Report: Green Will Return To Celtics

LAS VEGAS — What looked like it might be a complete rebuilding job for the Boston Celtics in January is turning out to be more of a refurbishing effort by the somewhat surprising Eastern Conference finalists.

They are poised to keep yet another significant piece in place with the news that Jeff Green has a deal in place that will keep him in green and white, according to a report from

Green’s agent, David Falk, would not reveal the specific length or value of the contract, but confirmed that the details have been ironed out and a deal likely will be consummated after the leaguewide moratorium on new business lifts Wednesday.

“This is where Jeff always wanted to be,” said Falk, who continued to heap praise on the Celtics organization for the way it handled Green’s heart ailment last season.

Falk stressed that Boston’s goodwill played a major factor in his decision to return and said he’s not surprised a deal got hammered out since the two sides were on the same page from the start of the process.

Both Falk and Celtics president of basketball operations Danny Ainge expressed optimism that a contract would get done earlier this week and, after watching Ray Allen elect to sign with the Miami Heat on Friday night, the Celtics appear to have moved quickly to finalize with Green.

Green, traded to Boston in February 2011, sat out all of last season after undergoing surgery to repair an aortic aneurysm that was detected in training camp as the two sides prepared to sign a one-year, $9 million deal.

It looked like time was running out on Boston’s Big 3 as they struggled during the early stages of the lockout-shortened season, part of that due to the sudden twist of not having Green available.

But the Celtics rebounded and slugged their way to the conference finals, falling to the Heat in seven games. Instead of breaking things up with Allen, Kevin Garnett and Green all set to hit free agency, the Celtics went about trying to keep the band together.

Garnett agreed to a new three-year deal worth $36 million. Allen chose the Heat. And now Green gives them another critical piece to bolster their ranks.

And according to Falk, it was the work of Ainge and Celtics coach Doc Rivers, in particular, that helped forge a bond between an organization and player who had been brought together for only a few months after that trade:

“Jeff, when he got traded to the Celtics, he loved his experience, he wanted to prove that he’s a better player than he played when he got here (at the end of the 2010-11 season),” said Ainge, who dealt Kendrick Perkins and Nate Robinson to Oklahoma City in exchange for Green, Nenad Krstic, and a first-round pick (used to select Fab Melo in this year’s draft) at the 2011 trade deadline.

“He really wants to make it work and, through the whole discovery, the surgery and the rehab, it was something that was motivating him. He wanted to come back to Boston and he wanted to show his worth. Through the playoffs, he loved the atmosphere — he loved the atmosphere that was created by our fans. He loved his teammates and he just really wanted to make it work.”

It’s a sentiment echoed by Falk, who last week suggested Boston distinguished itself with its handling of Green’s situation, particularly the care shown by Ainge and coach Doc Rivers.

“He’s had a lot of interest from other teams, but, as I said earlier with (Boston first-round pick and fellow Falk client) Jared (Sullinger), having managed so many great players in my career, I believe the most important thing isn’t where you have the most endorsement opportunities, where the media is the flashiest,” Falk said. “It’s being in a place where you have a great fit, and I think that one of the things that makes the fit the most effective is the relationship a player has with his coach. … And I think when you have a coach having your back, you’re halfway home. And I think the relationship that Jeff has with Doc is very special.”

With the Heat restocking in the shooting department with Allen, they’ll go into the season as everyone’s favorite to repeat as NBA champions. But they’ll get serious competition in the East from the Celtics, who will still have a Big Three of sorts in Garnett, Paul Pierce and All-Star point guard Rajon Rondo.

Throw in a healthy Green and free agent pick up Jason Terry, and the Celtics are well prepared to maintain their status among the league’s elite for at least the foreseeable future.


  1. Lorena says:

    Bring Esteban Batista back!!!

  2. jjjj says:

    If the Celtics somehow sign Courtney Lee and add another solig big man, they’re going to be a force.

  3. beantown says:

    It was huge for boston to retain jeff. Because losing ray allen is a huge loss. Jason terry may bring some of the things that ray did but he has to accept his role and fit the system to a tee like ray did for us.

  4. bMark says:





    POINT GUARD – ANDRE MILLER – great Back-up

    Tyreke Evans

  5. gocharles says:

    The Celtics must be the most loved and hated (out of respected) team in the NBA, to the extend that Heat and Lakers fans can keep away from articles about the Celtics.

  6. Albert says:

    Thank you Celtics for signing J. Green back. He will be a big help for the Celtics run for banner 18.

  7. redowl says:

    Ray Allen signed with heat becuase he got tired of Ainge putting him on the trading block. It was better for him to sign with the Heat then get traded to a losing team for a younger player.

