Dwight Update: Many Bodies Involved

HANG TIME NEW JERSEY — Any trade involving Dwight Howard is a big trade. But if the Brooklyn Nets acquire the three-time DPOY in the next couple of days, it will be a big trade in more ways than one.

As Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! writes, this may end up being a four-team trade involving 10 players, four first-round draft picks and $3 million in cash…

In the proposed deal, Howard, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark would be sent to Brooklyn, and the Magic would receive the Nets’ Brook Lopez, Damion James, Shelden Williams, Cleveland’s Luke Walton and three future first-round picks, sources said. Cleveland would receive Orlando’s Quentin Richardson, Brooklyn’s Sundiata Gaines, Kris Humphries (on a one-year guaranteed deal), a first-round pick and $3 million from the Nets. Brooklyn also would send [MarShon] Brooks to a fourth team to get them an additional first-round pick to send to the Magic.

Trades that big aren’t easy to put together. And to further complicate things, five of the six guys that that Nets would be sending out have to agree to new contracts and new locations.

James, Williams and Gaines might be happy to just have another year in the league, but Humphries and Lopez will surely have some say in whether or not this trade goes down. Humphries’ willingness to sign a deal with just one guaranteed season is reportedly a potential hang-up, so stay tuned…


  1. THUNDERBOOM says:

    Thunder are making secret talks with howard and arelooking to acquire him to start over perkins.

  2. John says:

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  3. I think Orlando will be the greatest benefiaciary with the above prosed trade deal– New Jersey is not the place for Dwight–He will be best suited for a team who have very good shooters like the Warriors, OKC and NYK.

  4. arnold bernardo says:

    every year Miami Heat will improve thier roster and with what they show last finals which they defeat a strong young Thunder team without a center and real point guard they can beat any team with authority even though with a new team brooklyn Nets with D Howard in it they are not as athetic as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh. No comparison with Deron Williams over paid Dude not a true leader when he was in Utah, Joe Johnson always a loser in Suns & Hawks and will be a loser forever. Wallce too old and injury prone man. Sorry Howard bad decision not like L James did two years ago. Miami Heat will be champions for more years. I also believe New York Knicks will also be champion when they get a goo coach such as Phil Jackson and a true point guard such as Chris Paul. SORRY Dwight Howard!!!


  5. nosaj says:

    i want another lockout for dwight howard 🙂

  6. amir says:

    Dwight, you should play centre position and win games not be in the centre of attention like a celebrity girl

  7. ronndell_resurreccion says:

    moving to the nets doesn’t give him a ring… they have to win it first….

  8. C.Ross says:

    this is a nice little thing the nets are trying to do but it wont work.. they wont be better than the heat either.. Lebron is the best overall player in the NBA hands down and dwade will come back to the old dwade and your looking at a repeat if not the the lakers are going to win it

  9. David Stern says:

    I, as the director of the nba, block al trades sending howard to anywhere with an all star already thank you!

  10. arnold bernardo says:

    Dwight Howard will not win a single RING if he retains in the east. As you can see the Miami Heat are the best in the East Conference for several more years with Lebron James, Chirs Bosh and Dwyane Wade. They just beat a good young team the Thunder without a real center and most of thier guys are injured. If they are all healty and with some more addition like Rey Allen and one true center they are unbeatable. Sorry Howard keep on dreaming Dwight…Brooklyn Nets with D-Will, Wallace and Johnson they are not as competitive as to Miami, Knicks, Lakers, Thunder and Clippers.If only NY Knicks can get a good coach such as Phil Jackson and true real point guard they will be unbeatable too.

  11. 3pac says:

    “Biggest cry baby in the league be a man and finish your contract at least lebron did that”

    The Magic don’t want to lose Dwight and have nothing in return. If the Cavs knew LeBron was going to leave, they would have dealt him and receive a superstar or several all stars plus draft picks in return. Melo let the Nuggets know ahead of time that he was going to return and they were able to get future all star Ty Lawson and several other players in return. IF the Nuggets had let Melo play out his contract and leave, they would have been left with nothing.

  12. daniel.b says:

    man this is so much drama.. howard ” oh i dont want to be like lebron”… what hes doing is way worse and now that he saying he wants to be traded to only one team is kinda the same as the decision, dwight howard is now beneath lebron james in my book.. and that is loww… i have lost respect for howard and forever i look at howard differently and hope that he misses every shot and his free throws on every attempt…. do the lakers really need something worse then bynum right now??, bynum is starting to be a pain in the butt but ill take him right now over howard.. lakers dont need howard the lakers need a dam bench that can atleast put up 25points a game not no 5 or 10points a night

  13. Blake says:

    Honestly It would never happen, but if Sacramento got involved they could make Orlando very happy with a fair trade. Ship Cousins, arguably the 3rd best center in basketball now and tyreke evans (potential all star) for Howard. Kings currently spend less money then they should on players, so ideally could afford this…especially with them having to pay cousins eventually to stay. In my mind, Howard could be happy in sac, even though it is obviously a loss cause to even dream this…because the young talent and players he could recruit in years to come would be cake. Not to mention the future all star Robinson….

  14. Bill says:

    “Superstars are what teams are after, and the desperate will try anything to land one.” David Albridge

    Which includes Miami in group.

  15. ragel tan says:

    dwight, you are more fit to lakers and many people will be happy to see you in purple and gold uniform,

  16. Me says:

    Biggest cry baby in the league be a man and finish your contract at least lebron did that

  17. Johnny Peng says:

    Howard,Just go to Lakers. That is your best place….. And the Majic -You need to get Andrew Bynam , He is young and powerful , SO both side are benefit……..

  18. Raphster says:

    Brian Scalabrine is still the best.

  19. Ry says:

    Howard is just going to cause drama where ever he goes why would anyone want him? He is over paid and I don’t care what stats you throw up, Un-coachable, un-motivated, and I don’t think he can be a focal point of ANY offence in the league. It’s sad that he is considered the best center in the NBA when his work ethic is porous!

