Source: Heat, Clips, Grizz Pursuing Allen

HANG TIME CAPITAL BUREAU —The Boston Celtics’ hopes of keeping Ray Allen will have to wait a few days.

The 36-year-old free-agent guard will visit the Miami Heat on Thursday and the Los Angeles Clippers on Friday, according to a source, and listen to their pitches.

Allen is also being pursued by the Memphis Grizzlies, who are seeking a replacement for free agent guard O.J. Mayo. The Grizzlies didn’t tender Mayo a qualifying offer last week, making him an unrestricted free agent. Memphis will offer Allen its $5 million exception.
Allen had conference calls on Monday with the Grizzlies, as well as the Heat, Clippers and Minnesota Timberwolves, according to the source. But Allen is not currently scheduled to make visits to Memphis or Minnesota.

The Heat can only offer Allen their mini mid-level exception that starts at $3.09 million next season, the same exception Miami used last year to sign free-agent forward Shane Battier. The Clippers have their full mid-level available at $5 million. Boston has offered Allen a two-year deal for $12 million.

Miami will no doubt entice Allen with the opportunity to win another ring, as he did in 2008 with the Celtics and as the Heat did this past season. He would be a perfect fit for the Heat, given the team’s success at spacing the floor during the playoffs and The Finals with LeBron James drawing attention in the post. But Allen is still looking for a starting job; he was not happy when he lost his starting spot in Boston to Avery Bradley after suffering an ankle injury that required surgery, and it’s not clear if the Heat would be willing to alter its starting lineup for him.

Mario Chalmers made several major contributions for Miami at the point, as did Battier at small forward, though it’s conceivable Miami could play small next season with Allen or Dwyane Wade seeing time at small forward, with Battier coming off the bench.

The Clippers, who had coveted Allen last season, would likely have a starting job for him. Chauncey Billups started alongside Chris Paul until suffering a season-ending achilles’ tear in February. Randy Foye, an unrestricted free agent himself, started for L.A. at the two most of the rest of the season and in the playoffs.

Boston is hopeful that Allen will want to return after the Celtics were able to reach agreement with Kevin Garnett to come back next season to start a three-year, $34 million deal. The Celtics also are close to re-signing forward Jeff Green, who missed all of last season after heart surgery, and drafted rookies Jared Sullinger and Fab Melo in the first round last week. They have also targeted free agent guard Jason Terry.


  1. Raymond says:

    Please Ray, Don’t go to south beach. πŸ™‚

  2. Nicepherus says:

    It’s clear that the Boston Celtics are turning into the New York Yankees of baskettball. I know people from Boston dont want to hear that comparison. But it is what it is. Reality is staring them in the face. Multi Million dollars spent on washed up veterans just like the Yankees. Thats why until they decide to build for the future. But unfortunately for Rondo, the only way he is going to win another ring will be in a Heat or Laker jersey. I say this as a long time Celtic fan.
    Its too bad. Doc doesnt give a dang about the Celtics anymore. Look at the draft he was more concerned about his kid than he was with his “team”. Its going to be an easy 34 million for KG, but unless he gets traded to the Heat or Lakers, or maybe the Bulls, he will never win another ring. Boston is done with winning baskettball for maybe another decade when they rebuild. Too bad Rondo only has maybe 3 or 4 more years before he is washed up.

  3. tonton aswang says:

    ray allen go to ginebra

  4. sanjay says:

    heat might win few more here! They have the team going! There are lot of tall guys who are 3 pointers! They just need to learn miami defense! Ray allen would be great fit! Not sure he will take it. Allen iverson is not a good fit with noel and chalmers in the mix! Heat needs a miller, jones replacement who are similar kind of players(both retiring is not a good idea). And curry cant hope to earn another ring without playing! Heat have to reload 3 players if they retire(jones,miller and howard). They cant do the mistake of 2007 debacle after they won the ring. Keep the bench fresh and deep! Give the youngsters on the roster minutes( dexter, anthony). Noel and chalmers would be some kind of stars next season( no doubt about that!). Both combine will give consistently 20 points! Battier/miller/ray/jones 8 to 10 points! wade/bosh/james would get 70 easily! they can score 100 easily and hold off the opponents! A 70 game season could come up barring injuries!
    Both wade,bosh having rest! Miller should recuperate! Rest are all fit and ready to go!
    This is easily 2 peat!

  5. RAY ALLEN NO1 FAN says:


  6. Mohamed Elmi says:

    hope Ray Allen goes to the clips.cp3 and Blake griffin and Ray Allen would e terrific together.

  7. manly22 says:

    90’s big 5: six finals appearance, six championship rings!

  8. BRB says:

    If Celtics are smart, they will resign Ray. Going to Phoenix makes sense if Nash doesn’t go to Toronto, NY or Lakers in a sign and trade. Wade’s knees are starting to go. Just remember this….don’t be surprised when the trade deadline gets close there are rumors of a D-Wade/AWilliams trade going down….IJS

  9. aspog says:

    Not everyone seem to understand the value of Ray allen to the Celtics. Great shooting, Basketball IQ. Impact to teammates (Rondo, Garnett, Pierce).
    Bottomline, Ray has still what it takes to help the C’s.

