USA Basketball: Analyzing The Roster

LAS VEGAS — USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo and head coach Mike Krzyzewski didn’t have a single bad option in choosing the 12-man roster that will chase gold at the Olympics in London.

LeBron James admitted as much here Saturday, after the decision was made and Anthony Davis, Rudy Gay and Eric Gordon were trimmed from the group of 15 that assembled here for training camp.

“There wasn’t a guy, one through 15, who you couldn’t see making this team,” James said. “It’s too bad we have to cut at all. I wish there was a way you could take all 15 guys on this trip and have everybody get a chance to experience this process and how special it can be.”

Cutting the roster was the first major step for Colangelo and Krzyzewski, whose job it is now to craft a cohesive unit from the 12 players who did make the cut – a star-studded bunch led by James, Kobe Bryant, Kevin Durant, Carmelo Anthony, Chris Paul, Deron Williams, Tyson Chandler, Kevin Love and Russell Westbrook that was rounded out with Andre Iguodala and national team newcomers Blake Griffin and James Harden.

That list includes five players — James, Bryant, Anthony, Paul and Williams — that own gold medal from the 2008 Olympics in Beijing. Five more — Durant, Westbrook, Iguodala, Love and Chandler — helped the U. S. to gold at the 2010 World Championship in Turkey.

Carving a 12-man crew out of the 15 healthy, mostly, stars that showed up for training camp was the sort of endeavor most of the competition wish they had to endure.

“It’s the best challenge that you could have because everyone has been so committed,” Krzyzewski said. “The guys who were not selected are in our pool, and if someone did get hurt, they are already part of our team and could be seamlessly woven in at a later date. We really appreciate the commitment of all of these guys.”

Westbrook said he wasn’t sure who was on the team until they all gathered to get outfitted in the jerseys and warm ups they wore when they were introduced in a ballroom at the Wynn Hotel and Casino. He had his fingers crossed that all three of the Thunder stars who are still licking their wounds from that loss to the Heat in The Finals would make the cut. But he wasn’t sure until he saw Harden’s in the fitting room.

“You never know,” Westbrook said. “Kevin didn’t make the team that went to China. And now he’s one of the top two or three players in the world … you just never know.”

Colangelo and Krzyzewski know exactly what they’ve got in this bunch. Despite missing both Dwight Howard and Chris Bosh, who formed the 1-2 low post punch in Beijing, the U.S. is in good hands this time around with Chandler, the reigning KIA Defensive Player of the Year, one of the elite stretch fours in the game in Love, a rugged and high-flying bulldozer in Griffin, not to mention three of the most versatile players on the planet in James, Durant and Anthony.

While there may have been more high-profile teams and teams with more raw firepower, you’d be hard pressed to find a better and more well-rounded collection of talent on any roster competing in London.

And any fears about an undersized small or power forward being pressed into service against Marc Gasol of Spain or any of the other elite big men on other teams was put to rest by Love.

“I played some at the [center] during the season when [Timberwolves’ center Nikola] Pekovic went down and we didn’t want to play Darko [Milicic], so we have to find a way to play small,” Love said, “and there was a time in March where I had to play a significant amount of minutes at the five, and be a sort of stretch four or stretch five of sorts. That works for us in international competition. The fact that we have KD, whose 6-11, we have LeBron who is powerful who can basically play all five positions, we have Carmelo that can flat-out sore. We have other guys that can play big from the small forward and even the shooting guard position. We have guys that are interchangeable, guys that aren’t limited to just one position. And I feel like that versatility throughout the whole team is what’s going to help us thrive throughout this competition.”

With the way the floor is spaced during international competition and the ability of so many of the big men to play out on the perimeter, the U.S. team could very well benefit from having a roster full of hybrid players (guys made like traditional small and power forwards that are capable of playing all over the court).

That doesn’t mean they won’t have very real concerns when they face a team, like Spain, whose biggest and best weapons will be inside.

But the opposition will have their hands full with the U.S. team as well. A dynamic backcourt rotation featuring Bryant, Paul, Williams, Westbrook and Harden will be impossible for most teams to handle.

That’s why there is no lack of confidence for the U.S. team, even without some of the biggest names missing from the mix this time.

“When I think about [2008], we were really good then,” Paul said. “But like me, LeBron and D-Will, all of us talk about, “you’ve got to think about how much better all of us are now than we were in [2008].” All of us as players, we shoot the ball better. Guys are more athletic, guys are more confident. One through 12, no question we’re deeper than we were in 2008.”


  1. hmz says:

    Rajon Rondo best guard for me, why he didn’t take a spot in the team?

  2. toki says:

    best lineup:


    2nd team


  3. ronkhumagz says:

    1paul 2kobe 3james 4durant 5chnadler

  4. Linvie says:

    first five paul kobe james durant and chandler I guess

  5. OOSIPEROO says:

    The roster is great and should win the gold, but I would have left off Hardin and replaced him with Andrew Bynum for more shot blocking/ rebounding since Howard is hurt. There’s plenty of wing scoring already on the team. I personally do not like Russell Westbrook’s game, but he’s the next best choice for a small guard since Rajon is a punk. I would love Garnett on the team, but his knees need the offseason to recover.

    Best Lineup by far
    1 Chris Paul
    2 Kobe Bryant
    3 Lebron James
    4 Kevin Durant
    5 Tyson Chandler

    2nd Team
    1 Deron Williams
    2 Andre Iguadola
    3 Carmelo Anthony
    4 Blake Griffin
    5 Kevin Love
    Westbrook, Harden subs

    3 and 4 spots are interchangeable, and Chandler is not a top 5 player of this roster, but you have to matchup with some of the international big men. Griffin is not a GREAT player yet, but his high-flying style is exactly what the NBA wants to market overseas.

  6. dew says:

    Starting five should be…
    PG James
    SG Bryant
    SF Melo
    PF Durant
    C Griffin

    Why anyone would disagree is just insane. James is the next Magic Johnson, Bryant is like Mike, Melo is Bryant’s Pippen, Durantuala is the best player on the planet and can guard 1-5 on the court as he proved in the playoffs this year (and there is not a 4 in FIBA that can guard him none the less), and Griffin is just Bad Blake who will dunk on anyone and can easily play the 5 in FIBA. 6th man is obviously Harden. Then rotate guys in as needed for the rest of the games. But this starting lineup would be flying over people’s heads!!

