Report: Suns, Gordon Agree On Deal

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — An Eric GordonKendall Marshall backcourt of the future probably sounds good to the fans in Phoenix.

The Suns have done their best to make it a reality by offering Gordon, the Hornets restricted free agent shooting guard, a maximum salary contract worth $58 million over four years, ESPN The Magazine‘s Chris Broussard reports.Β It’s an offer Gordon intends to sign on July 11, the day players can sign contracts and offer sheets. The Hornets would then have three days to match that offer or let Gordon, their prize in a the Chris Paul trade last year with the Clippers, leave for Phoenix.

And apparently, Gordon leaving with prized rookies Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers in the fold in New Orleans, is not what the Hornets have in mind:

New Orleans has claimed all along that it will match any offer Gordon receives, but Gordon is hoping the Hornets do not match.

Gordon said Tuesday night that his preference is to play for the Suns, not the Hornets.

“After visiting the Suns, the impression the organization made on me was incredible,” Gordon said in a statement. “Mr. (Robert) Sarver, Lon Babby, Lance Blanks, the Front Office Staff and Coach (Alvin) Gentry run a first-class organization, and I strongly feel they are the right franchise for me. Phoenix is just where my heart is now.”

Gordon’s desire to leave the Hornets puts a damper on what had been a terrific week for the club. Last Thursday, New Orleans selected Anthony Davis with the No. 1 pick in the draft and guard Austin Rivers at No. 10.

The league-wide assumption was that Gordon and the two rookies would form a trio that would lead the Hornets back to relevance. Of course, that could still be the case if New Orleans matches the offer.

Gordon’s statement makes for an interesting dance between the star guard and the Hornets over the next few days. The Hornets clearly had plans of their own where Gordon is concerned, even though they drafted Rivers (whose profile on Draft night is reminiscent to what Gordon’s was at the same stage.)

But if Gordon doesn’t want to be there, that obviously complicates matters a bit for the Hornets.


  1. Jojomon says:

    Then NOLO match the offer and get him for max deal lol.. You guys think Suns has no other options if Gordon is not availble. Suns is on rebuilding mode why would they risk to lose some draft picks again, that would not happen and OJ Mayo is still available on the board.

  2. Koupilias says:


  3. hoopfan says:

    actually they can! πŸ™‚ they’re below their salary cap. so they will just sign gordon first and if the suns is still interested then they can ask for a player and future drafts. way better instead of just letting him go without none. lol some more, NO can keep him. since he’s a decent player. he doesn’t have a choice. πŸ™‚ plus he never said he don’t like NO. he just leveraging his value.

  4. Go Suns says:

    Hornets can`t ma ke a sign and trade deal when they match the offer for Gorden , and it is senseless pay a max deal to someone who does not commit to your Franchise Marshall/Gordon Backcourt in Phoenix I LIKE IT

  5. Fefe (Nets) says:

    It would be a huge hit for NOLA if Eric Gordon goes to the Suns. Rivers, Gordon, Aminu, Davis, Kaman is a good starting 5 and there are nice players like Vasquez, Smith, Jarrett Jack (who has been superb last season).

    But the Suns are really hot this offseason: they will acquire Beasley & Dragic and have Marcin Gortat already. If they acquire Gordon, they will have a very good starting 5. With many nice bench players, Phoenix has a good chance to get to the playoffs. Even more so if they can retain Grant Hill (I doubt about it, though).

    We’ll see what happens!

  6. merryhairyfish says:

    Eric should stay with the Hornets. Overall they have a better chance of winning the championship than the Suns. They just got Anthony Davis and Austin Rivers! I would stay atleast one more year, EG. If you don’t make the playoffs, then ask for trade.

  7. Jumpshot = fail says:

    eric gordon is overrated. He strong and quick, and i guess hes proven he can score at a high level, but so far its because he’s been on bad teams.

    To be frank his scoring avg’s versus the top teams in the East and West are pretty low too. Solid started/role player, but not worth a max contract… my 2 cents.

    • yup says:

      I agree completely I am a suns fan and very excited for the possiblility of watching EG play in phoenix but I am not too happy with the maximum contract. I think hes slightly over rated.

  8. jacob.7 says:

    i think the sign and trade option is good so if the eric gordan is not appy in new orleans then he can still be moved, and the hornets are a way better franchise then the suns anyway they wiil lose steve nash and he is a big part of them, eric gordan should stay anyways with anthony davis and austin rivers once they get settled into the NBA they will be the big 3 in new orleans.

  9. leggomymelo says:

    I love the thought oof Eric Gordon with the Suns. I’m a Suns fan so ofcourse i am biased. With the Suns also rumored to be talking to Michael Beasley i think it would make for an exciting team. I don’t see them doing much in the playoffs, which is all that really matters. If they do a sign and trade though the suns would have to include draft picks, or if nash is traded, pieces they receive from a nash sign and trade. they arent about to give up gortat. itll be interesting to see what unfolds.

