Report: Gasol Wants In On Nash Party

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You knew it wouldn’t take long for the Steve Nash-to-the-Lakers news to make its way around the world.

One extremely interested observer is Lakers power forward Pau Gasol, whose name continues to percolate in trade rumors. He made it clear that he’s “excited” about the prospect of teaming up with the two-time MVP,Β Β per

“This is great news and a good time. Anyone would love to play with Steve Nash.”

The Lakers’ power forward has embraced the arrival of the Canadian …: “I’m excited to play with Steve and with all that brings. The player is more generous and less selfish than there are in the NBA. It is also one of the assists historical leaders. ”

“Unfortunately I can not control my destiny but I would love to keep the Lakers and will fight the most to try to win another ring, “he said.

Gasol hasn’t been shy in stating his own case for remaining with the Lakers. A frontline crew of Gasol, Andrew Bynum and Metta World Peace with Nash and Bryant in the backcourt gives the Lakers one of the most formidable starting fives in the NBA. All five of them have been All-Stars at one time or another and all but Nash have championship rings.

Whether or not the Lakers are done reshaping their roster, however, remains a mystery as Kevin Ding of the Orange County Register points out. As long as Dwight Howard remains a trade option, both Bynum and Gasol cannot escape those trade-rumor crosshairs.


  1. mo says:

    trade gasol and bynum for lebron!

  2. Jones17 says:

    This is a great signing! Just a shame we didn’t go for Brandon Roy to bolster the bench. Need to keep Jordan Hill and get someone to help him and Blake when. I think we are still lacking 1 more scorer and 1 more shooter who can actually hit a 3. Let’s hope the guys drafted are the answers to our problems like Leonard and Green were for the Spurs.

  3. Lakers fan says:

    They should try to trade gasol for j. Smith and if that doesn’t work they should throw in someone else also like steve blake or matt barnes or all 3 of them (gasol blake and barnes). Or they should go for dwight howard but I don’t know about trading bynum for howard because he is older than bynum and now the last thing the lakers want to do is get any older. Because bynum is their last starter under 30.

  4. saverios321 says:

    plus nash dishing it out to kobe , gasol bynnum and if kobes double teamed nash will find SOMEONE OPEN!!!

  5. saverios321 says:

    lakers are good enogh now with what they have. having bynum and gasol (together) is better than having dwight howard

  6. joshua get buckets says:

    i dont know whats up with you guys:/ the lakers starting five needs to stay the same Nash with help everyone including the bench….but the bench does need some adjustments

  7. Jason says:

    Trade Pau Gasol for Josh Smith and then thats a scary team

  8. Ralph says:

    I can’t help but think that Kobe had a chance to play with a great point guard in Gary Payton, and what did he do? Fight with him to bring the ball up the court. I don’t think that Kobe will allow Nash to have the kind of control of the ball that he is going to need. Hopefully Kobe is grown-up enough now to allow other people to shine, but historically he stinks at allowing other people to garner any kind of praise.

  9. jpb says:

    I’m making sure the lakers next year will ring and fight for kobe ​​and nash will conseguilo and company! go lakers!

  10. Laker_man says:

    Lakers should get Alan Iverson in their pay roll instead of MWP – AI should have learnt his lessons in the years of unemployment and will try to do a better job henceforth.

  11. Laker_man says:

    Lakers have a great chance of getting the Championship next year, with Nash on their side, if they just donate Worldpeace to some team, any team – he is a liability for the Lakers.

  12. rizz says:

    I’m so excited the Lakers got Steve Nash. I was hoping he would go to L.A. and he did. Steve Nash is an exceptional ball handler who has an incredible ball I.Q., he has great court vision, he doesn’t turnover hardly, and he is a great shooter. He is pretty much everything L.A. needed for the P.G. position. Yes he may not be able to keep up speed wise with some of the others but he has other skill sets that will more then make up for that. I think his shooting ability will help the Lakers the most as that will help to spread the floor and open up Kobe. With Steve being the facilitator Kobe can just focus on making the shots. This will also get Pau and Bynum more involved in the game which I thought was a huge issue for them last season. I think if we can keep Sessions as well then he can make a great fit as a back up P.G. for L.A.. Maybe a couple good pick ups for the bench and we should be set. Also this full off-season will help Brown get more settled in as coach and help better build the chemistry between Nash and the others. If we can land Ray Allen which I don’t think as being far fetched then omg. His shooting coupled with Steve Nash, Kobe, Bynum, and Pau that just makes L.A. retarded. They would have legitimate shooters in every position making it extremely hard to guard and they wouldn’t be able to double on Kobe anymore making him a much more efficient player especially with Steve running the floor. MWP can come off the bench and be the leader of the second unit and be a big defensive threat. Since their starting 5 will be focused on offense I beleive it would be wise to have several role players off the bench focused on defense.

  13. Alo says:

    mike brown is the problem here

  14. LakerFan says:

    Welcome to the LA Lakers Mr NAsh

    Now Lakers need first a Back up PG for Nash , I heard that Sessions will not return. we need an energetic PG better than S.Blake ! Like Bledsoe (Clippers) or sign veteran Billups… (why not A.Iverson) , Kirk Hinrich,/ Delonte West/, O.J. Mayo

    2- Lakers should improve the bench with guys like J.R. Smith, Michael Redd ,Anthony Parker ,G.Hill who can shoot the Ball.

    3- Lakers should try to make a big move for MWP, if we can dealt him with Iggy or L.Deng or Tayshaun Prince or Jason Richardson, that will be a big benefit

    4- Re-sign J.Hill

    5- Keep Gasol cause he’ll be better with Nash game

    6- to trade Bynum is not a priority for me, unless D.Howard agrees deal !!

  15. aa says:

    Lakers needs a shooter badly.

