Another Day, Another Dwight Update

From staff reports

As we mentioned here on Independence Day, the Magic aren’t going to let Dwight Howard dictate his trade destination. Like any NBA front office worth its salt in this new era of superstar trades, Orlando’s brass is going to discuss deals and explore the avenues it can to get the most in return for its All-NBA star.

Granted, Howard’s ideal destination is the budding superteam in Brooklyn, where he could team up with Deron Williams, Joe Johnson and Gerald Wallace to form one of the most formidable (on paper) starting lineups in the NBA. But for him to become a Net (or perhaps, a Laker), it’s going to take more than a team-to-team swap to make it happen. This might require a three-team trade if Howard is to end up in a Brooklyn uni or the purple-and-gold ones in Lakerland.

Ken Berger at has the lowdown on the daily Dwight update, where the Magic and Nets are ‘still plugging away’ at a deal:

The Orlando Magic are continuing to explore trade options for Dwight Howard, though the team is in no rush to move the disgruntled superstar despite multiple options remaining in play, has learned.

The Nets and Magic are “still plugging away” with possible Howard trade scenarios, according to a person familiar with the process. “Everything is in play,” said another person connected to the talks, including a possible deal with the Lakers, whose stunning acquisition of Steve Nash Wednesday night may have pushed them onto Howard’s radar as a team with whom he’d sign an extension if traded.

Both the Nets and Lakers, however, may need a third team to facilitate the deal to maximize the cap relief Orlando is seeking in any Howard trade. It isn’t simply about the players and draft picks the Magic would acquire, but also the ability to relieve their future payroll of burdensome contracts such as those of Hedo Turkoglu and Jason Richardson, sources said.

The Nets’ ability to satisfy that goal for Orlando was diminished when Brooklyn sent four expiring contracts to the Hawks for All-Star shooting guard Joe Johnson. The Nets no longer have the cap space to chase Howard as an unrestricted free agent next summer, reducing the pressure on Magic GM Rob Hennigan to trade Howard to his desired destination now. But the Nets did themselves a favor Thursday when it was revealed that the deal Bosnian forward Mirza Teletovic is getting actually will be the non-taxpayer mid-level for three years, $9.7 million — not the taxpayer mid-level for $15.7 million. Use of the lesser exception avoids the imposition of a hard cap for the Nets at $4 million above the tax line next season, leaving more wiggle room to absorb Howard.

“It’s beyond huge,” a league source said of the maneuver to alleviate the hard-cap threat.

So if this swap to Brooklyn looks dicey, maybe a trip to L.A. is easier? Not so fast. From a potential cap mess to not wanting to disrupt a team that just added Nash, the Lakers have their own share of obstacles in landing another “Superman”:

The Lakers can still offer the most comparable talent in return for Howard, that being 24-year-old All-Star center Andrew Bynum. But the Lakers face an even steeper challenge than the Nets in their inability to absorb Orlando’s bad contracts without a third team. Also, signals out of the Lakers’ front office in the wake of the Nash deal indicate that the team is planning to keep its basic core of Kobe Bryant, Pau Gasol, Bynum and Nash together.

That being said, if anything the Lakers will need to shed future salary in order to avoid a potentially mammoth luxury tax bill next season, the first of a drastically more punitive tax system. With the addition of Nash and various cap holds, the Lakers are projected to be in the neighborhood of $20 million over the tax line next season — which under the new rules would cost them a whopping $44 million in tax payments. In addition, for every $1 million in excess of $20 million above the tax threshold, the Lakers would have to pay $3.75 million.

In all, any Howard trade — at least one that involves the Lakers or Nets — is one that is going to take some more thinking and, perhaps, another team in the fray.


  1. kb24&d12 says:

    bynum and gasol look like 2 centers who argue about everything bynum is arrogant not powerfull and takeing to long to develop. howard looks like * real center and pau would look good as a power foward. pau can shoot if he missis u got D12. bynum is another oden.howard is hungry for a ring. and hes going to eat. he said it him self he wants to play next to kingkobe. haters hate lakers bc their team never wins CHAMPIONSHIPS..howard leave that ron jeramy look a like gundy. and be a winner. purp & gold.

  2. Bitburger says:

    you guy’s don’t know whats gonna happen! you don’t know how howard think off, maybe we will be shock the news that howard is heading to south beach, hell yeah the championship ring is almost of the hands of howard if he joins heat..

  3. LakerDude says:

    Keep Bynum. Pick up a free agent to fill our needs at the 3-spot. Dump Meta. Howard is recovering from back surgery and won’t be at full strength for the upcoming season. By the time Howard returns to full srength, if ever, he will be a free agent and opt to sign with Brooklyn. Bynum is ready to build on his best season as a pro. To trade him for a man who is fickle, and recovering from back surgery is foolish. He doesn’t want LA, and we don’t want him.

  4. Mr. says:

    the laker have better to try to get Grant hill than Howard who lack offensive skills

  5. johnnyMAMBABLAZE says:


  6. johnnyMAMBABLAZE says:

    HOWARD+WILLIAMS+JOHNSON+WALLACE+HUMPHRIES = 3th seed eastern conference.

  7. johnnyMAMBABLAZE says:


  8. bystander says:

    Great points were made. Some comments were just ridiculous, though.

    But I guess, if DHoward wants to wear multiple rings, he should go to Brooklyn. That would be a “perfect” fit.

    Deron’s playmaking, Johnson’s shooting, Wallace’s an outside/inside threat, Howard’s gonna dominate inside (if healthy).

    They will become another Big 4 in the east.

  9. mikey says:

    he needs to go to the haws cauze they don’t have any weapons!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  10. black24mamba says:

    if howard land on sense to watch the NBA….even the miami heat or other team will not stop them for rampaging.glory for the lakerland

  11. Daniel G says:


    The nba greatly changed sad but true!

  12. Tommy Jones says:

    The Knicks have the best package for Orlando. Chandler, Stoudemire and Jeremy Lin will put Orlando in the hunt and Howard will fit beautifully with Melo.

  13. Andre says:

    everyone thinks if dwight goes to LA that kobe wont give him the ball. That just saying kobe is dumb, lets not forget even though kobe and shaq hated each other towards the end real bad they still dominated on the court, making it to the finals in thier last year together. Kobe would share with dwight cause he wants ring 6 and 7.

  14. Andre says:

    kobe is STILL a great player. If lebron or durant had kobes injuries everytime they missed a shot we would hear about no wrist ligaments. Kobe lost the scoring title on the last day of the season, to a dude 10 years younger with fully healthy wrists. Its funny how heat fans think they will land dwight without giving up bosh and/or wade, does anyone in miami know basketball? they should just stick to be football fans. haha. they struggle to sell out during the season and they have lebron, wade, and bosh. 29 other teams would sell out ALL 41 games

  15. fre says:

    dwight 4 bynum is a no brainer 4 the magic time to rebuild and time 4 the lakers 2 win more championships 2013 CHAMPS

  16. wew says:

    kobe didnt need dwight or another superstar on his back to win a ring again, just two all star is enough to crash the team that all knows is to team to 2 superstar just to win a ring…

  17. Respect Kobe's Greatness says:

    All you hater’s say Kobe is a ball hog that = 5 titles and counting! Jordan was a ball hog and he got 6 titles….Understand if you wanna be the Greatest Ever you must Demand the Damn ball.

