Source: Magic In Discussion With Nets, Other Teams About Howard Trades

HANG TIME CAPITAL BUREAU — The Orlando Magic are in discussions with several teams about potential trades for Dwight Howard, including the Brooklyn Nets, according to a league source. However, despite reports of a possible deal between Brooklyn and Orlando, the source indicated nothing was imminent, and that the Magic will take its time before deciding what to do with the six-time All-Star. reported Tuesday morning that the Nets and Magic were discussing a deal that would send Howard and forward Hedo Turkoglu to Brooklyn for center Brook Lopez, forward Kris Humphries, guard MarShon Brooks and three future first-round Draft picks. However, a source directly involved with Howard’s trade talks said the teams had not been engaged in talks since Sunday, before Brooklyn agreed to a deal with the Atlanta Hawks that sent guard Joe Johnson to the Nets for several players and a protected 2013 first-round pick. Another source said the two teams were talking, but that the Magic were talking to other teams as well about Howard, who has asked to be traded to Brooklyn.

The Nets would have to re-sign Humphries, a free agent, before trading him to the Magic in any potential deal. Humphries, who was fifth in the league in rebounds per game (11) last season, is one of the more coveted free agents on the market.

The Nets got Johnson Monday from Atlanta for guards Anthony Morrow and Jordan Farmar, forward Jordan Williams, center Johan Petro and the 2013 pick, which initially belonged to Houston. In absorbing the remaining four years and $89.2 million of Johnson’s contract, the Nets committed the bulk of the cap room they had this summer.

The Nets are waiting to hear from free agent point guard Deron Williams, who is being courted by the Mavericks, and who is the key to Brooklyn’s hopes of building a title contending team as it moves into the new Barclays Center next season. Williams is likely to decide where he will play in the next day or two. The Nets’ acquisition of Johnson is not contingent upon whether Williams returns. Howard and Williams are close and had hoped to play together next season, either in Brooklyn or Dallas. But Howard complicated those plans when he decided to opt in to the final year of his contract in Orlando instead of becoming a free agent this summer.

The Magic have tired of Howard’s on-again, off-again desires to play in Orlando, and are determined to trade him this summer rather than go through all the drama that Howard’s shifting desires produced last season. The team fired former general manager Otis Smith and former coach Stan Van Gundy after the Magic’s first-round loss to the Pacers in the playoffs, and hired Oklahoma City executive Rob Hennigan as its new GM late last month. Hennigan acknowledged Monday that Howard reiterated his trade request to him in a meeting the two had in California last week.


  1. dman1 says:

    If orlando make that trade at lease get wallace and lopes and pick. You cant make another team good with making yours good.

  2. Steven says:

    Dwight Howard should go to the nets and Hedo should go with him it would be a great trade for both teams. A future hall of famer D12 and a solid role player ( Hedo) for a top 5 rebounder and potential all star in kris humphries, a potential all star who will be a great top 3 center for years to come a breakout rookie star who is a great scorer and will be better scorer he will be like tracy mcGrady when mcgrady was in his prime and future draft picks that can only help orlando and with howard and turkelo the nets wont need draft picks. With this trade the nets will still have a solid bench with gerald green if they can resign him the turkish player the nets have been offering to turkelo and the draft picks the nets got this year. Brooklyn would also keep shelden williams a solid role player sundiata gaines who can come up clutch sometimes and damion james who will be a solid playmaker in the nba.

  3. MrFILIPINO says:


  4. BKNFan says:

    I love how everyone failed to acknowledged the fact that Dwight said he only wants to play for the Nets. So where every he gets traded, he’ll just sign with the Nets next year. Plus the Nets can go over the Salary cap when their owner is a multi-billionaire who has no problem paying luxury tax. So, all in all, Dwight will probably be a Net next year.

  5. Kenny says:

    they should get okc involved. 3 team trade

  6. Andy says:

    If howard goes to lakers they will get the most regular season wins in nba history and win championship, wouldnt even be a challenge

  7. wheels says:

    i hope the brooklyn nets get dwight howard and miami heat get ray allen

  8. FilthyRich36 says:

    Nets don’t have the money to sign D.Howard the cap is 58mill. D-Will 19mill-Joe Johnson.22mill-Wallace-10mill.Thats 51million right there on just three players.