  10. wuffe says:

    I’m sick and tired of these players sulking, if they don’t get to play in the location of their choice. Ask a cba player if they would play for the clippers or new orleans. Bottom line, New Orleans has invested their star Player Chris Paul to get Gordon. Their not just going to trade him for a bar of soap. They will gladly match the offer and he will prob. just have to say , : it is what it is.

  11. DT says:

    If Gordon was smart he’d decline the offer sheet, sign his 1 year qualifying offer and become an unrestricted free agent next off season. If he even touches the suns offer sheet hes gonna be locked in for 4 years because nola will match. Be smart, take the 1 year qualifying offer and wait a year for your pay day

  12. Mahmoud says:

    i have no idea y he’d leave the big easy if he could play SG, rivers play PG, and anthony davis play C, while u’ve got aminu at SF, and Kaman if he stays at PF, that for sure is a playoff team

  13. Dalton says:

    I don’t know where you guys get your information but Gordon has also been quoted saying that he likes New Orleans and likes Demps and Monty. And Suns fans, Hornets have all the leverage here. Gordon has tremendous value around the league so a decent player and draft picks won’t be enough. Gordon is just forcing the Hornets hand here. I bet when he is signing that 4 year 58 mil with the Hornets, he will be just fine.

  14. Fernando says:

    The Suns are not gonna trade Gortat to the Hornets they Plan on keeping him. Why are you Hornet fans crying wanting him to stay. If a guy didn’t wanna play for my team. I wouldn’t want him to play for them. The Hornets aren’t gonna get much for the Suns in a sign and trade but a mediocre player and draft picks. Just like the Suns did when Joe Johnson was a restricted Free Agent in Phoenix and wanted to go to the Hawk. He said he didn’t want to play for the Suns anymore and didn’t want them to match, so they did a sign and trade and all we got was Boris Diaw and some draft Picks. So you guys can expect a deal like that.

    And Kobe Fan. Gordon didn’t choose to sign with the Suns for Money. He Knows that its a top of the line organization with the best Medical staff in the NBA.The Hornets could offer him more money than the Suns and he said already he doesn’t want to play there.

  15. Leo says:

    Nicely Done . Eric Gordon Heading To Phoenix . And Iman Shumpert Maybe Heading To Phoenix With Nash Heading To New York . All They Need Is To Sign Dragic And Michael Beasley . That Will Be A Great Team .

  16. Tom says:

    What? I thought you couldn’t do sign-and-trades with RFA. That’s why New York can’t sign Fields and trade him.

    • hoopfan says:

      dude if they are RFA’s then their original team has the option to match any contracts that the other team is offering them. landry fields was offered with how much by the toronto? if the knicks will match it, then what do you think will happen with their salary cap? right now i think they’re almost 5 mil over the cap with their current 9 players active on their roster. so they would be penalize for being over the salary cap. 2$ per 1$ over the cap, that’s the price right now with the current CBA rules. that is why they are letting go of fields. now, say if they will resign him then no one will take a trade deal outta fields, then they’ll be in trouble paying a hefty price year after year. come to think of it, they’re not yet complete with their 12-15 roster. so do the math. the raptors made an offer to fields that is a poison pill for the knicks. hopefully everybody here will consider the salary cap as well before making their own dream like team. πŸ™‚ and for the NO’s case, all they have to do is match the sun’s offer then the phoenix wont be able to land gordon (he’ll then be automatically signed with the hornets since he is currently RFA) not unless they would agree to make a trade deal after the signing. in my opinion, the fact that they are way below their salary cap.. this is definitely what the hornets organization will do. heck with gordon’s feelings about where his heart belongs to.(lol) his restricted there for its gonna be NO who will be in control in this one. good luck to EG. :))

  17. John says:

    Gordon better stay for the Hornets because Hornets traded their star player for Gordon and if they dont keep him then its was a bad trade.

  18. i can understand if gordon signs with the suns its not a winning reason if he goes there he’s going there for the money whats so sad now in the nba is that talent goes wasted for money his young so he’s just chasing checks right now cause theres nothing in phonix for anybody

  19. Jason says:

    The hornets should give up EG. I wouldn’t want to pay this guy more than a 4 year / $58 million deal.

  20. Matthew says:

    lol all of you Hornets fans can shut up because the suns are a lot closer to winning than the Hornets are, so what we lost Nash he was going to retire in maybe next year or year after that anyway. plus ive seen many of top 10 picks become busts so dont hold your heads high on davis and rivers yet because they havent done anything

  21. john says:

    If n.o. matches the offer sheet they cannot trade him to phx. nba rules. As far as phx. being a loser when is the last time you competed for a championship?

  22. granti1028 says:

    I am excited as a SUNS fan if he does end up coming here, and people talk about why would he come here. A factor that is probably bigger than people realize, is the fact that his little brother will be playing right here in town at ASU.

  23. granti1028 says:

    Ummm….Actually Hornets would have had to pay more if re-signed him rather than letting him become a restricted free agent, but okay….