  18. heatfan says:

    He is not gonna go to the nets,so people can dismiss that right now. Orlando is not gonna trade him for what the nets are offering. Then even if he becomes a free agent they don’t have the cap space to sign him. He is gonna either go to L.A for Bynum or stay in Orlando.

  19. sam says:

    what i don’t get is why did he sign the contract in the first place, to return to orlando for a year, when he wanted to get traded? he could have just become a free agent this year. talk about “loyalty”! i have nothing against him for wanting a trade. He is the best center in the game today and he wants to win a ring but why talk about loyalty when you keep asking to be traded?

  20. kb24 says:

    people(some laker fans) here are idiot..they would rather had bynum instead of dwight..bynum has lack of defensive skill ability and that’s the most important in would be tough for everybody to get into the paint even for lebron the #1 attcker in the paint in the 2009 eastern conference finals

  21. othan says:

    dwight howard is go to miami…just wait for that

  22. D'Wade says:

    udo mo howard

  23. cliff says:

    There is no way Howard can go to the Nets unless they give up Wallace and Green or whoever. They have 0 cap room and no talent aside from their big 3. Lakers and Im a laker fan only have 1 option, Trade Bynum and a player that they may have to sign and trade like Ebanks for Howard and Terkelu. That is the only way and Jim refuses to let Bynum go. So not there. I just see no real possibility except Houston right now. They have a boatload of picks they just drafted.

  24. D'Wade says:

    Heat will dominate until 2017…. 6 straight rings for them even dwight ulolhoward will join other forces…

  25. NO BRAINER says:


  26. la is awesome says:

    keep bynum trade gasol jordan hill metta and matt for dwight hedo ryan anderson and j-rich. put dwight at power forward and sign antwan jamison.


  27. Lkrfan says:

    As a Laker fan, I question the health of Dwight Howard. Back issues are not one of the things that get better with age; whatever the case, I just want this D-Howard saga to hurry and end, this is worse than the Carmello Anthony drama.
    Can’t wait for July 12.

  28. TJD says:

    He is going to the Nets. He wants to go there, the Nets need him and want him there. The salary cap has enough space, as has been said by Brooklyn and the NBA. Orlando are worried about Nets for a reason.

    All in All – Dwight Howard for Brooks, Lopez, Humphries and 3 Draft Picks will happen.

  29. Jae Will says:

    People dont understand, D Howard wants to be part of a winning orgnization for his new contract. He will do this by playing with a core group of young players. In case people dont notice….Lakers with “OLD” kOBE AND Ancient Nash have maybe 2 decent years as a backcourt……Dallas is done…Only dirk with no guards…Brooklyn will have a young core especially a young point guard that he can play with for 5+ years.. ..
    Would D. Howard really want to carry Shaq, Kareem, Wilts jock strap…He wants to be the Face of a franchise! Not follow like a Lil Shaq! What will be a bigger accomplishment…taking a lottery team to a championship…or helping Kobe win another ring with Lakers? Its all about legacy people….He will be the greatest Brooklyn Nets center from day one and staty that way for generations…Not #4 or 5 like with the Lakers…

    • chris says:

      but it doesnt matter what dwight wants because its up to the general manager (NOT DWIGHT) and the general manager would rather have a young rising star like bynum instead of brook lopez and a few picks. plus it does not matter about the bigger accomplishment because he is going to wich ever team the GM trades him to

  30. wheatyy says:

    Bulls should pick up j rich and hedo in a three way trade!!

  31. MICO says:

    If Bynum gets traded for Howard, its bad because bynum now is doing way better than Dwight Howard!

  32. RICK says:

    While Dwight Howard is a great temptation. I think if the lakers could get a power forward who could shoot the three and with the addition of Steve Nash one of my most favorite players and with my most favorite player of all time Kobe King Bryant and if Pau gasol will play like the talent he has and Mr. Bynum will show up every night. The lakers will win next year’s Championship. In fairness to Coach Brown I want to give him one full season with the Lakers. Any coach taking over a team in which a great Coach such as phil jackson had would encounter problems trying to establish a different coaching philosophy. I also would love to see josh mc roberts start i n place of Pau Gasol, not only would this be good for josh who is a banger and not afraid of contact, but this might re motivate Pau to play like he is capable of playing. Psalms 34:1

  33. sirsparhawk says:

    Whats up with all the clowns pretending like they know howard? You dont know what he has to go through, being rich and famous has its downsides too, he cant even fart without people documenting it. He is and always will be better than bynum, he is stronger, more athletic, more skilled. People saying he cant recover from his back injury are stupid and probably shouldnt post, Ive had back injuries and recovered. At the very least he would lose some athletesism but would still dominate since his points mostly come from strenght and post moves. I want him to go to the lakers only so I have a reason to watch them, but if he wants a better shot at a title nets are where its at.

  34. kbgphilly says:

    You people are sad.Its a sport you talk like its life and death .smh

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  36. daniel.b says:

    lakers dont need howard, we need a bench!!!!!!!!!

  37. art says:

    dwight should be acquired by lakers to form a big 4 kobe nash howard pau. that would be a great combination to win another title for the lakers!

  38. Scalbrine says:

    Any team should get Brian Scalbrine if they want to win a championship!
    A team + Brian Scalbrine = Championship! :DDD

  39. J. Pla says:


  40. martin uruguay says:

    for thos who say “give away metta” and all that stuff, please think… why would you trade World Peace? come on !!!!!

  41. tommy g. says:

    dear “fellow” lakers fans,

    with deep sorrow, i have to admit, that there are very stupid and probably unhealably stupid idiodts amongst us. please do not underestimate or ignore the ability or the drive of dwight howward. we all know that he is by far the best, since shaq wore a lakers uniform. that said, leaves one question: what more do you want? dwight wants to play in LA. thats a fact. dwight doesnt want to play with kobe so much. i give you doubters that. but, am i the only one to see, what two so big of players can do for our franchise? dwight in combination with nash could potentially keep kobe playing on for years. and thats what we all want. isnt it? i say: we want to see the greatest player of our time continuing a few more years, and we want to see the lakers contending for a fewmore championships until he is done. the combination of nash-kobe-metta or matt-gasol-howard would beat anything, and i hope xou know it. peace out

  42. D - ROSE FAN says:

    GO TO D-League Dwight! and get with you METTA WORLD S H I T! ! —

    I think Chicago need heavy Center like Dwight ;S!

  43. John Edward Cabagnot says:

    Dont worry MIAMI HEAT will sill be the CHAMPS 2013…GOD BLESS, Happy trading.

  44. carlos says:

    i have the best deal for the magics.deng and a few first rounders,for howard and jason richardson to chicago..

