Report: Howard For Bynum Up Next?

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You had to know we’d get to this point sooner or later in the ongoing Dwight Howard trade demand saga.

For the player without a true peer at his position, the Los Angeles Lakers’ Andrew Bynum is the closest thing to Howard when it comes to low-post operators.

With the Orlando Magic fielding calls from all over the league about potential deals, it only makes sense that they dial up the only other team in league with a big man capable of wearing the title of best big man in the game.

According to Adrian Wojnarowski of Yahoo! Sports, that’s exactly the idea the Magic have as they plot the exit strategy for Howard:

The Lakers and Magic have had talks about a possible deal, and plan to talk further about constructing a trade. No deals are imminent, and the process has remained fluid as teams have begun to inquire with more serious offers for Howard.

Sources say there is one other trade scenario for a significant player that intrigues Magic general manager Rob Hennigan, but that target is unclear. Before the Magic would agree to consummate a trade for Bynum, they would need to know they could sign him to a contract extension, sources said. Bynum is entering the final year of his contract in the 2012-13 season.

What’s more, Bynum wouldn’t nearly be enough to satisfy Hennigan’s desires for a return on Howard. The Lakers would need to send draft picks and absorb long-term money off the Magic’s payroll, sources said.

They’ve had this conversation before, several times actually. The last time was at the trade deadline, before Howard signed away his right to enter free agency this summer. Bynum was experiencing arguably the best stretch of his NBA career while Howard’s season was just days away from ending with a back injury that required surgery.

There’s also that bit about Howard not wanting to play in Los Angeles or as second fiddle to Kobe Bryant. That would need to be addressed before any potential deals could get rolling. (The Lakers were initially on Howard’s preferred list of teams to play, along with the Nets and Mavericks, but disappeared after rumblings about a rift between Howard and Bryant began to spread.)

And the Magic will need some assistance from the Lakers in making this deal work:

However positively the Magic feel about Bynum, they still need the Lakers to take back one of their expensive veteran contracts — Hedo Turkoglu or Jason Richardson — as part of any proposed trade. With Bynum, Orlando could use cap space to quickly retool its roster around him and become an Eastern Conference. Bynum is coming off his best season for the Lakers, averaging 18.7 points and 11.8 rebounds. Still, his immaturity at times still left Lakers coaches and officials unsettled about his disposition to be an every-night dominant player.

Any conversation about maturity regarding either Howard or Bynum right now would get nasty. Both of them have made some questionable moves throughout the course of the past seven months.

What’s undeniable for both players is their talent and their standing among big men in basketball. By most any reasonable measure they rank 1-2 and the order is an argument we can have later (or just leave to TNT’s Charles Barkley and Shaquille O’Neal).

And speaking of O’Neal, does anyone else find it to be just a bit interesting for the Magic and Lakers to engage in talks about swapping superstar big men after the way O’Neal bolted Orlando for Los Angeles years ago?


  1. tazballer says:

    The magic will trade howard eventually…so think of it this way…where else wud they trade him to…? the nets? no…because..the dont want to give howard wat he wants…. they’re only option is the lakers….thats how they can get something in return…something as in the second best center in the league….if they dont take this deal they’d just be very stupid…
    and if the lakers do get dwight howard….i believe that we wud be the best in the west…no team wud be able to double team without getting beat at a different position…(if u double kobe u get beat by howard….double howard u get beat by kobe)…and besides that we got one of the smartest basketball players ever to play the game of basketball in steve nash…and if we are able to keep pau…that wud be great….NO.1 team in the nba for sure this way…

  2. Evan says:

    World Peace

    That would be a filthy lineup. Who needs all those other players people are talking about. That in it´s self is a championship team.

  3. TeeSimmons says:

    Nash would actually help the Lakers. But I think the Lakers need a PG that can play defense. Someone who can keep up with D. Rose, Rondo, CP, etc. Defense wins ball games. Also, I believe Howard for Bynum would help as well. I mean Bynum does his thing when he’s healthy, but often times, too many PG’s get to the basket and float the ball right over Bynum and Gasol. Bynum is simply too damn slow, and Gasol is simply not aggressive enough. Keep Gasol, trade Bynum, find a guard with excellent defense that can at least facilitate. Lakers cant go wrong.

  4. melo07 says:

    man they need dwight for andrew but then again if they do that theyll have to get hedo or j-rich in my personal opinion hedo is younger and a better shooter o if they have to take one get him for obvioius reasons. and kb24 not everyone wants to stack a team like the heat did

  5. Luke Walton says:

    Trade me for dwight howard
    I’ll make orlando a championship team
    I won’t promise you that…

  6. WARREN says:

    hayz if lakers get dwight it would be amazing…but dont trade gasol…i like him

  7. Liwei Wu says:

    why would they want to trade bynum for howard? he had a stellar season for the lakers last year, and he is still young and improving every year. i think gasol is the one who should go.

  8. joelito corgos says:

    now we got nash… next howard…. gogogo mitch

  9. NJMH says:

    we got steve nash now we dont need dwight

  10. RDB007 says:

    Dwight doesn’t want to play in L.A, dont pursue a trade for him

  11. LALEYKERS says:

    NO!!! NOT DREW!!! I think pau should traded away. theres a lot of potential in drew, he can be as strong as dwight, he only needs time to grow more. Nash-Kobe-Dwight-Bynum would be nice, and if they can get iggy for the 3 position, that would be GREAT!

  12. ramon says:


    Nash,kobe,gasol, and howard. that would be dominance.

  13. baboy says:

    how can these 2 players (nash, dwight) play with the person that teabagged them??

  14. eligha says:

    please keep Bynum lakers

  15. Lakers-R-Us says:

    Please Mitch! Sign Dwight! Then see if you can acquire Derrick Favors from Utah! I think he has a great future! But please sign Dwight! I really like Bynum, but Dwight is more athletic and he attacks the rim with authority!

  16. Ryan says:

    What the Lakers need to do is trade World Peace, McRoberts,Gasol, Murphy, Barnes, and Blake. Doing that would free up the cap room to sign Dwight long term. I really like Andrew, but he is a little immature. Granted, Dwight is being a bit immature himself, saying he wants to stay, and then he wants to leave. Dwight is a professional player, who plays the game hard and right. I think the Lakers need to take in to account they need to plan for the post Kobe era and not trade away a lot of draft picks. I tihnk if the Magic sign Howard to a long term deal, and then trade him to the Lakers and have them absorb his salary, then this can work. So Howard for Bynum, is probably not going to happen. But Howard, Hedo, and Richardson for Bynum, now that would make a lot of sense for both sides. You have Orlando getting a young and very talented bigman and ALOT of cap relief for a team that is rebuilding. The Lakers will get their man they wanted for a while. If they get Howard they would have a sick lineup.
    PG- Nash
    C- Howard, if that isn’t a championship team, then I don’t know what is.

  17. bambo says:

    PG – RONDO
    SG : KOBE & Darius Johnson Odom
    PF: HILL
    C: BYNUM


    • superman to la says:

      they dont need a small forward they need a pg and if the howard deal gets done they will get j rich is this better to you and they also want nash so i guess it would look like this
      pg nash
      sg kobe
      sf j rich
      pf ?
      c dwight howard
      im not sure about the power forward because if these deals get done gasol is gone so yeah doesnt this work for a championship but im not sure about the pf

  18. superman to la says:

    alright this is what the lakers want they want howard plus they want to sign nash but its not as big as the raptors but they think if the dwight trade gets accepted nash will come to la so they compete for a championship but im not sure about gasol obviously if these trades happen i dont see how they can keep gasol unless i heard they want to do a sign and trade for nash as well but if they can get these 2 deals done and gasol stays that would mean they would have a core four but i maybe wrong if nash annd superman come to la gasol will get traded along with metta world peace probably

  19. Kobe says:

    Get Howard. Even if he throws his drama outside the court he always shows up for games unlike Bynum.

  20. Ray says:

    I find it amazing that people PRINT their comments and have no idea what they are talking about, really funny. However this trade has legs because the Lakers really would like an upgrade to Metta World Peace, and even the thought of having to add a Jason Richardson is palpable. As much as Bynum has developed, and the questions concerning D-Howard and his signing an extension, the Laker organization knows that if Kobe decides to embrace Howard and help mentor this young man, the Lakers have an opportunity to win a few Championships NOW!! Oklahoma is for real, and unless there is a drastic upgrade with this Laker’s roster, they will NOT be able to compete or defeat in playoff series several other western conference teams. I’m not even going to mention Miami waiting on the other side!! The key however remains WHO will be playing at the point guard position. I’ve heard several names and rumors, but that position is critical to any moves the Lakers are able to make. I just hope Mitch is doing alot of research because these moves will be discussed and reviewed for MANY years to come.

  21. it takes Andrew Bynum a life time just to get up and down the court get Dwight Howard he fast and if u put kobe with him that will give him room to operate cause kobe will draw the will be like kobe and shaq all over again…Multiple titles! if u dont get this deal dont ur CRAZY.

  22. please get Dwight Howard domination kobe and dwight its OVER NBA CHAMPIONS GARUNTEE IT.