  10. shubham handa says:

    carly landry will b a good replacement for jermaine …..celtics should not sign jermaine

  11. Duh says:

    that comment by INDIAN is so stupid. well of course, Indians are stupid! is that you KUMAR SUBJAMARITKAVADESHTUPID?

  12. Duh says:


  13. jon305 says:

    WHAT? A.I? wow talk about no sense of reality…

  14. john says:

    Ray Allen must be at Grizzlies

    PG- Conlley


    SG- R. Allen

    C- Gasol

    SF- Randolf

    this would be a nice team up !!!!!!
    don’t miss the chance grizzlies

  15. DjSpins95 says:

    Mann If Allen Becomes Part Of The Heat You Knoe How Much Damage We Would Doo : )

  16. renz_garnett says:

    shame on allen if he goes to miami heat.. if i am allen.. i will not go to my team’s rival.. shame on me..

  17. D says:

    Heats really need…. is a Centre (a big man) and good bench player. This time they win is very risky. If thunder has a good centre and bench player, Heats might not win that kind of easy!
    Bench player is also very important! Heats have great bench player. But heats must need to improve for the coming challenge. Must need to find good player to back up the bench:

    Heats should find such player:
    Javel McGee- he’s young, good at rebound, not expensive
    Pau Casol- great big man, can get point and rebound, knows how to play
    Kamam- also a good choice, good at getting point and rebound
    Steve nash- good player but a bit old (great experience, 2 times MVP)
    Mcgrady and Vince Carter-they know how to get point and share ball, and must important the price in reasonable, at this age I think the consume more about the ring!!!!

    Heats should let them go and create more vacancy:
    Juwan Howard
    Terrel Harris
    Dexter Pittman

    PG: Mario Chalmers
    SG: Dwyane Wade
    SF: LeBron James
    PF: Chris Bosh
    C: Javel McGee or Pau Casol or kaman (any one of them)

    PG: Nash/ Cole (Hope Nash will be interest)
    SG: Mike Miller (Hope Vince Carter or Mcgrady will join)
    SF: Shane Battier/ James Jones
    PF: Joel Anthony/ Udonis Haslem
    C: Eddy Curry/ Ronny Turiaf

  18. chitown says:

    Jason Terry is prob gonna be the sixth man. Cuz Boston wouldn’t just give up on the best shooter of all time without there being an offer in place for Allen to take. Jason Terry can score and shoot, Ray Allen can shoot. If you have Terry as your sixth man, ur basically looking at a team that has a bench consisting of Avery Bradley, Jason Terry, Jeff Green. Not bad

  19. HeatLBJ says:

    Heat need a big man to back up bosh get camby !

  20. LBJ#6 says:


  21. RAY ALLEN is a big addition to the HEAT line up! I HOPE for the best, i want to see you on HEAT UNIFORM next season, great players like ray allen deserve another championship ring,..MIAMI is the answer!

  22. RAY ALLEN NO1 FAN says:

    Ray Allen is staying with the CELTICSSSSS. Ray Allen will make him self a legond (more than he is already going to be) if he stays with the CELTICSSSSS. CELTICSSSSSS.

  23. ballfanatic says:

    actually bbal247 lbj didnt just leave cleveland he did a sign and trade hence the reason they were able to get irving and thompson.. miami will not alter there starting 5 for allen.. unless battier comes off the bench.. my starting 5 would be james at point forward, wade, allen, bosh and that new 7 footer they acquired from the 6ers

  24. DUB DUB says:


  25. steagle says:

    I hope Ray Ray stays with the guys in green, but I could see him fitting in with the Clips if it came to it.

  26. Juhan says:

    There won’t be a place for Ray Allen in Miami unless he’s willing to stay in Wade’s shadow at the two. Clippers should be the best bet for him. Chauncey is not a shooting guard anyway so he would fit quite nicely with Blake and Paul. Lamar is also coming over so they could be a much stronger contender than before.

  27. Agudo says:

    I’ve said it before and I’ll say it again, unfortunately because none of you idiots want to listen. If Miami wants to fulfill this whole ‘dynasty’ hype, they need a solid number 5. Say it with me now ‘NUM-BER 5’. Get a decent centre and Miami will have rings come out of its %$^*!

  28. Danny Ainge says:

    Don’t you guys worry, Ray Allen will be here in Bean Town. I’m going to offer he just can’t resist. Of course, he is going to come of the bench but don’t worry, were going to win number 18. #celticsforreal

  29. OctoPPus says:

    Celtics need a big man, if Ray stays and they get Howard they have a chance to win the ring

  30. jonah says:

    dwade pg

    ray sg

    lbj sf

    udonis haslem pf

    chris bosh c

  31. Aussie says:

    Dont join the Heat Ray. People forget that Avery Bradley, Ray Allen & Jeff Green all healthy means that Boston would have beaten Miami in game 7. Probably game 6. Bradley could somewhat contain Wade, leaving Ray to play catch and shoot/spot up. Pierce didnt play well either, Green can back him up and allow them different types of lineups. If they make a few tweaks and stay healthy (easier said than done) then they are number 1 or 2 in the East. Oh yeah that Rondo guy isnt too shabby either…
    Stay in bean town Shuttlesworth!!!

  32. pete says:

    i would be extremely dissapointed on ray if after 16 season in the nba and probably a few hundred million dollars in the bank makes a choice depending on the money! he is 37 going 38 with a lot of injuries! he should go somewhere to come of the bench!

  33. Heat Fans Are Trash says:

    Look at all these silly Heat fans talking about getting so many players in free agency. Too many Heat fans don’t even know how basketball works. You guys keep talking about getting OJ Mayo and Ray Allen and Chrish Kaman and then Steve Nash can run point and all this nonsense. Hey, I think the Heat are closing in on a deal for Dwight Howard. Then they can get Deron WIlliams! After that, they should trade Joel Anthony to the Bulls for Derrick Rose, and Michael Jordan can come off the bench… You guys are so stupid, listen to yourself… Be reasonable… If the Heat get either Ray or Nash, it will be just Ray, or just Nash, not both, and not a combination of 5 players out of free agency like so many of you think will happen.

  34. David says:

    As a Celtics fan, I wouldn’t mind seeing Ray Allen go. I love him, but of all the players in green, he’s the only that really looks old and incapable of keeping up, let alone being superior, to basically every other team’s starting shooting guard. This was his worst season in so many ways, maybe he should actually consider retirement. But Bradley, if he recovers well, really has to become the Celtics starting shooting guard. Rondo, Bradley, Pierce, Garnett and Stiemsma: that’s the line-up I’d like to see…

    • c-block says:

      as a celtic fan i think you should want him to back for 2 more tries at a championship

  35. Yeahhh says:

    heat big 3 , , 2 finales , 1 championship in 2 years

  36. Yeahhh says:

    wade, allen, james, bosh, curry (“well trained curry”) lebron at PG off and SF def

  37. ettk45 says:

    Chalmers and Haslem have earned more respect than most of you are giving. Chalmers in particular has a huge upside. Udonis has been getting it done year after year.

    It would be great to see Allen in a Heat uniform, but by the end of the season I don’t think he would be getting his minutes.

  38. B White says:

    When did ray say that he wasn’t happy in losing his starting role? he said he was happy with whatever he needed to do to help the team win, even if that meant a bench role…

  39. 6&3>35&0 says:

    Heat fan & want Allen to come, but he will most likely stay in boson to stay as a starter.

  40. CHRIS says:



  41. raincitykid says:

    honestly, this is the downfall of the league. why does everyone want superteams? lebron wade bosh and now allen? you guys want dwight too? whatever happened to real teams? get one or 2 stars surround them with talented role players and play the game like its supposed to be. not give the ball to lebron, stand around or give the ball to wade and stand around, if everyone wants a superteam, then cut the league down to 10 teams, because the other 20 don’t have a chance, maybe it’s just me, but that would just be boring. i don’t want to see the allstar game every night, i want to see real basketball.

  42. Jumpshot = fail says:

    its because the older players in this this league can still run circles around the younger players….

  43. Ray Allen says:

    I will stay with the Celtics. Next year i will go to the heat in trade for me, and Paul for Lebron. Since Avery has taken my spot, i am glad to be with any team

  44. GARNETT#5 says:

    Why is no one talking Tyreke?!? He would be a great fit for the Celtics and would bring down that average age.
    Rondo and Evans backcourt!! Allen’s great but last year showed his time is up.

  45. Day Dreaming Boston fans say Boston will win this year next year but reality Celtics ain’t winning shiiiiiiiiiiit for sure because yo gotta beat Miami, Chi-Town, NYC n Nets (when they land Howard) so stop dreaming u fooooooolllllllsssss.
    Ray Ray just go to bobcats n u will start for sure, make more money, play more minutes, score more points, smoke international cigar with Jordan n live happily ever after ;)… lmfao

    • IAMACELTIC says:

      Stern and the refs handed that trohpy to the heat. If they didn’t win, they should’ve knocked down the stadium and focused on their marlins. Chicago is still trying to figure out how to last more than two round in the post-season. The Nicks won their first playoff game in over a decade. The Nets can change venues and logos but they will still be the Nets; i’m not talking about the Kidd Nets either. Celtics were hit hard with injuries at the end of the season. Ray WILL come back. Celtics WILL win the division. and you WILL cry next year when your words are getting stuffed down your throat. nice smiley face bro.

    • Celtic Fan says:

      Like the Knicks will win a championship next year. Like the Knicks will win the east next year. Like the Knicks will beat the celtics next year in the division. The celtics are better than the knicks along with Miami, Chicago, Indiana, and even Philadelphia. Pierce is better than Anthony, and Anthony is the most overrated player in the nba. Enough said.

  46. LT says:

    If Ray goes to the Clippers, they’re going to have a nice lineup…and will be better than that other team in LA.

    PG- Chris Paul
    SG- Ray Allen
    SF- Caron Butler
    PF- Blake Griffin
    C- DeAndre Jordan
    Sixth man- Lamar Odom

    • Bball247 says:

      Ummm, that lineup looks kinda scary to be honest and I’m not a clippers fan so…that shows you that you got something there. Wow, and some doofus from miami said “ray if you go to la la land you won’t even get to the playoffs ='( wah wah” He obviously can talk like he knows what he’s talking about, but a parrot can talk but doesn’t mean it’s human. lmfao What a butt pirate…

  47. Allen-Miami
    Nash- New York

  48. Ray, please go to Miami. If you’re reading this then i expect you to go to Miami. You’ll have a better chance of winning that ring! Steve Nash, I’m talking to you to. Miami needs a true pointguard. I hope Ray and Nash go to Miami!

  49. See this guy... says:

    I’ve been a Clipper fan ever since BG32 came to the picture. Ever since then we have been making moves, If you ask me. Ray Allen would be a nonetheless a PERFECT fit into our bench depth by picking up Odom, giving BG an extension (CP3 will get his) Billups coming back to maybe fill that back-up PG position. And signing Ray Allen! Amazing.. I see it like this.. Starting Lineup: CP3/Ray Allen/Caron Butler/BG32/Deandre Jordan) 2nd Team: Chauncy Billups/Nick Young/Ryan Gomes/LamarOdom/Kenyon Martin/Blake Griffin or Deandre Jordan. with this lineup we’ll have it all, some key veteran pieces (with Championship experience) Two superstars: CP3/BG3II younger developing talent:Eric Bledsoe! we will have it all!! and nobody to stop us either, who is? Lakers? Mavericks? Spurs? we beat OKC 3-1 this year (Season Series) Its gonna be Clippers & OKC Western Conference Finals Next Year WATCH!

    • Bball247 says:

      Eric bledsoes a starter dummy, gah. Yes, in a perfect world rose and cp3 would take turns with each backing up one another. But people, THAT’S NEVER GOING TO HAPPEN!!

    • Paul Jones, UK says:

      Wow, you’ve been a Clipper fan that long huh? Hey everyone, pipe down, this 2 year Clipper fans has something to say. Hush now, let’s gather round…

  50. polly10 says:

    stay in boston rayray…

  51. South Beach Local says:

    jamal crawford over ray allen for the heat forsure, crawford could easily slip into that big number 2 role as dwayne wade slowly comes down from his prime.

    • Bball247 says:

      @South beach yo-yo is really what you sound like. You’re offering ray ray 3 mil(which is all you can afford) and you’re talking about jamal crawford who’s worth more because he’s younger and still very much talented?…Otay buddy, ooootay

  52. Dennis - Bulls Fan says:

    What are these fools saying dont get Jason terry – the guy is a warrior! And he is a legit NBA champion!! He earnt it as much as any player! As for Ray ray – Im sorry but he is a Boston Celtic for life in my eyes. I think KG and Pierce love playing with each other – at least it looks that way. And maybe with the new team of Green and Bradley back – that will be the beast in the east after all. Boston exposed down low Miami, its just the SG and SF was mismatched – enter Green and Bradley! Ya’ll remember how well Green played last playoffs for the celtics? He killed it agaisnt James when he was on the floor. Trust me. Either Mayo or Allen and Celtics are going Deep again.

  53. Ray, use some brain not ur pocket, Miami is the best fit n choice for ur style of basketball which is shooting sweet shine music threes (u one of the best pure shooter in history of NBA)…,
    Dallas, Griz, beantown, n la la land are jokes. Who da heck thinks they even have any chance of winning any championships for next five years or so??? People who thinks those teams can win championship just makes me Rofl..
    Let me spell it for yoooo allll, there’s only few teams who actually can win championships and dominate for the next five year. N they are yap u got it from beast cost its UNO Miami, chi-town( wish a fast recovery), Nets (if n only if broke-Len nets some how land DHoward to play along Dwill), NYC (if only if they play hard core defense n stops jacking ups shoots, NYC please play defense) so these two are iffy. So comes weak cost UNO OKC, SAN (if only they bring a young athletic big men to play along Tim) Clips ( clips needs to find away to protect Griffey inside in offense n not let him get wack n beat up inside the paint).
    Beast coast looking stronger n stronger every year.
    However, Miami will rule in the playoff for years to come unless LBJ gets injured.
    Ray use ur brain because u already got deep pocket.

    • Bball247 says:

      They won’t rule the playoffs this year, that’s why you want ray so bad. Go ask lebron on twitter why he does lmao. You need him, those injuries and inexperienced teams won’t happen two years in a row. How’s flash and that surgery coming along? (he’ll be 31 and he’s having knee problems? =) I predict first of MANY knee surgeries for wade). I said his knees were fading TWO days before his surgery was announced. The thunder now have the experience, and will now come back with vengence. Why do you think the lakers are trying to get built? For the heat?? BS, it’s for the thunder or spurs because everyone has seen the holes the heat has. Lebron has too, which is why he wants ray ray. you proved my point without even knowing it too lmfao. The east is getting better, as for the heat is just getting worn out before their dynasty begins (wade and miller).

      • Romasdf says:

        We all know about Wade’s knees(injury) long time ago. The guy just didn’t want to tell excuses. Now that the season is over, he faces the truth that he needs surgery. And, he is still not telling that as an excuse. They won the Finals. The Heat will come back over and over for the next 5 years at least. Dwayne Wade’s game was ok with injuries. I can say that with injuries, he is still better with 90 percent of the players in the NBA. This is what you need to watch out for, when DWade heals from the surgery. If there is a rank more than a Champion, that will be the Heat’s fate next. If none, then they will still go to the finals and hopefully, get another ring,

        Peace Braddah!

  54. Chuck says:

    David Aldridge first5 for the Heat

    PG – Chalmers
    SG- Wade
    SF- Allen
    PF- James
    C – Bosh

    key reserves

    PG- Cole
    SG- Miller
    SF- Battier
    PF- Turiaf
    C – Anthony

    • Charles Barkley says:

      Haslem will be starting in the season. when the playoffs is coming Battier will be starting.

      PG – Chalmers
      SG- Wade
      SF- James
      PF- Haslem
      C – Bosh

      key reserves

      PG- Cole
      SG- Allen
      SF- Battier
      PF- Turiaf
      C – Anthony

      • Bball247 says:

        Wow…finally someone who speaks REALISTICALLY…STOP PUTTING RAY ALLEN AT SF PEOPLE! Gah! That’s a big ol hole right there. Like he’d be able to stick on granger, iguo, luol, wallace, etc. No one is thinking clearly, all you people think is “all-star =O..let’s put him somewhere!”. Hell, I swear if yall had the entire team of all-stars yall would still be like “all-star =O, hmmm..we need a waterboy! =D”. Retards….lmfao

    • mATT says:

      who knows how millers rehab gonna end? whats james jones future? They could need Ray very much indeed…but not as SF aside Chalmers and Wade…

      • Bball247 says:

        Ty matt, I appreciate realism. No one has talked about miller actually considering retirement, or talk about jones and his ever fading mins of play. Lebron obviously feels like he needs ray for a reason, and rightfully so too.

    • AJ Nair says:

      Why don’t heat also get Nash and also may be Chris Kaman.


    • charles barkley says:

      my 1st starting five in miami

      PG – Wade
      SG -Allen
      SF – Battier
      PF – LBJ
      C – Bosh

    • andres says:

      Chuck i totally agree with that, that starting line up would dominate all the way to the 3rd (hopefully 4th) quarter.
      Ray Allen and Chalmers with 3’s
      Wade and Bosh for the mid-range shots
      and Lebron for layups and dunks in traffic.

  55. dwynn says:

    The HEAT DONT realy need Allen,what they need is a legit Bigs you all saw what happen in the celtics and pacers series they dominated the heat in the paint..Id rather go for a Bigmen..KAMAN..thats just my view but its gonna be great if Allen will be in a heat uniform..

    • dom42 says:

      They only had trouble cuz Bosh wasnt there……..When he was there in game one of Pacers series. They beat the pacers. Then when Bosh came back against the celts, Garnet actually had to gaurd some one..

      Id take Ray Allen over J. Terry any day. But J terry is pretty nasty too

      • Bball247 says:

        He didn’t even play that much in the game against the pacers dummy lol!! They even said how come hibbert didn’t take more shots(that’s when bosh was on the bench). But I guess his defense(lmfaooooo) is so good that he scares bigmen even OFF the court. Retard…..

  56. mrwormburn says:

    Ray Ray will NOT be persuaded by a guilt trip!

  57. mrwormburn says:

    Ray is to smart and rational to be persuaded by the, obvious, appeals to emotion that the Celtics will offer him. Every player on the C’s roster in a retard, I mean that in a PC way, compared to Allen. Time to move on, there is no future in green.

  58. ring says:

    hmmm im a miami heat fan i dont think ray allen is fit for miami because allen is great before but now he doesnt really have the great shooting anymore…hmmm….maybe get a good center for miami heat and miami would be the best for me

    • Brynn says:

      Uh…you realize that Ray Allen shot a career high in 2011 (44%) from 3. Then, in 2012, he again set a career high shooting 45%.

      So, well, you just don’t seem to know what you are talking about.

  59. Bob says:

    As a ball player, who wouldn’t want to be the shooter on the Heats attacking style? Ray loves to hit big shots. 3.09M isn’t a bad number when you consider the price of the gold and diamonds on championship rings. Go have fun, Ray. Imagine coming in on the secondary break and raining threes. Wow! So much for getting back and protecting the rim

  60. heatles says:

    Ray allen has only one real option if he wants to win a championship, and that’s miami. The clippers are good but even with him are not good enough to beat OKC, not even the Lakers. The cetics are not going to be any better with him, especially if Miami is still in the east. That is what it comes down to. Who was the better chance of getting back to the finals…Clippers??? no, Celtics, a slight maybe at best. Miami, YES!! Miami during the finals figured out how to beat team. Lebron in the post, wade on the attack , bosh playing the 5 and with shooters knocking down open shots. Ray Allen fits into the equation perfectly

    • Bball247 says:

      Bull..we’ll see, I’ve written tons of posts and 90% of them have come true. Miami didn’t even play a team that was both healthy and experienced. They took advantage of youngsters, oh that’s so mighty. When it comes down to it, they were out matched by the WAY better thunder who lost the games for themselves. Missing free throws cost them a game, and nervous plays because they’re young cost them another two(mainly harden missing open 3ptr and shots he normally hits all day). Hell, to me even the pacers are a better TEAM than they are. They’re just young also and have nice futures, you can’t say that for wade and his grandpa knees getting in the way. IF they go against the celts again, it’s a wrap. The celts have new talent and they’re young and hungry with guys like allen(if he goes back which I feel he will), pierce, and garnett who will be mentoring these guys. They have a healthy green (also very young and talented), and bradley will be back next year. The same stuff the heat did to win won’t work, they BARELY beat them with the team they had last year and you’re telling me that SAME team is going to beat a younger, more depthly, more talented boston this year?? Yea, ok throw that bone to another dog because I ain’t fetchin lmfao.

