Bulls Go Back To Future With Hinrich

CHICAGO – Everything old is new again, the saying goes, or if we’re tailoring it for this NBA free-agency offseason, everyone old is new again. Or being passed off as new.

In a summer when Steve Nash, Jason Kidd and Ray Allen have grabbed headlines for changing teams — via deals agreed to, since nothing actually can get signed until Wednesday – Kirk Hinrich is a two-fer among the veteran backcourt players. Hinrich is switching teams and returning to his NBA roots, signing a two-year deal with the Chicago Bulls according to multiple reports.

Hinrich, who will be receive the “mini” mid-level exception of about $3 million annually available to teams at or above the luxury-tax threshold, was picked seventh overall out of Kansas by Chicago in the talent-rich 2003 NBA Draft. He started for the first time as a Bull on Nov. 8, 2003, in a lineup with Donyell Marshall, Eddy Curry, Kendall Gill and Eddie Robinson. Playing first for coach Bill Cartwright and later Scott Skiles, Hinrich averaged 12.0 points and 6.8 assists as a 38.6 percent shooter.

He improved his field-goal accuracy, though not by much lately (41.4 percent in 48 appearances with Atlanta last season). But his value to the Bulls is said to be his ability to man both backcourt spots; he can start in place of injured Derrick Rose for half the 2012-13 season or longer, then log minutes at shooting guard whenever Rose returns from his torn-ACL knee rehabilitation. Also, even at age 31, Hinrich’s defense is sticky enough to please Bulls coach Tom Thibodeau.

Hinrich was one of the Bulls’ assets basically gifted to Washington on draft night in 2010 when the team zealously cleared cap space to go free-agent shopping (the spree yielded  Carlos Boozer and role players). So for some Chicago fans, he’s back where he belongs – for the Hinrich family too, which still owns a home near the team’s practice facility in the northern suburbs.

Others won’t view this as any sort of upgrade for a team that led the NBA in victories the past two regular seasons and, until Rose’s devastating injury in the very first game of the postseason, was all-in for a championship. Hinrich’s arrivals appears to seal the fate of C.J. Watson, Rose’s backup for the past two seasons. The Bulls hold a $3.2 million option on Watson that must be exercised by Tuesday. They also took Kentucky point guard Marquis Teague at No. 29 in the Draft June 28.

Watson, 28, is the classic coach-on-the-floor that Hinrich is, and he played badly in the first-round elimination by Philadelphia after Rose went down – most notably his brain-cramp decision to pass to center Omer Asik in the final seconds of the Game 6 clincher. But he labored through his own injuries for Chicago, especially when Rose was out multiple times, and his numbers last season trounced Hinrich’s.

On a 36-minute basis, Watson averaged 14.7 points, 6.2 assists and 3.3 rebounds, while shooting 36.8 percent overall, 39.3 percent on 3-pointers and 80.8 percent from the line. Here’s Hinrich: 9.2 ppg, 3.8 apg, 2.9 rpg, with shooting percentages of 41.4, 34.6 and 78.1. Watson’s PER (measure of efficiency) was 13.3. Hinrich’s? A career-low 9.2 in a season in which, to be fair, he wasn’t fully healthy either.

Through two seasons in which Rose has lacked a star sidekick, never mind two of them in this “Big Three” era, many have pointed to Chicago’s depth as the help few teams can match. But Hinrich-and-a-raw-Teague over Watson might be a push or a half-step backward, and similar team options might result in Kyle Korver and Ronnie Brewer being elsewhere in 2012-13 too. Also, Chicago has to match the offer sheet signed by Asik just to stay even up front.

A trade still is possible, and it’s inevitable that the Bulls’ plans must wait until Rose and forward Luol Deng (torn wrist ligaments) return. Still, to a lot of the team’s fans, management seems more focused this offseason on facing the NBA luxury tax for the first time than on getting in the Miami Heat’s or Boston Celtics’ grills.


  1. Danilo B. says:

    Eddie Curry go back to the bulls you have no playing tim ein miami 😀

  2. BULLSbbluvs03 says:

    Welcome Back Mr. Kirk

    PG: Hinrich
    C: Noah

    Dont match Asik offer get rid of brewer and watson jl3 just get Blair from Spurs and sign Mayo if posible


    Plus Deng and Rose when healthy

  3. Carol says:

    I LOVE IT !!! : )
    Chicago is where he belongs !
    Welcome back, Kirk !!!!

