Williams Ends Suspense, Picks Nets

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — Deron Williams broke his own free agency news this evening, choosing an offer from the Brooklyn Nets over an offer from the Dallas Mavericks.

He did the deed with a simple Tweet, ending the suspense before the 4th of July holiday and sending the Mavericks and other teams scrambling to figure out their next move now that the most coveted player on this summer’s market is off the board.

“Made a very difficult decision today …” Williams tweeted along with a link to the photo of the Nets’ new Brooklyn logo.

He’s agreed to a five-year deal that will pay him $98 million, some $25 million more than he could have earned from the deal with the Mavericks.

The Nets can now turn all of their attention to trying to come up with a deal to land Dwight Howard, the Magic superstar who has demanded a trade to Brooklyn where he could join forces with Williams and All-Star guard Joe Johnson. The Nets agreed Monday to trade five players and a lottery-protected first round Draft pick to Atlanta Johnson.


  1. chitown says:

    The first step was resigning Gerald Wallace
    The second step was getting a good player through a trade (Joe Johnson)
    The third step was to resign Deron knowing that they resigned Wallace and traded for Johnson
    The next step is to resign Brook Lopez
    Then after that we need to sign a PF. they already have Reggie Evans but he’s not a starter. Ersan Ilyasova is on the market. If he can sign a low priced deal, he can join the Nets, be their starter, and still allow the Nets to get more role players.
    I think a player who is dedicated to playing basketball and winning should make a sacrifice by taking a pay cut. If Ilyasova wants to win and loves the game of basketball he would take a pay cut.

    • bas says:

      love the game?? why was there a lockout then? because everyone was loving the game??
      no! because they wanted more money!
      ilyasova is a young guy, who showed he can play ball. he should get payed.
      he already showed he loves the game, by giving all he got for a not so big a pay check.

  2. EC says:

    Come on, it´s very unlikely that the will be able to trade for DH12. They would have to give away the full future (2 to 3 picks, Brooks) and solid players (Humphries) for him. Even though Lopez foot is a big question mark he is a solid 20/6 if healthy in a NBA which is far away from having the Ewings, Olajuwons, Robinsons, etc.. Sam Bowie would be an All Star Center in these days.

    I think it would be better if the Nets were going for solid additions to their roster resp. re-signing key players e.g.
    C. Kaman as sub for Lopez, M. Beasley, E. Ilyasova, re sign Humphries, or something else. If they trade Lopez, Brooks, Humphries and 3 first round picks they even may gonna end up behind the Magic next season. They were 15 GB in a shortened season. Adding Johnson and Howard while losing Brooks, Humphries, Lopez won´t make them 15 to 18 wins better 2012/13.

    The Cs were close to beating the Heat and if they acquire some puzzlepieces (J. Terry, C. Kaman, etc.) and get healthy they will be hard to beat.

  3. Fefe (Nets) says:

    LOL @ some MAVS Fan out there. I love the Mavs too even if I’m a Net for life, but why do you say “what about loyalty to the Mavs”????????????????????

    D-Will never played with Dallas, so loyalty ain’t a problem. On the contrary, D-Will, by staying put, is being “loyal” to the Nets, the team where he is actually playing…

    Some people here are really stupid.

  4. nyartist1 says:

    That’s great about Deron but what really drew my attention was the signing of Reggie Evans. One of the most relentless and ferocious rebounders in the league. that might be in preparation to losing Humphries. Reggie can rebound with the best of them and shoot fouls with the worst of them.

  5. Keeno says:

    let us all welcome! the new contender of the EASTERN CONFIRENCE… thumbs up! for the NETS… 🙂 gudluck! for the HEAT..

  6. john says:

    Deron must be at bulls , it would be a nice team up with rose,,!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    • lol says:

      delusional bulls fan, 2 scoring point guards in same team, you gotta rest this season because the bulls ai’nt making the playoffs

  7. Maximillian says:

    actually it would be interesting go see DW JJ and DW to play in 1 team in order to beat the Miami Heat. But the trade for howard just seems too much and if they did do the trade, perhaps they wont even have bench players -_-.. I wonder why they didnt give up gerald wallace or just mix him in the howard deal coz I think it’ll make the trade lighter?

  8. Jovany says:

    Has DeShawn Stevenson even signed a contract? Say if he don’t sign nothing, this deal goes in the trash.

