USA Basketball: Reshaping The Roster?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — The relationship between NBA superstars LeBron James and Kevin Durant will come full circle as USA Basketball’s training camp for the London Olympics opens this weekend in Las Vegas.

Training partners during the lockout summer, combatants during a compressed regular season and head-to-head in a spectacular superstar matchup in The Finals, James and Durant are back to training (camp) partners again during the lead up to the London Games. The U.S. Team will have to rely heavily on the reigning and three-time MVP and the reigning and three-time scoring champ. James helped the U.S. to gold in Beijing while Durant was the star on the gold medal team at the 2010 World Championships in Turkey.

This training camp and this summer, however, mark their first time teaming up on the international stage. It’s a fact that wasn’t lost on either man as they embraced on the court in Miami the night the Heat clinched the title. James hugged Durant and reminded him that he’d “see him soon” in preparation for the Olympics.

With all of the injury defections plaguing the home team right now, both James and Durant will have to be better than ever to make sure the U.S. fends off all challengers and captures gold, as expected, in London. James and Durant, along with the 13 other finalists vying for one of the 12 spots on the Olympic roster, will have a limited amount of time to find the right chemistry. The opening ceremonies will take place in London on July 27. And there will have to be some significant reshaping of the roster with so many familiar names absent from the roll.

Dwyane Wade, Derrick Rose, Dwight Howard, Chris Bosh, Chauncey Billups and Lamar Odom, all stalwarts on recent teams, will not be around this time. All but Odom, who declined an invitation to join the crew assembled in Las Vegas, are dealing with injuries. Portland Trail Blazers star LaMarcus Aldridge is also out of the mix due to an injury.

But those absent stars won’t slow down the selection process. USA Basketball chairman Jerry Colangelo and coach Mike Krzyzewski will announce the 12-man roster in a live special on NBA TV Saturday night (7 p.m. ET), a list that probably should have already been set.

“We would have already made the decision if it wasn’t for the injuries and the length of the NBA season,” Krzyzewski told the Associated Press. “We have a pretty good idea of who will be on the team, but the last one or two spots, you’re not sure of, so you want to see the guys physically and talk to them.

“They’re not trying out; all of them are good enough to be on the team. It’s where are they at right now, and how do they complement the nine or 10 guys that you already pretty much know are already on the team?”

Whoever those players are, they have to endure three weeks of training camp, spanning four cities and three countries. They’ll play a total of five exhibition games, each one against an Olympic rival, before the competition kicks off in London.

And without Howard, Bosh and Odom available up front, we could very well see James and Durant holding down significant minutes at positions they barely play during the course of an NBA season. KIA Defensive Player of the Year and Knicks center Tyson Chandler and Minnesota Timberwolves All-Star forwards Kevin Love and Blake Griffin headline a shallow pool of low-post players. No. 1 overall Draft pick Anthony Davis of the New Orleans Hornets also is fighting for a spot on the 12-man roster.

That’s not to say the final group won’t be loaded. Kobe Bryant is rested and might be playing in his last Olympics.  All-Star point guards Chris Paul and Deron Williams are ready to go. Carmelo Anthony, like James, is gearing up for his third straight Olympics. And like Durant, you know Thunder stars Russell Westbrook and James Harden will want to do everything they can to wash away the bitter taste of losing in The Finals to James and the Heat. Philadelphia 76ers All-Star Andre Iguodala, Hornets shooting guard Eric Gordon and Memphis Grizzlies swingman Rudy Gay round out the finalists vying for one of those spots on the 12-man roster.

The tone will be set during these first six days in Las Vegas, when the competition between the superstars and the upstarts on the Select Team will be intense. A July 12 exhibition against the Dominican Republic at UNLV will get things rolling for the traveling road show that the U.S. Team will be before they hit London.

It’s a time Durant is looking forward to as much as anyone, with this being his first opportunity at Olympic gold.

“I’ll be very happy to go to the Olympics,” Durant told “It’s something every basketball player dreams about since childhood. I’ll be very proud to represent my country in that competition and I’ll give my best to help the team reach the gold medal.”


  1. dude says:

    laker fans move on kobe is not the same, KD and LBJ are the two guys that will carry a lot of burden, they r the two best in the WORLD right now, Kobe is still going to be destroying others at the 2 spot, but he is not the best anymore, he will be one of the leaders though I give him that but what the writer meant was in terms of lack of depth at the bigs, so durant and Lebron will have to play like bigs again and they can, man r they gonna be the best duo in the world in these olympics.