  4. Mike says:

    For some reason, I’m wondering why the Bulls haven’t made a move for Golden State’s Brandon Rush. The guy is 6’6, 225, shot 40% from the 3 last year and about 50% fgp overall. He’s got enough size that D Wade wont push him down like he did Rip last year, and Brandon Rush could possibly even be put in at small forward to play “small ball” as its called and stretch the floor with maybe him at the 3 and Deng at the 4. I think Brandon Rush made 3.1 million last year or something like that. I’d say forget Asik, I mean, I liked the guy’s heart and effort, but 25 mill on a guy who can’t score? Playing like 9 minutes a game or something like that. Its just not a wise move. But I really think Brandon Rush is who they need to be talking to

  5. J23 says:

    This deal looks pretty nice… but we still need to pursue a another guard, a shooting guard in particular, like o.j mayo, j.r smith or my favorite courtney lee!… who can create of the dribble and spot up at the same time. But overall great to have kirk back.

  6. grantstern says:

    The Bulls dreadfully mismanaged the free agency period of 2010 by taking Boozer over Amar’e or simply keeping flexibility and acquiring a superstar at a later date… Boozer’s cap choker, for a guy who doesn’t play in the 4th quarter, along with Noah’s deal (who is similarly a spectator) and now Asik’s backloaded contract are putting a once promising Bulls team into a salary cap box. Ouch Bulls fans! But what did you expect from a GM (Paxson) who tried to bait the head coach (del Negro) into a fight in the team offices?

  7. nbafan123 says:

    The Bulls don’t need Carlos Boozer nor Kyle korver. The bulls now have 4 players in the pg position Lucas,Watson,Teague, and now Hinrich. This is not a great move considering that there are already 3 players in the pg position, they should give Teague a try and somehow trade Lucas and maybe Watson but keep Watson if you can and hopefully Hinrich won’t sign with the Bulls and from there get a young and strong SG because Rip is not the rip from 4 years ago. The Bulls need to look for 2nd captain in command and what i mean by that is that the Bulls need another primary scorer and another leader other than Rose, someone who can lead the bulls, other than rose, and win multiple games in the regular and post season. What the Bulls need most is a SG.
    I’m a huge and die hard BULLS fan and Derrick Rose are my inspiration and i hope some of you guys agree with me on this, THIS IS STRICTLY MY OPINION on the BULL’S situation

    I wish DERRICK ROSE a speedy recovery!

  8. spalace says:

    kirk is overated in chicago,he could not hit a jump shot to save his life.

  9. VIN says:

    Hinrich is a good pick up, but, I think the Bulls need a good 2 guard, Raja Bell or Courtney Lee.

  10. billy boy says:

    whatever… BULLS is the best team in REGULAR season… for sure they will dominate the REGULAR season… but not the finals

  11. Hey Bulls fan, I hate the Pats. I’ve always been a Peyton Manning fan. I cheer for teams who have players worthy of respect like the Celtics (Paul Pierce), the broncos/colts (Peyton Manning), and the tigers (Miguel Cabrera). I remain loyal to my teams just like Paul Pierce has whole career. Who else can say that?

    • BullsFAN says:

      i can honestly say that. i grew up in a chicago environment and love every team of theirs (except the sox) and have loved every team for like years… so dont come in here and say our fans arent loyal… why dont you go post that on the heats page?

  12. KnickerBocker says:

    hinrich is a great addition but Iits not good they lost watson if they had watson hinrichand rose it would be great but now they’ll have ball movement and they have great shooters but watson was a great shooter and they might loose their best shooter korver and best defender in brewer so they are taking steps back

  13. Trade BOOzer back to UTAH for big al.. let asik go… get gerald green. and bring tyrus thomas back

  14. The French Durantula says:

    Thunder gonna win it all with Hasheem “The Dream” Thabeet

  15. drewbird says:

    I’d much rather have Brandon Roy.

  16. Fredrick Wells says:

    Bulls vs Nets (with Dwight Howard) in East Finals. Bulls in 7. Bulls to win the 2013 NBA Title.

    Lebron to enjoy his only championship as the Bulls will eliminate the Heat in the Conference Semis 4 – 2.

    Rose will be back on the court sooner than January (perhaps late November or mid December).

