Role Reversal For Howard, Magic

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — So this is what “hardball” looks like?

For months — before he changed course at the March trade deadline when he signed away his leverage — Dwight Howard was holding the ultimate card in his game of free-agent chicken with the Orlando Magic.

Now, with his latest trade request to the Brooklyn Nets ignored yet again, Howard’s 4th of July will include few fireworks outside of the ones he lights off in his backyard tonight.

The Magic don’t appear to be in any great rush to acquiesce and provide an escape route for their disgruntled superstar center. In fact, the Magic are reportedly exhausting every possible option to do anything but send him to the Nets, where he can join Deron Williams and Joe Johnson in the Brooklyn Big 3.

If starting a bidding war for Howard is what Magic general manager Rob Hennigan is trying to do, we’ll know by the weekend if he’s been successful. The guess here is that there will be no shortage of fantasy packages cooked up by teams hoping to land Howard. (After all the drama he’s put the Magic through since December, he remains the most dominant low-post force in basketball and no one vying for his services has forgotten that.)

His “Nets-or-nothing” stance, however, has forced the Magic into a very deliberate place in this standoff. As Brian Schmitz of the Orlando Sentinel points out, both sides crossed the point of no return a while ago, now it’s time to sort through the debris and figure out an ending to this sordid tale that allows both sides to claim victory:

The Magic are faced with making the biggest trade in their history. They have to get this right — or as right as you can under the most unfair of circumstances.

Let’s make this clear: The Magic have lost.

The divorce is all but finalized now. The sorrowful, angry reality just hasn’t fully hit the franchise and their fans. It won’t until the trade comes down, until Dwight no longer can flip or flop.

Even when they get what they believe is their best deal for Howard — even if it’s the Lakers’ Andrew Bynum — the Magic and their fans have lost the league’s best center — again.

Worse, while Shaq slipped away in the middle of the night, Dwight’s exit has been publicly agonizing and ugly.

The Magic vow not to repeat last season’s dramatics, removing any chance of Howard playing out the final year here. It’s a long way until the start of training camp in October, though, and they have time to roust other deals.

GM Rob Hennigan tried enhancing the Howard auction. Without prompting, he confirmed to the media — and all other teams — that Howard’s surgically repaired back is fine.

This aside carried a larger message. It had nothing to do with pumping up Howard’s trade value; come on, he’s Dwight Howard, future Hall of Famer. No, what Hennigan did was cleverly launch a pre-emptive strike in case Howard’s camp informs a possible rental team that Dwight’s sacroiliac is acting up.

The Magic really don’t want to trade Dwight to the Nets, turning them into a super power. Orlando knows it wouldn’t contend in the East until 2020, about the time Justin Beiber starts shaving.

If the Nets want Howard, they must up the ante, bringing in another team or two. The Magic need to rid themselves of bad contracts and so-so players, not take them back, especially when they are rebuilding.

That ugly “r’ word needs to be treated with the proper respect by the Magic. The organization knows how hard it is and how many millions can be wasted trying to chase respectability the wrong way.

The importance of this moment, this decision on what to do with Howard, will affect the franchise for years to come. So they should take their sweet time in weighing all of their options, vetting every offer (no matter how far-fetched) to find the right fit for a franchise still carrying the scars of their break up with Shaq.

That’s what hardball looks like from the other side.


  1. TTOTambz says:

    Great article Sekou,

    It amazes me how many people keep stating Howard can’t play in L.A. because he NEEDS to be the number one guy so he should go to Brooklyn Nets. I guess they missed all the hoopla this week which stated Nets ownership told Deron Williams he was their NUMBER ONE guy & they were building the team around his needs and wants. Based on that premise how long would Howard be happy in Brooklyn? More importantly I Deron is finally fed up with the nonsense too & just wants to lead HIS team forward.

    Tamberlyn’s Tip-Off

    • TTOTambz says:

      OOPS that should say: MORE IMPORTANTLY I WOULDN’T BET AGAINST THE FACT …Deron is finally fed up with the nonsense too & just wants to lead HIS team forward.

  2. Keith says:

    I have two words for any team interested in getting Dwight Howard…… Terrell Owens….. enough said.

