Report: Magic, Nets Still Talking?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — It’s still alive, the Brooklyn Nets’ dream of a Big 3 of their very own.

As long as they can continue the conversation with the Orlando Magic about a potential Dwight Howard trade, the Nets have hope that their master plan of Howard, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson joining forces is a possibility.

Never mind that only Johnson is all-but guaranteed to be in a Nets uniform as of this moment. Williams has not publicly made a decision about his future after Monday meetings with both the Nets and Mavericks.

But ESPN The Magazine’s Chris Broussard is reporting that there is still a chance the Nets can acquire Howard via trade, provided the Magic acquiesce to his trade demand and work out the details with the Nets:

The Nets and the Orlando Magic are discussing a trade that would send Howard to the Nets for Brook Lopez, Kris Humphries, MarShon Brooks and the Nets’ first-round picks in 2013, 2015 and 2017, sources said. Lopez and Humphries, who are both free agents, would go to Orlando in sign-and-trade deals.

The move would be the Nets’ second blockbuster trade this week and give them a big three of Howard, Deron Williams and Joe Johnson that could rival the NBA champion Miami Heat’s heralded trio of LeBron James, Dwyane Wade and Chris Bosh.

On Monday, the Nets agreed to terms with the Atlanta Hawks on a trade that sends Johnson to Brooklyn for the expiring contracts of Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow and Jordan Williams, plus DeShawn Stevenson and the 2013 first-round pick they acquired from Houston.

The Nets are still waiting on Williams to tell them whether he will re-sign with them as a free agent, but sources say Williams was pleased with the trade for Johnson, so he is expected to stay. An additional trade for Howard would undoubtedly seal the deal.

If consummated, the trade would give Howard what he has wanted for the past seven months. In December, Howard asked the Magic to trade him to the Nets.

In a free-agent season that gets more interesting by the minute, an end to the Howard drama this soon would seem a bit mundane. There hasn’t even been the obligatory flirting with another league power (Kobe Bryant and the Lakers anyone?) thrown in the middle of the mix, if for no other reason than to stoke the flames.

But a transfer of power and resources of this magnitude would make any team pause and at least think about it. Magic general manager Rob Hennigan said Monday that they were still in the process of sorting out all of the information they could in regards to their next move with Howard.

Howard playing out the season with the Magic and then diving into free agency this time next year, as the All-Star suggested he would Monday morning if there was no trade to the Nets, seems as far-fetched as ever right now.


  1. Orlando native says:

    miami better think twice about being the beasts of the easts dwill,joe,gerald,pf,howard that is a pretty scary lineup four allstars on one team but i think the nets just need a guy at the pf spot to stretch the floor in my mind antawn jamison would be nice. but nets need at least 6 players who can produce night in and out they need a scorer off the bench

  2. jty7271 says:

    I think the super teams are good, because for one, it’s exciting to see stars play together, in addition, so far, the players who join these super teams are generally ready to sacrifice some of their personal glory in order to win a championship, and are highly motivated to do so, rather than just being in it for the money, which is a good thing. At the same time, the league also has excellent “home grown” teams like Indiana, Memphis, and OKC(albeit they technically had 2 homes, Seattle and Oklahoma), which makes for some interesting match ups. Also, the fact that superstar players are no longer content to just play out their careers on mediocre teams, should motivate the team owners and executives to try harder to build championship contenders, which is also a good thing, and should be every team’s goal, regardless.

  3. Fejza says:

    PF for this team will be a player from Europe…His name is Mirza Teletovic …….

  4. Jojomon says:

    What is happening to NBA, All these Big Franchise creating a superteam.. I like how the Pacers proved that they can do great without acquiring big names last season.

  5. zdenek117 says:

    I don’t want to see Howard in Nets. Brooklyn has a good roster and Howard can destroy it. He want to be a star. In Orlando he is, beacause team play for him. In Nets there are other players who can score. Howard is too selfish. IMO he’s like a child. If something is not like he wants, he takes umbrage.

    sorry for my english

  6. breezie says:

    Some of you people are delusional!! the nets are not getting howard period! even the magic gm said it, his not going to the nets his team of choosing because the are pissed at him, they aint going to do a steve nash on him and let him choose his destination (I bet my life on it that his not going to the nets! 1. they cant afford him because howards is going to be traded along with the bad contracts of either j rich or turk, If they were to get howard they would have to say bye bye to gerald wallace thats the only way.
    The net deal is probably the worse aswell i dont know how you people (all the net fans try to make it out like orlando is getting a great deal? might aswell trade wafer ryan anderson and nelson and some draft picks for willams thats a great deal huh you net fans? its better then the deal you got for howard? end of the day they are both video game trades you guys playing to much 2k12 where you can edit the players salary lol. I just posted this to let you net fans to stop taking acid and playing video games GM of orlando clearly stated we are not sending howard to the nets, his team of choice! i honestly think that his going to either the Rockets or Lakers, Thunders sound aswell but they cant afford it, They might even have to give away harden or ibaka this year becoz those two guys a almost dued for a pay increase and they cant afford to give them both one!

  7. Rob says:

    Sell the franchise to Jacksonville and put another bid in for a new team and logo . Orando Magic organization is remembered for loosing amazing players and not for making it to the finals 2 times . Magic have failed in the art of selling the brand . Thats why it has failed for so long . When all you offer is money , thats all the players are loyal to until they want to win a ring and leave. Orlando has been a great star builing destination and as soon as the stars establish their names , they want out. That is what orlando has accomplished!! Look at the lakers they sell the brand , they sell thier history , same for knicks and others. Now look at New Jersey , They have no history , but they are building a championship team on what ? They are selling thier new brand and its working , Why cant orlando do this ? Look Orlando you had a window before Miamis big three happened to make us the best in the state and you failed and now miami is top dog and we are rebuilding again ! Just sad Devoses stop putting your family in management they have no experiance in putting together a great team . All they know is how to spend daddys money. Im sorry Rich devos but you have made too many bad decisions ! We need smart owners who now how to marget the team and know how to get expericned management to run a organization.

  8. Rob says:

    Orlando management and owners are to blame for this!! Look , you had years to put together a strong team around Dwight. but all you did was get ok players and over pay them with long contracts. You get the city to build a amazing new arena for what ? To have a rebuilding team ? Wow what a waste !! If this was the first time this happened id say ok but its the third or fourth time this team has had to rebuild because of bad moves! The devos family obviously cant run a organization. Its time to get a new buyer in here and bring this franchise back to glory. lol You guys let shaq walk overpayed grant hill, traded tmac, and now loose another allstar center. wow new orena for big baby lol another dumb move this organisation is stained with failure now its time to sell the franchise and start all over again . And as far as always competing with miami umm obvious miami wins bringing in Pat Riley !!

  9. swedishfan says:

    heard a rumour that nets is after mirza teletovic. if they get him alongside the allstars no question about it, nets will take the throne. check utube and see mirza

  10. nets says:

    howard and illyasova!!!!! and the nets are champs!!

  11. NBA FAN says:

    The NETS will be a WOW team but the problem with Joe & wallace is age , maybe the got 2 years in the tank

  12. ChrisBrown says:

    I’m tired of hearing from Nets fans that compares Lopez to Dwight, I wouldn’t even call Lopez a great center. Bynum maybe is comparable to Dwight but not enough. Lopez was doing okay for the Nets because no other teammates were playing good just until Deron and Wallace showed up.
    Orlando Management, please if you do trade Dwight, be it be the best offer you can get, don’t let him decide where he wants to go because in the end what only matters is you and the team and its future. This is a business and you gotta be smart, like someone was mentioning wait for other offers like a Carmelo deal and don’t rush.

  13. Aaron Callicum says:

    WOW Thats exactly what orlando needs another highy overpaid player then all they would need to do is sign erik dampier to a 6 year 300 million dollar deal then they wouldn’t have to worry about rebuilding at all STARTING SQUAAAD!! JAMEER NELSON, JOE JOHNSON, JASON RICHARDSON, HEDO TURKOGLU, ERIK DAMPIER!!!!!!!!! Tell me with a straight face that team wouldnt win 6 stanley cups, plus they could sign grant hill to 10yr 70000billion dollar deal and they could get allen iverson and miceal jordan and shaq too, ohhhhhhhh buddy look out eastern conference

  14. Deraj says:



    Seems legit.

  15. Choker says:

    NO need for Nets to get Dwight. With that attitude of his…. I hate him. He isnt the same star I used to know back then at the Finals against Lakers. And not to mention he recently had back injuries. So its a 50-50 chance for him to become good again

  16. 27o says:

    Nets will be sick if they can get D12…
    They also signed pf Teletovic ,who is very very decent euro.
    looking forward

  17. 24SAlvarez says:

    They going to have a playoff team and now a winning record.

  18. Pedro says:

    Financial and marketing decisions people!!! Think about it. Brroklin is kinda of a new franchise even if they’re mantaining the Nets name They need their new fans (just like OKC did when the Sonics moved there) so landing 02 perennial all-stars AND Howard will make the crowd happy and sell a bunch. Their management dont care about rings, they care about selling out all season.

  19. Fefe (Nets) says:

    I hope that the Nets get Dwight!!! Joe Johnson, D-will, Gerald Wallace, Dwight Howard + a PF (Jamison anyone??) would be awesome and make an ALL-STAR starting five!!!

    But, as a real Nets fan since I started to follow the NBA during high school days 12 years ago, I JUST FEAR THAT BANDWAGON FANS will come to support the Nets, those same fans who just laughed when they heard about the name of the Nets.

    Anyway, GO NETS!

  20. redowl says:

    Even if Jersey gets Dwight Howard it won’t do them any good. I’ve already watched Derron Williams and Joe Johnson melt in the playoffs. They’d better take advantage of free-agency and get role players too.

  21. bballnorway says:

    You all gotta remember brook before his injury – He was pretty amazing. Kris Humphries has shown that he can partake with a good team around him, and personally i found marshon brooks to be one of the best rookies/sophmores of the 2 previous seasons. that, adding the 3 picks over the next 5 years is pretty good for a player that wants to leave the franchise. Keeping him will lead to much more drama, and i seriously doubt that he will play his heart out for Magic, if stays, I say take the nets trade, if the nets are that desperate for D-12.

  22. Damn says:

    The Dallas Mavericks traded away all their players, didn’t sign them, and traded away draft picks, for absolutely nothing. Good luck in Free Agency Cuban.

  23. Mitch says:

    Deron Williams just signed a 5 year extension with the Brooklyn Nets!

  24. BIG DAWG says:

    enough with the miami cheat already , wagon jumping fans, if lebron was really the king he would ve got it done in cleveland, not go somewhere else and form a superteam, thats why he will never be an all time great, this yr s playoffs was the whackest eve WAY too many favorable whistles for miami, they aint winnin another one tho, cant GIFT a team a championship every yr….

  25. danish says:

    the owners russian guy and jay z pay for luxerie tax thats how they aford the players
    been a nets fan since i was six
    feels good to be the greatest team

    1 championship 2 chapionship 3championship4 championship5 championship6championsihip7championship8championship

    move over new york knicks Daddys coming home

  26. steve says:

    if howard makes it to bk he better call lebron and pick his brain for a week to get a feel for the hatred he may endure probably not as major but the nba fans wont give him a break after the way he leaves orl in a sorry (crybaby) fashion. Everytime I see these players talk like there game is so epic that they should play on the very best team absoloutely possible and turn there backs on the backbone that has gotten them to this point in there career I always think to myself “MJ never did that.”….”MJ preferred it on his own in a sence”… “He rocked 1 jersey his whole career until he stepped down from gm in a team he had part ownership when he was about 40” If I had skills like lebron I’d tell the team im on give me 4 guys off the street and then tell them to get out the way.

  27. Zach Gillette says:

    If I were the Nets I’d re-trade Joe Johnson to get Howard instead of giving up Brooks. Johnson, Lopez and Humphries for Howard and a big Magic contract like Turkoglu. Then they could actually afford a bench as well as having a star to give the Magic.

  28. Robert says:

    NBA players in today’s game are cry babies. They all just want to follow what they see the next man do.

  29. nikka says:

    WAIT UP is sasha vujacic coming back to the nets this year as well?

  30. showideez says:

    As long as the Nets get D Will back, the team will be good now that they have Johnson. If they get Dwight Howard, It won’t be that hard to get 5 bench players.People forget that the Kidd will take the minimum & sign wherever D Will Signs. They are also getting Mirza Teletovic & pursuing Ilyasova. With Howard, they would definitely need a backup Center because he stays in foul trouble.

  31. dunca says:

    they cand sign before this trade some good players, ersan yliasova? or maybe 5-6 bench players,and after this resign deron. they have cap space to use for bench before resigning deron and trade for dwight … and then…make the trade…probably will be 40-50m over cap space…but will not be a problem for owner…i think that’s what they are thinking right now…use the cap space you have for what you can get and then … make those brilliant moves

  32. Blah says:

    I hope this deal gets done to save the Nets from the last several years of mediocrity. I hate superteams and think they ruin the NBA, but I’d much prefer it for the Nets than somewhere like LA.

  33. Cody says:

    Even if the Nets don’t get Howard the team will be a very good.

    PG- Williams
    SG- Johnson
    SF- Wallace
    PF- Humphries
    C- Lopez

    With Brooks, Green, possibly Kidd coming off the bench the team would have some depth along with a great starting 5. Plus it would still have the 3 first-rounders

    • Wat says:

      If the Nets can sign a point guard for a very low salary and have Tyshawn Taylor learn from them, then add some size, they can have a better bench than the Heat.
      PG-Deron Williams, Tyshawn Taylor, maybe another point guard
      SG-Joe Johnson, Marshon Brooks
      SF-Gerald Wallace, Gerald Green
      PF-Kris Humphries, Mirza Teletovic
      C-Brook Lopez, veteran center (Camby, Oneal)

      Its a bench that can get get the job done with the stars on the bench. They can work the rotations so that when one star is on the bench, another one is still on the floor competing and playing well. Kinda like the Heat. 🙂

  34. Cody says:

    Think Ersan Ilyasova would take a pay cut to join the Nets if this trade goes down?

    If so the Nets starting line-up would be crazy good:
    PG- Williams
    SG- Johnson
    SF- Wallace
    PF- Ilyasova
    C- Howard

  35. Cody says:

    What do you guys think of this trade?

    Nets get:

    Magic get:
    Johnson, either Lopez or Humphries, and a few draft picks.

  36. tgmetsfan says:

    If the howard trade goes through and they find money enough in their budget to sign ilyasova at pf and maybe some veteran guys that can play for the second unit. They need at least ten guys on their roster, in order to make two units. only two of their three draft picks will be on the team right away, then you have their starting five, and then they will have to add three veterans that want to take a run at an nba championship and are willing to take less money. probably kidd, maybe they get involved with ray allen, the maybe a guy like tracy mcgrady, who cant expect much more than a chance with minumum money from any team, so if he gets to play a role with the team where he gets good playing time and can compete for a championship, then that might just work. I dont think anybody but those in the nets front office really knows how much money they can spend, so everything we are hearing is speculation, especially with the nets bringing in potentially three max contracts

  37. Wolves fan says:

    Heat: Lebron, Wade, Bosh.
    Nets: D12, Dwill, Joe….
    both great teams but overall the heat are still beter and always will be because they have more experience and I fear D12 will have a ok season and will want out of Brooklyn and demand a trade…

  38. So much Drama!! says:

    Even if this trade goes down, the Magic could use Lopez, Humphries and Brooks as trade bait. A lot of teams are looking for a big man and good rebounders. you can trade Lopez to a team that needs him and get a good player in return. Same with Humphries. Marshon Brooks is a BALLER, he can score like crazy. If the Magic don’t want him, then trade him and get a good player in return. The draft picks can hold value and can get you even more solid players.So its not that bad.

  39. CManley says:

    this guy man. doesn’t want to stay, doesn’t want to go, whatever. Good for the Magic not putting up with his bullish. He signed, make him play. I don’t know anyone that should want this dude on their team, as he has shown his ability to garner attention and has complete disregard for people other than himself more than an inside post game. If he doesn’t get his trade, do you really think he will play all year? No. He will start crying about it and then become the center of ESPN universe until he either gets his trade or loses money in free agency. Either way, he is ruining his career with childish behavior.

    Another point, why waste your time with this guy if you are the Hawks, Rockets, or any other team other than LA or the Nets? He wants to go big, and Orlando already gets more coverage (constant Celtics-Magic games televised since they had Rashard Lewis) than the rockets or hawks. What makes you think he will go to an even lower-echelon television coverage? This guy is in it for himself, and is part of the “new wave” of attention deficit players that need all of the spotlight that they can get (i.e. LeBron). One of two biggest narcissists in the league.

  40. EmiLime says:

    This team will NOT work at all. Joe Johnson is a ball hog and thats the only way he is effective. D Will is going to have the ball in his hands and in my opinion will be the best on that team and if he has a bad game then the team will have a bad game.

  41. DW says:

    there’s no way the Nets can afford D-Will, G-Wallace, J-Johnson and D-Howard.. keep dreaming

  42. GaryGnu says:

    The Nets aren’t going to get Howard,not this year atleast.The money just isn’t there.Nets will re-sign Lopez to save money and will be a play-off team with Williams,Johnson,Wallace and Lopez

  43. Devin says:

    3 first round picks?????????? Absolutely not

  44. SYDALE says:

    Time and time again I’ve said this… Why aren’t the Magic on the phone trying to get Perkins and Ibaka from OKC? Throw in a couple of 1st Rd picks as well… And, if Dwight is serious about winning championships, why wouldn’t OKC be on his destination list? Both teams would prosper from this deal…

    Perkins is a good defensive center, and he’s already signed for the next 3 years… Ibaka can be extended as well and should be able to develop more of his offensive game while playing without 2 big time scorers…

    OKC gets the best parts of Perkins and Ibaka’s defense rolled into one player plus a bonus on the post scoring… which will make things even easier for Durant, Westbrook, and Harden…

    • hoopfan says:

      I don’t think that will happen. Not unless OKC will include harden. maybe that could happen. cause right now i don’t see OKC will have 1st rd pick in the future since they are clearly one of the best team in the NBA. Also, they wont be able to offer any money since they’re already on their cap limit. I just don’t think magic will agree with just Perk and Ibaka. The crazy thing about it is that Howard said that he wants to play for the nets. So that’s one fact that the thunder is probably considering, even if I were the OKC president I would be hesitant to pull off that deal knowing that this guy would only want to play for us for a year. But I agree, if he is really serious about winning a championship then this is definitely the place. That’ll be a great thing for us bball fans to see.

  45. mj23 says:

    ..they should sign ryan anderson for the PF position! a big man with a shooting range from the arc,that would complete the line up! ryan anderson is also a free agent right now!

  46. polly10 says:

    trade d12 to lakers for pau and bynum it makes sense for magic…

  47. Jimathai says:

    Orlando would be idiotic not to take that deal.

  48. reinlizada08 says:

    no to dwight trade to brooklyn…
    the team just lost at least half of their bench just to get JJ…

  49. reinlizada08 says:

    billy king, please dont lose more players(specially marshon brooks) just to get that drama queen dwight howard.

    if d-will re-ups with brooklyn, they already got a formidable 1,2,3 and 5…no need to get greedy for 3 stars in one team.

    d-will,jj,crash,and brook lopez…or when they go small, d-will,brooks,jj,crash,lopez

    that’s a 7th-8th seeded team right there

  50. im15 says:

    hell what a bad trade for orlando if they do it:
    lopez a fragile center who can’t grab a rebound and humphries just an athletic pf who just could get a double double cuz the nets was such a bad team last year!
    brooks is a promising peace but he probably never be an all star, so lopez…just a bounch of role players and alot of draft picks which they never turn to lottery picks…even a package built around gasol would be much better than that here!

  51. Rob K says:

    Hey, here is a WAY DIFFERENT scenario…..!! 😉 Ryan Anderson, Jameer Nelson and Jason Richardson to Brooklyn for Deron Williams. Since Deron and Dwight want to play together, it would work out for both of them. Howard would re-sign with the Magic, and that way he wouldn’t even have to move and sell his 963 room estate in Orlando! 🙂 The fans would be happy too! How about them apples??? LoL

  52. JDish says:

    YEA! Do It. Get it done, ship DHoward off to the Nets once and for all. The Magic would atleast get some decent players in return, and would get some nice first round picks for the future in the process. Just end this Dwight saga already and get to rebuilding the team into a contender.
    And to make things pretty interesting, lets see what the Nets can become for the next season.

    Brooklyn Nets for the next season:

    pg Deron Williams
    sg Joe Johnson
    sf Gerald Wallace
    pf (Who will fill the pf spot)
    c Dwight Howard

    The Nets are probably gonna go Heat-mode and fill the rest of the roster with role players and rookies.

  53. BermudaTriangle says:

    Yah, can someone please explain how the Nets are able to spend a TON of money over the salary cap to get whoever they want???

  54. CelticPride says:

    I dont think all you nets fans understand the deal is unlikely to happen, orlando knows dwights leaving, so why not just trade him to whoever gives them the best deal? i mean, come on, a mediocre player (brook lopez) a bum (kris humphries) and a sophmore (marshon brooks) that doesnt look like much compared to what the lakers are prepared to offer (1, maybe 2 allstars in Gasol and bynum)

  55. LeKing says:

    no bench no depth? Miami for instance. :))

  56. joao1999 says:


    my good a big four now!!!

  57. LeKing says:

    as if the bulls are not trying to get 2 more superstars. lakers are still left with kobe but they’re trying to get high profile superstar as well.. tim duncan + parker + ginobili are superstars. KG + pierce + allen + rondo are all superstars.

    what ever you said is kinda ironic.

  58. xavier johnson says:

    i think the nets is giving up too much guys and 1 first round picks for two people they wont have no money for a sixth man,role player ,or for a pf it’s not worth it

  59. LeKing says:

    pretty much like with lebron. no don’t leave you’ll never find another city like us. look what happened. south beach is pretty much please on what happened. just like when shaq left orlando.

    orlando fans. move on. haha! he want’s out what ever it is. let him be. a grown can make decisions for himself and family.

  60. leggomymelo says:

    i just can’t come to understand how the nets can afford williams, johnson, wallace, and howard. they would surely trade wallace…right?

  61. OrlandoNative says:

    Yo…Dwight I reaalllllllyyyyyyy wanted him to stay in Orlando..To become a REAL CHAMPION!!! BY HIMSELF..But you know wat fuk it just trade him…Let him FOLLOW Lebron(Congrats btw) footsteps..The Magic need not to FOLLOW The Cavs…get something out of this bounce back get us a lonnnnggggg waaaaiiitttteeeddddd Championship!! That Dwight couldn’t do in his own…





  63. Jasmin says:

    Dont forget Mirza Teletovic, the score machine from Europe, Bosnia !

  64. Richard says:


    PG- deron williams
    SG- joe johnson
    SF- gerald wallance

    PF- (kris humphries if he re-signs he’s a double guy)
    C- (brook lopez with hard work he’s has potetial to be all sat and is more skill mid range than howard, but rebonds will improve)

    back up for d-wills and JJ a rising star with marshoon brooks, he can get starter mins backing up theses guy and learn from the best

    so don’t trade nets but ……… never mind trade for howard Brooklyn NETS = UNSTOPPABLE maybe

  65. Swala says:

    Just trying to get these calculations working. Miami have the big three and are paying them large cash and paying the rest of their team mates basically nothing to fit into the cap. How on earth is Brooklyn going to fit their big three, which will be getting paid the same as miami’s big 3, exept that Joe Johnson is getting paid more than all of them, under the cap when they also have Wallace who is on not huge money but still on a significant amount. How is that going to work. Guessing having a billionaire owner doesnt mind paying huge amounts of luxary tax. Brooklyns account will be a hard working man.

  66. Timothy Strowbridge says:

    I retype my post I’m a Big Chicago Bulls and Orlando Magic fan been one since I was a Child but I’m also a Dwight Howard fan and where every he goes it’s fine with me but he really needs to kill al this back and forth drama he is going to end up like Lebron James being hated if he want’s to go to the Nets let him go. and for all the Dumb Heat Fans he is not coming to Miami so get over and stop smoking Cloud nine if he goes anywhere it should be one of the Following Teams. Boston Celtics, Chicago Bulls, The Brooklyn Nets, Houston Rockets, Dallas Mavericks, or the LA Lakers.

  67. Emir says:

    Nets will also sign Mirza Teletovic Bosnian player, one of the best Euroleague players….He is playing in Spain for Caja Laboral. Player that can play PF and SF and he can be good inside but he can score from outside

  68. Thomas LaVoy says:

    Get it done Orlando. Dwight is an over rated cancer. Other than his ability to dunk he has yet to develop a patented unstoppable move a la Akeem Alejuan, Tim Duncan, Kareem etc. This way you shed his salary, get something in return and get rid of a cry baby that has shown he is a potential cancer with his level of disrespect for Stan Van Gundy.

  69. Samoka anang Howard oi! says:

    PG – DWill
    SG – Joe Johnson
    SF – G Wallace
    PF – _____
    C – Dwight Howard

    get Tim Duncan for veteran’s minimum and you’ve got a guaranteed championship team!

  70. Lol says:


    How about Mirza Teletovic from Europe at PF??? He is great scorer, already in negotiation with Nets,about 5 millions salary, could spread players on floor, and that is good for Dwight…

    • Cody says:

      I know that the Nets have had an interest in him, not sure if they would have the money.

  71. @Marky mark Tim and Parker have great management that gives them a chance of winning a title every year because they surround them with talent…so does Kobe and even D-Rose to a certain extent. If I remember correctly KG dipped on the Wolves once he realized he needed more help and wasn’t going to win there. It’s alot easier to give your all and work hard if you know your management is going to give you every opportunity to win and get you where you’re trying to go. No point in being a great player on a mediocre team when you can be a great player on a championship contender.

  72. Timothy Strowbridge says:

    Look I’m a Orlando Magic and Chicago Bulls fan been one since I was small but I’m also a Dwight How

  73. Cruz says:

    A 5 year rebuilding process is what Orlando should hope for. They aren’t going to get a legitimate playoff contender out of this free agency. Miami is going to be in the Conference Finals for the next 3 years, AT LEAST. The Bulls will be back there once D Rose is healthy, depending on how badly they break up their team (you have to remember, the Bulls had one of, if not, the best bench in the league this past season). The Nets would look very promising on paper, although I’d have to see them actually coexist together, and what their bench (if any) would look like. The Pacers are still going to be pretty much the same team, and the Celtics are going to come back stronger, with or without Ray Allen. So, Orlando can only hope to position themselves to compete in 5 years, when the rest of the East’s top teams begin to shift players again, and the strength of teams balances out again. Jameer Nelson is leaving Orlando, the main guy will be Turk. Remember when Scottie Pippen was the man with the bulls in 94 and 95? That’s the best Turk can hope for, is to make the playoffs, just to get eliminated.

  74. Andre says:

    This team will probably struggle a little because there will be no bench.

    Of course they are doing the right thing, now they’ll have the best starting 5 in the league and they will be borderline contenders and not a lottery team.

    But I don’t think they can beat the Heat in their first year.

  75. @Marky mark Tim and Parker have great management that gives them a chance of winning a title every year….so does Kobe..and D-Rose to a certain extent. If I remember correctly KG dipped out on the Wolves when he realized he wasn’t going to win there. It’s alot easier to work for something and give your all when you have the right people around to help you get where you wanna go.

  76. PAULERTS says:

    PG – Deron Williams
    SG – Joe Johnson
    SF – Gerald Wallace
    PF – Luis Scola? (Are they still pursuing him, would be great if they could get him at the 4)
    C – Dwight Howard

    Bench: Miami proved it doesnt need a stellar bench to win so I think the Nets are doing the same of loading up their starters

    • NAHK says:

      Scola would need to take a lower salary. They could probably get him. I didn’t think he was a free agent at first. I also heard they were pursuing Ilyasova. He could be a good fit as well.

  77. NosTRADEamus says:

    My proposed solution for Dwight Howard drama:

    Three-way deal between Magic-Nets-Nuggets or Lakers

    -Dwight to Nets
    -Lopez, Humphries & Cash considerations/Draft picks to Nuggets or Lakers
    -McGee, A.Miller, & Fernandez/Fournier/Q.Miller or Pau & Sessions/Barnes to Magic

    forget the expenses or lack of bench/guard depth.. just fulfill the big 3 for brooklyn! >:)

  78. Victor Manoel says:

    Magic should pull the triger on this trade. It’s a good package and I think the Nets won’t give them much more; besides, Dwight Howard must leave now, as he’s creating problems for the franchise for a year by now… But it’s also Orlando’s fault if they’re in this position, because they’ve known for a long time that Howard wants to go to the Nets… Well, I will be surprised if the Orlando Magic can find a better trade scenario than this… Dwight wants to go to Brooklin, so no other team will offer the Magic better players and Draft picks.

  79. Happy says:

    I belive this is a huge deal for Orlando Magic,I a player with a back injury cost half of the Nets team??Come on! The guys is a great player,but that it.We are not taking here about Lebrom James,Kobe or Durant,those are player that really can make the different and win a championship.Howard is the best center in the league but he can’t create or organize the team plays.However,i just hope this drama ends soon,I can’t wait to see our Heat beat this fake big three

  80. Marky mark says:

    Dwight Howard is overrated…..people act like he not suppossed to get those kinda numbers? The fool is the biggest player in the NBA…I tell Dwight something, you want the credit…ok….Stop playing and laughing all the time, then Win….i amean has he ever won anything? So what is the hoopla about…..See deep down people like real basketball players, the struggle…we appreciate it…Lebron will never be a Kobe, Dwight will never be a shaq, barkley will never be a tim duncan, cause these people are not loyal….they all left…and the only person that you can ever compare in the end will be D-Rose….I will take loyalty and heart anyday…………

  81. Marky mark says:

    I guess the days of building a team and fighting and growing together, almost like high school and college is out the door…Now we just wanna buy our way to a Championship and try and get the same credit as in I worked for it? Sad, where is the loyalty? I guess there are only three 5 loyal players left in the leauge…KG, D-Rose, Kobe, Tim and Parker…….everyone else is a super slave sold off……

    • TTKIN says:

      I agree with all of those except Kobe (coming from a Laker and Kobe fan of 20 years). Kobe begged to be traded a few years ago and still signs for the most money instead of taking pay cuts. I completely agree with the Tim, Tony and DRose loyalty comment though, I’d even throw in Durant and Westbrook (speaking of building teams the right way).