  16. nobody says:

    Lakers will not win against LAC, SAS, OKC, MIN. =)

  17. GniK911 says:

    get oj mayo!!!resign jordan hill and barnes…dump mwp….nash,kobe,matt,pau and drew….now that’s a strong starting five. with blake,mayo,morris,ebanks hill at the bench i would say that’s a really good team….not great yet, they need to prove themselves first…but no need for D12…he’ll screw every team he’s gonna be in.oh and screw sessions…too much hype,never delivered…

  18. Mr.PauD"arco says:

    Its kobe”s fault why pau struggled last season,because his selfish to the ball. Trade bynum for howard then mwp for iggy .,thats a good trade ;))
    pg- nash
    sg- kobe
    sf- iggy
    pf- pau
    c- howard

  19. jet says:

    let’s just wait for the new season and see who’s right and wrong. Keep the team intact. πŸ™‚

  20. SaneFan says:

    CAN WE PLEASE BECOME A PICK AND ROLL OFFENSE NOW WITH NASH AND GASOL? It would be unguardable leaving Kobe and Bynum in single coverage and Metta completely alone in the corner. Please?

  21. Jayjoe14 says:

    Pau Gasol said “The player is more generous and less selfish than there are in the NBA.”. Is he dissing Kobe?

  22. VinceTerrefiC says:

    Nash loves the run and gun system, he is better when guys run and drives hard to the basket, I guess no one on Bynum, Gasol, and Bryant has the qualities of an off the ball type of players, pick and roll will work most of the time, but if you have an inconsistent players like MWP and Gasol, winning a ring is a bit far for Nash in LA. Nash and Kobe are getting older, they should make a deal that will bring them O.J. Mayo maybe off the bench and get rid of MWP for a better and consistent shooter. Batum could have been the best player available for them. If LA cant add someone in their bench they cant stand against the Spurs or OKC, and to add the Clippers are bringing in more backups for Paul.

  23. its me says:

    i just want mike brown to get fired. He was a horrible coach for the lakers, he can’t run the right offense for the lakers, like phil jackson did.

  24. bingo787 says:

    Lakers should trade bynum and gasol for dwight and a shooting guard that can help bring explosiveness in the offensive side.

  25. Kaos says:

    We thought of that our DREAM is OVER…Now that the Laker Land will be welcoming Steve Nash in a week’s time, let’s Dream BIG again. It’s been said that the when the SHOWTIME ERA ended, nobody replaces MAGIC. With Steve in the LAND, its reviving the *)’s again. Let’s just say that in this ERA, age matters most…to hell with those critics!!! What did the Thunder legs do when they face-off with the HEAT? Shame young legs, they can’t even chase Battier and Miller!

    Well, we are happy for now envisioning our core in Bynum, Gasol, Metta, Nash-ty and Mamba on the hardcourt! Hey, we have as well our Lil Mamba, Ebanks, Morris, Sacre and Odom that could learn from their mentors! Lakerland…it’s SHOWTIME!

  26. Trigga says:

    Nash will bring alot to the table but he wont be able to handle to superstar PG’s. Rose, Westbrook, CP3, D-will and more are just to much for nash to handle, too fast and too strong. Lakers should get rid of Steve Blake and Metta World and try and go for Wilson Chandler and a good young fast PG, they also need a backup SG. I also think the lakers should bring back Jordan Hill, if given the right mins(20-30mins) he can put up double doubles and if the Lakers do trade Gasol then they should go for J-Smoove. So the line up would look like..
    PG – Nash/Toney Douglas*
    SG – Kobe/Tony Allen*
    SF – Chandler/Barnes*
    PF – Pau or J-Smoove/Jordan Hill*
    C – Bynum/Jordan Hill*
    * = Backup
    And you can’t forget the white mamba.

    • Patnubay Calaycay says:

      i hope for the LAL will get Wilson Chandler for back up of MWP and get Jamal Crawford of the bench.

  27. Dave says:

    Steve Nash should be the MVP every year. Where woulda the suns been all these years without him. Steve Nash takes average- to below average players and makes them viable. ie. Tim Thomas, Barbosa, Jared Dudley, Diaw, Matt Barnes….. Steve Nash has made alot of “bums” alot of money. Finally he has a good team around him. Imagine if the get Dwight! Nash and Dwight pick and roll will be sick!!!!!!!!!!

  28. travispurcell says:

    Trade MWP for Michael Kidd girachrist or whatever. he has a great defensive mindset, young legs, and ready to work. It’d be a good trade for the lakers

  29. cord says:

    Trade Gasol for smith strait up already then metta and bynum for howard get a 3rd team to take hedo or j-rich sign both Grant hill and jordan hill brandon roy and keep that oother people already on the roster and bamm here is you LA Lakers Line up
    PG nash/morris(maybe Blake)
    SG kobe / roy
    Sf Hill/ ebanks
    PF josh Smith/ hill
    C Howard

  30. Cali says:

    I find it funny when ppl say “oh yea, but they wont be able to beat the Thunder’…. if anything the Lakers LET the THunder slip away. The 4-1 outcome of the series doesn’t even come close to the truth behind it.

  31. KnickerBocker says:

    pau and bynum r the core kobe is the 4th qrtr and nash is the pick in role jump shooter absolutely no cahnges to the team MWP is a defender and they have a pretty decent bench if they can get sessions solid rebounder in hill sessions a starting caliber point guard ebanks a solid defender and steve blake is a great three point shooter so they dont have a bad bench its decent and with a fewn signing like hill or mcgee and itll be the best bench i’ve ever seen

  32. gothamsknight says:

    This is a good deal for the lakers. nash is going to make everything easier for kobe, gasol, and bynum. but they still need to address the bench issue. it has been an issue for us for some years now. we need new SF, starter and bench. i like our pg rookies, morris and goudelock. i say play morris at pg, goudelock at sg off the bench. get a 3pt shootin, defensive sf, play J.Hill (if he stays out of jail) and we got a decent bench. but we do need a new sf in the starting line up as well. some one who can keep up with a sg as well. gasol and bynum are good together, when they BOTH are seriously commited. bynum has to grow up and realize his potential. gasol needs to get his focus back. do that and the lakers are going to kill it in the west. get rid of s.blake, or keep him on the bench. we need youth in the bench with maybe 1 experienced played to lead the 2nd unit

  33. LAFan says:

    I think the Lakers should go after Batum. I don’t think they can afford him though. Batum is an tall, long, and athletic player and can guard KD in the playoffs. The bench would improve drastically with his signing. Blake, Ebanks, Batum, McRoberts, Hill. All energy players. Thoughts?