    • jwheels says:

      Let’s keep it real here!! I don’t hate Allen for making his decision to got to da heat, but he has to realize that he was the 4th wheel on this celtic team and not the 2nd nor 3rd. KG,Pierce, and Rondo are the big 3. Ray was a liability on defense and could not create his own shot. As a matter of fact, I think had Jeff been able to play this yr, Ray would have been moved to 6th man to start the season anyway. Pierce would have slid to SG and Green would have been SF. The addition of the JET makes the team better IMO, cuz now you have the option to run iso at the end of the game or shot clock with either Pierce or Da JET because both can CREATE for themselves.

      • Me says:

        “than” not then and when did Celtics become a losing team? lmao you prolly just copied and paste somebody else’s words smfh typical Heat bandwagoner….

  8. jonjoy says:

    they should pursue kaman,he can help kg in d middle…sully and fab r not solid yet…

  9. dunk says:

    Celts will always be a very dangerous and a championship caliber team forever! It took 7 games for the heat to win against the Cs this season. Rondo is the man! KG, still at its best, Jump shot is for Pierce.

  10. Fab Fabio says:

    First of all, I’m just glad to have a fellow Brazilian on the Celts. I’ve never seen him play, but I’m hoping Melo can finally be the center we’re looking for. Also glad KG, Green and The Jet signed with us. Make me not miss Allen that much, specially his playoff performances this season. Looking at the outside FA, if we could get JR Smith and Hawson, I’d be so happy. Hawson surprised me when we played Philadelphia and must be cheap and JR just kills every single time I watch him play. Excited about the new season. Go Celts!

  11. android 10000000 says:

    well lets see if the celtics will again dominate the east,but their bitter rival lakers also upgrading their roster.well hope to see them in finals,i dont know…time well tell if it happens.but if not ock heat rematch is on the horizon

  12. kramned says:

    i don’t care whether green can be productive or not, what excites me is the drafting of melo/ sullinger . for me this guys is the younger version of david west or even better, with rondo distributing the ball sullinger will be a very happy camper inside the paint while fab melo can become great depensive shot blocker/inside defender. with garnett mentoring this 2 rookies look out, boston has ah bright future..

  13. Danny says:

    Ray Allen wants to leave Boston GOOD they dont need unhappy people around!! He was not all that sharp last year any way, did not play well at the start of the year either. Doc take a good look at Etwan Moore !! Ray Allen done Turkey!!
    Paul and KG show the rookies the way and Boston Celtics will be OK.

  14. android 10000000 says:

    dont predict anything until june comes and see whose the better team to raise the larry o brien trophy

  15. Rodel says:

    ray allen was hurt when it was rumored he was put on the trading block. ainge has offered him a no trade clause, too late. damaged has been inflicted. and its not all about money as he signed for less for the heat. if the celtics put premium on his contributions, as they did rondo, pierce and kg, he should have been treated the same way and accorded respect. no other celtic, except for the legendary larry bird, could shoot the ball seamlessly than ray allen. ray is a big loss to the team but am happy for the man to play to any team that believes in his talent and where he is valued.

    anyway, i hope jeff green is ready to play and will be able to show his worth after a shortened season due to his heart illness. its also exciting to see how the new recruits blend with the veterans. go celtics!

  16. Real Big 3 says:

    Blame Ainge not Allen… Celts wanted to trade Ray during the trade deadline last season. Rather than be traded again he went over to a team where he can contribute more… Now the south beach boys has the all time leading 3 point shooter with them and it scary to think that he’ll be shooting against Boston. Good move Ray I’m with you on this.

  17. G.J. says:

    Celtics need to go after Tyreke Evans, remember him? the combo guard from the Kings who the Kings seem to want to get rid of? The one they were building their team around, who averaged 20.1 points in his rookie season. He needs a change of scenery, and now the kings have jimmer fredette, and some other guards, they dont want Tyreke. Celtics need to get him! He’s WAYYYYYY better than Ray Allen (not as a 3 point shooter though), but as a solid scorer, and he can handle the rock, and with Rondo dishing to him, that will only increase his scoring. Him, and Rondo could be the rocks to build around when Pierce and KG retire. Those two and a good center! Make it happen!

    • redowl says:

      That won’t happen becuase Tyreke can’t play off ball and has no Jumper. His defense is inconsistent too

      The kings have 4 problems

      1. Tyreke has no jumper but avg 20+ ppg

      2 Marcus thorton can’t play PG but can shoot and is 4th quarter clutch

      3. Isaiah Thomas is their best PG, high FG% IQ and low turnovers, but he forces the team to play small ( Tyreke at SF)

      4. They have no good small forward that can move one of those three players to the bench

      The end result is an Unhappy Tyreke Evans at Sf becuase he lacks versatility. Since Cousins is almost at all-star level, yeah, Tyreke kinda looks tradeable.

