Must See BG: Off The Wall (Videos)

LAS VEGAS — Practice?

Did someone say practice?

Well, Blake Griffin shows you why the cameras have to keep rolling at USA Basketball’s training camp practices until the last player has stopped bouncing the ball.

His off the wall dunk after Saturday’s session was crazy, from every angle. Just as entertaining as the dunk itself was the reaction of the teenage campers lucky enough to be in gym at UNLV to catch the post-practice dunkfest.

For another view, check out this perspective from a friend of HT, our main man Poor Man’s Commish, who was on the scene (and smart enough to be filming the festivities). The reaction of former Suns and Knicks coach, and U.S. Team assistant coach Mike D’Antoni, fits right in with the campers:


  1. Blake Griffin in like a Charles Barkley. He is still young and Like Lebron Last year. He will improve as he grows. Lebron came back with a post game this year and Dominated… Everyone. Blake can do the same.

  2. Rocdabloc says:


  3. genohenyo says:

    a between the legs dunk by 6’10” man? Holy cow. Nearly impossible but he did

  4. Lebron2Toronto says:

    To whoever says this man is overrated… Maybe his dunks outshine his solid game, which I get, because it’s what the people are hooting for and get his jerseys for, but he can be a solid 20 and 10 player or better if he keeps improving for a very long time, even after he loses a bit of that vert. So give the rookie of the year and olympic athlete some credit alriiight instead of criticizing him for being a freak athletically

  5. SIMPLY THE BEST(****)

  6. Earthquake Griffin says:

    The guy at the end wants to say WHAT THE F…. :-))))

  7. xD!! says:

    Melo is the Best …..Griffin is the beast……!!!xD!!!

  8. meika says:


  9. guapoe buenaobra says:

    if there’s a dream team…now its called griffin team…

  10. Tret says:

    I think PFs and Cs dunks 30-40% of their score,10% on free throw and 60% on lay-ups and jumpshots.
    Blake Griffin can dunks x4 a game,hit free throws much because he gets inside almost of the time and rarely shoot some jumpshots.
    If he dunks x4 which is 8 pts,4-6 pts on free throws,14-16 pts on lay-ups and open jumpshots,what those stats tell you?
    If he can get those,championships will pile up on his hands.

  11. Rickson says:

    no hate i’m sure the whole world wanna watch Blake Griffin DUNKS and do the show….

  12. Ruben says:

    Let me ask all you guys this is he gonna be able to do this in a game???? PATHETIC

  13. HeatfanINny says:

    He’s the second to VC on dunking. And will probably end up the same way,,,, ringless. He’s got too much ego for his age and thinks he’s got it all……Dunks great though, thats about it.

  14. ryan says:

    Blake was pick by coach K with his athletic ability to rebound. there’s no other big players for US except for chandler and love. so he basically got the selection by his physicality not by his dunks.

  15. coolitdude says:

    lets make a guess….. which country’s big man will get “Mosgov-ed” this summer?? =)

  16. BG 2nd says:

    he’s on the USA team, there are some guys maybe better than him but he’s the one the coaches has chosen so just the f up you haters.

  17. BillyTheKid says:

    awesome low post player, though I would like to see him try left hand layups that will make him very hard to stop in the paint.

  18. Antonio says:

    case closed.

  19. Bystander says:

    hey guys, after watching heated debates from you all, I found this

    (Blake Griffin Post Moves)

    • Troll says:

      why u think this video exist? because ppl are trying to defend the perception of him not having a post move. well u know the percentage is not very high, it just showcases the times he makes it. any team would let blake take those fade away jumpers all day long. needs to work on his low post moves, u don’t want him taking those shots in the high post.

    • Tret says:

      I agree on that,but i’m not saying he is not a good in the Low post.
      He just have to simplify his post moves,hit those jumpshots consistently and be active defensively.
      He bangs and gets in the paint quick that opponents have to trap them inside and they will live working his mid range game.
      If he wants to get a basket then he to be shooting extremely which may cause low percentage shots.
      That’s why he needs to be better in the low post and simplify his game.

    • sunsman says:

      spin left banking j… spin right running hook or up and under… thats it dude. Just showed the whole world all he has… he made USA team for his ability to run the floor and suits the up tempo style USAB has been playing under Coach K

      • jbmony says:

        My momma always said that if it looks like a lowpost move,acts like a lowpost move and walks like a lowpost move….then it must be a lowpost move…..and son …dem’s some lowpost moves!!!

  20. Tret says:

    I am a big big Blake Griffin even when he is wasn’t still in the NBA and I like the L.A. Clippers when it was still a BRAND era.
    When the clippers get BG,i was so so excited.
    But when i was watching when he post up,i was frustrated.
    He was really just making extreme shots;those 2 m fade away shots,turn around hook shots.
    I thought he was lazy defensively too like when on transition defense.
    He needs to simplify his post up game like baby hook and of course,JUMPSHOT.
    And he needs to be active on defense too because he might guarding Duncan,Nowitski,Lee,Boozer,Garnett and other PFs because it’s tough on that position right now.
    But i know he is still his 2nd yr in the league and he improves well.
    In the Olympics,he might just cleaning all those misses and Has to be on the defensive mode so he might imrove those areas.

  21. james johann says:

    simply AMAZING!

  22. Bluedude2 says:

    Wait, some people think Blake isn’t a good player? Yeah, that 22 points a game and 11.5 rebs career total so far really stinks, huh?

    • Common Sense says:

      They are Laker fans. Laker fans hate Blake because he’s loved in LA. They make excuse after excuse for Kobe and then make up stories and focus on false data for Blake. And most of them haven’t watched a Clipper game unless they were playing the Lakers. And it’s funny, because if you asked Kobe what he thought, he’d tell you, and Laker fans would not like his take on Griffin. He’s a beast, and he’s improving. His second year rivals Barkley’s third year and beats his second year.