    • The Beard says:

      LEBRON is not the next MAGIC JOHNSON, i cant believe someone would even think about thinking about comparing the two. LEBRON is nothing like MAGIC. JEEZ!!!


    Kyrie Irving should replace James Harden! much more favorable…

  8. JoeG says:

    If bogut was fit Austrialia would clearly win gold! Yet we will probs still battle it out for gold without him. #AussieBatlers
    Patty mills is greater then team USA put together!!!!!!!

    It should be where your born is where you play so Kyrie Irving should be playing for AUS. USA are cheating. in 4 years he should be on the Aussies team not the USA team

  9. taki says:

    starting five:

    pg: Deron Williams: Picked him over Chrs Paul because he’s bigger and a better defender.
    sg: Kobe Bryant
    sf: Kevin Durrant
    pf: Lebron James
    c: Tyson Chandler

  10. La Pinga Siniestra says:

    Lebron, Durant, D wade, Rose, D Howard, Bosh, C. Paul, Kobe, would’ve been perfect for me, but oh well, health, I like the Ninja Turtle 9 WESBROOK) but he eats the ball, once he touches the ball nobody else has a chance to make a play, ninja’s biggest flaw, so I would rather have Rondo.

  11. Michael B. says:

    LOL, I’m Australian, and I know more about team USA than half the morons posting on this.

    If you don’t know that Westbrook, Love, Chandler, Iguadola, Durant, were all part of the World Championship team, (So was Rudy Gay and Eric Gordon.) Then you should go and see your local neurosurgeon about a frontal labotomy!) Stick to the sports that require little to no intelligence. Like Football.

    Rondo was one of the last players cut from the World Championship team. He took it kind of personal, and has basically given Team USA the middle finger.

    Westbrook was fantastic in the Worlds, and Kevin Love was the best player behind Durant on that team, (Coach K was even suprised by this.) Iguodala played killer, lockdown defense, and Chandler, even though he only played on a matchup basis, was fantastic too.

    The theme with team USA is player chemistry, and matchup situations. You will see some really weird matchups that will leave you scratching your head, and applauding loudly at a games conclusion. International (FIBA) rules are so different from the NBA. No illegal defense, one step on a takeoff, not two. Different rules on arm bars, interpretations of foul calls, (FIBA is harsher.)

    I wish you halfwits that take the time to post utter stupidity in these threads, would spend more time studying the game. Follow a writer, get on, or RealGM, ESPN. do some research, little invention called Google, came about. Use it!

  12. qwe says:

    there will always be a kobe when u need him! #1 player in the NBA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  13. jj says:

    i think kobe need to give the young guys a chance to play he should give way to the other hes old enough

  14. Wheres Rudy says:

    Why is Rudy Gay not on the team over Iguodala or Harden? They are all terrifici players, but I see Rudy as the better athlete of these 3.

  15. BillyTheKid says:

    With the current roster, Team USA will be fun to watch.

    Kevin Love said during his interview that he will mostly with the 5 (rotating with Blake Griffin and Tyson Chandler). At the same time, Durant said during his interview that he will mostly play the 4 just as he did in the 2010 World Chamionships. So a possible starting line up would be as follows:

    PG Chris Paul
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Lebron James
    PF Kevin Durant
    C Kevin Love

    Coach Mike and Jerry Colangelo during their interview that Lebron might play the point in some situations, so expect a possible line up as follows:

    PG Lebron James
    SG Kobe Bryant
    SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Kevin Durant
    C Kevin Love

    With these line ups expect KD and Kevin Love to position themselves outside when Team USA has the ball, drawing the big opponents out (or else they will be open to hit jump shots/threes) and causing LBJ or Carmelo to score in the paint.

  16. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    If Wade was on this team, he and Kobe would have been the only players with multiple rings.

  17. ALL TIME GREATS says:

    Wade had the highest scoring average of the 2008 Redeem Team. That’s something the NBA media is going to have to live with. I realize, as much as anybody, that Wade gets banged up a lot. However, Wade toughed it out to help Lebron bring gold home to Miami. Wade, when he is 100% healthy, would be the best guard on this 2012 team, no question. Kobe would have to come off the bench if a Healthy Wade was in this lineup. Harden would’ve been cut.

  18. bogs123 says:

    c’mon guys with all your respect this team would probably the best picked for the USA.

  19. romeo reyes says:

    I think Spain will win it all!

  20. romeo reyes says:

    no comment

  21. vatos says:

    westbrook shouldn’t be on the roster, he’s a selfish player, trying to match the popularity of KD. lolz

  22. jbmony says:

    Dwight Howard’s absence could be a blessing. He’s VERY foul prone in the FIBA game and more of a highlight defender….meaning that he will get you the sportscenter block by swatting it into the crowd but he doesn’t position himself well when closely guarding other bigs, he is prone to upfakes(remember a playoff series against Boston where Big Baby and Kendrick Perkins put Dwight in foul trouble early and often??). Tyson Chandler is more of a traditional defender who positions himself straight up,has more vertical length, takes charges,has timing on his blocks and can, from time to time, make blocks to start fast-breaks for his team. Blake will have PLENTY of OOH-AAHH dunks with so much attention going to Durant and LeBron when they are on the court together. CP3 and Westbrook will terrorize opponents ball-handlers (can you imagine D-Rose and Wade in the mix????SCARY!!!!). Kevin Love has raised his level of play so much that he is a threat anywhere on the floor and it’s been said so often that the FIBA game is best suited to Carmelo’s game. Old heads like Kobe and Iguadola will be able to instill focus in Harden and the others. Overall, this team is so versatile that they should take the gold EASILY. This team is a blueprint for future teams be they NBA or FIBA because of the versatile roster.

  23. flipramey1 says:

    Harden and Iggy won’t get much time……. Iggy made the team for defensive purposes and Harden is on the squad to hit 3s I.e Michael Redd from 08
    Starting 5


    Obviously they won t rotate 5in5out

  24. jordan says:

    All you people who think harden and iggy shouldnt be there dont know basketball, Its not all about offense harden and iggy are both BEASTS when it comes to lock down defense, There both athletic and very strong for there postition, They will be giving the other teams a very hard time on defense.