      • NBA916 says:

        Once again, the excuses of injury this injury that!Comon dude its basketball. If Bosh, miller, and wade were all 100%, they would have swept the celtics regardless of who was playing haha.You say they took advantage of youngsters?Really?Isn’t that what they are suppost to do haha?..Your saying that they are young and hungry. Who isn’t hungry to win a title?You don’t think Miami will be even hungrier to win another one. Especially James. Lets face it. Whoever has LeBron James on there team is automatically a contender to win a ring.Just ask the Cav’s.Your talking like the heat are the Celtics. haha LeBron and Bosh are still in their primes. D Wade is still a superstar. He may be diminishing, buh he is still a beast!You said that the heat will hav the same team?That’s not true. They will have at least two new pieces to add to there team. That is why they are trying to go after allen and nash.The bottem line is, we all know that the Celtics still have at best 2 more runs to win with the big three, especially if Rondo is still there.They have some good pieces. Some young good players.But i just don’t think it’s enough to win another title. I hope im wrong though lol.

  61. dattebayo says:

    Nash to New York…
    Allen to Boston…
    Terry to Miami…
    Roy to Minnesota…
    Hibbert to Portland…
    Batum to Minnesota…
    Gasol to Minnesota…
    Johnson to Brooklyn…
    just Howard has to stay in Orlando cause he signed the extension, dummy

    • word says:

      this guy knows what’s up. everyone wins. except us fans who have to sit through this howard drama again

    • Bruce says:

      Dwight is not going to stay in Orlando. Why would Orlando throw away an opportunity at a good trade just to get revenge on Dwight? He has no intention of re-signing once his contract is done, might as well get something for him now rather than nothing next year.

    • Bball247 says:

      I have gasol in atlanta and josh smith in l.a., terry isn’t worth 3mil which is all the heat have to offer because they’re broke so throw that deal in the trash. Terry will either go to dallas/boston/chicago, roy(chicago will go after roy 1st, and terry if it doesn’t work out). Hibbert to pacers(they will likely match the max offer and he’s signed automatically because he’s restricted, johnson to brooklyn. Howard maybe lakers in a bynum trade(and since the lakers will be in the driver’s seat in this trade because magic want to get max they’ll probably make the pot a little sweeter by throwing someone else in not TOO valuable).

  62. Dom says:

    He’s definitely gotta STAY IN BOSTON

  63. Dan says:

    The Celtics surprised everybody last season (everyone said they were too old, etc.) especially in the playoffs, but were held back by injuries (Jeff Green, Jermaine O’neal, Chris Wilcox, Ray Allen, and so on) and by non-existent bench production, not by age. I think Ray Allen could win a title with the Celtics next season, thanks to the Celtics new and improved roster. Go C’s!

  64. CU says:

    Better go to the HEAT .. πŸ™‚

  65. James says:

    Ray allen should stay in boston. Dont go to miami for being backup or bench player.
    If u want to win another ring u must go to lakers. Its a 100% sure dat ur a starting line up der.

    • AJ Nair says:

      No, I don’t think he will start in Lakers. Not sure if he wants to play or if coach allow him to play SF. Ray can become Kobe’s backup and limit Kobe’s mins to may be 33 so that he is more efficient in shooting and may in cluth time they both can play as a SG and SF together and bench Ron at that point.

  66. kit says:

    jamal crawford to miami then get nash and kaman

  67. Juan Elias says:



    • Rome says:

      Nah, the officials and David Stern won’t likely give the Heats another ring. Let’s face it, if Allen can get to the freethrows a million times like the floppers then maybe. Just maybe..

    • Bruce says:

      Someone shouldn’t have dropped out of high school…

    • Bball247 says:

      That’s why lebron wants him, because he WANTS another ring. He knows that what yall had last year isn’t good enough this year. Not with all these teams getting so much depth and talent.

  68. Celtic Fan says:

    I don’t want ray in the starting lineup if he resigns with boston

  69. PLEASE... says:

    …don’t get Jason Terry!

  70. KK says:

    What about Phoenix? Couple of days ago it was saying Suns will make a push to land Allen… Although I do not see much upside for improvements with Allen on the team, but at least would make the Suns more fun to watch again…

  71. Muhammad Eesa says:

    Starting line up for the 2012-13 Miami HEAT

    G- D Wade
    G- Rey Allen
    F- LB James
    F C Bosh
    C- J Hamilton or C Kaman(if he sign for the heat)

    Dwade can play point guard or LBJ can play point forward, S Battier and Chalmers will come off the bench so they will have a deep second unit together with Mike Miller…
    Same as the 1996,1997 and 1998 Chicago bulls, 2 big guard Harper and Jordan plus point forward Pippen and Kukoc at PF and Longley at Center…

    • Hawkstothefinals says:

      There’s no way that Miami can sign both Ray and Kaman. They’ve messed up their salary cap for the next few year due to the big three’s huge salaries, leaving very little in the way for bench players. They need to hunt down veterans who are willing to play for very little money, or maybe even look to snag a lottery draft pick, by trading away their big men (Turiaf, Anthony, Pittman) since they rarely ever use them. That way, they might be able to get a good player, under a rookie contract for the next 4 years. Just long enough for the big three’s contracts to run out.

      If I were Miami, I’d also look to start looking at trade offers for D-Wade. He’s in his 30s, and probably only has 1 or 2 more years of playing at his elite level of play. His style of play relies on his athleticism, and attacking the basket. Eventually, his knees won’t be able to do that anymore. Look at Vince Carter. D-Wade could still be an effective starter, no doubt about that, but he won’t be worth his huge contract.

      • Bball247 says:

        TY…that’s all I have to say, two things I already said came true two days after I posted. #1 wade’s knees are fading (news:wade gets knee surgery lmao). #2 howard won’t want to play for the magic this year (news: howard starts trade talks back up lmfaooo). Trust me, it was there time to win it. Look at all the things that happened, the sun shines on a dogs a$$ sometime and this was it. Injuries, and inexperience..period. Miami keep your voodoo dolls out of the playoffs next time lmfao.

  72. Patrick says:

    In my opinion Allen has the best chance to win a second ring with the Heat.

    • Justin Case says:

      I think my grandma would also have the best chanve to win a ring with the heat…you and me as well!

  73. Paul says:

    Miami Heat could offer starting job to allen if he wants to by turning Lebron James to Magic Johnson at PG.
    Miami Heat Starting Line up would be Lebron at PG wade and allen , battier or haslem and Bosh … small ball but lethal in offence..

    • Sixers ! says:

      no why would they do that . Wade was expose in the finals, cant guard elite SF. Allen is old and has lost a step so he can gourd them either. the lineup should be :
      that way they still have 2 defensive stoppers in LBJ and Battier, and with battier being on the floor the court will be more spaced out than with haslem

      • Elec says:

        It should be

        with Lebron and Wade at foward position, they can post up like they did during the playoffs. They would also have the speed on defense for most teams, of course you would have to change the lineup if the team had a good Big man, but only a few teams have that nowadays.

        For those cases, Chalmers could go to the bench

        Chalmers could switch in and out with Wade or Allen and give them firepower when one of those sit down.

      • expulsado says:


      • MattD frm BMT says:

        Wade was not exposed. Wade is having knee surgery after laboring through the playoffs to a ring and still manage to get several blocks and steals in key moments.

    • Me says:

      haha at LBJ at PG position,..that’s a joke rite?

      • Zach Gillette says:

        He already plays the point for like 1/2 the possessions. Might as well make it official.

      • Bball247 says:

        Walking the ball down doesn’t mean you play point doofy lmao!

      • Average Joe says:

        In case you’re too young to remember, LeBron did play PG. It was his rookie season in Cleveland under then coach Paul Silas (who coached the Bobcats last season). He was very good at it because of his court vision at 6’8″ and because he is unselfish enough to throw the ball to teammates in position to score. And he has been playing point forward ever since, his move to SF primarily because his team needed him to score also. So don’t diss LeBron being a PG because he really was one. The lineup could actually work. LBJ would play the PG on offense but would guard the forwards on defense. Wade and Ray will defense the guards (would switch guarding PG and SG between them). Chalmers, Haslem, Battier and Cole will come off the bench. That would give them a nice nine-man rotation which will actually help to preserve their energy for the playoff push. It would probably for just two seasons, but Ray would actually benefit if he went to play with the Heat.

  74. mr morris says:

    boston should make a move towards oj mayo a young gun with the truht the big ticket and rondo they dont relly need allen any more to win and with oj that would make them even better

  75. marcfausto says:

    if nash and allen go to the heat the heat will have a better bench players πŸ˜€
    i hope the to of them sign in the miami

    more chance to win the ring πŸ˜€

  76. Danny says:

    Jason Terry NO NO NO ETWAN MOOR.

  77. Somewhere says:

    Ray Allen! Stay in Boston! You’re valuable even coming off the bench. But in the end, you’ll be supported whether you stay or leave (but I think fans would not like the idea of you in a Miami Heat uniform).

  78. LeAnda says:


  79. apwmcelt says:

    Allen criticized David West for not coming to Boston last year because West wanted a starting job in Indiana. He said that some guys egos won’t allow them to take a reserve role even if it means playing for a non-contender. I wonder if he heeds his own words? Obviously Miami is a top contender, but so is Boston, and he won’t start in South Beach either.

  80. arthur says:

    whatever he decides to do, the team he would go to would definitely increase it’s chances of winning the title this year…

  81. mrkcsigue says:

    Boston Celtics please.

