Report: Roy Agrees To Deal With Wolves

After retiring in late 2011 because of recurring troubles with his knees, 27-year-old guard Brandon Roy decided Thursday night to return to the NBA, agreeing to terms with the Minnesota Timberwolves on a two-year deal worth $10.4 million, according to a league source.

Roy picked Minnesota over Dallas, Indiana, Golden State and Cleveland, which had gotten into his list of finalists, according to his agent, Greg Lawrence. Roy had originally considered the Bulls, but Chicago fell out of the running due to the severe limits on its payroll in the next few years. Derrick Rose‘s $95 million contract extension kicks in next season and the Bulls still owe Carlos Boozer $47 million over the next three seasons and Luol Deng $27 million over the next two. Chicago would not have been able to offer Roy anything more than the $3.09 million non-taxpayer’s cap exception next season, and the Bulls were put further under the gun earlier this week when the Rockets gave reserve center Omer Asik a commitment for a three-year, $25 million offer sheet, which Chicago will have three days to match when the free-agent moratorium ends next week.

Under the new amnesty rules, Roy could not re-sign with Portland even if he wanted to until the 2014-15 season, because the Trail Blazers were the team that waived him last December under the new amnesty provisions of the Collective Bargaining Agreement. Portland had to pay the remaining $63 million of Roy’s salary. After no one claimed Roy off waivers, he became an unrestricted free agent.

The Timberwolves were extremely aggressive in their pursuit of Roy, sending a party including owner Glen Taylor, team president of basketball operations David Kahn and coach Rick Adelman to visit Roy in Seattle last weekend. In addition, Roy was, and is, extremely close with Wolves assistant coach Bill Bayno, who had worked with him and with former No. 1 overall pick Greg Oden tirelessly while an assistant in Portland. Bayno worked Roy out in the spring and said Roy looked almost like the old player that was a three-time All-Star for the Blazers, though he didn’t have quite the lift or explosiveness he had before.

The Wolves have been looking for a permanent solution at shooting guard for years, having gotten little consistency from players like Martell Webster or former first-round picks Wes Johnson and Wayne Ellington. Roy will take some of the scoring burden off of both All-Star Kevin Love and point guard Ricky Rubio, who’ll be returning from a torn ACL next season. But Roy will likely not be a 30 to 35-minute player any more. The Blazers tried to limit his minutes and bring him off the bench when he returned in the 2011 season, but the arrangement frustrated Roy.

Derrick Williams, the Timberwolves’ rookie forward who wore No. 7 last season, tweeted the following last night after news of Roy’s move to Minneapolis broke: “Welcome Brandon Roy. (No.) 7 is all yours.”

The Warriors were intriguing to Roy because of his relationship with general manager Bob Myers, who was formerly Roy’s agent with the conglomerate Wasserman Media Group. Indiana’s new GM, Kevin Pritchard, was the man who traded for Roy on Draft night 2006 while he was the GM in Portland, and the two have maintained a close relationship, talking often on the phone.

Murmurs about a possible comeback were brewing for months, after it was disclosed that Roy had undergone a treatment program similar to the platelet-rich therapy that Kobe Bryant and other star athletes had used in the last few years to improve their range of movement in their knees without the debilitating pain that usually accompanies lack of cartilage in the knees. Following weeks of treatment and workouts, Roy announced via the Twitter account of a former teammate last month that he would return to the NBA for the 2012-13 season.

Roy last played in the 2010-11 season for Portland, averaging 12.2 points a game. But he shot just 40 percent from the floor, looking like a shell of the player who’d been a three-time All-Star. Even though he occasionally could resemble his old self, like when he scored 18 amazing fourth-quarter points to lead Portland to a come-from-behind win over Dallas in the first round of the 2011 playoffs, Roy’s knees gave out on him.

Dallas was already interested in Roy before this week’s events, in which the Mavericks have lost most of their proven backcourt talent from the championship team of 2011. Dallas was unable to lure their primary target, guard Deron Williams, who opted to remain in Brooklyn for a five-year, $98 million deal. Jason Kidd turned down a three-year, $9.5 million offer from Dallas to accept a similar deal in New York. Jason Terry accepted a three-year, $15 million offer from Boston. And the Mavs were spurned in their attempts to bring back Steve Nash, who opted to push for a sign-and-trade deal that will send him to the Lakers.

The Cavaliers opted to go for Syracuse guard Dion Waiters with the fourth pick overall in last month’s Draft rather than opt for a small forward prospect like North Carolina’s Harrison Barnes, who wound up going seventh to the Warriors. Cleveland needed a small forward to replace veteran unrestricted free-agent forward Antawn Jamison, who said he wouldn’t return next season. And the Cavs had plenty of cap room. But Roy opted to go with the team that initially drafted him in ’06 before sending him to Portland for guard Randy Foye, who’d been the seventh pick in the Draft, and cash.