    • The Beard says:

      Both Harden and Iggy are lock down defenders, but why doesnt anyone think they can score. Iggy led the sixers in scoring, and with durant and westbrook taking all the shots, harden held his own. On any other team Harden would explode.

  25. Roberto says:

    Chandler is huge, so his size is needed, but Love is the better player. More PPG, more rebounds, and higher FT percentage. But Chandler is 7’1″…

    This team should steamroll the rest of the world…

  26. joesix says:

    AF you’re right forget what I say about Garnet, Bynum is the one. why they don’t even consider him

  27. Siuol says:

    Starting Five:


    6: Melo
    7: Love
    8: Westbrook
    9: Williams
    10: Griffin
    11: Iguodala
    12: Harden

  28. Kam says:

    Dont know if some of y’all pay attention. Wade is injured thats why Harden is there. Keep up with the program and stop asking rhetorical questions. And for the one who said Rondo over D-Will, plz stop being a NBA fan and go get ready for football season. Honestly, I’m not feeling real confident with Westbrook in the mix but we will see where it takes us. Oh for the other one who said Lebron is a big baby that can’t do nothing witout Wade and Bosh, look up who was has a better record witout the two and that will answer your question. All in all, good luck to this group and other countries because we’re bring home the GOLD!!!!!!

  29. Hakim says:

    Where is dwight howard=? he should be on the team!

  30. AF says:

    Josh Smith is extremely underrated. He’s incredibly athletic, can step out and hit the midrange jumper consistently, has the ability to play both forward spots easily, and is a great shot blocker. And also has pretty good footwork down in the post.

    He should have been selected to the Allstar team, and probably should’ve been taken for consideration for Team USA. Definitely deserves more recognition.

    And why wasn’t Bynum in there either? Second best center in the league, and he’s completely ignored. Oh well.

  31. bulls fan says:

    I can’t stop laughing at how many ducks continue to ask in demanding ways why INJURED players aren’t on the roster! You’d think after the first five clowns ask the same dumb question the next 25 would know better not to ask since the true bball fans are answering them. It’s funny because it will keep going lol but anyway team USA has a solid roster and the choices have been made. I just can’t wait for the games to start already!

  32. KrizH says:

    Injuries ruined the potential of this team

  33. lyency says:

    i am from memphis, and pleased with the choice that rudy gay could not make the team. he is NOT a basketball player in my view, he is a brainless basketball clown having great physical abilities and the highest earning at grizzlies. i am pleased to see that what is enough to have a reputation among pro players is not sufficient to make the us national team

  34. bob loblaw says:

    I think they should just drop all these guys and bring back the Dream Team even if they are all old and fat

  35. Max says:

    My recommentation for you gentlemen: Do not see the Olympics as a won competition. Remember Indianapolis and Athens? Well, you’ll have to deal with us again… Greetings from Argentina!

  36. joesix says:

    I just think that no matter he is old instead of including iggy or westbrook they should include Kevin Garnet he’s a great big man defender that could also bring points.


  37. Curtasu Radu says:

    Harden instead of WADE??? cm’on coach what’s in your mind??

  38. Aydin . N says:

    be success

  39. Vlad says:

    Wait, I just noticed now, how come D Wade aint on that team?

  40. Freackxs says:

    Why not Rondo instead of D-Will ?

  41. Thomas Rinaldi says:

    Lebron James is still a big baby. I’m shocked that he can do anything at all without Bosh and Wade to hold his hand.

  42. phil and usa team lover! says:

    i wonder if they should add ray allen. maybe he was old but he can contribute if the usa team wants shooters.

  43. jerry says:


  44. hunkie says:

    i cant believe that a lot of people are either looking for injured players or players that opted not to join. get your facts straight everyone before commenting please! but still, it’s easy to isolate the bandwagoners to the true fans of the league.

  45. Streetball says:

    where is dwight howard?

  46. Paul Reynaldo says:


    3 man rotation
    d will

  47. Paul Reynaldo says:

    Spencer Hawes
    Javale McGee
    shouldve been considered on the list
    under the radar

  48. USfAil says:

    Spain will destroy the USA in the final. This team is really overrated…

  49. Jaworski says:

    1 cp3
    2 kobe
    3 lebron
    4 durant
    5 chandler

    Kobe over Melo because as someone in this thread has said, HE IS KOBE.
    Chandler over Love because he is a better defender.

  50. Quanell says:

    Would it hurt if jr smith made the team next year

  51. erwin entia says:

    why ?,..dwyane wade is not included to the line up.?

  52. Brix says:

    Who is coaching the USA Team? Is it Spoelstra?
    I think he is the best to coach this USA TEam.

  53. Mawe says:

    Dream Team only need these 3 players…Lebron, Kobe and Durant, Thats it! Against the world….

  54. i’d pick Rudy Gay over Andre Igoudala. they’re both athletic players, both are terrific defenders, both can shoot, but Gay is taller @ 6’8″ and can play PF at times and he’s a more potent shooter than iggy.

  55. Ryan says:

    Just wanted to say CONGRATS and THANK YOU to all the players for making the team and being committed. I love the fact that we have a renewed sense of PRIDE in OUR game. Good luck to the team…and I don’t really care who makes it and who doesn’t because that’s really splitting hairs. Everyone at the camp is deserving.

  56. paulofc says:

    Find me one international guard able to stop Rondo on a regular basis. It’s hard to find one on NBA.

  57. kb24 says:


  58. Bentong says:

    Where’s Jaworski?

  59. 420-northside says:

    bryant. james. durant. chandler, westbrook, and iggy, was enought for this game yo!!.. this players is unstopable!! griffin and harden, is no need for this team USA. because the first line up is good enought!!!

  60. Jarvis Williams says:

    From a distance the S on the jersey resembles a $. Smile Kobe! Geez.