  17. no effects says:

    D-ROSE is not MJ…
    Capt. KIRK is percfect addition to the bulls while D-Rose recovering

  18. alex says:

    getting kirk hinrich is not a bad move, what the bulls need is an additonal F-C in case the bulls doesnt want to match the offer of asik from the rockets, 25M is alot of money, you can get 3 players, but if asik is for the future plans of the organization its good to keep…but if it is worthy for that price?? we can get elton brand or chris kaman, maybe a sign and trade for okafor..

  19. ThibodeauFTW says:

    sign Lou Williams pls

  20. Charles Barkley says:

    Rose and Deng injured so

    the starting 5 would be:

    Kirk Hinrich
    Rip Hamilton
    Rasual Butler
    Carlos Boozer
    Joakim Noah


    Marques Teague
    Taj Gibson



    Boozer is not the type of player who’s brave enough to carry team
    Deng can’t create his own shot and he’s just a role player with more skills
    Rip Hamilton is too old. To be honest and frankly I don’t like when they sign Rip last year. it’s a waste of money!
    Noah is good but if you want to win get Dwight which most likely won’t happen
    Kirk Hinrich is injury prone lately why get him? Are you serious? He’s not physically healthy anymore!

  21. Charles Barkley says:

    Rose and Deng injured so

    the starting 5 would be:

    Kirk Hinrich
    Rip Hamilton
    Rasual Butler
    Carlos Boozer
    Joakim Noah


    Marques Teague
    Taj Gibson



    Boozer is not the type of player who’s brave enough to carry team
    Deng can’t create his own shot and he’s just a role player with more skills
    Rip Hamilton is too old. To be honest and frankly I don’t like when they sign Rip last year. it’s a waste of money!
    Noah is good but if you want to win get Dwight which most likely won’t happen
    Kirk Hinrich is injury prone lately why get him? Are you serious? He’s not physically healthy anymore!

  22. chewie says:

    Hows the OVER REACTION. Kirk is a good signing for the money. Seriously, 3 million is a bargain. The Omer signing for tripple the money is what should be worrying Bulls fans. While you do overpay for size and potential, I feel the Rockets offer really hurts the Bulls in the upcoming years with little to no cap flexibility. The only reason to do this deal is if they have a sign and trade deal already in place to move him and another player for a star.

  23. ilovethebulls says:

    kyle korver hold the nba record for highest 3 point percentage. and people say they are going to trade him

  24. no effects says:

    Captain KIRK is back!!!!!!

    one of my favorite point guard in the NBA… hes also one of USA Basketball Team 2004

  25. bullsfan05 says:

    Hinrich, Mayo, Noah, Deng, Boozer or Gibson is good starter.

  26. bullsfan05 says:

    O. J. Mayo is i think what the bulls need… any idea how can we get him from Griz?

  27. iroach says:

    Sign Omer and amnesty Boozer in two years when Omer”s contract for the 15 million kicks in and use that to pay him. we can afford the first two years not the last year. but with Booz money of the books in 2yr we can afford him and keep the team chemistry in tact.

  28. iroach says:

    Welcome back Capt. Kirk. Better defensive and offensive player than CJ Watson and a great motivator and instructor for Teague. just like he helped Derrick when he was a rookie! We have enough fire power when Derrick gets back and Teague will suprise alot of people with his quickness and penetrating skills. Great job GarPax keep up the good work.

  29. chris says:

    I was disappointed when the bulls traded hinrich i think he is a great combo WITH d-rose. They were great when hinrich was on the court with rose.

  30. ttyme says:

    I think the bulls should let Omer go, but try to go after a decent center like Camby or something maybe a little old but solid defensively and rebounds well. Then if possible try to get a guy like Lou Williams or OJ Mayo. We need scorers in Chicago so I like Lou Williams but the price may be to high. I think the pick up of Hinrich was good as he can play a little shooting guard but I would like to see CJ stay on the Bulls because he is a proven player, maybe with mentoring of Kirk he will also be able to step up late. Then there is Teague who I think will help for now, I think he maybe more of trade bait though but I would like to see him perform in the summer league to find out how good his shot is.

  31. BullsFan says:

    Watson can either make you jump out of your chair cheering or make you facepalm. I hope Kirk will play good and we can atleast resign Korver. (we don’t need Brewer AS much as Korver). And people do forget that even though he’s getting older, a healthy Rip is a good scoring 2 gaurd. (Obviously we would prefer Mayo though..) Bottom Lign is the bulls need to keep the majority of the team and hope to add a player like Mayo to the mix.

