Hornets To Acquire Anderson From Magic In Sign-And-Trade Deal

The New Orleans Hornets continued to add to their rebuilding process Sunday, agreeing to terms with restricted free agent forward Ryan Anderson, the NBA’s 2012 Most Improved Player winner, on a four-year deal worth between $34 and $36 million, according to league sources. The acquisition will officially be a sign-and-trade deal, with the Magic receiving center Gustavo Ayon from New Orleans. The deal cannot be consummated until after the end of the July Moratorium on the 11th.

The 24-year-old Anderson earned himself a big payday last season, shooting 39 percent from three-point range and averaging career highs in scoring (16.1 points per game) and rebounds (7.7) for the Magic. But it became apparent that the Magic, trying to figure out how to put a roster together amid swirling trade talks for Dwight Howard, weren’t going to be willing to pay what Anderson wanted in free agency. He played mostly power forward for the Magic last season and will likely have the same role for the Hornets, who took Anthony Davis with the first pick overall in last month’s Draft.  After dealing Ayon, New Orleans’ only other returning center on the roster would be free agent Chris Kaman, who is not expected to return.

Anderson’s deal is similar in average to the expected new contract the Bucks will give forward Ersan Ilyasova, who finished second to Anderson in the Most Improved Player vote and is a stretch four himself. Ilyasova and the Bucks are working on a five-year deal worth $45 million.

The Hornets have remade their roster in a matter of weeks, trading big man Emeka Okafor and forward Trevor Ariza to Washington in June for forward Rashard Lewis, whom they promptly bought out for $13.7 million. They took Davis and Duke freshman guard Austin Rivers in the first round of the Draft, and insist they will match the proposed $56 million offer sheet guard Eric Gordon received last week from the Phoenix Suns.

Ayon played well for the Hornets last season when Kaman was out with injuries, starting 24 games for New Orleans. He averaged 5.9 points and 4.9 rebounds in 20 minutes per game. He is a low-priced ($1.5 million) alternative for Orlando up front next season and would back up Howard if the All-Star center were somehow still on the Magic’s roster at the start of the season.


  1. Basketball Guru says:

    I can’t believe the magic traded down with no draft picks involed.

  2. butch says:

    why magic give anderson to hornets? much better if they give howard and turk to hornets and take davis, kaman and gordon/ rivers. magic dont want to give howard to net anyway, better to put him to a less losing team.

  3. AussieCelticFan says:

    Wow….all positive news for NOLA in 2012. Gets them competitive which is always great for the NBA in general

  4. Al says:

    What is wrong with Magic, they lost hedo couple of years ago like now as Anderson, and like Anderson he was also the most improved player in the league. Then reacquired him. What is the point? Will they get back Anderson in a year or so?

  5. killuabest says:

    GUYS you just dont know the news yest.. BOTH ORLANDO and DALLAS MAVS will play @ WNBA this season 2012-2013…haha

  6. Augustine says:

    The Hornets are going to be a scary team in a few years. All they need is a better bench, a vet SG for Austin Rivers and another SF.

  7. Matthew says:

    LOL @ Ryan Anderson looking more like a correspondent in that screenshot than an NBA player

  8. Biggs says:

    For everybody thts hurt over Anderson trade we have two more player like him. Harper from last yr and Nicholson we just drafted. Anderson is a good player not worth that much money. Hennigan knows what he’s doing and he knows how to scout players for drafts. Came from Spurs and Okc look at how many solid players they drafted last couple of years. Its only gonna take one free agent next year to come. James Harden would be nice, prolly wont happen tho

  9. do your homework.. AYON is very skilled in the post and can hit the midrange shot. glad anderson is gone.. a non-posting FORWARD is why dwight could never win with them. so sick of this soft nba.. real big men. big C and strong shot blocking. twin towers…

  10. JDish says:

    If it’s all for the best in Orlando’s favor then I’m good with it. Even though I was expecting the Magic to keep R.Anderson to use him as an important rebuilding piece for the future, it still makes sense if you are trading to get in position to become better in the future. That’s what is all about in the NBA, you start planning for the future to build a contender. You go Magic! I still wish thought that they would have picked up an upgrade at point gaurd and start building from there. I’m fine with Jameer Nelson but I think Orlando could have benifited by trading him and finding a younger better pg. But it’s all good.