  61. hapihenri says:

    since when did KD become 6’11”? he is only rigistered at 6’9″.. but when you look at the picture KD seems to be taller than KLove, since he is at 6’10”, he must be right at saying that KD is alredy 6’11″…
    BTW why isn’t Bynum included in the shortlist? then again, at least he cud still rest his knees for the long season ahead! 😃

  62. Coach K says:

    1st 5: 2nd Rotation 3rd R 4th R Final R
    1. Paul D-Will D-Will WBrook Paul
    2. Kobe W-brook Harden Iggy Kobe
    3. KD Melo Melo KD KD
    4. James James Blake Blake James
    5. Chandler Love Love Chandler Chandler

  63. Edinson says:

    Rondo should have been in this roster

  64. AL Serdan says:

    Let us respect the team USA management and wish the to get their goal! Go For Gold Team USA Basketball!

  65. Marcos F. Duarte says:

    Dude, I’m Brazilian and sorry… this is a great COWARDICE!! Wow! These guys will play like the Harlem Globetrotter. No way!! I think they can get the medals since now!

  66. demetwafu says:


  67. heyheyhey says:

    Starting 5:

    1) Paul – best playmaker on the team
    2) Durant – strictly for scoring. Hes the 3-time consecutive scoring champion.
    3) Anthony – will knock those 3’s like regular jumpshots. (Same goes to Durant)
    4) James – will beat his opponent based on speed and agility.
    5) Chandler – pure defense

  68. lineup says:

    Paul – best PG right now
    Kobe – Because.. Its Kobe
    Durant – Well rounded
    LBJ – He is a tank
    Love – Rebounding king

    Back ups

    Williams for Paul
    Harden for Kobe
    Griffin for Durant
    Melo for LBJ
    Chandler for Love


  69. Max says:

    What about Clyde Drexler?
    And Michael Jordan?
    Why did they leave out Charles Barkley?

  70. adizero says:

    Hibbert cannot play because of injuries…lol

  71. i dont care about Bosh, but Dwade & Dwight would have been great additions to this team (i know, injured!)

    i think this is the most exciting Dream Team since ’92 (Lebron, Kobe, Durant, Griffin….’nuff said)

    all the people suggesting trades or specifics rosters need to chill, NO TEAM in the world will get close to this US team.

    i predict an average winning margin of at least 25 points.

    go USA!

  72. jay says:

    My first five!!!

    1. Paul

  73. DoctorintheHouse says:


    Dwyane Wade, Dwight Howard, Derrick Rose, and Chris Bosh all had injuries that prevented them from being considered for the final 12 man roster. All were in the preliminary roster.

    Roy Hibbert plays for Jamaica , Serge Ibaka plays for Spain, Luol Deng plays for Britain, and Tim Duncan is from Dominican Republic

    Stop writing stuff down where you think you know something about basketball that Jerry Colangelo and Mike Krzyzewski don’t

  74. ssenkoto says:

    fake griffin is one dimensional and shouldn.t be on the squad. This guy can only dunk…..that’s it!!!

  75. raymond says:

    where is wade, dwight, rondo and not to mention scalabrine 😉

  76. SamDman says:

    Damn, i was not able to see any talks about kobe bryant, remember kobe bryant is the leader of this team, Team USA was able to win the gold medal for a very long time before kobe agreed to play for the country.

    • The Beard says:

      Funny because the same year the Kobe joined, so did lebron, melo, bosh , d-wade, and a bunch of other all-stars. the reason that USA didnt win gold was because they were playing a bunch of scrubs. KOBE=Getting OLD, not as good as he used to be.

  77. LeJosh says:

    No offense but as good as Rondo is, he’s really not fit for international competition due to his inability to consistently hit jumpshots. D-Will is a very good pick up. He played really well in the 08 squad.

  78. mangledhands says:

    I was going to comment on Sekou’s ridiculous statement about Melo being one of the 3 most versatile players on the planet (since when does doing nothing but scoring 25 points a night at count as versatile?!?!) until I read most of these questions regarding players who aren’t on the team.

    Quick Recap-
    Dwayne Wade: Hurt, Chris Bosh: Hurt, Dwight Howard: Hurt, Derrick Rose: Hurt, Tim Duncan: Old, Kevin Garnett: Old, Rajon Rondo: Allergic to Patriotism, DeAndre Jordan: Overrated, Eric Gordon: Involved in a Controversial Trade for USA Team Member CP3 last year, Ben Gordon: British, Serge Ibaka: Congolese (but playing for Spain), Roy Hibbert: Jamaican & Kurt Rambis: Retired

    TEAM USA does not just decide who plays in the Olympics or FIBA or anything else related to International Basketball. They have to choose from a list of people who have offered their time and services to represent their country. Rajon Rondo chose to stay at home so he is not on the “list.” That is his choice. Others may have played but they are injured. Healthy players may also have played for Team USA but they were born in a different country. Choosing Andre Iguodala over Rudy Gay is just as smart a decision as choosing Gay over Iggy. If TEAM USA had more size to choose from their “list” (or if Anthony Davis was a little older) then Blake Griffin would not be going to London and Gay/Gordon/Davis probably would. Choosing who represents TEAM USA Basketball is not as easy as just taking “the pick of the litter.” In other words, this isn’t a fantasy basketball team and chemistry matters. If that weren’t the case then Isiah Thomas would have been on The Original Dream Team and Christian Laettner would have stayed home. Please see the 2004 Olympics for more evidence on the effect of team chemistry in basketball.

    Having said that, I think Scott Howard should have made the team.

  79. cluelessmostly says:

    I could see KG in place of blake griffin.

  80. PTfan says:

    This would be my starting lineup. Melo is good on 4 besides 3.
    Why isnt bynum on this team? IMO this team needs a big men besides chandler, im curious to see if he gets hurt really bad. I think bynum would be a good choice since dwight howard is injured

  81. DecipleofGod says:

    I don’t do research and not updated can somebody tell me why Rondo, Garnett, Duncan aren’t there?

    • D Lion says:

      Rondo I believe was not invited or he declined. I don’t think Garnett and Duncan were selected at all. They are looking for younger players apparently…

    • badman says:

      Garnett doesn’t wish to play because he needs rest as he has only one more season left probably. Duncan is on the same boat as he is getting old as well, and rondo declined, although I don’t think it matters as he has been giving off a lot of bad attitude lately.