  32. Jim M says:

    I don’t like this at all – Kirk is a decent player but nit for this team. If I’m reading this correctly this announcement only says we are bringing everybody back. In Rose’s absence Kirk will start. Lucas is the odd man out. The trade deadline we get rid of the least effective either Watson or Hamilton. This is a very conservative move. First we can do better at center than Asik – I like him a lot but to sacrifice a future with Gibson for a promise you made not good basketball nor business sense. The Bulls have tried to acquire Mayo in the past – even last year inquiring about a possible trade – to not pursue him as a UFA is beyond belief. Please look into the Greg Oden as a back-up – hell Aaron Gray is a better addition than Asik plus it will free up room to keep Korver, Kirk, Watson and add Mayo.

  33. Lol Bulls fans are almost as bad as Heat fans! At least the Heat actually won (any body can if three stars sign there, it means nothing) but the Bulls only have one ECF win in the past two years. The Bulls do try harder than any other team in the NBA but when the playoffs come they are way overmatched. A lot like the Bears for that matter. I respect Chicago but they are no where near the top of the league.

    • ChrisPinoyBullsFan says:

      The last time I checked, the Bulls were the top seeded team in the east. When D.Rose was healthy, P.Pierce and the Celtics were just, at best, third best team in the EC. I guess you need to watch the REAL NBA. Not just NBA 2K12.

      • Ya, and they also played at least half of their games without him. They are a good team who tries hard, I mean I don’t mind them but this team basically had the best record with him in the regular season. But the post-season is different and they couldn’t get past the worst team. However my Celtics didn’t do so hot against them either but at least they won and took Miami to 7 games instead of 5. Chicago needs at least two more established players to contend.

      • BullsFan says:

        Yeah well look at your pats as of late. No ring since 04. (Not bad for any other team except the pats)

      • trade1 says:

        dude, regular season records means nothing, playing a great defensive team 4 – 7 times in a row means you need playmakers, chicago doesn’t have playmakers.. their defense helps during regular season.. Ask the Spurs what having the best record means for the last 2 years running now… you need players in a series, period.. even lebron knows this.. Rose will find this out eventually.. but if they sign asik, party is over, rose will be like charles barkley, never playing with another hall of famer..

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      lmfao! You’re funny, I am a TRUE sports fan so I have to stick up for chicago fans. Only because, well…you’re wrong haha. The bears actually went to the conference championship 2yrs ago and were a force last year til their two main stars got hurt. The bulls lost a hard fought celtics series back when they had hinrich, gordon, and rose first came(they were discovering themselves). Last year the bulls took first seed and I saw something, that this team had the will and chemistry to match any team. This year, it surely looked like it was going to be a miami chicago rematch. Of course, injuries is what hurt them but I think honestly the way you talk that you’re a heat fan lol. It’s ok guy, we all know you are I’m just the only one here who’s going to say it though. Honestly, everyone knows how lucky the heat were to face nothign but injured and young teams. Either the team was young, or injured…period. Name a team, and I’ll give you the diagnosis. So before you go spatting stuff, you need to get your facts straight (like me =) ). Now if you want to talk about the cubs, that’s a different story. But they’re probably the only team right now not considered an elite/playoff team from chicago.

      • Lol i’m actually a Lions fan there big guy. Did u see the Lions get to the playoffs and the bears didn’t? I know they had some injuries but they just didn’t have enough star-power, and yes I do know what I am talking about. The Lions aren’
        t as good as the Bears but the Bears injuries led them to the playoffs. The thing you really got wrong is that I HATE the Miami Heat. I like the Celtics, and the Pistons. Oh and by the way that year the Bears made the NFC championship game they let B.J. Raji get a pick six…lol

      • Oh and by the way the Bears got their by only playing one game against the 7-9 seahawks! Any body could get to the NFC championship with that easy playoff schedule! lol

    • dattebayo says:

      just to remind dumb f-word-ing c-word-s like you:


      Teams with 3 or more stars that didn’t get it done. So no, it takes way more than that to win.

  34. I can still remember the days of Hinrich as a Bull guarding Lebron James. That’s how tough he is as a defender. He was given the will to guard the best small forward in the league despite their height differences.