  20. tykieboi says:

    why not trade DH12 to the pistons for drummond and monroe…but i guess dwight wont sign an extension so i guess the most logical trade would be to d ners but cmon orlando u deserve better players than that im sure draft picks would be great but drop picks from brooklyn would only mean late round draft picks so i dont know….

  21. someguy says:

    Say what you want about Howard but what he is doing right now is many times better than what Lebron did cause as a team, I would rather go thru all this drama and get somebody back with a trade than just lose it all for nothing. Anyway, if Howard is smart, the Nets aren’t the team to go for cause it’ll always be known as the 2nd team in town to the Knicks, just like the clippers to the Lakers, Mets to the Yankees, Jets to the Giants, etc.

  22. Nathaniel says:

    I think Howard should go to the Lakers to play with Kobe and now Nash. I also think it would be interesting to see D.Williams and D. Howard play together though.

  23. Jjj says:

    he is spoiled lazy player, no discipline at all!

  24. bigfoot says:

    i reckon dwight howard would be better off in L.A playing for the lakers. nash,kobe,worldpeace,gasol and howard would be one of if not the best starting 5 in the league going into the 2012/2013 season!!!

  25. bystander says:

    It’s funny that people think (were they really thinking, though) that TRADES are as simple and as quick as that in video games.

    There is no TRADE OVERRIDE in real-life NBA, kids.

  26. lil boyy swaggg says:

    come on now a team that loses? d-will, joe johnson, gerald wallace, AND dwight howard? think again thats a eastern confrence finals team.. Stop playin

  27. i2dk says:

    LOL for luke walton take it from someone who watches all the laker games walton is the worst nba forward i have ever seen SMH good luck orlando

  28. jasper says:

    ya so i hate when players do that your supposed to build a team around your star player. like when the cavs lost to the celtics in the semis in 2010 their weaknesses were a consistent shooter a lockdown defender and a defensive and offensive prescence in the middle. if they had that it would be lakers vs cavs in the championship. so dwight should stay in orlando and build ur offense around him.

  29. jasper says:

    dwight, stay in orlando and get lin off of free agency. I hate when teams and great players do this. build a team around your star player. If D-12 stayed in orlando and didnt get hurt i bet the pacers would have lost in the first round. its not like the magic have no chance of making it back 2 da finals. remember in 2011 they lost in the first round 2010 they lost in the ecf and 2009 they lost to la in the finals because they had a jacked up rotation. trust me if the magic keep the same roster as they do now and get j lin and develop big baby intto an inside presence, they could give the heat a run for their money and beat the knicks in the first round beat the bulls in the second round and give the heat problems.

  30. BullsFan1 says:

    Pretty tired of Dwight Howard.

  31. Jay says:

    Will Stern undo this trade as well? Will Cuban & Gilbert both get their panty’s in a bunch?

    • David says:

      Glibert can say anything now coz if this 4 way trade happens means he doesnt care bout Nets, He just wanted to screw up Lakers from having the best backcourt in the league last season. Just coz he lost LBJ he had to rage and make Laker fans happy for a split second and dash that in a few minutes.

      Just think the LAKERS lineup…. CP3 and KB24 backcourt along with bynum at the 5. lovely…. but i guess now its better although Nash is old, lineup of Nash KB24 at backcourt and Pau and Bynum at the 4 and 5 doesnt sound half bad.

  32. brian says:

    Looks like the crybaby is going to get what he wants!

  33. XINKOLOKO says:

    wow what a horrible trade orlando getting nothing back they should just trade for bynum

  34. ZZZZZzz says:

    dwight howard will go to la lakers.

  35. Alex Marrero says:

    Just end it already. I’m tired of this charade. i hope Dwight is traded the moment after I send this post. He doesn’t want to be in Orlando, so be it. I doubt he’ll win anywhere else that can afford him (even the nets with D.Will. D.Will had a pretty good big guy before and a great coach, though his production now is atrocious).

    Orlando needs to rebuild, it’s inevitable. We won’t get contending caliber players for Dwight, so having some first round draft picks (hopefully high ones) are our best bet, especially if we can get a few decent players thrown in. I’m in no hurry for a championship at this point, I just want a player like Kobe/Kevin Durant who have work ethics that rival a construction worker’s, loyalty, and settle for nothing less than winning. Not someone who will flip flop, fail at his free throws (it’s not that hard Dwight, I could do it at 10 years old), not take charge of his team and instead sulk, and is so impatient with a team and management that made the finals 3 years ago and conference finals two years ago. Contracts are coming off our books so we can sign better role players, the Heat are breaking down (at least Wade is), Boston has to rebuild, Chicago is in turmoil with Rose’s injury that might sit him out most of next season, and if he stayed in Orlando he’d have a great shot at getting back there. But he’s just too impatient and too immature.

    So I say goodbye Dwight, thanks for what you’ve done, and reap what you sow for what could have been if you never do get that championship. OKC may have something to say about it, remember that. 🙂

  36. Stu Brew says:

    Dwight Howard should just finish out his contract and then go wherever he wants after that.

  37. john says:

    Marshon Brooks is a good player and even scored 50 plus points in a college game.

  38. Andre says:

    This is garbage going to Orlando ?
    It`s an absurd !
    Magic…send Dwight to the Bobcats foir US$ 10 dollars…! It`d be a better deal !

  39. Howard should be traded to the Milwaukee Bucks for Illyasova, an expiring contract and 3 first round picks!!!!!!!!

  40. David Stern! says:

    I wish I owned Orlando so I could veto this deal!!!!!

  41. J. Pla says:

    The new Orlando GM should act like a real GM, Just be carefull and remember that you work for the Orlando Magic,and you should make all the movements knowing that Orlando needs to fill two positions , a center and a point guard to second with Jameer Nelson .Get rid of Duhon,Richardson,Hedo and Malik Allen.Restructure the team that way.Forget about future Draft picks specially if the the team is a contender.

  42. keith patton says:

    Howard he needs 2 come to the Lakers with KB and NASH THINK about that he comes to LA Lakers

    • Nathaniel says:

      I agree. I think Howard should go to the Lakers. Kobe and Nash need to pick up the phone and call Dwight.

