Dwight Update: Clippers In the Mix As Fourth Team In Trade Talks

Amid several reports that a deal to send Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets is close, a source directly involved in the discussions said Monday that the Nets are exploring offers from other teams that want to get involved in the Howard talks besides the Cleveland Cavaliers — the third team that is reportedly the conduit to take on players and Draft picks to enable Brooklyn to get Howard while sending players and picks to the Magic.

While the structure of a deal involving the Nets, Magic, Cavaliers and at least one other team is in place, involving numerous players, the moving parts involved in that scenario are a long way from being resolved. For example, Brooklyn created the structure of the deal, which would include sending forward Kris Humphries to the Cavaliers as part of the trade. However, Humphries, being a free agent, would have to agree to the terms of a sign-and-trade deal first.

And since Humphries played on a one-year deal for the Nets last season, he’s reluctant to do it again, looking for a multi-year deal. Under the terms of the new Collective Bargaining Agreement, Humphries could only sign up to a four-year deal if he was part of a sign-and-trade. But the Cavaliers are reluctant to sign Humphries to a long-term deal, preferring to use him as a trade chip to amass additional assets or to only take up cap space for a year. (Being well under the salary cap, Cleveland could just sign Humphries using its room if it was interested in him, and wouldn’t have to give up anything.)

Indeed, Humphries’s agent, Dan Fegan, has not even had a conversation with the Cavaliers about a contract for Humphries, according to league sources. The Nets are driving the process.

The Nets have sent medical records for their free agent center, Brook Lopez, to the Magic. Lopez would be the centerpiece of the players and picks that Orlando would take back in a package for Howard. However, the Nets have not asked for or received Howard’s medical records from Orlando, according to the source involved in the discussions, because the talks have not gotten to the point where a deal is imminent. Howard underwent back surgery in April to repair a herniated disc that kept him out of the playoffs.

Opening up the process to other teams can only drive up potential packages other teams would be willing to send. The Houston Rockets have tried for months to get Howard, even though he’s consistently said he would have no interest in signing an extension with them if traded there and would leave in the summer of 2013 as an unrestricted free agent. Howard has told teams that he would only sign an extension with the Nets. The Rockets do have several young players on rookie deals that could be enticing as trade chips, along with guard Kevin Martin, who’s entering the final year of his contract.

Yahoo! Sports reported Monday afternoon that the proposed deal would send Howard, Jason Richardson and Earl Clark to Brooklyn. Lopez (via a sign-and-trade deal), forwards Damion James and Shelden Williams and guard Armon Johnson, along with Cleveland forward Luke Walton, would go to Orlando, along with three first-round picks — two from New Jersey and one from Cleveland. The Cavs would get Humphries, guard Quentin Richardson from Orlando, guard Sundiata Gaines from the Nets, a first-round pick from the Nets and $3 million. Later Monday ESPN.com reported that the Clippers would be involved as a fourth team in the proposed trade, receiving guard MarShon Brooks from the Nets and a future protected first-round pick.


  1. ClippersRock says:


  2. ClippersAllDaWay says:

    All the fans thinking howard is going to the nets or lakers are wrong Dwight howard is not stupid and he is going to end up with the Clippers and join a team that actually has that chance at winning unlike the lakers cool that got nash but he is so washed up its not funny


  3. Sy357 says:

    lol! i like how they say that Dwight is still young, but the media talks about Blake Griffin as if he’s out of his prime already.

  4. LA ALL DAY says:

    Here’s what’s going to happen, now that Brooklyn is done with Howard talks:

    Grant Hill signs with the lakers on a 3 year 9 million contract. Thus adding depth to the lakers 3pt shooting and weak sf (offensively) position.

    Dwight sees himself surrounded by shooters: Kobe, Nash, Hill, Blake.

    The system that Dwight is good in involves many good shooters. Dwight essentially is thier center peice. With Nash, the lakers add an entirely new dimension in which allows Dwight to be better offensively as well (pick and roll). Gasol has pressure releived from him due to dwight and starts thriving in the post becoming the big man he once was.

    Dwight is traded to LA for Bynum, a 1st round pick and a 2nd round pick and skittles.

    LA pulls off the greatest NBA season ever, losing just 9 games.

    LA wins the championship in 4 against the overhyped heat (no pg and center, two positions in whihc the lakers thrive)

    This lineup sticks around until nash retires.

    Then the lakers enbark on their quest to find another true pg for dwight gasol and kobe

  5. thats making them a big 3.. ๐Ÿ™‚

  6. dwight should go to the lakers.. making him traded to the lakers has a better chance of winning a championship.. with steve nash and kobe..

  7. Gavin says:

    Dang. He should come to South Beach and play for the Heat. We would be the East All Star Team

  8. SUPERM4N197 says:

    Don’t trade Howard for those mediocre players instead trade Howard for Bynum and Gasol that are not mediocre players

  9. I KNEW IT says:

    Mavs need to trade dirk and get dwight O YEAH

  10. I KNEW IT says:

    hahaha if dwight came to the mavs its over GO MAVS!!!!!!!!!!!!

  11. Horford for Howard

    Howard has a bad back

    Just like T mac

  12. Choker says:

    It would be a bad move for the Magic… letting go of Howard and Jrich getting a not known bench and 3 future draft picks only…. they even traded out Ryan Anderson… things arent the same for the Magic….

  13. trevor says:

    I love this set up. huge magix fan, always have been. we lost shaq and got nothing in return. you guys are all bashing the garbage we’d be getting. Ummmm… I see us getting 4 first round picks in his “deal”. Are you kidding me? We could get 4 first round picks and thats it and I’d consider it a win. Consider this, Dwight has taken a lot of abuse over the course of his time in orlando and while he is a strong dude his body is starting to ware, we got dwight in his prime and who knows how healthy he will stay. this trade guarantees the magic more spending money in the future and collateral for future big name market trades with picks. What happens when the magic keep their first round pick from the cavs and get a 1st or 2nd lottery ball. You might get dwight 2.0 for less money and younger and start over again. This could be a great foundation trade, magic fans you just need to accept just as I have that our current roster wont win a championship and while the heat and others are getting unnecessarily stacked, now is the best time to rebuild….