  2. ryan55 says:

    Check out our NBA blog. Were Aussies.

  3. jaypure says:

    oh yea Kobe Bryant is right there where he should be ……….you can find him in the back seat, he has one coca cola and popcorn to enjoy “Lebron&Durant in London”

  4. jaypure says:

    where is Rondo boy??!!! He is not qualified to be one of Olympics players for USA team?

  5. Deonte Lomax says:

    I give KD and LBJ props but its no way Melo should come off the bench…are yall forgetting what Melo has done in the Olympics and in the Allstar games???? He also shines when he plays with stars. Melo is the most Versatile scorer in the league and is virtually unstoppable. I don’t get how it will be LBJ and KD team, is it bc they were in the finals? That’s cool and all but that was due to their “team.” Idk I feel like Melo is Underrated when he has always came through when needed, although his team has not produce the same. This should be his Olympic team as well

  6. Choker says:

    Lots of young guys out there that could play in your team

    Chandler, Kevin Love that can play center

    If no PF’s are much available…. they can play small by letting KD and James play that role

    Joe Johnson, Josh Smith can play SF

    Bryant, Iggy can play SG

    CP3, Eric Gordon can play PG

  7. chitown says:

    The team looks fine to me. If Rose, Howard, and Wade played, this team would be unstoppable. Just imagine if they played, they rotation would look like this:
    PG-Rose, Paul, DWill
    SG-Bryant, Wade
    SF-Lebron, Durant
    PF-Griffin, (you could probably get away with Melo at the 4)
    C-Howard, Love
    That would be an INCREDIBLE TEAM. They would be 100 time better than the 2008 team. But since those 3 are injured, they’re just as good as the 2008 team.

  8. RocketmanBG says:

    Can anyone tell me why was this article written as if Lebron and Durant are heads above everyone else on the team?
    Sekou, have you ever heard of Kobe Bryant? HE is the person that this team would be 40% weaker without. Not Lebron, and not Durant. Anyone who watched 2008 olympics saw that.

  9. Sherwin Chase says:

    why lean on LEBRON and DURANT? KOBE and KIDD are still ballin’! while DURANT was d MVP, everybody knows dat dis USA Team could not have won last olympics without KOBE and KIDD! did everybody forget that d USA Team led by LEBRON and WADE alone without KOBE and KIDD never won gold… USA Team led by LEBRON was even da first USA Team dat lost in d olympics… while LEBRON is a different player ryt now, d problem wid pipol however is dat pipol usually forget… KOBE and KIDD were da real reasons why USA Team won last olympics…

  10. Sherwin Chase says:

    why lean on LEBRON and DURANT? KOBE is still ballin’! while DURANT was d MVP, everybody knows dat dis USA Team could not have won last olympics without KOBE and KIDD! did everybody forget that d USA Team led by LEBRON and WADE alone without KOBE and KIDD never won gold… USA Team led by LEBRON was even da first USA Team dat lost in d olympics… while LEBRON is a different player ryt now, d problem wid pipol however is dat pipol usually forget… KOBE and KIDD were da real reasons why USA Team won last olympics…

  11. BEAST says:

    kobe bryant is the worst cluth player. this coming from a person who likes kobe he was not cluth vs okc

  12. James888 says:

    Kobe is better than anyone in the line up.. Kobe haters are so so stupid.. Accept that he is the best..

    • dude says:

      na he is not the best, KD and Lebron r the best 😉 admit it and stop riding kobe man, wont do you any good

  13. pondox says:

    coaches have problems with rondo it”s official

  14. dan says:

    We’re lucky Dirk and Tony are not spanish…

  15. Michael B. says:

    Chuck Hayes and Shane Battier should be on the team. Both of them are terrific defenders, and team USA needs a few more indians, not chiefs.

  16. Amitpal says:

    PG- Chis Paul, Deron Williams, Westbrook
    SG- Kobe, Eric,
    SF- lebron, melo, Rudy
    PF- Kevin Durant, Blake griffin
    C- Chandler, Kevin love

    The lineup of cp3, Kobe, lebron, KD, and Kevin love is gonna kill. Or u can slide KD to center and player melo at the four. Insane offensive line up.

