Home games appeal to Bobcats’ target Jamison

Rare among the NBA’s free agents this summer, Antawn Jamison can join a new team and keep the home team happy all at once.

Jamison, the veteran forward who has played for four franchises in 14 seasons, still would like to add a championship ring to his resume of basketball achievements. But he also feels a tug to sign with the Charlotte Bobcats, a team that’s about as far removed from a Larry O’Brien Trophy as, say, the Montreal Canadiens but offers something the others don’t: The perfect home schedule.

Jamison has made his home in the Charlotte area, where he grew up and attended high school before heading to the University of North Carolina and, soon enough, NBA riches. He has four children who range in age from 2 years old to 12, and the prospect of seeing them more than in any previous season tugs at him.

That’s why Bobcats management had his ear over a two-hour dinner Thursday, wrote the Charlotte Observer’s Rick Bonnell.

“My kids – being around them is very important,” Jamison said in an exclusive interview Friday with the Observer. “I want to see them every day. And when I’m on the road, when I haven’t seen them for weeks, I hear, ‘When are you coming home?’ ”

The Bobcats are prepared to pay Jamison to serve as mentor on a young, rebuilding team. Jamison would be a good fit on several levels; he’s savvy and personable – a pro’s pro. And he can still play, after averaging about 17 points and over six rebounds last season in a similar role with the Cleveland Cavaliers.

It’s not as if the Miami Heat or the Oklahoma City Thunder has Jamison, at 36, atop its free-agent list. And once you get beyond the top two or three contenders, in chasing a ring, the other 27 or 28 teams all wind up watching the games in June on TV anyway.

By sticking close to home, Jamison could be helpful to one group of kids (Bobcats) while staying indispensible to another (his own).


  1. unknown says:

    @jared you obviously did not get nacodemo’s point.. LOL

  2. HeAintRight says:

    @Jpdip. I am no Lebron fan however I strongly disagree with your statement that Lebron left his HOME team. Ohio is his home state but Cleveland was not and never will be home to him. Lebron is from Akron and there is a difference. Not to mention that the city of Cleveland used him for every year he was there. That city in total made BILLIONS because of his presence and they never made a real attempt to surround him with the talent he required to win a ring. I would have left too. I don’t agree with the way he did it but i aint mad at him for leaving

  3. riverman says:

    Good for him! Some people are natural born teachers and he knows the game. He’ll also get a check there instead of trying to join a contender for small change. I like seeing hometown guys retire in their home states..a commendable choice Antwan!

  4. Joseph03 says:

    These is purely basketball business. He is being signed not for the player he or what he can impart to the youngsters on the team, but purely to make good with the fan base.

  5. theOracle says:

    Jamison is a good guy. always overrated as a player. never the type who was an impact player, just numbers. I wouldnt wish the Bobcats on him. thats miserable. his career is winding down dont waste your last few years playing on a DLeague team. go to a playoff team at least, even if its not an elite team you can get another taste of success before its over

  6. Real Talk says:

    YEA YEA YEA…Respectful, honorable..blah blah blah. Lets be REAL. Players join this leage for ONE reason. RICHES. By their 10th season…with no ring…trust and beleive that’s what’s important. Not saying his kids aren’t but if the Heat or OKC or LA call…Jamison will say thanks but no thanks to Charlotte. He has a great stat sheet. Some nice individual accomplishments. But he wants a ring and if a contender calls…he’s going.

  7. Dredapreda says:

    If your not playing for a championship ring then what’s the point. Him and vince Carter needs to retire.

  8. Armin Halvadzic says:

    even if he played for a bad team his ppg is pritty damn good. seems like antwuan is super underrated. he’s gonna help bobcats big time and I hope Gordon comes back to life because as much as I like to see records be broken I don’t wanna see Bobcats yet again brake one of them.