  9. recp7 says:

    Don’t Underestimate the heart of a champion
    and only D12 and Dwill is close to the caliber of player james and wade is..

  10. DREW says:


  11. Common sense says:

    it really sounds like Dwight doesnt want to win… He wants to leave. Anyone would be more than happy to get him. I would love to see him in Chicago, thats title contention. If Dallas gets him him, I Think thats title contention, The lakers of course thats a trip to the finals…. Anywhere else doesnt make much sense from a winning standpoint.

  12. Sairus says:

    3 Ds (D-will + D12 + Dirk)
    good combination against Heat and/or OKC

  13. BostonFan#2 says:

    Why doesn’t he even consider going to boston? I mean really he’s the only missing piece we need to make a legit run at the title. If we can take miami to 7 games with half of our roster injured I think we could definitely win it all with him on the team.

  14. NBA says:

    A. Who ever said having a bench doesnt matter, that the Heat proved that this year just doesnt know basketball. The Heat would not have won this year if it wasnt for the solid play of Mike Miller, Norris Cole, and Udonis Haslem. Same as every year, a championship team needs a solid bench. Hench why Lebron never won in Cleveland he was never given the appropriate supporting cast.

    B. Laker fans youve had your time, you had great runs with Kobe, Shaq and Gasol, D-Fish over the past decade but those times have past, getting dwight will not bring you more rings, Bynum and Gasol together are better then Dwight alone, the west will be owed by OKC for the next 4 or 5 years.

  15. mmococa says:

    If the Lakers were smart I think they would sign Nash noone else can play point. Same Team + Nash & trade Gasol, Artest & a draft pick for Pierce if possible. This is smart thinking. F Howard!! U KNOW Howard will sign w/NetS & be on coVer of Nbaa Live 13 !

  16. end the drama says:

    hope all these dwight howard drama ends, hopes he lands on a team that wont make the playoffs next year. im not hattin’ but all these BS is not good for the league. ill trade D12 for a box of donuts!

  17. FromNJButKNICKNATION! says:

    im a KNICK FAN for life son. i sorta like the nets. but my whole family (mom and dad side) was from newyork and i was raised a knickerbocker! The nets are that team that are my second favorite even though it was grueling to watch last season. and to have them become a title contender in 1 year? flipping the script from that disaster last year… i just cant see it. and if does happen, why the hell did this happen once they moved out of new jersey. New Jersey has NOOOOOOO GOOOD luck. smh

  18. boston fan says:

    Just trade him to boston with rondo and garnett and bradly and no stopping them best defence in the league

  19. kobe says:

    don’t trade dwight for bynum keep bynum

    • Lakers Fan says:

      I agree. I’ll admit a month ago I was part of the “Bring Dwight Howard to the Lakers” campaign. Now, not so much. Bynum is bigger than Howard (285 lbs), he is taller than Howard (7’0), he is younger than Howard (going to be 25 this year) and he has better post moves than Howard. Granted, Bynum has some growing up to do but if he continues to improve his game, in a few years, he will be the most dominant center in the NBA. I say drop the focus on Howard and concentrate on more important issues like picking up a quality point guard and strengthening the bench.

  20. Edward says:

    I don’t care where he goes as long as he is out of Orlando and we can get a decent player

  21. matmurk says:

    That Joe Johnson trade is absolutely ridiculous. Any chance they had at doing something right they screwed up with that move. Atlanta must be jumping up for joy right now.

  22. Dhoward12 says:

    Howard stay stop acting like a little child and get over it! The magic just need a few new players and startoff nice and fresh. You are acting like Lebron James right now

  23. trapp says:

    clearly dwight isnt looking at the whole picture …i say trade him where he wants to go …brooklyn…thought this guy was very humble …but god dont like ugly …he cud of been free to go where ever ..but opted back in to only give orlando continuing problems …give him to the nets and call it a day ..then watch them go nowhere …coming from a houston fan hint hint …houston DO NOT trade for this clown …he only wants to hang onto JAY-Z sack ..sack chaser ! big ups to JAY-Z tho

  24. mvp says:

    how about this. it works in trade machine:
    Bynum and Gasol for Magic
    Hedo, J Rich and D12 for Lakers
    Not bad. Magic get the guy they want (Bynum) and a boost by Pau and LAL get D12 and those contracts by rich and hedo.
    Maybe if some picks are shifted, this trade works.