  17. Eduardo says:

    This Kobe’s team. Not Durant’s or Lebron’s, but Bryant’s team.

  18. FTW says:

    Should have javale MCGEE on the line up…basketball is boring without a clown..SPAIN FTW!

  19. ledzepapge says:

    I think the only thing that this team should fear is Spains inside game of Marc Gasol,Pau Gasol and Serge Ibaka. The rest is gonna be veeeeeery easy for them (this is comin from a spaniard)

  20. Gutierrez says:

    There are many NBA players that don’t adapt well to FIBA rules, you talked about Rondo, but LeBron has a similar issue.
    In 2008 Olympics your best guys were Dwayne Wade and Chris Paul (you can find the final on youtube) and, in 2010 World Championship Durant was outstanding.
    Anyway, USA is far better than any other team and they could only lose if they play very badly AND the opponent team (mainly Spain, but also France, Turkey, Serbia or Russia) play the game of their lives.

  21. kobe says:

    who carries the team u.s.a in the 4th quarter in gold medal game vs. spain?remember kobe scored 13 in the 4th. . while just that m.v.p just scoring to other people to able to see that james help the u.s team. . .

  22. YOUR MOM says:


  23. Mason says:

    Really? did everyone forget about 2008 when kobe was the one saving this team. you can count on kevin durant i respect him and is probably the best player in the NBA right now but lebron? and to not even mention kobe in this that is disrespectful.

  24. USA is the best,will win the gold again!

  25. theking0522 says:

    Team USA must lean on the MVP (Lebron James) and the best scorer and clutch shooter in the league (Kevin Durant). Team USA will win because we have the best to players in the world, Durant and Lebron….Period. End of story. Lean on the players who took their teams to the finals.

  26. MJ23 STILL says:

    WTF?!? Why you all saying KOBE IS THE BEST EVER?!? You forgot about MJ?!? Even Kobe Admits it.. And you FANBOYS all of a sudden had the Guts to Proclaim KB24 as BEST EVER?!? The only advantage that Kobe has against MJ is his Number.. “24” Jersey.. Still It Doesnt Matter.. I Dont Hate Kobe Cause he is next to Jordan but PLEASE.. I Just Cant Stand FANBOYS who forget the FACTS..

  27. Justin says:

    The Reason Rondo isnt going to be on the team is because as stated several times, he doesn’t do well in a FIBA rule setting. In 2010 he got cut from the team because he just couldn’t get it down and the US still won the gold with KD, westbrook, Love, Igudola, Gay, Billups and i cant remember who else was on the team so if they can win with that group and did it with rather ease might i add, then the group they will have this year will be heavily favored to win again,

  28. me says:

    not one person from Boston smfh…and why is D will in this again? smfh. Most of these choices are favorites period, doesn’t have nothing to do with skills. Team USA gonna lose this year

    • Rando from the Lane says:

      Clown! The reason why no one from boston is on the team is b/c they are super damn old! Rondo or could possibly make it but that’s it and the PG’s they have on the team are better than he is in a fast international game!

  29. bfG says:

    Kobe will ruin the games like he’s been doing lately with his ball hogging and his disgusting shoot selection. That team without Kobe would just be insane. Like starting 5 : CP3 – DWill/Harden – LeBron – Durant/Melo – Griffin/Love is the killing machine.

  30. Judge says:

    Sekou is an all time Kobe hater…. without Kobe, they will lose to Spain in 2008. How many times did Lebron represents the US in the international basketball competition but they only settled for silver and bronze. When Kobe was added in the olympic roster, they won gold medal. You’d better do your homework Sekou before you post an article…

  31. jayson philippines says:

    De Andrei Jordan? for Center Position he is 6’11 he is much better than Anthony Davis…

  32. SYDALE says:

    LOL @ Kobe being the best player in the league… People may still hate LeBron, but he’s now engraved himself as THE best player in the league the way he fought to win a championship this year…And, believe it or not Durant is 2nd… The inescapable thing called AGE has caught up with Kobe…

    Anyway… why wouldn’t you lean on the MVP and the Scoring champ… both are uninjured and under 30 and just played in the Finals…

  33. Boka says:

    Team with no center,is not a team.Put Bynum in…

  34. Lean on US says:

    This dumb people who is getting worked up with “Lean on LeBron and Durant” and not Kobe. It’s because they lack BIGS that’s why they need LeBron and Durant to work MORE at the post and probably be PF at games.

