Report: Nash Goes Hollywood, Will Join Lakers In Sign-And-Trade Deal With Suns

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Did someone mention fireworks?

The Los Angeles Lakers kicked things off before dark by pulling off an agreement on a reported sign-and-trade deal with the Phoenix Suns that will pair up Lakers superstar Kobe Bryant and two-time MVP Steve Nash in a backcourt of two of the league’s most sensational players.

The deal, believed to be for three years and nearly 27 million, includes two future first-round picks, two secon- rounds picks and some $3 million in cash going from the Lakers to the Suns. Nash, 38,  was also being pursued by the Knicks, Raptors, Mavericks and others.

Bryant was reportedly the lead recruiter on Nash and sold his former rival on a championship core (Bryant, Andrew Bynum and Pau Gasol) already in place and the need for an elite point guard to push the Lakers over the top. The proximity to his three children was also believed to be a major factor in Nash choosing to stay in the Western Conference.

The fact that all of this came together in the past 72 hours, and between teams that have been fierce rivals during Bryant’s time with the Lakers and Nash’s tenure with the Suns, makes it even more stunning. But the Lakers offed Nash the one thing no one else could, per Marc J. Spears of Yahoo! Sports, and that’s a chance to remain near his three children in Phoenix:

They used the trade exception they received from last year’s Lamar Odom deal with the Dallas Mavericks.

“He’s ecstatic,” said Billy Duffy, Nash’s agent. “He gets to be close to his children.”

The Suns will get the Lakers’ 2013 and ’15 first-round draft picks and their 2014 and ’15 second-round selections. The Lakers also paid the Suns $3 million to facilitate the trade.

Phoenix radio station KTAR 620 first broke the news of the Suns’ sign-and-trade agreement with the Lakers.

The New York Knicks, Toronto Raptors and Dallas Mavericks had all tried to sign Nash, but he turned down more money – three years and nearly $36 million from the Raptors – for an opportunity to chase a title with Kobe Bryant and the Lakers, and to be closer to his children. Nash is divorced with two daughters and a son.

“His intention, as related to the Suns, was if he left that they would get value, that he would have the ability as his career was winding down to come to a competitive situation,” Duffy said. “But his most important aspect was his ability to be close to his children. He’s an hour from his children. I’ve never seen him happier because of that fact alone.”

Duffy said Nash briefly considered retiring at the end of last season.

“Everything in his mind was predicated on his children,” Duffy said. “It put me in an interesting situation because I knew that dynamic. It wasn’t about the most money. He turned down a lot of money and aspects of other deals for the well being of his family.”

Even more surprising is the complete about-face Nash has done since a radio interview with ESPN NewYork 98.7 last month. Back then, he panned the idea of joining the conglomerate and mentioned the Lakers as a specific example at this stage of his career (though he did give himself a little wiggle room at the end):

“The truth is I’m a bit old school,” Nash said in the June 25 interview. “For me, it would be hard to put on a Lakers jersey. That’s just the way it is. You play against them so many times in the playoffs, and I just use them as an example, and I have the utmost respect for them and their organization.

“I kind of have that tendency (to try to beat the best teams), so it is strange, but as a free agent you’re free to go where you want, so I’d have to consider everything regardless of the past or the future.”

With Nash in the fold, rumors have started that he’ll try to persuade his good friend and ex-Suns teammate Grant Hill to join the Lakers, a move (if it happens) that would give them one of the deepest and most experienced teams in the league.

After looking for a few days like the major action in free agency would go on in the Eastern Conference, with Deron Williams agreeing to a deal with the Brooklyn Nets and the Nets and Hawks agreeing on a blockbuster deal that sends All-Star guard Joe Johnson to Brooklyn, things have taken a decidedly Hollywood turn this evening.

Los Angeles and the Staples Center will be home to two of the league’s premier point guards, Nash with the Lakers and Chris Paul with the Clippers, as well as two of the most star-studded rosters in the game.


  1. krzys says:

    Still not enough!

  2. all night long says:

    dont hate!!!!!!!!!

  3. jim says:

    If Nash have Kobe in Phoenix during the 8 eight years, he get one ring at least.

  4. binn says:

    Pau, Bynum, Gasol, Kobe? feels like watching an all star game

  5. cHRISTIAN says:

    I’m so exited to see NASH playing with KOBE

  6. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    if the first five for the LAL will Pau Andrew Kobe Steve Metta,what about the bench player to help the team to maintain the hight quality of the game of the LAL so they need a 2 agressive bench player and that are Jamal Crawford and the forwarding Antawn Jamison…

  7. jasonC says:

    I’m from British Columbia and I’m also a Lakers fan so………..Today is a GREAT day for me!!!!!

  8. Bossman says:

    Can’t wait to see what the lakers have to offer against my Miami heat!

  9. Tim says:

    Lakers keep trading away their draft picks… someday it’ll catch up to them… Either way, I can see a LA vs BOS finals shaping up again.