  18. Michael says:

    My only question is: How was there no fould call on that West to Green allep oop?

  19. elliott03 says:

    Check it out for the latest news, views and reviews from three Aussies!

  20. Cla says:

    I just hope that Doc plays Sully and Melo this year

    • trade1 says:

      did you not learn anything from the okc series, being young does matter.. okc seemingly has some talent with harden, durrant,westbrook, but you could see in the finals that experience matters a lot… if sully and melo get 15-20 minutes a game each, the c’s are in trouble..

  21. Robin says:


  22. Robin says:


  23. letsgoceltics says:

    1. I hope Jeff Green shows some of his potential.
    2. I don’t blame Ray Allen for trying to win another title. I just hope he repeats this year’s performance, that is, a lousy percentage from downtown.
    3. I hope the coaching stuff and the veterans help the rookies blosom and prove the other teams stupid for letting them slip.
    Here comes No 18

    • Robin says:

      Common, Celtics #18 is coming to Boston. It’s Showtime!

    • trade1 says:

      1. you do realize he shot about 45% from 3 point land during the regular season?? umm #1, you better hope he doesn’t shoot the same, cause its over, Heat go back to back…
      playoffs, he was hobbled shot 30% overall, with this, the better defensive teams are in the playoffs, but he hit some big ones against the heat in a couple of games to clinch them..

      2. they slipped for a reason, back injuries are no joke and 1st rounders have guaranteed contracts.. if you are a small market team, who worry about paying players, you can’t take a flyer on a guy who may or may not be able to play.. Greg Odom set back the Portland franchise…

      3. the c’s have one of the best coaching staffs and with KG willing to teach,share knowledge, the rookies have a chance to contribute NEXT YEAR, lmao… think about it, you want fab melo or sullinger in the game in place of pierce, garnett? good luck with that.. the C’s have made 1 mistake this off season.. not getting another big that can play inside NOW… not rookies.. when kg is out of the game.. ummm no double team is coming and probably nobody will double team him at his age anyhow, neither will teams double on pierce as much… we’ll see can’t wait til the season starts…

  24. :-) says:

    Dont under estimate the Heat but I think Celtics do have a chance but to win a title this Year I dont beleive so!

  25. OctoPPus says:

    by the way – I don’t blame Ray at all – we should respect everyone’s decision – we like it or not !!!!

  26. OctoPPus says:

    Howard – for Nets ??? – they don’t have even nearly a chance !!!
    Celtics – get Howard !!! – money CAN SPEAK !!! – and u get the RINGS !!! (true for Howard too )))) )

  27. OctoPPus says:


    Celtics need at least 2 (better then average) shooters, BUT – there no one to replace KG – they need a good Big Man – on that chapter when KG is out – they r weak – if they get Howard – they will be champs !!!

  28. KG says:

    We have always had the right attitude, knowledge, skills, BB-IQ & experience. The only rival the BOSTON CELTICS have is INJURIES. This is our season 4 sure, with jason terry on our side we got better fire power and quickness than with ray.
    >>>>NUMBER 18 HERE WE COME<<<<

  29. Ito says:

    I think the Celtics have to look at 2 veteran players like Brand, Elton and Andrei Kirilenko would greatly help the team

  30. NBAIQ says:

    After the C’s add Green, they still have about $6million to target another player. Perhaps JR Smith or OJ Mayo. With either of these guys on the roster, the C’s are my favorite to win it all. They will destroy the Heat and make Ray Ray regret his decision.

    • me says:

      OJ mayo for 6mil? I doubt. Now with JR, that could happen but are the knicks willing to give him up?

    • trade1 says:

      how did you arrive at 6 mil left?
      is this after the signing of green for 9 mil? and terry?
      OJ Mayo, isn’t worth 6 mil a year, never was, never will be.. roll player, defensive liability IMHO…
      good luck with any team taking him or paying over 6 mil year…

  31. Patty says:



  32. rchrdcldrn says:

    The Celtics should also go after: Ian Mahimni-C, this guy is underrated and has not been given the chance he needs. Check him out, he played for Dallas Mavericks last year.