  45. Daniel G says:

    i swear i was about to say that.
    i dnt know much about trades and what not, but i love basketball(Chicago Bulls).

    do you guys think this can happen?

    Magic get: Boozer,Watson(cause of teague getting signed), Asik
    Bulls Get:howard, richardson

    i think this is wishful thinking on my part, i just hate Boozer, we need to get rid of him ASAP!

  46. Larry says:

    Am i the only one that is tired of hearing all this Dewight Howard talk ? This is rediculous already. Im from houston and this is all we heard about down here and im SICK OF IT, Honestly i dont even care anymore, i used to be a Howard fan but the dude has been the biggest baby throughout all of this, the magic reshaped its whole organization to please the guy and he still wants to leave them, dare i say this is WORSE THAN ( Lebron James) THE DESICION. Atleast he had a good reason to leave and was QUICK about it, now the way he went about it wasnt the best way but the guy has understands and has moved on. Dwight Howard you need to GROW UP be a man and dominate like the MEN OF THE PAST and that will attract the talent and championships you seek.

  47. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    How about Chicago to Dwight………

  48. Raven says:

    Nets should try and get Dirk if the can’t get Howard.

  49. bigbabydavis says:

    @litesout Thanks for the reply. You make a lot of great points! I agree Bynum and Brown don’t get along and that could be big problems for the entire team.

  50. tina says:

    dont come to lakers we straight bynum is a better player we’ll make it happen

  51. the kobe says:

    the best thing for the lakers is to trade andrew, metta(too old and causes problems), andrew goudlock,josh mchroberts,chritisian eyenga for dwight howard, hedo and jason richardson. then they they could resign ramon sessions and jordan hill. so even though they weakened their small foward position they strenghtened their bench and their defense

  52. chris says:

    lakers should trade pau gasol and jordan hill plus a few draft picks and some money for dwight then they would be able to move dwight or bynum to power foward so they would be able toget more rebounds but they need a shooter to spread the floor so nash can make metta for shane battier or jared dudlly and they will give the heat a run for thier money

  53. Joel says:

    All i gotta say is…..You gotta love how theres a huge sea of nets fans suddenly…..#BANDWAGONNNNNN

  54. says:

    It is in both Howard and Orlando camp’s best interest not to reveal the severity of Howard’s back injury. Howard is inline to become the biggest trade bust in the history of the NBA.

  55. litesout says:

    @ bigbabydavis i dont think thats a bad move for the lakers becauce bynum and mike brown obviously don’t get along. and i don’t care what anyone says bynum is not a franchise player he just happen the second best center. the lakers were better when gasol was there go to guy in the post and lopez can stretch the court with his ability to hit open shots. As for brooks it is no secret he think he is a young kobe so i’m sure kobe will take him under the wing and hey they might find a diamond in the rough plus i feel this trade would make them the #1 offence. defense will suffer a bit but they still will be a very long team

  56. bigbabydavis says:

    Why would you want to go from a BIG Four Nash, Koby, Gasol, and Bynum………….to a big three in Nash, Kobe, and Howard? Does not add up. Besides the Lakers would only be creating more of a problem with Howrad. He wants to be the man and that won’t happen while Kobe is still playing. Those two will eventually clash!

    caliboydj- Gasol is a great all star, You can call him soft all you wan’t, truth is we never would have won titles without him. The problem was the coach. Brown didn’t use him the same as Phil did. Brown only cared about Kobe. He also went away from Bynum in the playoffs. It will always affect a player when you lean on him during the season then decide you don’t need to use him much in the playoffs.

  57. Axel says:

    If Howard isn’t going to commit to signing a long term deal, i don’t want him on the lakers, personally.

  58. SYDALE says:

    He should go to the Clippers for Blake Griffin and DeAndre Jordan… or to OKC for Perkins, Ibaka, and a draft pick…

  59. adamy says:

    Dwight should go to the Lakers so the Lakers could could one the deadliest big three.

    Steve Nash,Kobe Bryant, Dwight Howard πŸ˜€

  60. S says:

    Howard for Hibbert, Collison and two first round picks.

    Win-Win for all.

    Howard will be a STAR and the Pacers will match the HEAT and BULLS int eh East.

  61. caliboydj says:

    The only way i want Dwight in L.A. is if they get rid of Gasol and some no name players. Gasol hasnt showed up for the Lakers since they got that ring. Bynum is NOT the one to get rid of in this situation! He has produced and deserves to continue to wear that purple and gold jersey. Pau played like he was wearing a periwinkle and yellow jersey – completely too soft!!!

  62. bigbabydavis says:

    “litesout”…………i think you need to turn on the lites cause you are not thinking straight. Why would any GM in their right mind trade Bynum and Metta for Lopez, Brokks, and Turkoglu in a three team trade?

    If Mitch pulls the trigger on that type of trade, that would be one of the worse trades ever if not the worse. It would be time to release him and sign Phil Jackson as the GM.

  63. yesterday my brother and I road by dwights MANSION off of MARKHAM WOODS ROAD!!! and we were screaming PLEASANT things TOWARDS his house ( I know he is living the high life in L.A. right now) but it felt GREAT saying the things I said!! He needs to be traded ASAP, also we need to trade BABY FAT DAVIS, what a TURD!!!
    RESIGN STAN VAN GUNDY and get back to WORK!!


  64. Kobe Bryant says:

    I want him on my team.

    • tim says:

      U don’t like bynum…he knows the chemisry…he needs time to develope…thats it…then u can get 5 6 7…rings

  65. chandler says:

    if dwite goes to the lakers every one will be like, oh its the super team, dream team if u will. and if he does i hop e they lose every game and all the small market teams destroy.TEAMS ARE BUILT NOT BOUGHT!

  66. Dee Nice says:

    Who cares where he goes. He’s nothing but a BIG BABY!!! He better not come to Brooklyn with that mess!

  67. litesout says:

    no D12 trade would go down before 7/11 but i do believe he is going to the nets in a three team trade w/ lakers,nets,magic
    Magic get-bynum,humphries,metta 2 1st rd pks Lakers get-lopez,brooks,turkoglu 1 1st rd pk Nets get D12 this trade makes a lot of sense for lakers because they get more dept and two players that should meet their max potential in that organization while still being a contender

  68. bigbabydavis says:

    Now that the Lakers have Nash they should leave the team as is. We do not need Howard, besides what guarantees do the Lakers have that his back won’t be a a factor? NONE………also with Nash running the point he will improve everyones shooting percentage just like he did for players in Phoenix. Let Howard go to the Nets!!

    If Mitch makes trade and sends Bynum to the Magic for Howard, I vote he includes himself in that trade!!

    Lakers as is in THE FINALS with Howard Eliminated in the Second round again…..

  69. Josh Smith so underrated. especially by dwight howard

  70. Lance says:

    C’mon Clippers, pull the trigger on a Ryan Gomes/2017 second round pick for Dwight Howard trade!