  3. spurzzz says:

    go to the spurs!!! trade green, bonner, splitter, neal and future picks.. then sign kidd. 😀

  4. Irfan says:

    This seems BAD, HOWEVER, I think by hiring this new GM the magic made the right move… I see his interviews and i am Impressed… lets not forget he was there when Spurs went to the Campionship, He was there last year when OKC built a YOUNG squad with all its superstars well under contract…. he is been on the Job only like 2 weeks … its tough for anyone the hell anyone else would be willing to kiss Dewight’s shoes to make him stay.. but i think he has got a plan that he is working on.. I recently heard that he is intrested in Jordan Hill… wow… no one is talking about Jordan Hill but look at the Tapes and you will begin to see that this kid has potential… now let me point out another senerio… he talks to Broklyn Nets makes them believe that it is possible to get Dewight aft the Joe Johnson deal is done, Deron williams signs, NOW, there is no way for Broklyn to accuire Dewight thru free agency… so What can Dewight do.. ask for another rediculas trade?… I don’t think any team in the Nba would give him up for Nothing… so .. now you look to lakers and, whats this, Steve Nash is in the Lakers, Dwight (if truly wanting a Championship) can’t say no… Orlando would probably get rid of some bad contracts and LA would benefit becuase Trukalu can shoot 3’s so can J-Rich…….

  5. TTKIN says:

    About time Orlando finally said “we’re not trading u where u want to go”. Ive been waiting for this. Now that the Lakers have Nash, I read an article saying:

    “no, Howard doesnt want to play in LA, but trade for him anyways. He, Kobe and Nash may win a title, and then they have the power to offer him 25 million more than any other team…dare him to walk away from a title and extra cash.”

    As a Laker fan, I do NOT want Howard. I want his talent, but not his attitude and his attitude outweighs the talent (what’s that really say about his attitude). Id rather the Laker try to get a bench instead of another big name guy.

  6. MackDaddy says:

    Look at all these haters hating Howard…. the Magic dont ‘own’ him. He’s entitled to do as he pleases end of contract. And if the poor management at Orlando arent careful, he’ll do that anyway and they’ll get absolutely nothing in return.

    The Magic are holding out for better offers? Oh really, from who?
    Because why in the world would any NBA team offer premium players for something that they could get ‘for free’ if they just wait a little longer?

    Nup…. all the Magic can hope for now is ‘crumbs’. Forget market value, forget fair trades. It aint gunna happen.
    Get what you can get, then move on.
    But hold out for too much and you get nothing.
    Orlando has put themselves in this position. Howard is entitled to play where ever he chooses. When you’re one of the best in the world at what you do, you can do that. 2nd and 3rd tier players cant.

  7. Black Mamba says:

    Hey Dwight come with us here in L.A Gasol,Nash,World Peace,Kobe Bryant wants u in LakeSHOW 🙂

  8. whoTheHeck says:

    dont know but i really dont like nash and kobe tandem, kobe dont need nash coz kobe cant play off the ball, the only guy who will benefit nash on LA might be Pau since he is a Pick and Pop Forward… not sure though, my opinion only

  9. portuguesefan says:

    What about this trade? i heard someone reported it

    NEW YORK GETS: Dwight Howard and additional player/s to match salary
    ORLANDO GETS: Jeremy Lin (sign-and-trade), Tyson Chandler, Luis Scola and Jeremy Lamb
    HOUSTON GETS: Amar’e Stoudemire

    Sounds great! Win-win for every1.
    Houston get’s some firepower in amar’e, that anyway wasn’t connecting with melo.

    Orlando get’s a lot of talented players: it get’s linsanity and it’s sales hype, tyson chandler and his (BIG) defensive presence, scola who is a decent power foward, that when he teams when big baby maybe can make some damage. (remember bib baby’s surprising performance at C in the playoffs versus the 7’2 hibbert) and orlando also get’s lamb. a promising rookie scorer, that could step in the place of fadded turkoglu or j-rich

    NY suddenly becomes even more of a contender. They’ll get even stronger defensively, and under mike woodson’s defensive minded sistem, pending the addition of a decent point guard (j-kidd?) they might just become a though bone to chew!

    what do u think?

  10. Liwei Wu says:

    He should go to the lakers to form twin towers with bynum.

  11. Ronnie says:

    Just sent him to team up with MJ in Bobcats…

  12. high leaper says:

    Give him to okc in exchange of ibaka and harden.. dwight will get a championship and orlando will still be a good team

  13. MagiCxHoward says:

    everyone needs to know that the media is just making howard look bad because thats what they do, he doesnt want to play with orlando because they can win and havent done anything to solve that especially after resigning j rich. he want to play on a winning team like nets. winners get remembered in history

  14. litesout says:

    It seems alot of people have mixed emotions about D12 wanting out. I’m pretty sure a three team trade with nets,magic, and lakers is about to happen. Magic get- humphries,bynum,metta 2first rd pks Lakers get-lopez,brooks,turkoglu, 1first rdpk Nets get D12 everyones happy. Hopefully. Billy King you can thank me by sending me courtside tickets to opening night

  15. Stevo says:

    Lakers don’t need a drama queen.. Dwight Howard can go to the NETS.. We have Bynum already plus Gasol, and now we have Nash who combined with Kobe and our big 2 will take us to next years finals. Dwight is over-rated.

  16. Jason says:

    Knicks please trade Amarie and sell the farm for Howard. Missed out on Nash. Too bad Nash Carmelo and Howard would of been nice. Don’t let Howard go to the BK.

  17. chuck says:

    Honestly, the Nets have the best chance of getting D12. May not be this year but I see him coming to Brooklyn. Being 100 percent real who will stop the Nets. Certainly not the Heat. Brooklyn has the two positions the Heat need. Just saying.

    • pakyaw says:

      that’s what they said too,when the HEAT play the OKC……they said the HEAT dont have bigs and they have a scrub point guard…. Just saying.

  18. kevin says:

    Just my opinion, but I don’t believe Otis did a bad job! He was faced with a superstar wanting to leave a team that wasn’t good enough to win a championship. Otis knew, the same way Hennigan knows, that they can’t get an even return for Howard, even with Bynum/World Peace trade, which they won’t get because Howard won’t sign an extension. The Magic will be forced to trade him for the best deal, including getting the most money off their books (trading Turkoglu & Richardson) and starting over. If it was me and the Nets really, really wanted Howard, the nets would have to take Howard, Turk & J Rich for Lopez & expiring contracts and let’s see how deep the Russian’s pockets are!

  19. Tyrone Lu says:

    Howard should be more hated than Lebron because LBJ wanted to be more of a distributer than a scorer, Howard should perhaps go to brooklyn. Maybe LA might work as well. But he’s just overrated PERIOD.

  20. why don’t we just trade Dwight Howard to a daycare where he can chill with all the other immature kids? He can dunk on the playschool basketball nets there ..

  21. slimpulla says:

    If the Nets could work some type of deal to let the Lakers get Howard and they get Bynum for less that could also work in their favor

  22. Dwyane Wade says:

    dwight howard is such a baby jeez im tired of seeing this dude

    • Irfan says:

      LOL… I remeber the Dwyan Wade coment from twitter .. “loyalty” hahahahahah… now everyone in the world would go

      “Loyalty” hahahahahah…

  23. KobeFan01 says:

    Okay look!

    For all you people that come up with these Ridiculous trade sens’, just because there’s a luxury tax in the NBA doesn’t mean you can just CHOOSE to go over the cap and pay the tax. The only way a team can go OVER the cap INITIALLY…is to Re-sign one of their OWN players. Which means, you can’t go out and sign a FA if your at/over the cap (except the Vet min/max) and you can’t trade players that don’t match salaries (within 11%). So your “trade Howard to Lakers, then if your the Nets, call the Lakers and trade them everything you were going to give the nets and yadayadayadayada…. doesn’t happen.

    …and besides…who’s to say the Man Upstairs (Mr. Stern) is going to allow a trade anyway. See: Chris Paul & Lakers

  24. ASO IYO!!! says:


  25. Eric M. Davis says:

    @me,,,,, D Williams is most definately in the top 5!

  26. DWade is a BOSS says:

    I wish he just make another hour long “Decision Part 2: Shall I stay or Shall I go” and get it over with cus honestly I’m fed up hearing about it

  27. Dwight Howard said says:

    “I wanna play with Kobe and the Lakers and it could be like Kobe and Shaq”

    I was so surprised when I heard this statement.
    Imagine Nash, Kobe, Pau and Dwight

    • uoykcuf says:

      but kobe doesn’t want/can’t play with shaq(howard)

      • Irfan says:

        I am a Magic Fan but… if he has to go I would prefer LA.. becuase they can offer Orlando what they want the Most…Buynum and Hill

  28. king samz says:


  29. Michael says:

    Forget the Nets!!! Trade D12 to the Lakers for Bynum straight across. Lakers will be the West Champions!!!!!!

  30. Rod Maruca says:

    Howard! Overated! Limited skills! Winny! Imature…….egocentric…..bad caracter…..bad person…..not a group player…..hated by his on teamates….kind of person that puts other professionals jobs in risk…..if Lebron were critisized the way he were because of the Decision….. Howard should be the number one hated player in the nation! This guy is a trouble maker!
    Imagine Kobe + Howard……OMG!

  31. Laker Fan says:

    I’d like to see him go to the nets.. I don’t think he’ll solve the issue in l.a. an upgraded center might get us back to western finals but it definitiely won’t’ bring more rings. So why not let him go to the nets, just imagin a team with d.will at point, joe j at sg, wallace at the sg, any pf and dwight in the middle? so much energy, it would be a fun team to watch and tough to beat

  32. me says:

    Oh n D williams ain’t even top 5 PG in the NBA right now, why’s he so overrated?

    • Axel says:

      Deron Williams can easily be top 5: Paul, Parker, Rose, Rondo, Williams. If he is not a top 5 PG he is number 6.

    • Nonbiasedfan says:

      oh? give me ur top 5

      • Axel says:

        Based off of last season: Chris Paul, Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo, Deron Williams, and Derrick Rose before he got hurt.

        My Top 5 right now though is: Chris Paul, Derrick Rose, Tony Parker, Rajon Rondo, and Deron Williams. My opinion.

      • Axel says:

        Throw Westbrook in there in front of Rondo. Give or take Williams can be a top 5

      • nonbiased fan says:

        see? he could easily be a top5 PG. this clown says hes overrated and all and that he isn’t top5. he wouldn’t be offered loads of money just because the Nets/Mavs are rich. i don’t think Westbrook is better than Williams. he looked better though cuz hes got all the surrounding stars. not to take anything away from Westbrook(he’s an outstanding player),but if u put Williams in the same shoes with Westbrook, the Thunders undoubtedly would make the series more competitive.
        Top 5 PGs for me (scoring PGs, pure PGs)
        Tony Parker
        Deron WIlliams
        Derick Rose

  33. me says:

    Of course, how can they send him to Nets when they are not stupid? they send him to Nets, that means they’d compete with Nets for eight seed (just like last season) and they don’t want that. Same reason why DA (Danny Ainge) can’t allow Ray to go to the Heat, they will compete for that “finals” spot sometime in the future and they don’t wanna help improve their chances of getting it. Truth is 2012/ 2013 Ray ain’t the 2008 Ray and well if DA could trade him to some team that Celtics won’t meet in the finals or semi or some team that won’t even get to the playoffs, he will….

    • NICK says:

      8th seed.if the nets get howard the nets wouldhave either joe johnson.d will,and d12 or d12, d will, and gerrald wallace.that right there an contend with the 5th or 4th seed

  34. Bill says:

    Lakers fans “don’t” want Howard because Bad Legs Bynum is, apparently, more mature. LOL!

  35. Edawg says:

    Shut your pie hole you insignicant feeble minded little man. You know nothing of the Magic and their Organization , and who are you to critisize Rich DeVos ? He has done alot for the city of Orlando including bringing us a franchise. So before you go off on your simplistic attempt to make yourself sound smart ( which your failing miserable I might add ) . Rob Hennigan is a good hire for the Organization. He inherited a mess and is trying to steer the franchise to better days. Im a Magic fan and I can say we will continue to support the Magic with or without Dwight Howard. I dont want him to leave but were over that stage here. Were moving on and the Magic will trade Dwight when they feel the time is right . So go back to flipping your burgers and let real business minded people conduct theirs. GOOD DAY SIR .

  36. the magic should be happy that he didn’t op out his contract and become a freeagent this year and the magic get nohting be happy he said he wanted to be traded so u can get some players in exchange he did it the right way he didnt get a baby like lebron leave his team with nothing and not tell his team

  37. everyone is saying dwight howard drama like his the one on nba t.v and on sports center crying like how lebron was its the people on the showa making it bigger then what it is all he said was that his ready to leave his team he wants out and he wants to be a net the magic managers are making it a big deal the nba is making it a big deal he’s a basketball player he wants to play ball just not in orlando lol

  38. RILO says:

    Dwight should be traded to brooklyn. the nets gave an amazing offer to orlando. the magic should take it.

    • Axel says:

      Again you people know nothing about basketball from a business stand point. That might sound like an amazing offer, but take a second to realize how much better the magic would be(playing wise & sales wise) with bynum. You could build a team around him, and sell tickets. Ask the Magic Fans who they would want: lopez, kris and no names or Andrew Bynum. Not to mention the first round picks would be late round picks.

      • Ehh says:

        not really..

        late first round draft picks are nothing bad, especially if Magic fall into the lottery.

        You can rebuild an entire team with what they’ve offered. I think it’s sad that one player exposes a team so horrendously.. He leaves, the magic are done. Take what you can get. Lakers won’t trade for Howard if Howard won’t commit to any team outside of the Nets.

        At least with the nets deal, you have a re-signed Lopez (Who can arguably be considered Top 5 in the position)… with Kris, Marshon and 3 future draft picks.

      • uoykcuf says:

        you talk about business wise and all but all I see is a laker fan boy hoping to land Howard. Orlando ain’t going to get better with bynum. Magic getting lopez Kris and no name for Howard is wayyyyy better than Bynum trade up.

  39. litesout says:

    well said Burning Rubber, the magic need to just be professional and take the best deal which the Nets are offering. why would they even want two knuckle heads like Anrdew Bynum and Metta world peace. Just take the Nets offer then try to make a big trade yourself. STOP CATCHING FEELINGS AND EMOTIONS

    • Mateo says:

      How do you know thats the best deal there are other deals and they haven’t been released yet learn how it works and I hope he never comes back from his stupid injury it would serve his pathetic self right.

    • NICK says:

      Actually the Rockets had the best offer in my mind

  40. chino says:

    Laker fans, we dont need D12…… Drew is the better post player, free trow shooter, and has a better stroke, can he run like D12 n dunk like D12??? NO, but they way the Lakers played ball (with PHIL J) he didnt need 2.

    • Schemer21 says:

      Howard’s stats last season as the franchise player: 20.6 PPG, 2.2 Blocks, 14.5 Rebounds.

      Bynum’s stats last season: 18.7 PPG, 1.9 Blocks, 11.8 Rebounds

      Keep in mind that Kobe demands so much of the ball (27.9 PPG last season) and that Gasol also put up big numbers – 17.4 PPG, 1.4 Blocks, and 10.4 Rebounds.

      You put Bynam as the franchise player, where he doesn’t have to co-exist with Kobe, pair him with a good point guard and I think that all of a sudden (providing he remains injury free and matures more), his numbers jump above Dwight’s, and Bynum becomes the best centre in the league.

      I’m not a Lakers fan, I’m a Knicks fan, but i think it would be madness for the Lakers to trade Bynum.

  41. KB24 says:

    Haha they’re going to be the next cavs, wizards, raptors and bobcats lol.

  42. Brandon says:

    U trying not to send dwight to Brooklyn but in rebuilding your team they giving you the best chance to rebuild in a good center in Brook Lopez, big rebounder in Kris Humphries, and a young talent in Marshon Brooks, with 3 1st round draft picks. But just because they dont want to send dwight to Brooklyn they listening to other offers that not giving you half of what Brooklyn giving you. Talking about sending him to L.A. when u getting Andrew Bynum and when you not winning he going to cause way more problems with ya’ll then he caused in L.A. and metta world peace not going to help you rebuild either. That’s just stupid because once next summer get here he going to still go to Brooklyn and Orlando will be upset they didnt take the Nets trade before dwight gets mad of where he ends for 1 year

    • Johnny says:

      Haha, Orlando is getting a center with a broken foot who can’t box out my grandma. Brooks who has 2 good games, and no one really knows if he will be any good, any research shows he’s just C+ player. Humphries is getting the rebounds because no one else on their team can.
      It’s two highly overrated players, especially in the eyes of Nets fans, and Brooks who has, at best, the benefit of the doubt. Magic can trade you R.Anderson for those 3 players, then it’s an even deal.
      Just an FYI, the first round picks from a team that will be contender every year in next 5 years means absolutely NOTHING. It has trade value of a bench warmer. Tell me how many players have become AllStar but were drafted past #20? You’ll come up with maybe 30-40 names in past THIRTY YEARS.
      Bottom line is Nets are simply dumping something they DO NOT need in turn for future Hall of Famer and best center in the league. They’re sacrificing ABSOLUTELY NOTHING in this trade…

      • batez says:

        Johnny Im no business major here but I dont see how the Lakers would lose money not advertising Dwight as their #1 guy?? Kobe is a much bigger star than Howard worldwide and constantly pulls in more revenue than Howard ever has. Im starting to regret reading some of these comments seriously. Very few bright people on here.

      • Johnny says:

        You answered your own question. Let me simplify that for the bright people here. Kobe already sells, and will not stop selling until he stops playing like he does. Kobe is 33, Howard is 26. They are going to be in one of the most known teams in the world. Who do you invest more advertising money into?

    • YOLO says:

      You are so stupid that you think that the lakers wil trade Bynum for Howard and He is going to leave next summer like a free agent??are you serious??LA isnt going to make any trade if Dwight doesnt sign an extention…

      • Johnny says:

        DHoward will have no problem signing an extension with the Lakers. He’s being immature and can get easily get talked into it if need be. His only problem is NOT being the face of the franchise. But Lakers will lose tons of money NOT advertising him as the #1 guy.

    • Axel says:

      Brandon I would highly advise you to go back to what ever hole you came out of. Obviously you don’t know basketball from a business stand point, or even watch basketball to say the least.

    • NICK says:

      Batez I know what you mean.Lopez has a bright future but he cant rebound.Humpfries is not overratted because he was 5th in rebounds two years ago and also andded a jump shot this yea. And brooks makes the most idiotic moves on the court day and day out.But it is a fair trade because you are getting 3 1st round draft picks.Just because nets will contend and have high draft picks doesent mean anything.The knicks got landry fields 2 years ago.

  43. lol dwight howard says:

    Hope dwight goes to the nets.. It will almost be as big of a fail as the knicks.

    • Bball247 says:

      I say play the lakers thing to your advantage nets, I’m not a net fan but I like to be able to fix a problem so here it goes. Talk to the lakers about sending YUOR offers to them instead of the magic if they get howard. Let them know that howard will just come to you guys next year and that it would be a good chance of you getting him anyway. Give them the marshon, lopez, humphries, and draft picks for gasol and howard(I know people love gasol, but face it he’s not the same and his little brother is way better now). For some reason atlanta wants gasol, trade him to them for josh smith. Your lineup could actually look like this d-will pg, joe johnson sg, wallace sf, josh smith pf, dwight c. That’s a cheating a$$ team if you ask me lmfao! But I’m just saying though, plus I don’t think the lakers would give up gasol without you sending one more decent player(maybe on a sign and trade? I don’t know).

  44. Dean says:

    What team would want to give up good players just for someone who doesn’t want to be there and won’t resign at the end of the year? He’s going to the nets, end of story.

    • Glenn says:

      Very true, no team is going to give up their top players and pray that D12 stays at the end of one season. The Magic are handcuffed and the Nets are holding the keys. Nets championship next year.

  45. Burning Rubber says:

    I really don’t like d12’s drama. Just go and be professional about it. Being traded and this difficult contract negotiating
    Is part of the business. Don’t let the fans suffer from this madness.

  46. Chris says:

    If Mr. Howard needs a championship, let him go to the Heat.

    • Average Joe says:

      Just another dumb Heat fan. Dwight wants a championship but he doesn’t want to play second fiddle to anyone. And the Heat can’t afford him, what with three stars sharing the meatiest part of the Heat salary cap pie.

  47. illone says:

    If ‘the russian’ is willing to spend through the anus to put a servicable supporting cast around deron/wallace/joe/dwight, the fine, trade 3 past 1st round picks and 3 future 1st round picks for d12.

    Otherwise, just stick with lopez/brooks/humphries/williams/wallace/johnson.

    I saw screw the magic and the d12. keep what money you have and wait til next year.

    • Rocket33 says:

      I agree. That team you mention looks pretty impressive to me. All the players seem to fit together nicely. I guess it really depends on Lopez staying healthy to give them an option in the post on offense. Johnson is a really good player, its just that contract that makes us think otherwise. He can create off the dribble and make big shots at the end of games. Wallace can be the little bit of everything defensive stopper. He and Humphries will more than make up for Lopez’s lack of rebounding too. With Deron Williams running the offense they’ll be great. And you’d have Brooks being another scorer coming off the bench. Plenty of points to be put up. Add some defensive minded players and a couple of tough guys and you’re in business.