  35. Justin says:

    Anybody remember that melo lead that 2008 team in scoring at the pf position? Kobe is older so they won’t demand much of him only when they need his clutchness. If I’m not mistaken Rudy Fernandez played Kobe real good in 08. Lebron and KD are going to dominate Lebron due to size and athleticism and Kd due to length and scoring ability.

    • Austin says:

      Rudy Fernandez played Kobe real good in 08? is that why Kobe got him fouled out on a 4-point play that basically sealed the deal for team USA.Look i know Kobe is old and that he is no longer the best ATHLETE on the team but he is definitely the best PLAYER with the skill set that he has. His skill set is bar none to anyone in the league right now.

  36. mdboss95 says:

    and to agree with KOBEisOverrated kobe is overrated lol

  37. mdboss95 says:

    yes its true that kobe is a clutch player but hes past his prime. kevin durant is the most clutch player in the nba and with lebron working together with durant they will be unstoppable.

  38. @ErikSverkholt says:

    Starting lineup – bench

    PG: CP3 – Westbrook/D.Will
    SG: Kobe – Harden/Gordon
    SF: Lebron – Melo
    PF: Durant – Love/Griffin
    C: Chandler in some rotation with Blake and Kevin.

    I guess you can cut Gay and Igoudala because of the firepower you already have at the forward spots.
    Davis could be considered purely for shot-blocking, I guess. But he’s likely being cut aswell.

  39. Are people actually saying that kobe is still the best in this league?? God, how can someone actually think that? When was the last time you watched basketball?

  40. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Don’t think that France cannot upset USA even if Noah is not going to London. Of course, the probability for it to happen is like 5% but I think that my French team has a better chance than Argentina this time around. Of course Spain is better than us. Even if USA has a 95% chance of beating France, everything is possible.

  41. Rando from the Lane says:

    Some of these line ups you guys have are just crazy! A bunch of clowns!!! Here’s how this goes line up wise!
    PG CP3/ D-Will
    SG KB24/ Westbrook
    SF KD/ Melo
    PF LBJ/ Blake
    C Tyson/ Love (Love b/c he’s a great rebounder and in these rules goal tending is out the window)
    Resv: Gay/ Gordon
    Mentionable Centers: Fab Melo, Roy Hibert, Noah, DA Jordan, J. McGee, Al Jefferson AD is a no go hurt his ankle however he would fit good with these guys b/c international game is up and down slam nation. McGee would be my choice only b/c of speed and jumping ability!!!

  42. Joran says:

    Even with a lot of injured players, I think this team is BIG enough for the gold medal! James, Durant, Westbrook, Paul, Griffin, Anthony, Love, just to name a few!

  43. Arnaud says:

    inside pau gazol. ibaka or Marc gazol. Poor usa team they bring who. Mr i only know how to dunk griffin.

  44. Arnaud says:

    Hehe i m waiting to see spanish team win. Ibaka will meet james again. Poor James.

  45. xavier says:

    They need size on the court not only shooting ability…

  46. Put in METTA WORLD PEACE! says:

    I say they should bring out Metta World Peace just to stir the pot a little bit and have him ready to contribute some hard fouls. Have everyone wondering why the back of his jersey say “World Peace” and yet hes dropping elbows to opponent’s faces. LOL!!

  47. Zay says:

    Monta Ellis?

  48. Gurnisson says:

    All you Kobe fans, wake up, he is done, history, ballhog, poor shot selection and the list goes on….6th,7th player tops on this roster… game over for you Lakers, you gonna get your butts kicked next season too even if you get the prima donna Dwight Howard hahaha

  49. OkC says:

    We don’t need centers…when we have Lebron….to Blake….FOR THE SLAAAAAAAM! Avrg marggin of victory for team USA 25ppg, Spain have NO chance. This is not La Roja the spanish soccer team….

