Whoa, Canada! Raptors ‘Lose’ Nash

So now the Canadians can’t even recruit “Captain Canada.”

If it helps at all on what otherwise will rank as one of the darkest, kicked-in-the-groin days in Toronto Raptors’ history, followers of that franchise should know that Steve Nash never seriously has considered playing for Cape Town, Soweto, Egoli or any of the other teams in the Premier Inland League in South Africa. Remember, the guy was born in Johannesburg, so if any basketball teams should feel snubbed by a native son, it’s the folks down there.

Not helping? Yeah, didn’t think so.

Nash grew up in Victoria, British Columbia, attended and played at St. Michaels University School there before heading to Santa Clara (Calif.) University. As a player, he helped Canada advance within one victory of the medal round of the 2000 Olympics in Sydney. In May, Nash agreed to become general manager of the men’s senior team for Canada Basketball.

The news conference for that move was held in Toronto, and it will remain the lone news conference for Nash in that city this offseason. The aging-but-still-incredibly-fit point guard won’t be playing for the Raptors in 2012-13, instead working out a sign-and-trade deal that delivers him to the Los Angeles Lakers. He won’t be doing a “Wayne Gretzky in reverse” by bringing his skills, fame and knack for public relations to the Great White North the way the Great One re-planted the NHL’s flag in the U.S.

Lots of fans and those close to the Raptors are awfully upset by this turnabout. Some even have accused Nash of “using” Toronto and the New York Knicks as leverage, as if landing a deal worth $25 million over three years rather than $36 million (Toronto’s offer) demonstrates any boardroom ruthlessness. Knicks fans feel snubbed, too, though at least their team isn’t the one (yet) locked into a $20 million offer sheet to Landry Fields, an ill-advised Raptors move to entice Nash.

Fact is, the Raptors’ feelings are hurt and they’re a little embarrassed. They have to scramble now after failing on a move that was more about buzz than basketball anyway, as noted by the Toronto Sun’s Ryan Wolstat:

The Raptors and general manager Bryan Colangelo put everything they had into convincing Nash to come home to Canada– offering a ton of money, sending a contingent to New York City and showing him an inspirational video — but in the end, it was not to be.

Now, the Raptors remain as irrelevant as ever, scorned by a native son. This will not play well, so Colangelo must move quickly. At this point, he has an excellent head coach, some intriguing young pieces, led by 7-footer Jonas Valanciunas, the ultra-enigmatic Andrea Bargnani and cap space.

Not exactly the stuff contenders are made of, meaning Colangelo is going to be very busy if he intends to earn a contract extension and get the Raptors back into the East’s playoff mix.

It never should have come to this anyway. This is an understandable attempt at national pride and notoriety for an expansion team in its infancy, but not one for a team in its 18th season of existence. Toronto does have an excellent coach in Dwane Casey, but one who spent the lockout season building his team around defense and a methodical, halfcourt offense; no one ever seriously engaged questions about how that would mesh with Nash, anyway.

So now the Raptors can focus on Houston guard Kyle Lowry as a Plan B or C (Goran Dragic, another option at point, signed a four-year, $34 million deal with Phoenix.) And — if saving face and PR still are important to them — they can focus on acquiring Tristan Thompson, Cory Joseph or Joel Anthony, active NBA players who actually were born in Canada. (Jamaal Magloire? Already there last season.)

Fans of Canadian basketball can take offence, as they spell it there, at Nash’s decision if they so choose. Just so they know he’ll be back in sunny California, spelling it offense for the Lakers.


  1. toronto416 says:

    oh and the writer of this article is real moron have some pepto bismo get ur ish it together bud toronto all dayy and every 1 i kno never even wanted nash anyway we all agreed on lowry over nash that best for the future

  2. Chris says:

    While I had little respect for this writer before…I have zero respect for him now. Why the NBA would allow such an anti-Canadian/anti-Raptor article on their website…I have no idea. Especially to feature on the front page? Come on. Have a little more respect Steve/NBA.com

  3. toronto416 says:

    please tell me the nba allows teams to take back the offer sheet they make with such stupidity im so happy nash aint in toronto and ill be more happy if we dont get landry feils

  4. toronto416 says:

    i really dont know who calls the shots up there but whoever it was that gave GM Brian C that extension last summer is a ediot get him out of there fast then get rid og brian that man knows nothing about the game. look what he did,

    let me start with the trade of roy hibbert, now considered franchise C for j.o an old beat up veteran. how that turn out? what about hedo? LMAO!!!!!!!

    now this man is going all in after a 38 year old hall of fame player who has a couple good years left in him. with that move Brian is going to take the team so far into the tunnel were never going to even get a glimpse of daylight in frachise history. throwing 36m/3yrs at a man thats most def. not taking team anywhere and another 20 mil 3 years on a role player who we dont need on the team. Any g.m. with any knowledge of ball, and the financial flexibility the raptors have. would, could and should be going so hard after oj mayo and micheal beasley, who are the two most underrated players at their position. i would consider them both at top 5 at their positionsand most people would agree atleast that they have the potential to get there sooner then later. there young just about to enter their prime, and there coming for cheap lock them up for the future and the future sure would be bright for us. those two players woud take us way over the top. i can see us as major contenders for a championship within two years with the roster we got, and the addition of those two players i mentioned. which im poitive toronto would have had no problem to get them signed up long term if they were determined to have them on the team. we styll got a chance so please go after them A.S.A.P.

    how does this linup sound starter/bench pg-calderon/bayless sg-derozan/oj mayo sf-beasley/ross pf-bargnani/amir johnson C-jonas.v/ed davis

    i dont know about you but i dont see anyone in the east or west up for a challenge VS the TORONTO RAPTORS with a roster like that.
    so please quit playin the brianC game, dont let him hold us back and get to work.