  11. The French Durantula says:

    Who trades the MIP for a for an unknown player?

  12. Janzzz says:

    As a Miami fan,I am shocked that the most improved player this year is gonna be traded to the hornets

  13. Rishi says:


  14. Nickovic says:

    Did I get that right? They traded Ariza and Okafor for Rashard Lewis?!?!?!?!?!?!?!!?!?!?!!?!? Are they out of their freakin mind?

  15. Jerbaxx says:

    while waiting for another request, maybe the magic should actually try and keep howard by keeping him happy by getting what he wants . by trading most of the starting 5 . perhaps most of the team, if they wanna keep dwight. im a magic fan and i want dwight to stay till he retires, hope the magic organization reads this .

  16. FL NBA Fan says:

    yay the magic living up the it’s name… BAD MANAGEMENT ORGANIZATION!!! why would you trade the most improved player if you’re looking to rebuild after looking to get rid of howard? this more feels like Otis 2.0

  17. willie says:

    other returning center on the roster would be free agent Chris Kaman, who is not expected to return. …

    what kind of a statement is this? hahaha…. you should’ve not included the ‘other returning center’ anymore if you know he won’t be returning anyway…hahaha

  18. walter p says:

    the magic trade a starting pf for at best a back up center according to a hornets fan post he speaks little english which speaks volumes about his commitment to play in nba despite the postings how good this aquestion was last season hornets sent chris kamen home then brought hin back to play center cause this player could not handle the job doubtful he will make roster never mind have impact bad trade with in reality no compensation

    • JDish says:

      Orlando is making moves for the future. It might look strange, and maybe even dumb, but it’s all for rebuilding and getting in better shape financially.
      Besides Gustavo Ayon is not a bad player. First of all you don’t make it to the NBA just because, Ayon is a hard working player and has potential. He’s a role player that can play backing up a star center or power forward in the future. He’s good enough to have started several games for the Hornets.
      Who knows, he can develop into a great player for the Magic.

      • walter p says:

        There is little chance a 27 y ear old is suddenly going to turn into a great player worse if the nets trade goes through you have brook lopez then glen davis at center plus quinn second round pick who looked really good first summer league game i much rather had hornets give a future draft pick rather than getting a role player for the most improved player in the nba

  19. Nicholas Yousif says:

    I think this was just a move the Hornets made to try to persuade Eric Gordon to come back by bringing in some extra talent. But even if Gordon doesn’t come back Anderson will still be a BIG contributor.

  20. lachy44 says:

    anderson was only good with dwight demanding a double team. this trade is setting the team up to trade howard and look to the the future and a nw core to build around

  21. Levi says:

    very good 3-pnt shooter to be given away, how stupid

  22. Austin says:

    I am so excited that Gustavo Ayon is going to the Magic i mean this kid is sick with so much potential . he has a sweet mid range j and not a bad post player and since dwight will most likely move teams tha means it is starting time for Gustavo… Magic are really smart for trying to get somone knowing Anderson would not be back they lost a most improved player but mark my words gustavo Ayon will be the Most Improved Player in 2013!!!

  23. dwight howard was never going to be traded to the lakers…..get over it laker fans….howard will go to either the brooklyn nets..or the la clippers…PERIOD…..here are the trade proposals…howard and turgolu to the clippers for deandre jordan….bledsoe caron butler and 2 or 3 future #1 picks………howard and turgolu for brooke lopez…kris humphries and 3 #1 picks

  24. Kaiyo says:

    Now it looks they dont want Andrew Bynum when he could of replaced Dwight in some kind of way closest to anyone else unless they are trying to go after Roy Hibbert right now. Because Ryan Anderson could of played well with Andrew Bynum now if they do trade for bynum then Orlando would be the stupidest franchise because they could of gone somewhere with

    pg Jameer Nelson
    sg J Rich or traded or amnesty
    sf Hedo Turk traded or amnesty
    pf Ryan Anderson
    C Andrew Bynum

    they could of looked pretty good but I guess it would be a waste of money to be pretty good

  25. kantankruz says:

    That is a friggin fantastic trade for the Hornets.