  50. #1 kobe fan says:

    WTF will you rely on Durant and Lebron “the choke” James……these two are not real clutch playes……HEY ….the real player you will rely on is none other than Kobe Bryant…….that man WAS REAl CLUTCH…not the eight legged thunder man or the “Chokeman”

    • Tarik Scott says:

      Let’s not forget how quote un quote clutch these two (LeBron & Durant) were doing these playoffs both carrying their respective teams single handedly. LeBron dropped 45 on the Celtics in an elimination game, 40 against the Pacers in that previous round also in an elimination game. Kevin Durant had go to be the most clutch 4th.quarter scooter I’ve seen since His Airness Michael Jordan. This dude just takes over in the 4th. He averaged 16 against Miami in the finals 4th quarters the first two our three games. Kobe is never clutch in the playoffs. All but one if his game winning heroic shots have come in the regular season. His teammates always bail him out in crucial situations. How many big shots did Horry hit against Sacramento in those conference finals, against Saab Antonio? Howe about Derek Fisher he’s had some clutch bucket over the years. Even World Peace saved him against Phoenix when they were on the brink of elimination. Oh and how about against the Celtics. When Kobe couldn’t choose the game he stepped up and hit two dagger threes to end the finals. So don’t talk about Kobe clutch. Regular season Kobe is clutch but not post season Kobe

  51. #1 kobe fan says:

    Kobe still the clutch….remember the 2008 summer olympics…?….THAT was the real clutch …check it out if you were doubting…..

  52. Tarik Scott says:

    Often times as fans we can’t face the fact that or favorite player is aging and is merely a shell of his glory days. While Kobe may still have great shooting abilities LBJ &KD are the two best players in the world right now. With LeBron’s newly developed post game and Durant’s terrific outside shooting abilitythis team will wipe the floor with the competition. Let’s be honest and stop being bias. No ones hating on Kobe. His time is done. Even with Steve Nash the Lakers have no chance at beating OKC let alone San Antonio…

    • Put in METTA WORLD PEACE! says:

      agreed! and lets be honest. neither of those teams you mentioned have any chance at beating the 2012 NBA CHAMPIONS MIAMI HEAT!!!! Especially WHEN we get Ray Allen next season. Its over! Good game, thanks for playing.

  53. nbafan says:

    haha love you kobe lovers.. so bias so ignorant so dumb.

  54. dud says:

    Kobe best in the league? pls… he’s good only with good team period. just look where were lakers when shaq went to miami and where they are now when odom is gone and pau is bad.

    • nyk says:

      obv u werent watching when usa won 2008 gold medal in china cuz kobe was THE reason not a reason that we won. u should lose the right 2 express ur opinion not when its wrong but u have no clue wat ur spewing-words just come out but u dont know wat ur saying- ull prob jut rationalize all this away cuz i wrote this in texting style…
      keep quiet unless u have a some foundational basis 4 wat ur planning on saying

  55. Hakeem says:

    PG: Chris Paul & Deron Williams
    SG: Kobe Bryant & Andre Iguodala
    SF: Lebron James & Carmelo Anthony
    PF: Kevin Durant & Kevin Love
    C: Tyson Chandler
    GFs: Eric Gordon, Russell Westbrook, Blake Griffin
    I thin that would be the best 12-man roster. I would play Durant PF because he can spread the floor and the other teams, except spain, dont have the powerplayer on PF to be dangerous.

  56. Roboto says:

    Kobe is the best player ever! you have to have him lead the team with his clutch play and shooting.

  57. tenby says:

    I agree with Wobbly. Starting five: Guards – Paul & Kobe; Forwards: Durant & Lebron; Center – Chandler. It will be a mobile run and gun five coz even chandler can run due to his agility. coming off the bench is Carmelo, Westbrook, Deron, Love and Griffin.
    I would personally pick Rudy Gay and Harden to complete the team. Anthony Davies despite his talent and potential is still raw & lean. He still has to toughen up his body in order to bang bodies in the future with the likes of Gasol brothers, Ibaka, and the rest of european pivots (Trees). Igoudala and Gordon’s playing positions are duplications already so I dont think they are needed. The team has got to have three point guards in order to be successful.

  58. BIAS.WRITERS says:

    MOST OF THE WRITER HERE IN NBA.COM HATES KOBE. Y U NO lean on KOBE? he brings team USA 2008 to a gold medal. and his clutchness in the best way to win it all!

  59. Pedro says:

    Mike Krzyzewski will go with a small line up. James will play 4 most of the time, cause international players in this position are slow as hell. Kobe will play 2 and Durant 3.
    1) Paul/Williams
    2) Kobe/Gordon?
    3) Durant/Anthony
    4) James/Griffin
    5) Chandler/Love

  60. boktatot says:

    Kobe bryant is still a key player to this american team.. he can still dominate at the 2 position..