    • trade1 says:

      cut it out, thats because lebron was still using his gift, now lebron is using his mind & gifts, pipe dream if you think that matchup can work now, and it can’t work with dwade either, nor deron williams/joe johnson,nor nash/kobe,no parker/ginobli, nor westbrook/harden, nor phillies guards, nor rondo/bradley… this right here is why its a step back..

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        I agree, when lebron was trying to be jordan. Let’s face, he can’t play like jordan, the one who plays closest to that is kobe. Jordan’s type of play was an art form, it was graceful and powerful at the sametime. Lebron has a different game, he has a bully type game because he’s so strong. He has what I call the “gorilla game” where he likes to push you back and use his strength to dunk on you or hit you off balance. Jordan was more like bruce lee as where he liked to trick you and catch you off balance. Jordan did what he did, and might I add that he did not even have the build that lebron does? Lebron’s huge…he bullies his opponents. As for michael, he just made you look stupid like A.I. used to do to his opponents lmfao(man, the good ol days).

  35. bullsfan05 says:

    Where is Nicola Mirotic? When will he play for the BULLS?

    • Ethan Li says:

      Nikola Mirotic will come in about 2-3 more years. He needs the experience from the euroleague.

  36. Toney says:

    We talk about capt.Kirk but we haven’t said a thing about John Lucas3!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!He only came off the the bench to spark the bulls on many nites and all he wanted was achance to play.Well John if the bulls don’t want you take the money and run where you are wanted.

    • trade1 says:

      exactly toney, disrespect all the way around to watson and lucas…
      they get an old, hurt player with limited skills for guys who sparked the team one way or another on a near nightly basis…

  37. MJ says:

    PG- Kirk Hinrich
    SG-Rip Hamilton? we need a young and good shooting guard here.
    C- J. Noah
    PF- Carlos Boozer
    SF- Deng / Gibson

  38. bullsfan05 says:

    Now that Rose is out, its time for Boozer to prove himself. IF he is still the same man we see the past two season, very much sure we have to trade him. Let us give him a chance this season. Boozer please!

  39. pads says:

    i agree, elton brand should back to chicago. but not as a center maybe…

    • alex says:

      even ak47 is also a good adddition to the bulls, if he is still interested to go back in the nba…chris kaman is also a candidate now that the hornets is leeting him go…

  40. josh says:

    i don’t think hinrich will join the bulls because even if he was to sign as free agent it would be impossible to match the contract. Plus i think that he looks good in atlanta playing with jeff, smith, horford, and a new member devin harris.

  41. kris says:

    what bulls need now is a back up center to replace asik..coz its a bad idea matching rockets offer for asik…the best move that i can see is bring back also elton brand as a back up C…what do you think???

  42. ryan says:

    yes they got kirk back i think they should go after camby

  43. Kochie says:

    I question the Bulls decision here.

    Watson was probably the best backup pointguard last year (statistically) coming off the bench and although his playoff form was quite poor I feel that in the regular season Hinrich will not have the impact that Watson has had in the last season.

    But Hinrich is a seasoned campaigner with a respectable resume and his salary isn’t a major torn in the salary cap so I don’t view it as a major loss.

    • trade1 says:

      Agreed mostly here… this is ridiculous signing Hinrich 3/mil a year and moving cj watson, if not for cj watson and lucas, the bulls wouldn’t have had the best record in the east.. Hinrich is a year older, a year slower and no way can he play the 2 spot, not against the beast in the east which is getting stronger by the day.. not a good move, especially since they are in a rock and hard place with the Asik offer sheet by Houston.. Houston mgt are idiots, they look like Timberwolves of years past and 1 thing is in common, Kevin Mchale.. overpaying for players is a sure way to never win it, unless you overpay for superstars..

      NOBODY will pickup boozers contract unless its a sorry, losing team, but even then, who would be sooo stupid…

      This signing takes bulls down a notch and I’d be really surprised if Hinrich can get you 50 games this year, and forget the playoffs, philly,celts,miami,nets are the teams most likely in the playoffs and they have guard play that is exceptional and I wouldn’t give up any starting guards on these teams to put in Hinrich… welcome to chicago, moving back to where they were before Jordan and the 1st few years of Jordan’s era, where they really aren’t trying to win… you know, like the bobcats.. roflmao.
      If you are going to sign asik to a 30 mil deal, I’m sure there’s a few other free agents that are just as good that will cost less.. enter Mr. Camby, same defense, limited offense, less than 1/2 the price..

