when he is the only one on his team capable of actually playing in the nba. Let me point out some facts real quick, he hussles, most improved player of the year, 26 points per game, at one point 14+ rebounds a game, 8 defensive 4 offensive, sure he could block more shots and get more steals, couldnt everybody? He is an incredible player in his own right but lol saying he should play defense more and his team would win is just ignorance, he is in the same shoes lebron was in at cleveland. Either way lol he actually everages very similar stats to durant..

    • Listen to this says:

      KL’s the best rebounding PF in the league … can double-double almost at will (at times even triple double) … and carries his franchise against the best – even when his supporting cast is dismal to say the least, AND you call him out?!? You loser! The T-Wolves suffered as a team .. not because one guy’s stat’s ain’t top 5 in one facet. C’mon you chump, he is easily top 3 in league in his position because of his phenomenal work ethic, leadership and cool under fire. You show me 3-4 currently active PF’s that put up anywhere near KL’s numbers and i’ll show you a flying pig … on second thoughts, why don’t you just sit on it and rotate.

  47. CLARISSA says:


    • uoykcuf says:

      OMG! Draft pics can uses in trade right now? I got a 96 kobe and 03 Melo & Wade draft pictures. Maybe if I send this to David Khan he can get more in return!

  48. JG says:

    Mind you. He already signed the extension and now is applying healthy pressure.

    Lebron left as a FREE AGENT. Stop crying about it. Want something to cry about? Howard has been forcing his way out for 2 years. So did Carmelo, CP and Deron. Again, you might be a bit slow, let me repeat: LBJ left as a free agent.

  49. How is the team better with Roy and Batum? Lamarcus Aldridge is better than Love. Batum, Roy, and Lamarcus went out in two games in the first round of the playoffs two years in a row. Now, Roy is broke, and batum is not consistent and Love is still Love. Point is, I think Love needs a couple of players close to his level of ability and Batum and sadly Roy aren’t it. Looks like the losing ways are there to stay.

    • Peter says:

      You ask how is the team better than the portland team? Well first of all lamarcus aldridge is not as good of player as kevin love and to ask to bring in someone just as good as love to minnesota would mean to bring in a top 5 player in the league. That will not happen. Secondly, portland did not have a point guard like Ricky Rubio who can take over a game without scoring to many points but instead effectively runs the point making his players better around him. (Much like Rondo) Lastly even though Roy won’t be his old self, Batum will only improve and when Roy was there he was only 21 or so.

      If the timberwolves can land batum they wil be around the 5th or 6th seed. Will they then advance to the second round who knows but the future is looking bright in minnesota.

      • uoykcuf says:

        Rubio much like Rondo? Hmm, he only play half the games and as much as I like Rubio; I don’t think it’s wise to compare him to a proven champ.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Lol how is lamarcus better than love? Not statistcally, love hussles more also, rebounds more, scores more, and he is the only player on his team capable of playing. Explain how that other guy is better?

      • Peter says:

        uoykcuf – I did not say he is as good as rondo or will be the next rondo. I said that his play is similar to rondo which if I am wrong please inform me how I am. If you would like me to proceed in telling you how they are similar I can do that as well.

    • D Lion says:

      I am a Portland fan, but I think Love is better than Aldridge; they are both top 3 young PF in NBA. In Aldridge’s defense, he has had better players around him helping out, keeping his stats lower than Love’s. In addition, Last year was the first year that Portland didn’t make the playoffs in a while, but Love hasn’t made the playoffs yet. I still think Love is slightly better, but they haven’t ever played in similar environments yet,

  50. dreambot says:

    As much as I like Love as a player…. well, maybe he should have though about that before signing a 60M contract for 4 years with the TWolves. I am a little tired of players crying and not blaming themselves for their own decisions. Having said that, I believe the Wolves will make the playoffs this year and the future is looking pretty bright for them too.

    • lakernc says:

      He did them a favor by signing a 4 year 60 mill contract, there are many teams in the nba that would have gave him a max contract…he is underpaid!

  51. Title hungry Wolf says:

    I saw it coming,,,,,even Kevin Love now wants to join the bandwagon by hinting a request of surrounding himself with stars.

    The LeBron virus has now infected DH12, Nash, Allen and Now Kevin Love. It seems every superstar now wants to team up with each other. Hehe.

    We should change the NBA tagline from ” I Love this Game” to ” If you can’t beat them, Join em.”

    • JG says:

      awwwwwww someone’s still sore over LBJ leaving to win a championship? Get over it, kid.