  5. PunjabiBlood says:

    I’m from Toronto and I don’t get why it’s such a big deal for us to get Steve Nash, it’s not. But that’s exactly what this ignorant writer is saying. He has no idea of anything about fans in Toronto, fans in Canada (who have a different perspective than fans from Toronto, believe it or not), or what Canada is ACTUALLY like.

    I want to clear something up. We don’t all like hockey. In fact most people outside of downtown do not go crazy about hockey or talk about hockey like it’s something special. It’s just a sport to us as much as it is a sport to you Americans. Other than the obvious hardcore and die hard fans, which exist in every sport.

    I’m posting this in response to Steve Aschburner’s ignorance and his attitude towards my city, country, and my TEAM. I’m really pissed so im kinda just saying the truth out here.

    I hate how every time the Toronto Raptors are mentioned in NBA news or anything NBA related, they are treated like they are the Canadian National Team. Everyone acts like the Raptors are representing Canada and that everything they do is according to what is good for the country’s interests in the sport or the team. ITS NOT. I understand that the Raptors are the only team in Canada but that doesn’t mean they need to be looked at like they are Canada themselves.

    Another thing, I hate it when people call Toronto a small market team… TORONTO IS HUGE… in what way is Toronto a small market team ? Not only is it the 3rd or 4th biggest city in North America, but it is also top 5 in terms of population of cities in North America. If we really wanted, we could sell out every game, and we have had seasons where we sold out games on a nightly basis. Right now the poor attendance is only because there is nothing to watch when you go to a Raptors game, just disappointment. The fan base is just tired of seeing losing seasons but if we had some nice players or a good team, Toronto would definitely not be a small market team.

    Also, the weather in Toronto is not all snow and igloos like some of you think. We recently had winters that rarely went below -10 degrees Celsius (14 degrees Fahrenheit) and now we are experiencing a blazing hot summer. We had warm and pleasant weather that started in March and will probably not end until October. For those of you who complain about Toronto weather.

    Thats all.
    From a reaaaalllyy cheeesed fan
    BTW Steve Aschburner needs to step or something this is bulls**t


    I’m a Raptors fan as I am other fan around the NBA. Steve Nash is close to the end of his career and it would be a big blessing to him getting that championship ring and in case he does decide to go front office in the future it would look good on his resume especially as another Canadian to win a championship. I would have been upset if he did come here because Nash would have been used for nothing. Only to help a money greedy ownership fatten up their bank accounts. Nash going to his once rivals shocked me and never expected it. I’m happy to be Canadian for real. But it’s not Nash’s fault he wants to win. It’s not the NBA writers who are speaking truth. If anybody that needs to be blame alongside Bryan Colangelo, it’s the company that hired him. MAPLE LEAF SPORTS & ENTERTAINMENT!!! They are the reasons why the Raptors are shame!!

  7. Wordsmith says:

    Terrible article from an otherwise good writer. Just look at the first line “So now the Canadians can’t even recruit “Captain Canada.””
    Steve your acting like we didn’t try to do everything in our power to get him. He made a logical decision based on where he is at in his career. To say that ‘the Canadians’ (instead of Toronto Raptors) couldn’t EVEN sign him is ridiculous. We gave him a better deal than anyone else. Obviously our team is not of the same calibre as the Lakers, so nobody faults his decision. At the same time you can’t fault the Raps in how they tried to pursue him. They need to be doing things like this with other high value free agents, but it’s hard to get players to come, and stay, in Toronto.
    One too many beers in your July 4th celebration bud

  8. Edoardo says:

    After reading this article I’m more proud than ever of living in Canada. The polite comments of the Canadian fans were the best answer to this disgusting article. Always GO CANADA

  9. zer02her0 says:

    With lowry now with toronto they are not so bad team after all i think they will pretty much have the same record with nash on the team. I hope they make the playoffs though…

  10. IIvviiccaa79 says:

    Americans are generally arrogant toward any other nation in the world (huge cheers for individuals who are not!)regardless of the topic, doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, politics, whatever…but no worries, the demise of the USA is about to be happening soon, all signs are clearly visible ..
    Mr. Nash, why not competing for the ring late in your career, your signing for LA is a logical choice..have fun:)

  11. Welcome To L.A. Steve Nash says:

    Hey, Steve that article was really offensive (or offencive) and the raptors are just trying to make a run and build their team. Why u go offending Cananda. I am not Canadian nor American. Just wanna say i live in Calif. i like the lakers and finally GM mitch kupchack got a good trade. Welcome to LA Nash!