  61. misterD says:

    Durant is allready a better scorer than kobe ever been and james is the best allaround player in the world right now. And kobe is not clutch if u att 100 clutch shot and make 20 its still 20 % durant is 100 % more clutch than kobe . Even James is more clutch in playoff history than kobe from FG % in the last minute . Everyone gets blamed for taking bad shoots in the NBA only kobe bryant is allowed to brick like hell on a useless shot selection . And face it durant and James are the best combo ever 😀 i would like to see them both on the same Team

    • theking0522 says:

      You are right man….Kobe is not clutch at all. Remember all those turnovers and missed shots in the clucth last season vs OKC…Now, Durant just destroyed Kobrick and is a much better scorer that Kobrick.

  62. TheLebron2233 says:

    the spanish team will destroy usa team in the olympics

  63. Trey1534 says:

    Anthony Davis will make the team and he will be a beast on defense!

  64. garth hastings says:

    WTF rely heavily on durant and james wasnt it kobe who saved them last time in the olympics he is the only reasoon they won plus kobe was scoring champion this year well should have been missed last 10games but he is 33 they will rely on durant james kobe and prob deron

  65. Matt says:

    Starters Bench

    PG Chris paul PG Russel Westbrook
    SG Kobe Bryant SG Andre Igudala
    SF Lebron James SF Carmelo Anthony
    PF Kevin Durant PF Kevin Love
    C Blake Griffin C Tyson Chandler

  66. makataeus says:

    I really don’t get why Anthony Davis is being considered at all. Sorry if I’m ignorant for not having seen him in the NCAA but is he really that much of a prodigy that without ever playing an NBA game would be ready for an All Star USA team? Plus he’s sprained his ankle and is out of training for 2 weeks, he’ll be more star struck and off form getting in the way than anything. Why Kyrie Irving isn’t considered is bemusing. Yes even if he isn’t a big like Davis the guy at least has experience and with a great cast can be a very key player his performance at All Star weekend says it all. Kobe’s gonna get tired and Kyrie would be the best replacement.

  67. Arnaud says:

    Well i guess the American team will have all this chance to go through the second round since el senor CUBAIN (son of the leader Maximo) decided to not let two french player to integrate French roster for a patriotic american way call Business. I do understand why the Frenchie scare so much the so pretend star of basketball of the NBA( is it basketball ?).

  68. ken says:

    Seiko always hates kobe hahahahaha

  69. elliott03 says:
    Check it out for some views from Aussie Basketball Fanatics 🙂

  70. KJAMES says:

    james and durant will carry most..while kobe and carmelo just supports…but between lbj and kd..kd will be the one exploding maybe 30ppg thing…and bron will be about 15rpg thing…its garbage time foreign teams…usa mens baskrtball 2012 gold medalist london olympics…

  71. Kin says:

    why they didn’t consider danny granger?

  72. jhon says:

    lean on James and Durant? is it because they made it to the final? Hahaha you made me laugh. Then what about Kobe, the clutch man, an experienced player and one of the best basketball player in world, Durant and James are both entertainers but being Kobe, its another gold olympic medal!

    • theking0522 says:

      What clutch man are you talking about? Oh yeah, Kobrick was really clutch againts OKC. Kobrick made basket after basket in the clutch…hahahahahha. You guys are pathetic…Kobe HAS NOT MADE a basket under 8 seconds to tie or win a game since 2007…Go and watch Mike and Mike in the Morning in ESPN…Maybe you can learn how “clutch” Kobrick is….LOL…Give me a break.

  73. Me12345 says:

    Why is Andrew Bynum not there?? He is the second best center in the league last season and all you put there was mostly guards and small forwards? Where are the power forwards and centers??

  74. Mushfique says:

    Kobe is the man….neither Lebron nor Durant is as experienced as he is and besides everyone knows he’s the best in the league now!

  75. Specialized says:

    PGs: Chris Paul & D-Will
    OGs: Kobe & Eric Gordon
    Fs: Lebron & Durant
    PFs: Blake Griffin & Kevin Love
    C: Tyson Chandler
    GFs: Iguodala, Melo & Rudy Gay

    Westbrook and Harden should be cut.

