Reports: Sixers To Sign Clippers’ Young; Plan To Part With Williams, Brand

Just as Philadelphia’s notorious sports boo-birds began clearing their throats for a little un-brotherly love over their NBA team’s offseason inactivity, the Sixers made some noise of their own.

There were a myriad of reported items for the Sixers on Friday, starting with an agreement on a one-year contract worth approximately $6 million for shooting guard Nick Young. Then the Sixers made even bigger news, making clear their plan to use the CBA’s amnesty clause on veteran power forward Elton Brand, as’s Marc Stein reports:

Brand will still collect the full $18 million that the Sixers owe him next season, but he will first be offered to teams under the salary cap through the waiver process, with under-the-cap teams able to lodge bids for him.

Sources tell that the Dallas Mavericks, under the salary cap after being foiled in their pursuit of marquee free agent Deron Williams, have interest in claiming Brand through the waiver process.

In the event that he goes unclaimed on waivers, Brand would then be free to sign as a free agent wherever he chooses.

They also will not be bringing back combo guard Lou Williams, a free agent who – off the bench – was Philadelphia’s leading scorer last season (14.9 ppg in 26.3 mpg). Williams removed any uncertainty about his Philly future by going the D-Will route and tweeted the news himself:

Philly, I appreciate you all. Unfortunately I will not be coming back, as an organization they decided to move in a different direction.

Young, 27, has the skills to replace Williams’ scoring and more — he averaged 16.6 ppg for Washington through the first 40 games before being shipped to the Clippers in the three-team trade that delivered Nene to the Wizards. He has good range, a missing ingredient for the Sixers last season, though he was considered one of the immature Washington players who had to go in a chemistry makeover.

Cutting its ties with Brand is a major move for Philadelphia. The best of his four Sixers seasons was 2010-11 when he averaged 15.0 points and 8.3 rebounds, both still shy of his career numbers (18.3, 9.4). He started 60 games last season, and all 13 in the postseason, but scored in double figures only five times, grabbed 10 rebounds once and averaged only 27.4 mpg, 8.6 ppg and 4.8 rpg. The Sixers, under coach Doug Collins, were faster and more potent with Thaddeus Young and Lavoy Allen up front.

Once Brand clears the NBA’s amnesty waivers (teams below the salary cap will get first crack), the Sixers will bring their cap number down by $18.2 million (Brand ranked ninth in salaries for 2012-13). Some NBA insiders think Philadelphia might use its freed-up money to go after Ersan Ilyasova, Milwakee’s unrestricted free-agent forward and a lanky double-double threat who finished second in Most Improved Player balloting.

Ilyasova, 25, also is believed to be targeted by the Nets and the Cavaliers and reportedly isn’t happy with Milwaukee’s offer of about $40 million over five years. (But only the Bucks can offer him a five-year deal; others can go no longer than four). The native of Turkey apparently wouldn’t mind exiting Milwaukee either, according to Gery Woelfel of the Racine Journal Times:

[Representative Tolga] Tugsavul made it quite clear the Bucks’ offer wasn’t acceptable for him.

“We’re looking for a better offer,” Tugsavul said succinctly.

While Tugsavul was guarded about Ilyasova’s intentions, some acquaintances of Ilyasova told The Journal Times he wasn’t particularly content inMilwaukeeand would sign with another team that made a comparable or better offer than the Bucks.

Tugsavul wouldn’t divulge how much Ilyasova is seeking, but some people who have been involved with Ilyasova’s free-agent activities said it was $10 million a season.

The Sixers also would have money available to pursue a reliable backup point guard, another missing ingredient last season, wrote Bob Cooney of the Philadelphia Daily News:

Right now Jrue Holiday is the only real point guard on the roster, though Evan Turner and Andre Iguodala could handle the ball when necessary. A true backup point guard would allow the team to not only use him when Holiday is out of the game, but moveHolidayoff the ball at times also.

None of this is to say that Philadelphia sports fans still won’t boo the Sixers. But now they can boo them for doing something vs. nothing.


  1. reido says:

    To Crisjeff :

    My Starters:
    PG: J. Holiday
    SG: E. Turner
    SF: A. Iguodala
    PF: T. Young, if he will stay small at PF, then use A. Moultrie
    C: S. Hawes

    And great subs: Meeks, Harkless, Vucevic, Allen, Sam Young

  2. sincityclipperfan says:

    I kinda wished the clips moved foye or simmons instead of mo or nick. the reason philly unloaded brand is because he cant run anymore, he has hip problems and somehow squeaks by his physicals…look at him at the end of last season, he was a sloth compared to their running style. there are only flashes of his explosiveness left in the tank. he is nowhere near what he was with the clippers some years back…age bites you everytime.

  3. hkl says:

    where will lou william go ?

  4. JG says:

    Lou williams to lakers would be the best thing ever. lakers can finally get a shooter. we have been needing this for a long time

  5. jj says:

    get patty mills to back up jrue!

  6. flip says:

    Damn Nick Young high as a kite

  7. sonny says:

    ….why everybody likes daron williams..? can you see..? even without daron we can win basketaball games……….basketball is basketaball we eill play it wisely,.,.,.,.,.

  8. vin says:

    lou will is gonna sadly missed since he progressed into a very good guard for the sixers, and I have watched Nick Young a few games last year, where he drove the lane and shot FG with consistency. However, I think in this league you need more than one star player on your team to win the Championship, and the sixers do not have that, and when you look at it, this has new player on it, and that means they will take a little time to gel. If they are a champion caliber team, it may take at least a full season for them to gel.

  9. anklebreaker says:

    bring the prodigal son back. AI3 has been willing to accept any role and help a team in any capacity that he could

  10. M-Town Legend says:

    Lou Williams is coming to Memphis…he don’t want to be a part of the OLD MAN LAKERS

  11. barb says:

    it is a great lost for philly when lou is gone but in the same breath where ever lou goes he will bring the spark to the team and will keep this game going on

  12. BBair says:

    Lou Williams was and is garbage. Most every time he came off a timeout, prior to halftime or end of game they had a set play for him- shoot it from way beyond the three point line- a brick evey time. He had no idea that all he had to do was drive to the basket and draw the foul. Did he ever do that? No. Maybe it’s because he’s garbage and has no skill to perform the most basic of elements of basketball. Thank god he’s gone- he was so painful to watch…..

  13. Nacodemo says:

    It’s bitter sweet knowing that Brand did give the team some backbone, but the production does not match the price tag. I agree with this move only because it gives the Sixers a better chance to add somoeone who may add a little bit more. Lou Williams is my favorite Sixer and he certainly will be happier somewhere he can be a starter. In LA he would still be playing off the bench but in Houston he could start given Jeremy Lin signs with the Knicks. I like Nick Young, unfortunately I feel 50/50 with him fitting in. I know he can score, but Lou could score. He does shoot the 3 ball much better than any of our guards including Jodie Meeks. The article mentions having a solid backup for Holiday… How about Jose Calderon from the Raptors? He could come with Demar DeRozan who is a much younger/healthier versioin of Iguodala. DeRozan can shoot free throws and shoots the ball better than Iguodala all around.

  14. Jerry Hernandez says:

    Excuse me but I thought Lou said he didn’t want to come back next season. This was made clear a month before the playoffs. I don’t think Philly wanted to part ways but in order to not have a disgruntled player on the roster next season I think they were forced to just let him go.

  15. Choker says:

    what? they should have kept Lou Williams…. I was looking for his development on the team…. and brand was huge for the sixers ….. congrats to Williams and Brand for being great sixers players

  16. Arshak13 says:

    The Heat just got lucky they wouldn’t of won if we had Bradley, Green, Wilcox and if Ray wasnt injured but this next year
    were the championship team because we have Jared, Terry, Melo, Green, and Ray might btw Danny Ainge said he wants Ray badly i don’t want Lou he only plays good in Philly!

  17. Common Sense says:

    Can the Clippers pick up Brand?

  18. the sixes are a good team but why the hell will nick sign a 1year 6 million?

  19. Melski says:

    Lou to Boston, let Ray go if his heart is not in green…. Danny is just signing him so he can trade him next season…

  20. crisjeff says:

    Great pick up for the Sixers Nick Young can be use either SG or coming off as 6 sixth man. My projected starters Jrue at PG, Iggy at SG (needs to shoot more) Thad at SF, Lavoy at PF & at center Hawes. But since the sixers free up cash without Elton they need to sign a Kevin Love or Amare, NENE, or Okafor like power forward. someone who can score 20 pts. and 15 rebounds easily every night to go to the next level starting at power forward. With Vucevic, Turner, Young and lavoy off the bench Sixers looks pretty good team.

  21. LakeshowDVM says:

    Lakers should go after Lou Williams and if possible Ilyasova.

  22. Sami says:

    I’m very very disappointed that Lou Will didn’t come back, but the signing of N. Young is gone be great for Sixers. He’s one of the best shooter so I’m happy they got him. Whatever they do or whatever the fans say The Sixers should keep Iggy cuz he’s the heart and soul of this team. He may not be a good shooter but he’s the best defensive player in the NBA and that’s what matter most and they should keep him. Also, I hope Sweet Lou join my homie “The Black Mamba” Kobe Bryant.

  23. Calin says:

    Given that Williams and Brand are now both Free Agents, they do seem like a good fit with LAL’s new personel: They need fresh legs off the bench that can score and a banger down low who wouldn’t require too many minutes and can shoot.
    Williams would have a guaranteed 20-25 minutes off the bench, backing Nash for 16-20 minutes and even Kobe for some 10 minutes or more. Both starters shouldn’t log more than 32mpg, if they want to chase another ring. Williams will gladly take the sparkplug role, without having to exert so much energy to create space and opportunities. Him being a shooter would guarantee him some 3-4 3ptfg per game.
    Brand would get the minutes behind Gasol and sometimes behind Bynum, as he is a great team defender, which is required to help Nash contain whomever he’s chasing on defense.
    With veterans, it’s always about defensive schemes and Brand was the leader of one of the best D’s in the playoffs. His 8 ppg / 8 rebs could come from broken plays and being left wide. Which tends to happen.

    If the Lakers could manage to retain Jordan Hill to bring his 15-20 minutes of energy and hustle, sign Grant Hill to bring shooting and balance from the bench, they’d be set.

    Nash / Bryant / Metta / Gasol / Bynum with Williams / Morris / Hill / Brand / Hill subbing for them would allow every starter to stay under 32 mpg. In my opinion, they all know this and this kind of depth and equilibrium should help in that direction.

  24. TTKIN says:

    Elton Brand was 9th in salaries last year? Wow, cuz there’s nothing wrong with that right? Oh well, look at Gilbert Arenas and Rashard Lewis.

  25. Travis says:

    Amnesty Brand? Are you serious I mean yes he might not be as good as hoped but Amnesty Brand Whoa!

  26. Jim Stephenson says:

    Brand was a very good player but after his injuries and the fact that at age 33 his skills are on the decline. He would be worth about $6 million a year but he was getting 18 million and needed to go. Lou Williams was a great offensive player and he and Brand hit many key shots to win games for us. Lou was a defensive liability but he was instant offense which the 76ers needed. I hope Nick Young will be able to add offense and help carry the offensive load. AI and ET will need to score more and I hope Hawes comes into camp playing like he did in the first 20 games. Lavoy and Nick Vucevic can shoot and with one more year of experience they should help along with Harkless and Moultrie. I hope we can compete with the improved Celtics and the healthly Knicks. The Nets are improved so the East will be very hard to win. Go Sixers!

  27. timo says:

    Nick Young is an overrated player. Good luck to the 6ers. I watched him in detail on a number of occasions last year and he plays with no heart, weak D, and doesnt contribute around the floor. Just someone who loves putting up long range jumpers and fancy moves. Not the sort of “winner” you want in your locker room.

  28. Terrence says:

    Tough Loss for Philly..Been a fan of Lou Will ever since he came in the League. I wish nothing but the best for him. Nick Young was a good pick, although I wish he played better D but maybe Doug Collins can help with that. As John said, I think Lou Will to the Lakers would be a great move!

  29. Wtf?!?! says:

    Why the hell would u release ur best player in Lou Williams…the man could’ve been sixth man…

  30. NEAL says:


  31. KnickerBocker says:

    The sixers have shown the nba how the rebuilding system is done. THey didn’t need to bring in 1 year veterans or anything they brought young stars.first they built around their #1 star Andre Iggy then stocked up with great draft pick and worked to free agency. stars like spencer Hawes is young. and thadeuss young and evan turner. Jrue Holiday LOU williams. They are athletic the second most behind the heattles the stars are point forwards and drive iggyturner and young and then they have spot up shooters holiday and williams and a dominant low post force in Hawes and Brand

    • KnickerBocker says:

      and as they’re are not pursuing williams a shooter so they go a new shooter in nick young

  32. ray ray says:

    good job philly now u have sam young nick young and thadess young

  33. ccb says:

    I don’t like Philly’s moves, Lou was a big part of their success last year while Nick Young was an OK reserve – what are they even thinking?

  34. Mr TKO says:

    The Knicks need to go after Brand especially if we lose Feilds we can use a big body someone who could get us 15 & 10 on a consistant basis

  35. dc says:

    Nick Young is a decent player that has improved each year in the league. He is not always consistent but he can shoot the 3 ball with accuracy and is very athletic. Great addition for Philly although his minutes are likely to be limited do to inconsistent play.

    • KnickerBocker says:

      hes not inconsistent he improves every year and has always been consistent and hes a potential 1-5 time all-star not a team leader a typical all star

  36. KnickerBocker says:

    I’m suprised.when youlet go of a low-post force it’s a loss but elton brand does have age but if you look at the numbers hes dominant whoever picks him up is lucky The magic should get him because they need more big guys especially with the departure of DWight

    • KnickerBocker says:

      But nick young is a guy who gives them space and depth now with the space for iggy,young and Jrue can hit easy threes with young and iggy driving and young in the corner and jrue is a beast.they are potential conference finalists and surely will get to the second round

    • Kaiyo says:

      There is no way in heck Magics would sign Elton Brand because they are unloading like a motha. They just got rid of their best prospect (last year) so why would they want Elton Brand. They are going to tank it unless they trade Dwight for good pieces. They have to start from scratch because theyve been trying to unload j rich and Hedo but nobody wants them. Old Magics GM had an idea but what a dummy trying to get j rich for that high of a price also hedo that is why Dwight is pissed because they could of gotten way better or more players for those 2 contracts. Also didnt they had Rashard Lewis and Gilbert Arenas paid like that also. So Last GM you just ruined the Magics and get ready for a long rebuild and I feel sorry for Jameer Nelson now

  37. CLIPSSSS says:

    WOW! Clippers SHOULDVE kept Young. Hes a good player

  38. Wolfey says:

    FINALLY! We have united all the Youngs in the NBA. Glorious day for the Sixers, for now we can focus our attention on how bad we miss Allen Iverson.

  39. John says:

    Williams to Lakers now would be Huge!

    • KnickerBocker says:

      thats a great statement with steve nash and kobe the oldest backcoourt in the nba they need a combo guard like williams and a point guard who can take it up and a shooting guard that can shoot. a great combo guard

  40. GORAPTORS1957 says:

    what the hell did nick young say?????!!!?!?!?