  23. derek says:

    say no to cry baby, not funny clown, dwight

  24. eh?? says:

    Trade kobe for howard….ow yeahhhh

  25. Aditya says:

    Get dwight for andrew Lakers PLEASE PLEASE PLEASE

  26. Reap says:

    Lets get Dwight I meant

  27. Reap says:

    Are you kidding me?? Dwight plays like 2 Drew’s most nights. You know how many 20-20 games he has? Crazy how many he has… Lets get Drew. And as far as him wanting to leave or stay.. I believe he was trying for as long as he could to be loyal to his team. And you have to admit, they wont win a championship there whether he leaves or stays. He probably realizes that himself. Kobe should still be the 1st option for at least a year or 2, with Dwight slowly but surely taking over that role as Kobe did when he had Shaq. Lakers would still need a legit point guard tho. I wouldn’t be against getting Jason Kid!!

  28. carl says:


  29. LakerBob says:

    Been a Laker fan since 1968. Hate the makeup of this team right now. The three big contracts we have now in Bynum, Gasol and Kobe’s 30 million prevent the Lakers from signing anyone other than for the mid level exception. Kobe’s contract is what will keep the team handcuffed. You can not pay 30 million to a guy who is on the back side of a great carrer. And with the new agreement, he cant take a reduction. If we get Howard, we have to get rid of Gasol and Bynum. I am not sure that can or will happen. And for those of you who think DH is the answer, just remember, he has never won a ring. Never been close. He is a liability with the game on the line because he can not make free throws. Bynum can put up numbers similar to Howard. What we should be doing is looking at a trade that will bring us a proven scorer at the three spot and we need to resign Sessions or get a viable point guard. Just a thought, if you could make the salary numbers work, what about Carmello Anthony and Lin for Gasol?? If we had Lin, Mello, Kobe, Bynum and a good rebounder at the 4 spot it could work….and that would be a hard team to defend.

    • Axel says:

      You sure don’t sound like a Laker Fan. Kobe has done alot for this franchise, and he is still playing at a very high level, he is worth every penny, realize what Kobe is. You won’t see another Kobe for a long time, maybe never.

    • Andrew says:

      You been a laker fan since 1968 and you dont understand that the knicks already have a center and power forward so that wont happen. I gueaa your not that smart to realize that and the knick wouldn’t do that to down grade. Your not a true basketball fan and think of a more realistic trade. Like amar and lin for gau and sessions and maybe give a draft pick from either team but it wont happen at all cuz both over the salary cap. So stop dreaming

  30. Chuck says:

    Sorry peps he will be coming to the clippers for deandre jordan, caron butler, and 2 future first round picks remeber Dwight and Chris are very close friends sorry lake show that ERA is OVER OVER OVER OVER OVER

  31. jatt power LAKER POWER says:

    hurrrrr, bynum will be gone for dwight. MARK THAT DOWN. steve nash is headed over liek a campbell river jatt to the LAKESHOW…. 1999 and 2012 nba titles were asterisk nba title phil jackson said it best……… 2013 title comes home. BLACK MAMBA STYLE….

  32. Lakersssss says:

    Yessss championship here we come!!!

  33. Dave says:

    I like Dwight very much. However, in this era of the NBA, it does not make sense to build a team around a center. Most teams are neutralizing the center position and are playing a smaller, faster game. As much as I like both players, I cannot rationalize spending $20 million on a center. Neither of these players can create their own shot or shoot free throws. Shot blocking, rebounding, and a consistant 20 points or so is not enough to commit one third of your team’s salary to. These players are only worth about $10 million each. Dwight will never win a ring as long as he is commanding his current salary. Managing dollars is more key to a championship than managing talent these days (note that I said “managing dollars,” not “spending more *cough* LA Lakers *cough*). A center-dominated team has not won a championship since the early days of Shaq and Kobe, and then before that, we have only the Houston Rockets in ’94 and ’95. So let’s say 5 championships out of the last 25-30 have been won by dominant centers. Compare that to the number won by guards and small forwards. Dwight is talented, but I wouldn’t touch him with his current contract.

  34. KK says:

    No doubt at this point of time Howard is better than Bynum. However, he will not be much of an upgrade because Bynum has not reached his prime yet. Bynum’s number will be going up for next few years as he gets more touches down low.

    While Howard clearly is quicker, both have the size and strength. However, as every other great player will go through, Howard’s speed and quickness will eventually be slowed down. When that happens, Bynum will overtake Howard because he can shoot better from longer range.

    Trading for Howard is only a short term upgrade, keeping Bynum is a long term investment.

    On the other hand, both have attitude issue to deal with…

  35. Andrew says:

    Im a big lakers fan. i dont think its good deal for lakers at time to trade howard first off howard is like 4 or 5 years older than bynum and I think Bynum is much better player right now and hes only getting better and everyone is comparing them but think about it Bynum is ggetting better and is going to be a forcus to be reck in with in the next 2 years. Maybe hes not mature but hes going to be great for the lakers. Also he makes his free throws from what I saw in the playoffs he can he hit his free throws when it counts even though they lost in 2 second round. I dont think bring dwight howard will make a difference at all maybe conference championship. What they do need is to kept ther draft picks and trade Pau Gasolbecause hes getting old. They to need to get shooter that can make shots consistently. I think maybe a jamal crawford as 6th man but its a long shot. But the lakers dont have the money right now to spend on big time shooter to come off the bench. There best bet is trade pau and get quality player not great but players that are tough and willing to whatever takes to win.

  36. Aaron says:

    My beloved Lakers, please stay away from Howard. Although he’s a monster on the court, it’s clear that he’s the absolute worst headcase in the league and has no clue how to be a professional. It’s amazing to me that Orlando hasn’t gotten rid of him already. Dwight has to be the biggest loser in pro sports. I honestly think that he believes that the fans, coaches, GM’s are all here to serve him. Besides, Kobe wouldn’t stand for his behavior and it wouldn’t work anyway..

  37. John Young says:

    i think OKC should trade perkins and harden for dwight. That way we can off load perkins contract, and pay ibaka and get someone who will put us over the edge. I dont want to see Harden go but i cant see us affording to keep the core four together. Perkins just doesnt do enough for the thunder.

  38. Dhoward12 says:

    Dwight Howard I agree is way better than bynum we need to get rid of Jameer Nelson and Turkoglu they had their prime now its over. Ship them off Howard would stay we would get a better PF then Turk and PG than Jameer Nelson

  39. HaleyBird says:

    Bynum for Dwight…makes sense for LA/Orlando…quality bigs but one year for Bynum doesn’t make him a superstar! This would give both a fresh start after their season antics. Keep Gasol (skilled) as a quality 4 which will draw our the bigs to give Dwight room to move, Hard to find a big like Gasol and stop knocking a guy for playing outside of himself, he’s not a knock’em down centre…get over it already. Kobe 3 (no need to say anything)…but where is that quality 1 or 2 that can guard and attack the basket? Need to be able to guard a Wesbrook…major flaw for LA right now.

  40. wael says:

    pls trade kobe ………….and get howard and nash and nick young

  41. brooklyn says:

    it should be a 3 way trade with the nets lakers and magic
    nets get bynum and gasol
    magic get the trade that they proposed to magic for howard and sessions
    lakers get howard hedui and nelson
    and everyboy is happy

    • Andrew says:

      first off that wont happen and nelson is a free agent. Nets dont have money or room for them. Lakers dont have money for a 3 contracts. And magic get nobody. You must have no knowledge pf basketball because this will never happen not even if you wanted it to happen. I doesnt make sense when you have brooke lopez on kris on team still so. Your not that smart at all seriously. If your going to post something make it more realistic. Why would magic get lopez and humphrey if you were being more realistic. Seriously dont post something that makes you look stupid.

  42. kmoney612 says:

    four team trade everyones happy GASOL and ARTEST,JHIll sign n trade to TWolves D-Williams,Webster,BMiller,Luke Ridnour and a 2013 1st round pick to ATL for Josh Smith to LA along with DHarris with Orlando getting Bynum.Ebanks,sign n trade Sessions along with two1st round picks in 2014 and 2016 in return for DHoward and JRich to LA and with Big Baby Davis heading to Minnesota

  43. roberto says:

    You guys are really blowin this match up out of proportion..
    Dwight Howard is WAYYYYYY BETTER!! than bynum… end of story..
    its so obvious its sad that ppl actually think different..
    the magic just need a premiere perimeter player and
    a roster of strong role players.. if the magic acquire the
    rite pieces this off season they can instantly become a contender
    one again..

  44. Axel says:

    All you people that are crazy enough to think the Heat or Thunder can get Howard…STOP. This is between Lakers, Nets, and Hawks.

  45. Axel says:

    Imagine this guys, Kobe, Howard, Gasol, and Steve Nash. That sounds like championships to me but hey, can u blame me? Yes, i know that we probably wont land nash, but hey you never know.

  46. Graham says:

    lakers need to switch their team up keep gasol trade gasol keep bynum or trade him whatever it is it needs to be done
    im a lakers fan and i wouldnt mind seeing andrew bynum and gasol go as well as barnes,troy murphy and steve blake
    im sure with whatever trades you could get in return for these players or players to sign would help this team out greatly
    as for the haters yapping about kobe bryant im almost certain you guys are lebron james fans and you guys are talkin about piggybacking? please kobe is probably the second greatest player to ever play the game and the fact is if you were to put him with two other legit all stars which he has never been with youd see a real dynasty. I just hope there are more pairings and team ups this upcomming season so teams are on level playing feilds with other certain teams

  47. bj says:

    about time to cut Kobe and rebuild, and keep him as joker but to much lesser pay. it would actually be cool to see Kobe playing for a different team 🙂

  48. Dwight heading for the Brooklyn Nets says:

    Dwight, please go to the BROOKLYN NETS!!!