      • chris says:

        But ima Heat fan and dont like him
        and how would u know if there all laker fans do u have magical powers or something.

      • Jen says:

        I’m a Thunder fan and I don’t think he’s that great besides his dunking abilities. It was a disappointment to watch the Clippers’ performance against the Spurs in the playoffs. I hope he plays well for the USA though!

  23. nonbiased fan says:

    ok so they show a video of us about this and telling us that his athleticism was a huge factor of him getting selected to the USA team and then people are hating? if ur not american then i would understand. congrats blake m sure caoch K. knows what he’s doing. go USA

  24. gotta love d’antoni’s smiling about that… 🙂

  25. nonbiased fan says:

    his dunks are just so crazy. he’s a hell of a player

  26. 23ballhard says:

    Blake Griffin has the nicest dunks!! no one can beat him…. don’t hate

  27. Ronda says:

    Griffin is a good player, it’s true, he’s not a good shooter but I’m sure he will improve his jumpshot. He’s still young so he has still a lot of time to earn experience.

  28. storm says:

    i love the look on dantoni’s face. it’s the: “wow, remember when amare could do that” face

  29. Jen says:

    Griffin can dunk but there are many other NBA players who can make the big shots.

  30. YuhMudda says:

    the offensive foul machine ..

  31. videoron says:

    The thing about Blake is he knows he needs to improve, players like dominique wilkins, carmello, shaq and even barkley, never improved their whole careers. Look at blakes rookie year and then his next year and you can see his improvement tremendously. He played hurt in the play-offs. Many players like carmello or stoudamire wouldn’t of played. This Summer he will only get better because of who he is practicing with. Once/If he gets a jumper and can dribble with left hand. Look out folks. Its an “if” though.

    • Tyler says:

      Those players never improved? Wow

      • Common Sense says:

        Agreed. Those players absolutely improved. It’s unfortunate because you made a great point and then followed it with that. Griffin, knows he needs to improve, but he absolutely is improving. As Chris Kaman said, He doesn’t know anyone in the league that trains as hard as he does. He’ll be a great.

  32. many says:

    Great dunk. Blake could TKO a player with a dunk. Do you guys remember the referee counting up to 10 on paul gasol daunk lol the referee had to ask gasoll if he know were he is and what year is it lol I cant wait to see team USA dunk festival. Balke , james, kobe, durant and west

  33. ardywong says:

    cant wait to see him against ibaka in Olympics

  34. joaquin1119 says:

    Dude can dunk, but he can’t shoot for nothing

    • Common Sense says:

      You obviously don’t know what you are talking about. You simply listen to haters and think you have a point. His shot is equal to almost any power forward in their second year. Furthermore, with his post up moves and athletic ability to get by any double team the NBA has to offer, he doesn’t need the jump shot. Nevertheless is jump shot is basically 35%, not bad, not bad considering he’s in his second year.

      • sunsman says:

        remember Amare…. drive right and dunk on your head was his only offense as a rook and still got ROY honors. Guess who can shoot the long ball now as good as any big in the game. Give Blake a chance to become the pro player he has the potential to be. Is he over rated now… yes, but not by much, he works hard and has a potential as high as he can jump

  35. Blake is the man! A better version of Dwight Howard!!

  36. Lilflym3 says:

    Blame average 22 and 12.. As a ROOKIE..numbers bout the same in his 2nd I REPEAT 2nd year.. He must be doing something other than dunking… And Coach K don’t care about dunks, yet Blake made the Team… So obviously u need to watch more clippers game, cus he has some pretty good face up moves in the post

  37. uuda says:

    he dosent have a go to move but people want to see ducks so i guess its ok

    • QuestionMark says:

      Hes actually a good post up player and can shoot a jumpshot, so he has enough go to moves to score 20+ ppg, just dunking isn’t gonna get you 20+ pts.

      • chris says:

        thank you… people say dwight and blake have no post moves? yet both of them ave over 20 a game.. there not getting 10 dunks a game.. and there both terrible from the FT line so its not like there making there money there lol

    • Troll says:

      blake and dwight have WEAK post moves. not none. at least they are trying to work on it (although dwight beens around for 8 years already) and no, blake does not have a jumpshot.

    • Nowis says:


  38. uuda says:


  39. Joseph03 says:

    Wow!!! those were pretty amazing dunks.

    Those are the sort of dunks you only see in video games.

  40. Blake Griffin Overated says:

    He is so overated it’s not even funny.

    • Martin says:

      Then don’t watch Blake. Why waste your time?

    • Bball FAN says:

      To all the haters, you are just envious that he is not on your teams! Clipper fans love him as do all the owners in the league because when he is in town it is a guaranteed sellout no matter who the other team is!

      • Greg says:

        He’s going into his 3rd season, he’ll probably be in the next All-Star line-up (FOR A 3RD TIME) and he’s been hyped up by the press not himself so give the guy a break.

    • Connie Clow says:

      You have no idea who this young man is………..he is blessed with a special talent that will take
      him plaes you couldn’t even dream of.

      Blake comes from a wonderful family with Christian values. He offers the youths encouragement and
      dreams, he doesn’t cause problems, you never see him in trouble.

      Re-think your negative comments.

  41. Willy says:

    Sick I can’t wait until he gets really goo!

  42. Sea Pea says:

    I guess people have never seen a du.k before…..

  43. Bear says:

    LOVE IT!!!! Amazing dunks, lucky kids to see that up close

  44. Nacpizle says: