Report: Kidd Spurns Mavs For Knicks

On Wednesday night, most everyone believed that Mavericks free agent Jason Kidd would be coming back to Dallas next season for what league sources believed would be a three-year, $9.5 million deal. But on Thursday, according to a source, Kidd changed his mind and accepted a similar deal to play with the Knicks next season, leaving Dallas in the lurch for a starting point guard for next season.

Kidd, second on the NBA’s all-time list in assists and steals, will bring veteran poise and leadership to the Knicks next season, whether he is starting or coming off the bench. New York struggled to find consistent, quality point guard play for most of the season, other than when Jeremy Lin captivated the nation in February with a sterling stretch of play. The Knicks are likely to match any offer for Lin, a restricted free agent who met with the Rockets Wednesday, and who Knicks coach Mike Woodson called his unequivocal starter for next season.

Kidd only averaged 6.2 points and 5.5 assists for Dallas last season, the lowest averages of his career in those stats, and he is not the defensive force he was when he starred with the New Jersey Nets. But he’s still an outstanding passer, a much improved perimeter shooter compared to earlier in his career and a proven leader.

A full season of a Lin-Kidd tandem at the point, along with a return to health of guard Iman Shumpert–who tore knee ligaments during the Knicks’ first-round loss to Miami–could make New York a formidable challenger in the east next season.

The 39-year-old Kidd may have been influenced by Dallas’ inability to secure the services of free agents despite clearing significant cap room last season by not bringing back key components of the team that won the NBA title in 2011. The Mavericks let starting center Tyson Chandler go to New York, and didn’t make substantial offers for guard J.J. Barea, who signed with Minnesota. Instead, the Mavericks hoped they’d be able to convince free agent Deron Williams to come.

At one point, the Mavericks dreamed of being able to get both Williams and Dwight Howard to come as free agents, but Howard’s decision to opt in for the final year of his contract made that dream less likely. The Mavericks looked like they struck gold last December when they were able to acquire forward Lamar Odom from the Lakers, but Odom had a disastrous year, was removed from the team late in the regular season and was traded to the Clippers last month in a four-team deal that sent guard Mo Williams to Utah.

On Monday, Jason Terry, a free agent after this past season, agreed to terms on a three-year deal with Boston. On Tuesday, Williams decided to remain in Brooklyn with the Nets, and the Mavs’ hopes of bringing Steve Nash back seven years after he left town for Phoenix were dashed on Wednesday when the Lakers and Suns agreed to a sign-and-trade at Nash’s request that will send him to Los Angeles in exchange for four future Draft picks and cash.

That left Kidd, the Mavs’ starter at the point the last four-plus seasons since coming to Dallas in a trade from New Jersey in 2008, as the team’s next target.

Now that Kidd is apparently leaving as well, Dallas will go to the next names on their list: restricted free agent guard Aaron Brooks and Clippers unrestricted free agent Randy Foye. The Mavs will also try to re-sign guard Delonte West. Dallas does have an $8.9 million trade exception that was created in the Odom deal after the Mavericks only took back the Draft rights to forward Tadija Dragicevic from Utah and cash from Houston instead of salaries.


  1. James says:

    Kidd will be great for the Knicks veteran leadership is what the Knicks need now they have one. Knicks in east finals 2013 playoffs

  2. Whoever?!! says:

    Time to rebuild…

  3. LAG says:


  4. R M says:

    From another article, about the Mav’s championship being lucky:

    “they all got hot at the right time”

    Doesn’t this describe any team that wins a 7 game series? If you’re going to call the Mav’s ‘ship lucky, then so is the Heat’s. Matt Miller, 7 for 8 on 3 pointers? It’s a petty move to call any championship lucky, because every team that wins has to have a decent dose of good luck to get all the way.

  5. jan wall says:

    It is definitely an incredible as well as useful piece of details. Now i’m pleased that you just contributed this kind of useful details here. Remember to remain all of us updated similar to this. Appreciate discussing.

  6. ron says:

    this will be terrible season for the mavs. for the knicks lin and kidd will be great tandem. lin will be able to learn from kidd. lin for sure will be a great guard…..lets go new york

  7. extremedriver says:

    I don’t mind Jason Kid. BUT! Jerryd Bayless is available! WE NEED BAYLESS, WE NEED BAYLESS! Also! WE NEED MAYO, WE NEED MAYO! AND! WE NEED E. GORDON, WE NEED BEASLEY! If only we had the ability to trade for, and or sign them.

  8. W/E says:

    COMON Jason kid is a NON FACTOR,the guy is not efficient anymore neither on offence or defence,i dont see the knicks getting any better with him in their roster.

  9. Steffen says:

    Everyone know that NY can whatever, they will not advance beyound the 2nd round ever with Melo. He is NOT a championship team player and from the looks of it, never will be.
    If people really wanted to hurt Dwight Howard, they would ship Howard to NY, for Chandler and Shumpert. This deal would blow up so hard for everyone involved. Kidd would instantly hire a mental coach for himself. Melo would simply blow up as usually, destroying the aspect of team and teamplay in every sense of the word within a team sport. And poor Howard would break down crying and call for his mom to come get him with some milk and cookies. A bad thing would be that Lin would never amount to anything, before he was moved or Melo leaves town for a small market where he can do his highlights and win 35-40 games a season, winning nothing and loosing nothing.
    Lastly that team would see a swingdoor of headcoaches coming in and leaving as soon as possible and not one of the good coaches even considering NY.
    Trade Melo for anything out there worth a little bit. Dirk, Pau, whatever

  10. jer says:

    its funny that all of you think kidd is going to be this huge mentor for jeremy lin who just had a stretch of good play last year.. whats even funnier is that he’s joining the rockets………… he doesnt care about having jkidd there, he doesnt care about winning, he wants his name in big lights. so he joins the one team who loves an asian sensation. i can almost gaurentee he gets all of yao mings votes from like 5-6 years ago and he starts in the west. btw im no racist if thats what anyones thinking, id say this if the fella was black, white, yellow, green, or red.

  11. lebronheat says:

    when heat get ray ray its a guaranteed repeat for south beach! if he stays healthy HEAT ALL DAYYY

  12. lebronheat says:

    who cares knicks will not be good for awhile they cant even make it out of the first round even with melo. all focus should be on the heat because they will repeat next yr GO HEAT!

  13. Goose says:

    Thank You David Aldridge, for all your hard work

  14. Hire Me!!!!! says:

    what the knicks need is a head coach!!

  15. jayson says:

    wow .. KID gives a lot of leadershp, defensve plys and teamwork play . kid, lin, melo, amare and chandler for strtinf line up. .this is great to be a champion in 2013.

  16. mario says:

    Knicks should try Stoudamire n Chandler for Howard. Orlando will probably refuse (who wants Stoudamire’s contract) but it worths a shot.

  17. spurs! says:

    good job cuban! 1 down! our threat are only okc and lakers. 😀 go spurs!

  18. DWade3 says:

    C mon Ray, join us to get another ring…..

  19. knicks fan 1023 says:

    now the knicks finnaly have a pg

  20. knicks fan 1023 says:

    Kidd will only stay a couple years. they will get lin.And then he will teach him

  21. bulley says:

    so what’s mark cuban’s goal now that he’s won a championship? he’s letting his team fall to pieces. I mean Kidd’s not a big deal but considering they’re not putting anybody around Nowitski they can only expect to win less and less

  22. Muhumuza says:

    Cant wait for the new season to start. Ray Allen in Miami!!

  23. Nico says:

    I’m a huge Knicks fan… But I dunno about this…
    Talking about a chamionship before even knowing what the team will look like is ridiculous though.

    I’d have preferred more effort towards keeping the young guns, like Schump and Fields; and less effort and money towards ageing veterans… I see injuries…

  24. Klaus Beiten says:

    Thats just good news for me as a mavs fan. I really appreciated kidds last years as a maverick but giving him another 3 year deal would just be non-sense. now its time for roddy beaubois to rock the point and he seriously has a lot of talent. its time for the mavs to get younger.
    On the other hand, I dont know why people in new york are happy about that move…kidd is way to old now and lin is EXTREMLY overrated. hes ok but never ever an upcoming star. additionally melo and stoudemire is one of the worst combinations ever. just no defense and melo is producing good stats but hes making the game slow and nobody improves on his side. Just hate new york fans for being so enthusiastic all the time. You guys won one playoff game in the last decade so u should be silent although u had some “superstars” on ur team or how ever u call them.

  25. Venn 10 says:

    Wow KIDD on the knicks???? Really? that’s a Good move for the NYK although JR Smith and Novak are gone there are plenty of talented players hanged on someone like Rudy Fernanddez, Matt Barnes

  26. Dre' says:

    I’m a huge MAVS fan and I honestly have to say I’m really upset with what has taken place the last two free agencies. First we get rid of almost everyone from the championship team to try and get DWill and Dwight Howard. That fails then we get rid of Jterry and Jkidd along with our 17th pick zeller for three scrubs. Man I’m a fan of Mark Cuban but damn he messed our team all the way up. True fans have to stay true fans, but we are def. in rebuilding mode.

  27. yupp says:

    Jeremy Lin isn’t going anywhere; this is not because he is an amazing point guard but because of all the money he brings with his popularity. The knicks are saying they’ll match anything anyone else offers simply because they know that they’ll compensate.
    For the people talking about trading Melo-are you crazy? He is our MVP why would we want to trade him. The best idea for the knicks is to move Melo to power forward where he dominates, use Stat as his back up and find a good small forward to start. Also, why are they talking about a shooting guard when we have a great one which is Iman Shumpert, he’s a great all around player who’s still getting better.
    I think with Mike Woodson’s great coaching we can have a really good chance next year, they just have to make sure they just have to prepare now during the off season and not during the actual season like we have the past two seasons.

    • eric says:

      Melo is nothing but an anchor weighing the kNicks offense down. Please read up on basketbalkl.

  28. PG at Heart says:

    I would love to see New York shipping Carmelo Anthony off to Indiana for Roy Hibbert. This would bring a legitimate center to NY. Now that Nash is out of the equation, J. Kidd will be a good replacement to help mentor Lin as their long term PG replacement (if he decides to stay). Imagine for a moment, Lin, Shumpert, Stoudemire, Chandler, and Hibbert as your starting lineup.

  29. Joseph03 says:

    Great deal for the Knicks, they can now on occasion play team ball and not iso-melo or iso-amare. Although this would not still make them legit contenders. The Knicks as currently constructed are quite fascinating, they have enormous talent and potential but for some reason they can’t seem to harness everything. You can say all you want regarding their lack of defense and team play and lack of bench support, but in my opinion they are just a player and right system away from being legit contenders. Melo is still one of the best scorers in the game (it’s either him or Durant), Amare is still one of the best finishers in the Pick and roll, Chandler can still hold down the paint and gobble up rebounds and on occasion throw down an alley-oop. Shumpert could develop into a very nice defensive player with an outside shot once in a while.

  30. Anonymous says:

    Would like to see Lin starting as point guard and Kidd getting roughly 20 or more minutes every night.
    If Shumpert takes a starter role now that Fields is gone, the Knicks have an impressive lineup.

  31. chris says:

    Kidd was the closest thing I have seen to Magic Johnson but that was when he was with the Nets(2001-2006.) He is not that player anymore. The Knicks wanted Kidd to fill the seats. This is why Donnie Walsh left as GM because Dolan wants to do what he wants do to and he doesn;t care what the end result is. Dolan should sell the team. He doesn’t know enough about Basketball. I mean this is the guy that let Scott Layden trade for Antonio McDyess on draft day when they should have been rebuilding and traded Latrell Sprewell when he was still a good player. A knick team should be good like the Lakers are every year. Instead during the 2000’s they looked more like the Los Angeles Clippers, the 1980’s Sacramento/Kansas City Kings or the late 80’s New Jersey Nets.