  14. Use2likenba says:

    If the Magic trade with the Nets they lose Howard and at least another starter and other major contributors for one starter. No matter who you are, this is a stupid deal. It would be better to keep Howard and let him play the FA market next year than to take an inferior deal. Nets couldn’t pay him and he doesn’t get what he wants. He already cost the Magic a coach and GM. Only deals that offer star for star or 2 starters for Howard benefit the Magic. He is the best center in the NBA. Why would you accept anything less. The NBA needs to stop the madness. Why have a draft if it isn’t designed to level the playing field? A team like Orlando or Cleveland shouldn’t get stuck after waiting to improve through drafting a player, developing them, and then getting left out in the cold. The NBA needs rules to allow for reasonable compensation if they are going to allow a player to decide where he goes or just stop it all together. Why should James or Howard be allowed to destroy an entire franchise/city? Think of this: Cleveland and Orlando were competing for an NBA title 2 years ago. If Howard leaves the Magic they’ll both be struggling to make the playoffs and sell tickets. Does the NBA want cities to lose franchises? That’s what will happen if this continues. Best deal for Magic: Howard for Love and let them both see if they can convince them to stay.

  15. Clippers are really starting to piss me off. The nerve of them to even think they have a chance in getting Dwight. They’ve had how many winning seasons in the last decade? Clippers need to go back to being the black hole of the NBA. It’s bad enough they want to take our players and share our buildings. The Clippers are like the little brother that’s always trying to follow you to go outside.

    • clippers323 says:

      If you were not stupid , you would read the article and see that they are not trying to get dwight! (Brooks) .Typical fakers fan…

  16. Orlando native says:

    trade dwight to LA for bynum and and draft picks magic can actually build around bynum and if he is healthy i think bynum can be better center then dwight in the future.

  17. Rich says:

    Howard stays put. He will be traded during the mid-season.

  18. Wow says:

    sick and tired of this . . .

  19. Ryan says:

    I am really tired of hearing all the rumors about Howard, what so special about him? 4 teams to satisfy his wants, even MJ and Kobe didn’t do that. Jesus!!!

  20. Josh Poulsen says:

    Just think if the trade happened to go through, here would be the starting lineup for the Nets.

    PG- Deron Williams
    SG- Jason Richardson
    SF- Joe Johnson
    PF- Gerald Wallace
    C- Dwight Howard

    That would be a dominant starting five right there. I dont think Joe Johnson would mind at all letting Richardson be SG. I mean, Johnson is built for a SF anyway. Stockey and 6’7. This would be a championship contending team that Miami will not have fun trying to beat.

  21. Tony says:

    I think that Magic should trade Howard to the lakers cause lakers are giving up a better player than new jersey and cavs.clippers. Are giving up nothing good for the magic in return

  22. jayme336 says:

    point blank period you guys should read more and talk less its cool to be a fan but honestly im a Fan but you guys are uneducated fans which are the worst some of you kill me with wishes truth is dwight will get his wish the same way lebron did the same way bosh did the same way melo did and next year so will chris paul open your eyes when you are a SUPERSTAR you choose where you shine and when your numbers are great you want to contend for championships with other SUPERSTARS beside you.AND FOR ALL YOU OWNERS WHO THINK ITS BAD FOR THE GAME HA….TRY TELLING THE FANS OF THE LAKERS KNICKS SPURS HEAT THUNDER CLIPPERS NETS and many other teams from the past NOBODY EVER WON A RING ON THEIR OWN SO TO WIN YOU MUST EITHER DRAFT WELL OR RECRUIT WELL BUT ONE THING THAT YOU ARE GOING TO NEED FOR SURE ARE A COUPLE SUPERSTARS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  23. Nativeorlandoan says:

    Remember folks it is only basketball. I think Dwight will eventually get what he want. I also believe that he will eventually realize that being the third option on a team is not as fun as being the main man. Orlando will continue to be a great city with or without Dwight. REAL MAGIC FANS LET’S TAKE THE ROAD!!!!!!

  24. John says:

    Dumb! I miss how it was back in the days where if you wanted someone bad enough you traded 2-3 players tops, or offered him so much money that he couldn’t refuse. This is just dumb, 10 player trade? 4 teams? Give me a break i’m sick of the nba. Let me know when football starts

  25. rasetsuyagami says:

    if Brooklyn doesn’t get Dwight, how about getting Chris Kaman from New Orleans?
    Kaman is much better than Brook Lopez.

  26. susie says:

    The side of all these that y’all are failing to see is that Dwight Howard is ‘fast-tracking’ his trade to whatever team that’s closest to getting him because his back injury could be career-threatening. Don’t you think Howard has been in the league long enough to know that he will be hated by people for the way he demands a trade right now? Hello Lebron 2010??? Do you think that wasn’t a most recent recollection enough for Howard? I still believe Howard is a good person to the core, but his circumstances right now just dictates that he be asked to be signed right away. I bet once Howard is already in Brooklyn, he’ll soon sign that long-term extension contract with the Nets just so he is insured to earn his max payout even though he’ll be on the injured list. Think about that for a second, makes sense right?

  27. chitown says:

    SOME OF YOU PEOPLE ARE REALLY DUMB!!! Dwight to LA won’t work because Dwight doesn’t want to sign an extension with LA, and Bynum doesn’t want to sign an extension with Orlando. That won’t work. Then i see comments about trading him to the Clippers and the Thunder. That will NEVER happen because Dwight Howard, the crybaby that he is, doesn’t want to sign an extension with the Clippers and if their were some deal to go down with the Magic, they would want Blake Griffin in the deal. The Clippers would never do that. The Thunder don’t want Dwight because they would have to give up Westbrook or Harden along with Ibaka or Perkins. I think the Magic just want to get rid of Dwight. No other team has given them an offer except the Nets. And they want to get rid of him via trade so that they get players in return. They don’t want this to be a Lebron James saga where he leaves and the team he used to play for gets NOTHING.

  28. DaCaPn says:

    Orlando gets 3 first round picks, (pretty sure two is for 13 and one for 14) they’ll be bad for those two years. Then the terrible contracts that are left (Hedo, Davis, J.J.) are gone. Jameer, Lopez, and this year rookies are the only players that will still be in Orlando at the end of 2014. 2-5 solid rookies come in, some talented free agents in 2015 and Orlando will be back. 2015 is a long way away, but it looks promising. There might be a Kevin Durant, LeBron James, or even a Dwight Howard in the drafts coming up so Orlando will just have to wait and rebuild. The GM is the same guy that put OKC together and got them in the championship in like three years.

  29. steven says:

    I like this trade for orlando. If they wait to long the nets will just wait for free agency and pick him up than. Than the majic would be in a blackhole like cleveland a few years ago. It would be alot easier to rebuild with stacking up some first round picks. Look at cleveland they have stacked up first round picks the last two years and are heading down an okc path, still far away but on the right track. Take the deal and get something for him rather than lose him for nothing because dwight will not re-sign.

  30. Antis says:

    Lets be honest here, there’s no way even with Howard that Lakers would win a championship

  31. el tinedor says:

    Jordan,Pippen,Barkley,Magic,Bird,Wilt,Mike Tyson to Nets. Manny Pacquiao to Magic. Its a circus now.