      • Bigd says:

        You are obviously a miami bandwagon jumper. He wasnt saying nothing about lebron winning a championship. But lebron changed the way the nba works. Now, you trade everything you have, spend everything you have, and surround your team with at least 3 all stars from other teams to make playoffs/win champs. It is making it to where there will be 8-10 good teams and the rest cant hold a .500 record. I remember the glory days whenever the NBA championship team was made up of players that were drafted on to the team. The NFL stays closest to this.

    • Just another voice says:

      well said

    • KK says:

      Dude I do agree with you too, but only to a certain extend. LBJ, Howard, Love, and even CP3 demands (or rather, threaten) the team with the option of leaving. They are negative examples of such issue.

      On the other hand, Nash left for a better reason. In Nash’s defense, he simply does not see the organization has any chance to win in what is going to be his last 2-3 years of career. His only chance of doing so is to join a contender team. In addition, he did not create any negativities when he was still with the Suns. He is a true professional. He did not left on a bad note, and he will still be a hero when he returns to Phoenix. This is what differentiate Nash from the rest of them.

      • Lee says:

        Also, Nash didnt decline the phoenix offer, they never gave him a contract offer! So really he didnt leave cuz they werent winning, he left cuz they didnt want him for rebuilding. He went to LA because its the closest to phoenix, where his kids are, not because that was his best chance to win.

      • Porky says:

        Picking on LBJ has got to stop…

        LBJ left as a free agent. And its not as if he didnt toil in Cleveland… Didn’t he prove himself right this time by winning a championship, doing all that he could to achieve this…

        LeBron has grown up… I suggest you do too…

    • Rich says:

      Well said ! I mean, really – what is the satisfaction on winning it all when you are surrounded by superstars ?!

      • D Lion says:

        LBJ to Charlotte, KD to Sacramento, Rajon Rondo to Detroit, Andrew Bynum to Phoenix, D12 to Cleveland, and Nash to Toronto. That breaks up all the powerhouse teams, leaving every team in the NBA with only one superstar.

    • uoykcuf says:

      yawn, did you started watching basketball a while ago? Your so called “team up” has always been around. NO ONE can win on their own or maintain winning. Think Richmond was happy when he spend all his prime years at Sacramento as the only star?

      Team up doesn’t always equal wins, ask malone and payton. Team got star via trade, free agent or draft. EVERY team did it. Name me a championship team or a runner-up that doesn’t team up and has only one star and scrubs. Don’t blame Lebronze, we can only blame him for our hairlines right now.

      I have a tagline for you as well, “If you don’t like it, turn the tv off.” Plain and simple.

      • High Five in the face! says:

        Nicely said. Not all gathering of stars wins a championship. Scottie Pippen went to an all star Portland Blazers and never manage to win a championship. Kobe, Shaq, Malone and Payton teaming up also failed on the championship. So the bottom line here is that you people needs to stop judging star players teaming up with contenders. You gotta give credit on them thinking of a way to win their own ring. Just like what this buddy said, “If you don’t like it, turn off the TV”(great tag line BTW).

        One more thing, please stop the Lechoke thing coz that guy just won a championship with a cramping leg. You people needs to understand that becoming a hater only means that you admire that person so much that you get disappointed whenever that person commits a mistake. Those people just deserves a High five in the face!! with a chair!! =P

    • TooBigTooStrong says:

      Not Derrick Rose. For now atleast. Unfortunately the media is as much to blame as the players.

      • KOBRICK24 says:

        Kevin Love is being recruited by Russell Westbrook….. Durant Westbrook and Love will be a powerhouse

      • sirsparhawk says:

        Id cream myself if he went to okc, thats my favorite team atm.

      • Nowis says:

        They got Boozer, Deng, Noah, hamilton, Korver and Gibson. And it’s all from drafts, trade and free agents. It’s not like Rose playing with 11 YMCAs. You think they won’t upgrade their roster if they get the chance?

      • @Kobrick24 .. that could work says:

        They would have to give a lot to get alot (the Love). Who’d ya think? T-Wolves would probably request Ibaka & Perk or no less than Collison, Perk and trade pick(s). But i think it automatically makes OKC a contender that can dominate both offensively (as they already can) and in the paint / off the boards. That aside, i think The Love teamed up with Durantula and Westbrook, Harden definitely makes them contenders again for NBA Finals.

    • LBJ says:

      Btw, Lebron never complained or whined while he was in Cleavland… like some of these guys, esp. Dwight, Carmelo, CP3 demanding trades (which is a totally ridiculous thing to do – he played out the season like a professional & then evaluated his options in free agency – similar to what Nash did)… Lebron saw an amazing opportunity in free agency & he took advantage of it, who wouldn’t have! besides, his Cleavland team was complete joke!