  82. James says:

    Did any of you Harden haters watch him play? He is an outstanding player which is why he was named the 6th man of the year.

  83. jamal says:

    no rose… no howard… 😐

    roster is decent…. harden was not a great choice…. and having one legit defensive player in the post (chandler) is not great…. davis would have been pretty good

    • The Beard says:

      Roster is decent LOL!! Harden was the sixth man of the year and is a great player, OBVIOUS CHOICE, not selfish, and davis was hurt. Harden Haters should watch him play.

  84. bballguy01 says:

    Harden is good, but he needs time to progress

  85. WILFRI says:


  86. Ahmet says:



  87. Marco Polo says:

    this team is very good but we need Dwight Howard – Derrick Rose – Dwyane Wade – Chris Bosh.
    if 4 players can play with USA team, they would win easily

  88. The King says:

    Where the hell is D-Wade?

  89. aryanna says:

    my 1st 5

  90. The King says:

    D-Rose missing

  91. Baskonia15 says:


  92. España says:

    viva españa vamos a ganar oro

  93. Starting Lineups says:

    Starting lineups:

    • STIEMSMA CREW says:

      CP3 will start no doubt about it. Put him in there and take out Love and you got a pretty scary line

  94. xavier says:

    What about josh smith?! better and more complete player than griffin…

  95. Frank says:

    Good team overall but could use better bigs

  96. Wayans says:

    Garnett > Black Griffin.
    Griffin have a lot to learn yet.

  97. Mel_Fox_76 says:

    Obviously big men and defenders are rare on this team. Once again they were ignoring Josh Smith (like for all star games). Plus at least one good post player. Since the elite is injured, the second row like Andrew Bynum or Al Jefferson should be on this team. The guards and small forwards are the league’s best, except Rondo, but he can be a limiting factor for the team chemistry.

  98. mIAMi cheat says:

    anyone else think westbrook can be a ball hog and shouldn’t have made it. i mean i know there isn’t really anyone else who tried out that could take his place but still i can’t stand watching him dribble it around for hours and I’m an okc fan.

    • mIAMi cheat says:

      should’ve given my man uncle drew a shot at the USA team.

      • Bball FAN says:

        If you are truly an OKC fan then you should realize that Westbrook plays the way his coach wants him to play. As the finals showed when only 2 people (Durant & Westbrook) are not on the floor and the 3rd option isn’t scoring (Harden) the Thunder have problems. The guy is doing the job his coach (not you) asks of him. The Thunder would not have made the playoffs without him.

      • The Beard says:

        Uncle Drew=Kyrie Irving/ I totally agree

  99. wakenbake says:

    why the hell is wade, howard, d rose, bosh, dirk, ginobili and tony parker not on the team? why? you know usually i watch womans soccer but i just thought that i would give my piece here.

    • trololo says:

      That was some super combo of ignorance.
      Wade, Howard, Rose, Bosh – injured
      Nowitzki – Germany
      Ginobili – Argentina
      Parker – France

    • @ErikSverkholt says:

      I personally liked your troll.
      I think alot of the people posting here watch alot of women’s soccer.
      Maybe they should stick to it

  100. Erick says:

    Great team, but people and the NBA have to stop bragging and relying only on KD and Lebron.
    Has the world forgotten about Kobe ?
    He still is the leader in that team, and when it comes to putting USA on someone’s back in a clutch game : Kobe is the man for the job.

  101. SUPERDENG#9 says:

    What a wicked roster!!
    I’m in Britain and the only NBA player playing for Team GB is Luol Deng, so this roster looks a little frightening!!
    Perhaps we can borrow Blake and Lebron??

  102. Judge says:

    I dont understand why people always asking about Howard, Bosh, D-Wade, and D-Rose. Read some news people. those players were injured and they cannot play… if those guys are healthy, 100% sure, thy’re IN!!!

  103. jay t says:

    lol whats w the stupid comments about injured players not being on the team ..

  104. jyl says:

    Do these commentors not realize that D-Wade, Bosh, D-Rose, and Dwight are all hurt, and some players play for other countries?

  105. David Marqués says:

    Where is Michael Jordan and Magic Johnson? … 😉

  106. othermattclark says:

    No Rondo is an insult… when he didn’t get the 1st (or 2nd) selection for this year’s all-star game, he went on that crazy run of two triple-doubles in one week. Also, Joe Johnson? The current selection looks more like a Nike advertisement.

    • Bball FAN says:

      Rajon Rondo is too selfish to play for the USA. Quit complaining to us about him not participating complain to him!

  107. David Marqués says:

    Sorry, my last comment was about Patrick’s comment at 11:33.

    I think that USA is obviously the best team, but they can be problems against Spain in the zone. Chandler, Love and Griffin are worse than the Gasol brothers and Serge Ibaka. Duncan and Garnett should be in the USA team.

    • Dieter says:

      Duncan and Garnet on the team would’ve been an upgrade indeed.
      But I don’t think the Gasol brothers + Ibaka will easily beat Lebron, Chandler and Love -> No way
      As long as Lebron (4), Iggy (2) and Chandler (5) are on the floor, I can’t see any problems for the US. Point guard doesn’t matter because the US has the 2 best in Paul and Williams, France the third best. And Kevin Durant is much better than any of the competition on the 3-spot. Don’t like the Melo selection, but if they put him as defender on the worst offensive player of the other team, I don’t think it would be a problem. Just don’t let him defend Parker, Ginobili, Rudy or … And why Harden? Couldn’t they have picked Tony Allen or Gerrald Wallace?

  108. Nik says:

    where howard

  109. OKC 4 Life says:

    And Eric Gordon and Roy Hibbert are from Great Britain and Jamaica, Ibaka from Congo but representing Spain.

    • Bball FAN says:

      FYi The Gorden you are referring to is Ben Gorden. Eric Gorden is the player that got cut. He is an alternate as well as Rudy Gay and Anthony Davis. Both Gay and Eric Gorden played on the gold medal winning team from the 2010 Worlds.

  110. g0dlyk says:

    so many people here that know nothing about whats going on in the usa basketball. wade and bosh are injured, thats why they didnt make the team! hibbert plays for jamaica thats why hes not in the usa team! ibaka plays for spain thats why hes not in the us team. im surprised harden was chosen over gordon and gay.