  24. Common Sense says:

    Let’s be honest everyone. EG is a legitimate scoring threat. An incredible competitor and of course he nursed his boo boos. Why risk getting injured when going into one of your most pivotal restricted free agent times. He’s been working hard to rehab and when he hits the court he’ll be a destructive force. If he’s on the suns and they keep nash, that’s some serious front court and he fits the three shooting team and the dashing style of Nash very well. If he stays in NO he’ll play his heart out. He played for the lowly clippers and competed every day until their fate turned around with BG. Then he got dealt to NO right when the clippers were making a turn around. It’s hard to have your heart somewhere your not sure you’ll be the following year and that you landed in with an abrupt trade. Whoever gets him, NO or Suns will be lucky to have him. And trust me, he won’t be acting like a spoiled child if NO keeps him. He’ll take the money and play his heart out, and teach those rookies how to play in the NBA. Once again, whoever gets him will be lucky!

  25. Darin says:

    Who wants to play for a loser team like hornets? THE Hornets record has always been worse than Phoenix

  26. Chipper says:

    Karma for the lottery selection being rigged? I think so, NO just let him go and take AD and run

  27. Barron says:

    Sign and Trade. Geaux Hornets!

  28. Bob says:

    He should stay in NO

  29. JimBBall says:

    Nice try Phoenix but no way NO lets Gordon get away for nothing. We will match the offer sheet and then it is our decision if we want to keep Gordon, trade him to Phoenix, or trade him later to any other team in the league. If we decide to trade him to Phoenix the minimum we would want back is Robin Lopez and future #1 picks. This will be the starting point. We are under cap so have no problem absorbing this salary into our payroll. We just have to decide if it is worth it given Eric’s long history of injuries.

    Sorry to disappoint you Phoenix fans that thought you could just steal Eric Gordon from under our nose but Ain’t gonna happen. You guys are going to have to pay up BIG TIME in a trade!

  30. flip says:

    the hornets should sign him and trade him to a team that could possibly give the hornets good value and maybe some cap space and then try to sign OJ Mayo

  31. Vick says:

    Gordan must want money and does care about winning. You have a guy who is preparing to change the franchise of a team and you want to go to the Suns? He won”t win there and he knows it. No big deal though. It’s not like he will be kobe or a younger Brandon Roy. He’ll be a scorer who got paid.

  32. kundai says:

    If the Hornets match. Doesnt that mean he has the choice to go where he wants?

    • Oh!Yeah! says:

      dude u need to know what’s the difference between a restricted free agent and a unrestricted free agent…

  33. Beau337 says:

    As a 30 year old man and a lifetime Louisiana sports fan I’m once again left with mixed feelings about this whole mess. For longer than I’ve been alive Tom Benson has put god awful Saints teams with payrolls 20 million dollars under the salary cap on the field. Don’t get me wrong in recent years he hired some good people with the Saints and no one knew what to think when he bought the Hornets. Add to that that Eric Gordon has acted like a spoiled child with no regard for the Louisiana sports fan since being traded here. Nursing his boo-boo’s and playing in less than 10 games last season. I suppose if he wants to go let him. I only hope we can pull off a sign and trade and get some value for him.

    • Z says:

      He played, he wants to play somewhere else, deal with it. Him wanting to play somewhere else doesn’t make him a bad person.

  34. Bob says:

    Well, EG is stick in NOLA if they match. Sign and trade may be the answer, but I would want a ton of draft picks. That may be too pricey
    For the Suns. A mess in NO again

    • myke says:

      why would suns do that if the hornets dont wanna match it. they only do sign and trades with regular free agents.just bad luck on the hornets part.they do control him though give him a maxed out deal and he stays put

  35. Josh L says:

    (NO management) Fine you want to play for the Suns? We’ll sign you anyway. Then make a trade with the suns. We’re not losing value.

    • POLO says:

      Lol, you can’t do a sign and trade if your matching an offer. Get your facts straight.

      • Rich says:

        You sign him by matching the Suns, then trade him for comparable players/picks. It happens often. Most recently with what the Magic are trying to do with Dwight. Get YOUR facts straight.

  36. jcob says:

    july 11, you mean. πŸ™‚

  37. Joe says:

    Great !! πŸ˜€

  38. telecustom says:

    I was gonna say that this screams for a sign and trade, but who the hell would phoenix be able to offer? marcin gortat and josh childress?!? wowsers.
    so… threeway deal anyone?

  39. eddie57 says:

    Sign and trade Gordon to Phoenix for Lopez, Brooks and draft picks. Why keep a guy who isn’t on board with your future long-term plans.

  40. eddie57 says:

    If Gordon doesn’t want to play in New Orleans the Hornets should do a sign and trade with Phoenix. Maybe get Lopez, Aaron Brooks and a #1 pick from Phoenix for Gordon. Why would any team want a player that doesn’t want to be there?

  41. Nico says:

    Should of went to Chicago. Suns will never win a championship ring anytime soon.