  10. islandBOY says:

    Everyone including Steve Nash, Kobe, Deron William, JJ, etc… Needs to BOW DOWN TO THE KING! Lebron James. There is nothing that can be done to stop this creature…str8 up! So BOW DOWN SCRUBS

  11. As a Laker fan, I am very happy to see an amazing player like Nash join the team. Even when he was at the Suns, I wanted him to get his first ring. However, for that to happen the Lakers must strengthen their bench. Barnes, Blake and Hill were not performing off the bench. If we can get Odom back… ooohh we are set!

  12. Rev Theo says:

    If they can add Batum, Terry and McGee, this will be their FORMIDABLE LINE-UP:

    Shooting Guard: KOBE BRYANT / JAYSON TERRY

    Go Lakers. Get the best from Free Agents! MORE RINGS to come!!!

  13. Word bond says:

    Everyone including STEVE NASH must BOW DOWN TO THE BLACK MAMBA KOBE ! Nash better give back his 2MVP awards and make the scrubs BETTER ! The defence will still be the key. LAKERNATION WILL ONLY GIVE NASH A BREAK IF HE IS MUCH BETTER THAN D. Fisher ! I need to see the GREAT SHOOTER that all have proclaimed Nash to be, percentage wise as well as PURE! We want WINS not cerelebrity . Gasol will not have any more excuses because he will get open shots that he must take. Kobe doesn’t need his life to be made EASY , he needs true BALLERS ! We will not stand for any talk about a bad back because THE BLACK MAMBA has played with enormous injuries these last few years. In lakerland you must win and WIN BIG !!!

    • Francisco says:

      no more excuses for kobe robin bryant, the unefficient in chief, blame gasol , what about 6 of 24 in game 7 against the celtics and still he got(kobe) the mvp, well that is hollywood

    • CAT says:

      yes the black mamba has played with many boo-boos now if he could learn to play with heart and true team spirit he’d really be something.

    • J Smith says:

      I still don’t know how nash got those regular season MVP’s but the past is the past. No one has respected kobe since that Case way back in the day. I mean cmon hes RANKED 7 Overall in the league, CMON!!

  14. Jay says:

    Steve is my favorite player since I was in 7th grade, I am a Suns fan so I hate the Lakers but I’ll root for them as long as Steve is with them, I want Nash to win a championship really bad.

  15. CAT says:

    Steve Nash only knows how to play with heart, has only had good team mates and fans with heart……… I hope he knows LA is nothing like PHX or Dallas. Hopefully everything good about him can rub off on everything laker???

    I HATE STEVE KERR,,,, HE CAME IN AS GM AND DESTROYED THE NUMBER ONE TEAM IN THE WEST AND PHX was on it’s way to greatness before him… IF not for steve kerr PHX would of continued to build and Steve Nash would still be there. STUPID STEVE KERR!!!

    It’s very hard, I don’t want to ever support the lakers, but I’ll always support Steve Nash.

  16. LAL24 says:

    did the lakers give away/ trade any of their players to get steve nash????

    • Rev Theo says:

      Nope. Lakers gave away 4 future draft picks to get Steve Nash. Smart move. They kept they core team intact.

      I want them to improve their roster though by adding other Free Agents who are still available:

      1. Nicolas Batum – versatile, with long arms quick to defend, can penetrate, most of all he’s YOUNG!
      2. Jayson Terry – the best man to come out of the bench to replace, tested shooter, can penetrate, defensive player
      3. Javale McGee – to replace Jordan Hill (if he leaves), McGee can provide a good spark at the center when Bynum sits

      Go Lakers, sign them!

    • J Smith says:

      negative just draft picks and 3 mill

  17. Rev Theo says:

    IDEAL Line Up for Lakers: Starting Five and Reserves

    Steve Nash Ramon Sessions
    Kobe Bryant Jayson Terry (He’s still a Free Agent, get him now)
    MWP Nicolas Batum (Also a Free Agent, perfect addition, can defend), Matt Barnes
    Pau Gasol Devin Ebanks
    Andrew Bynum Jordan Hill

    LAKERS will be the CHAMP again!

  18. Oula says:

    Very happy to have Steve Nash as a Laker!!!!!!!!! Get the outside bombers alongside Goudelock. Pick n Roll with the bigs & KB24, dunks, double teaming of KB24 and wide open 3-point shooting.

  19. Rev Theo says:

    Add Nicolas Batum and Jayson Terry!!! BE THE CHAMP AGAIN!

  20. islandBOY says:

    With all that said abt Kobe and Steve Nash teaming up… I dont see a championship anytime soon..Lebron James is still alive folks and he aint playing around with these old scrubs in the league anymore…He cannot be stopped! Go back and watch the playoffs. Nuff Said.

  21. Rev Theo says:

    With Steve Nash as Point Guard, there’s no need to trade Gasol or Bynum. Nash will make them both a better player. They are still a formidable duo when playing at their best. THE ONLY THING THE LAKERS NEED TO DO NOW IS TO IMPROVE ITS BENCH ROSTER. Get a legitimate 3-point shooter, a young versatile player like Nicolas Batum, and a proven defensive player who can replace MWP when he takes a breather.