  32. The French Durantula says:

    most complex trade ever

  33. kobe13 says:

    kobe,dwight,griffin,rondo,lebron,durant, vs nba

  34. Paul Barbeau says:

    Bynum for Nowitzki.

    In a straight up deal.
    between “Must win now” Lakers and “Jump ship” Mavs.

    Nowitzki not happy right now…
    Bynum always considered Dallas prefered location
    Cuban went for Lamar last year.
    Paul Gasol is prefered by Kobe over Bynum.
    Dirk wants to go back to Nash.

    This is happening as we speak.
    Don’t ask me how I know. I just know.

  35. snoman99 says:

    Luke Walton is the go too pickup in this trade!!!!!!! *LMFAO*

  36. sirsparhawk says:

    This will happen, its a large deal that seems complicated as hell but if it works nets could be pretty strong, strong enough to rival heat. Although heat just got ray allen so yea they also just got stronger.

  37. Rob K says:

    NONE of this deal is really worth for Orlando to do the trade. They’d get a bunch of mediocre player in exchange for a game changing superstar. Orlando, listen up… DO NOT DO THIS!!! I’d try to (somehow) deal with the Lakers for Bynum. Besides, why would you want to help establish a “Big Four” in Brooklyn??? So that little, if any chance of any other Eastern Conference team would have to compete for a championship other than Miami or the Nets?? Forget it!!!!!

  38. Daniel says:

    As a big LeBron fan I am glad that this Dwight Howard-saga is going on. Because it takes away the spotlight on LeBron leaving Cleveland and puts it into another perspective. Here is a guy that is under contract but refuses to play for a team, and demands to be traded. LeBron handled this much much better, even though he went on live tv to tell everyone his decision on which team he wanted to sign with. According to me Dwight should be the true villain in the NBA – not LeBron! Dwight is an immature baby who needs to grow up! And as much as I like Dwight for being a funny and likable guy, I truly hope everyone gives him a hard time because of this circus!

    • JG says:

      Exactly, LBJ didn’t force and coerced his way out. He left as a free agent. Granted the decision blew but still, Dwight’s process is outweighing LBJ’s end.

  39. SmoothMM says:

    The Magic’s first mistake was 3 years ago: trading Raefer Alston and Courtney Lee to the Nets and letting Hedo go after a Finals appearance in 2009.

    • abisan says:

      I remember the finals 2009 when they put in on crowd request Nelson as a starting point. With this they broke the chemistry that the team acquired during those playoffs. At that moment I realise that SVG will never be a coach fot title team and will have to wait for a long time to have again a chance to be in finals.
      I think this was the reason why they lost finals, because Lee and Alston drove well plays which were oriented on pick and roll between Hedo and Howard. Then the wanna-be star returned and burned everything.

  40. tykieboi says:

    are the clippers really getting brooks plus a protected future pick or are they getting brooks in exchange for protected future pick??coz i think the magic is getting 4 1st round picks i guess he was wrong when he said and future protected 1st round pick maybe he means brooks in exchange for a future protected 1st round pick

  41. xarthur06 says:

    The magic would be forced to trade howard to the nets maybe not this preseason but definitely before the trade deadline or else they would just get nothing… it’s inevitable… the magic would just be looking for the best offer the nets could give that’s why they’re delaying things…

    • trade1 says:

      the magic are acting stupid at this point.. if the rockets stop wanting to be in the mix, thats when its over.. cause no other team is trying to get howard and now your bargaining chips just want out the window with the nets… move him to the western conference already to the rockets and get your 3 or 4 #1 picks and players and add some players before free agency is over like tomorrow(yeah i know it starts tomorrow, but free agents are already making agreements)..what is in the job description to be a gm of the Orlando Magic, my god…..

      whats even more amazing is that no team that wants howard has even requested some sort of doctor message about his back. since he’s the property of the magic, he can’t do workouts.. i have a sneaky suspicion this is one of the reasons howard signed with the magic.. he wouldn’t have to go thru any screenings by any teams as a free agent..

      I would want to know he’s 100% before taking a risk on a player who has just had back surgery…

  42. CHICAGO BULLS says:

    Chicago need to make an extremely risky trade to get Howard, otherwise we’re not winning a chanmpionship for at least 5 Years!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  43. specialfriedrice says:

    @ CManley, your opions appear to represent those of an idiot.

  44. I suggest that Dwight a teammthat has very good outside shooters to complement his Inside Dominance–OKC, GSW or Indiana are best options– Howard will never have a chance to win a championship with New Jersey

  45. Christo says:

    just imagine, Howard, Griffin, DJordan in a lineup ๐Ÿ˜€

  46. arnold bernardo says:

    every year Miami Heat will improve thier roster and we what they show lat finals which they defeat a strong young Thunder team without a center and real point guard they can beat any team with authority even though with a new team brooklyn Nets with D Howard in it they are not as athetic as Lebron James, Dwayne Wade or Chris Bosh. No comparison with Deron Williams over paid Dude not a true leader when he was in Utah, Joe Johnson always a loser in Suns & Hawks and will be a loser forever. Wallce too old and injury prone man. Sorry Howard bad decision not like L James did two years ago. Miami Heat will be champions for more years. I also believe New York Knicks will also be champion when they get a goo coach such as Phil Jackson and a true point guard such as Chris Paul. SORRY Dwight Howard!!!

  47. Krazies says:

    People have said that Magic don’t want Brooks, but that’s just speculation I don’t hear anyone saying that out there. Second of all everyone thinking this deal is going to get done is crazy, especially the Magic organization if they do it. The best player they are getting is Lopez and you never know what can happen with those pick’s, they can be bust to bench players to starters to stars. The best team to get something out of this are the Cav’s who will let go of that contract of Walton’s and get money, a back point guard in Gaines, and Kris Humpries, who I think Irving would like to play with in a pick and roll or pop like Williams did, But that also the problem Kris doesnt have a contract and he has to agree to a sign and trade. Meaning that if the Nets think they could really pull this, they must have beeing really putting the hours. Give credit to Nets for thinking outside the box to try to pull a trade that no one thought they could pull off after the Joe Johnson deal. To the Magic shame on them for not including Brooks in any way in the trade for them, who by the way is still in his rookie, CHEAP, contract who I can agree with people saying that he may turn to a Kobe potential, but lets get real and remember that there is only one Kobe like there is only on JORDAN. Finally my respects to the Cavs who might have put themselves in a crazy situation, but a great deal if done for them.

  48. natefilewood says:

    WOW… Orlando walks away with squat… again… thanks for everything Dwight ‘Shaq’ Howard…

  49. arnold bernardo says:

    I dont believe in the skills of D-Will where he can’t provide Utah a good leader. I also don’t believe in Joe Johnson where he only gets big bucks he is a losser in Suns and Hawks. G Wallace too old he is an injury man. New York will be a better team if they can get a good coach such as Phil Jackson and a true point guard like ramon session.