  49. Willy says:

    Still need a point guard! Insanity Linsanity

  50. Rej says:


    Who ever wants to be with Kobe? or to be paired with KOBE BRYANT? (GOOD LUCK!)

  51. Vincent says:

    Rendezvous for the Orlando Magic. Will they be lucky to win the draft lottery and choose another dominant center in the near future?

  52. toink says:

    whatever the lakers do, or will do they will never ever win another title.. and thats a fact 🙂 .. peace brothers 🙂

    • Axel says:

      How do you figure that..They are second all-time in championships, and only 1 behind boston. Learn your basketball

  53. IsLaM says:

    i think a good trade would be…. Bynum/Gasol/MWP for Howard, Anderson, & RichardsoN… and pick up NASH in Free Agency or Nick Young….. theyll get younger and the team would be all around better…

    • Axel says:

      I hope you’re joking, Howard For Bynum IS THE STINKING HEADLINE, does that not ring a bell inside your small, beady, little head?

  54. Pedro says:

    To everyone think before you write nonsense.
    1) Kobe IS NOT leaving, he’s a Laker for life and a veteran who’s worth too much money for other teams to absorb
    2) They need to trade Gasol, not Bynum, for an all-star young PG (Lin anyone?). As much as I like Gasol (2 rings) he needs to go. That way Bynum gets more touches plays 2nd fiddle to KB and everyone is happy
    3) The Lakers desperatedly need to get rid of their remaining bad contracts (AKA Barnes McRoberts and MWP). They need a young SG to back up Kobe and an all around defensive minded SF. Hill should be the starting PF.

  55. LordP says:

    For LA that’s crazy that none of lakers fans know about basketball,players and potential…bynum is not at Dwight level..he’s good but not a franchise player..Dwight could be more mature and handle it differently..I don’t care about stories like that but what u bring to your team and there is no other big man more valuable than Dwight and you Guys should know that!!

  56. Mike says:

    I don’t think Lakers should get Howard.I dont like his behavior and i think it’s risky.
    They should keep Bynum-Bryant and trade Pau quickly.They should at least fill either the PG or the PF position by trading him and get one or two good bench players.Then they should release World Peace cause no team would trade for him.That leaves em with Morris and Blake at the PG,Goodelock and Kobe at the SG,Eyenga and Ebanks at the SF,McRoberts at the PF and Bynum at the Center along with the two rookies they drafted and the two or three players they got for Pau whick bring their roster to a total of 12-13.Then they could resign Barnes and fill the gap at the PF or PG with a free agent.

  57. mario says:

    I cannot understand why Lakers priority is Howard. They have Bynum which is enough. They should trade Gasol for a younger star now while he has trade value. Gasol for Smith will be perfect. Sign free agents Jamison, Beasley, Kirilenko n two of Sessions, Kidd, Nash, Dragic. Then take Howard if u want. Lakers’ problem is not Bynum is the lack of depth.

    Dragic – Kidd
    Kobe – Goudelock
    Kirilenko – Beasley
    Smith – Jamison
    Bynum (or Howard) – Hill

    This roster for example is realistic n can win rings.

  58. klintzy says:

    Get Howard and Nash!

  59. LA77SINCE says:

    Trade DH vs AB and take Hedo…
    Trade Gasol vs couple early round selections for next year and pick up a good point guard. Get Steve Nash in the mean time and let him teach the offense to the new drafted future point guard. Bynum has been there way too long and has not been able to qualified as a franchise center.. LAkers has been missing a quality point guard over a decade..

  60. Bob says:

    Why the hell LA wanna chase Howard? They got the 2nd best player in that role already and even if he got immaturity issues Bynum is still 24 years old and Howard isn’t exactly a role model. Plus Bynum comes off from his best season while Howard is injured. LA should trade Gasol for Smith and get a great PG like Nash. No team can get a shot at the title with Sessions in the line up.

  61. Mark says:

    C: Bynum
    PF: Howard
    SF: Barnes
    SG: Bryant
    PG: Nash (if possible)

    Transaction: Gasol, World Peace, Sessions

    Now I could see the future

  62. xtreme1 says:

    NO this is a stupid Move Lakers do not need a negative person on our team keep bynum get rid of gasol, blake, mcroberts,murphy we dont need them or howard

  63. MackDaddy says:

    Time to rebuild around a new player.

    Trade Bynum for Howard, but because Howard wants the team to be ‘his’ no question, trade Kobe too.
    Howard becomes the franchise player, and Kobe and Gasol will be 1st tier trade bait for a supporting lineup.

    But no way Howard is playing 2nd fiddle to Kobe. No way.

    • westlakefootball says:

      im a lakers fan and I dont see how getting howard will help us beat okc,bulls, or the heat for a championship lmao with or without bynum

  64. SYDALE says:

    How about I just throw something out there… DeAndre Jordan and Blake Griffin for Dwight Howard… Doesn’t that sound intriguing? Oh yeah… I don’t know how much Blake is gonna make with his extension, so maybe you throw in Jason Richardson or Hedo Turkoglu to make the numbers work…

  65. sleepin says:

    people sleepin on roy hibbert man hes gonna be up there in top centers this year

  66. jef01 says:

    get DH12 lakers. Then trade Gasol for D-Will. Big three right there 😉

  67. efren cabutaje says:

    lakers trade negotiators with dwight howard must be careful they should persuade a five year contract for dwight howard for lakers then if he insisted then ask for at least three years, then if insisted again then lakers must give up in getting dwight and keep bynum instead. always a smart move rather than regret later.

  68. Oliver says:

    How about a Howard-Bosh trade? Not a bad deal right? This is a Win Win sitiuation for both teams.

    Orlando getting the a franchise player instead of losing Howard by 2013-2014 without anything in return
    Miami to have a true center

    Takers anyone? 🙂

  69. Celticsrck says:

    Orlando shouldve have swapped Howard 4 Bynum in last seasons trade deadline…howards better but a huge drama queen,and Bynum has huge potential

  70. Jay says:

    KB needs another big man to ride onto? This is ridiculous! Most over rated player in the world, after riding shaq and bynum + gasol wants another piggy ride? Pathetic.

    • trade1 says:

      No more piggy back rides for Kobe… Buss,Jr isn’t willing to pay the luxury tax after next year, so they will be getting their roster in order cause Kobe will not renegotiate his ridiculous back end loaded contract.. 30/mil a year, really?
      Kobe has to be like Shaq and give up 10-12 mil to get another real player to even have a chance at getting to the finals…

  71. MiamiHeatchamps1 says:

    Dwight and Kobe would not mix but D-will and Dwight would be something amazing thats what I think. SO DWIGHT GO TO NETS!!!! and become a champ!

  72. someguy says:

    trade bynum for howard and gasol for josh smith and sign a point guard like nash or lin or kidd and you will have the best defensive team in the league and a much faster team as well

  73. taburnok_eelions says:

    dwight at center, pau at forward position,,,let’s get it done LA!

  74. Erry says:

    Could OKC trade Ibaka and Harden for Howard and J-Rich?

    • Andrew says:

      why would you that. Thats stupid right there OKC dont need to trade nobody right now. They will trade these young guys when they are on the contract year and know they cant sign them. And OKC dont need to trade nobody right now. They are fine for another 2 or 3 years then start trading either ibaka or harden which ever they cant sign.

  75. JW says:

    I am Laker fan, I think Laker can put any players except Kobe to trade good players it wants, guard is first pick for laker, Nash is too old , laker has to get D William than anyone else. Center is no big position to trade, How are about getting James from Heat because Kobe is getting older and no more than 5 years to play, Laker needs another super star after Kobe,

  76. darkninja says:

    i think the lakers should keep bynum. howard is just going to bring grief. LA already has a basketball player with a reality TV show. his name is lamar. we don’t need another one to mess our team up. after a while, bynum can be better. bynum is young, and he can learn to be more mature. but does anyone remember when lebron left cleveland? everyone hated him, and miami for taking him in. only two states had a majority of wanting the heat to win: florida and washington. keep bynum, and looking through undrafted players, take scott machado. he has amazing floor vision. then keep everyone else possible: kobe, pau, bynum, steve blake, metta, goudelock, sacre, johnson-odom and morris. if anyone noticed, goudelock was an amazing three point shooter. put him in as reserve for kobe. try sacre for bynum. work machado into the starting 5, with blake behind and morris as the extra option. then try for a reserve power forward, like ilyasova or even try for jordan hill to come back.

  77. tenby says:

    2012-13 Lakers:

    PG – Nash
    SG – Kobe
    SF – Turkuglo or Richardson
    C – Howard
    PF – Derrick Williams


    Rookie Johnson-Odom
    Rookie Robert Sacre

  78. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    Miami will not get into the finals next season, they are lucky because Derrick Rose is injured in the first round of the playoffs if not maybe Chicago will get into the East Finals…

    • trade1 says:

      perfect time to chime in… d rose will not be the same player in 2012-2013 and probably shouldn’t even try to come back toward the end of the year, could do a re injury cause your body will compensate if you aren’t 100%

  79. W/E says:

    ppl no matter how immature D12 is he is the best center in the league BY FAR…so swaping him with ANY center is an upgrade for any team,and a team with 4 all star starters(nets) IF this ever happens,would be a championship contenter no matter how bad the bench is…in fact u dont need a good bench to win championships, 2 all star high scoring players are a must for championship conteders who can defend as well AND have someone to lead and inspire the rest of the team…and the bench no matter how bad it is will have good games when it matters.