  32. BULLSbbluvs03 says:

    Since the Knicks is trying to be a REAL contender why not try to trade Melo to Dirk. the dallas can built a team around Melo and the knicks had a line up with: C: Chandler/Amare , PF:Amare/Dirk , SF:Dirk/Fields SG: Shumpert PG: Lin And at end game line up should be C: Chandler PF:Amare SF Dirk SG Shumpert PG: KIDD/LIN

  33. Baller says:

    Poor Dirks gonna be alone. But maybe not for long as they are in a similar position as NY was when they went all-in for Lebron and came out with Amare. They may have to over pay for a talent and try to make some deals for a disgruntled star on a nother team for a hefty price.

  34. installer-x says:

    The Knicks will be like the Mavs championship team then, except Carmelo will play the role of Dirk. Tyson is Tyson and Kidd will be Kidd. Amare and Tyson will be scary with all those Kidd alley-oops!

  35. jonas says:

    do you really think jeremy lin is that good? don’t be a fool on what media is saying, he is just an average player that had luck and played well dont be stupid

  36. Fan says:

    I don’t think Lin agreed to the offer with the Rockets yet. What I want to know is what the hell are the Rockets doing? Dragic to Suns, Lowry to Raptors and if Lin resigns with the Knicks who is going to run the point?

  37. Andrew says:

    When did lin sign the contract the knicks said that they would match any deal that the rockets or any team offers lin i havent heard them say they signed lin

  38. HH says:

    First of all, to all those who are trying to call Mark Cuban out, Jason Terry was an unrestricted free agent. This means Dallas/Mark Cuban couldn’t do a single thing to try and keep the Jet in Dallas. They tried bringing in key pieces to make him want to stay, but Dwight doesn’t know what he wants and D-Will decided to stay with the Nets. Trust me, Cuban tried to get Terry to stay.

    Secondly, the Knicks’ success depends entirely on Anthony’s ability to run plays, rather than just try and go 1-on-1 isolation on every offensive possession. He’s a ball-stopper and when you’ve got a system and a PG (Lin) trying to incorporate good ball movement, they don’t bode well together. Chandler has improved their defense and with the addition of Kidd, it’s going to improve even more. Kidd has always been one of the better defensive players in the league. I mean, the guy is 2nd all time in steals, so that should tell you something. Also, we all know Kidd and Chandler play well together, so the pick and roll will be easy buckets for NY all season long. Finally, even if Melo decides he’d rather go Iso than run actual set plays, then the addition of Kidd will still help the Knicks. I believe he’s 3rd all time in 3 pointers, so he’ll be able to spread the floor, allowing Anthony plenty of room to isolate. If Anthony doesn’t change his style of play, at the very least I hope he understands to kick it back out to Kidd and company when the defense collapses on him. I’m sick of seeing him try and isolate and then end up having to force up bad shots, rather than kicking it out to an open shooter.

    Either way, if the Knicks stay healthy, I can easily see them breaking that series-losing streak. Kidd will be a good addition for plenty of reasons.

  39. The French Durantula says:

    maybe the knicks got Jason Kidd, but the Thunder got HASHEEM THABEET. U CANT BEAT THAT!!!

  40. danny says:

    I hope MARK CUBAN goes to every Mavs game just to personally see with his own eyes, how bad the Mavs are lmaooooooo. Why after winning a championship would you, let those same very players go. I wouldnt be shocked if Dirk got madd in this situation throughtout next season and called Cuban out ….

  41. Mr Gaines says:

    Kidd has something to prove…..and for those who state he is washed up, watch and see…….now, hopefully the front office does not do anything stupid…..BUT,,,,somebody is gonna have to have a sit down w/Mr. Anthony……Hell somebody let me know when he comes to the Melo Ctr up here in SYR…….I’ll meet up with him and speak to him myself……Nuff said!!

  42. DANITo says:

    i dont know why lakers and ny fans are so excited for, the guys are old and cant do nothing anymore , maybe nash little bit. but nash cant defend westbrook. and same way for kid, these guys are washed out. the only thing they good for is give some advices to the young guys.