  22. Paulo says:

    There were so many critics about 36-year old KG 2-year signing by the Celts and now everyone praises 38-year old Nash 3-year signing by the Lakers. Giving away 4 picks in the next 3 years. It’s a big gamble. Nash is a great player and a great and disciplines athlete, but he’ll be 41 when his contract expires. Injuries may happen, his numbers will normally start to slide, and the Lakers just gambled their next 3 years on this deal. Is it me, or is this a high risk move???

  23. Piranavan_123 says:

    What Jersey # Will Nash Wear Because, Wilt Chamberlain Retired #13 With The Lakers. I’m Just To Suspicious

  24. TTKIN says:

    Hopefully he can run the pick-n-roll pretty well with the Laker bigs. They arent used to playing with a PG w Steve’s talents.

  25. BEAST says:

    susie your wrong kobe is smart enough to know that nash will make plays for him he doesnt need to demand the ball he would only do that probably in that last 2 minutes of the 4q

  26. ben a laker fan says:

    the only thing that to improve the laker bench. if they get a talented player who off the bench, they are in good shape to win a championship next year. and i’m excited to see STEVE NASH playing at the staple center wearing a PURPLE and GOLD jersey. they must get NIC YOUNG, BRANDON RUSH or a 3pt shooter. i’m also excited when all the free agent sign. GO LOS ANGELES LAKERS

  27. where is the competition says:

    i know not it is to be steve blake

  28. where is the competion says:

    i know

  29. Shehan says:

    I think i’m very happy with the Sign-in-trade……..Finally we get a PG who is really good. Not that i mean Fisher isn’t good, but we get one of the elite point guards in NBA history.
    I am a Lakers Fan, but i know that’s hard for the suns fan to watch their Star PG go to a team they never wanted him to go to. But he need his children and his family to be very close to him, and he needs it more than money. and to deserve all the time he did everything to make the suns team a competitor and a great, great team, he deserves a Ring.

    So, stop whining about this and be proud, because you never know what happens in the future.

    This may annoy a little, but Let’s GO LANKERSSSSSSSSSSSSSS!!!!!!!!!!!!! 2013 Champions!!!!

  30. Sacha says:

    That seems like a great deal for both the Lakers and Nash, who gets to stay near his family.
    Now if the Lakers want to be real contenders this year, they’ll need 3-pts shooters. Sessions, Barnes, Murphy are out, but there are a few FAs who are above 37% 3-pt shooting in career: Nick Young, Marco Belinelli, Danny Green, Courtney Lee, O.J. Mayo, Steve Novak, Jason Terry. They can’t have them all, but 2/3 of those aforementioned can be possible financially.

  31. susie says:

    GMs need to make a move, especially those GMs whose teams were either bottom feeders last season, or have been humiliated in the playoffs. They need to make some moves to save their behinds. No matter how stupid it may seem, so long as they made some moves. Look at the Raptors offering 20M to Landry Fields, and then New Jersey shouldering that extremely overpaid Joe Johnson(90M in 4 years!). In the case of the Nets they needed some sort of insurance that they will have at least an all-star once they open in Brooklyn in case Deron chose the Mavericks. This move by the Lakers management is just a way to appease the LA fans and ticket buyers that they’re doing something. Unfortunately I don’t think it’ll work, first of all Nash and Kobe are extreme rivals, Nash dripped sweat and blood(literally!) trying to beat the Lakers, and then Kobe always have and always will demand the ball. Nash won’t be able to create the way he does with Phoenix in this Laker lineup. In order for Nash to be creative he needs to dribble the ball more, which of course isn’t possible when you have Kobe for a teammate. And that’s just one downside of this trade, the other one is the idea that the Lakers need young blood! Nash is 38, no matter how good he is, this is the NBA, and you have lots of very young pointguards that are a lot faster and stronger the the generation of PGs Nash had to contend with during his time.

    Sorry Laker fans, enjoy this now while the news is fresh, because indeed this would’ve been a dream tandem, back 8 or 10 years ago.

  32. LOL says:

    get howard..retain gasol..for better spacing..and also MWP but if he can be traded to a young talented player. the better

  33. jular santos says:

    this is gret news to me,great move LA org. im so happy allready when i heard the news,ican not w8 to see kobe & nash played together,inow nash is alresdy 38 hi can still play 2 more years &…..

  34. W/E says:

    OMG now the lakers have the potential to be scary good,i dont care if he is 38 the lakers were playing without a true pg for years and were still a force,now imagine IF nash manages to be in shape for the next 2 years i GUARANTEE you guys that the lakers will own the western conference and be championship contenders,Kobe and bynum are gunna OWN with nash creating for them….

  35. dattebayo says:

    Seems like no one wants to go to South Beach and those guys down there will be the favorites to win the title again. Poor choice for Nash though, many will not like it and he will not win a ring there. Bynum is too slow, too immature and injury prown and Kobe is too old to be playing hero ball and still does it. Nash teaming up with Kobe is one more thing not to like about the Lakers. I hope he does not become the punching bag for the Lakers future failures, when they trade away Gasol. He wouldn’t deserve the blame, but he will blamed for every postseason loss, because Laker fans only appreciate success.