    • trade1 says:

      W/E you aren’t talking about NJ I hope..
      Dwill, Johnson, dwight, reggie evans and a bunch of 1-2 mil players a year.. you really think they can win a championship or would be serious contenders.. at least in Orlando Dwight used to have 3 point shooters, where are they going to get the 3 point shooters for when dwill drives and kicks? or when d12 gets doubled.. I’m doubling everytime off of reggie evans, let him shoot all day from 15-20ft away.. or I’ll play d12 straight up and hack him with my bench players, so he goes to foul line and bricks up 50% of the time… doesn’t really matter, won’t happen and if nj is stupid enough to give up young players and draft picks for a player with flaws, they are still the NJ nets to me.. at least cuban/ainge was spending money on players that made sense.. Here’s the formula for championship…. instead of dallas, you could put in Boston, Lakers..
      Point guard – check/dwill – dallas/kidd
      6th man – NJ????? – dallas/jason terry
      bench players – nj?? – dallas/jj barrea, terry,others
      unstoppable superstar worthy of 20 mil/year – nj really j johnson?? – dallas/Nowitzi
      roll players – check/evans – dallas 6th -8th
      center player – check/d12 – dallas/just defensive player of the year

      NJ can’t accomplish this and lets just say for giggles d12 somehow ends up in nj, who else is going there at 1.1 mil a year that can actually play and help the team to a championship.. this is why the lakers can’t get a real point guard, the salaries of metta, gasol, bynum and kobe.. so keep dreaming NJ.. you will only be like the knicks for another 4 or 5 years until johnson and d12 contract expires..

  80. thomas says:

    bynum is the best center in the nba now why do you trade for the second best? lakers dont get this trade done bynum is younger than howard just trade gasol for josh smith done deal session kobe lewis smith bynum sure champ!and resign jordan hill and take kirk hinrich

  81. spguide says:

    If i were Mike Cuban , i’d prefer Dwight Howard in Dallas , instead of D-Will .
    And either keep Jason Kidd and/or make a move on S. Nash.

    • trade1 says:

      people, the better teams have salary cap issues.. stop with the nonsense unless you know what their signed players are getting each year… d12 can only got to a handful of teams period, whether this year or next year and none of those teams are currently that good and once d12 signs and adds his propsed 15-20 mil a year, your team will be locked in with whatever you have now…

      It will be interesting to see what happens to James Harden, he’ll command 3 times as much as his rookie contract.. will OKC small market team be willing to pay over the cap and pay into the luxury tax fund at 2 to 1, I don’t think so, Harden better do what a free agent does and get paid while you can, cause you could have a knee/back injury or any type of injury..

      After you get paid, then you can do what Ray Allen, KG, Miami Big 3,Kobe, even Shaq did, play for rings on your 1st or 2nd free agency contract…

  82. lebron james says:

    miami heat wants a big man like andrew bynum or dwight howard so its better for howard or bynum to play next season in miami…heheheehhee

  83. ghetto doggs says:

    please keep drew. we need a center who can score 5 ft farther in the hoop, and not a crybaby who asks for a trade and tells the public on which team he wants to play.

  84. 360fadewaydunk says:

    here’s the keys:

    trade anyone, but not gasol

    just get some real PG. feed the lowpost (bynum or howard/gasol)

    tell kobe to stop shooting difficult shots

    study good defense

    concentrate on how to stop miami (lebron, dwade, bosh)

    get a good bench!

  85. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    Lakers need a strong and agressive bench player to maintain the high quality of the game for the Lakers and that is Jamal Crawford no one else he is made many shots in a 4 points play in a every single game, for that talent he will keep that move for his career’s.For the solely responsible commentators we hope that deal will happen for the team,fans all over the world…I thank you!!!!!!!

  86. JOHN JOHN says:


  87. JOHN JOHN says:


  88. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    the Lakers need more athletic center and that is Dwight Howard for the replacing of Andrew Bynum or Pau Gasol,and also the team is need more hot shooter point guard like Russell Westbrook that will carry in the post-season to help Kobe Bryant and the entire team,i hope this this deal will successfully made it and the Laker fan would not disappointing into the last drop of the game…

  89. skullz says:

    Lakers Lineup next year 🙂

    C: Dwight Howard = A ready to win now and not later player
    PF: Josh Smith
    SF: World Peace = Not sure what’s happening here
    SG: Kobe = still has 4-5 years left in him unless he injures himself
    PG: Jose Calderon = Would love to see this guy at the point with reserve … R.Sessions backing him up.

  90. qwerty says:

    PG: Darius Johnson Odom / Steve Blake?
    SG: Kobe Bryant
    SF: Andre Igoudala
    PF: Jordan Hill
    C: Andrew Bynum

    trade away josh, barnes, ramon, murphy, pau and everyone else
    And upgrade bench players.

  91. Kupchak wasted a great year by Kobe last year by not getting another big time scorer. Getting rid of Fisher and Odom for basically nothing was bad. The Lakers could contend for a ring with Howard and why Kupchak is being cheap is beyond all Lakers fans. Andrew Goudelock told Down Magazine in a recent interview Metta was a good team mate.
    The core for the Lakers is solid with Kobe, Metta, Gasol but that alone can not win a championship. Sessions is decent but is not reliable all the times. Lakers fans want more.

  92. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    well job done,while Deron agrees to the nets in a another five years in that team many point guards are available in the f a`s.What will the Lakers next move to catch another point guards to fulfill another conversations for the entire league….

  93. LakerFan says:

    I don’t want it to happen, the one who should be traded is Pau, I know Derrick Williams isn’t proven but he still got talents, running the floor, consistent 3pointers, attack the basket, athletic, and YOUNG, he just need confidence working alongside Kobe and if he wants to win championship he should criticize but trust his team mates. Or if they don’t want Derrick then look on the Rockets side, a proven Scola and possibly Lowry, or they could ask for Martin instead.

  94. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    the new arrival agrees Deron Williams deal with $98million the nets in a five years contract well job done….

  95. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    c`mmon Dwight do not tortured yourself for being hard thinker just signed up the deal for the Lakers and the team you signed will not make disappointing you they will give you what all you need c`mmon men….

  96. qwerty says:

    You dont need dwight howard… get a pg and igoudala

  97. Really lakers fans? says:

    I read all teh comments and i have to say how delusional laker fans are. First of all THE NETS WOULD NEVER ACCEPT PAU GASOL FOR DERON WILLIAMS! Second, the hawks would never accept pau gasol for josh smith, why would the hawks want a player who is past their prime in exchange for their franchise player. Thirdly, if you guy UNDERSTAND the new cba rules the lakers have noooo money to be signing free agents, meaning your bench is not getting any better whatsoever.

    God im so sick of seeing these comments!!

  98. Devon says:

    I hope the Lakers do go for Dwight…Kobe’s almost done playing and it’s not that Bynom isn’t a good Center, if not one of the best, but the ceiling on Dwight’s talents are still through the roof. I’d like to see the lakers get a young small forward as well…Like trading gasol for Igudala or Demarr derozan…They obviously could go in a hundred directions if they put Bynum on the trading block. If anything, I would just like to see the lakers do what the Heat did in a way and the Nets are tring to pull off. If that’s how the NBA is going to be from now on, Big Three’s on every team, then I’d like to see three things… LAKERS- Kobe, Howard, Iguidola……..BULLS-Rose, Josh Smith, Curry(warriors)….And the KNICKS-Nash, Melo, Stoudamire…. Idk….Seems like it could work.

  99. Justin Koetz says:

    it would b so stupid dwight is older nd he has a back which could never b the same again and he has to much drama sure byum is alitle imature buthe has to grow into a full-blown player if the lakers went through witthis i’d b alittle mad

  100. kenny says:

    As a Laker fan i say do the deal. Bynum is good but he is not in this guys league. He is immature and shows no signs of growing up.

  101. Lakers-R-Us says:

    I think Dwight Howard is a great fit for the Lakers! Just like I thought CP3 was! But I see a problem with taking hefty contracts off of Orlando’s hands! That would be a financial burden! I hope they can get the deal done though! I think he (Dwight), can be the face of the Laker franchise for the future! And the fans would love and embrace him! And, believe me, Kobe would love playing with him!!!

  102. Mark says:

    Trade: Bynum & MWP for Howard, plus draft picks and $
    Gasol for Beasley, plus $

    PG – Jameer Nelson/Steve Blake/Jonny Flynn
    SG – Kobe Bryant/Nic Young
    SF – Michael Beasley/Matt Barnes/Devin Ebanks
    PF – Jordan Hill/Josh McRoberts
    C – Dwight Howard/Troy Murphy/ Robert Sacre

    • Wat says:

      I like it but how does Jameer Nelson fit in?? The Lakers don’t have the cap room to sign him. If they did they would get someone like Nash. Same with Nick Young. I like that idea, but it can’t happen. I like it better than the RIDICULOUS idea of trading Gasol for Dwill

  103. Patnubay Calaycay says:

    I agree w/ the Howard for Bynum trade,we know that Bynum is taller than Howard,but Howard is more athletic than Bynum many people says “this sounds crazy” more or less the entire team will rise again thereafter….