Although Roy has looked good in workouts, including with University of Washington guard Tony Wroten Jr. (taken 25th, by Memphis) before the Draft, Lawrence acknowledges those are nothing like the grind of actual games, which wore Roy down in Portland. He came back numerous times from knee problems before both the team and his agents wanted, but that’s not an option any more.

“What the doctors have told us is he’s cleared without restrictions,” Lawrence said earlier Thursday, before Roy’s decision was finalized and made public. “He feels really good. I wouldn’t say that him working out replicates the grind of a season … but one of the things he’s adamant about is, I don’t want to come back and be just another player. He’s not coming back to be a 10, 15-minute guy. He wants to help a team. He’s not going to be chasing a ring.”


  1. Twolves2013 says:

    Starting line up
    G Rubio
    G Roy
    F Williams
    F Love
    C Pec

    Role players Batum? JJ Barea, Wes Johnson, Budinger and Ridnour. Its gunna be a ood year!!!

  2. TKt says:

    I think Twolves had an impressive season considering one of there best players (Rubio) was sidelined. They could make the 5th seed, but to say they have no chance is a little rough dont you think. Rubio is a great pure PG and KLove is AWESOME… I think Twolves will surprise many people.

  3. I think Roy and Love Ribo and Batum will get us back into the playoffs like garnett did in 2004

  4. BRoy7 says:

    Awesome!! Will always love ya Roy and I’m rootin for ya!

  5. tenin11 says:

    spurs will crush them!

    • dattebayo says:

      Spurs lost the series 2-1 against the Wolves this season. They als had the tiebreaker on the other Texas Teams meaning DAL and HOU.

  6. jer says:

    Congrats to BRoy. He’ll always be one of my favorite Blazers


    Wolves are moving in a good direction… After watching them last year it shows they have talent and just need to plug a couple key roleplayers.. Im rooting for them this year especially with Brandon. I am so excited to hear he chose the wolves…I like coach Adelman as well, GO WOLVES…

  8. Justin Koetz says:


  9. John says:

    Nice pick up..Wolves are serious contender now.

  10. KnickerBocker says:

    B-Roy is still an all-star he’s only 27 and look at the first round of the 2011 playoffs and look at what he did he just needs someone else and hes got an all star team with three punches rubio,roy and k-love

  11. carl says:

    i like t.wolves right now cause all of their line ups right now are talented people and all of them are unselfih player…

  12. pipoy says:

    Good move for the T’Wolves! One of the very exciting team to watch with Love-Rubio and Adelman and now with BRoy! Now, they must acquire a better backup center (or maybe a starter) than can block shots and defend the rim. 😉

  13. him 123 says:

    brandan roy the best shoting guard of all time to me

  14. LAL4Life says:

    Roy isn’t gonna be as good as he was first, I think he can be a good role player, but no starter, for this season at least…

  15. mario says:

    Good moves by the wolves. Roy will play as a pg n Batum as a sg while Rubio is injured. I d love Beasley to stay though. Now see what u can get for wes johnson n webster. I d love to c free agent Jamison there as well.

  16. pads says:

    KLove for Scalabrine?????? non sense…..

  17. Tony Snow says:


    cant wait till the wolves come to the rose garden.

  18. Wolves says:

    trade KLOve for the white mamba Brian Scalabrine.. and Pek for Javale McGee, Williams for Luke walton… now we’re moving forward towards dominance in the West! get it done GM…

    PG- Rubio
    SG- Roy
    SF- Luke Walton
    PF- Brian “white Mamba” Scalabrine
    C – Javale “shaqtin a foo” McGee

    wolves 2013 champions!
    lets go wolves!

  19. Pimpilimpi says:

    Now, send him and Pacman in Lakers and take Gasol 🙂

  20. Ricky says:

    great signing for the wolves, however 2 year deal? will take him to the 2014/15 season where he will become a free agent and sign with portland again

  21. J says:

    I’m a Laker fan but I;m glad to see this talented player beck to the game. I wish him the best of luck.

  22. Ken says:

    TWolves just became my second favorite team.

  23. HEAT says:

    This is why the timberwolves will never be a palyoff team

  24. riverman says:

    News flash! Batum will be matched! It’s not happening for Minnesota! Good luck BRoy! Said he felt great 2 days before training camp last season too, then retired….I’m a fan but not an optimist when it comes to injured Blazers.

    • MinneLakers says:

      If I were Batum would go to Minnesota, not because I am a Minnesota fan but because his stock value will increase in that team. He will be able to operate more in the floor because the defense will be stretched to it’s limits because of Love and Williams who are threats in the 3 point line. Also they got Ricky Rubio who makes plays for team mates that essentially makes them better and better. I can see the wolves getting into the playoffs this year given that all players will be healthy.. For portland I really don’t know…

      • Alexies says:

        MinneLakers, Do you understand what a restricted free agent is? It’s not Batum’s option if Portland matches Minnesota’s offer he has to stay in Portland.