  12. Ryan J says:

    I Love how I wrote a page long comment on how offensive this article was and that Steve should apologize immediately for being so disgustingly biased and the moderators wouldn’t even post it because they knew how bad it would make him look rofl

  13. Michael says:

    The raptors fixed it by signing Lowry, and Fields is a good player. The raptors did all they could to try and get Nash but in the end Phoenix just didn’t want to trade him here.

  14. Brown_Prospect says:

    By far one of the worst articles I have ever read on NBA.com. Pick ur game up steve and BTW i’m not Canadian.

  15. Vince says:

    It just makes me angry that the US knows nothing about it’s neighbor Canada. Steve Nash grew up on the west coast of Canada, so if the Vancouver Grizzlies were still around, maybe he would give them a shot. Also, enough of this hockey talk. Not everyone that lives in Canada likes hockey. I honestly think it’s one of the major sports that has the most racists fans around. That’s just my opinion because I grew up in a die-hard hockey city (Vancouver, BC) and actually know what people here say about other sports.

  16. Absinthe says:

    Wait, wait, wait. I’m Canadian – but – is Canadian a race? Y’all crack me up.

    All the best to Nash and his back, and (hopefully) welcome to Toronto Kyle.

  17. YouAreSoIgnorant says:

    This article is straight up hateful towards Canadians and im not even Canadian! This is very unprofessional and should not even have been allowed to be a top story. It’s writers like this guy that makes the whole NBA look bad. Focus on basketball instead of mocking a franchise for at least trying to get a great player. Smh. Goodluck to Steve Nash he deserves it.

  18. Zeekster says:

    I am not even Canadian and I thought this article was a slap in the face to our beloved neighbors (neighbours) to the north. It is a shame that the author is poking fun at a city/country that is valuable to the NBA. It is only because of player selfishness that Toronto hasn’t had the success that they deserve. The organization has done a decent job of drafting solid players (i.e. Bosh, TMAC, Carter) but were greedy and decided to take their skills elsewhere. NBA players don’t care to win a championship the right way anymore (Bird/Magic days are long gone). In the case of Nash, if he plays along side Kobe, Artest, Bynum, and Gasol, he is not only playing with a former rival team but also all those guys were all-stars at one time in their career. Is that really how you want to win a championship? Personally, I hope OKC dominates the West. I also love the fact that we have a Canadian team in the NBA. I wish the Raptors success with their new additions and young talent!

  19. Aschburner offends. says:

    A Dark Day for the NBA posting this trashy attempt at poetic journalism. (That does seem to have some ill feeling against Canadians, as most commenters here have noticed. Now, is the NBA noticing?)

    You want to know who this really reflects on?

    General Manager Bryan Colangelo.

    Who is, by the way, United States American.

    But is it so bad Colangelo is one step closer to being fired?

    Colangelo just picked up (the younger, cheaper) Kyle Lowry in a trade and, so, with the addition of Fields too, Colangelo has improved the team’s talent this summer and I expect at least one more deal or signing to be in the works as a ripple effect. And all that matters really, for Colangelo, is whether or not the team makes the playoffs.

    Canada is okay. It will survive this emotional disappointment easily. And Raptors fans can see an upside in not signing an aging point guard to a heavy deal. As for the Canada connection — too bad Nash didn’t play for Team Canada when he was younger. But he was worried about his conditioning and, given his M.V.P. seasons, I think we can understand. At least, at the end of all this, you didn’t go to the Knicks, rivals because in our division and run by our former GM Glen Grunwald who we were in an exciting bidding war with this summer, before both Toronto and New York had to come back to earth.

    Steve Nash, we wish you all the best, we are especially happy you went to a contender in L.A. and we want to see you get a ring as much as anybody in this world who loves basketball.

    Also, everybody loves your quietly intelligent personality, representing one of the better attributes many Canadians aspire to.

    Ps. Fellow Canadians, reverse discrimination and offencively/offensively sweeping overgeneralization about U.S. Americans will not help anybody. Remember too that Aschburner is an untalented, desperate would-be writer — if anything we should be most upset there isn’t somewhere another writer out there, maybe younger (and maybe not so comfortable in his job he or she will diss entire countries), blogger who the NBA could hire to bring some more original insight to readers… or maybe some of the readers here on this page could be hired.

    I will give credit where credit is due however, Aschburner has one legitimate old school basketball point: D-Casey is trying to make a defensive team and Nash is all offence, it may have been an awkward mesh.

  20. MUBWAR says:

    nash is cool but aren’t we rebuilding? a 38 years old don’t fit anywhere in that plan. thank you nash for not accepting that ridiculous offer and enjoy LA

  21. Bucky says:

    Colangelo has no sense of what players want or need to come to Toronto. He tried to keep Bosh in Toronto with Hedo Turkolou. He didn’t have the sense to think that maybe Bosh wanted some of his homies from the states up here to join him, so save the money and go after Wade or Lebron. No….lets spend 11 million on a year on the biggest flop in Toronto history (and we’ve had plenty). He did trade him away, but only because Phoenix bailed him out. Thank you Phoenix by the way. He made an even bigger mistake in not knowing that Steve Nash, a great Canadian Kid, would do everything he could to make sure that Phoenix got something for him, so that the franchise he represented for 8 years, could survive him leaving. BC and the new ownership group thought they could throw huge money at a guy and try and block a sign and trade (sleazy move), and that would be what a Great Canadian kid would go for rather than having the integrity which he displayed by agreeing to a sign and trade so his former team gets something back for him. Colangelo, is old and very bad news. Colangelo has all the money in the world and can’t build anything close to a playoff team, let alone a Championship. Good luck Stevey, you’ll do the Country proud no matter what happens.