  104. ryan says:

    Its easy three team deal lakers get howard they send bynum to orlando and gasol ti minasota and minasota send williams to orlando

  105. Promocean says:

    Dwight would only be there 4 the season then jet 2 the Nets in free agency + just had back surgery. Not trusting it

  106. KennyBlanco says:

    Came on here just to read all of the ridiculous trade scenarios made by Laker fans lololol

  107. Yave says:

    I like OKC now because there’s no drama queen down there.I used to like Orlando because of D12 but he thinks that Brooklyn is a championship team and acting worse than a 15 year old girl whose a rebel.Send him to L.A so Kevin Durant can dunk on him for 3-4 games and get swept in the playoffs.Fact is he ruined his career because of this stupid trade demand.For Orlando I hope they do what Cleveland promised and failed to do after LeBron left and win a title before him.

    • trade1 says:

      I hope they trade him to anybody but brooklyn and then let brooklyn try to sign him next year as a free agent.. so he can accept a 5-10 mil a year contract.. now that would be justice… please don’t do a 20 mil/yr sign and trade Orlando, at least the new gm won’t do this, I know…

  108. Swala says:

    The Orlando management came to Dwight when he was making the decision to opt-in or not and told him that they needed more time to find a suitable trade for him. They told him he can either be disloyal to the city of Orlando by walking at free agency, leaving the team with nothing or be loyal to the franchise that drafted him by opting-in allowing the magic management to find the best possible trade for the franchise. The word is that orlando’s management told dwight that if he did opt-in they would trade him to the club of his choice (Brooklyn). Both parties would get what they wanted. So Dwight opted-in, thinking they would send him straight to Brooklyn. Now correct me if I’m wrong but isn’t making a verbal commitment like this, then getting the signature, then breaking that commitment kind of a form of blackmail.

    • trade1 says:

      as your AGENT i advise against any owners verbal comittments.. so i guess he should fire his agent or he’s just an idiot for opting in the first place, when he could of signed directly.. so let me get this straight.. I’m a free agent, I can go anywhere I want to, like a nj, but I get blackmailed into signing cause they say they will trade me there.. REALLY.. i don’t need you to do me the favor when I can sign anyhow without management.. makes no sense, but good try Swala….

      oh btw, management also gives up their gm and coach cause our superstar will leave if we don’t.. that to me is more like blackmail and sounds more like what really happened… which star players always do behind closed doors… that is more likely why he opted in… come on, he’s 26, 27 years old

  109. Jennifer says:

    Magic needs to trade Howard to move forward..Looks like Howard is the GM, coach, and player of Magic.

  110. richboy808 says:

    If Lakers give up, Matt Barnes, Troy Murphy and Bynum then its a deal, Bynum straight up for Dwight no way.

  111. Cian Washington says:

    The funny part is everyone is hell bent on howard going to the lakers thats not what we need….we need a floor general point guard….keep sessions or trade him doesn’t matter to me, and we need a secondary big man thats comfortable in his skin…we could take a kris humpries type player and be fine…i love pau gasol but i do agree that he needs to be traded not because he is no longer any good but because his game and bynums game don’t mesh well…..gasol wants to be a star at the big man spot and so does bynum not enough room so i say talk to brooklyn and go after humpries and some role players sheesh maybe even bring vujacic back…but i do agree with the earlier post about getting shannon brown back…..ariza wouldn’t want to come back and lamar odom is now a clipper again, and fisher i think he is going to give it another go in okc and then retire….but i would easily welcome back all of the players mentioned except for odom…odom has no professionalism in him, i understand that the concept of not being wanted hurts but the nba is a business and he has been traded twice before get over it move on and get stronger,,,the one thing i can say about pau is that he played through the trade talks

  112. Lakers Fan says:

    Lakers need to stop focusing on Dwight Howard. He has made it clear he will only resign with one team and we all know it isn’t the Lakers. His contract is up next year so I’m sure he’ll jump ship once that happens.

  113. Cory Martin says:

    Keep Andrew Bynum over Howard and this is why:
    Howard- Herniated a disc I have the same problem degenerative disc disease he wont last another 5 years in the NBA. Also he might never play like he once did. Disc issues are not repairable. I dont have his Doctors but I know I will never play again… I know the next argument Bynum’s Knee has caused problems he was relatively healthy all year and Ill gamble on his sugerically repaired Knee over degenerative disc diseases.

    Andrew Bynum offense is better than Howards hands down!!! Howard only as a sweeping hook and dunks Bynum can shoot the jumper shoot free throws. Howard needs shooters to space the floor Bynum has post moves Howard for some reason cant learn. Watch foot their foot work its night and day.

    Howard has better Defense and leaping ability…. Bynums defense improves every year he can block shot and he changes soo many. With Howard’s back I guarantee he wont be jumping as much!

  114. Cian Washington says:

    Honestly as a Lakers fan I would prefer that they kept Bynum for obvious reasons…1)Bynum has proved that he could make it back from injury and Howards injury has yet to be tested so you don’t know what your truly getting. and 2)honestly Bynum is a better offensive threat then Howard…Howard is good but he is mainly a rebounder and clean up type of center he can hit a hook occasionally but he’s not as good of a post up player as Bynum is Bynum’s foot work is better than Dwights’ now defensively Dwight still has it but Bynum is getting better in that area as well….

  115. 7777 says:

    lakers needs play maker and get rid of pau, he real drives me crazy. @DaveerSiddiqui1 came up with good point . that what lakers should go for!

  116. Paul gasol is poo says:

    You guys keep saying Bynum for Howard and gasol for deron. None of those teams are gonna be happy with that deal, plus dwight is worth more than just Bynum. I mean a solid 20+ and 15 guy for an alright center is not gonna be fair for Orlando. This is what I think should go down:

    Pau gasol and bynum for Howard. And trade mwp, Blake, miller a draft pick for igoudala or gay.
    Starting lineup
    Pg- sessions
    Sg- Kobe
    Sf- igoudala
    C- Howard
    Instant ring!!!!!!

  117. Wat says:

    People dont understand the fact that the Nets have NO INTEREST in an aging Pau Gasol. Hes getting up there in age and is now on the downturn of his career. They don’t even want a big man unless his name is DWIGHT HOWARD.

  118. William says:

    If the Lakers get Dwight, he better wake up and realize what a golden opportunity it is for him!! He will be the second option while Kobe still in LA!! So, learn from the best of the best (Kareem) for a couple of years, get your game together, and when Kobe retires you’ll be a more experienced, more offensively polished, MVP type player to take over the Lakers and be the franchise guy!! WAKE UP DWIGHT!!!

  119. @DaveerSiddiqui1 says:

    LA should trade Pau Gasol for Deron Williams and Andrew Bynum for Dwight Howard that is a DREAM TEAM 4 REAL

    2013 LA Starting Lineup

    PF. IDK

  120. @KingJames says:

    Dwight Go To Los Angeles: So we can beat you in the 2013 NBA Finals

    You wish you could win the NBA Finals not even in your DREAM + TEAM = Miami Heat 2012 NBA Champions

  121. H0u5toNat10N says:

    Los Angeles Lakers 2013 Starting Lineup



  122. JG says:

    The lakers would have to give up Disneyland to land Howard.

  123. Danni Boy says:

    Dwight is a great fit in LA. He’s full of “Hollywood Dwama”

  124. Karl says:

    Orlando would have to add Turkoglu in Howard’s trade to have room to move in free agency

  125. Vlad says:

    not gonna happen…lakers bynum is a lil girl and so is dwight….if it does happen lakers still wont get a ring lmao

  126. brett says:

    lakers should trade pau gasol for deron williams and andrew bynum for dwight howard thats a solid team right there

  127. the Prophet of Basketball says:

    DO NOT DO THIS DEAL LAKERS!!!!!!….NO PLAYER has ever come back from BACK SURGERY….let someone else take the risk..and the drama Dwight brings….HE CANT MAKE FREE THROWS and that means KOBE has to shoot more..HE WILL NOT BE THE SAME PLAYER!!!!…..You never trade for a player with a back injury…..LET BROOKLYN have him!!!! I hope Orlando is SMART enough to take the Brooklyn Package and run so there will finally be ORDER restored back in the league ….and the LAKERS can focus on building their team the RIGHT way!!!

    • trade1 says:

      Finally, somebody is making sense of this Dwight Howard fiasco…
      1st. NJ signs a Joe Johnson and absorbs his worthless contract, really, only in NJ, about 20 mil per year
      2nd. they sign Gerald Wallace to 10 mil per year
      3rd, they sign Dwill to about 15 mil a yer
      4th, they sign Reggie Evans about 1.7 mil per year
      THERE IS NO WAY IN HELL they can afford to sign Dwight Howard, you don’t have Lopez signed yet and other free agents, so even if they get shipped, you still have these players already under contract..

      Salary cap is only in the 50 mil range.. just these players make it 50 mil and you still need at least 4 other pretty darn good players, so i guess they all get 3 mil/yr… so if Dwight comes there, they will be over the salary cap and not have a bench at all… and in case you don’t know what happens next year about being over the salary cap, its 2 for 1, so are you really going to be over the salary cap 20 million with only 5 players to pay $40 million luxury tax and still not win it all…

      Now to the reality of basketball, having a center in todays game actually clogs up the lane and works in favor of a good defensive team who has players to step in to take charges, so a percentage of your dish offs are negated by offensive fouls. Dwight has no 15 foot jumper like a bosh or kg, foul him and can’t hit free throws I can have my worst 1 mil/yr defensive player check dwight and hack him when he’s anywhere near the basket to keep my best players out of foul trouble cause NJ won’t have 5 players, they will have a 5th that you will be able to cheat off of..