  76. drewy says:

    They should’ve invited David Lee, Al Jefferson or maybe DeAndre Jordan since Andrew Bynum declined the invite to rest his legs

  77. bgg says:

    No Bynum? Is it injury, ego or just not selected?

  78. Terror says:

    @Daniel.b and Alex: You both idiots. Leon on us because Durant and Lebron are the best 2 players in the league and it’s not even close. Kobe is not the same kobe that won on the last olympics you delusional D-riders. This USA team relies on Lebron/Durant. Hence this article was made.

    • theking0522 says:

      Good point man. It is not even close. Durant outplayed Kobe by far in the playoffs last season.

  79. Greg says:

    wow. really? you name Durant and James yet fail to metion Kobe until the end? “Kobe Bryant is rested and might be playing in his last Olympics.” Is that all the credit you gave Kobe? This is exactly why I don’t like reading your blogs… Yet everytime I hope that they’ll be mediocre at best.

    • BadLuck Bryan says:

      Yeah, Scalabrine must have felt the same way, bro. They just don’t give credit to the guy.

      • hooplover says:

        with all of the new talent, seems to me that they’re just throwing kobe under the bus! there’s probably not one of these guys that at one time or another idolize kobe as a child and will probably tell you that he is part of the reason they wanted to play in the nba! kobe’s got a few good years left and the future hall of famer isn’t done yet so don’t bother sticking a fork in him!

      • nyk says:

        obv u werent watching when usa won 2008 gold medal in china cuz kobe was THE reason not a reason that we won. u should lose the right 2 express ur opinion not when its wrong but u have no clue wat ur spewing-words just come out but u dont know wat ur saying- ull prob jut rationalize all this away cuz i wrote this in texting style…
        keep quiet unless u have a some foundational basis 4 wat ur planning on saying

  80. Wobbly says:

    All you do is play Lebron or KD at PF/SFon rotation, Kobe and CP3 in the back court and stick Chandler under the basket. Gold medal right there. Don’t need that knob Howard he is bad for team dynamics anyway

  81. daniel.b says:

    lean on us, durant and lebron?? really? what about kobe?? u cant just discard him when hes kobe bryant and on the team, just because durant and lebron were in the finals, u use them..

    • Angel says:

      exactly, still Kobe is the best in that team 😀

    • exactly says:

      exactly! LOL

    • CP says:

      Kobe is a great player (probably still the best in the league) but I think Sekou’s point is that the players in LeBron and Durant’s positions will be fairly light due to injuries and that the team will need to play LeBron and Durant more. The world is catching up with the US and some of the talent on the other teams are formidable – they don’t have the depth that the US team have but the days of the Dream Team are over. This just highlights the effect that the Dream Team had on the sport of Basketball and how it inspired and elevated Basketball on the world stage.

      • bjohn says:

        I agree, Kobe is the most experienced player on team usa and would definitely be one of the main leaders but the brunt of the work will have to go to Lebron and Durant with their tremendous abilities. I think usa is going to dominate again with the “big four” ( Kobe Lebron Durant and Melo ) reigning again.

      • s27m says:

        Straight up!!!!

        Well said brotha! The Dream Team gave birth to Intl Talent. Some of the Intl teams play extremely good team ball! And also have a few very talented players. USA will always be favourites but certainly won’t be cakewalk like it was in 92′.

    • theking0522 says:

      Yess. Because Lebron and Durant were in the finals. You are exactly right!!! Lebron and Durant were the one who took their team to the finals. They are the best. So yes, yes. The team is going to lean on Durant and Lebron..

    • Amitpal says:

      Will u laker fans ever move on from the past. Kobe is not the best player anymore. He wasn’t the best player on the 2008 squad either. He’s getting old. Lebron did the best in last olympic and Kevin did the best in 2010 world champion. It’s true that Kobe had step backed last olymipics and wanted to be the best defender then the best player but even still lebron did the best. The top 2 basketball players in the world r Kevin Durant and lebron James. Move on guys, kobe time is over.

  82. Trem says:

    Anthony Davis is hurt so im pretty sure they have the squad that will be going now. The Gasols and Ibaka will hurt them down low but the way that International basketball is played with the 3pt line being closer. Lebron, Carmelo, and Durant could dominate at the 4

  83. xetinratz says:

    they lack bigs this time maybe they need anthony davis..iggy well have less playing though with many swingman already on the roster..maybe they dont need andre anymore..