  25. AK says:

    Put Duncan and Dwight together. Perfect! 🙂

  26. eric says:

    Trade dwight to china for a better economy lol. Re hire stan and tank for a lottery pick.

  27. KIZZY K says:

    Dwight howard is S-O-F-T and next year every one is going to see that

  28. mgm says:

    KB24 + D-Will and D-Howard. I dont care if Lakers clear up the rest of their roster for role players. Lakers will be > than Heat!!

  29. Aivars says:

    DH12 Kobe Gasol Kalderon Artest=2 rings next 4seasons. Go LAL

  30. Jose (clipper Nation) says:

    Trad the guy already! Lakers would be the best option Bynum can score points. Magic will not go wrong with this deal.

  31. illone says:

    ^^ That said, if I were the Nets, I’d make D12 resign the extension for something less than maximum he we other wise deservere for being such a dumb *butt* my waiving his no opt out clause; forcing the Nets to unneccessarly mortgange their entire future to make the trade instead of just signing him in this offseason.

    What an idiot.

  32. Edward says:

    Lakers should get Howard for Bynum

  33. coolkid says:

    i say howard goes to lakers and in return magic gets pau gaol

  34. illone says:

    At this point the Magic have to get rid of D12 before the season start. They can’t present him to the fans in Orlando to begin the season; the fans quite franly may not show up to see the games – and that affects the bottom line. Plus another year of will he or won’t he, or when will he be traded is surely to turn off what fans the Magic still have.

    So then where? D12 has applied what leverage he has, and I think it is fairly sizable, IF HE STICKS TO IT. Saying he wont sign with any team but the one he – not so secretly – specified limits what any other team is willing to put on the table.

    I think the Nets offer is the only one worth taking. Even a Bynum/Howard swap isn’t worth it. The Magic with Bynum are not that great a team.

    On the other hand, 3 late future 1st picks, along with 3 recent mid to late 1st round picks (Lopez, Brooks, Humphries) combined with what are sure to be early/mid 1st rounds picks the magic are going to have is the best way to rebuild the team.

  35. Eric R says:

    I think this is so funny.. all of you talk about bench.. what bench did Miami have? Mike Miller and Norris Cole? Come on u dont need a bench to win a championship and Miami made that clear this year… If the nets get howard theyll have williams wallace johnson and D12… Teletovic just signed… Tyshaun Taylor… Gerald Green and Kidd will sign for mid levels thats a pretty damn good team

  36. Lakefan says:

    Remember this folks: Lakers will get howard for bynum. Why? They are the LAKERS.

  37. Boris says:

    if the Nets get Johnson, then I don’t see the way they could bring Howard. And that’s even better! D-Will, Johnson, Wallace, Humphries, Lopez – excellent starting five! And they will keep Marshon who is already a good player and will only get better (i hope). I just don’t know what’s goning on with Gerald Green and Bojan Bogdanovic. If they could resign Gerald and find the way to bring Bogdanovic ( who is a fantastic shooter) from Turkey they’d have a nice bench too, and really have a team!

    On the other hand, if they somehow get Howard, they will lose Lopez, Humphries, Marshon and future picks and won’t have even a starting five. If one of the stars gets injured they’ll be the 25th team in the NBA again.

  38. Filipino Guy says:

    dwight should be in L.A, to beat Miami and Lebron, Miami dont deserved the title because they pay OKC to let them be the champs

  39. Go Hard or go home. . . says:

    I’ve been a huge Magic fan since day one and. . . ever since the beginning I have to admit the Orlando Magic owners and management both play a major role in all this. The owners and management are the one’s responsible for making deals and keeping good talent on the floor but that has never happened. I mean. . . Orlando has had stars such as Chris Webber, Shaq and Dwight over the years but have always. . . always “FAILED” miserably in surrounding these guys with quality role players, trading them away or flat-out letting them walk away while getting nothing in return. . .

    So honestly. . . it’s not all on Dwight. . . keeping his business public is on him. The Magic organization has had many golden opportunities to trade and or acquire some high caliber players via draft, free agency or trade and still to this day have “FAILED” Orlando Magic fans miserably. . .