  9. mike says:

    Cleveland fan, I’m hoping Antawn takes the trip to Charlotte if thats what he wants
    Personally, I don’t think he really helps the Cavs lacking D, but he can offer Charlotte
    Good Luck wherever he goes

  10. hoopfan says:

    too obvious steve, too obvious… canadians are on the lurk. o.O lol!

  11. Jay says:

    I feel like i have to explain to everybody that the writer IS NOT MAKING FUN OF CANDIANS

    He said the Bobcats are just as likely to win the Larry O’Brien Trophy as the Montreal Candiens.
    Meaning that a Hockey team has the same odds of winning the NBA Championship as Charlotte.

    It was a really clever joke. too bad most people took it the wrong way

  12. Heathialeahfan says:

    que pasa!!!!

  13. Heathialeahfan says:


  14. Laker24 says:

    I hope he signs with the Lakers for a few bucks to solidify our weak bench. Get that Championship, and then ride off into that sunset. However, that being said… I’d love to see him in Charlotte. That’s the right move for his family, and that’s where a real mans priorities should be!

  15. clipperralph says:

    I loved Antawn on GSW, still have his jersey. Alot of people forgot this guy had back to back 50 point games. He was a scoring machine!

  16. nino says:

    Another stab at Canada, what is wrong with this “journalist” ? Racism, anyone? Instead of apologizing for the last article it seems like he feels offended and thinks he needs to play the tough one, and that publicly on nba.com Well, can’t blame him, I mean why is nobody doing anything? This man doesn’t deserve a job on the NBA’s online home. I mean don’t they understand that it’s bad for their very own image? Mr. Steve Aschburner, you are such a shame and have finally lost that last tiny bit of respect I thought I had for you left.

    • MiamiHeatFan649OBB says:

      Read the line carefully : “Charlotte Bobcats, a team that’s about as far removed from a Larry O’Brien Trophy as, say, the Montreal Canadiens ” he didnt say it to bash on the canadiens in any sort of way. He just meant as in the MONTREAL CANADIENS could never win the LARRY O’BRIEN TROPHY because they dont even play in the nba. in other words he saying that the bobcats have 0 chances of winning a championship. alot of yal probly just hangover from the last article and think he continued to take shots at canadiens but it really isn’t so at all. Hope i helped bring some clarity to the subject.

    • J says:

      case in point…..making fun of canadians is not racist considering canada is not a damn race

  17. hikap says:

    Nah also is looking for the ring if not he would have stayed in phoenix his family is there

  18. AJ4 says:

    Do it Antawn, best move ever.

  19. Josh L says:

    If Nash felt the same way, he would have just stayed in Phoenix. There’s other reasons he went to L.A.

  20. CelticsFan says:

    why is this guy always making fun of canadians??

  21. Chandler says:

    This case is a bit different from Steve Nash’s though. Going to the Lakers has Nash contending for a ring AND staying close to his kids. But if Jamison chooses to go to the Bobcats to stay close to his kids, he’s essentially giving up on getting a ring. Tougher choice for Jamison but also shows his great character.

  22. raberbar says:

    Wow… only the Montreal Canadiens who have the most championships in NHL history. Anyways, props to Jamison who is a unique player perhaps both on and off the court these days.

    • Brandon Roy says:

      Umm… I think he meant the CHarlotte are as far away from an NBA championship as the Canadiens are from an NBA championship. as in it cant and wont happen? It was a joke.

  23. Al says:

    Do it Antawn, it will be the most respectful Free Agent move of the summer.

    • deshaun says:

      These types of comments make me laugh. His family will be with him wherever he decides to play. If you really beleive that he’s had to be away from his family every season, while he’s been making 15 million a year, something is wrong with you. And if that really has been the case, something is wrong with Antwan.

      • Will says:

        You do realize that children go to school right? Transferring schools changes the environment (friends etc.)

  24. gremer says:

    exactly how Nash felt that’s why he chose the Lakers. to be close to his children. Good decision for Antawn if he does go through with it.