  22. Daniel Grieco says:

    Im geussing the writer of this article is American? I am honestly disgusted by this article mainly because you state the fact that Toronto couldn’t even sign steve nash. First off, steve nash is not a low level talent. He is a future Hall of Famer who earned the attention of basically all 30 teams. He was a hot comodity and honestly wants to win a championship now, which the raptors are far away from at this moment. At this point, the raptors are rebuilding, getting steve nash would 360 that idea. I honestly can not believe how bias you are. You know 0 about the situation because your not Brian neither are you Steve Nash.

  23. TRUTH says:

    Gerald Green
    Jeremy Lin


  24. MagicMor says:

    As a dedicated 10 + year Raptors fan, I have never been more disappointed in our organization management than ever before. This is just the latest proof that my reservations about the team’s Management are true. AND I am not referring to Nash refusing to play in Toronto, that was a given and was a bad move to begin with for both him and our team. The fear is Calangelo has NO BIG PICTURE long term vision for this club. Turkoglu/ O’Neal /Barbosa / Kleiza are an examples of not necessarily bad players but an example of impulse bad management moves.

    Calangelo needs to choose what kind of a team we are and get guys that fit the bill. It seems like our strategy is no strategy!

    Our current team Roster says it all:

    SG & SF : Derozan/ Klezia/ James Johnson/ Landry Fields / Terrance Ross / Gary Forbes WTF 6 guys that don’t equal 1 decent SG or SF talent

    PF & C: Ed Davis/ Amir Johnson/ Quincy Acy / valanciunas/ Bargnani/ tomislav Zubcic – is the circus in town or is this a joke?

    PG: Jose Calderon – Euro 2012 world champ, oh wait wrong sport

    if that is not enough proof for you, here is some more of no clear vision means:

    – 7 out the last 10 years picks were top 10 picks, Calangeo is responsible for 4 out of 7 of those top picks – bad drafting
    – we don’t have young potential talent that will end up top 10 derozan blah blah blah – about as talented as nick young
    – we don’t have veteran guys that been there and done it – (calderon maybe in – been in Spain – still decent player)

    With this kind of resume I would have lost my job a long time ago. – and since there has not been wins or anything exciting to look forward to when talking about the Raptors, I decided to go from season ticket holder to boycotting the team until we don’t see commitment from management to make sense of this all.

    Here are some guys entering their prime that Raptors have a shot in bringing over:
    – Gerald Green (exciting, on his way up)
    – Jermy lin – still young, knee issues, lot of hype but would love toronto, will have great support. Very exciting (fields was brought to lure him, not Nash)
    – Kris Humphries
    – Spencer hawes
    – George hill
    – JJ hickson
    – Ersan Iilyasova
    – Brook lopez
    – Javale Mcgee

    and here are some Good veteran
    Jared Jeffries
    Chris Kaman
    Courtney lee
    Troy Murphy
    Anthony parker
    Micheal Pietrus

    Let me know what you think…

  25. bill reive says:

    sorry incoprrect email the first time, pls post my comments

  26. Jayraps says:

    Wow, just because we NEEDED Nash (not just because hes Canadian) every one on our team has to be Canadian? Even the first line of the article was bashing on Canada. This whole thing sounded like an insult to us. Why are you busting on Canada when James Naismith a Canadian invented it.

  27. UltimateVIP says:

    Who is the arse-clown that wrote this piece? There is absolutely nothing positive about the article and in more ways than one is simply a kick to the groin of Raptor fans. Why would any journalist kick Toronto fans when they are down? The bottom line is this guy has his opinion but we all know that opinions are like ________________

  28. Marvin says:

    Mr Aschburner……If the Nash to Raptors deal became a reality, would you have still written that the Landry deal was “an ill-advised Raptors move” ?????????The GM did what he was hired to do and it was a great move to ensure that Landry wasn’t used my NY for leverage with Phoenix.
    You need to get off your anti Canadian basketball bandwagon and start writing sensible stuff.

  29. Draft says:

    The Toronto Raptors have acquired guard Kyle Lowry from the Houston Rockets in exchange for forward Gary Forbes and a protected future first-round draft pick

  30. Raps Forever says:

    WOW is it just me or was this guy going out of his way to bash Canadians? He didn’t even mention once how we could have gotten Steve Nash any other way…just criticizing all the moves the Raptors made. I really don;t understand this American sensationalism when it comes to journalism. Get your facts straight

    • Cyrus says:

      I totally agree with everyone here. This is why I love being Canadian. Reading all these comments made me laugh and realize how similar Canadians are. First off Canada is one of the smartest countries in the world educationally. We do not have a child mentality of “I want it;It mine”. No, our mentality is more sophisticated and complex. Americans would say ” I want puppy, Puppy left me and me mad”. Canadians would say “I would love the puppy but if the puppy wants to go to this owner so be it. I’m happy for it.” We are not greedy and selfish. We never had Nash. It’s not like he played 8 years with us and left us dry. Mr.Asche just because you will feel bitter doesn’t mean Canadians would. Our society is a few years mature. Step it up.