      AND as only 1 other person has mentioned so far, what the hell is a franchise doing taking a player that has back surgery??
      For a so called dominant center, he has flaws..

      Just like Ray Allen won’t sign with the Heat, they only have 3 mil a year for him, he can sign most places at his going rate which is easily double that…

      Stop listening to this nba media hype.. and yeah, i keep calling them nj cause they are doing the same losing team moves(if they would of signed dwill and not johnson then you would have something, the 20 mil jj gets paid would of went to howard, i would have had 10mil a year for another couple of real players…. you need defense more than ever these days, guys 6’5 to 6’7 are just as quick as a smaller player, so breakdowns happen in the pick and roll a lot more

      • Celticsfan says:

        The net wont be able to get howard simply because the magics wont trade d12 to them. They cant get anything decent out of the deal! Therefore, they went for johnson. The number of retards here really amaze me. Only a few like Bball247 and some others know what they’re saying. The best offer I believe is from LA. Who else can magic get other than the second best centre in the league!? However, the injury problem should be a concern. It would be quite funny if d12 signed an extension with the lakers and ends up getting injured afterwards. Well in any case…..GO CELTICS

      • hoopfan says:

        Thank goodness! Finally, at least someone who knows about the NBA’s salary cap. Hope other people read this before making buzz about getting superstars after superstars without looking at the player’s contracts and teams cap space. at least make some sense if you’re trying to make a good roster on your favorite teams.

  128. Model says:

    Leave everything as it is except, trade McRobberts, Kapono, Blake, Artest (world peace), Murphy, Goudelock, Hill, Morris, Eyenga these are the players that doesn’t have to stay, they do nothing! Make LA the same that was 2009,2010 when they won championships! and do this:
    get Fisher back
    get Odom back
    get S. Brown back
    get Ariza back (if possible)
    if not get yourself a small forward that can dominate with Kobe!
    And that would be the 2012/13 NBA Champions!

  129. DANITo says:

    i like the move howard for bydum, then gasol for d williams. iam sure deron williams wona play with kobe and howard

  130. Aussie says:

    Anyone else sick of Dwight Howard, period? He has 2 post moves. 1 is a running hook, the other is a dribble right, spin back and left hook. No jumper. Shoots free throws at a lower % than i do half court shots. And yells out ‘heyeeeeee’ everytime he shoots, like he’s getting fouled. More annoying than Gasol! And he is the one changing his mind more than a teenage girl. How about become the best player in the league, then maybe you can demand a few things. Magic should try to get the best they can for him, and maybe unload the contracts of J-Rich and the Turkish Jordan. Be careful when signing your next contract you overrated goon, you might break a fingernail. Then you would have to blame the Magic for not surrounding you with enough talent…

  131. Josh Collin says:

    The biggest difference between the two of them is Bynum pulls stupidness ON the court.. whereas Howard does not. He simply plays the best D in the league and rebounds. Howard and Turk to LA would make them a threat again IMO. It’s well known Turk plays his best on a team that is great without him.

  132. Lakers4Life says:

    if they land howard i bet they will land josh smith as well

  133. extremedriver says:

    I’ve been a die hard Knicks fan since the Ewing (was the sole reason I became a Knickerbocker) era. So with Howard’s soap opera continuing, I can’t stop imagining Howard in a Knicks uniform. I know that sounds crazy, but we all like to dream right??

    Anyway! Howard needs to be traded to a team with mature veterans, and sensible coaching/front office staff that can help put his childish attitude in it’s rightful place! Simply put! D12’s character will not change without that! I’m not saying the Knicks are the best team for that role, but I know they are one of the few teams that aren’t afraid to deal with this kind of nonsense by benching him if they needed to.

    Also! I agree with most of the posters here that the Lakers might be a good fit, but with Bynum already there, why would the Lakers want him, and how would that really help them??

  134. SYDALE says:

    Dwight to OKC for Perkins and Ibaka, a draft pick, and a throw-in player if needed to make the money even… That’s a way better trade than getting crybaby Bynum… who only plays hard when he feels like it.

  135. @pete says:

    Hey pete, Kobe Bryant is a shooting guard and he’s a big player when they won those championships concluding that he was finals mvp 2-3 times

  136. anti KOBE says:

    laker fans dream on!!!!
    howard wont be like shaq and pau whose back Kobe will ride to get a championship.
    Where would KOBE be without these two? kobe wont be anywhere without these two.

  137. superman12 says:

    hope the brooklyn trade of Kris humphries, Marshon brooks, and Brook Lopez and several 1st round draft picks works out for a trade with Dwight Howard.

  138. Lakers Fan says:

    If Howard commits to signing an extension with the Lakers; I say pull the trigger on this trade. Howard is more marketable, better to build a franchise around, and can do more without the ball. If you play in LA, you have to learn that you’re not going to have the ball as much with Kobe playing. Plus, with Kobe probably having only 2 more good-to-great seasons left in him, the Lakers need a franchise player, and Bynum is not that. Bynum doesn’t even seem to take pride in wearing the purple-and-gold, like we saw in his interview with Craig Sager after the Lakers were knocked out by the Thunder.

  139. Lakers need Kevin Love says:

    PG: Deron Williams
    SG:Kobe Bryant
    PF:Kevin Love
    C:Dwight Howard

  140. Lakers need Kevin Love says:

    This is what the Lakers need to do.

    Trade Bynum for Dwight & Hedo
    Trade Pau Gasol for Kevin Love

    use amnesty clause on Hedo
    now Lakers have Dwight and Kevin Love and enough money to sign Deron Williams
    Deron williams wants to play with Dwight.

    • nahk says:

      Salaries dont match up and Minnesota won’t trade away Love. Plus Kobe takes up half the cap room, Dwight would take up the other half. Amnestying Turkoglu would work but I’m pretty sure you can’t amnesty a player after you trade for them. They can buy out of their contract (like Derek Fisher) but they can’t amnesty them. And Deron wouldn’t want to play their cuz he still lives in New York and he seems to be settled there.

  141. Zach Gillette says:

    Does Howard just not like Florida? Why not just bring IN Deron Williams? Maybe make a play at BRoy or Batum?

  142. ATLHAWKSFAN says:

    I think jeff teague or devin harris and al horford for howard sounds good a sign cp3

  143. Joseph03 says:

    Yes, Dwight for Bynum then JSmoove for pau…the Lakers are going to be athletic quickly and save some money in the process, however, they have yet to address their gaping holes at SF and PG they still have no one who can defend those positions. In addition the Lakers are about to lose Jordan Hill and are now shallow in their front court without him. I hope they can get more talent instead of a one on one trade.

  144. brian says:

    Do it!!!

  145. kobi says:

    release andrew B. bynum can help lakers and kobe. he just want to just forced shot that its not even a shoot but a lucky bounce.. howard vs bynum is like mclaren vs yamaha scooter.. bynum dont stand a chance in howards domination and signiture moves. bynum dont have any signiture and cant rebound. one thing for sure bynum have only luck

  146. Robert says:

    I hope the Lakers don’t trade Bynum for Howard. It doesn’t seem like Howard wants to go there, and we’ve already seen how he acts when he doesn’t want to be somewhere. Plus, I think Andrew is light-years ahead of Howard offensively, and the gap is growing. He can also still improve his defense and conditioning. Lastly, it seems his injuries are behind him, whereas Howard’s injuries are surfacing. SAY NO TO HOWARD!

  147. Subway Soup says:


  148. ToddFBangs says:

    These moves are happening so quickly

    useful free agency tracker at

  149. pete says:

    and also they need dwight coz he is ready now
    bynum is great and he will be a lot better 2-3 years from now………………….
    when kobe will be 35-36

    • Lakers4Life says:

      i agree totally i dont want to wait, and im sure kobe doesnt want to wait for bynum to reach his full potential we need to win now and if you wannna win now mitch, get this deal done and lets go for it this year

  150. pete says:

    this is to everyone that says that LA don’t need a big man!!
    look at all the championships that lakers got(in the kobe era) and tell me when did he have any good point guard or any good shooting guard to help him…. all you are going to see is 1-shaq, 2-shaq,3-shaq,4-pau,5-pau… now pau cant play at that level anymore!!!
    so yea lakers do need dwight!!

  151. Yeahokaylol says:

    This will not happen due to the fact howard will not sign an extension. He wants to be in New York why does nobody understand that and Howard came out and said it that he will not sign a extension period so why the hell would the lakers make this trade if there not going to have him sign an extension. Your rolling the dice on the wrong guy get that through your heads people

    • Bball247 says:

      I already explained about two minutes before your comment on why they would. They’re the effing lakers dude, they will have a chance to get to the finals #1. #2 New york will no longer be able to afford him(knicks already can’t, and brooklyn will be strapped once they sign johnson and if they get d-will they will sign lopez back). The lakers feel that if they get him that they can make the finals, and I feel that they couldn’t be far from the truth. That alone would be enough to woo howard back to them seeing the instant progress. If new york is deadlocked(if they sign d-will) then they won’t be able to get howard. I’m sure lopez will sign a multi-year deal also which keeps howard out of new york. Tell me what team will be able to get him after that, and if you tell me miami like any other hobo with no knowledge of salary caps or sports period works I’m going to verbally send you to he11. lmfao For real…

  152. ben a laker fan says:

    the only problem of the laker team is there bench, you must improved your bench to become a championship contented again. trade gasol, the hearth of gasol is not anymore in lakers team, so trade him now not bynum, bynum is the future franchise player of los angeles lakers.

