Mavericks Facing A Long Descent?

The Atlanta Braves won just one World Series (1995) in a run of 14 postseason appearances from 1991 to 2005. The Chicago Bears won just one Super Bowl (1985) despite a defense that changed the game, arguably the greatest two-way back in NFL history (Walter Payton) and swagger unsurpassed in any sport, by anyone, at any time.

And now, joining those underachievers among sports’ memorable one-and-done champions, we have the 2011 Dallas Mavericks.

With the surprising news Thursday afternoon that veteran point guard Jason Kidd was leaving Dallas to sign with the New York Knicks, that Mavericks team is officially over. There will be no retooling, not with Kidd gone, Jason Terry off to Boston, Tyson Chandler winning hardware for his defensive work in New York and Deron Williams sticking with the Nets for their move to Brooklyn.

Williams was the addition that was going to revive the Mavericks’ title hopes – and possibly lure Dwight Howard to town. Now those hopes have been doused and, fact is, the Mavericks themselves filled the water bucket.

Not since the 1998 Chicago Bulls broke up its golden core of Michael Jordan, Scottie Pippen, Dennis Rodman and coach Phil Jackson has a defending champion so surrendered with a “No mas” fit for Robert Duran. If Dallas wasn’t built to be a one-and-done champ, owner Mark Cuban and GM Donnie Nelson sure behaved that way.

They blinked at Chandler’s market value, enabling him to escape to New York. They disregarded 2011-12 as some sort of asterisk season – even if it was the one in which they actually received their rings – to keep their options open for this summer and beyond.

How’s that working out for them?

Williams, a Dallas native, told them thanks but no thanks. Terry opted for the Celtics, a group that so far only has won once (2008) but at least hasn’t put itself in the one-and-done pickle. Steve Nash not only didn’t come back from Phoenix, he left for the hated Lakers and slid into the trade-exception slot created when the Mavericks (doh!) dealt for disappointing Lamar Odom.

Now it’s Kidd leaving Dirk Nowitzki behind with a roster that has more than a few has-beens and not-yets. And while the veteran playmaker’s decision caught many by surprise, he might have given some hint of his intentions when he talked earlier about Williams’ motives in sticking with Brooklyn, as’s Jeff Caplan wrote:

“Honestly, it came down to the roster,” Kidd said. “Brooklyn made moves that improved the roster dramatically, and he saw things were going that way. That would be my opinion from looking on the outside. He felt that if Dirk goes down he’s sitting with himself.”

It also didn’t hurt the Nets’ cause that they could offer Williams a five-year deal for $98 million while the new collective bargaining agreement limited the Mavs’ offer to four years and about $75 million.

“From my point of view, I would say it’s not about the money,” Kidd said. “He wants to win. He’s been losing. He’s been getting his teeth kicked in the last couple of years.”

So going to Dallas as one of the top three point guards in the NBA still might have resulted in Williams getting his “teeth kicked in” some more, in Kidd’s view. Then it’s little wonder how Kidd felt about the Mavs’ short-term prospects without the Nets guard.

From the look of it now, there is no short-term in Dallas. Only a long-term that might feel really long.


  1. I am confident that Mark Cuban is studying Dallas situation right now and will find a good solution to their predicament- Mavs Planet; lets give Cuban a chance — if you are a real MAVs fan like me, the best that you could do is to give sound advice on how they could make Dallas a strong contender this 2013– there are still months before start of season–a lot of good things could still happen— have faith

  2. malongski says:

    send Dirk to Thunder for his 2nd ring.

  3. malongski says:

    it was a stupid move…pardon me for the Mavs to let go of Barea, Stevenson and Chandler..can”t they just hold them for a year maybe for a better shot at the championship? point is the Heat kept theirs and they got their ring..should have been a rematch of MAVS-HEAT!!!!

  4. Jen says:

    I feel sorry for Dirk. I think they should have just kept the championship team together for a year or two.

  5. JOHNNY says:

    it’s been so long that i’ve been a Mavs fan and this is maybe the only time i see the Mavs actually decline like TOTALLY DECLINE… from a contender to maybe top 10 First Round Draft Pick team if they don’t make BIG changes in the offseason. I’ve always seen the Mavs in the Playoffs every single year and maybe this is gonna be the first i’m gonna see them miss the playoffs… This is like watching The 98′ Bulls go to the next season after Jordan’s Retirement.

  6. XanderZane says:

    Dallas will have to rebuild from scratch. I’m sure Dirk would leave if he could. Phoenix would take him if they had the money. Kidd was smart to get the hell out of there. Dallas has no chance of even making it into the playoff with the team they have left. The Knick have their guards with Linsanity. Kidd will be able to help Lin improve drastically over the next 2 years. The only thing the Knicks don’t have is chemistry. Anthony I think screws with their chemistry. They were winning very well when he was out, but as soon as he came back, they had a tough time winning key games. Then Lin got hurt and that was the end fhat.

  7. Trade Dirk and let him continue to win somewhere else. He deserves it. Show a little respect Mavs!!

  8. empyong says:

    dallas just play good defense , who knows denfense is the key to a champion

  9. empyong says:

    dallas just play hard

  10. Maputo says:

    Cuban’s arrogance essentially made the Mavs implode. Most of the statements here regarding letting previous players go, are right on target. The best thing Cuban can do is one of two thing:

    (1) Acquire Brand and Williams (both formerly with the 76ers). Williams and West (if he stays) could form a fairly decent back court. The Mavs would still need help from Roddy, and perhaps another veteran (if one is still out there).

    (2) Trade Dirk while he’s still worth something. Since the Mavs are rebuilding, send him to Chicago for Noah, Deng and some future draft picks. As a consolidation, send Carter and / or Marion in the deal, which would effectively make the Mavs a faster and more athletic squad. If Chicago doesn’t want to play, look at Atlanta, Orlando or Miami. If none of these teams want to deal, shop Dirk to the highest bidder, which would mean Cuban won’t get much in return.

    • Nick says:

      Before you trade Dirk, look at what a DoJo/Roddy and Marion/Haywood package could land you from the Hawks who has new ownership getting rid of those bad deals. Horford is a name on the Hawks trade table.

      But I do agree on trading Dirk if we round up scrubs in the FA. Dirk deserves better first off but I wouldn’t trade him until NEXT offseason. I believe the Mavs own the Rockets 1st round pick next year along with our own….

  11. Optimistic says:

    At first I was Mr doom and gloom about all this, but now I think this could be a great thing. I want lottery picks on this team. I think i could suffer 2 bad seasons if it mean getting 2 lottery picks. Time to rebuild and do it right like OKC. Who knows, maybe we could even trade for somebody awesome too.

  12. celtics 1000 says:

    next season would be so much fun to watch… in the east i see 1. maimi 2. chicago 3. celtics 4. orlando.5.indiana 6.brooklyn nets. 8 knicks

    in the west i see1.spurs 2.lakers 3.okc 4. clippers 5. memphis 6.-8 is opened it is always a close finish over their

  13. Jack Hoften says:


  14. James says:

    “The dumbest move by Cuban to allow Tyson Chandler leave”

    • rich says:

      Agreed! Everyone knows that in a good marriage 1 + 1 = 3. With Chandler on the floor, Dallas clicked. They seemed like 6 guys out there in the Championship. Especially when JJ Barea got hot (where was he in the season? Couldn’t even find him on the bench!). How about when Chandler, in the Knicks/Heat playoff, took that bullrush charge from LeBron. Great Play! Too bad the ref swallowed his whistle, but Ty paid him back next time down the floor with a foul that was worth it. By the way Commisioner, that’s how you stop flopping. Blow the whistle on bullrush charges even if it takes the guards out of the game and makes basketball a big man’s game again. Kareem in his prime was grace in motion. I miss that game.

  15. W/E says:

    its over for dallas,the championship days are gone and i doubt if they r gunna even get 8 seed this year with their broken roster

  16. I think that the MAVs just needs to combine science and intuition when they form a team– I think they made a brilliant move of trading Zeller for three good draft picks– All they need now is to look at the International Market ( group of Dirks) and sign these good players– you will see a lot of them this coming Olympiad– I m sure there are lot of better materials out there– statistics and attitude of players should be the basis for selecting them and not their names .

  17. Pierre_DeVahn says:

    Talk about a plan gone WRONG! All that’s left for Mr. Mark Cuban to do…. is to do the right thing for Dirk….. And that’s sit down, gage his interest in being traded, (due to no trade clause) and if he agrees, send him to a contender…., sounds easier said than done…. But it’s possible….. It’s in the Mavs best interests to to mortgage the last bit of his talent for picks and expiring contracts or young players…….

  18. philip abando says:

    dallas is my team in west, and right they are having a nightmare,,they dont have a legitimate point guard,,why not take allen iverson wherein he expresses that he wants to return in the league he could make an impact to these team…please consider these…

  19. NBA2K12 says:

    Lakers Dallas New Jersey

    Bynum B.Lopez Howard
    Dirk Humphries Gasol
    Delfino Carter Wallace
    Kobe Mayo Brooks
    Nash Beaubois Williams

  20. linann says:

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  21. Cuban having nightmares PART II… REALLY….WHY should we all really be surprised that is happening again???????

    When will Cuban ever learn that you never can look to the future but have to live and play in the presence? I will never understand how he could just BLOW UP a championship team on hopes of getting these two guys. What a mistake!!! I said it then…and I said it now. If Cuban is really looking to sale the team as I have been reading on the web… what a way to do it and stab all of us Mavs fan. I still wonder…if he cut all the funding due to other activities that he is involved in. Remember…he was trying to by the LAD… and would need capital to do that. I really did like Cuban until he did what he did to the Rangers in the bidding process where he sided with the lean holders just to make money. Him and Hicks are really a like in many ways…and they are both snakes.

    Sure wish Cuban would take some lessons from the Rangers on how to be in it every year. IF Cuban did this to the Mavs because of being in the process of selling the team then he is no better than Hicks was with the Stars and Rangers. LET’S HEAR IT FOR THE RANGERS!!!!

  22. Rico says:

    i still have faith that cuban will come up with something good before next season. i would personally start looking for guys like nicolas batum, kyle lowry, even chris paul. the mavs obviously have cap room, but now the job is to convince the players to come to the city of dallas. but mainly they gotta focus on a point guard and key guys that can come off the bench. i hope dallas pulls through

    • Nick says:

      So you wanna take the same approach that Cuban took a year ago? How did that play out again?

      Batum is locked up in Minnesota. Lowry is gone. Chris Paul is NOT leaving the Clippers. He turned down the 3 year extension as a formality and is going to sign the 5 year deal in the offseason for about 20 million more.

  23. titankings says:

    Trade Dirk to Kings for T-Evan. Kings need leadership player….

  24. tongump says:

    Get Jeremy Lin, Asian -German combo…

  25. DEYM says:


  26. GEDZ#41 says:

    So sad for my team Mavz, but still i believe that dirk can fight for another run this season. He’s the best player I’ve ever seen. Please Mark Cuban consider giving Dirk a quality Center and Chris Kaman i think is suited for that, and a quality point guard.If that happen i think they will be contender and can upset big team in the west. If Dirk has a couple of good buddies even their not a Dwight or Deron type.. But still i believe on DIRK, he’s one a kind and can make a legendary run that can change History. Go Dirk…..

  27. ggdirk says:

    Mavs starters next season:
    C Mark Cuban
    PF Dirk
    SF Don nelson
    SG Rick Carlisle
    PG kim carey

    GG dirk
    and chris webber: a loser, always

  28. The child says:

    I thought Mark Cuban was master mind, when he went his way to bring a solid team 2 years ago, and thats how he was able to bring champion team to Dallas… after that, question: how do you dare to let 1. Caron butler,2 JJ. Berea,3. Tyson Chandler,4. Stevenson,,, all the free agents fly your roster.. and get deals elsewhere.. how does make you feel? What a move, OKC , came and beat the hell of you!! Now , here we go again you fail to hold of these caliper players who last year they were missing pieces , Should find ways to add more, but look, they are gone now… Should I call you been selfish and you have the whole city depend on your organization to determine who is coming and who is leaving?
    Now we have people look other options for Mav, I feel so pity for Dirk.. I hope that they found OTHER pieces they miss to make a team or go to foreign countries and look out , may be Cuban has a shot… I did adore the team before but I lost faith.. and we will never know what’s taking place in the organization… !!

  29. bignbafan says:

    Ha Ha Ha Ha…ROTFLMAO! All of the championship pieces are gone! Whatcha gonna do now Dirty Dirk? All you have now is Delonte ‘Wet Willie’ West! Can’t do it by playing DIRTY all by yourselves! Karma Karma Karma You deserve this, I’m so happy how this has played out!

  30. jrich says:

    It might be the first time in a while that the mavs don’t make the playoffs. With the team being gutted as it is, it doesn’t look very good for them in the upcoming season. This is with the added fact that other young teams that missed the playoffs this year in the West are gonna be better. (I think Minnesota is a strong candidate to break some new ground this year and who knows what will happen with Davis in NO)

  31. JD says:

    Would rather be one and done than none.

  32. Wayne says:

    Guys dirk cant be traded he has a no trade clause in his contract like kobe. Only the two of them has that clause in the nba

  33. Ser214 says:

    Being from Dallas I agree were looking bad.I will always hold it down for them.

  34. W_T_F says:

    This article is nice and all but it lost all credibility to me when I read the words (about Williams) “As one of the top three PGs in the NBA”. On my list he is, and on any list he shouldn’t be, even in the top 5.

  35. Thank you says:

    Love Drk, but if this means seeing and hearing less Mark Cuban – Thank You, Good riddance.

  36. Angelo says:

    i’m a Mavs fan and Dirk was and is the reason i love the NBA. Dirk had a great career: a ring and bunch of accomplishments. He is arguably the best international player to set foot in the NBA. So I don’t really feel sorry for him. Other great players were not even able to get an MVP award, let alone a Championship ring. And let’s face it, he is past his prime. Still effective but carrying a team by himself is just too much now for his age. And for the Maverick team, they have cap space, a good coach and a good owner.They’re not stuck with overpaid, underperforming, long-term contract players (they could amnesty Haywood) anymore. This season, it’s either go for gold, which didn’t happen, or be a below average team that could go to the lottery and get some important young pieces and/or wait for 2013 free agency. They would have too many missing pieces in the rotation even if they would be able to get Deron or/and Dwight anyway. Just look at the 2011-2012 Knicks piling up huge names and huge paychecks with no clear results. So if you really are a Mavs fan, this is what you call delaying gratification. Again.

  37. phil54 says:

    Mavs c omon are you serious ???

  38. Roger says:

    A strive for sth which seems even better isn´t neccessarily sth better…A lot of teams have been trying to form a championship team and failed because there are so many parameters that have to fit together: especially the team chemistry of characters, positions, roles and leadership. It is usually NOT the Miami version of building a championship team!
    After all the waiting and achieving the Mavs had it all plus a Caron Butler to help in the new season…
    Never change a running system or at least keep the changes limited.

  39. Fefe (Nets) says:

    Of course they still have Marion too, but Dirk and Marion are not enough. Good luck Mavericks fan!

  40. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I have been a Nets fan since I started to follow the NBA in 2000, but the Mavs has always been one of my favorite team and I was soooo happy that they could win a ring in 2011.

    I’m really sad about what’s happening in Dallas right now, with every major player on the roster moving and leaving now only Dirk as the lone star in the team. I really hope that Dallas add valuable players before the start of the season because even if I think the rookies they got in the draft have great upside, they’re still rookies. And the players left in the roster are also young in general. I hope that Marc Cuban and GM Donnie surprise us and make good moves (I don’t know how). Looking at very good international players might be a solution too.

    Best wishes to the Mavs organization. Their fans deserve better!

  41. Kevin says:

    hey I am a mavs fan, I understand the team is not looking good right now but….people need to wait until the beginnning of the season in November before they start writing this team off. They may surprise some people. GO MAVS!

  42. kb24 says:

    they have got to trade dirk now and i mean now!

  43. Ham says:

    Ok so why not trade Dirk and just plan for the future? He (Dirk) could certainly draw some trade value from a team that feels its just a piece or two away from a championship.

  44. danito says:

    i mean dallas did pretty good, they stole one championship. i think thats enough for that team. its new era now anyways. all them teams who trying to upgrade including lakers , boston, newyork, neryjersey. its not gona help them too much. cuz its lebron vs durant era and we all have to accepted

  45. Bart says:

    Dirk to Minnesota for as much as they can get. Start again.

  46. datruthheals says:

    I don’t like what Cuban did by dismantling the Championship team, I think that if they would have kept Chandler and Stevenson they could have easily taken the first two games against the Thunder in the first round of the playoffs. That being said, Cuban could sign Mayo, Brand, West, etc. to sizable one year deals for the upcoming season. This would leave them with enough cap space for next summer when their contracts expire. Also, why don’t they match the Celtic’s offer for Terry. Now that they don’t have anybody to pay, they could offer him a 3 year/$15 million front loaded contract. Just pay him $13mil the first year and $1 mil the last two, this would leave them with enough cap space for next summer.

  47. spurs says:

    trade dirk to the spurs for splitter, bonner, neal and green! 😀

  48. This site is full of morons says:

    All of those saying to trade Dirk have no idea what they’re talking about. Dirk has a no trade clause and can’t be traded without his consent. Dirk doesn’t want to play anywhere else and is only doing it for the money now. After they won the championship Dirk lost all motivation to contend.

    Get ready to return to years of irrelevance Dallas fans.

  49. John says:

    Biggest losers is the Mavs, they got to do some big trades.

  50. Daniel says:

    Let’s not forget the Cuban is a businessman. The man is the most involved team owner in the NBA. This guy is a fanatic for his Mavs. I’m sure he has something in store. Trades happen all the time though he doesn’t have any desirable pieces to do that.

  51. bulls p says:

    yes trade dirk 2 chicago bulls wat a team dat would be wow

  52. 123germany says:

    and heres another question for the nba-world out there:

    i dont have the feeling that coach carlisle really likes to play youth

    so – is he the right coach for a rebuild?

  53. 123germany says:

    not looking good for the mavs right now.

    argueably cuban made some bad moves (nash, big guys like haywood, chandler, dampier)
    but at the end, it comes down to just one sad thing: other startplayers do NOT WANT TO join the mavs.
    No relevant free agent in the couple of years joined dallas,. not a superstar like melo, amare, d-will or dwight, but even not an all-star. thats a fact.

    In my opinion the Mavs should not look for the best free players right now and sign them with big deals.
    They should clearly rebuild – a young team which might compete in 3-4 years.

    Im Just feeling really bad for Dirk, he can not wait 4 more years to have a competitive team in dallas.
    I also think that hes a loyal guy and he wont clearly demand a trade. But if i remember correct he said sth like “if we dont get a starplayer this offseason cuban might wanna rebuold and im clearly not young enough for this” – but, and here comes my question:

    which (competitive) team could sign /trade Dirk with his big salary right now?

  54. North of the Border says:

    Trade Dirk to the Raps for Calderon and Bargnani

  55. killuabest says:

    dirk just go to hollywood and gasol for a trade… you will be with nash and have another rings for yourselves, not to say kobe’s 6th ring hahaha..lets do this dirk…

    • jurgen says:

      finding the chemistry for three players who like having the ball in their hands will not be easy. The 3 yrs the lakers have with nash might not be enough. they will contend but can they actually defend the thunder?

  56. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    trade dirk nowitzki to the chicago bulls..he is best suited there..with dirk’s lowpost presents and young talent core of the chicago bulls and derrick rose leading the way…

    • jurgen says:

      He would do well there but i do not think they have cap space plus both dirk and rose need to have the ball. I do not think the chicago offence will run as well with him there comparing what they will get to what they will give up.

      Dallas would prob want noah and boozer plus draft picks in return which would really weaken the bulls.

  57. diehardmavs says:

    I think that everyone is going overboard. Bring in the youth. Everyone complains about retreading a coach well the same applies to players. Sign west, pick up Elton Brand and sessions and add young talent that is athletic. Everyone thought Nelson was crazy for trading for Dirk. How about Mahimi, He did pretty well as a free agent, The thunder picked up guys no one thought could play and where are they now. Let Roddy and the young guys get some reps, Heck the Spurs starting a Rookie from a Div II school and everyone said how smart they were, give them time. There are going to be trade offers midseason and if not we can get a Lottery Pick to go along with Dirk.

  58. Cedric says:

    I AM SO GLAD GO SPURS GO!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  59. TheonlyThinker says:

    People here talking about Cuban, they forget that the Mavs can get Chris Paul and Howard as free agents next year. Nowitski will be older but still a killer.

    • 123germany says:

      i guess even u dont believe in this scenario 😉

      theres no starplayer willing to join the mavs during the next couple of years

    • jurgen says:

      Paul will likely stay with the clippers as LA is a big market, exactly what he wants. Howard also wants a big market and wants to go to brooklyn.

      • Chris says:

        howard isn’t going to brooklyn that team is stacked and they don’t need him the place that makes the most sense would be dallas not la not boston dallas is the only place with only one superstar and plenty of money

  60. ah77 says:

    cuban please do the humane thing and trade dirk to a contender for some draft picks now!!! cuban – you messed up not signing chandler, kidd, barea, etc… so man up, admit your mistake and give dirk his freedom to go pursue another ring before he’s too old. if you traded him to spurs or celtics they would destroy heat, thunder and/or lakers. otherwise dirk can look forward to dallas teams with records like 44-38, 42, 40 and 37-49. and never getting pas 2nd round of playoffs.

    • jurgen says:

      He already has a ring. Both teams you stated already have PFs and people that demand or hold on to the ball. It would probably be better to get a gasol dirk trade to send him to the lakers,
      I still do net see them getting to the finals as they have to contend with OKC.
      OKC would be great for himm but they do not have the money to pay for him.

      Them getting to the second round with that roster would already be optimistic

    • rich says:

      I agree Mark! Trade Dirk for first round draft picks or shoot him. Don’t let him go through the next three seasons as a Mav. It’s the humanitarian thing to do.

  61. RipSonics says:

    This article says Williams is a top 3 point guard? What about Rose, Westbrook, Rondo, Paul?? More like top 5 if you ask me

    • MrChicago says:

      YOURE RIGHT!!!!

    • Tyrone Lu says:

      Or Dirk can end his career with Steve Nash in LA. But a Gasol Nowitzki trade has to happen in order to happen. Then Cuban will regret his decisions probably.

  62. Stu Brew says:

    This is disappointing. Dallas has always had a good team in the last few years and it’s too bad to see them fall apart like this. I was disappointed that they didn’t keep most of their championship team, then Lamar Odom was disappointing because he the coach didn’t start him and he (Odom) didn’t commit to the team and this time they put all their focus on D-Williams and they didn’t get him. Hopefully Cuban will figure something else out.

  63. lam says:

    Donnie is in revenged for his dad and Cuban is busy with LA girl.

  64. TTKIN says:

    Im a Laker fan of 20 years and even I am sad they broke the 2011 team up. They played the right way. i mean cmon, they swept my team and made it look bad and I still am sad about it.

  65. Tony says:

    Well.. Dirks welcome to join Nash at Staples Centre? Hahahahaha.

  66. dgarcia1206 says:

    I love watching Cuban fail… the Mavs fade into obscurity. I’m going to enjoy next season now 🙂

  67. CASH says:

    As a Spurs fan i am glad to see the MAvs scrambling for air. They got there one ring ,now they can go back to where they belong, “Nowhere”. Come to SA Dirk!

  68. dgarcia1206 says:

    I’m glad to see Mark Cuban fail.. the Mavs fade into obscurity. I’m loving next season now.

  69. illone says:

    Cuban saw what Miami did and thought,” hey, I got money,I can do that.” What he missed was that for every Miami, there is a New York (who also cleared out tons of space) who was left with the guy with the bad back, and Cleavland, who lost the great baller and all hope. And lets not forget Chicago, who already had a decent team, but could only muster lackluster Boozer.

    Clearing tons of capspace is only half the battle, but if you’re not the great orator, Pat Riley (or seemly Mikhail Prokhorov with the JayZ card in the stash), the other half aint that easy.

    • Rich says:

      well said.

    • Pascal says:

      disagree it is not riley or pekhorov it is the city, I’d choose Miami,LA, NY over Dallas too if I were a ball player.

    • Bball fan says:

      disgree, you missed the part that Lebron, Chris and Dwyane all took less paid (about 20-25% less) to play together. it’s the players choice and it has nothing to do with the owner.

      • D-ster says:

        Agree. And now you can add Ray Allen to your list of those not putting money as the number one priority in their decision making process. How about feeling needed/wanted (aka respect)? That counts for a lot. That aside, in this case it probably also had to do with the owner in that Ray Allen is a terrific “fit” too in making the team much more complete.

  70. JC says:

    What will happen to dirk now? saaaaad.

  71. kaje says:

    wtf happen to dallas now! getting worst!

  72. Dr says:

    Hmmmmm GREEEEEEEEEEEEED !!! Dallas shot themselves quite nicely, you gave away a possible back to back championship team with lots and lots of chemistry letting all star players go all for 1 or 2 non chemsistry players

    a shot at Dirk by smart ash Cuban & the crew, whom did not deserve that

  73. dallasfan says:

    that is a brilliant simile consider it stolen

  74. mark cuban says:

    Trade Dirk Nowitzki for young promising players and lots of the new thunders.

  75. Dave says:

    Cuban has a history of incompetence with respect to his valuation of players and free agents. Remember, this is the fool who did not keep Steve Nash, which also cost him Don Nelson and a lot of money.

    • Rich says:

      And this is the same guy who traded for JKidd who eventually helped the MAVS get the title.. But I understand where you coming from – I for one used to hate that we left Nash go.

      • Dave says:

        And where is Kidd now? Where is the heart of the team that won the championship? If he had kept Nash, they probably would have won multiple championships.

  76. sonica says:


  77. sonica says:

    dirk is honest with DALLAS
    DALLAS have new pointguard like bernard james i think he can help DALLAS
    get a ring again

  78. jerem_jerem says:

    idn what a #”””?%% the mavs doing since their title.. like a pretty girl who cant find a boyfriend

  79. D Lion says:

    Dirk is still a great player, but he can’t pull a team all by himself. He should go somewhere where he can be teamed up with a great PG (OKC ? That would be scary, but probably wont happen) and end his career with a bang. Or he could be loyal to Dallas and finish with them. Dirk or no Dirk, though, the Mavs are in trouble if they cant sign a couple more good players

    • defdun says:

      Dirk’s a loyal guy and he won’t demand to be traded and will want to finsih his career in Big D. But he WILL be looking for Cuban to upgrade the team, and as Josh mentions further up – you better act fast if you want to acquire some of the relevant players left so that at least you can make the playoffs…

      • DM8488 says:

        why be loyal ? to a team who dumped everyone and left you ALONE!

      • D Lion says:

        You’re right, he probably will stay in Dallas and not demand a trade just because things aren’t going well (*ahem* unlike SOMEBODY in the news right now), and I respect Dirk because of that. I have nothing but respect for players who above all else are loyal to a team for many years, such as Dirk or Nash (he WAS faithful to the Suns for a while before he did the unmentionable). Anyway, best of luck to Dirk, one of the greatest players in the game in more ways than one.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Dirk already pulled this team by himself in the 2011 Playoffs. All this team needs now is a PG, a few young players and a defensive C, even though none can replace what Chandler brought to this team.

  80. Duke Hilliman says:

    Well Mavericks fans you can thank the greed of mark cuban for your woes, instead of paying theses guys what they were worth he chose to loose them to free agency and sign has-been players . welcome to years of being irrelevent. I’ve been a a heat fan since the tim hardaway, alonzo, siekaly era… and what we’ve proven with lebron, wade, and bosh is that “you gotta pay the cost to be the boss”” pay your players what they are worth .see how its working out for us #heatnation

    • Rich says:

      You’re suggesting GREED ? – You definitely don’t know Mark Cuban. Why do you think he’s over the cap since he took over the MAVS ? Juat go back following your lottery team. You clearly don’t get to watch enough of your team playing the best in the league because you always fail to make the playoffs.

      • uoykcuf says:

        heat lottery team? In the early 90’s they have Rice, smith and rony and in the late 90s they have timmy, mourning, pj brown, brian grant, majerle, v. lenard and battle several times with the knicks and against the bulls. So still lottery team?
        Don’t get too butt hurt because Cuban messed up a championship roster, he should NEVER let chandler go. chandler is really the “glue” to that team and once he’s gone so did the mavs.
        Dirk should just retired as a champ!

  81. Josh says:

    These free agents are going fast. I would sign Raymond Felton and OJ Mayo TOMORROW if they want any chance of being a contender in the West or else they are just going to let Dirk finish his career on a mediocre team at best. Get the checkbook out Cuban! I understand that JET and Kidd are old and they didn’t want to pay Chandler 14M a year or whatever he got but Dwight Howard or CP3 arent walking through that door anytime soon. They will definitely not want to come to Big D now.

    • Peter says:

      Problem is, now that they have no team no good free agents actually WANT to sign with Dallas.

      • Chris says:

        everyone said that with the heat lets not forget wade was the only star on that team before lebron and bosh got there maybe we could see a similar situation in dallas

  82. Westbrook says:

    Dirk should leave this team. He should consider going elsewhere. He has no team mate. Acquiring Sessions will not even help this team. I think Gasol Dirk trade is possible!

    • QuestionMark says:

      Sorry but Dirk already went through the tough times with this team, and it paid off since he won his ring, I think he can go through a few more considering the GM makes the right moves.

  83. aaron says:

    so in 1 year the mavs go from NBA Champions to dismantling their entire team…chandler gone, terry gone, kidd gone…trading for useless lamar odom…whats left except dirk? what a failure.

  84. Dave David Ridgewater Jr Jr says:

    Its a good thing. Best case scenario they would have kept thier old team and just ended up losing in the first round of the playoffs this season. Imagine if they trade for picks, lose some games and end up with some high picks in whats going to be a pretty good draft and a ton of cap space for free agents. Its a great time to start over especially with OKC and Miami haveing the potential to dominante the finals for the forseeable future.

    • HeatH8r says:

      I agree. I think that this retooling was going to come sooner or later, and I think it’s better for the Mavs that it came sooner. Jason Terry’s a good ball player, I’m not going to deny that, but he doesn’t have very many miles left on him. Fitting that he should go to the Celtics to finish out his career. Tyson Chandler was good on defense, but he wasn’t the offensive presence in the middle that Dallas would’ve needed to keep defenses honest and keep them from pressing Dirk too hard. I think the Mavs need to clear the decks, with the exception of Nowitzki, and start rebuilding their team around him. The Mavs should focus on building a strong supporting cast around Nowitzki, not acquiring another superstar unless its an up-and-coming star that the Mavs can center their franchise around when Dirk finally retires.