  26. Amitpal says:

    Ok this is a loss loss both ways. Now where do u play anderson now as a back up powerforward. Anthony Davis is not strong enough to play center and Anderson is good with a top post up center. And 9 million a year for a back up powerforward really? I would have tried to trade for someone Like andre iquadala or something maybe some other point guard or center but a powerforward. Really.

  27. Danny says:

    Bad move for the Magic, they lost a great 3 point shooter and most improved player last year. I guess Howard is next to be traded…clearing the entire roster up/

  28. MarcJohn says:

    But it could be also good for Orlando, Ayon is a good rebounder, for defense and still young. But I don’t he can play offensively.

  29. MarcJohn says:

    Wrong move, Orlando. But Good move, New Orleans.

  30. McRaffy says:

    Wrong move for Orlando!!!

  31. bradders says:

    Seems to be split opinion here. I’d say it’s probably a good move for both teams.

    For the Magic it strongly indicates that they’re resigned to trading Howard, and are therefore shedding role players and freeing cap-room.

    For the Hornets they have a new stretch-four who has proven to be effective when paired with a strong center. The Hornets hope/expect Anthony Davis will be that strong center.

    It makes sense for the Magic because Anderson was only ever effective offensively with Howard on the floor. When Howard was out (i.e. during the playoffs) his numbers declined sharply. They figure he will not thrive on a team without a dominant center. It just so happens that the Magic are about to become a team without a dominant center.

    It’s therefore wise to ditch the Otis Smith strategy of overpaying role players, and instead trade for a cheap pieces and cap-room. Ayon will fill out the roster for the Magic in their forthcoming season of tanking.

    It makes sense for the Hornets if Davis becomes the all-star center many expect him to be.

    Also this deal may suggest the the Magic will not be trading for Bynum. Anderson may have had similar success alongside Bynum, but with Brook Lopez or Glen Davis at center would Anderson be getting open threes? I don’t think so.

    • Thaddeus says:

      Perfectly agree with what you said. Orlando could use Gustavo who also happens to play Center for a new team that currently and eventually will lack a center. New Orleans also gets a role playing piece solidifying their rebuilding on the fly approach

  32. YUUP says:

    Orlando GM is the weirdest GM of the NBA. Got the finals a few years ago, then decide to trade turkoglu and lewis for really nothing in return. Didn’t even got close to get back to the finals the next year. Then this year they get the most improved player and they sign and trade him for a guy nobody know. I mean are they really fighting for a championship or do they found it attractive to trade every guy that can actually compete to another team for nothing in return?

  33. swagkid says:

    Hornets might be pretty good
    Austin rivers at pg
    Eric Gordan at sg
    Rashard Lewis at sf
    Ryan Anderson at pf
    Anthony Davis at c
    but lakers still gonna win it all

  34. some of you dont get this move…

    anderson is an unrestricted free agent looking for a ton of money. 8 or9 million a year is huge and considering how he faded in the playoffs with no dwight to feed him open looks i think its wise for the magic to trade him and get a nice cheap center to save valuable cap space. his numbers will go down for sure next season without a dominant center creating open shots for him i guarantee it. he is not worth that kind of money especially at this point in time with the dwight howard trade uncertanity. we also just drafted a power forward.

    as for jammer i dont really like him but he opted out of his last year paying him 8 or 9 million(not worth that $$$) hopefully the new deal is more reasonable and i do believe he was the BEST VALUE point guard available at the time. jeremy lin/goran dragic/eric gordon looking for a lot of dough. no way we get steve nash or deron williams and jason kidd is too old. so while rebuilding i dont think this is a bad move with either nelson or anderson. i trust the new GM (way more than otis smith) and hopefully his plans work out. all we need to do now is get rid or turk with howard and wait till duhon and j rich conracts expire. i like big baby

  35. Bj says:

    Good Job Magic, This makes sense…..Now we just need to do this Howard trade with whomever so we can move on from all this start fresh

  36. chitown says:

    Good move for the Hornets, TURRIBLE move for the Magic. Giving up Anderson wasn’t smart because he could’ve been a valuable part of their team if and when Dwight Howard leaves. The Hornets really did well by getting Anderson. He is basically their 6th man and now they need to sign a center.