  43. chitown says:

    Dwight is stupid because he opted in at the trade deadline. He could’ve been with Brooklyn by now. He would sign with Brooklyn, allow the Nets to have cap room to resign DWill, G Wallace, and another free agent, and the Nets would be on their way. But this trade proposal isn’t bad. What I like is the fact that they’re getting J Rich, who still has some years on him, and Earl Clark. Clark is still young and can still become a good role player for a team. The Nets will probably use him as a backup to Wallace. But the PF position hasn’t been addressed yet. That is a big priority for the Nets.

  44. Koko Loko says:

    Wouldn’t it be easier to have Luke Walton in exchange for Howard and that’s it?. End of story.

  45. J says:

    Dwight should go to philly. With the young roster they have, they would become an absurd contender with dwight in the middle.

  46. just me says:

    if im the GM i will quit pursuing him. i know he’s good in a center position and the team that he will sign this year will boost its sales. but if you want a ring and can’t afford dwight you could stick to plan b. there are lot of good center out there. Is bynum free now? what about him?

  47. Haha says:

    Dwight Howard to LA CLIPPERS!!!!!! ❤

  48. ***** says:

    trade howard to Phillipines its more fun here! 😀 he can be the import of “Barangay Ginebra Gin Kings”

  49. MDH says:

    The heat will still beat the nets with or without Howard. What ever happened to players going where ever they were sent. Magic are giving howard too much power. He had a chance to be a free agent this summer and he diecided to sign for another year. Now he gona cry and demand to be traded to the nets after he signed a 1year extension. He knew he did not want to be in Orlando at the beginning of last season. Why sign the extention. I wouldnt trade him unless I could get bynum and some picks in a package deal. Nothing else makes sense for the magic. If Howard wants to choose the team he wants to play for then he needs to play another year in Orlando and wait till next summer to showcase his own “decision!”

  50. noyb says:

    Too big to succeed…

  51. Krespino says:

    Any team that gets Howard will be the loser. Howard is cancer. The Orlando Magic should have traded him earlier, they could have realised better trade returns for him, now it is too late. The Magic hits the bottom.They could only hope to build a new team thru draft picks in couple of years to come, but I doubt they have the front office caliber to succeed in that.

  52. Carter says:

    Let’s not be too harsh on Dwight! The Orlando management haven’t done a good enough job trying to entice him to stay.
    They needed to surround him with consistent 3-point shooters, complimentary defenders and someone who can really make a difference on the offensive end.

    I would of traded Nelson by now because he’s too injury prone and I would’ve tried ditching Hedo Turkoglu’s HUGE contract on another team.

    At this point the best thing for Magic to do is to rebuild because any superstar is useless if their heads not in it.
    My idea would be to trade Dwight and Daniel Orton to Nets for Lopez, Humphries and Draft Picks.

    I honestly think Brooklyn then could be in with a chance with beating Heat. But Knicks w/ Kidd, Lakers w/ Nash and Clippers could also be up there.

  53. Jhay says:

    Howard please go to LA Lakers to have match with miami heat!

  54. JOKE says:

    The next best player in this deal for me is Jason Richardson, meaning the Magic are giving the best.
    Actually, the trade without Howard in it would still be ok for the Nets.
    If the Magic accepts this deal, we won´t see Orlando in the playoffs for the next 10 years.
    You don´t trade one of the best five players in the league, here the best center (far better than any other center in this league) against nothing, you expect all-stars in exchange…
    A good trade would be with the Lakers: Gasol+Bynum for Howard+Richardson. Fare for both teams,

  55. Ryan says:

    How much do the Magic need they could get an offer from Miami Howard for the big three and that still wouldn’t be enough!

  56. Nasim says:

    “Humphries’ willingness to sign a deal with just one guaranteed season is reportedly a potential hang-up, so stay tuned…” LOL he should be happy, atleaset it’s longer than his marriage.

  57. sirsparhawk says:

    If he goes to nets they will hav e a really good chance at a title shot, however it will still take work.

  58. Rich says:

    LETS GO HEAT!!! LETS GO HEAT!!!! We added Ray Allen!!! OH YEAH!!! Just another threat option!!!!!

  59. Foulpowl says:

    It’s not howards fault.. its the front office. They don’t want to let howard go because there isn’t good trade for him up until now. Get it? Last season, they din’t have enough time to do it. You people saying he is a cry baby are just idiots. Howard actually gave orlando a good chance to pick the best deal for them.

    The only drama queen i know is lechoke.. enough said.. just beat the heat end of story LOL>

    • Say No to Lakers and Heats Fanboys says:

      funny cause lebron was a FA and never demanded a trade. if he wasn’t the best player in basketball, there wouldn’t be “the decision” which was mostly fueled by the media. so who’s the drama queen now? lebron haters are ridiculous, miami fans are ridiculous, whatever happened to humble nba fans?

  60. fRasi says:

    This is the best trade…

    Dwight Howard for Juwan Howard

    just the same quality

    Then Miami Heat will bench Dwight because he is useless for that team.

  61. All u guys yelled about Lebron leaving Cleveland look at Dwight what he’s doin is way worse Lebron and the Miami heat are champions so just shut up about them I wanna see d12 in Brooklyn give us some real competion

  62. Otis Smith says:

    Orlando GM is so stupid? You not only send them Howard but also Jason Richardson? Where the hell is hedo Turk in this deal? Get rid of that idiot first. Moreover, your not asking for gerald wallace back? and Marshon Brooks is going to another team? Are you kidding me? Unbelievable.

  63. DreOnAir says:

    Wait, WHAT?! Cavs are giving up three first rounders for a semi-starting power forward and some so-so not even good role players?????? What?! SMH on this trade. I ain’t buying it.

  64. john says:

    Everyone is talking about Howard who has a hernated disk which is a major injury, one hard elbow bump to L4 or L5 and he is out for good.

  65. GymBalla92 says:

    OMG if da NETS get HOWARD my God would that be sweet. Superman coming to Brooklyn USA … so so def… my hometown… born n raised. Im ready to order some Nets stuff online.

  66. Zay says:

    Howard is being a wuss man why can’t he take his team to the championship himself. He’s gotta trust mamnagement he’s just so impatient. He went to the Finals before and if they do good trades he’ll get there again. He hasn’t even played all that great lately.. Bynum has been better recently in my eyes. I’m just saying.. if YOU’RE the face of the franchise, and it’s YOUR team, why would you throw that away just to join others? Come on Dwight.

    • Hey says:

      As a magic fan.. Amen. All of our stars seemed to have felt the same way. Instead of making O-town their team and letting the players come to them, they go to the other teams.

    • Dylan says:

      First of all that 2009 year they did it everything was going right Hedo was playing incredibly well in that post season and everyone just played their part that will never happen again lol

  67. David Perez says:

    Can they just make it happen? I am tired of Howard and these trade talks

  68. Abhishek says:

    Howard is the biggest drama king in the history of sports entertainment.. If he always wanted to go to the nets, why didnt he opt out of his final year. All Howard wants is attention! But, if he does go to Brooklyn…i hate to say this, but they will be a good team 😛

    -Heat Fan

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      I doubt ANY player wants THIS type of attention. You also did NOT have to sign it as heat fan, I knew from the moment I read this comment that you were one. It’s the finess(non-sense) in this beautiful(horrible garbage) letter that I see where you’re coming from(did you eat crayons wrapped in paint chips as a child??). Gah! Matching wit with a miamian is like lighting gasoline on fire…it only takes ONE sprak and its OVER. lmfaooooo!

  69. me says:

    So the lakers are not involve now

  70. Esteban says:

    Luke Walton for Dwight Howard.

  71. OKC fan says:

    dh should go to okc for Fisher and Perkins plus a draft pick

  72. D12 Bye says:

    2 First rounders that Nets own are useless, one possible good top first rounder+B.Lopez+D.J+S.Will….. Next 2013 NBA Draft i bet D.Stern will announce the winner of 2013 NBA Draft goes to “ORLANDO MAGIC!” Will it be worth it? i highly doubt it.

  73. MrPritkov31 says:

    Don’t touch Marshon!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Cleveland give them 2nd round pick!

  74. Sunny says:

    The Nets are sacrificing their bench and Power Forward position for Howard as well as a lot of draft picks! Its just not worth it!! We still dont know how good Dwight is going to be after he recovers from the back surgery. He could become a liability just like it seems Derrick Rose is going to become. If I was Brook Lopez, I wouldnt mind if I cooperated and got a max contract but Kris Humphries? How long can he keep playing year to year, he needs some security with a multiple year deal!! Stupid deal for everyone but the Magic and Howard!!

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Sunny? The sun has set, where do you get this idea from that rose is going to be a liability? Heat fans? Are YOU one? Do you read? Did you know his surgery wasn’t serious at all and it was routine and should make a 100% FULL recovery(the surgeons words, not mine)?? Wow…get out of grandpa’s medication cabinet, that candy is to help grandpa feel good lmfao.

      • Krespino says:

        There is no such thing as 100% recovery from a herniated disc. Saying that is pure oximoron. And to say a herniated disc surgery is “routine?” “Not serious?” Herniated disc surgery IS serious, it would surely restrict the person who had the surgery in fierce physical action; and with a bad falling on his back or a serious blow, Howard can easly become a liability. How many players do we have in the NBA playing after herniated disc surgery, if that thing was routine or not significant?

  75. KG says:

    this trade is gonna happen. i know it.

  76. Rody says:

    He is very selfish dude like melo and others before asking for trades and not ginving a dam about othes that are getting traded not wanting to like billups last year. Dont start with the “i pray a lot thing” beacuse you look worst

  77. SOmbody says:

    If you don’t put MarShon Brooks in this trade to send to Orlando then whats the whole point of this trade.
    You’re basically giving into the Dwight Howard drama and shipping him out for FREE.

  78. Mark Smith says:

    Howards got that Carmelo disease, nevergettinaring-itis. These guy’s are great individual players but never can become real team players.Keep Lopez and friends!

  79. Dogg187 says:

    Stradio I agree completely, nobody said anything when the Lakeras did it with Malone, Payton etc, or when Boston did it with their big three, but as soon as Miami does it, everyone is hating.With Kobe, I do wonder if he would have as many rings as he has if he would not have gotten traded on draft day ( I think that Charlotte drafted him then traded to to the Lakers?)

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      That’s not why dogg, you know sh!+ from what you and 95% of the other miami fans. Drop the booze and cocaine and read a little bit, it was a CONSPIRACY. THEY CHEATED, you can’t go to another free agents house and decide where you guys are going to go and how you guys can fit on the same team(by taking this amount of a pay cut). cHEATers…

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        So yea, he got his championship…does it mean anything? Nope, because it wasn’t done in legal fashion. So he tainted his legacy already, real smart pete rose…

  80. justaguy says:

    if he really wants a ring then he schould go for boston he is exactly wat they need and he will sure get his ring !

    • AM says:

      totally agree, Boston needs to rebuild in the next to years, so get howard for a last run with pierce. The thing is, orlando wouldn´t take anything from boston except rondo, and that wouldn´t be a good trade for boston

  81. Demetrios says:

    I dont understand why Orlando Magic is giving Brooklyn the championship by giving them Howard AND Jason Richardson.
    Richardson is a big time 3 point maker in the NBA and plays the same way as Ray Allen only that Richardson is quicker and a better dunker and former slam dunk champion which makes him worth more than Allen.

    The knicks got Jason kidd who is much older know and can barley move or even be productive. The knicks needed Andre Miller and OJ Mayo but if the knicks sign OJ Mayo and scores 20 point or more like he normally does and plays good defense it will be good for knicks.