  50. MiamihEATBrooklyn says:

    no…….for everyone on here who believes brooklyn with howard will beat miami…..no

  51. Clipper Nation says:

    MarShon Brooks will be a good add for the Clippers since we lost Nick Young to the 76ers.
    I’d Rather Trade for Howard but we lose too much. And we don’t have the players to trade for him.

  52. joel eustaquio says:

    Dwight Howard will not win a single RING if he retains in the east. As you can see the Miami Heat are the best in the East Conference for several more years with Lebron James, Chirs Bosh and Dwyane Wade. They just beat a good young team the Thunder without a real center and most of thier guys are injured. If they are all healty and with some more addition like Rey Allen and one true center they are unbeatable. Sorry Howard keep on dreaming Dwight…Brooklyn Nets with D-Will, Wallace and Johnson they are not as competitive as to Miami, Knicks, Lakers, Thunder and Clippers.If only NY Knicks can get a good coach such as Phil Jackson and true real point guard they will be unbeatable too.

  53. CLIPZZ says:

    WOW! The Clippers have a chance to get Brooks? He got some talent! STEAL

  54. MIamiSotaTimberHeat says:

    Heat get alot of mentions on here even when it does’nt pertains to us. We thank u for the recognition

  55. esbe says:

    the magic would be silly to not get marshon brooks in a trade with the nets.

  56. olegna says:

    still wondering why Lakers is still interested to Dwight if they already have Pau and Bynum? those two are more than enough,. . just improve their post and defense and would be a champion team again with Nash nothing to question on Kobe he’s still good at his position and a good leader.. .

  57. olegna says:

    to South Beach man,. . ..TO South Beach!! and your ring will be guaranteed.. ..

  58. Lebron iz DeezD says:

    if yall read properly. it says “Amid several reports that a deal to send Dwight Howard to the Brooklyn Nets is close, a source directly involved in the discussions said Monday that the Nets are exploring offers from other teams that want to get involved in the Howard talks besides the Cleveland Cavaliers” so yall can go to bed tonight or wake up tomorrow and realize it’s Howard on Brooklyn or none. All this talk about Lakers and Clips like wow people. MIAMI MAKE ANOTHER MOVE AY. CAMBY ON NYK DA HECKKKK? 3 BIG BIGZ (CHANDLER, AMARE, CAMBY) GUARDING THE RIM AND ALL WE GOT IS BOSH??? HE ISN’T EVEN COMFORTABLE AT THE 5 POSITION… NOW IF HOWARD LANDS IN BROOKLYN WITH WALLACE AND BRED SCORERS LIKE JOE N DERON WEZ IN BIG TROUBLE. ARE WE NOT CHASING A CHAMPIONSHIP THIS UPCOMING SEASON??? GETN RAY RAY WAS HUGE BUT WE NEED TO FIX OUR BIGGEST PROBLEM. YALL SAW WAT KG DONE DID!! LORD HELP MIAMI AGAIN!

  59. Lob city says:

    For those of you saying the clips have too many guards, well this gives them good depth especially since chauncey is gonna be out for the beginning of the season>

  60. kb24mvp says:


  61. wel villa says:



    “CAN,T WAIT”

  62. Lee says:

    I wish Boston had the right pieces to offer for Dwight w/o loosing Rondo, KG, and PP. But im not a delusional heat fan thinking you just trade a handful of scrubs that play the same position like Joel, Turiaf, Haslem, plus a few picks and think its gonna happen.


    would be a fun starting 5 to watch!

  63. Miami Heat 2013 Champions says:

    Dwight Howard and Ryan Anderson for Serge Ibaka and Kendrick Perkins and some first round picks for next years draft


    Starting 5
    PG. Russell Westbrook
    SG. James Harden
    SF. Kevin Durant
    PF. Ryan Anderson
    C. Dwight Howard

    • elt says:

      the only way orlando does that trade is if westbrook is in that package other than that no ones interested in perkens or ibaka.

  64. Xyrus says:

    D12 will go to the nets! Nets east conf. Finals 2013 playoffs.

  65. KB24-of-Phil says:

    Let him go to Nets and oust the Miami..

  66. Alaina says:

    I would rather Dwight just walk away after next season than us trade him, The Richardsons, and Earl Clark away and receiving in return – Brook Lopez, Shelden Williams, Damion James and Armon Johnson (who ARE some of these guys?) Are you kidding???

  67. FSmoove says:

    This 4 team trade is the worst scenario for the Magics because Brook Lopez is not a good choice for Orlando when they should try to get Al Horford and why Howard want to play With Brooklyn? To play with Deron Williams? If I was Dwight, I will ask to be trade to Atlanta and play with his Old Friend Josh Smith and they’re is some rumor that CP3 wants to play with the Hawks? And I prefer play with CP3 and JSmoove than Deron Williams

  68. Blektrey says:

    NBA Fan said “keeping Pau and Bynum means no Final for the โ€œfakersโ€ again this seasonโ€ฆโ€ฆ.. bank on it”

    @NBA Fan “The Lakers have 17 NBA championships. Bank on that!!!”

  69. Kamote says:

    Trade Dwight for Cousins and Tyreke!!! The Maloofs would care if Howard doesnt sign next year anyway.

  70. George Stuarts says:

    Howard should go to L.A for Bynum + Pick or Pau + Pick, then L.A will have Nash, Kobe, Howard, Pau or Bynum, and Barnes

  71. DA says:

    Forget Dwight, LA. He can’t even shoot freethrows. Bynum and Pau are more than enough. Just knock some sense in their heads to play better defense.

  72. igi pop says:

    Howard goes to Brooklyn Nets, and then what????? He will want out before his next contract. I think he’s smelling himself a little too much….. Soon no team will want him, and he will be plying for the Euro legue like Allen Iverson

  73. lakeshow says:

    stern will never let this happen just sayin

    • reason says:

      why is it all lakers fan seem to think because stern blocked the cp trade he can block any trade. he blocked that because the hornets were owned by the nba. the magic are not so stern can’t do anything so stop bitching about that.

      • go lakers says:

        yeah owned by the nba not stern plus the guys on the NBA TV show even said he cant do that.

    • pakyaw says:

      is it all LAKERS fans here are 12 yrs old and below? just wondering…

  74. LeBum says:

    OK D12. You won by far. You are the super villain in NBA history.