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        I don’t think fans care too much about first place lmfao. Just ask the heat fans who butchered bulls fans when they had 1st seed the 1st time and how they beat them. AS I said before, it doesn’t matter what you do to get there (be an 8th seed or w/e), it only matters what you do when you DO get there. Just ask this year’s superbowl champs, or this year’s stanley cup winners =).

      • GoGogadgetGo says:

        C.j. showed that when it came down to an IMPORTANT decision with the season on the line(most important play, not what he did to help them get 1st) that he just can’t stay focused. That play sealed his fate, and as for fans who said “aww, it’s ok c.j. next year man” you should be ashamed to be a fan. Stick up for your team, he lost that game with that decision. The game was done already, there shouldn’t have even been a play…like…ok?? lol! s…m…h

  44. sivretsolide21 says:

    bulls need more then kirk to make this team great again rose is going to be great but they lack scoring big time and need help. there front court needs to be upgraded and there defence is great but still wont save them. bring in some young scoring talent.they should try to trade boozer and see if they can trade deng aswell. they should try to go after Rudy Gay use the amesty clause on boozer sign elton brand and Rudy Gay.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      I wouldn’t give up deng if I were you, but since I’m not I would love to take him as I’m sure anyone would love to take an all-star and defensive force who can score =). He didn’t play his full potential because he had a torn tendon that he played through. The way they play, it would be like trading deng for deng lol!. Deng is just a better defender as gay is better offensively only because gay has a better inside game. But a healthy deng only averages 2pts less than gay where as he’s more better defensively than gay is better offensively. Every other average of theirs is practically identical, so I mean I doubt the bulls nor grizzilies are interested. I also thought about how elton brand might be a good addition, but I’ve seen his averages and they’ve slumped so bad that I no longer consider brand a force at all. Hate to say it, but boozer is better than brand. Brand has lost his game, big time. I think he averaged like 8pts a game, hate to see once such a force get faded so badly.

  45. Jacob says:

    I’m really liking this pick-up. Kirk Hinrich is an awesome defensive player and can definitely shoot the ball pretty well. I think this is a good idea bringing Hinrich back to fill Rose’s spot while he’s injured. I’m looking at significant playing time for him even while Rose is back. He can play the 2 spot very well along with the Point guard postition. He’s an all-around guard… Just what the Bulls need. I think he will fit just right with the rest of the team, and since Thibs is a defensive-type coach, bringing in a lock-down defensive point guard is HUGE. Even with Rose out, the Bulls still have a shot at a title this year with Hinrich at PG and occasionally SG, and Marquis Teague coming off the bench, as well as the rest of our roster, including Deng, Noah, Gibson, Boozer, etc. Again, I really like the choice of bringing Hinrich back. I’m really looking forward to this season. GO BULLS!!

  46. GORAPTORS1957 says:

    biggest duo ever scal and kirk

  47. Fosi says:

    Captain Kirk is back!!

  48. lilsi says:

    thank you. Get him out of atl

  49. Chris says:

    Celtic might look to rebuild a little.. since the loss of Ray Allen….offer Trade Deal of Carlos Boozer & CJ Watson for Kevin Garnett….the high salary of Carlos would be gone….and since we did just sign Kirk.. CJ’s time in Bulls uniform is next to null….. with Kevin Garnett playing Power Forward and Noah playing center…,, Bulls would have options to have KG and TAJ play every other games as a STARTER, which would allow getting enough rest for both (KG and TAJ).

    • Lee says:

      KG is retiring in green. Hes not going anywhere.

    • chitown says:

      KG wouldn’t fit with the Bulls because he wants to end his career with the Celtics and the Bulls want to be younger, not older. And to add to that, KG and Noah have had a negative history with each other.

    • Gary says:

      For one. Boozer is making $15mil and CJ a lil’ over $3mil. KG is making about $11.5mil… trade wouldn’t be legal and why would Boston want to downgrade to Boozer??? They also have Avery Bradley and Jason Terry, so CJ wouldn’t make sense either. You guys have to think about trades that work well for both teams… Ainge would be ran out of Boston by Red Auerbach himself!!!

  50. Edmund says:

    awesome idea

  51. bluntmasta420 says:

    What a depressing article. I had hope for the Bulls this year until I read this. It looks like Lee is going to the Celtics and we still need someone who can score. I say we sign JR Smith, OJ Mayo, and then trade Noah and Deng for Dwight Howard.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      No it isn’t, because they would want deng, noah, gibson(which already right here I wouldn’t give up these 3 if I were you for a guy who has 1 yr left and isn’t really stable on staying with a team not on his list).