    • Peter says:

      OJ has never averaged 20 ponts in a season.. The closest he came was his rookie year when he averaged 18.5( but played 38 minutes a game, which is really high).. after that he averaged 17.5 .. then 11.3 while losing his starting job due to a really low Field Goal %.. and last season he averaged 12.6 while only shooting a .408 FG %

    • MrPritkov31 says:

      Don’t touch Marshon!!!!!!!!!

  82. nba legend says:

    all yall are dumb and kno nothing about basketball if you dont think dhowawrd dwill and jj cant win a ring!

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      I say the samething, don’t forget that they get ebanks and a super backup in j-rich who plays 2 guard like jj…sick team…SCARY…

  83. Josh says:

    Some of the “trade ideas” on here are ABSOLUTELY RETARDED. You know why? Because usually in the NBA, BOTH teams must like the deal.

    You think Orlando wants Miami’s players who aren’t even good enough to take the trash out? We (the Magic) shouldn’t even be sending Dwight to an interconference rival. Houston offered good players AND picks, and we want to send this cry baby to where he wants to go. I don’t understand why we even try and force him to his choice.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Stfu josh, you don’t know business. You REALLY think that the rockets think they can convince howard to stay?? ABSOLUTELY NOT, they probably just wanted to reap all the sweet benefits for themselves knowing how bad the nets want him. I think the magic smartened up if you ask me, and are getting what’s owed to them. Now they will be able to rebuild their team in one swoop in the first round next year. Just shut up and enjoy the ride josh and stop…joshin around lmfao!

  84. keith says:

    heat dont have cap space they got ray allen

    • lbj says:

      howard can take minimum non taxpayer according to his scout just to win championship

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Why would howard do that when he could just go to brooklyn(a younger team with more fire power) and still get PAID? smh, just stop commenting…please…

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Yea, and ray allen is getting paid in skittles lmfaoooo. It’s not just because he wants a championship, no mistake he wants to win. But boston drew first blood by signing his replacement, so he attacked back.

  85. JCThunder says:

    This deal needs to get done. Howard is a pain. Lets say this trade goes through, and the Magic are one of the worst teams in the league next year. Then they get a top 3 draft pick and grab some skilled big man. Problem solved.

  86. Jason says:

    I think that LA makes the most sense if I’m Dwight Howard. Kobe maybe has 2 or 3 years at best and the Lakers will be looking for a star to build around (which they do better than most). Plus they have a history of building around centers. LA also needs to get rid of Bynum, his attitude and ‘go any day knees’ will always be a risk, much more than Howards back. Now he won’t get his championship in the next 2 years but he will be in a city that embraces a guy like him (similar in Magic to personality) and he will make more money just being in LA I would think.

  87. capone says:

    howard should just stay in orlando and bring a champainship there

  88. exile howard out of nba!bring him to africa!

  89. lakersfan says:

    Miami I REPEAT cannot afford howard EVER……. Lakers and orlando need to get this done….. Howard for Bynum orlando just thinks they should get more out of the deal. If not for Howard’s recent injury I’d say throw in a future first round pick or two but the injury is a key you HAVE to look at…..Bynum is a great center with a HUGE future and a couple injuries in the past as well…… Orlando would get a star and the lakers would have a huge 4 they desperately want…. i like Bynum, Gasol, Nash, and Bryant myself I think these 4 can beat OKC considering how close we were without a legit PG….. However if howard is the same guy yes he’d be better than bynum but maybe Bynum and artest for turkelo and howard will happen..

    • lbj says:

      In that case they can trade bosh to howard. What do you think? a better fair deal. huh?

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        I would NEVER in a MILLION years take that deal. Howard is on another PLANET compared to bosh…

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        I would NEVER in a MILLION years take that deal. Howard is on another PLANET compared to bosh, plus you forget that bosh gets paid an allowance in cracker jack prizes. So, they can’t afford howard…

    • delusional laker fans says:

      Oh yeah? You guys came close to beating OKC?

    • HORNETS! says:

      Are you retarded? Have you not been listening? Bynum does not want to go to the magic and will not sign a deal with them so u r delussional if you think the Magic will trade 4 Bynum

  90. Mike C says:

    I think D12 should go to the lakers and trade him for bynum and MWP and probably 2 draft pick in 2015 and 16 and everyone be happy

  91. Jack Diddebeck says:

    HS : I’m french and I made this humoristic video in english about basketball :

  92. Dividenddoug says:

    When this deal goes down, the Nets automatically become the favorite to win many future NBA titles. Howard is the best center, D-Will the best PG and JJ still a top 2 guard. Howard makes LeBron shoot the jumper and D-Will finally wins all the rings he so richly deserves. About time!

    • EZfoRPREZ says:

      I cant wait to see my brooklyn nets finally become a threat and fear threw out the league, Next up is the Knicks. Eastern confrence future finals, Knicks Vrs Nets. Oh yeah.

    • Peter says:

      First off, Howard is the best center right now, but Bynums still only 24, and his potential is unreal. D-Will as the best PG? I think Chris Paul, Rondo, and Derrick Rose have something to say about that. Joe Johnson as a top Shooting Guard? .. Dwyane Wade, Kobe, Monta Ellis, Manu Ginobili, and then Joe Johnson. If we were to go position by position, the nets would only have a better PG and Center.

    • ClipsBoy says:

      d-will 2nd best pg after CP.
      Your saying joe johnson is at the same level as kobe, rayray, wade, steph curry and kmart?

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Ummm, you also forget about wallace who can score and can hit the 3 ball. But what stands out about him is his defense, he’s a great perimeter AND post defender and he plays sf. He’ll be able to hold his own against lebron, trust me.

  93. Blazer says:

    Why Orlando need this garbage players? Howard for Bynum is the real deal for both team

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Because orland IS garbage and neither bynum or howard wants to there smh lmfao. So, get over it and let the magic rebuild their team to it’s rightful playoff spot and stfu.

  94. deadmann1992 says:

    Let’s get one thing straight here…. This trade does not mean the nets are going to be better than the heat, lol. I’m pretty sure Miami just went to back to back final trips and get their trophy this last one. They’re nothing until they can get past Miami in a playoff series.

  95. Sammy says:

    Who cares? Lebron and Kobe can to Brooklyn to, Knicks will always run the town.