    Let’s see if this will bite him in the *** later on…

  36. lakermig says:

    OHHHH YEAHHHHH. I could not believe my eyes when i saw this it doesn’t make everything better but i have to say even at 38 he should be a huge improvement to the lakers, seeing as now we have some one that can really facilitate the killers: Mamba,pau (if he satys) and bynum (if he stays) and i think they should both stay with his arrival. he does however pose a problem when it comes to defending but that just means that our 2 seven footers have to step up and dominate the paint how they’re supposed to i mean dwight howard dominates the pain by himself so if these 2 get their act together they can single handedly make a lot of stops. still very hard to beat teams like OKC and Miami but against pretty much anyone else i think we should be pretty good.

  37. Fefe (Nets) says:

    And as always, I see Lakers fan here as always criticizing Gasol….. You just forgot that without him your Lakers couldn’t get the last 2 rings you had….
    Always the scapegoat….. This year the elimination was BECAUSE OF KOBE. But no he’s like God so you can’t criticize him. Even if he is one of the best players of All-time, a Lakers fan should stay honest and objective. Gasol was key to the last 2 championship trophees for LAL.

    Anyway with Nash coming Kobe won’t crack up 30 shoots a night. Good.

  38. chris says:

    this team will be great but onlyif mike brown allows nash to run the offense.if kobe has the ball then most of time he is going to shoot but if nash has it then he will be able to get players good looks plus the bigs wiill get the ball more .and it doesnt matter about the rivalry because kobe and nash are 2 of the greatest players of all-time and eventually they will figure out a way to play together.but L.A will need a more aggresive gasol to win in the playoffs.i also think they should get andrew bynum for dwight howard.sur bynum is probably be the batter center in the next few years but right now dwight is better and being that bynum is the lakers youngest star the lakers only have a few years left before the other stars leave and they have to begin rebuilding so if they get dwight they will have a better chance to win now instead of keeping bynum and having to wait a few years to win with bynum.

  39. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I will continue to support you Steve. But I’m sad that you go to the Lakers (I’m not a Laker hater btw), I would have preferred to see you go to Toronto or Dallas.

    Anyway I hope that the Nets will face the Lakers soon in NBA Finals, but sorry my Nets is going to win maybe not this year but the next one!

  40. RDB007 says:


    • Francisco says:


  41. Prichi Boy EGuia James says:

    whoah and i think it will be lakers vs miami heat in the finals soon!

  42. bj says:

    the deal is very good..go lakers…

  43. ChrisBrown says:

    Great jod Mitch.
    Now that we have Nash please don’t try to trade either Bynum or Gasol, they are both talented and I’m sure Nash will really help them play to their fullest, If Nash made Gortat and Warrick play good how much with Pau and Drew?
    Nash is the fix period.
    If Bynum gets traded for Dwight I wouldn’t see any chemistry building up, TBH there’s already too many ego in the current roster, Nash and Kobe were rivals, Drew is a bit immature and Pau is Pau, not to mention MWP.
    I’m looking forward to your next move Mitch I’m not as smart as you but this is only my opinion.

    • TTKIN says:

      I agree, I dont want to see them go now. Imagine Nash having multiple otions to run his pick n roll. They guard Bynum heavy starting 17 feet out cuz they think hes about to run it, all of a sudden Nash cuts the other way and sets Pau up with the pick n roll. Id rather see the Lakers really try to get a bench now. Sessions aint gonna get top dollar, not with the way he played in the playoffs. I think the Lakers should at least offer him a role player’s contract, keep him as a backup to run the bench.

      Then, GO AFTER GRANT HILL. He and MWP teaming up means the Lakers have someone on the court at all times who can guard the likes of Lebron Durant and Melo. SFs would never get a break on offense with that 2 man punch on defense.

  44. Lakers#1 says:

    This is what I want for the Lakers going into next season. Beware it is a drastic move!

    Trade Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard.
    Trade Pau Gasol for Josh Smith

    Starting lineup:

    Steve Nash
    Kobe Bryant
    Metta World Peace
    Josh Smith
    Dwight Howard

    • TTKIN says:

      I would be down, but both teams have already said no to those trades. Hawks say Lakers want too much, and although Orlando has said no to the Bynum-for-Howard trade, new article says Orlando is desperate to get rid of him to anyone except BRO (no longer NJ), so they may go for that trade, then again that rumor has been going around for almost a year.

  45. Nash Fan says:

    Nash just win the title for yourself, your kids and ur team. Anything can happen as long as ur willing.

  46. killuabest says:

    people here are insane they love nash but not nash’s decision/determination to win a championship, plus he has to see his kids more often.i say selfish and not loyalty you have for nash and even bringing rivalry over bryant,wheew only loser will kinda think this way. anyway, nash welcome to hollywood you’ll have your first ring now baby!!!