    • 4dawin says:

      they know what they donig.. rob hennigan isn’t crazy… he’s planning something.. lets just see it..

  37. ShonDeezle Johnson says:

    This is a huge boost for NO, now Ryan can help Anthony Davis become an even better power forward. I doubt Dwight will return to Orlando now :/

  38. Carrington Banks says:

    Its called gaining cap space…grow up kids….its rebuilding time, and a few teams have shown that now a days its better to build through the draft with patience

  39. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    How about the the trade for Dwight Howard’s rumors???

  40. elliott03 says:

    Check it out for the latest news, views and reviews from three Aussies!

  41. paul says:

    I am from New Orleans, and am disappointed for us. Ayon is a hard working hustler that doesn’t fill the boxes. He makes the people around him better and you [Orlando fans] will love him.

  42. RAY says:

    Doesnt make sense, why sign jameer to a long contract if ur not signing anderson, they should have let him walk, trade turk and jrich alongside dwight and play with a bunch of rookies, that way you have atleast 90% of ur cap space available

  43. Karl says:

    If Orlando won’t get the nº1 pick in 2013 Draft, it will be an horrible move.

  44. Karl says:

    Anderson’ stats: 16.1 PPG, 7.7 RPG in 32.2 MPG. And MIP Award.
    Ayon’ stats: 5.9 PPG, 4.9 RPG in 20.1 MPG.

    I really don’t understand this move. I’m very angry with the organization

  45. Karl says:

    I don’t understand this move, too. The best young player in the team and he’s traded. I’m a big fan of Orlando and I’m very disappointed with this trade. Anderson is a good player to rebuild this team with the inminent trade of DH12. If I were Magic’ GM, I will waive Turkoglu and bring young players.

  46. litesout says:

    it is better to be the worst team then to be an average team dealing with financial issues. smart move Orlando, still think you could have got a 1st rd pk out the deal though

    • Harley K says:

      hornets would never give up their first rounder they still dont know how this team will be when they hit the court alot of new pieces most likely a 20-30 win team. good move for magic they need to get rid of j rich,turk and jameer now who knows mabey they have a deal with howard and jameer (doubt it but you never know) so thats why they signed him magic just need to get howard out if i were them i would try to get some of the lakers picks that didnt go to the suns and bynum but its risky because bynum is sporatic playying with the lakers who know when/if he goes to the magic rebuild how good he would be. or they need to find a couple of teams where 1 gets howard and gives up a good player to the other team and orlando gets both first rounders and 1 or 2 young prospects but who would really want to risk it with howard other than Nj

  47. RTavares says:

    I mean, as a Portuguese fan I have some difficulties to watch all the games but I try to see EVERY recap from the games and ryan anderson was the one and only player in the magic that I felt he was right there. they may be tryin to rebuild with young players but anderson has a great margin to develop and he has an advantage in my point: he can stretch defenses with tht 3 point shot! I mean if u have a big man taking him on D he’ll take tht guy out of the paint and open it up for other players. they probly won t have dwight thisseason so I guess they’ll have to get some talent inside trading him and ayon may not be a star but he is a great rebounder… trading anderson for ayon to me it s a badmove for the magic but a good one for the hornets. maybe trade ayon for other hornet it would be a good move but I don t think it s a good move to Orlando trading those 2 cuz they really don t have the same characteristics but I’ll w8 and see how it kicks out for both teams…

  48. Austin says:

    This is a very stupid move by the magic, they will regret it when he becomes a star.

    • RAY says:

      austin he will never be a star, he will be a good 3rd or 4th option depending on what team but without dwight lets face it his shooting % was gonna drop, you’ll see next year with the hornets he wont even be close to where he was last year.

  49. Deshan says:

    Im jumping on the hornets ban wagon lets go hornets my fav team coach son over here austin rivers wit anthony davis eric gordon nd now anderson and arimun fanquio amunim good young starting 5

  50. Rob says:

    anderson had a window to prove himself to the magic they needed him to be a low post threat more then a open 3 point shooter but in the indiana series he just faded where glen dais shined thats why they moved him ?