  96. illone says:

    If I’m the NETs, no way in HEZALL am I doing this trade. It’s too much. Lopez, Brooks, Humphries and 3 future #1 picks?? And then have to take on contracts of Jason Rich and Earl Clark (Earl Clark not a bad piece though)? All so I can have Howard down low? It’s too much.

    Do the Nets realize the POWER they currently possess?
    A) There is no way the Magic will enter opening day with Howard on the team, too much has happened and fans will either boo like crazy or not show up.
    B) Howard has stated that he will only sign a extension with the Nets, any other place he will enter Free Agency after the season. He’s been (rightfully) been called immature and wishy washy up til now and I think he is going to stick to his latest proclamation.
    C) Because of the previous, other teams are not going to put major chips up to get Dwight for a year. The only way the Magic get Bynum is if Howard signs an extension; and as discussed that’s not going to happen.

    I say Nets offer 2 of the 3, (Lopez, Brooks, Humphries) and 1 future 1st rounder. If the Nets aren’t sold on Brooks, then offer all 3. But the taking back all these contracts and all those future picks is CRAZY TALK!!! Do not do this – you have leverage.

    That package is atleast twice as good as any other team will offer the Magic without Dwight signing an extension. Force the Magic to open the season up with Howard – it will be a good laugh. If the Magic trade Dwight else where, it’ll only be out of spite to you and Dwight at the peril of their own franchise, But you will still have Brook Lopez (and some money left in your pocket), not a bad team.

    • A says:

      I totally agree. Get howard through free agency because there is no where else he is going to sign!! But you are missing one key point. The nets are already over the cap and they can’t just sign howard. They must trade for him.

  97. Mr. Hawkins says:

    WOW!! This Diva is making me sick!! I’m a Lakers fan and i don’t want him on the Lakers anymore!! Are you serious??? A 10 team deal?!?! What planet do these GM’s live on?!?! I would trade him to the worst team possible, just to spite him!! I think Howard is setting the stage for his big announcement….. He’s GAY!!!! Just come out the closet Mr Howard and move on!! This is craziness!!! WOW!!! Unreal!!

  98. kryptonean says:

    Defense wins championship (in the case of Howard)!
    If he can shoot!

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      He doesn’t need to shoot, could shaq shoot? Who’s going to stop howard from dunking on them? He now can hook shot and fade a little with the coaching of hakeem the dream, so…he’s better offensively than you think.

  99. lbj says:

    Trade him to WNBA for Lisa Leslie and he can win championship there! gay howard

  100. Arc says:

    I do not see why the Nets do not wait till next year to pick up his contract and just keep Brook Lopez. Idk, I am not the most savvy on nba deals though.

    • Peter says:

      They don’t have the cap room to pick him up in FA. Cap Space works differently in trades, in that you can go over the Salary Cap to aquire a player. If you were to sign him in Free Agency, you can’t go over the cap(unless it is to sign you’re own player that has speant atleast three years with your team)

      • ClipsBoy says:

        Unless you sign you’re own player that has spent at least three years with a team* ex Chauncey Billups

  101. hop off heat says:

    nuts, i really hate majority of heat fans who are lebron bandwagoners. if you are a real heat fan talk of the team as a whole not lebron this, lebron that, lebron’s hat.

  102. Howard should go to the nets and next year knicks vs. nets will be a fantastic game!

  103. TV63 says:

    THis is confusing!

  104. Max says:

    Decision not depiction

  105. Max says:

    D12 shouldn’t go to the lakers b/c I’m tired of lakers being awesome. Nets is a great trade. Dwighthoward needs to make a depiction already and stop whyning

  106. Danny says:

    Worst trade ever. Just trade with the Lakers and get center piece Bynum so you can still contend maybe.

  107. rayjones5 says:

    IBJ, thats the dumbest comment i’ve heard in the last 2days. I would say weeks, but there have been some dumber than yours. Howard for an old haslem, ja who played 2min in the finals and rt who played all of 1min in the finals………….what are u thinking??????

    • lbj says:

      you forgot joel anthony with shaolin forhead and future round pick which give them a big break

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        What are you smoking? Is it kryptonite? Not the weed, the ACTUAL rock because whatever the hell you’re smoking that sh!+ would knock superman on his a$$. lmfaoooo!

  108. saulius says:

    Lopez, well ok, but some James and some Williams and one future first round draft pick for Howard, J-Rich and Q.Rich is absolutely not worth each other trade sides…
    Anderson sent to Charlotte for some 11th player in da squad..
    what magic have: Nelson, J.J., Turk, some rookies, and some, like some Bobcat bench wormers..
    Dear Rob Hennigan, you said you will exchange Howard into what only will be best for Magic teem.. can you, please explain me what do you see, at least good (not talking about the best) in your managing teem??
    I and i bet 90% other Magic fans think you will have something like last years Charlotte Bobcats teem..

  109. John Doe says:

    Trade DH12 to Lithuania. They have talent in return and they will teach him how to cry…

  110. Rod Miller says:

    Kris Humphries would find the love in Cleveland that he never got from K.

  111. STaaarpower says:

    WOW, that would make Brooklyn the favourites in the East if that were to go down. Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Richardson and Howard is an all- star starting line up and could mean big trouble for the likes of Miami, Botson and Chicago. I so want this deal to go down caz my boy DWill deserves to be playing for a contender.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Richardson is not going to play pf foo, neither is wallace. J-rich is going to be a super back for both johnson and wallace which makes them even more dangerous if you ask me. Magic would be smart to get all these 1st round picks, because they already got one for anderson and are looking to practically rebuild the whole team in the draft in the 1st round. Pretty smart magic, I have to give it to you guys I really thought you were headed nowhere. You guys managed to flip the script and really juice the best out of the situation. So, hats off to your strategy. =)

  112. Max says:

    Deron Williams and Dwight Howard! Cool but I’m so used to an Orlando d12! Mover to nets or HEAT!