  71. G G says:

    Enough…..Yes D. Howard is a great player…However, in the real world it not only takes super talent; there must be a bond and respect among the players to truly be #1…. Example, look at the bond with James/Wade & Bosh…. or Durant & Westbrook. These guys have something special….Do you really think a totally self-center player like Howard would be a good fit for the Lakers beyond his talent.?….. Nash is a good fit because of his outstanding personality, proven ability and he is one of the greatest floor generals of all time. …Lakers need to build the bench and focus more on getting some young legs. If not, some of these young teams are going to be more of a threat that expected…..By the way, I am a devoted Lakers fan.

    • ZOEKOBE says:


  72. killuabest says:

    yeah gasol= josh smith and trade bynum= howard lakers= showtime and championship ring in one..lakers all day baby..

    • ATLHAWKS says:

      no atl wont take gasol that was the dumb rick sund wanting to do that danny ferry wouldnt do such a terrible sin as taking gaso he wouldnt throw away to two worst contracs in league to take the 4th or 5th worst one in the league just ship gasol back to spain

  73. KnickerBocker says:

    From the magic’s point of view nun of these trades are worthit who cares about howard and what he wants. the best PF in the league is Gasol so he must be involved in the trade because he is just as good as howard down low. then add some of those great lakers bench defenders like maybe barnes or MWP and if another teams in the mix get a lottery draft pick

  74. Mr. says:

    It will be funny if howard finish to the clippers.

  75. me says:

    To be honest the thunder is still a better westbrook would dominate nash for sure nash is 38 year old come on man the truth hurt

  76. kipre says:

    lakers need howard

  77. Joseph says:

    Get him bulls.. πŸ˜€

  78. trade says:

    Trade Gasol to Josh Smith. Lob City Baby!!!!!

    • ZOEKOBE says:


      • ATLHAWKS says:

        no josh is staying right here in ATL and there will be no such thing as lob city for the lakers now if josh smith somehow went to the clippers that would definantly be lob city

  79. Boomer says:

    When will people understand that NBA All Stars are businesses unto themselves. They either try to win it all like the “warriors” they are meant to be, or make financial, business decisions that most NBA front offices are lauded for.
    The media do not help by sensationalizing everything but they are only chasing ratings.
    A player maximizes his profile and therefore earnings by being a superstar and being a winner. And being popular with the public.
    Dwight needs advisors that tell him to grow up and project an image that people like. Not a petulant child.

    Magic, get the best deal you can now and let Dwight Inc. look after itself.

  80. Charles Barkley says:

    La La land, he’s going to LA!

    I dislike the Lakers, but Kobe is probably getting #6 and maybe #7.

  81. Flash says:

    Who cares. Heat win it all anyway.

  82. Laker Fan says:

    Yeah! Come to Lakers please man! See I know nobody wants bynum to go away, me neither. the problem is, it’s important to have dwight howard now, as he is better now. bynum will be best center in one or two years, but then kobe’s time will be over. So we need him know, for one last championship run…then kobe can have his sixth, nash is first and howard too. gasol and other will get their 3rd or 2nd!


  83. shink213 says:

    howard is such a tool for how he’s handled this whole situation and yet people will still hate on lebron more for how he handled his….there is one reason for this, as kobe would say “dwight doesn’t even sit at the same lunch table as LeBron.”

    • tim says:

      β€œdwight doesn’t even sit at the same lunch table as LeBron.”-hahahahaha…..funny

  84. whoTheHeck says:

    still hoping miami take a risk with oden πŸ™‚ i still live in a fantasy world where oden is mentioned in an argument for the best centers in the league πŸ™‚

  85. Bone says:

    What about trading Howard to the Knick? Swap Howard+Richardson for Stoudemire+Chandler and one of the young guys (Shumpert, Fields or Lin). Both teams may have to throw in some money picks or players to make it work, but i think both teams would benefit.

    • Glenn says:

      The Magic are trying to make more cap room, they would never take on Stoudemire’s ridiculous contract. Keep dreaming.

  86. Fefe (Nets) says:

    As a Nets fan for life, I would be happy if Howard goes to the Nets. Nevertheless, I’m already happy with this free agency and I think that Brook Lopez & MarShon Brooks can be very good for the Nets (The Hump will maybe go to another team). People seem to forget how good Lopez was before his injury, and I expect him to come back to his form next season.
    I feel that neither the Lakers nor the Nets will get Howard. He will mostly wind up in Atlanta or in Houston.

    If he becomes a Hawk, it’ll be tremendous for them. The main problem for the Hawks has been the center position. With him coming to his hometown, Al Horford can play his position at PF and Josh Smith as an all-around force as a SF. Of course that depends if the Hawks retain both these guys or not (I guess they might trade the fast improving Jeff Teague or newly acquired Harris – if it’s possible cuz I don’t know if they can do it).

    Anyway, ATL in a Hawks jersey would be good too, and even if he might be disappointed, being around his buddy J-Smoove and being in his hometown would be acceptable for him.

  87. Bluedude2 says:

    Howard says he wants the Nets. I’d be thrilled if the Lakers traded for him and he bolted the next year! Woot! Nets wait a year then trade Lpoez (or whomever) to clear cap space and sign him and keep some player/picks.
    Btw, How old is Nash? Defense? I guess you have to have Kobe guarding the point? Artest (between suspensions) ? The Lakers core got thumped two years in a row, but at least they’re older-and slower- now.
    All the talk about Howard being a head case? Lol, helloooo Andrew Bynum

  88. Jan Gabrielle Halili says:

    DHoward in Lakers

  89. DDozen! says:

    Come on, DDozen, showtime in Brooklyn begins! Its time to join, man! Look at that hungry no-ringed predators. They have complete set of skills needed to compete. There is the future, cuz 1st year may take to get used to new team, new playing style. 2 to complete the team by gaining more talented players, find out how to win most. 3 maybe to win the trophy. In la it would take time to start winning most too. But does that dinosaurs have it..

  90. Troy says:

    I would love to see him get stuck in Orlando this year, and then be forced to take a max deal from someone other than Brooklyn or LA next summer. I’m so sick of seeing these guys dictate where they play, who’s coaching, who else is on the team, etc. You aren’t the GM, Dwight, and if you were the team would be a mess b/c you are obviously an idiot. ESPN was showing the “Dwight timeline” the other day, and it’s just absolutely ridiculous how much pointless drama he has stirred up over the past year. Grow up dude, you aren’t good enough to be making these kinds of demands publicly.

  91. Anthrax says:

    Bynum or Howard for Lakers is good…but its better to get 3pt shooters…

  92. anthony says:

    Just trade him to some random team on the NBA, then let him leave as a Free Agent. I had respect for this guy when he decided to stay in Magic Uniform before the lockout, and tried to get this team to winning a championship, but now I lost all respect because he’s just playing the role of a 6 year old kid that wants everything, and throws a tantrum if he doesn’t get his way.

  93. spurs! says:

    go to the spurs! πŸ˜€

  94. atong says:

    we need howard and nash’ pao and kobe… specially metta…
    thats the lakers come back for this season….

  95. atong says:

    we need howard… and steve nash.. with pao and metta… specially the black mamba…
    we cant wait….

    offense and defense.. thats why we need howard too… specially the defense….