  82. rubenato says:

    can the boston acquire allen iverson, i love to see my main man iverson playing for the boston celtics and finally win a ring there

    • A.I./Dwade Fan 4 life says:

      i love A.I also, but I would love to have in Miami alongside my 2nd fav Dwyane Wade!!

      • SS says:

        Iverson has too big of an ego to play for teams like that. Cos A) He doesn’t wanna come off the bench, B) He doesn’t wanna play limited minutes, C) He wants to play in clutch moments and won’t be happy giving the ball up to Rondo, Pierce, Wade or LeBron. His career has been over for a long time. He’ll only come back if he can play for a bad team so he can be the “man”, which also means he will never win anything ever again.

    • Me says:

      neva gonna happen…

      • Deonte Hayes says:

        Allen Iverson would be the best off season move for either miami or boston.. Especially MIAMI.. He is more than willing to come off the bench! He just wants to play.. Miami or Boston also should take a chance on Greg oden

      • Bball247 says:

        I love it when talk for people like they know what they’re thinking to try and fit THEIR dream pick. Deonte? He said himself on live tv that he won’t back-up anyone because he’s an all-star, mvp, scoring champ, blah blah blah etc etc etc. He’s not going to play on that team without starting, so either talk about sitting dwade(which I’m sure if you brought that garbage to miami fans you’d get butt raped for that idiotic comment) or stfu…

    • Lolita says:

      I thoguht I was the only one. But right now, the Celtic’s seriously need to do whatever it takes to get Ray back.

      • CoachZ says:

        I think many C’s fans are agree with you. Watching the game, if you couldn’t see who was shooting… give a look at the net… IT’s a Ray Allen’s

    • CoachZ says:

      AI is a great player, one of the greatest, but nobody really knows what is in his mind now. He can be a great addiction for a winning team or another player good for the Clips. So this is the question, please let us know the Answer ! It’s up to you Allen !!!

      • DARRICK FLYE says:

        I honestly believe THAT IF HE WOULD JUST COME OUT AND SATE PUBLICLY That he would be willing to be a 6th man…..HE WOULD GET A JOB THE NEXT DAY. I really think so.

    • Bball247 says:

      They would have a chance if they gave him the starting position, he said that he’s a numerous all-star, he’s an mvp, scoring champ, etc. and that he’s earned the right to be a starter.

  83. Anonymous says:

    I don’t get it, the Celtics want YOUNGER, PLAYERS, NOT OLDER ONES, so why target Jason Terry (36 yrs) when you’re about to sign Ray Allen? (also 36)

    • K-RockSki says:

      They still have the “it” to make another run at the FINALS.

    • Bball247 says:

      Wow, I can’t believe you just asked that. It never occured to you that what they meant was IF they don’t get allen that they will get terry? It’s always good to have a backup plan, anyone could easily pull “an lbj with cheese”(and yes..I did go there and give it a name lmfao!).

    • Nate77 says:

      Heat are going to sign Ray Allen…Celtics are going to have a great year next year, they have Great Fab Melo, Big Jared Sullinger, Rondo, KG. So be happy of who you have…and p.s. Age dosent matter to me…just look at jason kid from last year

    • unkown says:

      Um no ray Allen wants to go to a new team what makes u think he want to rejoin Celtics again? He doesn’t want money but championship

      • davidlSG42 says:

        Ray Allen is going to choose the team that is going to give him the most minutes. Heat already have a good SG and they dont need to go small next year with Wade at SF. Ray needs to go to Clips if he wants money and minutes and a good bit of wins. Terry is going to go to Celts even though they need to start rebuilding for future rings…. I feel confident, though, with whichever decision the Celtics front office makes. They know how to create a winning team!

  84. C fan says:

    80s Big Three : 5 finals 3 championship
    New Big Three: 2 finals 1 championship

    Maybe its time to move on

    • Me says:

      Do you realise that before 2008 it’d been years since Boston even smelled the Finals? and you wanna diss em because of their record sheet? c’mon now you’re being a bit condescending, I honestly don’t believe that they will not get another championship next year if they keep relying solely / starting the “Big 3” or 2 (if Ray leaves). IMO they should have built around Rondo but it is what it is. Also, in the NBA right now they are one of the most competitive contenders, if not the topmost. That should count for now, at least.

      • saywatnow says:

        ME is correct tho… your not a true fan of celts!! c fan!!!… if they dont encountered injuries during the playoff games maybe they win the championship grand slam… remember what happend to Perkins in 2009 with LAKERS and KG in 2010 and this years!! if they stay healthy until the end of the playoff games they maybe win the champ!! but that is basketball meant, you dont know what happens next!! but this nxt season!! boston will be the top contender!!!

    • CoachZ says:

      As anyone could see all along the Eastern Finals, C’s are a great team, with an amazing coaching staff and they made me proud to be C’s fan. Great draft, Sullinger is a very good player, will be helpful for the next playoffs. Don’t forget the meaning of KG’s presence, he set a very high standard in practicing. More and foremost, Melo and Joseph will be considered the two real steals of the draft.

    • NBAChamps! says:

      maybe say that after they have been to 5 championships! as of right now 50% is better than 40%