  47. Cmon Guys.. says:

    Guys, the driving factor in this deal seems to be the fact that he’s close to his children. The fact that he gets to be in a championship contender team, even if not the greatest fit/oppurtunity, is also a driving motive, but I think the fact that he wants to be with his children is by far the selling point…. you people keep hating on him and chewing him out…. he picked family over a larger chance at a championship and you guys lose respect for him? cmon now….

  48. oli03 says:

    So what! you have now what!! man you people just stupid!!! like that guys on game times”is he a coach rite?…he just dont like LA” he just there like what am I going to say!!….his heart just crush about Nash going to LA . leave the man alone.

  49. DA says:

    All you people who are saying that KOBE won’t play well with NASH, he’s probably the happiest player in the Lakers roster right now. Kobe wants to win. He was frustrated with a lot of bad plays by the Lakers last season but now turnovers will not be an issue anymore. No more broken play that end up on his hands to make a difficult shot. His life on the court just got a whole lot better.

  50. preston bates says:

    First of all I’ll say I am a huge Steve Nash fan, and oddly enough the Lakers were my second favorite team, and Kobe my second favorite player. When I got the call about this deal I thought my brother was just messing with me, This is the best of scenarios for Nash and the Lakers to win a championship. I’ve seen people say that the Lakers will be swept by the thunder in the playoffs next year, and these people are out of their minds. With Nash there to get Bynum and Gasol involved their offense can only increase. Also how can you double team Kobe when you will have to be leaving either a seven footer open at the rim or a sharp shooter like Nash open for the three? People who are saying Nash has done something terrible and that they will no longer be fans because he signed with the Lakers were never truly Nash fans. Who deserves to chase a ring more than Nash? No one. If i were him I wouldn’t think I owed the Suns anything after Sarver wasting Nash’s playing years by giving him nothing to work with.

  51. red says:

    really!!!!?!?!?! oh c’mon! nash cant go to lakers! there are other teams he cud go to but not to LA. i better want him in miami if he wants a ring. phx and LA are rivals for years. this cant be happening. i love nash but please not to LA

    • saccl says:

      I dont know if the two of them will work together, kobe gets anyone just get another ring. they should trade bynum for dwight then pau for josh smith. go L.A.!

  52. steve says:

    I love this deal! Lets see Nash,Blake, Morris & Odom
    Kobe, Richardson,Goudelock
    D Williams, , G Hill, Ebanks
    J Hill, Mc Roberts
    Howard, Murphy, Sacre

    ( Bynum & MWP for Howard & Richardson )

    ( Gasol for Derrick Williams ) Kobe needs that young explosive defender in Williams!

    PF will be the teams weakness…I still like it!! A Lot ala jim carry..dumb and dumber

  53. J-Short says:

    I am optimistic about Nash coming to LA. If his body can hold up then i think that this deal will pay off somewhat. But it all depends whether LA can obtain a couple of shooters, I like the fact that possibly GHill will come over but we need to make the trade for Josh Smith to get rid of Pau big contract and inconsistant play. I think with Josh we will be more athletic and be more up tempo becasue as I have seen nether Bynum or Gasol can run an up tempo style. If we cant get GHill then Brandon Roy would be a solid pickup, he can play the 2-3 position and if someone gets hurt then he can fill the void. I dont think we are done as of yet making moves to compete for a title. Which I am glad we did something, but we need atleast one to two more moves to make us more of a solid team that can compete for a title.

  54. ah77 says:

    Nash took $9 million less than Toronto offered??? I could understand that if it were Miami, OKC, San Antonio or Dallas? But Lakers have at least a 15% less likely chance to get a title. Barring injury no one gets past OKC in the West…

    LA to Phoenix vs. Dallas to Phoenix are virtually the same flight time so I don’t buy the close to his kids argument. Perhaps Dallas never had any real interest in Nash? I still think Dallas, OKC, San Antonio, Miami and perhaps Boston have a better chance at the title next year.

    Taking $9 Million less for 10 to 1 chance to win a ring is bad math from a very smart player.

    • sbfern805 says:

      Remember, Dallas was horrible in the playoffs!!! and Dallas also let Nash go…why would he go there? Lakers lost against OKC in the playoffs by 2 very very close games. It actually could have gone either way, i dont think OKC IS the better team.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      dude dwill is staying in dallas, thats what dallas was banking on….so without him…they arent winning anything!

  55. What? says:

    Some of you are acting like Nash is a superstar and this is another teaming up instance and others are acting like Steve Nash is a worthless 12 man who just helped sink the Lakers. Someone said Their average age would be like 37…..Where did you get that?!? A couple people think Nash is a traitor for signing with the enemy? 1.) The Lakers have bigger things to worry about than the Phoenix Suns every year quite frankly 2.) can you blame him? His other choices were the Raptors and Knicks 3.) He was TRADED there. Don’t hate him as a person and burn your Suns gear. That’s a little over the top don’t you think?