  96. MiQi says:

    Howard is overvalued, he is defensively just the half of a future Ibaka, and offensivelly a frozen statue under the basket…
    Pau, please move to Wolves!
    RR-NB-X-PG-KL awesome!

  97. gapo says:

    If lakers are smart enough they wouldnt get dwight. how in the world are you sure that dwight will sign a extension contract with the lakers. And even if he does the lakers are not going to be what u guys r expecting. remember that we got a old veteran PG. And it makes no difference the lakers tempo is still going to be slow

  98. Awesome~ says:

    Go to Lakers!!!!!!

  99. erwin says:

    L.A. doesn’t need Howard, with Nash at the point, all they need is a strong reserve like Trevor Ariza (if he is available)

  100. ice says:

    soo much talk about howard this howard that..let the man live his dream,before all talk about lebron leaving cleveland to win a championship and now howard is doing the same…now i dont hear anyone complaining about howard going to LA with nash n Kobe…while we all worry who does what or goes where they still make their millions happily…I hope he goes to jersey to see more contenders in the nba than just a few..No matter what go HEAT!!! they just started their run for a few years…it’s all chemistry and very few have that!

  101. wes says:

    if LA lands dwight… who will be the prime diva?… atleast the lakers already had experiences with crybabies as what their ballhog did years ago…

  102. Black Mamba says:

    You want to Experience a TRUE Pick n Roll??? come with kobe and steve baby!!!!! LETS GO L.A 8)

  103. lakermig says:

    Why would or should we remove or change anything from our core to get this whining baby esp seeing as we already have an immature 7 foot center with great potential. After the nice surprise of steve nash i would seriously try keeping all the core- bynum,pau,mwp and obviously kobe and nash (super starting 5) and simply trade for good role players, maybe an outside shooter that’s it. We still have a problem with OKCs youth and speed but then we have the size and talent. I cant wait to start watching some laker ball.

  104. susie says:

    I say Howard to New Orleans!

  105. MrHemi318 says:

    Breaking News: All NBA teams decide Howard isnt worth all the heart ach.

  106. drowworshiper78 says:

    You Net fans are so silly.!/WiessD David Wiess is a reliable sports writer for the NBA. Dwight will be a Laker over the weekend. If you think that the magic will take draft picks that are not high in the draft and brook lopez and a bunch of other nothings over Andrew Bynum? I’M sorry to say your kidding yourselves. Plus to make the deal work the Nets need a third team to take on the bad contract of Orlando. With LA simply they need to swap bad contracts so the Lakers don’ needt a 3rd team. They are willing to take Hedo or Richardson contracts.

  107. drowworshiper78 says:

    I love you Net fans lol. Well if you guys still think Dwight is going to the Nets think again. He will be coming to LA. Just look at!/WiessD David Wiess who is a reliable source for the NBA. Dwight will be in LA there is no way magic take those draft picks over Bynum.

    • Mike says:

      The point is l.a. can’t afford him and therefore won’t take him. The magic aren’t just trading one player for another they want to get rid of Hedo and l.a. has been cutting costs so they don’t want to be that far over the cap.

  108. Bull says:

    Trade him to us… We still want you Dwight!!! Chi still wants you!

    • ATLHAWKS says:

      where did chicago come from???? all i ve seen if lakers nets some ATL and occasionally the bobcats the bulls are fine drose just needs to be healthy everyone is too greedy on here lakers are the greeediest i mean dwight go to ATL we arnt greedy

  109. Ericy Yao says:

    Dwight Howard is a fool. He should just retire together with stupid LeBrick James.

    • pakyaw says:

      Lebron retire? he just getting started(1 ring)…not 1..not 2..not 3…not 4…lol…DONT HATE THE PLAYER, HATE THE GAME

    • tim says:

      LeBrick JAMES and CRY BABY howard should go to the Bobcats…

  110. kupchak says:

    no need to trade for howard but if lakers want to trade for howard, bynum is enough trade. no need to trade for 2 players. i believe kobe, gasol, nash and mwp and a center is enough. lakers need to improve their bench. that’s all they need to do.

  111. go lakers says:

    i think lakers should just try to get a good 3-pt SF (G.hill,OJ.mayo) then they should resign sessions to use him as a back up for nash to give him some rest. after they do that they should find some bench players that would provide some points.

    • Mike says:

      Oh to be a laker fan and put your team together with the thought that they don’t care how much they spend. Sure then throw in lebron and the best players at each position. If they could afford sessions he’d still be there. They should have kept him over nash because he is less of a risk. All players hit a drop off point and now we will see how good that phoenix training staff really is if nash gets injured early in the season. Other teams are bringing in dynamic youth but l.a. decides to bring in a retirement home worth of talent.

  112. daniel.b says:

    i say steve nash is already good for the lakers, thats it for the starters, bynum needs to readjust his attitude if he wants to be know as one of the top superstars stop crying like a baby.. ur a 7footer if u want to make a point then go out and dominate, for gasol.. trade talk just hit him and was probably hard to play up to ur ability knowing u can be traded at any point.. i say just turn the bench upside down and get more better solid bench players, steve blake sorry but ur way to up and down evey game g2g, barnes adds a spark to the bench i say he should stay, hill was very good he should stay, josh mcroberts didnt look comfortable handling the ball to much didnt really look for his shots but he did look good in the pick n roll i can see him and nash go for some alley oops. murphy definetly has to go, eyenga has to go..



    or w/e

  113. Lukas84 says:

    Lakers don’t need to trade Bynum for Howard. They need a small forward with the ability to shoot 3s. Someone who can create space on the court and stretch defense. ( Ray Allen, Steve Novak, Michael Redd, )

  114. Breeze says:

    Ive been reading alot of howard wants nets so his going to the nets.? It is not up to howard where he goes? Gm of Magic is upset with him and stated that howard is not going to a team of his choosing, He will not dictate where his going to end up( His not going to the nets unless its for williams and thats not going to happen you net guys are crazy thinking the magic will take your offer of humphries brooks and draft picks? i mean comon might aswell trade steve blake and matt barnes 3 draft picks for kevin durant?
    Only in Video Games!!!

  115. chris says:

    Lakers with Nash have got to look more appealing to Dwight all of a sudden, but it really isn’t up to him now is it?

  116. James says:

    As a Long time Laker fan I have no wish to trade Bynum for Howard.. We already have a Center that’s an All star and a Diva.. but at least our Diva has more upside, and is very familiar with the team and environment. Lakers really gain nothing from that trade and will actually probably have to lose more then just Bynum to make it happen.

    As for you people who say the Magic should just trade him to Charlotte, or Toronto… I understand where that is coming from.. but the Magic just can’t send him where ever they want.. they have to convince a team to make a worthwhile trade for him. Why would Charlotte or any rebuilding team part with anything of value for a player who is most likely just going to leave in a year anyways? So really the Magic in my opinion.. have no choice but to trade him to a team that can be a contender with Howard.