  52. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    LOVE the LOVE

  53. Mack says:

    They almost made the playoffs last year before Rubio goes down with an injury. Add Roy , Chase n Williams , Wolves now have talented guards on the 2 and 3 spot. If Blazers dont match the offer for Batum , I bet Wolves would be around 7-8th seed in the west. Love should’ve at least waited for this season to start before voicing his opinion.

  54. Mike says:

    The NBA needs to do something about these whiny star players who do not appreciate the major amount of money they are getting paid to play the game. There was a time when players played and coaches coached, a time when players weren’t holding teams for ransom and demanding to go to a better team. There really needs to be some sort of punishment I mean if the money isn’t enough let them play overseas or throw ’em in the dleague or find some way to end all this. I mean lebron james left in a very ignorant way but guys like chris paul, howard these things need to stop. It alienates the fans who support these teams because if your team isn’t doing well then you have to wonder if the hundred bucks you spent on fan apparel for your favorite player will be out of date in just a short time. I think the new cap will help bring teams to a closer level but it is only a start, more needs to be done.

    • KK says:

      Totally agree with you Mike!

    • Cess says:

      I completely agree with you Mike! This whinning needs to stop. Did you ever heard MJ, LB or Magic complaining the way they do now, I mean who is the boss in the team anyways? Stars now days are spoiled brats with a lot of money. Its our fault too for supporting them.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        So lol let me get this straight, players cant be competetive and want to win championships? They cant want to be on a good team or want their team to be better? Love isnt crying like dwight or Lechoke, he is stating that he wants something to happen or he takes his talents elsewhere. You wouldnt work for a company that was going nowhere. Its not even about the money when you are on a fail team, you want gold, fame, who doesnt. Michael jordan and bird did complain btw, but they had great teams so they only complained when they lost. Notice nothing has changed? Great players on great teams dont complain about their team, idiots.

      • pakyaw says:

        first of all, you the one better stop whinning… NBA and game of basketball EVOLVES… this means most of the players now can play more than just a basic fundamental bball…do you think prime L BIRD can compete in NBA today? this is new era of basketball,and this what NBA now…

      • Denzo says:

        Pakyaw.. you call this evolution!!

      • Denzo says:

        And pakyaw.. Bird would dominate. Heart of a champion, 6’10 and doesnt miss. Think Steve Nash trapped in Kevin Loves body. Mate even the Greeks beat the USA team of “today” against the best LBJ Melo Wade Howard EVERYONE so shut up wise man.

      • Nathan says:

        I admit its a different NBA but gone are the days it seems when star players are willing to accept any blame for failure

    • D Lion says:

      Yes, but Love is handling his situation much more diplomatically than Dwight Howard. He’s not demanded to be traded, he supports the franchise,he respects the staff. All he wants is a few good players around him that don’t get injured (that part is nobody’s fault obviously), and I think he deserves that. After all, he’s been pretty patient with a team who has yet reach the playoffs or even post a winning record since he arrived. T-Wolves are not my favorite team, but I like them and I hope the addition of Roy (not Batum Blazers need him!) helps them out and they can land a 7 or 8 seed in the playoffs

    • Joe says:

      How did Lebron leave in a very ignorant way ? Didn’t he do a sign and trade so Cleveland can get a load of draft picks from Miami…..? Look it up dude.

  55. Love = Best PF in NBA says:

    Minny has a very big room for improvement, and Pau Gasol is not one of them.

    Rubio, Roy, Batum, Love, Pekovic (Future Minny)
    Miller, Roy, Batum, Aldridge, Camby (Old Portland)

    Playoff team.. will lose first round.

    • jared says:

      it hAS already been reported that portland will match offer for batum so plz stop mentioning him with minny

  56. mario says:

    Good timing by Love. He already signed his contract showing he doesn’t want to leave but with this statement he pushes the organisation to get better. With Roy n Batum (if he lands there) the team is much better than last year. Kaman n Jamison would be great additions.

    • dd def says:

      batum isn’t going to the wolves. so there’s no reason even fantasizing about it. and roy will never be what he used to be even if he does stay healthy.

    • chalice says:

      I disagree. This is bad timing for Love to say anything. First, Rubio was injured last season and it was a very compressed, shortened season. The T-Wolves were headed to the playoffs when Rubio was in the lineup but why is it that Love couldn’t bring his team to the playoffs? If he is (self-proclaimed) “best power forward in the league”, why can he not get his team to the playoffs. Are the T-wolves other than Love that bad? I don’t think so. Besides, give the team a chance next FULL season. He’s just upset because he can’t talk about playoffs with the othe players on his team. He has not proven anything yet he says “greatness surrounded by greatness”?? Look in the mirror and get some humility before mouthing off because you’re upset.