    Steve Aschburner, I am a hardcore Raps Fan, and while it would have been amazing to see Nash play here, in now way does it hurt me that Nash is going to the Lakers. I’m so happy for him in fact, he has every right to follow his dream to win a championship, I think anyone in his position would have done the same thing. At this point in his career, there really isn’t much of a difference between 25 and 36 million in terms of value, the difference is the opportunity to win a title and that he will be close to his family, noble wise decision. So what if he leveraged us to get what he wants, I like to look at it as a favour from Toronto, to get where he needed to got. Represent Kid Canada, we will root for you in the Finals!

    GO NASH, you are a hero to this country, there is no bad blood, hope we can have you when when you turn 42, keep on taking those vitamins!

  32. A raptors fan says:

    To Steve

    As a Canadian and a huge raptors fan, I feel discriminated because of your writing. Steve Nash is an excellent basketball player and Canadians really wanted him to play for the raptors. However, not only does he not fit our style – we are not a pick and roll team – he also wants a shot at a championship and he wants to be near his kids which is very understandable. We are not sad because Nash to play for LA as you suggested that we are. It doesn’t matter anyways as reports say we acquired Kyle Lowry. Also your mocking of Canadians -offence and offense – is very discriminatory and it has no relations to basketball.I hope in a couple of years players like Andrew Wiggins and Anthony Bennett will join the Canadian basketball team so we can show people like you that Canadians can play ball. Next time you write something, think about the reactions of ALL fans, not just Americans, as we Canadians have our own team in the NBA and we have some serious talent in the NCAA. Please consider apologizing to all Canadian basketball fans. Thanks.

  33. Graham says:

    Shame on this website for allowing this representative to slander the Toronto Raptor’s , the City and the Country, I hope you feel proud of yourselves. Goes to show why the rest of the world dislike your pompous, arrogant, vain selves. In your comment policy it says you may not post anything Defamatory, what about your artical, is it excluded ? i dont expect you to post this but if you allow your collumnist to write his article you should at least allow my comment

  34. henry says:

    smh aschburner.

  35. Kimboslice says:

    Dear Mr. Aschburner, this article is really condescending to Canadians starting off with the very first paragraph. What is up with mentioning that he’s South African, and the folks down there feeling like they got snubbed? And it was not really a kick in the groin for people in Toronto because in all realism he was not gonna come. Toronto needs to make moves now, cause they wasted too much time for Nash. As for Landry Fields, I believe he can make the Raptors better offensively, but Colangelo can do better. Cory Joseph, Tristan Thompson and Joel Anthony are not even available, and even if they were all three would be no help to the already young Raptors squad. Also, you forgot to mention in your article that Jamaal Magloire was the first Canadian EVER to play on the Raptors. Be nicer eh?

  36. O WHOA! says:

    WHOA! Steve! I can’t believe you posted this anti-Canadian attitude article on NBA.COM. Where’s Stern ?? DO SOMETHING !!

  37. Fcku Aschburner says:

    Terrible article. Way to speak for an entire country and if you read the comments above, that isn’t the majority opinion held by Canadian fans.

  38. Douggie says:

    So now the Canadians can’t even recruit “Captain Canada.”. That’s the first of this article, why does everything have to come back to the Raptors being “the Canadians”. So what if they’re the only team in Canada, they’re closer to Detroit than Sacramento is to Miami. Toronto trying to get Nash a BASKETBALL move, it would bring back the fan-base, develop their young talent, and push them back into the playoffs for the first time in a while. This anti-Canadian garbage I just read reminds me why most of us are NHL fans here in Canada, at least we’re accepting… And whats with the “No Excuses” trash, the Raptors did everything they could, they offered him the MOST money, tried to mess with the Knicks by getting Fields, at the end of the day there wasn’t much they could do because the Suns GM TRADED him, he didn’t exactly choose one team over another, the GM’s did.

  39. Ron says:

    The Raptors should have focused on trying to get a player than trying to prevent the Knicks from getting a player. NBA
    players always use teams as bargain chip and never have interest in going those the teams. It ‘s two things old players that didn’t win a championship is more are less looking for teams who has best chance of winning a championship. Young
    player are trying to establish a dollar among. The old saying more the merry a.Unfortunately some teams get used in the
    excitement of upgrading. Players go to different cites for interviews they minds or already made up on team of choice.
    Knicks and Raptors you have been punked by Nash

  40. Jon says:

    Would have been nice for the Raptors, but would not have been a long term solution so really not that big of a deal. Lakers is a better fit for him… even more so than New York. Raptors need to be patient and stick with the plan

  41. hoopfan says:

    what the heck is wrong with the writer? does he hate canadians? LOL

  42. PAPA ROY says:


  43. Just Horrible says:

    How is this article even allowed on the site? It’s full of inaccuracy and even some racism.

  44. citizen says:

    Although I am an american, I find this article deeply offensive. To suggest Steve Nash is less Canadian because he wasn’t born in Canada? “going after players actually born in Canada” As if his country of birth is relevant to his Canadianess? You’re wading into some ugly and dangerous territory there, Aschburner

  45. Peter Konidis says:

    Ashbummmer – Time for you to stop being racist towards Canadians. And true Canadians still love Nash no matter what he does

  46. Kevin says:

    I find this article, and in fact many articles from the past about the Toronto Raptors, or how you AMERICANS refer to as, CANADA, racist. Steve Aschorwitz, you should be ashamed. Yes I am taking OFFENCE. For you to write about us Canadians like this is rude. I hope a person of higher authority reads this and deals with it. I don’t care if Mr. Aschburner is a proven sports writer, he is ignorant. The city of Toronto and the country of Canada (where majority of people play hockey and a minority actually live in igloos) deserves to be in the NBA just as any other city.
    That’s my case.

  47. TCS says:


    All I gotta say is : Stop being an ignorant American. Canadians are fully supporting Steve Nash’s decision. And btw, I think you American is the only country in the world who can’t spell ‘OFFENCE”.

    Bad article, bad basketball journalism.

  48. A.V.D says:

    This article is a cheap shot to Canadians. So disrespectful and saddening.

  49. nino says:

    This so called “journalist” should get fired for this article.

  50. LBJ6 says:


  51. Jordan says:

    thanks nash your are the sherlock holmes of basketball thank u for joining LA

  52. Mike Playter says:

    Steve Nash playing in Toronto was a fantasy from the beginiing, i mean lets face it, here in Toronto we can only offer him 1 thing and thats money from that contract. The knicks could of gave him a 5th or 6th berth in the playoffs, and the Lakers give him his kids(so to speak) money and winning and playing with the best player in the NBA. It was a personal decison and unlike Lebron James when he left for miami, completely jusitfiable. Us Canadians really have no right to be mad at Nash, more so Colangelo and the horrible work he has done over the past few seasons, expecting to win with 3-semi good players and the reat of the team medorcure or DLeauge worthy. As for the bad reference to Canadians as a whole by Steve, that was completely unnesscary, its no wonder so many people think Americans are arrogant.. exibit A..

  53. C_Jones says:

    I dont get why so many Canadians feel Nash ‘”owed” Toronto anything. I live in T.O., and love the Raps, obviously I would have LOVED to see Nash here, but I am not going to blame him for making a decision based on personal and basketball reasons. I think this works out better for the Raps, as Nash was just as much a PR move as a basketball move. We have a team focused entirely around defence, and no offence, but Nash isnt making the all defensive team anytime soon. I hope he gets a ring in LA, if he retires without one I put him right up there with Ewing and co. as the greatest to never get a ring.

    • Kem says:

      Which Canadian said he owed Canada anything? This is an American writer that wrote this garbage. Get it right. We are ok with Nash going – we get it. Nobody is mad at him. This writer is a different story – he has offended Canada….this article is straight up disrespectful and should be removed. I’m shocked that NBA.com would allow this article to be posted.

  54. Mark says:

    Aschburner is clearly Anti-canadian. It is idiots like him that spurn players from playing in canada, You think Canada is that bad? Lebron played in cleveland for years and that place makes Canada’s dumps look good. Funny how there isnt a similar article about how the knicks the “MECCA of BASKETBALL” struck out the same as the raps. If you havent got anything good to say don’t bother to write anything.

  55. MIchel says:

    Based on the comments, you were right on point with this article Mr. Aschburner!

    • kush says:

      based on your comment, you cant read and and dont live in canada and have no idea what your talking about. funny.

  56. ThanksForAllTheWTF? says:

    Hey Steve,

    Thanks for the slanted anti-Canadian attitude in your article, feels great. As a Canadian, I am happy with Nash’s choice, good for him. Landry Fields? Don’t entirely hate that he’s coming here. And as Rap Fan points out the word “offence” is the traditional spelling of the Americanized, “offense”.

  57. RaptorsFan24 says:

    As good of a player as Nash still is at 38, bringing him to Toronto was about the business, not basketball. Sure they probably would have dragged themselves into the playoffs for a couple of years, but without at least one (probably 2) other bonafide all stars they still wouldn’t be a contending team. But on the business side they would sell more tickets and more jerseys and at a higher level it would promote basketball in Canada, which would in turn have more long-term business benefits.

    That said, I’m a Canadian and a huge Raptors fan and I would have loved to see him play for the Raptors next season, even if it wasn’t really a good decision long-term for the franchise. But at the same time, I’m not disappointed that he went to LA. He’ll be a great fit there (as long as Kobe can play without the ball in his hands a bit more) and he has a legit shot at a championship. Steve Nash made so many other players around him better over the years so I think it’s finally time that he played with other guys at his level and get a shot of winning the championship that he deserves.

  58. Lakers get lou Deng says:


  59. 13thdirectoriate says:

    well what can i say? Lakers get rid themselves of the old to get a new old, i wonder what fisher is feeling right now?

  60. ralph vargas says:

    nash awesome players he can score at will like bryant but lets faced kobe still the man even after we get howard is happening ul see kobe will grab 3 more rings before its all over and be 1 on nba scoring list for decades to come?klips 78

    • Average Joe says:

      Not gonna happen. Howard made it clear that the only team he wanted to play for was the Nets. He’s gonna walk out of LA the first chance he gets. And the Lakers don’t have the players the Magic are interested in. So, no. You won’t get Howard.