  34. Fefe (Nets) says:


    I’m not a Lakers fan (nor a hater) but I’m pissed off that many people here, especially die-hard Lakers fan, want Gasol to be traded. THERE IS NO LOVE FOR HIM, who was the KEY to get the 2 last championships L.A. had in 2009 and 2010!

    Yes he was inconsistent this playoffs, but his regular season was All-star caliber, and he can easily do it again. I also personally think that the main reason the Lakers lost to the Thunder is Kobe’s shooting too much and only pointing out his teammates when things did not turn the right way. Of course, Kobe is one of the best, and with Nash in the squad, he will be more efficient and more motivated than ever to chase a 6th ring. THE SAME CAN BE SAID FOR PAU: as you can read, he is more than delighted about Nash’s coming, so Lakers fan should expect him to be back with more willpower than ever.


  35. yourmomsfan says:

    lakers need triangle offense and they win

  36. lakerfan says:

    I think we’re all forgetting the biggest piece,,, It’s time to call up Phil Jackson for a last title run, Kobe, Nash, Bynum, Gasol, and Phil? 3-peat?

  37. Nash2LA says:

    GJ lakers on getting Nash, next move, bynum and barnes for dwight! dont trade Pau!!

  38. D says:

    Did not see this one coming! The Lakers want to win before Kobe just collapses so this is a good move. The Lakers just need to add some talent to the bench, it would be great if they were able to bring Jordan Hill back, then they could add Grant Hill and with Ebanks, the young guards and the guys they drafted, they have a reasonable bench. Just bring a scorer like Nick Young and the Lakers are ready to contend for the next 3 years.

  39. John says:

    I think its too slow of a frontcourt players, we need more speed and athleticism so therefore getting Josh Smith for Gasol is ideally the best.

  40. erwin says:

    get Trevor Ariza if he is still available, Lakers will have a good chance with Trevor on the line-up……

  41. beast says:

    I agree that they should trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard. The different between Bynum and Howard offense is that Bynum is strongest at post up and Howard is strongest in put back. When you have a team that evolved around Kobe Bryant and his shooting style, you need a Center like Howard to grab boards and get those put back. That is why Laker lost this year because as good as Bynum is on Offense, he struggles on getting boards and attacking the rims. As for Defense both match up equally. I would make this trade in a heartbeat.

  42. JOELAKERS says:

    Man all this talk about howard is ridiculous. Bynum is younger and has the swagger that kobe had as a kid. He had a 10 block triple double and a 30 rebound game. He is the number 2 on the team because he has become better than Pau. Almost no one is addressing the real problem that is coach Brown. Bynum gives him no respect because he deserves no respect. With Nash here there starting five is better than when they had gp and karl. Nash is a beast and just like stockton he will be awesome til he retires. Phil where are you. Please Phil we got nash come back. Conclusion we need a real coach.

  43. killuabest says:

    Lakers should get rid of Pau for Josh Smith plus a good SG and he’ll better suited for his friend Howard ( trade immature Bynum at once), Rings for Nash and Superman… 6th for Kobe… LA all the way !!!

  44. FromCanada says:

    I’m so surprised by the news that Nash is with LA now!!! Good for them and they will be a contender for 2013 NBA trophy. Been a Lakers fan since I can remember and so excited for Nash, Kobe and the Lakers!!!

  45. games805 says:

    Oh, and Bynum has a game with his back to the basket. DH does not. To trade Gasol and Bynum for DH is really dumb. I don’t know if DH will ever develop a game with his back to the basket, even after working with Olajuwon and Ewing.

  46. games805 says:

    You can sit there and DISS Nash’s age, but he’s still better then half your players in the league at the PG position

  47. games805 says:

    The problem with LA is not their age, not Kobe, not MWP, not Bynum, not Gasol, and not the bench. The problem is that this same Laker team went from a “system” under PJ, where everyone knew their role. Gasol and Bynum dominated the paint on both ends of the court. The Lakers went from a “system” to a ‘”free style” play, which is not a system. Gasol and Bynum became jump shooters under Brown. Kobe played under control in the “system” with PJ. Under brown, he was let loose and took a bunch of shots. If PJ was still the coach, the Thunder wouldnt of won the series. Gasol and Bynum were invisible the whole series., because they played at the top of the key, out of position. Signing Nash is a major plus and something they have always needed. The leadership, the ability to see the floor, get everyone involved, penetrate and dish to the big men, and basketball IQ will make everything easier for everyone else

  48. Eaglos says:

    “The player is more generous and less selfish than”…… don’t be shy Gasol πŸ˜‰ Kobe Bryant that is…

  49. Rev Theo says:

    PAU GASOL should stay! GASOL & BYNUM can be a formidable DUO this time with Steve Nash as their Point Guard.


    Get Nick Batum – young and versatile (23 yrs old), can defend, can penetrate, fit for Nash’s style of play
    Get Jayson Terry – can replace Bryant off the bench without compromising experience, he can penetrate
    Get Javale McGee – he can replace either Pau Gasol or Andrew Bynum when they get their rest

    Those three are still free agents. This this improved roster, you can have this WINNING LINE-UP:

    Shooting Guard: KOBE BRYANT / JAYSON TERRY

    Perfect!!! Combination of Experience and Youth, Defense and Offense.


  50. LEBRICK6 says:


    sounds like a great starting five too me, but with the addition of dwight howard would be awesome. we all know steve nash has great ability to score and dish off the high pick and roll and with the athleticism d12 would bring i dont know who would stop our pick&roll. but the magic would want to throw in one of the their bigger/fatter contracts along with d12 most likely jason richardson he would be a +in the 3pt shooting category but i dont know if the lakers are looking into picking up an extra big contract

  51. Red says:

    This is messed up!!!! The joynof watching the NBA is to see the lakers lose and get eliminated on may… Say it isn’t so Steve!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ lol!!

  52. Croakus says:

    I would trade Bynum and keep Gasol, less trouble with Gasol.

  53. rigor says:

    the Lakers got Steve Nash,good addition,but he’s too old,i don’t think he’s a solution for the Lakers,i’m not sure if they can compete against the young guns of the west

  54. Red says:

    This is messed up…. The joy of watching an nba game is seeing the lakers beaten and get eliminated on may, say it isn’t so Steve….. Lol!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚

  55. Lakers get lou Deng says:

    Trade Pau Gasol and Artest for Lou Deng and Gibson!!! Next trade Bynum for Dwight. Next sign Ray Allen and Grant Hill

    SF:Deng/Grant Hill

    • lebronheat says:

      not going to happen sorry heat will get ray ray and heat will repeat FAKE show will not win another championship for awhile

    • theking0522 says:

      Yes, and sign Kevin Durant and Kevin Love also. You guys are pathetic. You talk badly about the Miami Heat for having three stars together and you want a team FULL of stars in LA. Hypocrisy at its best.

  56. l.a lakers says:


  57. Anonymous says:

    The Boston Celtics will win the NBA Championship.

  58. nbafan says:

    @Lechoke aww stilll mad we won ? haha nash is great but lakers not going anywhere…

  59. thomas says:

    did u guys forget we just got 2 cool draft pics i think blake and the new odom can move the ball with barnes and the new center we’ll be ok i say go after Rashard Lewis and Brandon Roy and we’re set

  60. Lannie says:

    Say what you want playa but we are back to the top of the food chain with this trade.A few tweeks to the bench and we want have to worry about OKC.Not really sure about the Dwight trade,I just dont trust him and Drew has more skills then Howard who has had to much drama around him in the last two years.The Josh Smith=Pau Gasol trade makes since.Younger stronger shot blocker,great defender,and can put the ball in the hole.EITHER WAY GO LA….

  61. Yeahhh says:

    Lakers vs Heat 2013 nba Finals… Kobe vs Lebron

  62. Kibby says:

    Trade Gasol for Josh Smith and get better bench

  63. Mo says:

    The Big 3 concept is now going to become the Elite 4. It was hard enough to get 3 great players. Now larger market teams are going to go for 4. Good luck to all those cities that are in smaller markets. Toronto, Detroit, Cleveland, Charlotte, Golden State, Utah, Sacremento. OKC is lucky they still have their core considering how many players want to play for big market teams. These cities only have a chance through draft pick loyalty and/or overpaying players.

  64. mao says:

    I Would like to thank mr Nash for his decision to join my team.enjoy your 2012 – 2013 championship ring.

  65. Steffen says:

    You say LA need to trade Meta for quickness, I wonder who you had in mind. There’s none that would make LA better out there, this offseason.

  66. Steffen says:

    When LA got Payton and Malone, the only reason why they didnt bring home the C’ship was due to Malone getting injured no question about that.
    And LA still needs Metta. They need him to guard Lebron and Durant, while being an outside 3pt threat. This season he shoot pretty well in the post season. Trading for say Ariza wouldnt help them one bit. Ariza dosnt play defense like Meta and would get schooled by Several players playing his position. There’s just no way the LA can get quickness, besides trading for Howard, which they are forced too even more so now with Nash at the point. Nash needs a quick shoot blocker behind him to force every guard in the league to not penetrate by him on every possesion, why not get the best in the league to close penetration in Howard. Bynum is too slow to be that huge inside presence on defense, sadly.

  67. kiko says:

    trade kobe.

  68. Canada Rocks! says:

    Does this trade make the Lakers better? Yes. Does it guarantee a championship? HELL NO. The Lakers definitely have more work to do, mostly on developing some kind of bench. No bench, no title. Jordan Hill was the bright spot off of the bench and he’s got wandering eyes, Barnes is also a free agent. Let’s not forgtet how good OKC, San Antonio and ummmm, the Heat are. Not to mention Brooklyn just got much better! I’m a huge Laker fan but it’s too early to crown them champs, although the are legit back in the thick of things.

  69. jaycer says:

    better bring back lamar odom and get rey allen or trevor ariza……

  70. Lakers get lou Deng says:

    Trade Pau Gasol and Artest for Lou deng and Taj Gibson!

  71. Willy says:

    No speed or defense or WIND!

  72. Willy says:

    Whatever happens this year it ain’t gonna last all temporary deals, ya? Could be a completely different team in another year so they are dreaming another title shot with this team. Howard , Linsanity , OB one Kobe and a few other three bangers done deal! Good luck LA! But it will be fun to watch Kobe score 87 in one game!

  73. Big LA says:

    All offense no Defense. Can Nash stop Westbrook or harden? Remember they couldn’t stop them last year. And remember Denver will be more better and healthy.

  74. ROGER FEDERER says:

    @KOBE is a selfish player and basketball is a team player…if i were lakers management, i will trade him to ryan anderson of orlando magic.

  75. Rev Theo says:

    STEVE NASH is a perfect fit for the Lakers. Don’t go anywhere else Pau. Steve Nash will bring back your A1 game. He makes everyone in the team a better player. THE ONLY THING THE LAKERS NEED TO DO NOW IS IMPROVE ITS BENCH ROSTER (preferably YOUNGER yet tested players). Get a legitimate 3-point shooter, a catch-and-shoot player, a young versatile player like Nicolas Batum (who can match the caliber of Manu Ginobili or James Harden) and a defensive/hustle player who can provide more muscle when MWP gets a breather.

  76. miami says:

    well,for me trade kobe bryant..that was the best things to do…lakers dont need him anymore….

  77. Sharquay says:

    I love how people are saying that LA are going to have a ring this season, and OKC are going to be the dominant force in the West. I hope for Steve Nash LA do get that ring but people are forgetting about the teams that are not doing anything this off season, eg Spurs. A great team that goes about its business quietly. Watch out for the sleeping giant.

  78. Ant says:

    The Lakers better sign Ebanks and Hill and somehow get rid of Steve Blake.

  79. Dax Mutia says:

    the last time I checked, the Lakers could easily have been up 3-1 in the OKC series. They were slightly edged whenever the Thunder made rallies. But with the upgrade at PG position, I expect the talent gap to widen in favor of the Lakers. The games will still be close but it will be back to 4-2 wins just like it was the 2010 playoffs. Bynum and Gasol will be able to wreak havoc in the shade lane because of the spacing of the outside threat that Nash creates, Kobe is always deadly inside and outside. With this line-up they do not need to trade for D12, they just need a long decent small forward in the mold of Trevor Ariza. He won’t need to be a superstar or a prolific scorer, he just has to be slightly athletic and hit open perimeter shots once the double comes to Kobe Bean or the other 3 all-star teammates on the floor. Anybody who thinks that OKC is going to win the West is a baby in basketball fan IQ. The Thunder are dazzling for sure, but 3 slashers will always get beaten by 2 legendary slashers and 2 great bigs.

  80. Mabs says:

    Artest has won a championship but he doesn’t have a ring lol (though it was for a noble cause)

  81. Ted says:

    if kobe stays the way he plays in the past, there will be no chemistry among these guys!

  82. flip says:

    I say keep Gasol and see how he plays if he’s not up to par then trade him during the season

  83. Hesitant LA Fan says:

    I used to favour the opinion to move Gasol, but not any more, i think no one will works best with nash than Gasol. As for Drew, i am kinda leaning towards a trade , I cant forget last season when at times he looked not interested and not motivated to defend.

  84. John Dungey says:

    I agree Shady. Go LAKERS!

  85. gie says:

    lakers also need a scorer on the bench like what Odom gives to them. and sessions is a good fit on that position while nash is on the first five.. i hope gasol will remain in the lakers even he is old he has a high basketball IQ and exp for the lakers

  86. smith says:

    good catch wahahahha another old guy in the room … weak to old just like fisher

  87. gie says:

    i think Lakers need Howard for their complete roster. Cause Bynum cant do the things what he does on season when it comes to playoffs. Lakers also need to give up MWP for a younger Forward that can match up the speed and length of the king LBJ and Durantula. So the Lakers can match up the speed of other teams like Heat, Thunder and Bulls

  88. Ricci says:

    We finally have a real PG!!! We haven’t had a real PG since Magic! With him facilitating, Kobe will get more open looks. Bynum and Gasol will definitely be more involved offensively. Look how Nash made Stoudamire better. Now he has two 7-footers to set up. ANNNDDDD, if all else fails and nobody is open, Nash is a scoring threat as well, who can cripple any defense with his 3-point shooting. Perfect fit for LA.

  89. Marcus says:

    Now, I’m a Lakers fan!!! Steve Nash is a marvelous player! I hope Nash and the Lakers shine!

  90. Noname says:

    The starting five looks good. That’s not the problem. It’s the bench. Mcroberts, murphy, gopher or something (i forgot the name i’m sorry) to na,e a few. That’s the concern.

  91. TTKIN says:

    Great starting five but what happens when they need breathers? Still need a bench LA, we still need a bench…

  92. Mou says:

    A Deeper Bench,, is all we need now.
    I am not against about dealing Gasol or Bynum. Personally, I would like they stay. But, only if, the Lakers get a good deal for them. Then it is not a bad idea.
    Bynum for Howard,,, ok.,,, but do not take anybody else from the Magic. (they really want to dump payroll)
    Gasol for Smith, or Derrick Williams,,, I dont think so. On a regular day, Gasol put up better number than those guys.
    If the Lakers are trading Gasol or Bynum,,, they better make it worth.

    • MAM says:

      I woul dhope we could get howard for just bynum and a couple of picks, but the magic seem intent on unloading those contracts, and they seem like they would be deal breakers

  93. bobo says:

    there is no speed in this line up.

  94. ronndell_resurreccion says:

    still.. imagine how will the offense flow.. the distribution of the ball.. the scoring.. the minutes… all will change… plus mike brown is not the “run and gun” or “showtime” type of a coach and consider the bench… it’s not deep and very inconsistent!

  95. yzah says:

    bring back the former 6th man of the year lamar odom,he can play sf and can shoot 3/s… no nid to trade andrew and pau!!! just make all the rosters healthy….by the way! welcome steve nash to the city of angels

  96. Nicky says:

    hey ! not Bynum , supposed to be Howard and for sure it’s another Ring !

  97. vinz says:

    nash is a very good player.. but how many years will he be good??

  98. 360fadewaydunk says:


  99. MS says:

    Trade Metta, he is useless. Get a good defender on the SF possition. Pau and Bynum is still valuable for the Lakers. There are tons of Junk in the Lakers you could play with. Barnes, Goudelock, Jordan Hill, Morris, Murphy… I believe they could get better role players than that. There are still many interesfing FA on the league.

  100. noyb says:

    Imagine starting Bryant, Nash, Peace, Bynum and Howard… or Bryant, Nash, Peace, Howard and Gasol… or Bryant, Nash, Peace, Bynum and Gasol… Sounds like a good shot at a ring to me, IF LA’s Coach can learn to coach OFFENSE in addition to Defense.

  101. Mike says:

    They still don’t have a bench and for that matter they could have kept Fisher.

  102. LAL ALL DAY says:

    Yeah! So great we got Nash now! But seriously, it’s not enough to beat the Thunder! They’re way too good! We now need a solid bench, like the bench of the Spurs or OKC’s bench with Harden. One talented player, and other players who can give the starters a good rest, especially with kobe and steve nash getting older and older. Anyway, Bynum for Howard, I don’t know. It’ll take time to get used to Howard, we’ll see. Bynum now is an excellent player. He just gotta mature now a little bit more and try to become more athletic. Anyway we’ll see how it goes. I’m excited. LAL FTW

    • BJ says:

      OKC bench stink too, only person did anything was Harden

    • D Lion says:

      Harden is way better than Sefalosha; they just bring him off the bench so he can win 6th man of the year. But OKC’s bench also has Collison, Maynor… Lakers have 5 great starters ( well, 4 + MWP) but that’s about it

  103. dennicious says:

    its going to be nash-ty on lakerland…go for the ring steve!

  104. Rod says:

    Everyone is saying the Lakers are too old and cannot compete with OKC. Someone explain to me how age slowed down Kobe or Nash last SEason

  105. LAKAAAS says:

    Trade bynum for howard, and trade gasol for derrick williams for cap space and the lakers will be unstoppable

  106. Alessio says:

    Trade Bynum for Dwight & Gasol for Josh Smith.

    Pg: Nash

    Sg: Kobe

    Sf: Rashard Lewis maybe

    Pf: JSmoove

    C: Dwight

    Miami, OKC WHO????

    • me says:

      lmao…reminds me of that phrase “well, one can dream” should I wake you up after season is over and they don’t win?

  107. GoBulls says:

    LA is gonna get one ring after this trade. After that, it’ll be OKC dominating the west for a long time.

  108. ZenMaster says:

    Nash was a great move for the Lakers. With Nash’s shooting ability you will not be able to help off him as the Thunder did with Sessions. I would still Trade Pau for J. Smith in Atlanta and go hard after D. Howard with Bynum. I don’t trust Bynum after his comments in the Playoffs last year and I would not be hood winked by Pau again. He looks tuff in some series, but always shows his true colors, BLUE!!

  109. Melvin says:

    Trade Metta will be an excellent move…get some aggressive and mature SF!!!

  110. Robert says:

    The Lakers improved greatly with this trade. To all those on the OKC bandwagon… remember the Lakers lost 2 of those games big 4th quarter lead. If they had Nash, he certainly wouldn’t have been turning the ball over in those 4th quarters like Kobe and the others. I think LA is BACK!!! Too early to tell thought, stay tuned!!!

    • Robert says:

      *though, not thought

    • Never Anaheim says:

      If you somehow beat the Thunder, the Lakers would have been swept by the Spurs. Dont forget they won 20 in a row and are still miles ahead of the Lakers for the “2 seed” in the west. As a laker hater, the 1 thing that worries me about Nash in LA is that it might fix Kobes shot selection. Somebody might have the stones to tell him to stop bricking contested fadeaway 20 footers.

  111. cool knicks fan says:

    I don’t think they are favorites in the West. The Thunder are younger, more athletic, and deeper. They’re also fired up after losing in the Finals. The Lakers would have a great chance to win a championship, but their pathetic excuse of a bench will be a big roadblock. Maybe they should trade Gasol for a bunch of young and athletic players. Anyways, I wish Nash went to the Knicks. 😦

  112. edPogi2 says:

    Lakers Team , they need one Good shooting Forward player & good Shooting Guard, like Rey Allen. and throw the garbage.

  113. Shady says:

    Why is everyone thinking OKC will tear LA apart in the playoffs (if they meet next season)?If we get Superman or Bynum and Gasol pick up we’ll be able to beat ’em.OKC might have a younger team but their low post is terrible.Miami ain’t gonna repeat if they meet a team with a good center in the finals or in the EC.

    • al says:

      @Shady your comment make the most sense on all of these.. people kept saying OKC will tear up LA if everyone goes back to that series LA should have been up 3-1 to that series but main problem is at the end of last quarter they don’t have a point guard like STEVE NASH to create or take the burdenout from KOBE or dishing it to Drew and PAU!!

      • fb16 says:

        that true 3-1

      • Marcus Jeb says:

        Although, Nash will greatly change the play of Lakers but in order to win they need to bulk up their bench with talend laden player. Remember, during the Suns recent golden era they have remarkable 2nd team. Im exited with pau gausol, how he will play with Nash… Gasol is a master of sliding cutting to the lane without dribbling the ball so it will greatly benefit him with Nash upfront. OKC will loose if lakers will try to play them at the post and with MWP wrecking havoc (literally) in the def department they surely is a contender but can we trade MWP with a more defence oriented player like Grant Hill, just asking..

    • Danny says:

      It hurts me to say it but the Heat can go the Eastern Conference blindfolded if they want to and still go to the Finals! With Rose out all next year, Celtics dieing by the second and Orlando a question mark on whether Dwight will stay the only team that could put up a fight is Indiana and they might lose Roy Hibbert this Off-Season which would kill the Pacers……..Meanwhile the West is a jungle!!! The Lakers and OKC are gonna battle it out and along with other teams. (DONT SLEEP ON PHEONIX!) But again Heat will make it to the Finals but not win!!

      • Bruce says:

        You forget about the new revamped Nets…. It also looks like the Knicks are pushing to be a contender as well. With a decent coach and a few minor tweaks they can get back in the running.

    • Lakersfan says:

      What it hurt us last season was, not having training camp, the lockout and new coach, now we will have all of that, and with Nash ruanning the point is a different ball game, will see if OKC young legs can beat us.

  114. ben a laker fan says:

    the only thing that to improve the laker bench. if they get a talented player who off the bench, they are in good shape to win a championship next year. and i’m excited to see STEVE NASH playing at the staple center wearing a PURPLE and GOLD jersey. they must get NIC YOUNG, BRANDON RUSH or a 3pt shooter. i’m also excited when all the free agent sign. GO LOS ANGELES LAKERS

  115. Jo laker fan says:

    Trade bynum for howard, then gasol to josh smith. Let kobe and nash do the offense then metta, josh, and howard on defense

  116. Brilliant says:

    WOW. Can’t wait for this season. Welcome Nash soon u will have your ring..

    • Brilliant says:

      No Need to trade Gasol or Bynum. we can win another ring not just 1,2,3,with nash

      • me says:

        neva gonna happen…I mean y’all do realise that Fisher is / was better than Nash rite? and these morons trade Fisher talkin bout he old and slower for someone who’s also old and even slower

      • Basketball Fan says:

        Been reading through comments, and this is just flat out stupid, Derek Fisher better that Steve Nash.. Fisher just knocks down big shots, from time to time, and.. that’s it.. Nash is a guy who has always had the team in top spots, he has played with a bunch of no names and knuckle heads the past three or two years, and they still always have a chance to make the playoffs… And in my opinion Dwight is better, he’s more athletic, moves a lot, and bynum is just there, being himself, and you talk drama? He just doesn’t like his team, but bynum I mean not even with Phil Jackson would he be a good disciplined player.. Howard never elbowed some small dude just cuz he was getting his butt kicked, that dude has no respect for the game, and does not deserve a ring… Metta World Peace should be traded for some consistent 3-point shooter(s)

    • lol says:

      lol fisher better than the 2 time mvp?.are u thinking?

  117. android20 says:

    how i wish nash go to dallas and reunite with dirk for their final push of their career,but thats the name of the game.let the best team rise on top.go okc durant russwestbrook

  118. dexter d. mancol says:

    its showtime II for the lakers… im a laker now coz of nash… been suns-mavs-suns for me for a while…

  119. Psyke says:

    Pau will work well with steve nash i the pick and roll! The lakers dont have to do the dumbest thing of trading pau!
    Trade bynum to howard and they will shake peoples head in OKC and miami. Signing grant hill will also be valuable for them to have a deeper bench. It was a trade to win now!

    • Mr. 254 says:

      You are soooo right my friend! I just didn’t think anyone saw it this way. Not only OKC,MIAMI, but San An. Mavs, Rockets, Portland, SAC, LAC,CHI. Philly, CELTS, and a few more that might sneek in there. Best Center in DWight, Argueably best 2guard, Distributor, and that 4 has pushed his range to that 3 point line! Pick your poison NBA(Thank You Bron!) LA

      I am statiion in Texas, I am a native Texan, I love my state and defend my birth state like no other……..But im that guy with the black,purple and gold jersey on, cheering when HE daggers “THEM!”? You should no who “them” are. I live in the DFW! : ) SO plz L.A, Bynum for D while you have the chance. @Bron……not 6, not 7, not 8, not 9, not 10, not 11 LAKE SHOW!!!!

  120. lakermig says:

    pau and bynum should stay and just forget about dwight, but i would give pau a chance till mid season and if he doesnt improve quite drastically he got to go cause he is too costly to keep if he isnt consistantly performing.

    • Lakersfan says:

      Am with you on that, Nash will make everybody better, some people say that nash has only 3 years it Might be so but good 3 years with a chance to win 2 or 3 Rings, Lets Keep our bigs no need to Get DH12 to much drama, plus Bynum is a Much better free trow shooter and has been improoving las 3 yrs. GO LAKERS.

      • hoopsfan75 says:

        I like. I like. Gasol you got until trade deadline to prove you can play big ALL the time. If Gasol can play like he did in ’10 playoffs, we don’t need D-12. IF we can get some SOLID youth for MWP, I say go for it otherwise, Let the season begin.

      • SaneFan says:

        Don’t trade Gasol now, I’ll agree with that. Gasol is a natural fit for the pick and roll with Nash. Our offense should be run through a Nash Gasol pick and roll with Kobe running back door and Bynum in the Paint. That is simply unstoppable. With Howard OR Bynum it’s unstoppable, but I’m a little afraid of Bynums immaturity, Then again, I’m also afraid of Howard’s ego wanting the Offense to come through him. It’s kind of a toss up. The tie breaker is Howard’s game changing Defense. But I still wouldn’t take on a big contract like the Magic want or sacrafice anything besides Bynum for Howard straight up to get that infusion of Defense. Just my thoughts. thanks.

    • purpngold says:

      With Nash now a Laker, the lakers offfense will have way more movement and will easily avg over 100 pts a game even with the slow down style they run. The Lakers big will have a lot more easy opportunities to score, and will relieve the pressure off of Kobe. Nash’s style of play,attitude, and approach to the game will impact our bigs the most. Gasol will be re-energized and will play with the same fire as the championship days, and Bynum will stop poutting and be more consistent with the more touches and the easy scores he will be getting. That also means better defense on the other end. Nash even at his age is still one of the top pg in the league and is just what the Lakers needed to get back into title contention. MWP even though is getting old, is still a good piece to have, he plays hard evey time and brings toughness to the squad. All we need now is a couple of consistent players to come off the bench, to provide a spark wether it be on offense or defense, anything, something we lacked last season. Cant wait for the season to start..
      Go Lakers… and good job Mitch… thanx for putting the Lakers right in the mix and giving us a chance once again

    • Lakersfan says:

      Amen to that, I don’t think we need to trade our 7 footers, we need to do some chage in our bench.

  121. kobe says:


    • LeCHOKE says:

      Keep METTA no more trades.. ROSTER is good. METTA can lockdown-D lebum

      • lebronheat says:

        Lebum? haha who was the last to win an mvp and a finals mvp in the same yr? your obviously the bum with no life…. and also this trade doesnt put any impact on the nba. The lakers during the playoffs wont even come out of the west they cant beat a young athletic team in the thunder and even if they did beat them theyl have to put up with the mighty HEAT! heat are going back to back sorry laker fans FAKE SHO are to OLD!

      • theking0522 says:

        Metta cannot even guard my grandmother much less the GREATEST player in the world….By the way, you won’t even beat Durant and the Thunders.

      • SaneFan says:

        I’m not going to run down Lebron or the Heat. But trashing the Lakers only makes you look immature. Just like trashing the Heat does as well for Laker Fans. But the reality is even tho the Heat are a great team, they don’t have the inside presence the Lakers have with our two 7-footers. The absolute only thing that hurt the Lakers is running the offense through Kobe, who is a scorer NOT a facilitator. With Ramon Sessions we got a glimpse of what the Lakers could be at times but he was inconsitant and Kobe didn’t trust him. Now with Nash, I’m sorry, no disrespect to ANY team, but ifi they let Nash play his game and give him sole control of this offense, not a single team stands a chance. Sorry. High elbow pick and roll with Gasol on one side, Kobe Bryant back door and Bynum in the paint is simply unguardable. Explain to me how you guard that? You can’t double anyone and can’t run a zone against that. Kobe and Bynum, the two people that demand double teams, will be left in single coverage. . It’s a nightmare situation if you ask any Coach in the NBA right now. You can only hope that age has caught up to this team or someone gets injured.