  43. Steffen says:

    Would be interesting what Mavs decide to do now. They have a mediocre time at best. Dirk could be shopped around for rebuilding pieces young players or picks.
    Would be fun to see Indiana let some of their youth go for Dirk to come in. Altho highly unlikely.

  44. ah77 says:

    yeah the mavs are a sinking ship. the humane thing to do is trade dirk to san antonio or boston for a couple of 2nd round picks! if you’re gonna blow it all up- at least let dirk have another chance with another team before he retires. but don’t help the lakers anymore anyone please! what is every team in the league going to give the lakers a good player for nothing. if that’s what i have to look forward i’m going to start watching european basketball.

  45. im a huge Shawn Marion fan, i followed him and saw him being a 2-time all-star, and i hope Marion will change his team after his contract expires, or much better, im hoping Dallas will trade him to LA for Metta. he’ll be a good running mate there for Nash. Remember the Big 3 in phoenix? Nash, Marion, Stoudemire (that Suns team has been my favorite)

  46. You're retarded says:

    Are you Knick fans serious? Kidd won’t do that much. 5ppg and 30% from the field last year. Quit deludong yourself, you still won’t make it out of the 1st round.

  47. KnickerBocker says:

    this is the smartest move the next hve made in this generation. they always have a distibutor on the court and lob city in nyc. melo can score an can let go of the ball because he is the worst point forward so he’ll be a top 3 scorer and stat and chanler will excel in the pick and roll the knicks are the 2013 world champs i can hear david stern saying that

  48. DBOOOO says:

    Huge for the Knicks… even if Kidd isnt the same kidd as he once was, his leadership and maturity is enough! great pick up for the knickerbockers… a couple more pieces away from a championship!

  49. hoopfan says:

    poor mavs.. tsk.

  50. Damon says:

    everybody is talking about lin….lin is nothing…he’s just a one hit wonder….nothing more ….

  51. JDish says:

    Wow, what’s happening in Dallas. I can’t believe no one wants to team up with Dirk Nowitzki and the 2011 NBA champs. Most of the key players are bolting and no other big name NBA players are signing up with the Mavs. I feel real sorry for Dirk right now. Isn’t Jose Calderon a free agent? I think he would also be a good pg to go after. Atleast do something Cuban!! This is TERRIBLE.

  52. theballerguru says:

    The Knicks can sign whoever they want, the fact is Carmelo Anthony is still going to demand the ball at the top of the key, hold it for 7-8 seconds, play 1-on-1 isolation sets, take 30 shots, and stop any and all ball movement that having great PGs brings.

  53. davesmall1 says:

    Jason Kidd is about to have his 40th birthday. He’ll be 43 when his Knicks contract is up. Has there ever been a 43 year old point guard in the NBA?

    Father time will win this battle. He won’t be able to defend speedy point guards like Kyle Lowry, Chris Paul, and Derrick Rose.

    Ditto for Steve Nash in Los Angeles. He’s 38 going on 39 with a similar 3 year contract.

    • KareemOftheKrop says:

      Nash and Kidd have never been athletic. Their game will last the 3 years. They are still effective. Both the Lakers and the Knicks have good centers to help on defense. It’s not perfect but lets be honest, Nash and Kidd’s game isnt really about defense as it is about creating on the offensive end. Kidd and Nash are wiley coyotes and their basketball IQ is through the roof.
      Nash has a bad back and that could be a factor but these guys are old school ballers who know how to play and rely on knowledge and basketball IQ to play not athleticism.

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        Yes that is true! They both need an athletic back up who can eat up most of the high speed low IQ minutes so they can deliver their goods without being exhausted or injured.

  54. Celtic fan says:

    i love to see how u ppl like to make teams contenders after one player arrives hey new yorker what about boston and chicago.. n for the lakers what abou okc and san antonio ..

  55. Big Moe says:

    Come on Knicks, I was hoping for something huge but all we got was a Kidd.