  75. LakeShow says:

    man im readin all these crazy comments…but the bottom line is, if the Nets get Howard, then the rest of the league is in trouble…maybe not the first year cuz it takes time to develop chemistry, learn the system and all that…but down the road, yes the NETS would become a favorite for years to come. Additionaly, it is crazy that the addion of Mirza Teletovic (probably the best player in the game playin on european continent) has not been noticed by all you so-called experts. The guy is a monster!!! And you’ll see that yourself in just a few games…so this really means that with the addition of Howard and J-Rich the Nets would be more than just a starting five!!
    PG D-Will
    SG Joe Johnson
    SF Wallace
    PF Teletovic (trust me, maybe not the first 10 games, but he will take this starting spot…u dont score 22ppg in euroleague by accident)
    C Howard
    Bench: Richardson and lets say ANYONE ELSE…we all know that play offs are played with a 7-8 man rotation…I think only the Spurs managed to go 10 man deep….

    Either way, if Howard goes to NETS they will be loaded and even tho Im a laker fan, i honestly dont think anyone could beat them if they develop the chemistry…not miami, not lakers (with nashty), not OKC, not memphis, not spurs, not chicago (with a healthy d-rose)…PERIOD!!!

    • reason says:

      i think you’re really overestimating how good they would be. still wouldn’t compete with those teams. johnson is an all star but he’s no superstar. the other two are great but you need more talent than that to win a title.

      • A.I. says:

        u might be right reason, but either way he didnt say nets would win in the first season…i do think however that NOBODY is taking Teletovic seriously b/c nobody follows the euroleague enough…the guy is a serious beast and outperformed many dudes that played against him including ricky rubio, ilyasova, navarro, and a few others…i think nobody’s counting on him but even with a loaded team like the nets he’ll give them 10-15pts a game…if howard trade happens, ur looking at a new miami…possibly better cuz they r more balanced

    • esbe says:

      finally someone who actually knows what theyre taling about

  76. jasper says:

    bynum 4 dwight!

  77. alann2992 says:

    LA can put Bynum and Gasol to do work with a true PG like Nash and that will help Bryant to get open Jump Shots.
    LA needs to actually have the practices they didnโ€™t have last season and just focus the rest of the offseason on building a solid bench.

  78. Luke Duke says:

    Who’s the bigger primadonna: Howard or LeBron???

  79. phamie says:

    Use your head dwight, GO TO THE LAKERS and you have a very very big chance their to have a title now with KOBE and NASH. BIG 3 too, LOL

  80. Rod Maruca says:

    Spoiled kid geting what he cried for!
    And Orlando….could this organization be more messed up than this?

  81. elt says:

    why would orlando want lukw walton? plus this ddeal is stupid why dont orlando trade j rich with clark for for marshon brooks,and lopez plus some picks thats a deal for me and i think magic fans would agree plus why orlando need some SF ‘s we got enough already.

  82. nbafan says:

    all these kids with millions…

  83. Mike Jones says:

    I heard howard is going to the TORONTO RAPTORS and magic get the valuntuckas guy from lithuania and hose caldarona, that would be a pretty good trade for the magic

  84. MR.NEBULA says:

    i said this a while ago to someco workers. its possible for dwight to go to clippers with blake and paul. why not. they got some good players to give orlando magic. that would be some dynamic 3 for real.

  85. kb24 says:

    clippers always do this they receive but never give just like how they were involved with the 3 team trade with wizards nuggets when they got nick young but didnt give anything..

  86. WOW says:

    I hope he gets dealt to the nets and I am a laker fan.

    First of all I dont want a cry baby to be on the squad and second of all I think that since Boston is no longer a super power and the bulls have yet to recover there is no REAL threat to the Heat in the Eastern conference, by the nets having dwight it might keep things interesting in the east because we all know that the west has OKC the lakers the clipps memphis and the spurs.

  87. LAofManila says:

    Yeah I agree with you!! But LA is not in need of Howard.. They need a good bench and 1 shooter.. Allen is the best but he went to Miami..

  88. gdf says:

    im not a fan of the lakers or anything but the whole ‘fakers’ terminology should stop… honestly based on the so called fakers criteria heat would be called fakeaters and nets would be fneters (f is silent in this case. its a stupid terminology that really doesnt make sense. Which playoff/ title contending team doesnt have to pay big bucks? if you dont like those teams than you might as well go and support the bobcats, wizards, kings etc etc. stupid people these days..

  89. Chuck Norris Cole says:

    this is such a shopping list or a trash list. don’t give marshawn brooks! the kid has a potential to be next kobe. ๐Ÿ˜‰

  90. Sam says:

    im starting to think dwight isnt going anywhere, he will just retire or go back to the magic cus there is so much drama everywhere and nothing happened yet. if he doesnt get traded soon then i doubt he’ll even get traded. he is just causing a bunch of bs

  91. Britt says:

    I don’t think Kris Humphries will resign with the nets knowing he is going to get traded, I’m not even sure that Brook Lopez will either

  92. showideez says:

    Nets Lineup

    D Will
    Joe Johnson
    J Rich
    Gerald Wallace
    D Howard

    Bench; Tyshawn Taylor, Reggie Evans, Mirza Teletovic, Earl Clark. They can get a backup pg. Go ring Gilbert Arenas doorbell

  93. trade1 says:

    this is beautiful, i just don’t understand what orlando is thinking about.. I for one would pull the trigger in a heartbeat..
    Orlando didn’t have bad players, jrish, nelson, anderson can actually play BUT this is where orlando messed up by trading anderson.. deron williams isn’t much better than nelson, anderson can shoot 3’s better than anybody on the nets roster at the moment.. if you think adding d12 to the nets makes them a contender, i’m laughing.. this is ridiculous.. now they are saying wallace/dwill play defense pretty good.. oh brother, they are not two way players, when you get to the playoffs you need 2 way players 35-40 minutes a night…nets at best is a rehash of Orlando teams of the past with the addition of d12..

    but if i were the magic, i’d trade him to the rockets and let them deal with it and collect 2 or 3 future 1st rounders, plus a couple of players, cause the rockets 1st round pics will be in top 12 for the next 4 years thanks to mchale and company… that deal would also make it impossible for howard to sign in nj next year, they are still nj to me…so weak…

    why are teams sending their better players to teams they play against in their same conference.. this is getting crazy..

    howard for bynum actually makes no sense.. whats the point of bringing in the same type player…

    • sirsparhawk says:

      Lol yea and get no center pieces, no giving him to nets or lakers is their best bet. D-Will being slightly better than nelson? You sir are a fan boy, D-Will is much much better than nelson, and more consistent. All there is too it.

  94. chris says:

    Clippers should get howard through a direct trade. Send in DJ, bledsoe & crawford for dwight.