    • Rico says:

      i dont agree with teams that lose on purpose just to get good draft picks. i understand the idea but dont think it is fair to the players and the fans. with dirks career coming to a slow end i wouldnt want to see his last years being on a team that loses on purpose. dallas has a lot of cap room and can still come out with some good deals before next season. i cant see mark cuban settling with the losing concept. i have faith the mavs will come out with some good deals. still a lot of time before next season

      • Chris says:

        its not that the mavs are losing on purpose they just don’t have what it takes to be a top dog with their roster the way it is now. now that being said cuban as long as he as been in dallas hasn’t let them have a losing season maybe with the exception of one or two years i strongly believe that he and nelson will put together at least a playoff team given the money they have and the people still avaiiable.

  85. Hunter says:

    This is depressing. With Kidd leaving it is probably a sign that Nelson and Cuban don’t know what they got themselves into. I hope im wrong.

  86. Hakeem says:

    Jermaine, I agree with you 100%, and I hope that Mark Cuban has something left in store to acquire some new and efficient players for the upcoming years. But what the Mavericks have now, in terms of their young players, I do not think that they will go far at all. Dirk Nowitzki is a key player that needs the right back-up in order for the team to win multiple games in the long run; without Jason Kidd and Jason Tery, I doubt Nowitzki will feel so comfortable as he used to with those players. Also, I agree with you even more that Cuban shouldn’t have made space for Dwight or Deron to come in the future by letting all those key guys (J.J, Tyson, Butler, and Stevenson) go… We can all pray now to see what good news will come to Dallas in the near future…

    • Bball fan says:

      Mark Cuban is a very smart and competitive person. Perhaps the trades didnt go as he expected, and the Mavs may suffer 1 or 2 seasons, but I trust Cuban, he is not just going to sit there, I am sure he can pull this one off

  87. Christian says:

    With this news that J. Kidd is going to the Knicks, I have now changed my team to the Brooklyn Nets. I can’t even believe I’m doing it BUT cmon son, J.Kidd, and the Knicks focusing on signing J.R smith to a multi year deal is heartbreaking. I hope Dolan falls down the stairs at the Garden the first game..

  88. Jermaine says:

    So we gutted a championship team in order to go after Deron Williams and he decides he doesn’t want to play for the Mavs because they’re no longer a championship team. We let every decent free agent go, couldn’t even sign J.J. Barea to a long-term deal because Cuban and Donnie Nelson were certain they could get Deron and Dwight to come to Dallas. Now not only are neither of them coming here, but JET and Jason Kidd are leaving too? I didn’t like the moves to get rid of Chandler, Barea, Butler and even Stevenson but I understood that it was because of money and I trusted that Cuban knew what he was doing. I’m sure he still has a plan, but you can’t ignore how decimated the team has become now. They’ll still try to bring in a good free agent or two, but the best we can hope for now is that all of our younger players step up faster then they should have to, with Dirk once again having to carry the team.

    Having said all that, I’m still a Mavs fan, and I’ll still root for them to do well this season. It’s just crazy how things changed so fast…

    • Mavs could still form a very competitive team before the start of the season– I suggest the explore other sources of players– other countries, leagues, Olympics and the list of able Free agents– we can still make a formidable team considering the resources that Dallas has– Change our paradigm on how to build a winning team.

    • Rich says:

      Well said.
      I feel bad for Dirk. Jett’s and Kidd’s move say something about the decline in the origanization. First time in 12 years I don’t feel excited in the coming season.

      • shink213 says:

        they are looking to start fresh and get new young talent on their team…terry is old, kidd is ancient. both of these guys were making pretty high salaries for the mavs and yes, they are both good but sometimes you have to move on. They got what they came for 2 years ago and now they’re moving on.

      • MrChicago says:

        how can not feel excited about this upcoming NBA season…. This has been one of the most big name interchanging markets in recent memory. It’s going to be awesome!

        Im sorry your team doesnt look good right now, i understand. Im a chicago fan. die hard. I know what it’s like to go from greatness to less than desirable…. I get it. But outside of our respective teams… It’s a whole new competitive world. It’s like all the old school players are teaming up against the young stars….

        there’s a big 3/4 everywhere new and old…. Miami, OKC, Spurs, Lakers, Knicks… And so many unexpected trades, and still so much more to come!!!! Cheer up. It’s a long season. Who knows…. Maybe Dirk will get traded to the bulls for Boozer and Noah…lol. Maybe?

      • Rich says:

        Agree Mr. Chicago, it’s just more fun to watch with your team contending. Otherwise, yeah, exciting to see new faces in different teams.