  40. Unse says:

    From, the title is Lakers, Magic Talk Deal? I haven’t seen Lakers in the page. Wtf David Aldridge

  41. Hadi says:

    Whoever says Howard, Williams, Johnson and Wallace aren’t a championship caliber team doesn’t know a thing about basketball. It would be a great way to start a new season in Brooklyn! Go to Brooklyn!!!!!

  42. Israel says:

    Howard is a big baby. Let’s just face it. Any team who tries to trade for him now is going to have to deal with all this drama come next summer because he isn’t going sign with that respective team. Orlando is smart,get rid of the bad seed, so we can be an organization again and not a D-Howard circus. I really think on a side note, they should have never fired Stan. That was stupid. Maybe Otis, but not the coach.

  43. netsnation says:

    ookay abyine saying the nets wont hbave a bench anymore is dumb, because they are signing european stars and the new rookies have a lot of potential to be role players for the nets coming off the bench. the nets will probably still bw aigning aome role players

  44. mao says:

    go ahead mr dwight..lead a new’ve done enough for orlando..i love watching you play but again with that same uniform…aggghhh?its so boring.. guess its time to change..

  45. Luke says:

    I don’t want Dwight in Orlando even he wants to stay. He has ruined his image, and I’m tired of all the complaining and drama and indecisiveness.

  46. Bull says:

    D12 to the Bulls!!

    Trade Deng and Noah!

  47. tiggs says:

    this trade suits all the teams involved

  48. john says:

    Dwight should not stay in orlando he wants a championship he should go to a team that has won a championship like the lakers or mavs or celtics im not saying he should go to those teams but he should go to a championship quality team… but i perfere him going to lakers him and kobe they could get a couple of rings

  49. lol says:

    just try to imagine this, they pull off the dwight trade and they manage to get deron, dwight, joe johnson, gerald wallace and also sigh ryan anderson (free agent). Now all they need to do is get some vets and maybe some D league players and they would manage.

  50. Darien says:

    Nets,Philly,Hawks,Golden State are still in so far for dwight

  51. in so tired of the dwight crud..someone needs to nip this in the bud..there r more important things for the league to deal with:

  52. BKLYN says:

    People forget that last year the nets were terrible. Any improvement is good and i cant believe people are saying title contender already.

  53. Danny says:

    Wow you guys are funny Dwight Howard is the best center in the game to say he won’t be in the hall of fame is a joke to say his skills will diminish if he goes to the nets is stupid, another thing if I’m not mistaken most ppl were saying the same bout the heat when they joined forces “oh yea they got the big 3 but no bench their not winning a championship like that” yet they been to da finals 2x in a row and won dis past year and proved to every doubter that their bench wasn’t as bad as u may have thought. Why is it dat these teams dat draft superstars expect dem to just stay with no help around dem first cavs with lebron now magic with Dwight dats why they end up picking first in da draft they don’t know how to build a championship team

  54. Sharquay says:

    I say send him down to the D League.

    • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

      hahahahahahahahahahahahaha maybe he will finally win that championship he wants haha

  55. Nippeli says:

    Steva Nash, D Wade, Ray Allen, LB James, Crish Bosh

    • Justice says:

      That would never happen. you are dreaming kid. the heat dont need to get anybody or make any improvements. they are fine the way they are.

      • ATLHAWKSFAN says:

        shut up

      • J. Pla says:

        I don’t think they are as good as you think. Remember they where lucky in the finals,Why? Chicago without Derek Rose,Even Orlando without D. Howard,New york without Stodemire etc. etc .Remember the finls are only 14 games, and how you get there ?, You have to keep in mind that. I respect the Miami Heat they are a very good team, but believe they where very lucky.

      • RealTalkHeat says:

        @ J Pla, they still beat a better team than Chicago which is OKC, and Orlando last year lost to Atlanta with dwight. Chicago, lucky maybe, but Orlando was never a contender to start with

    • kyle says:

      i do think steve nash will be on the heat before the season begins

  56. Still think Atlanta ends up getting Howard. After unloading JJ and Willliams contracts, they should make the move. Also, not sure other teams can offer better young prospects in the trade for Howard (Horford & Teague).