  48. Hesitant LA Fan says:

    The Magic’s better be realistic and hurry and get Drew, before the Lakers cool off. Otherwise, they will truly wait until the 2020 draft.

  49. natefilewood says:

    As sick as I am of all this nonsense, I think Hennigan is on the verge of a cracking deal. He seems to have a better head on him than Otis Smith did and doesnt seem at all bothered by Dwight’s posturing and chest thumping. Good man.

    • me says:

      “he seems”? really? how does he seem?

      • natefilewood says:

        He ‘seems’ to be these things because unlike Otis Smith, he hasnt rushed a decision, hasnt signed average players with ridiculous contracts and hasnt given Dwight everything, or even anything, he wants. Until he does something, stupid or otherwise, he ‘seems’ to have a better head on his shoulders. Have I made that clear enough?

    • Blobby says:

      You are one of the only people to know what their talking about thank you!

  50. two says:

    We don’t want him in LA, send him to washtington or something where he will fail miserably and then beg to be sent back to orlando.

    • Average Joe says:

      Fail! This is the last year of Howard’s contract and as soon as the time is up, he’ll sign with the Nets. He won’t beg Orlando to take him back.

      • percy says:

        the nets won’t have enough money to sign him next year . . .he wants max money when he signs . . .d will, joe johnson, and gerald wallace are already taking up most of their salary . . .if they get howard they will have nobody on the bench . . .

  51. Travis says:

    I blame the Magic Franchise for this. First of all why in the H*ll would they hire that young GM when they have Dwight Howard as their Franchise Player. Lebron James wanted a Championship ring who did he go to? Pat Riley a brilliant man with Championship experience. What do these idiots in Orlando do they fire Otis Smith and hire some punk little 30 year old kid that’s learning on the job. That’s a move you make if you’re trying to sign Kris Humphries this is Dwight Howard the last time we saw a Dwight Howard was the future hall of famer Shaq.

    There is trouble in Orlando and it’s on the management side Richard DeVos and the “great” DeVos family need to get more involved in their team and stop hiring random people to get the job done for them. This is clearly a horrible management related issue that I blame on Richard DeVos who even in interviews sounds like he expects people to respect him just because his family is financially successful. That’s not how this works ask Mark Cuban you’ve got to get involved they’re going to lose Dwight Howard and as much as I like Andrew Bynum he’s no Dwight Howard. Losing Dwight is going to set this franchise back for a decade don’t be surprised if in a few years we start calling this franchise the Seattle Magic

    • Johnny says:

      Yea, Orlando is run horribly. SO many bad contracts… Rashard, Turkoglu… cmon. I really hope one day in the nearest decade Magic get their act together. They’ve been dealt a golden ticket so many times but flushed it down the toilet.

      • Ian says:

        Are you crazy? Otis Smith was a horrible GM. Dwight wanted Stan and Otis to go, so they made it happen. Dwight is at fault. Dwight is about himself and not the team. As a long time Orlando Magic fan I will be happy to see him go. He’s not the kind of payer I want to root for. Lebron went to Miami because he Wade and Bosh got together in the off season, not because of Riley. The fact of the matter is Orlando is a small town market and Dwight isn’t a small town guy. The big 3 in Miami completely screwed the league up. Now every superstar is gonna get together and say hey if they can do that why cant we.

      • Remy says:

        In no way, shape or form is Turkoglu a “Golden Ticket” .. Howard should go to the Lakers! Cheers

    • joe says:

      I blame the sports media. They’re doing it again!Lebron didn’t actively set up ‘;The Decision”’, that was all promoted by his management and ESPN. Melo’s unwillingness to speak to the media about his trade made him a ”drama queen”, and now they’re doing it to Dwight. These trade talks wouldn’t be anywhere as bad as they are now if the media didn’t report on every little thing. Let the Magic work out their trade issues! This IS THEIR FAULT for Howard wanting to leave. He’s not getting good support, he obviously isn’t happy with the organisation ( no matter how many times players say they ‘love this organisation’ it really is just lip service), and he’s allowed to make his own decision as to where he goes.
      If these writers hate this situation as much as they keep saying, they should just shut up and stop talking about it.