  56. oli03 says:

    Congrats. Steve Nash and the Lakers for this trade. You’re gonna be okay. But for the Lakers now you have Nash do not, I repeat do not trade Pau Gasol or Bynum. just try to clean up your bench now. to make it solid bench if Session still there okay thats good for speed. we need now some very good shouters guys. some good shouters. we people who can really shoot the ball.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      unless bynum or gasol traded we dont have the cap room or money to just add to the bench

  57. Belizeboy says:

    I’m glad he did it for family reasons, but his chances of getting a championship won’t be that great in LA.

    • TTKIN says:

      This team is capable of having at least 4 all stars this season, even if they dont get a bench they are contenders. And I doubt the Lakers are done adjusting their team…he definitely has a chance. Right now I put the Lakers in second out West behind OKC. Idk how SA will do this season, but LA carved them up in SA without Kobe even playing, so add Kobe and Nash to that game, I’d say the Lakers have a better shot than SA.

  58. Karlo Garcia says:

    It’s a nice COMBO Nash/Kobe but both like 2 have the ball most of the time? They need 2 figure who gets possession at certain times of the game. I’m not getting carried away just yet but i will give them time. Plus Nash is close to his children which is GOOD.

  59. underdog says:

    Now I’m torn, i don’t want for Kobe to win more rings but I want Nash to have his. Nash belongs to a few players in the league, who in my opinion are the only ones who are deserving for a ring. He, along with grant hill, durant, and rose, because they are good role models, they play the game right, they are unselfish, and good character guys. Man, I’m torn., but oh well, as long as Lebron doesn’t get more rings, even if Kobe gets another, Kobe has his legacy already anyway, rooting for him not winning more is useless, but i hope Nash be the Finals MVP if ever they win it all..

  60. Son of the Valley says:

    totally unexpected but this should be interesting. i am a phx suns fan and even though i know the history between the suns and the lakers i have to say im glad nash has a possible run to a championship ring. the line up for the lakers coould be very effective with nash at point. I dont get why people would want to trade bynum for howard though that doesnt make sense. bynum has much better touch around the rim, more post moves and still can dominate plus he is younger without back problems (dwight howard). i think the lakers should keep bynum and gasol with nash being there

    • sbfern805 says:

      with Nash there, i dont think it might happen. They will test out how summer practices work out and see if Nash can improve BYnum and Gasol. If it works great, if it doesnt then they will trade. Howard is also more athletic and can develop a nice touch with the help of Kareem Abdul Jabbar!!

  61. Iain Gabriel says:

    in the 3rd year of the deal i dont think they will be a championship contender with the present roster due to aging across the board but with Nash for at least this season it definitely makes the Lakers a serious threat to win a title.

  62. FL Boyy says:

    I thought Nash wanted a ring ??? . Coming to MIAMI was his only chance at getting a ring. OKC will smash Lakers again and even if they beat OKC it doesnt matter because HEAT 2013 champs we can bet cash right now

    • sbfern805 says:

      then go bet it… hell if you are so sure…bet your house and i’ll see you sleeping in your car!!! lmao

      • J Smith says:

        I agree, I love LBJ but everyone pretty much gave him the ring just to stop the chatter!! Even the REF’S!! I don’t see a repeat even though they beat on OKC like they forgot how to play, after beating the best teams in the league on the WEST. SMH!!

  63. Might turn into a Lakers fan says:

    Trade Metta, Barnes, Blake and other fluff.
    Acquire Novak, Grant Hill, T-Mac.

    Starting 5:
    Novak/Grant Hill/T-Mac (situational)

    Novak gives them a dedicated 3 point shooter and will spread out the defense, allowing kobe to attack from the perimeter. Pau can learn to play high pick and roll with Nash while Bynum stays low. Hill and T-mac bring experience and versatility and Hill brings shut-down defense.
    I reckon we might see kobe get his 6th ring but Im more interested in Nash getting his first.

  64. Allan says:

    I am a Lakers fan, but he is 38 yrs old…. the first year may be worth it (although I am worried about his defence, esp against Rondo, Westbrook, Parker…etc).

    If we get Jamison, Hill too, then we will be REALLY old… I mean REALLY REALLY. Average age will be 37?

    The names are huge, but their age may not justify putting them all on 1 team.

    Gasol is like a spring chicken on this team, in terms of age

  65. frank says:

    Im so disappointed, why good player dont like to play in Canada? they just come here to make their name and go like Vince and Chris Bosh. in 2 year derozen will give Us goodbye also.

    • J Smith says:

      UH cus canada is a dead end, anyone in the league knows that. And Bosh or Vince did go there to make their name
      they went there to carry a struggling Raptors team with the same result at the end of each season.

      And if you were Nash you definitely wouldnt go to the raptors unless you had another 15 years to play cus that would probably how long it would take to even make it to the finals, let alone win a ring lol.

  66. Jumpshot = fail says:

    I don’t think Nash will fit in at all with the Lakers.. but meh he does what he wants to do.