    • me says:

      naww I bet Sean williams, who’s playin in the summer league this year will show Doc what he’s got and Doc would give him mins. And some of y’all might disagree but y’all refused to give him a chance since he was acquired, why? cos he threw up on Dallas’ bench? cos he did some other minor stuff. I mean c’mon! the dude has potential to be as great as Bynum, all Doc has to do is trust him, he won’t regret it.

  33. lakersfan says:

    when the heart won bosh has 17 + in every game 25+ for wade and james every night…. and in one game mario chambers has 25 and over 10 in the other games….. not to mention battier averaged 12 points a games……you get 5 6 people average double digit playing on the same team your hard to beat…….. i dont like the heat but i do know a team ball when i see it…

  34. blizz says:

    Now we have the explosive Jeff Green,the Rebounding machine Kevin Garnett,the Leadership of Doc Rivers and Paul Pierce,and Rondo Morphing into one of the great PG of his Generation and an Amazing Cast.a

    And I would like to thank Danny Ainge for his effort to keep the Big 3.

    We Don’t have the star power like LA,Miami or New York.

    But were looking for quality players that are proud to wear the Celtic uniform


    CELTIC HURRA…..1…….2…….3 UBANTU!!!

    • ccb says:

      Don’t forget the huge boost to the bench, “The Jet” himself also coming to Beantown! LET’S GO C’S!

      • trade1 says:

        easy everyone, you have the same team basically, terry takes allens spot and you already had the same players, so expect the same position as last year, BUT, if either 1 of the rookies ends up being ready for primetime.. now you would have something but the league isn’t a big man league and hasn’t been for a long time… teams like okc and miami make you pay with big men on the court cause you have to guard a non traditional big and they are good enough with team defense to nullify a big, but there really isn’t a bonafide skilled post up big man anyhow.. garnett is the last of his breed and he’s really a power forward..

        I’ll give ainge credit for trying to make something happen, but I think this is the year pierce and garnett show serious deterioration…unbelievable they have been able to do this for this long.. such warriors..

  35. Dan says:

    Green gets what been a Celtic is all about, I’m glad we have huys like him…

  36. staphan comeau says:

    I am a huge Celtics’ fan, and I believe that they will be a much tighter squad without Ray Allen. Ray Ray was putting his ego before the team, and as every true Celtic fan knows, that has never been their way. Terry will provide a huge lift for their bench and Jeff Green will finally bring some needed youth to this aging squad. With the addition of a healthy Bradley, watch out Eastern Conference!

    • Patty says:





      • Jamie says:

        Jason Terry has the biggest ego in the world… Ray didnt really have a choice but to move… being benched to 6th man after all the years of service, then them signing Terry before ray made the decision to leave or stay had his fate sealed…. Ray needed to go to somewhere, where he would get game time and thats it…. i think you all forget that he played for the bucks and the sonics before he played for the celtics…… im a Celtics fan, He won us a championship when he hit 7 x 3pointers in the 6th game in 08…or did you all forget that?

      • pakyaw says:

        of course his EGO gonna run through him..,he’s a no.1 all time 3pointers and he knows that his value is no longer on that team…lets all be real here,we all know that his decision is all about business,why u wanna re sign if u know that they gonna trade you before the trade deadline… he’s been here long enough in this league for not knowing how business run..if he sign to the BULLS or OKC or KNICKS, you ll gonna say gudluck RAY! blah,blah…and for the HEAT? everybody like..(fv&*k ,u..trai..s&h1t…u..%#..bla,blah) TOO MUCH HATE..

    • me says:

      Ray has alwasy been abou ego : right on
      Healthy avery bradley is a threat: right on
      Terry helping out the bench: right on
      Only thing you forgot is Rondo improving his shooting and PG skills and I bet you he will.

      • trade1 says:

        i love this ray allen talk…
        so you pay garnett 12 mil a year, pay green 9 mil a year, but Ray we love you and we gonna pay you 6 mil a year
        this is hilarious.. AND he’s always taken less than pierce and garnett, unlike Miami the big 3 get paid nearly the same, equals.
        I’m not blaming ray one bit for taking his talents to south beach.. total disrespect.

        BTW, if you want to be great in sports, you might have an ego.. when you are great, you don’t expect management to put you out as trade bait or pay you less than the other 3 stars on your team…

        Rondo has already improved his shooting skills, the question is, when is he actually going to play defense instead of trying to go for steals all the time allowing a breakdown for easy baskets after you drive past him.. the C’s don’t have that much firepower to be doing that.. terry doesn’t even shoot as well as allen, green is a bench player.. avery bradley is a true threat on both ends and garnett/pierce CAN NOT carry the load any longer, they are 1yr older and will have to play less minutes or be on the injury list for 20-30 games this year.. otherwise, C’s have no chance of seeing any finals, whether eastern conference or the real Finals because of the grind of 82 games, plus playoffs..