    Check out our article on the most intriguing free agent player this season:

  57. matt says:

    3 team trade
    Orlando gets A Bynum Kevin Martin K lowry J Lamb
    Lakers gets D Howard L Scola
    Rockets P Gasol H Turkoglu

    • NAHK says:

      thts actually not a bad trade. Orlando gets a big guy to replace Dwight and a couple of solid players to go along with it. The Lakers get Dwight and Scola. Scola is a solid player and and can contribute. The Rockets get Gasol, who they’ve wanted for a long time, and Hedo Turkoglu, who if they keep can be very helpful to that team.

    • JC says:

      this makes sense…..

    • kev says:

      i aggree matt that would be a perfect trade for all three teams thats what dwight should do 🙂

    • faubsam20 says:

      Tthe only thing wrong with this trade is what the rockets get. Gasol and Turkoglu are two aging, under-achieving players. i think if the rockets received Matt Barnes and a pick in addition to Gasol and Turkoglu, this might be very interesting deal.

  58. KnickerBocker says:

    THe magic shoul’ve done this last year they are wating time to rebuild trade him to a team with young all-star caliber players and get a cfew decent draft pick sincve it’s obvious they’re rebuilding since they got rid of otis smith stan van and now howard thats what u have to build around

  59. Eric tullock says:

    Trade Dwight Howard for James harden and Serge Ibaka …….Okc will win it all for a Long time

    • TTKIN says:

      OKC wont have the cap space for that.

    • sbfern805 says:

      no cap space plus its a horrible trade for Orlando… they want to rebuild around a franchise player, they dont want pathetic above average players…they have Hedo and Richardson for that…

  60. Miami, trade Chris Bosh n Rony T for Dwight!
    Three team trade Miami, Denver, and sacramento,
    Dwade n j jones to Denver, Ty Lawson to Miami, TEvans to Miami, j meGee to Miami,
    Mike miller to sacramento, Gallinari to sac.
    Win win for everyone lol 😉
    Dwade is a huge plus for Denver because they need a star to take over games n close which they missing badly.
    Sac-to get rid o TEvans because his unhappy under their system n wants out n in return they get to good solid role players n starter in Gallinari.
    Miami get rid of aging Dwade n gets stronger with killer Ty Lawson with his speed which suits Miami playing style, TEvans gives them another player who got serious game in him n javel who oh well needs to graduate first from shaqting a fool before he can contributes becuz he got shoot blocking which Miami needs.
    Ooopppppssss ima joking mama miah 😉

  61. CroatianStallion says:

    If u ask me La Lakers should be pursuing this all-star; he would give way more speed to Lakers game since they are slow as… I say get D.H. for Bynum

  62. I think that the best thing for dwight right now is to stay in magic and bring another star player into the team

  63. BigP says:

    Can somebody please tell me why he didn’t opt out? i simply don’t get it…

    • 123germany says:

      thats the question – is there any other reason than hes an idiot?
      we really want to know

  64. Corey says:

    D will and Dwight to atl with josh smith!!!!

    • No way says:

      This won’t happen. D-Will has to select this year…it is Chris Paul who would return home…ATL is in a great position because of NJ’s stupidity. New Jersey smells of desperation…Gerald Wallace at $10 million, Joe Johnson at $20 million…once again Nets have no idea what they are doing. Desperation, desperation…

  65. Steve says:

    I think its hilarious he was worried about being compared to shaq if he went to the lakers…..he will never even match the shadow of shaq! he is such a whinger its not funny – he will go on to play in another team and will never be seen as the star player he once promised to be. Say goodbye to any possibilities of even DREAMING about being a hall of famer – as a magic fan, i am praying for them to ditch you hardcore in some dead end team and watch your game deteriorate. then you can re-sign and hope to win a ring for each finger…but all the rings in the world wont shake the judas title you peasant.

    • Justin says:

      Yo straight up man, if he puts up these numbers or something resembling them for his whole career…with his trip to the Finals, 3 Defensive Player of the Year Awards, and all his All-Star selections already….he’s going to be a Hall of Famer, plain and simple. Do you realize people are talking about McGrady and Vince Carter for the Hall of Fame someday? That’s a joke, no playoff success and no real awards for either of them…but Howard is EASILY on his way to the Hall. A championship is not something he’ll get in my opinion though unless his offensive game goes to Bynum’s level or beyond…no consistency right now

  66. Me says:

    man i think dhoward is staying in Orlando, everyone was saying he was gonna go to Heat, gonna go to this place that place b4 the trade deadline last season and he remained there. This dude ain’t going no where, at least until that contract’s up….