  67. Warren says:

    Nash being part of the Laker team may actually be beneficial to the younger guards in the Laker roster. Gouedock and Morris as well as Sessions (if he opts to stay) could all learn from the future Hall of Famer. Nash may be old, but his playmaking genius could rub off to his younger teammates and who knows? We may have another Dragic emerging soon because of the positive influence Nash brings to the team.

  68. bu says:

    If Nash continues to play at a high level for the next 2 years, & Lakers team intact, & with Hill coming over & plays at a high level, the Lakers will be the team to beat in West for the next 2 yrs. These veterans are proven & know what they want for the last few years of their pro bball life. They hv little ego but team & results 1st mentality.

    The remaining 2 issues are Bynum’s immaturity & Gasol’s attitude & disappearing act. At this point, I’d keep Bynum & not trade for DH. Gasol….. more difficult to tell if need to be traded. If he plays well to his ability, then the Lakers are very very tough to beat.

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      i like bynum, but if you cant get rid of gasol i say swipe bynum for howard. Howard will PLAY defense every night no question and pickup on the slack off the non defensive nash

  69. Lakers-R-Us says:

    OK! I am ecstatic! Steve Nash as a Laker! As a fan, I will fully support him! I love this deal! I would have bet money that Nash would never be a Laker! Sometimes you get a pleasant surprise! I guess we have a point guard now! lol

  70. Spur4Life says:

    I love Stve Nash and Despise all thngs Lakers & Kobe but I can really see Nash working well with Bynum & Gasol (if not traded). Kobe and Nash now thats another story….

  71. Robert says:

    As a Lakers fan, I am THRILLED with this news. Nash is a legitimate point guard that the Lakers severely needed. Offensively, the Lakers often stalled, lack of ball movement being the culprit most of the time. With Nash, ball movement will not be a problem. Plus, the ball won’t be in Kobe’s hands as often, that should cut down on the turnovers. Lastly, Bynum should lead the league in alley-oops next season, Nash will be great for him. Yes, Yes, YES!!!

  72. kb24 says:

    there had been a lot of rivalries that join kobe in the past. for instance, matt barnes who completely did not like kobe during the finals at all gotten along very well with the lakers. Ron artest, is another. Luis Scola had a conflict with lakers almost got traded to the lakers. Nash got a lot of experience and if you take a look at his resume it is extremely good! Lakers absolutely needs point guard like Nash who has a lot pf experience and will only help the lakers win kobe that 6th ring!!

  73. Joe Dodani says:

    Wow, As much as I hate Kobe, I Love Nash and I would love Nash get a title and he is the MVP of the finals.
    Congraulatioins to Lakers on getting one of the best players and that also from SUN.
    Good Luck

  74. WTFdude says:

    WTF IM SPEECHLESS!!! I’d rather see him in a raptors uniform than a yellow jersey -_-.. this is like blasphemy! Nash and kobe are rivals.. They have bad blood together.. I doubt they will have team work.. Its not easy to have 2 mvps in a team where one is a ball hog and the other one needs the ball to make plays.. o_O SERIOUSLY WHAT THE HELL IS SUN’S GM thinking??? I want nash to get a ring but not in a LAKER uniform!!!!

    • ev1398 says:

      and u expect him to get one with the raptors?

    • cris says:

      think through what your saying man????? for instance on the court magic and bird hated eachother…but the thought of those to pairing up was scary and kobe wants nash so that the pressure is taken off of him

  75. me says:

    you not old old..dumb move by Lakers he ain’t gonna contribute no more than Fisher b4 they traded him. Everyone’s just gettin hyped ova nothing

  76. GuantanamoBay says:

    Hope the lakers win it all nex season 🙂

    • defdun says:

      i love Nash, but he’s never been a good defender and I can’t see him stopping or even slowing down Westbrook, Paul, Parker. So as much as I like Nash and Kobe pairing on offense, I can’t see it working out due to Nash’s (lack of) defense…
      If they do manage to swap Bynum with Howard then this may make up for it though…

  77. Great Job L.A.La.!! if you could get Howard for Bynum, it’ll much greater! then sign Grant Hill, he’s 39yrs old but is still better than roughly 85% of the NBA Players ryt now. so you got:

    Metta / Hill

    It’s an interesting battle for the title in the West with OKC, or the NBA Title with the Heat. WOW!

    • Francisco says:

      yes four superstars in the laker roster, but Miami has a MEGASTAR, THE BEST, MOST EFFICIENT, COMPLETE PLAYER , LBJ

  78. Person says:

    Toronto is waiting to David Stern to help the franchise.

  79. laker4ever says:

    Hope we can get howard also lakers big 3 vs heat big 3 exciting but i dont think it will happen with the money we spent on Nash

    • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

      it can happen if they swap bynum….magic may do it…..but howard just may not stay after the season….idk

  80. etm says:

    Its going to be exiting to watch lakers next season with the addition of NASH…THANKS FOR CHOOSING HOLLYWOOD….