    • Prob2011 says:

      Trade Gasol for Andre Iguadola, amnesty Metta World Peace and sign Nick Young and a decent young pick and roll PF and the Lakers will be set. OR Trade World Peace for Ariza outright and that would be great also.

      • SaneFan says:

        Then who is our Power Forward??? these random trade scenerios get frustrating because I’m always dying to ask what is going through your head when you say stuff like this. We don’t have money to sign a starting Power Forward… We don’t have a natural power forward on the team with the exception of McRoberts who is only a hustle player worthy of garbage minutes…. It makes no sense. And the last thing is WHAT IS EVERYONE’S FASINATION WITH TREVOR ARIZA??? Seriously I always keep coming across fans trade ideas and it’s like the majority always include Ariza. Even Dwight Howard trades, I see 3 team trade with Hornet’s Trevor Ariza thrown in it. I’m like, he had one good year with the Lakers, what has he done since then? I really don’t understand.

      • mademan14 says:

        Sanefan you are all over it. The only trade scenario I like is Gasol for Josh Smith because he plays PF and is more athletic and younger. But with Nash and the pick and roll Gasol is a better fit. I wouldn’t mind the Bynum for Howard because of his D and he plays the pick and roll very well.

    • Danny says:

      I agree with you…they need World Peace out cuz he is inconsistint in a very bad way and that could hurt the Lakers….Another thing that is good for the Lakers is now that they have Nash and this sort of big 3 or big4 with Kobe, Nash, Bynum and Gasol and now free agents wanna join….And remember Matt Barnes is a free agent as well!……Gasol is another thing….INCONSISTINCY! Pau was horible last season and as a Laker fan i still wanted him off the team through all the rumors. But now that nash is hear it kind of just excites you for what Nash can do with two 7 Footers on at the same time!!!! GO LAKERS GO!!

      • Carl says:

        You don’t get it, do you? It’s Mike Brown’s fault. He made Pau the third option, a role that he’s never been placed in. That took him out of his game. He still had a double-double year.

      • me says:

        least learn how to spell if you’re gonna be a bandwangoner….it’s “inconsistency”

      • Slyboogaloo says:

        Inconsistent Pau? Lost 7 meters far from the board? Being 4th in team attempts because of his new role? He even did quite pretty with all that nonsense revolution and trade rumors.

  122. jhon says:

    i want to stay gasol in la la land…and get dwight howard to the magic then trade bynum …

  123. Mardie says:


  124. b roy 7 says:

    forget dh12 who is just playing with the fans and nba teams he just want a good pg to go play with him in orlando withouth cutting his payheck, but with nash he decided for himself thats the man not dh12 crying baby lol

  125. android20 says:

    well lets see if they compete with the thunder,lakers are old,thurder young guns will wear them down come playoff time if they met again.

    • chalice says:

      I agree. The Thunder looked very good this post-season. Besides, I am still old enough to remember the Lakers getting Gary Payton and Karl Malone with a lot of people saying that there’s no way that they don’t win a championship. Very few outside of Detroit believed they would lose the finals. For that matter, the lakers almost lost to the Spurs that year as well. I wouldn’t plan on the Lakers parade just yet.

      • WuT says:

        Because it was a short schedule that’s why the Thunder were heavily favored.

      • MikeJ33 says:

        Do remember that Karl Malone and Shaq where play injured throughout that series.

      • Mo says:

        You’re forgetting Karl Malone went down with an knee injury and didn’t play in the playoffs. If he was there he could’ve added the same punch that Bosh gave for the Miami Heat.

      • 16going417 says:

        I agree. It takes more than talent and a starting five to win a championship. There has to be chemistry and roll players in order to get the job done. Look at OKC. They seemed to have what it takes, but the “team” and roll players did not show up and they only won one game in the finals.

        I think Nash will fit in, but I think the Lakers need more. The bench was their problem last year and with this Nash deal it still does not address their bench. Hope Mitch has something else up his sleeve or it will be more of the same for the Lakers IMO.

        Lastly, I think LAL should trade Bynum and MWP for Howard. MWP is too much of a head case and I did not like Bynum sitting on the bench while his team was in huddles. He is not a true team player and too much of a cry baby at times.

      • hooplover says:


      • l.a lakers says:


      • ChaliceDuh says:

        “I am still old enough to remember the Lakers getting Gary Payton and Karl Malone” … LMAO! Yeah you have to go all the way back to 2004 to remember that, You must be really old.

    • bob loblaw says:

      Yea but the Thunder aren’t nearly as experienced as the Lakers. Especially with Nash there now.

  126. jose martino victoria says:

    with that starting five….i think t’was another ring

    • KOBRICK24 says:

      trade Gasol MWP and Bynum for KD!!!!!!!!!!!

      • MightyNZAllBlacks says:

        yip, then trade steve blake for westbrooke and jordan hill for luel deng, pretty sure okc wouldnt trade even kd for lebron, its not guna happen

    • hooplover says:


    • SaneFan says:

      Depends on if they play to Nash’s strengths. A Nash pick and roll with Gasol is a natural fit, and having Kobe Bryant running back door and Bynum in the paint would simply be unstoppable. There is just no way to guard that scenerio because you have to make a defensive rotation to stop Nash off the pick and roll which leaves Metta alone behind the 3 point line and Kobe and Bynum, who demand double teams, in single coverage. It’s a nightmare scenerio for opposing Coaches. BUT can Kobe put his ego in check to not have the Offense flow through him? that’s the REALLY big question here.

      • reprezentedmami says:

        Lakers have a legit starting 5, but now they need a bench!

      • Jones17 says:

        Pretty sure teams will be happy to leave MWP behind the 3 point line bricking every shot. Kobe seemed excited to have Nash play with him and helped to recruit him so we shall see. Fingers crossed!