  52. the finishline says:

    Bad move by my Bulls as usual. Just as I said last year the Bulls still need a J.R. Smith type of shooting guard. A guard that can get his own shots off the dribble, drive and finish and more importantly a guy who can put 20 points with ease. Now I know J.R. is a defensive liability and he’s either hot or not with his shot and he’ll keep putting up shots regardless of his percentage that night. That’s still a good risk to take cause he’s a bonafide scorer. Mayo may seem like the better choice, but just as last year I think the Bulls need a guy who won’t always refer to Rose.

    • GoGogadgetGo says:

      It’s a pretty good move, they should either get asik and j.r. smith or let asik go and get mayo. But bulls must becareful, if they really want the mayo option over the asik one heere’s what they need to do. Offer mayo a contract on the 11th(sameday as asik signs his) and wait and see if mayo’s contract gets matched. If it does within that time frame(which both players will have the same time frame) you can sign asik’s contract and get smith. If you get mayo, you might want someone who can bring you rebounds and has the potential to play D that thibs can coach into some type of force like asik(not to mention he being cheap). I saw someone say mohammed the ex-thunder player and I agree with them.

  53. Luke Duke says:

    This is a good move for the Bulls. With DRose out we need someone who can handle the point. CJ Watson proved himself to be scared and tentative last year when it was all on the line. Hinrich is playoff experienced and a major upgrade over Watson. Great move.

  54. turk says:

    Hinrich and Teagure a push or half step down from Watson????????? This guys on drugs

    • BullsMania says:

      I agree to say Watson is better than Kirk and Teague is bonkers. Watson has shown the uncanny ability to disappear when needed. Kirk has shown in the postseason that he is willing to fight tooth and nail until the job gets done.

  55. NOEL says:

    Capt kirk is back!!!!!!YESSSSS

  56. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Bulls still will be a force to reckon with in the east after the heat, unless the nets get howard.

    • nick says:

      howard is going to brooklyn they are pulling off these messed up deals pulling together all sorts of stuff just to land major players lol

  57. Joseph03 says:

    This is a good pickup for the Bulls, although if it would be at the cost of C.J Watson, that’s something debatable, since Kirk is already on the wrong side of 30 and had some injuries that clearly affected his physical abilities. Nonetheless if the Bulls can’t decide if they still need Watson then he still commands value as a quality back up PG on the trading market. I just hope for their sake they don’t let Brewer and Korver go.

    • NOEL says:

      I AGREE we need korver he can get hot from the 3 point line and hes clutch on free throws i think kirk will be perfect to back up rose i like omar asik but at the price houston want to pay im cool we need to get a 2 guard bad like oj mayo…..hamilton can back up mayo while kirk and teauge can back up rose depending on the game situation if we can get mayo and rose back early we got a good chance this year!!!

    • nick says:

      yes i would most def keep korker he shoudldn’t even be in the talks but understand its a bizness. i love hinrich though i hated seeing him go last time itwould be nice to have back i like asik but man that offer was unexpected from houston i guess we have to see what happen there is nothing never being said about the bulls in the mix of major deals so i dnt expect for to much to happen i wish it would but unfortunetly it most likely want unless there is someoneunder the radar that could seriously help the bulls get over the slump because lets not forget we did have best record in the lead two years straight i think its timewe make something happen because we don’t get no respect we deserve.

  58. Brian says:

    I like Kirk a lot and I have been a bulls fan before the 91 championship. Cant lie either i was kinda hoping we would get Bayless over him but let’s not get confused here we still need legit 2 and a back up center. I suggest don’t match Asik and spend a lump in Mayo or save for Pietris and get Mohammed or someone nobody talks about but I think can be exactly what Asik is and that’s Kyrylo Fesenko? He’s 7ft and built and most importantly cheap!!!!

    • chitown says:

      Agreed, Asik was great last year and the year before that, but matching the Rockets offer is just too much for the Bulls. They need a legit SG who can score. OJ Mayo would be a great pickup if they’re able to get him. He could be their best player until Rose comes back. Don’t spend a lot of money on a guy who doesn’t even start and can only rebound and play D.

  59. fattymayne swerve(bulls) says:


  60. money says:

    couldbe good