  95. CManley says:

    Agreed. They do not want LA to dominate, not good for the image of LeBroke and ESPN if there is a real super team in existence. First, no Chris Paul. Amare and Carmelo can go to NY, Lebarf and Bosh can go to Miami with Wade, KG and Ray can go to Celts with Pierce, CP3 and all-star Caron Butler can go to LAC with Griffin, and Howard, Joe John, and Wallace can all go play for the Nets with Dwill,

    …but Kobe gets 1 current all-star other than himself. I’m surprised the league didn’t block Nash with some new “aged-vet service minimum requirement conference switching clause” or some BS. LET IT HAPPEN IF THE PLAYERS AND FANS WANT IT! Scared indeed. 6 puts Kobe with MJ.

    Can’t wait for LeBrontosaurus to get old and retire. Then we can get back to the real basketball played without the circus and favoritism.

  96. Phoenix says:

    All of that for Big Baby Howard, hope he’s not gonna start crying at the end of his next contract who ever signs him.

  97. Magic Fan says:

    So why dont the Magic want MarShon Brooks? That is like the only good prospect in the whole deal!!!!

    • NetsNation says:

      Finally a good comment. as a Nets fan I hate to lose MarShon Brooks but if anyone should get him it should be the magic for trading away their superstar (obviously not by their choice). He is an upcoming great player, truly sad Magic do not see the potential.

      • elt says:

        dont listen to these reports orlando is gona get him, we will be drained at sg if j-rich is gone .

  98. laker4life says:

    Andrew Bynum is a problem child with two bad knees who cost the Lakers games when he threw his tantrums refused to listen to Mike Brown in practice or huddles. Plus he is not consistent. And not a powerhouse on defense like Howard. What kind of trade has the Lakers done so far??? I am not downing the Lakers, I been a fan since the first time Magic Johnson put on a purple and gold uniform. Steve Nash is good but he is old, do you think he can keep up with a Chris Paul, or any young talented point guard out there. He is a fading star like Karl Malone was when he came to L.A. thinking he was going to finally when a ring before he retired cause he couldn’t do with the team he started with. In my opioion, Nash was still a mediocre trade! Lakers need a big boast or it will be the Heat vs. the thunder next year and the Lakers will lose a few thousands fans when they do no better than they did last year. Then you have to get rid of Brown and make Phil Jackson coach or/ general manager cus Lakers Management is not getting the job done, again!!!

  99. ch33se says:

    dwight and hedo turkoglu for blake griffin, foye, simmons, gomes, bledsoe and future draft picks

    PG: CP3
    SG: Caron Butler
    SF: Hedo turkoglu
    PF: Martin
    C: Howard

    sg; crawford
    sf: Lamar odom
    pf: Evans
    c: De andre Jordan

    nick young?

  100. Lakeshow says:

    Haha, this shows how scared every team is if Dwight came to the Lakers… So every single team is trying to prevent us espiecally Stern

    • go lakers says:


    • Samwise says:

      Scared of what? Tsk tsk. You Laker fans are so delusional. “Every team” (Especially Stern) isn’t trying to “prevent” this trade from happening because they’re scared of the idea of Dwight going to the Lakers. What is so hard to understand? Dwight wants to go to the Nets. He has said that over and over again. He wants no part of the Lakers. Kiss the dream of this trade goodbye. You’re stuck with Bynum for now.

      • pakyaw says:

        yep a lot of delusional lakers fan in here…they think NASH will make a big impact, NASH likes to play run & gun games,while the Lakers are only effective in half court offence… if a player been playing like that for years,its gonna be hard to adjust..and the word “SACRIFICE” gonna come in,and idk if the LAKERS knows that meaning (BYNUM,KOBE)….the CELTICS did it, the HEAT did it.. well.,,will see.

    • Sick says:

      delusional laker fan…

  101. Lakers-R-Us says:

    I wish the best for Dwight Howard! wherever he goes! As for the Lakers receiving him I think it will not happen! The good news is we still have Bynum! It’s too bad that it’s turned into such a fiasco! I think this could have been a lot easier! In fact, I don’t think I’ve ever seen so many complications involving one individual player in all the years I’ve followed the NBA! No matter what happens, I think Orlando has a tough road to hoe after they lose him! Brooklyn would benefit greatly though!

  102. dew says:

    Howard to Brooklyn going to be fun to watch. Williams, Wallace and Howard can all play D as well as great offense. Liking that 3 already to whatever else they may add. Deron did good by staying put with the team and letting it unfold there. Great way to kick off the new Brooklyn Nets team if they land Howard there. Will be a couple seasons as they get players to play for them to fill in role spots like Miami did in order to win anything. I give them til next year or the season after that to become true contenders out East. Miami going to repeat next year and go back to back with the pick up of Ray Allen I am afraid. 4th quarters where you have James, Wade, Allen, Battier, and Bosh going to be tough to stop.

  103. Jason says:

    What is the LA Clippers giving up in all this cause they look like they’re the winners of all of this

  104. pg d will sg Joe Johnson sf j rich pf g wallace c howard

    bench would be tyshawn taylor pretty much only him

  105. Tito says:

    Dwight Howard needs to bring his talent to South Beach

  106. me says:

    Honestly am from new York Brooklyn but am tired of hearing about this crybaby seriously

  107. OKC says:

    Wow. The Magic just need to get rid of him. Just trade him to either the lakers or Nets. Put up or shut up Dwight. You’re worse than Lebron James. The Magic don’t need the drama. Lopez, Humphries, and the other guys would be worth the deal. Just do it already

  108. Red says:

    As a thunder fan, you will best bet for dwight howard would be Ibaka and perkins, not gonna say harden but thats most likely who you would want, thats an even trade though and common sense, but lets be real with this magic nets b.s, works out for both teams

  109. Amitpal says:

    U know everybody is blaming Dwight for all of this, why not blame the Orlando Organisation for making some of the dumbest decision I’ve seen a organization make. He’s making another one right now. Giving marshon brooks to the clippers for a Protected first round pick. Really r u so blind u can’t see talent. as a clipper fan I’m really happy. Marshon brook given the room to improve will become a all star someday. I’m not going to say he’s the next Kobe like some people r but he’s going to average 20 plus points on a good team someday.

  110. erwin says:

    Lakers does not need Howard, Bynum and Gasol are enough to make the team competitive. Who needs a crybaby anyway?

    • alann2992 says:

      I agree, they can put Bynum and Gasol to work with a true PG like Nash and that will help bryant to get open Jump Shots, LA needs to actually have the practices they didn’t have last season and just focus the rest of the offseason on building a solid bench.

  111. trade bynum for howard what the hell do the clippers have to offer?

    • Samwise says:

      They don’t have to offer anybody. They’re only on the receiving end of the stick, not the giving.