    • wynston says:

      you can’t leave Steve Nash out of that list.

    • Johnny says:

      Not absolutely true, I would not consider D-Rose loyal in the league considering that he has only been in the league for three years. Loyalty is built up over time, so it is too soon to consider Derrick Rose loyal to chi city. Under that logic, KD should also be in discussion

    • ThatOneKid says:

      Kevin Durant? Kevin Love?

    • Andre says:

      lol Kobe

      Even after a 3-peat he asked for a trade every single day until Gasol arrived.

      He was about to leave LA before Gasol trade.

    • Eric says:

      True, except instead of KG (who went to Boston to form a Big 3) I would have put Dirk.

    • ADX says:

      D-rose?? too early on. lebron and bosh stayed through their first max contract. left on their 2nd i believe.
      and if you look at most championship teams, they all had a legit number 2 and 3 guy…

    • MavsWillGetDWillFTheNets says:

      Dont forget about Dirk. He took less money to stay with the Mavs.

    • jaimeson whisky says:

      and Dirk.

    • TimberKittiesChamps says:

      You forgot Dirk, Manu, and Nash… All of them signed for less so their team had cap flexibility.

    • I don’t get it… KG left Minnesota and really kicked-off this trend of building up a Superstar ‘Big 3’ for a championship run… Yet you argue he’s one of ‘five’ loyal players left? What’s with the different standards?

    • BermudaTriangle says:

      Uhhhh…KG didn’t win squat until he joined forces with Allen and Pierce. And Rose, haha, he’s only been in the league a few years…give it time! Kobe had talent come to him….so they didn’t have to leave! Loyalty only holds true to Duncan and Parker, but loyalty is easy to uphold when you’ve already won several championships!

    • MiamiHeat1 says:

      I cant give you Kobe and KG. Kobe was about to go to the Clippers if the Lakers didnt give him the money he wanted and if KG was loyal then he would have stayed with the Wolves.

    • SheGotAWooty says:

      KG? He left the wolves to go to Boston to win a championship via trade. Kobe? As much as he has stayed with the lakers, there were plenty of times he wanted out of LA. Everyone else, okay.

    • Zach Gillette says:

      A player only remains loyal when his team is winning.

  82. NashFan says:

    No bench = depth-less team

    • TTKIN says:

      Ask the 2012 Lakers what happens when you have a big 3 and no depth, theyll tell you.

    • jason says:

      the nets still have enough money to get a decent veteran PF in a low price and also a bench which have decent role players and shooters…

      I think if this trade happens and they put their remaining money in good use, we may get a HEAT-NETS rivalry in the east 😀 (just my opinion)

      I’m already looking forward for this!!! 😀 😀 😀

  83. Frizzyswag says:

    Men im so glad if D HOWARD is going to NETS ahaha i dont need more drama in FLORIDA ahaha
    well if a guy doesnt want to stay then give him away who cares about hes loss find a key player something
    that really appreciate the organization and the team itself

  84. betterdeal says:

    certainly the magic can get a better deal. Those will be 3 LATE first round picks. Houston could offer picks and young talent on rookie contracts. Would rather have Lowry, Lamb, Terrance Jones, newly signed Asik and a few firsts.

  85. irfan says:

    this is a steal for magic, great center in lopez, brooks is awsome young player and 3 first round picks, nets will remain with no bench at all and with no money to offer.. howard does not want to play there so better let him leave and get good deal, when you look outside what better deal can you really get?? No one want to give to much for howard when they no he probably won’t stay there and play after 2013 so it’s better to accept this 🙂

    • Johnny says:

      How is it a steal? Three mediocre players, none of them were EVER all stars, for the best big CENTER PIECE in DHoward? 3 first round picks every OTHER year, the next year doesn’t have great college prospects either. It’s a garbage trade with a 5 year rebuilding plan. If Orlando accepts this trade I’d be convinced that they have mentally challenged kids working the books. With this trade Magic will force themselves to play for last place in the league so they can have a chance at #1 pick.

      • Zach Gillette says:

        Brooks is an All-Star. The Magic don’t particularly need Howard, they did pretty well in the playoffs without him.

      • chigchig says:

        brooks is not an all star? not even close.. who spot does he take in the east for the guard position? wade, rose, rondo, iggy, joe?

  86. Bob says:

    That is the most attractive package for D12. I just have a hard time seeing a good supporting cast that is under the cap. If the Russian billionaire is really going send and pay the luxury tax, that would be awesome. Maybe Agent Zero gets back into the flow, too.

    • Wat says:

      Yea but its not the most attractive for Orlando. Apparently they want more than just a risky B Lopez, K Humph, Brooks, and 4 first round draft picks.

  87. Alex says:

    If The Nets do end up with Dwight and D-will, not to mention Gerald Wallace and Joe Johnson, this is gonna make the atlantic division even more interesting next year.

  88. NAHK says:

    PG-Deron Williams
    SG-Joe Johnson
    SF-Gerald Wallace
    C-Dwight Howard

    Not bad knowing that these 4 guys were once all stars (some still are) and still can be productive players. If they trade Lopez, K Humph, and M Brooks and a couple of first round picks for Dwight, they are looking at cap room to sign decent bench players to back them up. Since there is know one to play PF, they should that money on a solid PF who doesn’t require much money. Maybe a veteran could work. But they should save most of the money on a good bench. When they play a team like Chicago, who I think has the best bench in the league, they would have to work their starters for 40+ mins. which is bad if you’re playing them in the playoffs. But they could do what Miami did, sign veterans and work rotation so that when one star player leaves your other one is still on the floor making a contribution. If they do that, they have a good shot.

    • Boris says:

      Garnett should have waited to explore his options….would have fit nicely in at PF.

      • NAHK says:

        Same with Tim Duncan, he is most likely re-signing with the Spurs. He should look at the Nets as a possible destination. He can work well with DWill. But hes prob stayin with the Spurs.