      • STIEMSMA CREW says:

        He took 3mil in Miami…

      • Me says:

        @ trade1, dude what is yo point, the person above me said it all: “he took 3 mil in Miami” C’s were willing to pay him tripple that, money has neva been an issue. It is all about his ego. Oh and yea you’re rite bout the ego bit, but that is very arguable. Lots of great players in NBA were not egomaniacs and were / are sorta humble: Bill russel, Kareem Abu Jabal, Rondo e.t.c. So, that is not an excuse. Meanwhile Heat will give him more minutes but there is no way he is going to start, what will he have acheived? nothing…plus it is not guaranteed that Heat will even get into the Finals much less win another, all that is just speculation so yet again, what has he accomplished? nothing

      • Jizzel says:

        @trade1, Jeff’s 9 mill comes AFTER Ray chose Miami for 3 mill. Ray had already given Boston the finger.

  37. KG says:

    enough injuries, it´s time for #18!!!!!! IT´S GREEN TIME!!!!

  38. Paul says:

    Yayy i like jeff green

  39. Damon says:

    A Team must have pride, heart, and they have to play as a “team”
    when i look at teams like the Heat or Knicks, I only see Lebron and dwade (now maybe with Allen if he plays well) or Carmelo….they are ego teams…

    many people underestimate the heart and soul of Celtics Basketball…
    specially last year when everybody thought the celtics will not go far in the playoffs and then played in the eastern finals against the heat until a game 7 loss…

    They have their shamrock and leprechaun…the luck is on their side….

    So here we go for another CELTICS HURRA….1..2..3…UBUNTU!!!!

    (sorry for my bad english….I’m from germany 😉 )

    • pakyaw says:

      A Team must have pride,heart and they have to play as a “team”..YES!.youre exactly right my friend…that’s why the HEAT won it this year and became a champion…

      • dunk says:

        To add to that, if a team wants to be NBA champion, they must have at least 1 or 2-MVP players:
        Chicago Bulls: MJ and Pippen
        Lakers: Kobe and Shaq
        Spurs: Duncan and Robinson
        Dallas: Dirk
        Celtics: KG
        Heat: James and D-Wade (Olympic)

        Imagine 2 mvp players working together? Its crazy! -just an observation-

  40. BOSSDON says:

    Welcome Home Jeff..

  41. heh says:

    As a Celtics fan, I don’t fear the Heat with Ray Allen as much as I fear the Bulls with a healthy D.Rose, the ever improving Joakim Noah and their outstanding coach Thibodeau (who knows first-hand how Doc Rivers thinks). It seems like the Heat and Celtics are getting all the media’s attention and the Bulls are just flying under the radar….

    Anyways, back to the topic. I think Green is a player with loads of potential despite the naysayers in Boston. He will truly prove himself this year, I believe it.

    • Mike says:

      Im not a Heat fan by a long shot , but …, Teams better fear the Heat, however, Why the Heat didn’t keep Moltrie is beyond me.

      • Frank_305 says:

        The reason for not keeping Moultrie is that a 1st round pick means guaranteed contract and that impacts the cap space, while a 2nd round pick has no guaranteed contract. It was just a business decision, not one based on talent (or lack thereof.) I am a Heat fan, but I do agree with Heh. The Bulls resigned Hinrich and that gives them a good perimeter shooter, a good point guard and a hellacious defender, one that gives Wade all kinds of problems. I think Green and Allen are two studs, but I hope Rondo doesn’t marginalize them.

  42. Willy says:

    Really? A good very good but not enough to win it all?

  43. Celtics Fan Forever says:

    I’m happy to see Green is going to stay with BOS and wish him a healthy, successful season and career.

  44. Bill says:

    Nicely said Sekou. We just go and play some basketball now.

  45. chris says:

    lolol watch a 30 second video and you get tommy heinsohn voicing his biased opinion haha. what a hero.

  46. CelticsRajonRondo says:

    Jeff’s coming back with a vengeance!

    • Harley K says:

      i hope so it was sad to see him go down and miss the whole year last year, i hope he can comeback and play like the green of old but more important is that he stays healthy cuz he has a good basketball body for a sf and he can be a really good player

  47. Celtic Fan says:

    I would love to see Jeff drive to the basket for a SLAM DUNK every game.

    • Eric Zap says:

      I want Kendrick Perkins back. Ainge has been a genius, but he shot himself in the foot with that trade. Green will turn out to be the biggest disappointment in NBA history next to Juwan Howard. Watch.