  56. davesmall1 says:

    Are you kidding me! Jason Kidd is about to have his 40th birthday and the Knicks give him a three year contract. Who ever heard of a 40 year old point guard, much less a 43 year old point guard?

    Father Time will win this battle. Jason will not be able to defend speedy guards like Chris Paul and Derrick Rose.

    The Lakers are making a similar mistake with Steve Nash who is only a couple years younger.

    • Larry O'Connor says:

      Steve Nash is in better physical condition than Kidd. However father time catches up faster than you think. When I was 38 I could still run the kids out of the gym but I’m 47 now and I can only shoot 3’s and foul alot! lol

  57. K_S85 says:

    WOW!! this season hasn’t started and I’m even more excited to watch, most of these trades that are going on I wouldn’t dream of seeing any of them wear those types of jerseys. J Kidd with the Knicks, Nash rocking the Lakers jersey, D howard (couldn’t care less drama queen) I skip that one but right now I’m ready to start the season letss goo

  58. Travis says:

    Dirk looked good in last years finals mainly because Miami had to respect Chandler’s offense and defense down low one would think that would be common sense! JJ Barea breaking your defense down forcing Miami to go single coverage on Dirk this is common sense Mark Cuban messed up a very god team and it looks like Dallas is back to their Micheal Finley days only now Finley is a 7 foot German!

  59. Marc says:

    As a Spurs fan, this excites me that Dallas and Cuban fell hard in just a couple of days hahahaha.

  60. Kibby says:

    lol @ Marc Cuban

  61. spurs fan says:

    now mavs is inbig trouble…to much confidence that they can bring deron williams in mavs uniform now all of there pieces is gone and deron is resign with the nets and the mavs is empty handed other than dirk..mavs is in big trouble

  62. Sam Sam *; says:

    Lets go Now all the Knicks need to do is Pick up Mayo, Roy, or maybe even Jesus Shuttlesworth. If Lin don’t come back Great hip hip hooray go to the Rockets we got Ip Man Shumpert to help out. And if we don’t get a quality SG with Kidd, Melo, Stat, and Ty. C. Holding things down we have a squad. WELCOME TO THE KNICKS MR. TRIPLE DOUBLE. I know you still have a whole bundle of game left. As for the Mavs, Mark Cuban let me down with all the trades last season of Caron Butler and everyone from the championship team, then this year cutting Tyler Z. from North Carolina, lastly letting Terry go to the Celtics; what were you thinking Mark. That was the third strike. Maybe that is why J-kidd is doing the right thing by bring his talents to the greatest city on earth.

    • KnickerBocker says:

      absolutely agreed if the knicks can get mayo or roy are great scorers and can come of the bench. mayo is a decent distibutor but roy is a point guard who is an excellent facilitator and can take over when melo is in a slump

    • kajae6 says:

      i love it this is the best quote stated today !

  63. Caleb says:

    The Mavericks are so screwed this season. If I was Dirk, i would be livid at the front office’s inability to get things done

    • dattebayo says:

      In the 2011 postseason, Dirk had one of the greatest playoff runs of all time. He had 2 Centers to rely on, Stephenson and Marion defended the wings, Terry and Barea lit up every opponent and they had Kidd to orchestrate that versatile offense. With Stojakovic on board, they had 5 consistent 3 point shooters to space the floor all the time. Dirk had all the support he needed and led his team to the only title in franchise history.

      And in two years, Cuban managed to screw up so bad, that only Dirk, Haywood and Mahinmi remain from that Championship Team. Kidd and Terry left the sinking ship and Dirk will go down with it. With the strong competition in the West, they will not be able to make the playoffs any time soon. That GM advising Cuban has gotta be one of the worst in the league…

    • bankkrom says:

      Well, after about a decade of playoff runs and a championship, I think the streak might be coming to an end. Last season the Mavs were fighting for a lower playoff seed and got swept for the first time in the Nowitzki era, and now since D-Will is staying put everybody is jumping ship. Let’s face it, they’re sinking fast. I feel bad for Dirk, wouldn’t even hold it against him if he requested a trade. It’s going to be an ugly season….Unless the 3 rookies we picked up are all-NBA players or something. It had to happen at some point, this team was OLD. Didn’t think it would happen this season though.

  64. Travis says:

    This is just a case of Mark Cuban being treated the same way he was treating his players. Mark Cuban is a cut throat business man unfortunately for him NBA players have agents and certain rights I couldn’t believe this idiot let Tyson Chandler go and to make matters worse he signed Lamar Odom whom he (Mark Cuban) had to know was emotionally tied to the Lakers via the missed championship opportunity and his reality show. Mark isn’t even giving the Dallas fans a chance to get emotionally attached to a player. I think Mark Cuban is smart but I don’t think that he gets “it”. NBA players are people too and I find it stupid that he built such a great championship team and messed it up by letting key pieces go stuff like that to me is unforgivable I no longer respect him the way I did. Lebron James and D wade claim the villain role is what stopped them from winning a championship in my opinion it was Tyson Chandler, JJ Barea and Deshawn Stevenson that stopped Miami from winning that Championship. If I was in the NBA I wouldn’t want to play for Mark Cuban if he want’s it to be strictly business he should stick to financial investing!

    • Amitpal says:

      You can’t blame mark Cuban for not keeping that championship team together. It would have been a stupid mistake to do that. That team was getting old and wouldn’t have won another ring anyways. What dirk did that year I dont think he could have repeated that. He made the right decision things just didn’t work out. Now they have nothing going for them. I think it might be time to trade dirk before it’s to late. I would call nets about Brook lopes and Marshan Brooks.

  65. kb24 says:


  66. joe says:

    woooooow, mavs really seem to be suffering now. they messed up when they got rid of chandler and their other FA’s after winning their title, now they only have nowitski and marion, who lets face it is pretty inconsistent..

  67. Chris says:

    Argh come on, why do it has to be NY? I’ve been a Kidd fan since i started watching the NBA and i followed him from Jersey to the Mavs, but i can’t root for New York now after 7 years of enjoying to hate them. Oh man… guess I’ll also have to stop wearing that NjNets05 jersey while watching him play now. On a more serious note i think Lin would be a good guy for him to team up with because I’m positive he’ll see some good minutes this way… of course only if they don’t decide to bring Davis back. So, i would have hoped that it wont be SA or NY, or that he’d join a team with Championship aspirations, but i guess it could be worse.

    • Anonymous says:

      dude… Baron is done as an effective point guard… he’ll never be the same after that.

  68. Hoss says:

    You Knick fan sheep are really deluding yourselves now. Fact is, you trendy losers will never win a thing. Zero playoff series won in the past 13 years, time to bring the cheesy GO NY GO song. Knicks are old, stupid and unathletic lol!!!

  69. New Yorker says:

    Wow! Kidd will make Amare and Chandler look good again.

    If kidd goes to ny, expect ny to be a good contender to miami .

    • ThatNBAGuy says:

      I agree and im a heat fan. but what the knicks need is more good defensive players in order to make it to the finals

  70. Anonymous says:

    Idk about Dallas next season, everyone’s leaving and even worse, no one wants to go there, thus no one to replace those leaving

  71. oli says:

    wow, are the mavs even gonna make the playoffs next year????

  72. Toon Pakmanee says:

    They should trade shumpet for gasol.
    Now the knick starting line up is: tyson, amare, gasol, lin, kidd. with bench Fields, Ben Gordon, #1 draft pick Kwame and Nene.
    I call it first – they will be 2013 champion

    • BLAH says:

      How on earth can you be serious?????
      Every word you stated is complete nonsense

      • hoopfan says:

        LOL! completely suits his name. -__- best part was kwame tho. hahaha!

      • Dieter says:

        Haha, some people really don’t know anything about anything.
        Gasol for Shumpert, probably the worst deal ever.
        And Ben Gordan to the Knicks? Why would he ever consider playing with a bunch of ballhogs.
        Just trade Melo for some draft picks, that’s the only way for the Knicks to get better.
        Knicks from last year with Steve Nash is probably almost as good as the Nash Stoudemire years in Phoenix.
        But they weren’t that spectacular. The Knicks with Kidd instead of Nash are just the same team as last year.
        Kidd was a an awesome player, now he’s not a top 20 point guard, maybe not even top 30, don’t get your hopes up Knicks fans, you will be dissapointed.

    • Les says:

      Are you serious?? Where did you get those player’s name from. They aren’t on the Knicks!!

    • Thomas says:

      shumpert is not only an offensive force after just one season, but also a tremendous defensive player as well. considering gasol is a power forward and not a center as you listed, that trade wouldnt make sense for either side as the lakers already have the best shooting guard of our generation and the knicks already have amare, who is taking up enough payroll as it is.

    • JuneTheGoon says:

      Are you kidding me ? Did you just forget the knicks back bone MELO…??? as for Pau Gasol Hes a bum hes washed up so forget about that.. Im Looking forward to the knicks signing O.J Mayo and Marcus Camby for the bench than we talking…

      • eric says:

        Melo is our backbone???????? Melo is our downfall. He needs to go. ALl he cares about is getting his numbers.

      • Deebe007 says:

        Only reason carmelo is like that with the knicks is kus he has to be if melo isnt playing aggressive then what if he doesnt score then who will hes an offensive threat & yall sleepingon him

    • Jason says:

      Shumpet for Gasol are you on something???

    • Wow says:

      Dude, what are you smoking? How on Earth do you think they can afford those contracts let alone get those players?

    • hahahaha says:

      thanks.. i haven’t laughed so hard in a while

  73. ko0kie says:

    wow.. kidd would be a great mentor for jeremy lin..

  74. SH says:

    Great move for the Knicks!
    If the Knicks are going to go all in on Lin, having Kidd there for a year or two will be great for Lin to learn how to truly lead a team from a veteran stand point.
    As for the Mavs, a couple tough loses with Kidd, and Terry.

    • Thomas says:

      At the beginning of the offseason, I wanted the knicks to get a veteran point guard who is still very effective and can mentor jeremy lin, retain all their expiring contracts, and bring in ersan ilyasova. ilyasova can take amares place at pf. you want a guy that can do everything on the court, not just one side of it, which was huge reason that amare was dragging the knicks down. I am not saying get rid of amare, i am simply saying that he would fit better now with the second unit. Now that we have a great point guard for the second unit, we can move amare to the second unit where he can be the offensive star.if we can get our offensive bench weapons that are free agents back from last season and hope they perform more consistantly, then we can finally look at a legitimate situation where the new york knicks are contenders for a championship or at least a deep run in the playoffs

      • At24 says:

        Wow Really? Put Amare on the bench and start Ilyosova? are you high or just that dumb

      • dan paul says:

        wot a retard. get rid of amare for ilyasova… u must be a fan of his. amare just needs someone who doesnt need the ball every posession{melo} an some better peices to the puzzle then they can contend. ur comment is wak

      • Larry O'Connor says:

        Do the Knicks want to win or just look cool? Amare looks great but Ilyasova could help them win.

      • abisan says:

        Amare is done phisically. It hurts the team too much. Not to mention the stupid injury he procure by himself. It speak alone about the mental approach of the player. Same for Carmelo with his selfish plays.The team can’t afford to have in starting five 2 players with no defence and in need of 2 balls. To big holes to cover. With Chandler as the ancor of defence, they should try to trade both of them and receive good role players and find a good shooter with defence skills. With this they bounce back to top East teams. The question is if there is anybody in the NBA so crazy to make deals which involve Carmelo and Amare.
        Chandler has a soft touch and can be used more in the offence (see the period with Lin).
        The offense should go for a system like in Boston with the ball moving around and not for isolation for Carmelo with other 4 players watching a slow movie with 30% of probability of success.
        Like a lot of people mentioned the basketball is a game of 5 on 5. Not 1 on 5 in the offence and 3 on 5 in defence.
        Everybody says Miami has only 3 allstar, the reality is that other members are playing their role very effective and the result is known.