  153. J says:

    even if they switch places, both teams are still going to get the same thing… a high profile player at the center position with an attitude problem…

  154. True Laker Fan says:



    • Bball247 says:

      Wow, I really thought you had something until you said gasol for d-will?? You can’t have 3 expensive a$$ players like that on the team, kobe takes up half the salary and dwight will take the other half. Who also in their right mind would sign d-will to get a pf/c who’s declining in his game?? Get out of the closet buddy, the cobwebs are messing with your judgement.

      • RAY says:

        who would trade gasol for dwill, dwill is a free agent so he could just leave, but if it did happen it would be a sign and trade and deron will probably make as much as gasol so it would average out

  155. WizDoM says:

    My Lakers BETTER not do this trade its a position we don’t necessarily Need . We need a better bench and Upgrade at Pg if Ramon Sessions doesn’t resign. Also at SF – Metta World War is a good player still but hes to inconsistent.. Bynum is a BEAST but then just imagine Dwight Crybaby playing along side Mamba n Pau Cookie.. Orlando Magics should just send Dwight to the Harlem Globetrotters so he can showcase his immaturity and foolishness there.

  156. installer-x says:

    8 years from now? Cousins will be a better player than Bynum or DHoward.

    • chigchig says:

      he cant score better then bynum and cant defend better the howard (who by the way aves more points then both bynum and cousins).. never will on both those accounts.. so how do you figure?

  157. Scuba Steve says:

    As a Magic fan, I think if we get Bynum + more, we got the better deal. I Love the talent D12 brings to the court, but lets face it, hes too immature and he is doing damage the the face of the Magic now. it is time for him to depart. The only must I see is Andrew must agree to sign longer with the Magic before coming over. If he does, I see a good trade shaping up and the cap room we would save would allow the Magic to pick up some other great players to surround Bynum.

  158. AJ Nair says:

    Lets get this done. Maginalso want us to get their high payed veterans which means lakers also have to either absord Hedo or J Rich.
    If that is the case then Bynum+future 1st round pick +MWP(may be) for Dwight!
    This will definetely improve Lakers starting 5 because J rich and Hedo can create their own shots. I would prefer Hedo because he can create plays for others which Lakers need at SF spot. May be all we need is sign a back up SG or SF

    Starting 5 for Lakers: Backup
    Ramon (If he signs back) Steve Black, Darius Morris
    Kobe Bryant G-Lock
    Hedo Turk Devin Ebanks
    Pau Gasol Jordan Hill, McBOB (Need to sign Hill)
    Dwight Howard. N/A

    • Bball247 says:

      You’re not getting j rich…plain and simple. Why would they give you all of their scorers?? I know this, and THEY’RE professionals lol!

  159. Cuppa Joe says:

    free the salary cap. trade Kobe and Gasol. get a decent point guard and shooting guard and decent bench, get howard and keep bynum….. It’ll never happen any way

  160. pepe says:

    howard need to be next with kobe and other deal players…josh smith/gasol…
    so bryant, howard,smith wpeace….and….DW:) no ramoooooooon but deroooooon

    • Gasol for Josh Smith makes good sense for the Lakers but not much sense for Atlanta. Atlanta want draft picks and young talent, not guys whose window is closing. Although they could probably then trade Gasol to T-Wolves for Derrick WIlliams, or to Memphis for Rudy Gay or something like that. Hmmm… Maybe it could work…

      Bynum for Dwight makes good sense for the Lakers AND Orlando.

  161. mo says:

    salty laker fans missed out on him first time and then talk trash about him now you guys are begging for him typical

  162. ben a laker fan says:

    plsssssssssss don’t trade bynum. the player must be traded is pau gasol. laker must re-sign jordan hill, ramon session and sign the free agent nic young, brandon rush and get back up point guard. pauGasol-DeronWilliams trade pls……… and make bynum contract extension, bynum is the future of lakers team

    • angie says:

      Hi Ben,

      You certainly believe that Drew is the future face of the Lakers. I’m just not sure that the Lakers believe that. And if there’s any doubt, they have to do the trade if D12 is there to be had.

      Now that’s not to say the Lakers can’t still address the PG issues. We do still have Pau Gasol to float out there. But Drew or D12…it’s not even close. Sorry.

  163. So much Drama!! says:

    Bynum is on the rise, why would the Lakers trade him?? The Lakers need a point guard, not a big man. Let Bynum develop his game next to Kobe and trade, or sign for a good point guard.

  164. Celtic Fan says:


  165. baller says:

    andrew bynum is a very good player but dwight is better

    • Bball247 says:

      Very true, and bynum will undoubtedly be one of the top 3 centers(if not 2, under howard) in the game. Howard is just way more mobile and his quickness is like a small forward’s.

  166. will says:

    he is a good fit for the hawks

  167. will says:

    he is a good fit for the hawks .

  168. james says:

    no way LA. dont get your hopes so high. howard to brooklyn baybeh!
    6th ring for #24 isnt going to happen.

    • Bball247 says:

      He isn’t going, they got brook lopez…he’s a beast. They’re not going to trade all those players to get johnson and sign another heart attack to their pockets. Why do that when they have a superstar center in their ranks already? They don’t have one of the richest men in the world on their side for no reason. He didn’t become one of the richest by throwing money away…

      • Andre says:

        Lopez a beast? lol

        He’s above average defender and he can’t rebound. In his 3rd season he had 6 rebounds pre 36 minutes. That’s probably less than athletic SFs are averaging.

        Lopez is not close to a superstar Center. He’s probably not even a top10 Center if you consider the PFs that can play Center spot, like Bosh, KG, Love, Duncan, etc.

      • chigchig says:

        in the East alone you can name multiple better Centers, horford, noah, garnett, bosh, chandler, monroe, hibbert

        verajao, nene and bargnani arguably offer more then lopez aswell.

  169. angie says:

    Y’all are crazy. You do that deal every day of the week. Especially….ESPECIALLY if they have ANY doubt that Andrew Bynum can be the face of this franchise. I certainly have my doubts.

  170. Patty says:


    • Gasol is part of the reason why the Lakers look good. In particular Bynum, without Gasol attracting attention and feeding him for easy baskets, would have to work much much harder to get his points.

      Gasol’s main problem is that Mike Brown is a mediocre offensive coach and doesn’t know how to combine Bynum and Gasol effectively. Furthermore, Gasol’s days of being able to play 37-38 minutes a game for the whole season (Gasol was 2nd in total minutes played this season, with the rest in the top 10 being young pups) are probably over and his minutes should be cut so he’s not exhausted when the postseason comes around.

      Trading Gasol would be a good idea if the Lakers were going to get equal value. But who would that be? As long as Kobe insists on playing one-on-five in the playoffs, there’s not many players that can really make a difference.

  171. Cathy says:

    David Stern should make a new rule that Dwight Howard is only allowed to be traded to Disneyland. He is not something I would want to have in “my” NBA…

  172. miami all day says:

    lakers dont need a big man or star they just need a good bench

  173. Skeletor says:

    The fact that Shaq bolted for the Lakers 16 years ago is THE reason why the Magic would be considering talking to the Lakers now.

    If your star big man is going to flee to LA, you may as well get something back in return.. right Shaq?

    • Andre says:

      You wrong.

      LA has no money to get Howard as a FA, only a trade. Magic is talking with the Lakers because Bynum is a good player.

      That’s the only reason.

      But Howard still can force his way to Nets. Orlando would have to accept Lopez, Brooks and draft picks.

      • RAY says:

        He cant force himself anywhere, he doesnt have a no trade cluase in his contract so if the magic want to trade him to the tropics for a washer machine they can do it and he has no say, also the lakers can afford howard and deron if they trade gasol to the twolves, most likely the player they recieve in exchange will have a small contract and will take gasols twenty some million off the books.

      • Peter says:

        Haha tropics for a washing machine – I like that! 😀

        What you say is exactly right, Howard right now really can’t say a thing – which is great, because he’s already said more then enough the last couple of years and frankly I don’t want to hear it!!

        I still really like the idea of sending Howard to the Bobcats, I think that would be super sweet. Plus they do have two or three young talents that Orlando could use, and you know their future picks will be Lottery for at least a couple of years 😀

  174. WOW says:

    I honestly think Kobe would put howard in check seeing as he is true vet and a champion Dwight would hove to respect one of the, if not best, players in the league,
    Im a laker fan so maybe im biased but no one can deny that Kobe runs the Lakers, Drew wont say anything to 24 and everyone knows it…hopefully dwight is cool with that
    If the trade goes thru i’m good with that, if not oh well we still have a center with a warrior mentality.

  175. David says:


    • chigchig says:

      i dont know what you mean by greatest franchise but boston has the most titles?

      • lakerluver says:

        Dude, the vast majority of Boston’s titles came when tv was still black and white, the players were rocking Chuck Taylors, and the NBA had like 12 teams!!! The LAKERS are the NBA’s best franchise by far.

      • lakerluver says:

        Dude, the Celtics won the vast majority of those titles in the 50’s and 60’s!! The LAKERS, after the Yankees, are the best franchise in professional sports.

      • cliff says:

        Umm Actually Boston and LA are tied for the number of titles.

    • Realist Laker's Fan says:

      Lakers 17 titles, Boston 17 titles. They even after Lakers BEAT Boston for thier last title.

      • Homecourt says:

        Wrong…. 16 to 17


        A Real Lakers Fan

      • Realist Laker's Fan says:

        My bad. I looked at Wiki and it said 17, thats cause it added the one from the NBL days. So….Technically im right lol….