  117. Johnny Peng says:

    Why people always jealous Lakers.Stern Stop Chris Paul to Lakers. But this time–Howard, Yourself should insist go to lakers. To build a new Dynasty for Purple and Gold. Kobe will retire 2 years later, You can be a man to be a core center of Lakers for many years….Howard Go go go….You will make NBA history…….

    • Mike says:

      The biggest stars don’t want to play with the laker star because he is a ballhog and people remember how he got jealous of shaq and chased him off. Lakers only get people who are soft like pau and nash(neither plays defense). Sorry lakers are done for quite some time thanks to your greedy star player who wanted so much money. Just can’t afford Howard.

  118. mj23 kb24 says:

    i think he can go eithier way depends on best offer

  119. Josh says:

    As a Magic fan, I would like Dwight to leave ASAP. Send him off to Atlanta for Horford and Teague.

    What I don’t understand is this: Dwight says he wants to go to the Nets. Why are we trying to force a trade there? Houston said they would gamble on him not signing long term in a trade, so WHY NOT TRY IT? This guy has quit on Orlando and made a huge scene that got a great coach and GM fired. Why are we respecting his wishes?

    • ATLHAWKS says:

      only way i would like the hawks to send horford and teague is if cp3 came to atl if not then no i dont want cry baby in atl

  120. karoLT says:

    i saw the ATLANA HAWKS pair Dwight Howard & Josh SMith, its going to be the best defensive team for sure…

  121. davion says:

    Doesn’t matter where anyone is going ! OKC for life !!!! #ThunderUp!

  122. Tuwaylib says:

    i hope he gets ‘blackmailed’ into going to the Bobcats. I despise him more than Lebron now.

  123. Jojomon says:

    getting Howard to Lakers.. hmm, they are trying to be Heat now? wow..

  124. jeff says:

    He’s going to the Lakers so Kobe can get his 6th plus they have the most to offer.

    • pakyaw says:

      Kobe can get his 6th?. then what? .. start comparing him to M.J?…..PLEASE..!.no matter what Kobe do,he wil always only 2nd to the shadow of M.J for the rest of his carrer….i dont hate him, i just dont like COPYCAT..(sarcasm)

  125. MicHead says:

    i think LA would be the best option for both Dwight and the Magic… and by the way last time i checked the Lakers were in the nba finals 3 times in the last 5 seasons and the nets didn’t make the playoffs since when ?
    i just wanted to understand what some of you meant by saying ” Brooklyn is home for winning”

  126. JJ Moore says:

    Still not sure why the Knicks haven’t tried to best Brooklyn for Howard. They have better pieces to offer and the most to lose if he does join the Nets..

  127. VC says:

    nash,kobe,artest,gasol and howard is the best team that can be made by trading dwight

    • Mike says:

      Nope Williams(better than nash especially at this stage of his career) Johnson(probably has the same shooting percentage as kobe but won’t become a ball hog towards the end of the game)Wallace(better than artest for sure at this stage of his career) and insert any powerforward here with Howard and you have the best team that can be made.

      • alo says:

        Nash, in his prime, was wayy better than Williams. Joe Johnson is a ball hog too..

      • ATLHAWKS says:

        i dont like the lakers but i like nash and wouldnt mind if dwight went there but keeping buynum sounds better he is more of a true center than dwight

  128. Doncha says:

    come to Lakers and you ll win title..easily..

  129. Avante B says:

    Don’t do the Laker Trade Look At Andrews Injury past bring ray allen down and Amnesty hedo or J rich & call it a day lol

  130. amigo says:

    how about lopez humpries for howard?

  131. bob smith says:

    hes goin to the nets no doubt. lakers are already good enough why would they take such a risk?

  132. The Lakerguy says:

    I love the nba right now. Big 4 in la, big 3 in Miami, possible big 4 in Brooklyn, clippers made a phenomenal acquisition, let’s get the season started already!!!!! Go lakers!!!!!!

  133. Robert says:

    Do my fellow Lakers fans not see that Bynum’s potential is greater than Dwight’s? Dwight is just about as good as he can be, Bynum is just now realizing some of his potential. With some conditioning and an attitude improvement, sky’s the limit!
    I hope Dwight stays in Orlando, I think the Nets can fare well without him. Go NETS!

    • JayJay says:

      Bandwagoners… already >:|

      • Mike says:

        This may shock you but there have been people living in New Jersey for quite some time so just because they can finally voice their opinion as their team is getting better doesn’t mean they just started liking them. Usually laker fans who use this phrase as they are jealous their team is now fading into obscurity since their star player handicapped them with his overpriced contract.

  134. Shaqtus says:

    New Jersey? Maybe Dwight should join Durant and the Seattle SuperSonics instead?

  135. laker4life says:

    Go to Lakers, he’ll get a ring for sure

    • Mike says:

      He would if he went ten years ago but now they are still old and picked up a point guard he plays no defense whatsoever. So now they have a soft point guard and a soft power forward……yeah that’s championship caliber right there.

    • NoPlaceButBRK says:

      Nobody understands the fact that dwight will only sign an extension with the Nets maybe the Hawks so all the Laker fans better hope they win the title in one year if they get Dwight or he is not staying.

      • ATLHAWKS says:

        yeah and if he does go to the lakers they wouldnt be able to afford it so yeah i think he should go to atlanta and then cp3 sign there and howard stays then boom better than brooklyn and contend against the heat

  136. leggomymelo says:

    I also wouldnt be suprised to see Howard end up in Atlanta. Thats his hometown and im sure he would be glad to rejoin Josh Smith as a teammate. they may not be in as good of a place to win now, but i think they could eventually turn into a title contender with Howard and Smith in the fold.

  137. stan says:

    the lakers don’t need to pursue dwight and neither do the nets. both those teams have top caliber starting centers in lopez and bynum when healthy. offensively lopez and bynum are better than howard, defensively howard is better. with the lakers hight, they may not need dwight. i’de rather have a better offensive weapon down low. when the pick and role gets defended, it would be nice to play some good’ol post-up basketball. bynum and lopez both beat howard in that catagory. dwight is way more athletic than both, which makes him the number one center, but he wont be the number one in a few years. guarentee it. if he comes to la, thats all good. what im saying is, they don’t need him. their are other teams that can contend that need a center more. look at the hawks, and celtics. both teams have good amount of trading pieces, but they can’t give orlando a center in return. think about it though, how many times do you see teams trading out starters of the same position? to la makes no sence really. to brooklyn doesn’t make sence either. teams are just being greedy now and can’t recognize what they currently have. if the lakers or nets don’t get dwight howard, they can still get to the conference games easy next year.

  138. Lakers fan says:

    If he becomes a Laker, which I highly doubt Lakers are going to the finals most likely. If he goes to Brooklyn, Miami will be the SECOND best team in the East and may not make the finals. I’d love for a team to knock of the defending champs. Sure, Lebron got 1 finially but he talked about getting 6,7,8 lol. With Dwight going to Brooklyn the Heat may get 2, 3 tops!