  9. Awsome says:

    I would love to see Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, and Dwight Howard on the same team

  10. Awsome says:

    Brooklyn Nets: Deron Williams, Joe Johnson, Gerold Wallace, Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, maybe Dwight Howard. There is no question that the Nets will be a good team going into the 2012-2013 Basketball Season

  11. Flying Raijin_41 says:

    goodluck on your decision d.will, i’m sure you’re having a tough time to win a championship there..with the likes of miami heat and the boston celtics in the front maybe five years from now your team will be the champs…

  12. chandler says:

    psh theyre gonna be better but not that much better every one thought that they would be way better when they got him and they we basically the same and with joe thell be a bit better but not that good still. shouldhave gone to the jazz!

  13. bu says:

    What else can they give to Orlando to get DH? Also, with DH’s antics, does the Brooklyn Nets & other teams want someone like that? Cap room….. maybe if Lopez is traded & no other big takers rmeaining except the current 3 some of JJ, DW, GW, he might get a max deal next yr.

    On paper, JJ, DW, GW, DH big 4 seems really strong. will DW & DH co-exist? will DH be inspired enough by his teammates to give 120% effort & leave everything on court, win or lose? Will the egos mesh in? Prob not 1st yr.

  14. BullsFan says:

    I kinda figured Dwill was gonna pick Brooklyn even before the Joe Johnson trade because D Will wanted to play for a high market team and this team offered more than the mavs.

  15. Go Mavs says:

    im gonna boo dwill when he plays
    whata punk

    • Wat says:

      Da hell did he do? He just decided to stay with a promising team instead if going to an old team. Let’s face it, Dirk’s best years are behind him, Deron wants to play with guys who r good and have at least a minimum of 5 years left in them. Dirk has like 3 years left in him. Dallas is old and they aren’t contenders anymore.

    • Cookie Chang says:

      Where’s the loyalty to the Dallas Fans, The MAVS Team, to Dirk? Is money the only factor here? It’s a sad, sad, day for many MAVS fans…

  16. nothingisenoughforme says:

    This team can make the playoffs, but will never be a title contender…lopez foot is a major problem, with aging joe johnson and gerald wallace, they will be done in a couple of years…hope they will not get dwight if not they will have no bench and no money for new bench players.

    Dwill should not sign this at all.

  17. AngryLakerfan says:

    Good for Deron hopefully this new Brooklyn Squad will bring something new to the NBA. Why, am I angry you may ask ? Because I’m so annoyed that Dwight cant simply make a decision like this. Once again way to go Deron.

  18. strutting says:

    poor dwight.. he chose to be a lovable hero in orlando.. now hes stuck there..haha oh well.. lets go nets!! stronger this year baby!

  19. chigchig says:

    not if they get howard.. there team will be old as hell.. but so what.. there team is significantly better now then it ever has been.. im down to see what other moves/signings the nets come out with to fill the bench and replace

  20. Wat says:

    OH YESSS!! This is HUGE for the Nets. Even though they don’t get Dwight Howard, you still hav a solid team that can make the playoffs. I say they can make it to the second round. It takes time to win with talented players. The Nets need to add more players for backup. Now that they’re backed up into the luxury tax, they need to sign players for a cheap price. They need guys who can score, rebound, and defend, Keeping Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, and Marshon Brooks would be a smart decision because they can have a solid starting lineup and a player off the bench with Marshon Brooks. Add the Bosnian forward they signed, and Reggie Evans, you hav a solid team!!!!!!!

  21. Vic says:

    And so it begins !!!!!!!!! Hello Brooklyn ….

    It’s good I brought my season tickets on Friday …..

  22. chris says:

    I really want to see Dwight Howard traded to the Lakers for Bynum right now. Even swap if necessary.

    • me says:

      dwight is a baby. i wouldnt want a guy like that on my team. bynum is just as bad. giving these guys the money and attention they get gives them fat heads. they are just people yet they hold fans and teams hostage with tough decisions about what is best for them. should i go here and earn 20 mill or over here and earn 15mill. wow. babies.

  23. Bball247 says:

    Hahaha told yall he was going back, he’s going to have a good young and talented team now with d-will pg, johnson sg, wallace sf, humphries(if he comes back) pf, lopez c (im sure they’ll sign him back).

    • Jay Quiz says:

      he’s gonna have a good decent team alright, but I don’t know about young though, johnson is 31 and crash is well on his 30s too. But I do believe they would have a good enough team to make the playoffs.