        Wats with the “signed A Real Laker Fan’ ?? Is that like ur attempt at me supposedly not being a “Real” fan cause i was wrong on the c’ships? I said im a realist Lakers Fan….i.e. im not gonna exaggearate about wat Lakers do. e.g. I wanted Lakers to beat OKC but i knew that wasnt going to happen. I was being real about the situation.

      • unknown says:

        He was talking about the NBL. Yeah he is right.I find a little unfair that the baa champion were counted and the nbl were not count as nba champioship.Both league merge and bacame one.I believe the reason of this was they didn’t want two team to have championship the same year that why the excluded the nbl.Both everybody knows lakers 17 and celtics 17 are tied.

      • BAY WE$T says:

        boston shudve had dat series

    • dandan says:

      the lakers were also apart of the black and white era so clearly just because boston won those in the 50’s 60’s doesnt mean they dont deserve credit for it becuase the lakers ALSO played in that era idiots

    • I’m a Lakers’ fan, but the honest truth is the Lakers aren’t going anywhere unless:
      a) Kobe retires and LAL manages to swap half its roster with OKC (e.g., Westbrook, Durant, Sefolosha, Ibaka, Harden) or LAC (e.g. CP3, Blake, DeAndre).
      b) Kobe learns to play within his limitations as he gets older (i.e. stop shooting his team out of playoff games and then blame everyone but himself) and ages gracefully.

      • Mitchyrichy says:

        HA, Kobe kept us in the playoffs, what about the game where everyone did nothing and Kobe did everything? No one played with any intensity KOBE kept us in it, if Kobe retires who is going to step up Pau? slightly, Bynum? slightly, neither will be able to make up for Kobe’s absence. We already are struggling in the PG and SF department without Kobe we’d be struggling in 3/5 positions. We need to get Howard in my opinion, Bynum isn’t athletic enough and can’t play in the post anywhere near as well as Dwight, we also need a good PG ie Nash but that won’t happen.

  176. lakeshow says:

    jim buss would never let this trade go thru dwight is too much of a drama queen and aging

  177. TTKIN says:

    Lakers are screwed either way so who cares (Im a Laker fan).

  178. John Doe says:

    Please Lakers – do not swap Andrew Bynum for Howard. Even if he is injured half the time – Bynum still is better. And even if this sounds crazy – Bynum is less trouble personality wise. Leave this Howard-Baby crying in Orlando. This is not a good fit for LA.

    • Bball247 says:

      You won’t be saying that when howard dominates the floor lol! Just saying, I’m no laker fan I just give credit where credit is do.

    • QuestionMark says:

      Howard is better, Bynum has maturity issues, an example is intentionally elbowing Barea in the 2011 Playoffs just cause the Lakers were losing big, and shooting a 3 just cause your open. Bynum at times does stupid things, Howard atleast knows his role during the game.

    • Dwight is drama off the court. Drew is drama on the court. Dwight could fit in better with Gasol than Drew, because Dwight will be the target man in defense and Gasol the focal point of attack, and he’ll either get his or set up Dwight for thunderous dunks.

      Meanwhile, Drew in Orlando will combine well with Ryan Anderson: Drew gets to operate in the low post by himself, Anderson gets to shoot open threes all day long. Upgrade at the point and on the wings, and Orlando could be set for another 10 years.

      I personally think both teams would benefit.

      • Peter says:

        I have to agree.

        I think Lakers benefit more only because of the recent aquisition of Nash – that is a devastating three man attack. It would be much like the Celtics big 3 in 08, in that all three guys have a different style of game that complements each other perfectly.

        Nash from the perimeter, Kobe from midrange and Dwight from inside..and plus both Nash and Kobe have a knack of getting to the rim. That’s just dangerous as hell. The amount of attention Kobe and Dwight would attract from the defense, Nash would be getting open jumpshots like it’s christmas!

  179. Mark. NYC says:

    Hope Magic get rid of Howard b4 season starts. Its obvious hes a liar and doesnt know what blackmail means.Should have never signed contract. He knew he didnt want to be in Orlando long term. He managed to get Stan and Smith fired. Had he just left without the drama im sure those guys would still be emplyoyed.

    • Johnny says:

      Yea, he could’ve also NOT signed the extension and walked as free agent. Then Magic would’ve end up with nothing in return.

      • Bball247 says:

        They would’ve traded him to get some people, believe that. But howard should’ve just let them do it and spent his 1 year with a team he didn’t want to be with(he did that anyways!). So now, he’s got to do what the magic say any which way and best believe they would be smart to pitch him to a good team like the lakers. Because not only do they get a center with great potential, but I’m sure the reason they would risk dwight coming and being able to sign him again is because…well…they’re the lakers? lol! I mean geez, they’ll probably get to the finals and I’m sure that’ll be enough to re-sign howard as I’m sure the lakers know this already. The rockets were stupid to think that getting howard would change anything, because he’s not going to wait til you build around him and with one year left he’s best suited to be with a contending playoff team.

      • Johnny says:

        Yea they could’ve gotten the deal but they had only 1 day to decide on a best deal when Howard made his decision. At least not they have a bit more time. As far as the best deal goes, no doubt, Bynum is the only trade I know of that makes sense for the magic. Rest of the deals are simply laughable. Nets giving us 3 NON-all star for the best center in the league, and 3 late first round picks in 5 years. I hope Bynum deal falls through one way or another.

  180. Celtic fan says:

    This is the best move for the magic .. with a good coach in place and bynum they could retool fast plus the lakers would be back in contention for the title

    • Peter says:

      I have to say…with the addition of Steve Nash and Dwight Howard along with Kobe, they’d need to mess up the rest of the roster pretty bad to NOT be one of the top 3 teams in the NBA.

      You have dominant players at arguably the two most important positions (Center and PG) as well as a top tier scorer in Kobe. Plus they still have Gasol as well. I hate to say it as a Celtic fan, but that to me is a far scarier lineup then Wade, Lebron and Bosh…

      Plus the addition of Nash finally gives LA a player with the same toughness and will to win as Kobe has.

  181. mao says:

    i dont wnt this thing to happen..lakers doesnt need a big man..bynum and gasol is enough..what they really need is a guy like rondo..a shooting guard that cn help kobe..

    • DJ3 says:

      Rondo is a pg??? Do you even watch basketball?

      • LALfan says:

        Are you kidding me??!! Rondo is one of the best PG in the league and you don’t know that!!! If Rondo would be a SG… he would be the worst SG in NBA history. He can’t even shoot 3’s!!! His 3 point percentage is 24.1!!! Watch basketball and then comment mao.

      • ed says:

        wow you really must not watch basketball rondo is the best PG in the league

  182. kb24 says:

    get deron williams, dwight,hedo, j rich, jamal crawford, andre igoudala and trade away steve blake,ramon sessions,matt barnes,josh mcbob MWP,andrew goudelock and give up some draft picks and money you’ll have yourself a championship lakers!!!!!

    • Mark. NYC says:

      That sounds crazy. 4real?

      • blobby says:

        OK that will never happen kb24; It’s funny how people think they know what they are talking about.

    • Bball247 says:

      You didn’t see that if the lakers get williams, they can’t afford howard and vice versa. Then you added jamal crawford, iguodala, and jason richardson??? Somebody got into grandpa’s ol medicine cabinet again lmfaoooo! Dude, if they had THAT much money I think the whole world would know about it. They have kobe already, who ummm takes up half the salary so they can only get one more expensive player as almost every team in the nba does. Nets probably have the most money to spend, and if they won’t get those guys don’t think they’re blind to not put all-stars on a team. A 12 could do that, get serious…

    • Zach Gillette says:

      They’d have to trade Kobe and Gasol to get those players.

    • laker4ever says:

      as a laker i would not want all those players anyways and r u kidding me how they gonna get all those players with their money i think lakers should try to get d-will cuz we need a point guard who can acually score consitantly instead of ramon sessions

    • kobe baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      tht is possible but we need to also give up another plyer for it to happen like andrew bynum because andrew and dwight on the same teamis nt good plus we will have a cap space to get the quick goran dragic

    • kobe baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

      but we cant get crawford plus we dont need him
      see we can trade j rich for andrew remon mwp for howard hedo and j rich
      and we sign goran dragic and deron
      and trade mat branes josh mcrob troy murphy and goudelock for igoudala and lavory allen

      • kobe baby!!!!!!!!!!!!!! says:

        well if that doesnt happen than we have to go for d wills so we sign him
        and trade remon and steve and mcrob and troy and mwp for andre igoudala and lavory allen
        and then we sign goran dragic for back up

    • BadLuck Bryan says:

      Are u serious right now? Is that how desperate Kobe is? What are we talking about here now, an olympic squad. Moron!

      • ed says:

        you are so dumb no way the lakers can get all that talent they are already over the salary cap

    • cliff says:

      Umm Sessions is a free agent. And He’s now gone. I WOULD trade Pau now for some youth, scoring and quickness. Id say forget Howard to be honest. I’d rather trade Pau and Metta.

    • Peter says:


      Either you’re joking, or you’re a moron.

      I haven’t figured out which yet.

  183. Oula says:

    As a Laker fan i’d prefer to keep Drew, I do not trust Dwight with all the stories that keep coming up about him (leaving, staying……….).

  184. eddie says:

    please dont get howard for bynum hes just gonna cry when he wants to leave , no need for that drama

  185. ava says:

    yes! get it done mitch!