  25. Fefe (Nets) says:

    My favorite player has always been JAMISON (not Kobe, not James etc) because he is a very good player both on & off the court. He has always been professional (unlike some crybabies) and respectful, and he was an All-Star some years ago (only 2 times although I think he got robbed for not being selected when he played in Golden State, like Monta Ellis was or J-Rich when he was still in Oakland). If he goes to Charlotte, it’ll be amazing for his family & the Bobcats organization.

    I still hope for him to get a ring before he retires!

    Good luck Antawn!!

  26. Ljeremy says:

    If he choose to win a ring then go to a championship contender team. If family then bobcats. Choose ring first cause there are only 3-4 years left in he’s career. I want him to get he’s ring before it’s over

  27. Gabriel says:

    aj was a great player .. even though hes in the losing team he plays tough

  28. KnickerBocker says:

    Antwan Jamison is a consistent scorer he puts up all star numbers but gets blocked because of age. he’ll be the guy to help the bobcats be a playoff caliber team with a great young crew that just needed a veteran to help them they are a top 9-11th seed in the east its not great but its a great improvement

  29. Jpdip says:

    Nscodemo, i agree…unlike lebron, who abandoned his hometown to chase that ring…st the end of the day he’ll realize that the ring is just a piece og metal and that children, family, hometowns are more orecious than a piece of metal, when you’re old and no longer have the ‘ talents’ theyll be the first to consoleyou.

    • CryssEli says:

      Smh! Jpdip, you make it seem like LeBron left his children to go to Miami. His children and fiance as well as his mother all live in Miami, where he plays. Jamison played in Cleveland but his children with the rest of his family lives in Charlotte…NOT THE SAME THING!!! At the end of the day, the NBA is about getting a championship. Every NBA player wants a ring! And every NBA fan wants to see their favorite player/team win a championship. The article is about Jamison, why are you talking about LeBron?!

    • M3Z5 says:

      Cleveland isn’t LeBron’s hometown, Akron is… & his kids are with him in Miami

    • deshaun says:

      You sound stupid. Lebron is from Akron, When did he abandon them? Last time he checked, he was very active doing charity work in the community… These guys make millions of dollars, they can take their family anywhere they play at for FOUR MONTHS OF THE YEAR. I took my family with me everywhere while I was in the military (besides the war) and I was only making 30,000 a year.

    • MiamiHeatFan649OBB says:

      But dont lebron still have his wife and 2 kids and mother and any other close family member around him everyday!! they living with the guy in miami! yall just blinded by the hate yal got for lebron! and this is a jamison article… why yall even start taking jabs at lebron.. yall treat hima s if hese some type of criminal :S

    • Danger Lou says:

      #1 Lebron took his family with him to Miami. #2 He is from Akron not Cleveland (close though) #3 You have obviously never lived or been to Cleveland, or you’d be trying to leave, as well.

  30. Nacodemo says:

    Recently with the stars aligning for so many teams, I feel it extremely honorable for someone to do the “right” thing versus chasing rings. I admire those who make family choices and consider that it might be more valuable to hold their kids than a ring.

    • jared says:

      the right thing? are you kidding me? a real vet like antawn, at 36yo, should have the right to sign with charlotte or wait for a miami or okc callup if he chooses. the “right thing” to do in the nba is put yourself in the position to WIN. thats what ray allen and KG did getting their first ring and now allen is trying to get his 2nd with miami. thats what nash is doing which was obviously not going to happen in phx. the right thing… please

      • jared says:

        whoever trashes on these teams saying they need superstars to team up is only saying that cuz they wish their team could do the same thing. dont get jealous cuz your team doesnt have the desire to get players together who play together to win together.

  31. Travis says:

    I have a lot of respect for Antawn Jamison he’s been on every bad team in the NBA and he’s been so professional about everything.

  32. Gman says:

    Whats with the canadian attacks lately lol.