  51. Rob says:

    you people dont understand this team was all about howard ? now thats hes gone they need to change the look and offense. the magic are all about freeing up cap space to make a splash in 2013 free agency ? thats thier plan !! this year is gonna be a write off year !!

  52. Nowis says:

    I don’t understand this trade at all. So Howard is gone and they are starting to gut the team like this? Even in rebuilding, do you really have to trade away all your good players? Ryan could be one of the centerpiece/role players for a rebuilding team. Is Jameer, turk next? Are they going to challenge bobcats record?

    • Mad407fan says:

      No Jameer will not be next they just gave him a contract so i guess they think nelson is a better piece to have then anderson. Why not get rid of glen davis isnt he the one that lost the game for us with that short jumper that he should have been able to hit.

    • BERT says:

      At this stage WE don’t have to understand. Let’s trust in the new G.M. and be patient. HE can do MAGIC ……..but NOT
      MIRACLES……..!!! He is doing the talking with the other teams…………..we are only quessing. It’s just a game of chess.
      At the end………… everything will be ALL RIGHT……………..GO MAGIC !!!!!!!!!!!!

  53. Rob says:

    and btw nelson was the best point guard availible this free agency let him walk and who do you have left ? chris duhon come on really another otis smith garbage contract the magic will be cleaning thier roster one piece at a time

    • Joe says:

      LMAO u are a character… nelson the best pg this FA? I guess u never heard of a guy in broklynn, his name is DARON WILLIAMS

    • StandingUp says:

      You must be one of the stupidest people on here. Nelson isn’t even close to being one of the best pg in this FA. Are you forgetting Deron Williams, Jason Kidd, Steve Nash, Jeremy Lin

      • bob says:

        he meant that he is da best point gaurd that was still available at da time ! duh !!!!!

      • keven blaq says:

        A’s the guy was talking about who was free not who got sign already Williams (bklyn) Nash (L.A.) and kid is in (ny) how domb can u cyber bullies be

  54. Rob says:

    anderson was good when open and for spacing the floor but now with dwight soon to be gone hes doesnt fit thier plan his defense is not so good they moved him to free up cap space for future this is going to be a changing year for magic to free up room and get reeady for 2013 free agency have to plan ahead like all good teams do ? otherwise they will be a .500 for years to come .

  55. Mad407fan says:

    This makes me very mad with the organization and the new gm already. He better have a good reason to sign Nelson who has not done anything in the past few years and getting rid of one of the players that got us this far in Anderson. Thought he brought alot of promise to this team. Guess this is why i stopped paying attention to the magic and buy basketball jersey’s.

  56. Rob says:

    magic will trade jrich contract along with dhoward for ? hmm

  57. Rob says:

    now glen davis will be our starting pf and now we wait and see who ill center will be ?

  58. Rob says:

    magic moved him to get a backup center and free up cap space good move a sign of things to come

  59. maximvp says:

    the magic can´t pay 36 m/y so the sign and trade is good for us

    • DJ3 says:

      Its not 36 million yearly. Its 36 million over 4 years. so 36 divided by 4 is 9 million so first year 7 or 8 million up to 10 or 11 million in the last year? Something like that.

  60. UMAD says:

    Confusing. Well , this definitely means that Howards is not gonna be there.
    Really happy for Anderson tho, was a fan of him.

  61. RapsRock101 says:

    The New Orleans are getting a steal while the Magic are losing the future of the franchise

  62. will says:

    great trade for the hornets

  63. Raphajiujitsu says:

    As a magic fan I don’t know if thats a smart move. I mean, Anderson is the most improve player of the year. I really wanted him back in magic uniforme.

    • laupie says:

      magiq are clearing the ship, get everyone out and start rebuilding with young players

      • tdot says:

        most you guys that aRE commenting are wrong , this wasnt a trade it was basically a straight sign with the hornets anderson just wanted a maxx contract and magic agreed to the sign-and-trade just to get a little somthing bak at least soo dont say bad trade on magic ;s it was by force

      • Billb Bo says:

        Ayon is 3 years older than Anderson. So much for getting young players.