  111. Listen Up says:

    Let me clarify a few things. Wade, bosh and Howard are not on the team because they are injured!! KG is too old and serge ibaka is from Spain.

  112. bronfan says:

    whats with all these typos…

  113. Chris says:

    Okay for those wondering, allow me to elaborate –

    Wade is not participating because he is having knee surgery.
    Bosh is not participating because he wants to recover from his last injury.
    Rondo is not participating because he does not like playing for the olympics.

  114. Jen says:

    So glad to see the three Thunder players representing the USA! They are amazing and deserve this recognition. Wade, Bosh, and Davis are injured and some of the players mentioned are playing for other countries so get to know the players’ backgrounds a bit before you criticize the roster selection.

  115. basketball fan says:

    for all those looking for d wade he opted not to play for a healthy start next season. I agree, harden shouldn’t be on the team and should be swapped for a better post defender 🙂 nonetheless the talent of the others would definitely bring it home

  116. NBA Fan says:

    FYI: Wade, Bosh and Dwight are all not in this roster due to injuries. Just saying.

  117. xcorpio says:

    where is d howard?and rondo?

  118. Carl says:

    Russell Westbrook and James Harden are so irritating to look at…they look like fools.

  119. Chris says:

    Wade is injured

  120. why harden says:

    he should of not made the team!, we need eric gordon!!!

  121. Jiggurm says:

    Where is Wade?

  122. deluxx says:

    shut up Darrin!

  123. outsid3 says:

    Doping team and not “dream team”…

  124. patrick says:

    who do they think they are not putting wade on the team hes better than westbrok chander and ai and d will i dont understand how wade didnt make

  125. patrick says:

    i cant believe wade is not on that team thats crazy

  126. patrick says:

    what about dwyane wade for westbrook or serge ibaka for tyson chandler

  127. Lin MVP! says:

    how dumb are those linups heatlatinofan, u didnt put a point guard in the first unit and then u have 2 point guard in the second unit!!!!!

  128. Juan says:

    Put Melo in the D-League.

  129. yqwert says:

    how come there is no celtics. especially garnett. he is one of the best big men in the nba. and team usa needs experience and big men

  130. TheRock says:

    Where is Dwight and Tim?!?!

  131. Coach Nick says:

    griffin is highly overrated. needs some major improvements step up to the next level.

  132. Payne says:

    I like the team, but another big such as Dwight wouldn’t of been a bad choice to add with his added talent and athleticism to an already all star studded team.

  133. Frank says:

    Gordon over harden definatly. harden was on a better more poular team and thats how he got on.

    • The Beard says:

      He also made the most of it. He had the highest field goal and 3 point percentage on the team. While westbrook and durant were taking about 50 shots a game total between both of them, harden was coming of the bench scoring just as many points in 10 shots. He also makes free throws.

    • leohimself says:

      yeah right… since when is gordon that good? what did he accomplish in his carreer to make him better than harden? he always played on bad teams. it’s not that hard to score 20ppg on bad teams. put harden on any of those teams and he would be better than undersized gordon.

  134. Adam says:

    MMM.. Yeah I like this roster. Rudy Gay CUT OFF!!! TERRIBLE!! He’s a great player but the cuts must be made! I think they will do well this year. I think….

  135. Presley says:

    ehh.. i think nobdy knows that Gordon plays for Great Britain 😦

    • Presley says:


      • Two Different People says:

        It’s Eric Gordon they’re talking about not Ben Gordon.
        Besides, B Gordon isn’t going to play in this year’s olympics. In fact he hasn’t played a game for the British since 2008.

  136. The USA 2012 has two chinks in their Armour– hubris and lack of legitimate Centers

  137. Gabe says:

    Jordan’s #23 , Kobe wears #24, Jordan’s Olympic number was # 9, Kobe’s Olympic number is # 10…I guess that’s a number sign that he’s the next thing to the best…I like that.

  138. JustOMatic! says:

    Good selections all around…I think I still would have toted Davis along and Gordon would’ve been on team also. I wouldn’t have selected Westbrook and Harden. Oh well they will still bring home Gold.Can’t go wrong with James and Durant and a splash of Melo, sauteed with Kobe.. LOL

  139. usasupporter says:

    why isnt wade part of the team?

  140. Dan says:

    i just want to know whaat they are laughing at on the home page

  141. McCoy says:

    why is wade not in the team?

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Because he said he needs to have surgery on his knee. I check the news on you n00b.

  142. zach says:

    no anthony davis….. wow

  143. carmelo7anthony says:

    Rajon Rondo should be on the roster instead of russel westrbrook

  144. Unknown says:

    Anyone else think that they made some terrible choices here? Low post Defense is a BIG issue with this team. If Tyson gets into foul trouble or god forbide, injuried, we are in some major trouble. Blake does NOT know how to play defense. Why is harden on the team? Do you really think hes gonna get any time over lebron, durant, and carmello? Why is russel on the team. His game is not suited for international basketball and she is not going to get time over CP3 and Deron. Bosh should ahve made the team cause he can actually play defense. Defense amongst the bigs is gonna be a big issue when we ahve to play spain and the gasol brothers.

    who shouldnt be there:

    who should be there:
    anthony davis (yeah i said it. its not like offense is gonna be a problem with this team as is. we need his post defense)

    • Bball FAN says:

      Unknown is an appropriate title for you! You obviously are unknown(ingly) a dolt! First of all some of the players that you suggest are either injured or declined to participate. Secondly, if you had watched the U.S. play in the world championships you would have seen Westbrook play wondeerfully, in fact he has only got better every year in the NBA. He is a favorite of Coach K! Same goes for Blake. Perhaps you need to actually watch and learn bball instead of being a hater! For those advocating Rondo he is one of the ones who declined to participate.

      • me says:

        lol and this clown said Bosh can play defense, I mean really?! dude Westbrook is a much much much much much better defense than Bosh. Heck almost everyone is. IMO the only reason why Bosh woulda gottten on the team is because of Dwade and LBJ, just so it can be the Big 3 once yet.