  113. lbj says:

    No trade will happen between brooklyn and magic. just trade howard to haslem,turiaf and joel anthony plus future round pick. This is a better deal. Magic will have lot of big men.

    • hhh says:

      the heat are weak in the paint because those “big men” are too small

    • Showbaba7 says:

      @ LBJ your suggestion tells me you no nothing about basketball. For your info, MIAMI dont need Howard for one minute. They are okay without Howard. Let Howard goes to Nets that will make him happy or punish him send him to go serve under Kobe in LA.

      • Amitpal says:

        I don’t think u know much about basketball. Now even though the lbj guy made a really dumb comment, u should know that Miamis big weakness is it’s center defense. Now one on that roster can stop a dominate center. Dwight going to nets is Miami worst nightmare. Think about it they r long good defense with Gerald and Johnson, plus deron Williams and Dwight. Plus lebron and wade weakness is a shot blocking center, ex Tyson Chandler in 2011 finals. Last time I checked Dwight is better then Tyson and a three time DPOY.

      • dattebayo says:

        There is no dominant center in the league anymore and Bosh can handle Howard, Hibbert, Duncan, Splitter, Camby, Gasol and Bynum. Pekovic is too strong for Bosh, but Bosh will probably be guarding Love.

        And by handle I mean he can guard the opposing player well enough to not get dunked on every time or give up a high quality shot. And should any of those guys get rolling, the Heat will double fast and hard with Anthony, Haslem, Wade or James…

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Uhhhh, yea it is!! Hibbert showed that, and dwight ALWAYS gives it to miami. No one can really handle dwight, and now he’s got d-will, and joe who are deadly scorers along with wallace who can be like bosh where he sneaks in points on you. Who’s going to stop howard? Tell me! Who?? Anthony??? Bosh??? Pffft, howard would put of those guys in a body bag…at the sametime lmfao! Please dude, and he’s super quick with crazy hops and reach. All I’m saying is, don’t be surprised while I’m sitting here smh saying “I tried to warn him…”.

      • Troll says:

        haha dattebayo again. you expect bosh to play center? man he’ll get crushed. double all you want… it’s not like DWILL JOE JOHNSON or GERALD WALLACE won’t be open to shoot the ball. miami fans are so stupid.

  114. zac says:

    he should go to the bobcats
    we now have MKG, Kemba and bismack i think we would have a formitable defence with both howard and bismack

    • Ryan says:

      Yeah come to Charlotte it will be there first good player that can lead them to the playoffs and not a 7 win season

  115. Emils says:

    if Dwight is going to nets, newts have a perfect chance to make playoffs next season 🙂

  116. Micheal Jordan says:

    I’ll shoot Howard in the head to stop this pain in the butt neverending story!!!

  117. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Wow too complicated

  118. Amitpal says:

    If this trade goes through I’m happy that there’s finally a team that can defeat the heat pretty easily actually. Heat big weakness the center position and point guard. Nets advantage center and point guard. There sg and sf arent bad either with Joe Johnson And Gerald wallas. I don’t like all the power on one team but if this means the cry baby heat won’t win a championship then I’m all up for it.

    • Stradio says:

      So it’s ok for someone else to do it to so they can beat Miami, but it’s not ok for Miami to do it so they can beat everyone else. This is biased, stupid hypocrisy at its finest. Being ok with a team doing the exact same thing the Heat did means you shouldn’t care that the Heat did it either, but of course you do because you are a baby and you don’t like LeBron or something typical and ignorant.

      • Amitpal says:

        Yes I don’t like lebron or the whole cry baby heat squad. They whine about every little thing. They ask for attentition and when they get and they can’t play under it they start whining oh the whole world is against us. They want people to feel sorry for them. And for what mistakes they made. They can’t handle criticism. And what do they think they r the only one who get criticized. Russell Westbrook is 23 and he gets critized all the time for playing a position he’s never played before te NBA and u never hear him complain about. There r bunch of people who get critized for things those r out of there control and they never whine why r heat whining about mistakes they made.

    • poppasmurf says:

      Yay I can’t wait for the NBA to be just 2 teams with all the stars battling every year

      • Beat da Heat says:

        I agree with Amitpal……If LeBron stayed at Cavs i would have followed him but because of the stupid move and stupid “Decision”, i hope the nets get howard and beat the heat at their own game!

    • dattebayo says:

      “they will beat the Heat easily” has to be one of the dumbest quotes a hater could ever come up with.

      The Nets won’t even have Homecourt in the playoffs, even with Howard. Johnson is overpaid, Howard can’t hit the ocean from the line and they won’t have any bench production. If James, Wade and Battier can control Williams, the Nets won’t be able to win a game against Miami. And as good as Williams and Howard are, Bosh, James and Wade have the defensive abilities to guard them in single coverage. Bosh would also draw Howard away from the rim on offense so the Heat are not as vulnerable at the 1 and 5 as one might think. As much as I would like to see more competition for the Heat, the Nets are on the same path as the Knicks. If Williams gets hurt, that team will be blown out more often than not.

      And lastly, the best championship teams ever were stacked with a much better set of players than what the Heat had the last two seasons. There are a lot of great players in the league and the Lakers, Spurs and Celtics have been power houses for years now. It was time for a change and right now, OKC, Miami and the Bulls are the best teams in the league (if their players are healthy of course).

      • chigchig says:

        cover dwight in single coverage with the heat roster?
        you do realise dwight would regularly give it to the heat when they played orlando? and thats without williams, jj and crash.. so what if jj is overpaid still a top 2 guard in the league and it wont be like in ATL where its just iso-joe all the time.. williams on his own is an animal and PGs do hurt mia.. this is nothing like NYK..

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        No….just no. Johnson gets paid a lot, so what? He’s six-time all-star…nuff said. I have so much more to say, but like ludacris said, “they told me not to kill a mosquito wit a cannon”. So I’m going to keep it lite so you understand me. lmao

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Joe averaged 19ppg, 4rebpg, 4astpg, about half a block pg, 1 stl pg, and shot 45% field goals, 40% 3pt, and 85% from free throw line…but yea, he’s not a threat. Six-time all-star, and with dwight , d-will, gerald wallace, and now dwight it’s a NO BRAINER that the heat will beat them every game….=/ SMFHSFH. You and lbj up there in comments must be related…lmfaooo! Gah, I swear I hate dumb people. Sh!+ hurts my brain yo, can’t fathom where they get this from.