    • JerBear says:

      Batum won’t be matched if the deal for Hibbert isn’t matched by the pacers. They would have too much money tied up then.

      • BLAZERS FAN says:

        the blazers still can match batum offer sheet ever if indiana didn’t match !! the blazers can go over the cap to keep there players ..and the blazers said they will match ANY offer they get for batum

    • BRoy says:

      well BRoy is now a TWolves sir…. -_-

  25. oby20 says:

    Twolves management never really know what to do on their roster. they have tons of good wingplayers with same position and game. good players like Webster, wes johnson and now getting Brandon Roy for what?? they also have the talented michael beasly and then drafting future star derrick williams who plays same position to Beasly. if you are these players yu should be frustrated with this having same positions of bunch of talented players! What the Hell this team is trying to do.

    • Tim says:

      i doubt the wolves are done trading… webster or wes johnson will probably be move off in a trade with the lakers or somewhere else… and beasley and randolph were waived off last week so thre roster isnt crammed at all! Roy is an amazing addition to the roster! and so is Batum!

    • db says:

      dude you obviously don’t follow the wolves. Martell Webster and Wes Johnson are “talented wing players”??? LOL! and we don’t have beasley anymore. the wolves have built a very good team by adding b. roy and nic batum to play alongside klove, rubio and pek. you might wanna at least know what you’re talking about before commenting haha

    • D Lion says:

      I think the Wolves are trying to acquire a different #1 option at the 2 spot rather than Webster or Johnson, and Beasley is playing in Phoenix next year. Signing Roy was a good move, and hopefully they/he keeps his knees in good shape. Also, if the Wolves end up getting Batum (I’m a Portland fan so I hope they don’t!), then they will have good depth at pretty much all 5 spots.
      PG Rubio
      SG Roy
      SF Batum?
      PF Love
      C Pek
      That’s a nice starting lineup, and plus they have backups like Derrick, Johnson, Webster, Ridnour… Good looking team right there. Hope the wolves have a great season, and best wishes to Brandon Roy!

    • jared says:

      are you high?? first of all we dont even know if roy can make a comeback with his bum knees and minny was trying to trade D will plus hes not fast enough to guard most 3s and isnt going to take PF spot from K love.

      chauncey jamal and odom added to clips
      nash/kobe backcourt
      the thunder!

      good luck getting 4th or 5th seed. keep dreamin bro

    • Kafka Tamura says:

      oby20 never really know what to do when he heard the news. He has tons of knowledge in what are good wing players like Webster and Wes Johnson, and now forgetting that acquiring B-Roy is for WHATEVER excuses we can give to show that a retiree is better than the above two good wing players. He also has the talented Michael Beasley on his outdated Wolves roster but he is right on Derrick Williams plays the same position as Beasley.

      If I’m one of these players, I should be frustrated because I’m being mentioned in this comment.

      What the hell is oby20 is trying to say.

    • xianvalencia says:

      Minnesota is rebuilding for years but their players have slow pace improving their plays. Coach Rick is right. Maybe it’s time to get experienced players and be in the playoffs for how many years. They got a sweet chase for the eight-spot for playoffs last season and it’s time to be there.

  26. savonte007 says:

    Lets go wolves!

    Sf-Derrick William

    not bad! hopefully can get the 4th or 5 seed in the west

    • RJ says:

      That’s not happening. The Wolves ceiling next year is 6th. And it’s more likely that they’ll be 8th-10th. And I love Rick Adelman as a coach. There’s not enough talent there yet though.

    • Bongoman says:

      1) OKC
      2) LAL
      3) SA
      4) LAC
      5) GRIZ
      6) DENVER
      All made Play off last season. How could Wolves be 4 or 5 when all tha above will improve and they did not even make play offs? Best they can try for is 8th spot which the will fight For between Portland and golden state.

      • Fly Guy says:

        The Grizzlies better replace O J Mayo….with what he brings. He’s an unappreciated player. He handles a lot of the point responsiblities when conley is not on the floor. and plays sound defense. Tony Allen has no offense. If they dont replace Mayo. That seed will drop. The West is too competitive to let talent slip[ away. Lets not forget, a game and a half seperated 4 teams last yr. Memphis is no shoe in. I think every position after that top 4…..IS WIDE OPEN. Minnesota has as good a chance as the other competing 6 teams. They need 1 more move ( They should sign Jordan Hill)

      • PLAYOFFS says:


        You idiot Spurs have the best roster. Okc might have big 3 but their roster is not the deep