  81. Douggie says:

    This is bad for the league, still won’t put Lakers over the top anyways. Losing faith in this league, thought some players still had pride, tired of this Batman/Robin team up with fellow superstars garbage.

    • J Smith says:

      What are you talking about!!?? You have to have a dream to these days just to compete with other teams these days.

      And even though they had a Big 3 (bynum, pau, and kobe) kobe was the only play maker, now with Nash we are all set.

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        smart man, and also what lebron james dwade and bosh did was totally different ….nash is 38, on his way out the door of the NBA, those other three are in their primes with alot of basketball years left …its not the same man

  82. Patrick H. says:

    I just lost respect for one of my favorite players. I will root against him for the rest of his career. He signed a contract with the devil, I now must burn my Suns t-shirt…

    • Troll says:

      Because he get’s to be an hour away from his children? I absolutely hate the Lakers, but kids need their father.

      • mr.ed says:

        well said.

        he gets to be close to his family yet play for a contender.

        and he also leaves his former team with some draft picks to help them out.

        doesn’t get better than that.

      • jyl says:

        he’d be closer to his kids IF HE STAYED IN PHOENIX

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        staying in phx wouldnt get him a ring tho….he is bout to retire, he deserves to compete for a championship at this stage in his career

    • uoykcuf says:

      if he’s your favourite, why don’t you show some support? Do you like to work far away from your kids and wife? I hate the lakers and those fan boys and I’ll root against them whenever I can. Still I’ll cheer and hope everything will be good for nash!

    • LOL says:

      What are you talking about?!? Nash give his blood and sweat to the Suns in all of his career! And now in return, fans like you who are so selfish and dumb should realized that he is 38, which means he only has 2 years maximum in his career… He deserves a ring for Christ’s sake!!! Why not give this to him to make him happy for a change??? There is no way the Suns can win championship this season… to give something like this to him in return is the only way the Phoenix fans can repay for all time sake.

    • 2004-2010suns says:

      we’re good without nash now that we are pretty much getting beasley,dragic,and gordon.steve nash wants hill to join him in LA though and that is not good cause hes our best onball defender

  83. Omar says:

    Nash and Kobe in Lakers’s backcourt is a dream come true. I still have my doubts over Nash’s fitness and all, he is 38 after all. But i hope he can be the true point guard lakers been craving for a long long time.
    Swap Bynum for Howard and we are all set.

  84. lakers hater says:

    the lakers needed fresh young guys not nash who is 38 they will get swept in 2013 playoffs by the thunder

  85. LA says:

    Whatever happened to, “The Lakers really need some young, fast players, and more production off the bench.” Steve Nash is 38!!! We gave away our ’15 first round pick, and by that time, I bet Nash will be retired!

    • Keith Sanders says:

      He is 38 but sure doesnt play like it. Besides we will still make the playoffs and those draft picks wouldnt amount to much for the Suns. Nash feeding the ball to Kobe. Pau. and Bynum…I will take that all day long.

  86. Yolo says:

    what! but to be honest Nash needs to go to the lakers to win his first ring. The suns couldnt give him that. He deserved it all. Im a suns fan and im totally agree with this trade!

  87. Jo laker fan says:

    So excited seeing kobe and nash playing together wearing same jersey!

  88. DJ3 says:

    O.o Did not expect this. I hate you suns GM!!!

    • Jay says:

      Why? instead of just losing Nash they got 3 mill and draft picks, AND they have signed Dragic and Beasley, they may even get Gordon if the Hornets dont match. Thats very very good for the Suns, way better than how they were last season.

  89. someone says:

    ehh.. i dont know man nash and kobe is a rivalry…

  90. JSY says:

    Steve Nash thx for the 8 years in PHX I will continue to support you!

  91. Karim says:

    interesting..never saw that coming.

    • sbfern805 says:

      Hallelujah!!!!! Basketball Gods have answered the Lakers Prayers…or at least Kobe’s!! lol I HATED Nash ever since Dallas ( maybe because i knew how good this guy was) but i have always respected him as a professional player ( I still think Kobe should have gotten those two MVPs) lol. Anyways Nash IS 38 however, anyone who has seen him workout, he is in top notch shape and can hang with any fast player out there. Second for those of you who say he is not know for his defensive skills, where here is where you are ALL WRONG… he doesnt need to defend as much ( Sessions nor fisher ever did) because there is a beast in the back called Bynum. All Nash has to do is make those wide open treys Lakers BADLY need from double teams and help Kobe’s load get easier in the offense ( after all Kobe doesnt do that great of deffending either). Now by making the offense a lot smoother, Parker, Paul and Westbrook will have to work harder playing defense against the Lakers and take energy away from them at the offense. After all Neither point guard is really a great defender…. Nash and Lakers 2013 Champs…

      • Nash can help the Lakers Improve but they still are not that competitive compared to OKC, Spurs , Clippers and Memphis- they need another good shooting guard who could alternate with Kobe

      • LATILLIDIE (lakers2011-3peat) says:

        i agree, nash is a good pickup, but think we need more. If we can get good pieces for Gasol still then i say ship him out…