    • tim says:

      are u for real what does clips got to offer jordan billups can go lamar odom can go for howard we will never get him but we got people to trade for him

  112. Steffen says:

    I hope it’ll have consequences to jail the whole league like that. What Dwight is doing now isnt going to help anyone. The league will become even more unbalanced. Nets know that they just need the super stars, dosnt matter about the bench once the starting few superstars are in place they can always sign old vets for min. pay wanting a legit shoot at a title. Small markets will suffer even more.

  113. lbj says:

    howard wants to to miami for a ring. miami can’t afford but there is a way. they will keep james,wade,bosh,allen,chalmers,battier plus howard and give the rest of the palyers plus the salary caps since nba still allowed to play 7 players. All of them can play 45 mins

    • Bruce says:

      “And then they will sign Michael Jordan, Kareem Abdul-Jabar, and Wilt Chamberlin cause they don’t need the money and just want a ring” …. I feel dumber just for responding to your post.

    • preme808 says:

      lol u must not know anything bout basketball all ur comment make me laugh lololol u get troll of the year award dude

    • QuestionMark says:

      Do you not know every team must have 12 players? And Orlando isn’t as dumb as your comment to just give Howard away, they will want Wade/Bosh or Lebron/Bosh for maybe Howard and Turkoglu and J-Rich. And that is the only way Miami can get Dwight to give away Wade or Lebron.

  114. go lakers says:

    who are the clippers giving in that trade

    • tox says:

      “Later Monday ESPN.com reported that the Clippers would be involved as a fourth team in the proposed trade, receiving guard MarShon Brooks from the Nets and a future protected first-round pick.”

  115. Mauieyeo says:

    Get it done!!!!!!!!!

  116. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Wow it changes every hour!!!

  117. Teamdwight says:

    Thats gonna be a nice team, gonna be curios to see how they play together..Great Choice, Howard, Williams, Johnson, Wallace, Richardson. Good starting five, Orlando is gonna rebuild the whole team again.

  118. myles says:

    Dwight Howard needs to worry about recovery not what team he’s going too,,

  119. Bigdaddylef says:

    The Magic would be foolish to send Dwight to Brooklyn and not get, at least Deron Williams in exchange. That would be my goal if I were them. All the collection of wanabees would be pointless. DEMAND DERON WILLIAMS or send Dwight to LA for Bynum for Gasol. At least you would get a big man. Gasol is a lot better than Brook.

    • TDB says:

      they not even gettin brook…….remember nets will be trading brooks for a first round pick…….lmao

    • chitown says:

      Dwight won’t sign an extension with LA, Bynum wont sign an extension in Orlando. So it would be pointless for both teams because they’re gonna lose both of them by the end of the season.

  120. DA says:

    howard to nets

  121. lbj says:

    Hey David Aldridge are you nuts why all of these reporter keeps on talking about Howard trade. He can’t even score 20+. he can’t even match kevin love rebounding skill. What don’t you feature the best new comer point guard in town, no other than norris cole the new iverson of the century!

    • go lakers says:

      his last season ppg was 20.1 and he lead the league in rpg with 14.7 or close to that

    • wadefan says:

      lol.. i like cole.. but he isnt even starting for the heat.. he is a back up for chalmers.. haha.. please dont compare him to iverson.. he is nowhere near iverson in anyway..

    • YoYo says:

      He average 20+ last season and that was one of his lower scoring average, and he did that with coach Stan only giving him 6-7 shots per games, the rest of the shots he got come from offensive rbs and put back…He leads the league in rebounds last year, 2nd in blocks, and a top canidates for DPOY every year, last year was one of his worst season….If he focus on playing basketball and nothing else he can easily average 28pts-15+rbs,3 asts,1.5stls, 3blks….Easily… i don’t like him cus of all the stupid drama and demands but he is the best in the business at what he do without any doubts….Let not be blind here….

      • jared says:

        not a top candidate he actually won DPOY for the 3rd year str8. you said that like he didnt win it

      • wUT says:

        guy who replied to the comment above he meant this year he didn’t win idiot candidate mean he can win every year without doubt your so dumb..

  122. mick travis says:

    if the clips get dwight, they’ll be a championship team

    PG: CP3
    SG: Jamal Crawford
    SF: Caron Butler
    PF: Blake Griffin
    C: Howard

    billups, jordan, etc

    • go lakers says:

      ok… if they got dwight they would have to give up a few guys in that line-up you got their

    • lafanforlife says:

      Did you not read the article properly? The clippers would receive marshon brooks. where did you perceive that the clippers would get dwight howard? and for who cuz your starting line up and bench involves everyone staying on the clippers lol

    • thomas bone says:

      did u read the story they dont get him they just would be part of the trdes

    • rich says:

      Clips are the Clips. They’ll never win anything, ever.

    • jared says:

      deandre would def be gone as well as blake. you didnt read the article properly and probly not at all cuz half the guys on your list would be gone. definitely blake and deandre

    • wUT says:

      Blake would not be there for sure. No doubt.

  123. two says:

    Sounds good to me. The thing is though, I feel like they’re kind of being ahead of themselves by thinking that all the players will just agree to do a sign-and-trade. If even one of them disagrees, the whole deal will blow up. Besides, it’s possible that with this deal Orlando still is not interested, partly because of having to face a new power house in Brooklyn should they receive Howard.

    Then again, Brooklyn will have zero bench.

  124. amn says:

    wow. giving away howard and jason richardson for literally nothing?? could this dwight howard situation have played out any worse…now they are left with the bottom of the barrel. just do a straight up trade with the lakers and get bynum for howard already. it makes the most sense and they’ll actually get equal value back. that’s what everyone wants to see happen, anyways.

    • Jason says:

      Dwight is not signing an extension in LA, so there is no point of giving up bynum if he isn’t staying in LA. #Hellobrooklyn

      • two says:

        Nor is bynum signing an extension in Magic. Should the trade go on, they might just swap again at the end of the year ha

    • YoYo says:

      Jrich have a huge contract along with Turk…and neither one of them is producing up to standard so they’re basically dead weight anyway…1 of them has to go with dwight so Magic can have more cap room…

    • saleem says:

      i think i know what might be worst then losing howard for the magic…. the raptors losing vince carter for almost nothing… actually nothing…. sad part is carter was signed long term.. howard is a a free againt

      • SmoothMM says:

        Howard opted into his contract last year to stay another year. He’s not to be a free agent this year.

  125. JG says:

    Move aside LBJ! There’s a new (super) villain in town!

    • DJ3 says:

      LeBron would gladly give up his villain spot to Dwight.

    • wUT says:

      LBJ left his home town and in such dramatic fashion that it can’t be topped.

      • Merloc says:

        wUT is a typical sports junkie who thinks he knows it all. LBJ was not from Cleveland, he was from Akron so therefore he did not leave his hometown. Get a Clue.