  145. Smat says:

    WOW what a team ? Best of luck

  146. Luka says:

    Rudy Gay should’ve played instead of Harden.

  147. The French Durantula says:

    Why are you guys talkin about Roy Hibbert. He’s Jamaican!!

  148. ism says:

    Why do ALL of these guys look SO hungover when entering? Dark light in the waiting room? Hangover? No sleep? Your ideas, please!

  149. Ghost says:

    Tyreke Evans > Harden

  150. ray says:

    I don’t know much about this team, but harden and westbrook are gonna be benchwarmers haha

  151. KG21 says:

    Rondo should be here instead of D. Williams.

    • wadefan says:

      hahaha.. hell no.. rondo is good but he isnt better than d will.. and rondo declined cause he’s a punk

      • me says:

        Nope, actually if Rondo didn’t decline the invite he woulda made it instead of D williams. Lol you can’t even compare Rondo to D williams, no disrespect…

      • Jacket84 says:

        if Rondo played, then Westbrook would probably be gone, not DWill.

    • jamal says:

      rondo is quickly becoming the best pg in the game in my opinion. cp3, parker, rose, and d.wills need to watch out

  152. brilliantbstrd says:

    Yea Yea! I love the roster! 🙂 UNBEATABLE. However, I just wish Chandler has a better back up.

    This would be my starting line up
    #1 = Paul, Kobe, Durant, LeBron, Chandler

    #2 = Deron, Westbrook, Durant, LeBron, Chandler

    #3 = Paul, Andre, Carmelo, Griffin, Chandler

    We could also go Big
    #4 = LeBron, Durant, Love, Griffin, Chandler

    #5 = Westbrook, Andre, Durant, Melo, Griffin

    • da man says:

      so in line up 3 and 5 you chose not to go with the mvp instead you pick iggy and griiffin who wouldnt even start for the heat!!!!!

    • D Lion says:

      In #5 K Love would be a better choice than Griffin

  153. gabir says:

    there is Kobe & lebron the gold for USA , who will play with them i dont care

  154. phil says:

    whydoes howard dont joins?

  155. Jalges says:

    Imagine this lineup:

    1. Paul
    2. Kobe.
    3. Durant
    4. James
    5. Chandler

  156. Daniel says:

    Andre Iguodala should be swaped for Rudy Gay

  157. David Marqués says:

    It’s a great team, but Spain has better big men:
    Pau Gasol (3 times all-star), Marc Gasol (1 time all-star) and Serge Ibaka (2nd best deffensive player). First time in history Spain has better big men than USA.
    See you on august, 12 on match for gold medal.

    Good luck.
    A supporter of Spain.

    • wadefan says:

      its really too bad about all the injuries though.. the gasols and serge against howard, aldridge, bosh, that’d be fun to watch

      • natefilewood says:

        Howard, Aldridge and Bosh? They’re all injured… So Gasol might have a chance…

    • Ev says:

      Pau Gasol is not a threat, he’s too soft. He won’t be able to produce more than 5 points with Team USA’s D! The Lakers need to drop him asap. He screwed us over in the playoffs against OKC

    • jamal says:

      love is just as skilled as any of them.. spain might be kinda nice with rubio at the point

      • Do you read news? says:

        Rubio isn’t playing for Spain….Jose Calderon is though and he’s better atm.

  158. Rodz says:

    matt bonner for the win

  159. kurtz commey says:

    Think the roster is the best,KD n Westbrook all the way for gold

  160. kyle says:

    De Marcus Cousins should be on this team he is easy good enough and would help him mature

    • Really? says:

      The Olympic team isn’t a place for players to mature for the NBA. It is an honor bestowed upon those who are mature, talented, and devoted enough to deserve it. You don’t put a player on the Olympic team to make him more mature when there are other worthy, mature candidates who deserve the honor more.

  161. bel olano says:

    no pure shooter like the caliber of bird, miller (mike or reggie) or allen. gordon should have been included.

  162. lakershow says:

    kobe will be the x factor in this team

    • WhoDaMan says:

      Yup the glue that holds it all together! I like how u think lakershow. we’ll be back next year for another ring, I believe Kobe’s 6th!!!

  163. Jannis says:

    Melo should start at the Power forward offensivley he is better in the paint then anyone else in this Team

  164. BOYASA says:


  165. Rickson says:

    WTF????? Seriesly Carmelo Anthony is better player than Rudy Gay?????? Rudy Gay is better player than Carmelo and most forward…

    • Jacket84 says:

      They aren’t even in the same breath. Melo is one of the most gifted scorers in basketball history. Rudy Gay is good player but no where near the caliber of Melo. I played against both of them.

    • WhoDaMan says:

      Come on Rickson are you serious!?! Rudy better than Carmelo???

  166. jim says:

    they need a stronger center who can defend?

    they should have include deandre jordan

    • Voice of Reason says:

      I hope you’re not serious.

      Just like Chuck said, you can put DJ in a gym by himself and tell him that he couldn’t dunk, when you come back tomorrow , he would have about 6 points.

      Enough said!

  167. abe says:

    And after all the big names, D-Wade is no longer considered as an all star huh

  168. dimirije says:

    The Roster is great as it is.

  169. jrock says:

    “we didn’t want to play darko” LOL

  170. ICE says:

    this is a very good roaster but they forgot a major player one of the top 5 players in the game he goes by D-WADE!!!
    a natural born scorer just like KOBE… i understand this year wasn’t his best stat year, but there is no doubt that he better than most of the players on this roaster at his position guard/shooting guard… and out of all the players in the league they chose HARDEN!!! ok he is talented and a good player but not good enough to make it to the team….3 players from OKC?? only JAMES from the heat!!!! they know that heat beat okc 4-1 dont they? the big 3 should be on the team and they need a center… D-HOWARD didn’t make the team because of all the drama he caused this past season about his trade and how he was never honest and straight forward with his team and the nba league as a whole this is very understandable…but no BOSH or WADE is just flat out retarded.