  84. Alex says:

    Kobe will be the one they need to lean on the most, he was the one that was the difference from gold and a loss to the spanish in the gold medal game, he was clutch. He will be clutch again, give him the ball

    • theking0522 says:

      Nooo. Give Durant the ball. Kobe is not clutch!!!! Durant is the man.

    • Amitpal says:

      It always amazes me how the lakers and heat fan r sooooo stupid. It’s like they know nothing about basketball, only know the names and say some of the dumbest things ever. First the 2008 team won becux Rey had by far the best talent. The best center, the best small forwArds, best shooting guard and the best point guards in the world. The only thing they didn’t have was the best powerforward in the olymipics. The bench of that team was better then everybody elses starting unit except for Spain and may be Argentina.

    • Simba says:

      Yeah right, give the ball to the guy that makes 10 out of 32 shots a game? KD ANY DAY OF THE WEEK.

  85. Smh says:

    Why in the world is RONDO not being considered? He had the most triple-doubles last season.

    • Amazo says:

      Rondo does not work well in FIBA style, he was cut in the last world championship after some bad trainning/games

    • lolnoob says:

      rondo dropped out because he knew his game wasn’t made for the Olympics style of play.

    • Kevin says:

      He was invited actually. He declined the offer though. As a Boston fan you can tell that Rondo has a lot of beef with players outside of Boston. You could see in the Eastern Conference finals the relations with Rondo and Wade and Lebron. Wouldn’t work well especially when Rondo is a PG

    • THE GUY in next door says:

      Amateur rules are different – 2004 bronze USA basketball team had have learned their lesson – they need shooters from the perimeter – basically that’s Rondo’s weakness coz there is no illegal 3 defensive seconds in the paint

    • DeBrosh says:

      yeah, why not RONDO!

    • me says:

      I was thinking the damn same thing! I don’t believe that b.s about Rondo got issues with other teams. Rondo’s friends with Cousins and J smith so what r y’all on about? who doesn’t have some sorta tension with the Heat divas? heck they prolly get tense with their very own selves. Anyway I was watching that team USA game with Rondo in it and was wondering why he ain’t even in it. So if not Rondo, who else? CP? D rose? C’mon D rose got an injury and should be resting and CP, well he is not of Rondo’s caliber and that’s the truth even tho most folks would disagree cos they are blinded by the LA bandwagon….

      • K says:

        Me – CP3 is not of Rondo’s caliber; what planet do you live on? Now Rondo is good, but to say that CP3 “is not in the same caliber” as Rondo is crazy!

    • Amitpal says:

      Rondo has been considered but he doesn’t want to be part of it. Rondo doesnt have a good relationship with the coaches on the team.

      • chitown says:

        Nor does he have a good relationship with the other players. Lebron and Kobe have had some issues with Rondo. You need good chemistry when you have almost every All-Star caliber player in the NBA on one team.

      • ME says:

        thats childish right there tho. cuss if you look back @ the dream team, Michael Jordan had problems with the entire Piston’s team. And the coach of the Pistons was coaching the USA Team. Rondo should know that he’s representing USA not L.A not Miami, etc. come on man, furreal?

  86. Amitpal says:

    I think either Anthony Davis or andre iquadala get cut. More of anthony cuz he’s extremely young, not to strong and has zero NBA experience. He is a shot blocker and that might be the only reason he’s there. Andre isn’t a good shooter. Eric is staying cuz he’s the best shooter and Rudy and harden r good shooter and playmakers.

    • Joel says:

      Don’t forget, Wesbrook was in the Olympic team that won the gold the same summer he was drafted back in 2008

    • Put in METTA WORLD PEACE! says:

      I say they should bring out Metta World Peace just to stir the pot a little bit and have him ready to contribute some hard fouls. Have everyone wondering why the back of his jersey say “World Peace” and yet hes dropping elbows to opponent’s faces. LOL!!

    • Rob says:

      Joel, Westbrook was on the 2010 USA Team with KD that won the World Championships, not the 2008 Olympic team.

    • Luis says:

      woah woah….Anthony Davis? he’s good and he plays BIG. The reason he should be cut its because his ankle injury. its not because he’s extremely young and because he has zero experience. And by the way, i believe he can carry the hornets back to the playoffs. HE got like every honor and awards in college, why should you keep him out tho?