  89. system says:

    @Scuba Steve

    Trading Howard to a team he won’t commit to? I don’t think any of the 30 teams in the league would give their best players to rent him for a season and watch him go away. Rather the Nets and something, than free agency and nothing.

  90. rj says:

    i like this trade to happen hope nets get it

  91. ralph malph says:

    Way too much for the epitome of disgruntled!!! I like the roster of Williams, Johnson, Taylor, and Brooks at guard. Wallace, Green, and James @ small. Mirza and Humphries at power, and Lopez and others at center. Giving up Brooks and Lopez is in effect giving two lottery picks, and three number ones. Wow!!! Too much for this guy………MAYBE!

  92. pokie says:

    This would only work out if all three stars would accept pay cuts so the Nets could add the necessary role players and shooters. I would say this is unlikely to happen. Johnson has already hamstrung his last club by signing a contract bigger than he rates (that’s why he’s available). Howard has burned Orlando to the ground and if Williams was serious about Brooklyn and winning he would have already resigned to provide the leverage his front office needs to land the kind of players he says he wants to play with. These guys could work together. The question is: are they willing to do what it takes?

    • BullsFan4eva says:

      nope not really. This is technically all 3 players’ last big payday. No one’s gonna give that up. It’s easy for the OKC players to talk of sacrificing for the team but most of those guys are under 26 so they have at least one or 2 big contracts left. On the other hand, Dwight Howard, gonna lose his athleticism which is pretty much what makes him so wanted by the time he hits his 30s and after that he neither has great length nor a great offensive repertoire. Joe Johnson, already entering his last few years as a star after which he’ll have to settle for what guys like Ray Allen are settling for now. Deron Williams isn’t gonna get faster as he grows older and as much as good point guards deserve that kinda cash for being a coach’s extension on the floor, floor general etc, the point guard spot is changing. Nowadays it’s almost mandatory to have someone who’s athletic and fast enough to create in addition to running an offense in order to get those maximum paychecks so this would be his last major contract. So to sum up and answer your question (wow! sorry that took so long!): Nope not gonna happen. Money comes before championship. [And for people saying Miami’s Big Three made sacrifices to achieve their championship, i’d like to point out that both Lebron and Bosh had the chance to become free agents in 2007 if they wanted to and could’ve joined Wade then for less money but they didn’t and waited till they’d already got the money from their first max contracts. It tends to be easier to give up money when you already have it, still hard but easier]

      • James says:

        Don’t rudely shut other people down if you’re not sure what you’re talking about. LBJ and Bosh could not have joined Miami earlier “if they wanted to”. They were RFA. Look it up. If you already know what that means, you’re implying that Cleveland would not have matched Miami’s offer – which is absolutely insane.

        Also, Not so sure the potential big 3 in N.J. are on their last big paycheques… Do you know how long D-Will and Howard plan to re-sign for? Do you know if they will play out their next contract in full? No, you don’t. And Howard at 30? I’d give him major cash I’m sure. KG can barely run and just got over 10 mil per….

        Don’t rudely shut other people down if you’re not sure what you’re talking about.

      • Cruz says:

        In 2007, they stayed with their teams, probably to see if they could get there on their own…Granted, the only player and team that had that chance was Lebron with Cleveland. Lebron didn’t need that max contract then, or ever. He makes so much on endorsements, he could sacrifice his salary every year. But, why should he? When you’re the best player in the league, you deserve that paycheck, it just doesn’t have to be ridiculous, like Kobe. I don’t think anyone will ever make $30 MIL for one year, like Jordan did, so why even bother being greedy and taking 25% or more of your team’s salary, when you make a truck load of money off other endorsements? Championships are what makes you a legend, and that’s what every great player should aspire to become. People don’t talk about how great Patrick Ewing was, or how great Charles Barkley and Reggie Miller were. Yet, at the time they played, they were elite players. People barely talk about David Robinson and Hakeem Olajuwon, two of the best Centers in the history of the NBA. Everyone strokes Shaq, because of his 4 rings, yet, Hakeem was by far a better Center, and he proved it in 95. Hakeem babied Shaq in those Finals.

      • hoopfan says:

        i dont think the guy is being rude. dont be too sensitive man. lol! but i agree with you. both of them is RFA so defo not gonna happen back then.

  93. Scuba Steve says:

    That deal sounds horrible for the Magic. Why not get good players in return rather than a 5 year rebuilding process. Orlando fans deserve better.

    • TTKIN says:

      Exactly. They should hold out until they get a Carmelo Anthony-esque deal in return. This deal would require the Magic to rebuild for years like u said. Denver did it the right way, they rebuilt their roster in one move instead of this type of thing.

    • Common Sense says:

      No Team will Trade with ORL because Howard wont sign with anyone but NJ. Its the Best they can do. Or let him leave, and get nothing,

      • hoopfan says:

        agreed! we all know that d12 wants to go to brooklyn. if there’s other team that is willing to rent him for a year and can offer a good deal like the nets then why not. thing is, is there a team willing to do that? so its better for the magic to get 3 decent players in return plus future round picks then maybe if its also possible, they could include such players with bad contracts like hedo or jrich on the trade deal since nets can absorb that because of their cap space.

  94. UltimateVIP says:

    This is absolutely great news if you are a fan of Steve Nash ending up in Toronto. Brooklyn is selling their future here, but if it works they go from the outhouse to the big house in one year.

  95. Angelo Garcia (Philippines) says:

    DERON, JOE, GERALD, and DWIGHT. Who’re the bench players? 5 players were traded for Joe Johnson. 3 players will be for Howard. And 4 future first-round picks were traded.

    The Nets are on the move, really. But I hope they can get a great bench. Looking forward for the Nets vs. Heat!

    • EGIBOI says:

      It will be like SHOHOKU team. LOL. bench players were acquired just to complete the team and the core players will play the whole game.