    • Tim says:

      LEBRON is only dreaming to get 6,7,8,9….he won’t even get 2….HE GOT LUCKY WITH ONE-OKC was going to win it but the refs were cheating with stupid calls…

      • laker4life says:

        Keep dreaming, the refs got OKC to the finals

      • annoyed says:

        the refs were not “cheating with stupid calls” nor did the “refs get okc to the finals”. its fans like you that make it unbearable for other fans who just want to post good honest opinions and thoughts and get some realitively constructive feedback.

  139. dwynn says:

    Expect all u want LA fans..Magics GM is not Stupid why give D12 what he wants if they can put him in a Bad situation lets say trade him to the BobCats!!or the Hawks…The Magic still have the last say to Cry Baby Howard!!

  140. dwynn says:

    What the…pick n roll?!with Nash…Are you serious about this as far as i know howard doesnt have any offensive move,no bread and butter move all strength No brains!! i would stick with what i have Bynum n Gasol this won you a Ring why break it!!! Cry Baby D12!!

  141. Chris says:

    If Howard is as smart as Howard the Duck and is serious about winning a ring and learning how to be a true big man he should join the Spurs at a very low price and then make a lot of money later.

    However we know this will never happen, its always money and fame first.

  142. Houston Rockets 4/Life~~ says:

    Send him to the Bobcats for being a baby..

  143. HeatRDaBest says:

    come to miami!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  144. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I’m a Nets fan so I hope that D12 is coming to the Nets and not the Lakers. But I feel that he ain’t going to land in any of those teams. We’ll see what happens.
    Btw, personally, I would prefer to take Kris Humphries + Brook Lopez + MarSon Brooks & draft pics rather than Andrew Bynum + a player (MWP) for Howard. Yes Bynum is by far the best of the bunch, but 3 good players still growing is better than 1.

    Anyway I guess that he is not going to be in Brooklyn or in Hollywood.

    • boardworldshred says:

      I’d take Bynum + a sign and trade for Ramon Sessions over Humphries / Lopez / Brooks.

      You’d also have to find a way to remove at least 1 or 2 of Richardson and Turkoglu’s stupid contracts from the Magic so they can make some moves and still be competitive.

  145. Travis says:

    Man Orlando has horrible management and with them this is a top issue. Dwight Howard is little kid how many of us remember when we we’re Dwights age and the stupid decisions we made Orlando knows Dwight wants to go just trade the guy and move on!

  146. Howard wants nets not old la la land. Magics, Just trade him n stop acting like u guys own Howard or something
    N at least he gave u guys a chance to get something in return by signing the opt instead of just walking out right now as a free man. Wherever Howard gonna be traded his gonna end up in Broke-Len next season so Orlando just trade him to nets n get this over with already u stupid morons I wanted another super team in Orlando but I guess u guys can’t trade or sign star for ashhhhhiiiiiit. I’m Very disappointed at u Orlando magics.

  147. josep says:

    what pick&roll? he is absolutely unable to shoot!

  148. Best Trade says:

    Wolves, Lakers and Magic can pull this trade off together.

    Lakers:get Dwight Howard, Derrick Williams, Richardson
    Wolves:get Pau Gasol, Ron Artest
    Magic; get Andrew Bynum, Ramon Sessions, Matt Barnes

    This is the perfect trade for everyone, Lakers are getting their center which they have been hunting for two years. Richardson also has played with Nash before. The wolves create trio of Rubio, Pau and Kevin Love and the Magic get Bynum who the next best center after dwight and get Sessions along with former magic player in Barnes. After this trade Lakers can sign Grant Hill and Ray Allen since they are getting rid of big expensive contract of Bynum and Pau Gasol.

    • cbates5 says:

      Sessions is a free agent…. that trade can’t happen.

    • Shree Cherry says:

      I feel that Gasol and Bynum is a bit too much to give up for Howard.

      • Amitpal says:

        But in that trade you get Derrick Williams who might be a great complainment to Dwight. Derrick likes to play on perimeter which will give Dwight room to make his moves. That team would be a very bad defensive team even with Dwight though. Kobe can waist his energy, Nash can’t stop a snail let alone an NBA pg and well Richardson used to be a good defender but now plays defense like Nash.

      • Shree Cherry says:

        In that case, it must be an interesting trade option to consider. But to me, it is unclear whether that move will help or hurt the Lakers. As impressive as it is on paper, Gasol and Bynum are a time-tested tandem of seven-footers both offensively and defensively. What they both need to show maturity and play like they did in their championship years is good leadership. The burden of leading a contending roster must have been so heavy for Kobe ever since Shaq left. (Lakers’ fans, we know how well he’s tried to carry out that responsibility. Reserve ten spots in the hall of fame for this guy. Go Kobe!) This season, Steve Nash is expected to take over a lot of the leadership duties and free Bryant to play ball like a champ and learn to mesh with his teammates without having to lead them all the time. Another proven leader that the Lakers should pursue is Derek Fisher, who is an unrestricted free agent this summer.

        I think the GM of the Lakers should give this bunch a square chance to build chemistry among themselves. He shouldn’t be hasty to risk making irreversible blunders.

  149. igi pop says:

    If Dwight Howard is a winner, then he wants to go to LA……. If your a winner then you want to be around winners…….

    • Mike says:

      LA isn’t filled with winners it’s filled with criminals….and yes I mean the basketball team. (got a rapist, guy who choked his girlfriend, another guy who attacked his girlfriend, and the long list of artest would be felonies if he wasn’t an nba player) Ah where legends are made.

  150. Shakril says:

    He wont be with the Nets neither with the Lakers.

  151. Lightsaber says:

    Yea and Nash is going to the Knicks…

  152. Logan says:

    Dwight is comin to LA. The magic don’t have a choice. No one on the nets team will make orlando happy and getting bynum is the best consolation prize for dwight.

  153. Kobe Bryant says:

    Just come to lakers… that pick nd roll with steve nash dam dwight.

    • Tim says:


      • Amitpal says:

        If he leaves where is he going to go. Bobcats? That’s why Houston is trying so hard to get him. They know that after his contract ends, Houston can give him the most money and where’s he going to go afterward. The nets are over the salary cap, same with knicks, the Mavs can get him but I wouldn’t want to pair up with a 35 year old Dirk and nobody else is in Dallas. He would have no choice but to join the team he’s on. Dwights option aren’t as good as everyone thinks they are.

  154. JOJO of Dubai says:

    another big superman will be coming to Lakers possibly this week this is huge!

  155. me says:

    This dude is staying right there in Orlando…watch

    • bob smith says:

      hell no hes goin to brooklyn

      • cbates5 says:

        Not goin to the Nets, they can’t afford him and 2 of the players involved in the trade talks are FA’s in Humphries and Lopez, why would they agree to sign with the Nets only to be traded to the Magic? Not gonna happen, the Magic want more in return than what the Nets have. Dwight will play this season out in Orlando and then be a FA and sign with Dallas next summer (his 2nd preferred destination behind the Nets) as already said that. The Mavs will have enough cap space to sign Dwight and CP3 or Brandon Jennnings, Stephen Curry, etc. next year. Get the D12 to Nets fantasy out of your heads…..