  67. Zach Gillette says:

    Why doesn’t Deron go to the Magic? Seems like a win-win to me.

    • lacolem1 says:

      Because Dwight’s so unpredictable that DWill might end up stuck in Orlando by himself. Plus the Magic roster is in flux, with or without Howard.

  68. Robert says:

    If the Nets can pull this off, they’ll have a formidable starting line-up, and they may be able to compete anywhere from 2nd to 4th place in the East. However, they will have completely erased their bench, and come playoff time they will certainly struggle against the likes of the Heat, the Celtics, and the Pacers.

    • Balls says:

      NO not reallt theres going to be another big three. Willams, Howard, and Johnson they’ll do good. But really howard the Nets?

  69. Shawn says:

    Rob will have very angry fans if he trades Dwight to the Nets. We would rather not trade him at all and let him walk for cap. He can stay in LA all of the year. But trade to the Nets is totally unacceptable.

  70. Karl says:

    Where is your loyalty that you said in March??? Come on, Dwight!!! Grow up. You have the chance to change your poor image. Stay in Magic.

    • karex says:

      Magic would trade him even if he stay… After all he’s a drama queen 😀

    • Johnny says:

      I’m a Magic fan and I don’t want DHoward to stay. I’m over it. At the same time offering 3 nobodies and 3 late first round picks every other year is insulting. Trading a superstar for 10 nobodies is still a bad trade. Net’s are getting rid of garbage and building a team at the expense of magic…

      • Some Nobody says:

        Either way, if you keep him another year and don’t trade him or if you do you’re still gonna end up with nobody. Mathematically it would be better to get Lopez and some extra picks then him leaving you there with nothing. Just an observation.

      • J. Pla says:

        Agree 100%, you nailed my friend !!!!. Bring Bynum,and Gasol for Howard.Get rid of Turkelu, Nelson , Duhon .Bring J. Crawford as guard.Then with the rest , you have a competitive team.
        P. S. To the magic if you need more advice call me at 1-800 BE GRATE LOL!!!!!

    • J. Pla says:

      Honestly Howard should go to the NBA Moon Team.We are tired of Howard,he has no respect to the Magic,nor to to the fans, nor to himself.!!!GROW UP !!!! shame on you .YOU HAVE NO CHARACTER , period

    • UFC iTard says:

      QQmoar noob! Who the hell would want to stay in Orlando? Nothing but retirees, Disneyworld and universal studios.

  71. Rich K says:

    The Nets may well in the end up with Dwight, and lose Deron. Or they might have both, but where does that leave them with the rest of a team? I think Brooklyn will eventually get Dwight and end up in the same situation as Orlando as far as role players. I don’t think Howard is thinking about winning more than being a big fish in a big pond.

  72. jerry25 says:

    Howard + DWill + Wallace + Joe Johnson + JKidd + ? > Miami.

    • dattebayo says:

      Kidd will sign in Dallas, he ain’t going to Brooklyn. Those other four will never come together like this, you kidding me?

    • OKC says:

      Better than Heat? Come on.. I thought and many thought OKC is a better team than the Heat, but man they beat us fair and square. Don’t underestimate the Heat, because they have a very good defense. Nets may contend in the east but they are not better than the Heat. Boston is even better than the Nets team that you said.

      • lacolem1 says:

        Yeah. The only way D12 will be on a team to compete with the Heat or OKC is if he goes to Dallas with D-Will. Even then, I’m not sure if Dallas can come out of the West since that type of team plays right into what OKC does best defensively.

      • King_Gee says:

        Agreed. If they do get a similar line-up, starting 5 is good, but what after that? All players need a rest at some point. Celtics roster is looking crazy, and if they re-sign ray allen and green, they’ll have a real deep team, old & young.

    • boston fan says:

      Howard Rondo Garnett Bradely Pierce best defence in league go boston

    • RealTalkHeat says:

      To bad they will be going over the amount of cap space they had.