      • Troll says:

        chalmers cant guard dwill, joel or haslem cant guard dhoward, wade needs to guard joe and james need to guard gerald. bosh cannot guard howard. no f’in way.

    • lakerstarks says:

      Yes, that REALLY hurt them in these playoffs

  119. lbj says:

    WTF trade is that! just trade Howard to Haslem,Turiaf and Joel Anthony and future round pick just to make it simple! Miami still has cap space for Howard.

  120. Enrique says:

    Even trade to La. Everyone’s happy. We get a good young center in return. Get rid of the whining baby already.

  121. Altamash says:

    Damn it Howard just go to Lakers if you want a ring

    • AHAHHAHAH says:

      Lakers? LOL AHAHHA

      • Caleb says:

        ha laker’s have nash, kobe and gasol…and if D12 goes that will probs be an automatic ring

      • delusional laker fans says:

        Caleb, the Heat will destroy the Lakers, regardless of their center. Honestly, the Clippers would beat them in 7.

      • Troll says:

        i hope you’re kidding. i hate the lakers, but they would crush the heat with dhoward. joel anthony haslem get destroyed. chalmers is no tpark drose or westbrook, so nash wouldn’t even have a problem keeping up with him.

    • TheRealCheeze says:

      Clippers beat the Lake Show in 7? You must be more than delusional

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      Lakers aren’t as young as the nets, just look at them. Kobe’s got what, 3years left before he’s not kobe. Nash has, 2(maybe 3) before he gets smashed by father time. That’s why they got kobe nash, to do it NOW. I knew howard was going to end up with the nets, because now they will be a force for a good while. That’s what he wants, to have the chance to be a threat EVERY year. Not just the next 3(4 if you’re lucky).

      • lakerstarks says:

        Are you kidding? KoMe B (for ballhog) Bryant is not Kobe NOW. He only thinks he is. And to all those that think that Nash is going to be a saviour, remember this………it still will ALL depend on KoMe sharing the ball ( the main reason Howard no longer wants to come here) and that is NOT a given.

    • LeCHOKE says:

      LMAO. about the HEAT thing. HEAT WILL DESTROY? What basketball are you watching son.

  122. Me says:

    D howard, just go to charlotte bobcats or some team that can afford yo a$$, why do these teams got to go thru all of this just for one person? smfh don’t make sense

    • Me says:

      because he fits one of the most important spots in the game: the center position. He is also the best at it. But he is a little crybaby diva.

      • Miami Guy says:

        I remember how Otis Smith, Van Gundy (I really like him), Orlando fans did some trash talking about James. I would like to hear what they think about Howard who has been the GM, Coach, Captain, Player, The only decision maker of the whole Magic team. Howard is the one has been keeping Magic hostage for years. Let me hear those trash talkers opinion about Howard

    • err says:

      keep shaking your f*ing head cause you dumb

    • two says:

      Yes I hope he goes to a team that just loses and then he will beg to return to orlando.

    • BOSTON CELTIC says:

      I agree. He aint gone get a ring anyway. This is ridiculous

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        Umm, I wouldn’t say that so quickly. They’re actually coming off better than expected, as I thought they would only get howard. You’re telling me that they get j-rich too?? A 2 guard who can back both wallace and johnson(who’s also a 2 guard)? He is also able to be someone to start those positions for whatever the case maybe(injuries, nights off, etc.). Awww man, this team’s TOO dangerous now…wtf…

    • really? says:

      Ok so you guys think this only Howard i mean, yeah Nets have nothing to do with it they dont want to have the most dominant center, really? ok so Howard is being an A$$ but that does not means that he cant go to a team who can win, bobcats? might as well stay in orlando HAHA, anyways is alwaysd the same hating for players that only want to go further and win championships is no longer a loyalty league is a rings league even if he does not get one he wants the best chance of doing it, it might not be the same but how many ppl hated on Chamberlain when he signed with LAL instead of staying with Philly, same thing, look @ Allen same thing he want another RING before he retires i hate the heat but im glad for Allen cause is the best chance right now to get a ring….

      • no says:

        this is not the same as Chamberlain…Chamberlain SIGNED with another team, not cried and whinned until Philly traded him. Just had to point that out.

      • two says:

        there was no internet then silly

    • beans says:

      Cuz other teams in the east deserve to be able to compete with the heat….it aint right that Lebron got to team up with Wade and Bosh the league allowed that but then they would not allow Chris Paul to team up with Kobe Bryant…So Howard will eventually play with Deron Williams and Joe J. Then Baby Bron Bron will maybe win 2 but definitly not 3 or 4 or 5 or 6………………..Howard will make the Nets the beast of the east

    • Sane Fan says:

      And why do you guys always focus on villifying the players? Who WOULDN’T want to go to work and tell their bosses to go you know where and make their own demands??? I know I would. But because they make millions they should shut up? I understand that view point but at the same time their bosses make BILLIONS and are even bigger crybabies. See the lockout and all the details of the new CBA if you don’t believe me. It was all about revenue sharing and GUARANTEED INCOME. What business gets a gurantee that they’ll make a profit DISPITE what product they put out? Jordan will still make money off the Bobcats even if they don’t win a game and no one shows up to buy tickets. Tell me how THAT is good for basketball. When the LeBron went to the Heat ratings ROCKETED! Everyone made money. Small market teams are fighting these super teams and intentionally releasing defamatory information FAKE or REAL who knows about these players like Dwight getting Stan fired to intimidate players from doing it. Yet this stuff is GOOD for the NBA. It’s good for ratings and boosting interest in the product. But it effects the pride of these billioniare crybabies who’s slaves are rebelling against their masters (yes I went there) and they can’t stomach it. All it is. But you’d prefer to attack the players?