    • ThtNBAGuy says:

      yeah but they still have Gerald Green, Tayshawn Taylor, Ilkan Karaman, Tornike Shengelia, Damion James (if he resigns), Jordan Williams, and Johan Petro. And they can sign undrafted players like Kevin Jones, Henry Sims, Hollis Thompson or Scott Machado. And even sign Vetrens for less money like Antwan Jamison, Chris Kaman or Anderson Varejao

      • Zach Gillette says:

        “a trade that sends Johnson to Brooklyn for the expiring contracts of Jordan Farmar, Johan Petro, Anthony Morrow and Jordan Williams, plus DeShawn Stevenson”

      • chigchig says:

        lets be honest.. there bench is goin to be borry.. as all ‘super teams’ with a big 3 are.. look at miamis bench or the lakers.. terrible benches but the stars carry them and with a big performance once in a blue moon from one of the bench players your looking at a title (aka mike miller).. just need players for cheap that will perform there jobs, big bodies that will protect the rim/rebound and shooters on your bench.

  96. pads says:

    Good for the Magic to trade Howard. He is no longer happy with the Magic. Better let him go.

  97. Sam says:

    G. Wallace needs some love. He is an amazing player.

    • NAHK says:

      He can score and guard guys like Lebron, Melo, and Durant. He definitely is a key player on the team.

      • Sixers ! says:

        Stop it, he cant gaurd players like melo or durant cause they have no defense. durant cant D somone without fouling out and melo is just melo, only care about offense. Wallace doesnt score like any of them either, he scores like mario chalmers at the 3 though

      • coolhair says:

        I think what NAHK meant was that G Wallace CAN guard Lebron, Melo and Durant..

      • Ben says:

        Yeah “Sixers!” I’m not too sure what you’re talking about. KD only fouled out playing against Miami and no other team during the playoffs and that’s because he was guarding… LeBron MF’N James. As for Wallace, if you don’t think he can defend, then you do not watch enough basketball. Period.

  98. Sadik Wardeh says:

    Dwight Haward is making a big mistake by leaving the Magic. Hw will regret his unwise decision later on. He will never find a team and a city like Orlando who loved him so much. Will see !

    • B's (not C's) says:

      dont cry orlando fan dont cry you still have all star type player in marshoon brooks! its ok.
      It’s his decision. He is a grown man.

      • Patrick says:

        Perhaps he will never find a city like Orlando. But with this trade drama I’m happy when he is far away from Orlando

    • Keeno says:

      D-WILL,J.JHONSON,G.WALLACE + DWIGHT? ohohohohoho that’s really great! so, we expect already for the – HEAT vs NETS on the confirence finals next year. 🙂 i really excited for that.. 🙂

      • Crazyyy says:

        hold oonnn… Can someone explain to me how 3 max contracts (Harris, Howard, Johnson) plus a $10 million guy (G. Wallace) can fit in a team?

        If I remember correctly.. Wade, James and Bosh didn’t sign for max contracts and the next big names they signed was Haslem and Miller at 5m each..

        This won’t work! Hell with NBA if it will!

      • coolhair says:

        Miami Trio were all acquired through free agency (well, except for wade) but this Nets team is being created via re-signing and trades,(similar to Boston big 3) thus less affected by the salary caps. (Brook Lopez will be sign and traded) But anyways… Nets will suffer from the Super-Tax Hell for a long time.
        Although I’m a Lakers fan and wanted Howard for so long, I admit that this Nets team, if it happens, will be a fun and great team.. even better than the Heat.
        And Kidd has been mentioning that he will follow D Will, probably for Minimum.
        Unless the Nets get a quality PF, the end game line up will be:

        PG: JKidd
        SG: DWill
        SF: Johnson
        PF: Wallace
        C: Howard

        Very very scary team..

      • hoopfan says:

        if that happens then they will only have 5 players on their roster lol! so people stop dreaming, haha! nobody hasn’t started signing yet as of the moment. so technically everything is still possible. but if any, i think its either they will drop crash or joe johnson in the mix if they will land howard. i guess what’s happening right now is that the nets is pressing the magic to act right now. they can’t wait for them. (since they know that the nets can provide them a very good deal) good thing about the nets is that they’re pursuing other stars right now. letting every other organizations know especially the magic that you need to act quickly while we can still offer something good in return.

      • jay585 says:

        hey dumb dumb harris is not on the team ne more smh.

      • Bball247 says:

        Coolhair, miami trio was aquired through a “conspiracy” not through free agency. It’s illegal to have a pow wow with other players and say “hey, if we take this much we can play together” (HIGHLY ILLEGAL). And they got caught too, effin cHEATers..sok, wade’s knees got a hex on them now so..sall good.

      • Wat says:

        It doesn’t make sense cuz all of that happened before the new CBA.
        BTW Its Williams not Harris

    • it will go on says:

      Since you have such a “great” comment on this trade, everyone could smell a special emo called hostile.
      Just get some postive thought on it, you could never be hostile to everyone or everything you dont like.

    • Bball247 says:

      I wouldn’t be too mad, I mean..he would’ve left yall next year. You actually will be getting the best deal from anyteam for a top player who has basically promised not to stay next year. You get one of the top centers in the league, a pretty under-rated pf who has key contribution, and pretty good scorer who can be your starter or off the bench (i say starter, but whatever floats your boat) in brooks. I saw what the were offering and the magic would have to be CRAZY not to accept this, no better deal. You would get bynum with the lakers, but..that’s all you would get really, and they’re giving you a top center too plus much more.

    • its not about being loved idiot…..ask llebron

  99. Chris says:


    Deron Williams
    Joe Johnson
    Gerald Wallace
    Dwight Howard

    not bad.. >.>

    • Fox says:

      ersan ilyasova at PF
      if that happens the Nets will be the beasts of the east!

      • ThtNBAGuy says:

        or Antwan Jamison or sign undrafted Kevin Jones. But they still can’t get by Chicago (if D-Rose is healthy) or Miami in the playoffs. They’ll probably be 3rd or 4th seed in the east if they get Dwight Howard. The Nets traded away half of their bench so they’ll need more players or else that team only has like 9 players.

      • ricardo says:

        with this 4 starters i coul play PF

      • Ginovili says:


    • Isaiah says:

      They signed Reggie Evans (PF), who is a solid rebounder and a great hustler. Theyre gonna be good.

    • Jay says:

      why is everyone so worried about net’s starters? they have no bench… without a decent 2nd unit, they win nothing!