  61. Mo says:

    Nash not signing in TO is not a slight to Canadians.
    What was considered a slight was dealing with Carter and his bad attitude, and Bosh pulling a “Lebron”. These organization try to do everything they can to build a team around elite players and in a show of appreciation players essentially hold them hostage with a sign and trade to get the most money they can somewhere else.

  62. oh stevie says:

    steve aschburner, your ex-wife must be a canadian..
    i couldnt come up with a better explanation for this demeaning article

  63. DjZai says:

    Hey Aschburner, as a Canadian citizen I do not appreciate your sub-sub-par journalism in attempt to put down the Raptors organization and the country of Canada as a whole. Your comments are disrespectful and offensive and clearly have a personal hateful agenda which I am sure is a representation of the NBA blogging staff, whom you represent.
    We all (Canadians) wish Nash the very best in his attempt to win a championship with the Lakers which he obviously cannot do with the Raptors. He deserves it and we salute his decision.

    • MPH says:

      That’s the NBA for you. They’re always putting their noses in the air when it comes to “Canada’s team.”

  64. MPH says:

    The second I read the Raps were in the race for Nash, I knew it wasn’t gonna happen. It would’ve been nice to see him play here in Toronto, but it was just very unlikely. Him being here for the Raps would’ve been good for publicity, but it alone wouldn’t have made them a title contender or a strong team in the playoffs. Good for the Lakers though, although this is clearly a short-term thing.

  65. Patrick says:

    Raptors fans needed something to cheer about and bringing Nash North would have helped. Plus $12 mill a year for a 2 time MVP isn’t too bad. I love basketball but am getting so bored watching the best teams stay good while most teams stay lousy. The NBA needs a better contract system, like the NHL, where any team can afford any player, but only a few top guys. Look at what’s going on in NHL free agency, three non playoff teams landed some of the best players available.

  66. Nana says:

    WOW Steve, Bias much?
    I think all of us Canadians, want Steve to win a championship. he is one of the best players in the NBA and he deserves one, but he has never had the right supporting cast. With Kobe, it is more likely that he can get there, even though I am not a fan of Kobe. As a Raptors Fan, I am disappointed, but anybody who thinks that “Raptors lost this” obviously does not get it! Nobody else but Lakers could have offered Nash a high probability for a championship next season. Raptors offered their best and that’s all they could do. I really hope that THIS article is not YOUR best!

  67. its okay says:

    im from toronto, big fan, always have been, but I dont feel “kicked-in-the-groin” because Nash went to lakers, this article was clearly biased, and not for basketball reason, but towards canadians. Nash was pursued because he is a good basketball player, its great that he was raised in Canada, but that was not the only reason…

  68. Chris Ross says:

    The Raptors went all out for Nash and it might be a good thing that they didn’t get him, you know, other than the whole Landry Fields thing. It would have been great for a honeymoon period, say for a year, but after that I think the novelty would have gotten old. People want to see winning and I don’t think Nash would have brought enough winning to the team. At his age, is Nash really that much better than Calderon? I know that’s blasphemous but Calderon is severely underrated. Anyways, crazy stuff as usual in the NBA.


  69. Kyle Lowry sounds like a good fit in Toronto!

  70. ballin says:

    Is it just me or does this article seem a bit hateful towards the Raptors?

  71. DRose23 says:

    I am a Raps fan and I don’t have any trouble with Nash signing with the Lakers. This 38 year old has been playing his heart out the last 15 seasons and has not got a ring, which he deserves by now. I think all Raptor fans will be pleased watching their country’s best basketball player win a ring and seal his legacy as one of the best point guards ever.

  72. Lando says:

    Mr. Aschburner,
    Your article had a very anti-Canada feel to it. Highlighting the fact Nash was born in South Africa, feeling the need to make a hockey reference, suggesting Raptors should bring on “any” Canadian player, poking fun at the spelling of “offense”….this is your idea of basketball journalism?
    Canadian basketball fans are happy that Nash will hopefully have an opportunity to compete for a title. Period. We’re thankful for his contributions to the National team. Why are you trying to paint us as a jaded pity party?

  73. triplll says:

    Colangelo made a mess of this team even if you got steve nash then what he wouldent have brought a championship to tor he wouldent have been able to get this team to the playoffs i dont get it its like brain is just trying to make ppl happy im from canada i live here and i cheer for the raps but i didnt what a 38 year old nash to come here it didnt make sense..and i heard they singed feildes only to try to stop nyk from getting nash who they were going to try and do a sing and trade with feildes for nash so now were stuck with him and a bad contract

  74. Tiqqer says:

    Nash decided to go la because of his children, he has 3 kids in phoenix and being in toronto would seperate them thats why he was exited to join the lakers, and also the possibility of a ring

    • Mo says:

      Being close to his kids is a bonus. Let’s be honest he went for a ring, and is being valued a helluva alot more in LA than in Phoenix. It was clearly demonstrated by Phoenix’s low-ball offer. Phoenix is looking to the future and Nash isn’t a part of it and fair enough, it’s a business you have to do whats best for the organization. Not signing him opens opportunity and cap space for the next generation. He wasn’t going to be around forever, too bad they couldn’t see a way to make it work.