  156. Chris says:

    The Orlando Magic would get a better deal if Dwight is traded for Andrew Bynum.
    Now that Steve Nash is with the Lakers Dwight might have a change of heart from the Nets besides
    why go to New Jersey… when you can come out to LA.. HOLLYWOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOD!

  157. Jeroen says:

    Dwight to nets no doubt,,

    • cbates5 says:

      He’s not going to the Nets, they don’t have enough money and 2 of the talked about players involved in the deal are FA’s, why would they want to sign with the Nets to only get traded to the Magic. The deal won’t happen, get that out of your heads Nets fans. Ya’ll are still the 4th BEST team in the East and won’t make it out of the 2nd round….

  158. monkey davis says:

    of course! go to nets! Brooklyn is for winners not losers

    • Danny R. says:

      Help me out! I’m trying to remember, when was the last time Brooklyn actually had a “winner”? Oh yeah! it was the Dodgers. Now I remember!

  159. Bball247 says:

    Lakers, only take him if you can get him to sign the extension right away. I thought about it, and I would keep bynum if I were you because sometimes all you need is a nice addition to what already works (and you have that now in nash so…). It’s really risky because what if he doesn’t? Then you will have lost both the #1 and #2 centers and have nothing to work with. Bynum will most likely not sign back if you do trade hiim, because once you trade a player(a human being with feelings) it kind of makes you feel betrayed and like they didn’t have faith in you. In my opinion, stay with a FOR SURE #2, and ditch the COLOSSAL “WHAT IF?” in #1.

  160. noyb says:

    What is with the ridiculous “luxury” tax penalty?! Protect “small markets”? NUTS!

    • Gary says:

      I agree! There are too many teams in every sports league! If you cant compete in a restaurant you go out of business!

      • HuhGary? says:

        Gary your restaurant scenario isn’t a bright comparison. You need a certain amount of teams in the league to play each other. When you take out the small market teams, you won’t have much of a league… The NBA would go out of business and you wouldn’t be on here commenting. Restaurants, on the other hand, don’t “need” other restaurants to stay afloat.

  161. chitown says:

    If Dwight goes to either of those teams, he can make them into clear cut title contenders.
    If he goes to the Lakers: If he goes to the Nets:
    PG:Nash PG:D Williams
    SG:Bryant SG:J Johnson
    SF:World Peace/G. Hill SF:Wallace
    PF:Gasol PF:Maybe Ilyasova or another free agent acquisition
    C:Howard C:Howard

    Wherever Dwight goes, it could give a team that either Miami or OKC could battle with.

    • TTKIN says:

      From what I hear, if the Lakers get hill, hed be coming off the bench (unfortunately). But BRO/NJ wont have the money for Ersan, especially if they get Dwight. Ersan is going to command a lot of money this offseason. Im surprised he hasnt gotten a big contract yet considering he can shoot and rebound very well.

    • nonbiased fan says:

      Howard even made the Magic contenders with all the drama. Howard wants to be surrounded by stars because he thinks the GM isn’t doing anything to make his experience in Orlando as good as he wants. give the guy a break, he knows he’s good and he’s just a kid. if you possess talent and money like that wouldn’t you understand? he’s just a little confused that’s all

  162. Kevin Cooper says:

    He’s Going to the nets… Stop Stalling and just do it

    • two says:

      Yes please. Just not Lakers, we don’t want him!

      • Callum says:

        are you dumb!!! we need him, you dont know basketball SMH!! howard for bynum ALL DAY LONG!

      • Robinson says:

        In the Howard trade the Lakers are also going to get rid of Meta World Peace, who will fill in the 3 spot for the lakers then, barnes? That would leave no bench for the Lakers which in my opinion is their biggest issue. I rather keep Bynum on the team and let him develop both mentally and physically into perhaps the greatest center in the NBA.

      • bleedpuple&gold says:

        howards back is done. he will never fully recover from that injury it might appear he will be healthy but one day about three months in his back will start bugging him. bynum is the future of the center position and with nash actually getting bynum the ball where he needs it when he needs it he will quickly replace howard as the best center in nba we have waited this long don’t give up as he is about to become what we have been promised.

      • michael j says:

        yes we do need and want howard but give them metta

      • dwadefan47 says:

        Why would the Lakers not want Howard? The only question would be would Kobe be willing to give up his throne for Dwight because of course Dwight is younger than Kobe so he would be the future of the Magic. So, if Kobe wanted to win bad enough he would let Howard join with open arms but from what happened to Kobe and Shaq I dont think it would be a safe bet for the Lakers, it could be a better trade in the Magics favor

    • Bossman says:

      I hope so because I just hate the lakers

      • lakersfanforlife says:

        I like Howard he is the best center in the league right nown if we get him in L A he will bring so much drama and distraction to the team, I would love him in Lakers uniform, But we are giving up so quick on Bynum he has been improving last 3 seasons and i think he will be a much better center next season, Bynum is 23 or 24 Howar is 27, plus a back injury could be a serious issue no one knows if he is going to be 100%, remember Grant Hill when he was trade to Orlando, they didn’t got much playing time from him the whole time he was there, I know is totally a diferent injury but a back injury is more serious, I Hope we keep Bynum, but if we do the trade am ok with it, hope he is 100%.

    • monkey davis says:

      of course go to nets ! Brooklyn is home for winning!

    • Sean says:

      I agree. Though I wouldn’t be surprised if we saw him get moved to ATL for Horford and Teague. That sounds better than injured Lopez and a couple “no name” players that the Nets would offer.

      • TONY says:

        Bring HORFORD back to FLORIDA! ORLANDO that is. He is a TRUE, LOYAL, and a GREAT TEAMMATE.

    • Kobe 4Life says:

      the only reason he opted in was so he could get a max contract while still leaving the magic instead of just signing for less as a free agent. so i hope he gets traded to a team like the bobcats so he has to just leave and be a free agent. such a little kid, i hope he doesn’t get what he wants

      • TTKIN says:

        I like the name, and I like the comment. Props to you sir.

      • GJ says:

        I agree with you 100 percent Kobe for life. I dont want to see Dwight in a Lakers uniform either. He’s a crybaby. And that’s all he was trying to do, was opt in, then force the trade that way the team to pick him up could go over the salary cap and resign him, which would make him 20 million more than signing in free agency would. I agree too, trade this idiot to the Bobcats for kemba walker, and a few players and picks, or to the raptors, to any team not playoff bound, and then he will have to resign if he wants that money otherwise, he loses big time money AND cant go to the nets.

      • spacecoast says:

        i don’t care where he goes just GET HIM OUTA HERE so we can focus on ball

    • arrow says:

      the deal will be made once the moratorium gets lifted after July 11th because some of the players involved in the trade (kris humphries) are still unrestricted free agents and need to actually be under contract to be traded

    • Frank says:

      Orlando should take NJ’s offer, Dallas will have a ton of cash next year and the Majic will get nothing in return, they are getting too greedy.