      • BOOyah says:

        what difference does it make? Cleveland, Akron, theyre both in Ohio … he still backstabbed his own … now go learn ur map

      • JG says:

        For all haters:

        LBJ didn’t force Cleveland to trade him (for 2 years), he left as a free agent. Even if he doesn’t get traded and leaves as a FA after this season he already left his mark in the Magic front’s office. You want a list of people that forced their way into trades? Carmelo, CP, Dwight (soon to come), Deron – it doesn’t matter what reason they had. Want a list of players that completed their contracts and left as FA’s? CB, LBJ.

        Hometowns are overrated anyway. This guys get paid to play and try to win, not to whine. I hold no grudge against any of those players that demanded trades rather that playing their contracts, just giving all you hater fools some perspective.

  126. W/E says:

    this is absurd,no bench for the nets,their starting 5 will have to average 45 minutes per game next season i guess..

    • Ben says:

      The Nets never had a bench last season anyway lol!

    • jj says:

      the same with the heat but they found away

    • BermudaTriangle says:

      What’s more absurd is the Magic would even entertain such a terrible deal. Howard for a bunch of garbage??? Seriously…the best they can get for the BEST center in the league is Brook, who gives a s**t, Lopez and lottery picks. I’m not even a Magic fan and I’m pissed at the stupidity!

  127. TV63 says:

    This is a circus.

  128. kb24 says:


    • kb24 says:

      ha ha dwight shoulf be happy
      but lakers should not make trade
      keep pau and bynum

      • NBA Fan says:

        keeping Pau and Bynum means no Final for the “fakers” again this season…….. bank on it

      • Sane Fan says:

        Gasol isn’t even in any trade scenrios anymore. It will be just Bynum for Howard. Actually the most recent one was a 3 team trade with the Rockets where we got Howard and Jason Richardson. Which is being reported right on this site if you’ll just look. REALLY hope it goes through. J-Rich will be a nice back up SG. Nash, Kobe, Gasol, Howard = championship. Baring injuries of course. Or Kobe’s reluctance to share the ball. The game must run through Nash and the bigs inside out. I wouldn’t mind Kobe getting the majority of his minutes a game with the bench players where he could just shoot every play and then closing it out in the final minutes of the game. Letting the Bigs play mostly with just Nash exploiting 2 7 footers in the paint when most teams barely have 1 true center in this center starved league.

    • Ruben D Scott says:

      Reading all these stupid emails this just make me sick. Howard 4 Brynum would not happen because Howard feels we have a better shot winning with the nets. I just don’t think Howard would wanna go to the lakers because of Kobe ego. Kobe is Will be the #1 option & really I don’t think Dwight likes that. Orlando should wait until next season to trade 4 Dwight. I mean New Jersey would not have the cap space or they should trade him to Houston Rockets & get draft picks from Houston because Houston draft picks will be in the top 12. Trading Howard to New Jersey is mistake for Orlando because Orlando will trade Jason Richardson and Earl Clark to Brooklyn. Lopez (via a sign-and-trade deal), forwards Damion James and Shelden Williams and guard Armon Johnson, along with Cleveland forward Luke Walton, would go to Orlando, along with three first-round picks โ€” two from New Jersey and one from Cleveland. The Cavs would get Humphries, guard Quentin Richardson from Orlando, guard Sundiata Gaines from the Nets, a first-round pic. That’s terrible. Look Orlando keep Dwight for another season don’t trade & he can’t sign with nets because the nets would not have a enough money. Really where would Dwight go then L.A, New York, or we most likely sign a contract back with the magic.

      • sirsparhawk says:

        I want dwight to go to lakers only because they are the only teams I can watch but he will have a better shot on nets at a championship.

      • toronto416 says:

        get it togeather bud u have no idea what you are talking about, u evere hers of the amnesty clase and sign and trade?
        superstars in this league go where they want to

      • jer says:

        he wont be traded next year, thats the point.. hes unrestricted so he could sign to whoever, the reason the magic are trading him is so they can actually get something in return instead of getting lebroned by a free agent

      • JIMMYBEAR says:

        i agree with trading him to rockets for the better of orlando, i dont see what theyre getting out of the deal with the nets brook lopez wont play half the season and the others are duds the only player i would want is marshon brooks hes got talent and young but doesnt look like they get. i dont get it

      • Migo says:

        Do you really know what youre talking about? If orlando dont trade him now same thing that happened with Shaq will repeat that’s what orlando dont want if he stays next year he’ll be unrestricted free agent and ANY team with enough cap will take him because no other players trandes sigoff or cash has to be involved, besides howard the trade only benefits the Magic better something decent that nothing at all

      • Bongoman says:

        All these Jokers keep talking about trading Dwight to Rockets when he made it clear he will not sign an extention beyond next season with anyone but the Nets!! That is why the trade is not done already because no body wants to trade for him and he walks after next year.

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        So, let the magic lose dwight next year and get what out of it? Nothing?? Great move, you should be a GM…smh =| I’d be juicing everything I could out of this deal too. Might as well be the gainer in this situation.

      • Sane Fan says:

        You guys are ridiculious. The magic haven’t traded him simply because they are waiting until the last minute to try to get the best possible deal. The “amnesty clause” is for teams not players. They can not amnesty themself off of a team. And Dwight Howard has no power. It’s misinformation used to slander NBA players to intimidate them into staying with their old teams. It was the whole theme of the new CBA that caused the lockout. Trying to keep players in these small markets when they’re free agents.

        But the reality is Dwight Howard is NOT a free agent and the Nets will NOT have the cap room to sign him when he becomes a free agent, so again, Dwight Howard has absolutely no power in this situation. His “THREAT” that he’ll only sign with the Nets if he is indeed REALLY even saying that as it’s always a mysterious unnamed source close to him that’s saying it and never a direct quote from Howard himself, but if he is saying it it is an EMPTY threat. The Nets will not have the cap room for another Max deal. The amnesty clause is ONLY for contracts signed BEFORE the new CBA. SO LOOK IT UP… NETS CAN NOT SIGN HIM… Heck they even need a Third and Fourth team involved to even try to trade for him to make it work.

        So again, stop spewing stuff you’ve heard someone else say and educate yourself. You’ll be better off. I promise. Dwight has ZERO POWER in this, that’s why the Rockets and Lakers are still in it. Few teams will have cap room to sign him outright next offseason, none of which put him in a better position than just staying with the Magic because we’re talking about teams like the Cavs and the Bobcats here.

        So in conlcusion, he’s gonna get traded and he’s going to resign wherever he gets traded because there will be NO BETTER OPTIONS in free agency and with the bird rights will stand to make more money resigning as well. THIS IS A FACT. Stop believing everything you hear.

    • BOOyah says:

      whats your team NBA Fan, the cHeats ?