  75. so high says:

    Seemed more like a move to prevent the Knicks from getting him and having Nash play against the Raptors in the same division. I’m sure Colangelo knew what he was doing. Nash playing for the Raptors was more of a fantasy. Its not devasting that he chose the Lakers. Nash will probably end up in the Raptors head office at some point anyway

  76. Gman says:

    Thank god he didnt sign. No defence.

    • Mo says:

      I’m sure that is what Lakers got him for. Defense. It doesn’t matter when you make everyone better around you and shoot 50% from the field and you’re not a forward.

  77. scarborough sho says:

    Landy Fields would help but at 6+ mil year, with or w/o Nash hurts.
    No problems with Lowry and lets see how Chauncey feels about a 7 or 8 seed.

    • Dieter says:

      6m for Landry Fields doesn’t just hurt, its an awful deal. Way to much for an average player who probably already reached his potential. But it wouldn’t hurt the raptors to sign some veterans for Jonas Valančiūnas developement. If he will be as good as they projected him, he and Bargnani maybe can convince some other good players to come to Canada. But I think it will always be difficult for Toronto to get good players, its a USA league where most superstar players want to play in a city with good weather all the time, and Canada will always be second best to USA teams for alot of players. Their should be more teams in Canada, maybe a new division or two.

      Please Kings, move to Seattle, Bobcats move to Anaheim, or whatever + move Toronto to a new division, get a new team in Vancouver, Montreal, and some other places in Canada.

  78. Trem says:

    We dont feel bad about him going to the Lakers. If anything he did us a favour not accepting that stupid large contract we gave him to make the playoffs and go nowhere for 3 years

    • Scott the magician says:

      I agree, im a canadian citizen of 28 yrs and a super fan, i think i speak for everyone when i say we take no “offence” to kid canda pursuing a ring and a legacy. I support Nash 110%. signing with the pathetic raptors would have been insulting to his legend and done merely out of pity.
      this writer, steve aschburner who is condescending and ignorant to canadians doesnt reperesent canadian sentiment towards this deal. congradulations steve nash and i hope you win a ring, or 2 or 3 :):)

      • nonbiased fan says:

        thumbs up! very well said

      • James says:

        I couldn’t agree more. Suppose he just expects us to react with the same American “exceptionalism” type attitude that he has and be bitter and ignorant about it. While I would have loved to see Nash in Toronto because it would have made us a playoff team again and would have greatly helped young players like Derozan, Bargnani, Valanciunas, and others elevate their games. Plus it just would have been cool to see him play for the Raps, but yeah, not crushing. Doesn’t really fit where the franchise is – which I am sure Nash could see. Also love to see him join the Lakers and hopefully win a title. It’s no slap in the face he chose them. Main reason he wanted out of Phoenix last few years was to be on a championship contender.

        I also don’t understand the weird bias toward Toronto in a lot of the sports media in the US. Maybe they just know it’s not in the US, thus irrelevant in general haha. But besides that, I mean for the NBA what about Minnesota, Clips for 20 years before this one, Charlotte, Washington Golden State, and others for the last decade are easily just as or more irrelevant than Toronto. Vince Cater, McGrady, Bosh. Division title or two, one playoff series win, couple other playoff years. But yes, is very tough to win in a league controlled by money and where star ego-maniacal players all want to play on about the same 5 teams, and together, and in cities where they can get “fashion” deals or whatever the heck they want.

        Oh well, this article seems hastily put together as far as content and structure goes – which reminds me, who the heck do they get to write this garbage?

      • Webster says:

        It’s “congratulations” with a “t”.

  79. anti says:

    Maybee Bo McCalebb for the point gard posisson ?

  80. Playboy says:

    So does this mean that they are gonna withdraw there offer to fields?

    • raps fan says:

      why does the NBA have to be so racist towards canadians??? First of all YOU GUYS (Americans) are the ones who spell it weird, it is offenCe every where else in the world. Second of all the offer sheet to Landry Fields is not official and the raptors have not technically signed him yet so he probably won’t go to Toronto since they don’t need to block a sign and trade with the Knicks and Suns. Also its funny that they mention Wayne Gretzky because that is about the only hockey player anyone in the US knows, just remember James Naismtih was CANADIAN.

    • ThanksForAllTheWTF? says:

      They will keep Fields. It would be bad business for them to withdraw the offer now and would only compound the great difficulty we already have signing agents. We could have done far worse.

    • ff says:

      As a citizen of Toronto, I have to say I’ve met NO ONE who either REALLY expected Nash to sign here or REALLY doesn’t understand to choice to go with LA. No one here is offended unless they’ve seriously been drinking Colangelo’s Kool-Aid! Every basketball fan I’ve talked to siad the same thing; it would be NICE to have NASh here, but that decision benefits the Raptors only, not Nash. 2 or 3 good years left, not time to spend “building a team”.We all agree “Nash DESERVES a RING!!! ” Where can he get one in a year or two? Dallas (been there, HAVEN’t done that!)? NY (Amare?see Dallas…plus Melo -gimme the ball!) LA (ok, as long as Metta Artest doesn’t think he’s Jesus, Napoleon, whoever and can stay medicated).
      Would the Raptors have improved?Yes!Playoffs?Maybe… Ring in 2 or 3 years ? If Bosh< wade, & Lebron get Canadian citizenship =)