    • Mohamamd says:

      Bosh and Wade are injured. They said themselves they aren’t going to play in the Olympics

      • What a black man says:

        naw man thats another lie, they just wanna sit at home and get high and just watch the games. theyre tired of playing, they dont wanna do anything they just won a championship so no whe just wants to relax and get high and just laugh at jokes from the internet and keep on lying to us while he sits there getting high and stuff you know

    • A Fan says:

      Do you pay any attention at all? Wade opted out of the olypmics so that he could have surgery to repair his knee. Bosh decided to opt out so he could finish healing from the abdominal injury he suffered in the playoffs. And Howard isn’t missing the olympics because of the drama he caused. He’s missing it because he’s dealing with a back injury.

    • wadefan says:

      well you obviously dont pay attention to anything to do with basketball.. i agree.. wade, bosh and howard would be great for the team.. but all of them are injured.. it has nothing to do with the dwight drama.. because team usa doesnt have to deal with nba drama, or nba anything.. aldridge would also be a great player to have on the team.. but he is also injured.. do some research maybe..

    • ricetong says:

      keep updated man.hahahah. to ice

    • Wowretardseverywhere says:

      Wow I feel sorry for you. You leave this big as paragraph about your feelings for the players who “weren’t picked”, without actually knowing that they are injured. And you think you know a lot? Get on son.

  171. eddie smith says:

    can’t beat the roster.

  172. 1 Kobe
    2 Lebron
    3 Durant
    4 Grffin
    5 Chandler

    second chance;
    1 Paul
    2 Kobe
    3 Westbrook
    4 Lebron
    5 Chandler

    third chance

    1 Paul
    2 Melo
    3 Kobe
    4 Lebron
    5 Chandler

    fourth chance:
    1 Lebron
    2 Harden
    3 Durant
    4 Kobe
    5 Griffin

    fifth chance:
    1 Durant
    2 Harden
    3 Melo
    4 Kobe
    5 Lebron

  173. You will need a center:
    Here some tips;
    Put Carmelo the whole game and you will win.

  174. Larry O'Connor says:

    I wanted to see Anthony Davis because they need another Big. I understand he has an injury so it makes sense. I just wanted to get a sneak peak. Also I like Iggy because he can lock down the other teams best offensive player. I don’t think Carmello needs to be there although he is a great scorer, he is not really a team player. Harden over Gordon makes some sense because Harden is more popular, but I think Gordon would play better defense and they should have gone with him.

  175. Demetrios says:

    I dont know how James Harden made the USA olympic team when he can’t even make the NBA AllStar team. Better choices would have been Rudy Gay, Rondo, Amarie Studimire

    • J.R. says:


    • jyl says:

      amarie studimire? even a 2 year old wouldn’t spell it like that. it’s AMAR’E STOUDEMIRE

    • wadefan says:

      rudy tried out and didnt make it.. probably because how many wing players they have.. and rondo turned down the invite.. not sure about amare though

      • sylsho says:

        Rondo did not turn down, he was not chosen in the top 20 for USA team announced in January. He burnt the bridge with Team USA when he walked out on them back in 2010 during the world championship.

      • King bryant says:

        amre’ is uninsurable to go over seas with his past injuries plus the knicks wont allow it. he tired play with the 2008 team but was denied a spot for those reasons.

    • bob loblaw says:


  176. Joe says:

    Hibbert plays for Jamaica…

  177. Aldrin p. says:

    how about lamarcus aldrige?underrated player!

    • AM says:

      He is injured

    • Sixers ! says:

      he declined the invataion

    • D Lion says:

      He was nominated earlier in the season but had to have hip surgery- pretty much eliminated him right there. If he was healthy, he would be on the team and Blake Griffin would be at home watching them play on his TV

      • bunbury says:

        Griffin was an ensured/automatic pick just like James, Durant, and Kobe. Everyone knows that the NBA is also interesting in highflying dunks. dont forget that the nba is a business and they are promoting it to the world. please note that i am not saying that he should’ve not been selected. i am just saying that he was an obvious pick due to his high flying dunks.

    • What a black man says:

      Hes either injured or declined, why is he always lying? why cant he just be like yo man, i dont wanna play, i just wanna get high and watch the games from home and wait til next season starts so i can stop getting high and maybe you know dunk some balls or something. but no man, im not telling u ugys if im injured or declined because thats not yo business

  178. no effects says:

    big SORRY for D-ROSE, should in the roster if hes healthy……get well soon D-ROSE

  179. mikey says:

    lames and Durant going to give us gold

  180. don says:

    How do you know who should be on the team when you never attended a single tryout?

  181. Darrin says:

    Roy Hibbert and Eric Gordon should be on the team. Not Iggy and Harden.

    • jackson says:

      i agree but hibbert still needs to develop as he is still young. Gordon is a good choice but height is a factor. Harden and iggy can play versatility roles throughout the tournament. But i agree with those choices

    • Dre says:

      Eric Gordon should’ve been on this team instead of Harden. Better shooter, ball handler, defender. Deadly from 3 in the 2010 FIBA Worlds. Harden wasn’t even in the original pool of 20. I don’t understand…I still like this team tho

      • Vlad says:

        Eric Gordon has not played all year !!! 9 games or something. Are you kidding me? Harden has a Ginobili European style of play. He is perfect for FIBA basketball.

      • Kris says:

        Ginobili has nothing to do with Europe, He’s from Argentina. He might have some moves they use in Europe but he’s still pure NBA material

      • Vladimir says:

        Ginobili actually played in Europe before being drafted… He is from Argentina, but his career took a leap when he played for Virtus Pallacanestro Bologna ( back in the days was Kinder Bologna ). Not everything revolves around the States and the NBA… Tallent is everywhere, the main difference between NBA and other leagues is the level of athleticism.

    • MHM35 says:

      Please man Hibbert needs to get better. He’s very gifted and talented, but not quite enough yet. I think in a year he’ll be where he needs to be. And Eric Gordon is a great player but I think Andre and The Beard will get it done alongside the roster selected.

    • wadefan says:

      hibber plays for jamaica dummy.. but ya.. i agree with the gordon pick.. though.. if wade wasnt hurt it wouldnt even be a question.. neither harden or gordon would be on the team if wade was there

    • me says:

      so Igoudala is better than Harden? c’mon son! I mean I respect Andr’s game but mos definitely Harden is a more rounded, more versatile playa and has more of an impact