Raptors Pushing Hard For Fields

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — You’re either playing checkers or chess this time of year in free agency. And the Toronto Raptors are clearly trying to play the latter.

There’s no other way to explain the three-year, $20 million offer sheet they’ve extended to Knicks swingman Landry Fields, per ESPN.com‘s Marc Stein.

Fields is a necessary means to an end for the Raptors, who are also battling with the Knicks and others for the signature of two-time MVP Steve Nash. By extending the offer sheet to Fields, a deal that reportedly includes a spike in the third year of the deal, the Raptors will try to force the Knicks into making a choice.

The Raptors have already offered Nash a three-year, $36 million deal. The Knicks were trying to work out a complex sign-and-trade with the Suns that would have included the Knicks getting Nash and the Suns getting Fields (Knicks point guard Iman Shumpert, a source confirmed to NBA.com this afternoon, would have to replace Fields now in any potential sign and trade deal).

The Knicks would have to make a commitment to match the offer to fields, eliminating the possibility of trading him until a moratorium of three months ended, to control his rights. That would in turn squash whatever plans they had cooked up to work a sign-and-trade to get Nash.

On the flip side, if the Raptors were to come get an agreement on terms from Nash and have to pay Fields, they’d be on the hook for a cool $56 million for the both of them.


  1. raps fan is ready to cry when was the lasttime your team went to the playoffs dont cry prove me wrong can you. no u cant who plays ball in candian go ahead ill wait what superstar do you have whens the last time you herd a allstar say he want to go to the raptors? so don’t be a idiot alot of people play sports in different places but basketball yall not none for that sorry pick up the hockey sticks

  2. Hugh Bonnick says:

    This is just like New York, dashing the hopes of it’s basket ball fans over and over again, year after year. They are pinning their hopes on someone who has not expressed any interest in playing here. They are willing to dismantle anything good they start to build to chase God knows what. I own a home in Florida, I go there once a year for two weeks. I have no desire to retire there. The day after Nash retires will be the day he puts the house in NY for sale.

  3. killroy says:

    I am from Toronto, Raptors fan but guys who is saying they could win a championship with these guys you are dreaming big time….Nash is there just to fill seats…look at the maple leafs …Toronto is about filling seats…BC get some tough guys please who can and want to play for us…

  4. NotNETIMESOON says:


    We just added a role player to a team of role players. Even when we had the 1st overall selection we didn’t draft a game changer we drafted a role player. What the rapters don’t realize is that role players are only great on a team that already has a leader. Which of course we don’t have. Correct me if i’m wrong but to build a championship team do you start with a franchise player and build around them or do championship teams build the team of role players first then look for a franchise player? (examples: Mami, boston, L.A) Nash is a competitor and above all else he wants to win a championship not teach others how to just win a game. My guess is that he’ll end up in L.A where he won’t make as much in salary but will make that and more in endorsements. The raptors should have gave him more money! The raptors needed Nash for more then just his basketball skills and this was the time to get him. Hopefully I’m wrong and Nash takes the high road as he always does and gives his fellow Canadians a great farewell but I’m not holding my breath. I just hope the raptors stop playing chess and start playing basketball!!!!! Enough with the role players.

  5. Hockeyhead says:

    Fields is a Nash AND Lin move. Nash will bring crowds to the stands but Lin is a better fit for the coach – a PG who can defend. No worries Nash will take less money and go to Lakers for a championship coz Lakers will have Dwight and will contend right away. There’s a strong likelihood Knicks will match any offer for Lin coz they will lose out on Nash and already lost Fields and don’t have a reliable PG anywhere on their bench. Raps will end this free agency period only with Fields. Shame shame Colangelo.

  6. Vincent says:

    I don’t think Steve Nash will play for the Raptors even if he’s from Canada because he is in a situation to win now but the Knicks can not offer that to him either.

  7. Bob says:

    Good job Colangelo, cornering the Knicks and pursuing trades aggressively. No matter what will happen, Toronto will improve a lot next season. Seems like the new salary cap rules will level the competition a bit more. And yes, Nash is worth 36 m for 3 years.

  8. RAOUL says:

    And i can totally see this blowing up in the Raptors face. Missing out on Nash completely and ending up with a overpriced Landry Fields who will most likely play be less productive than he was in New York. Argh, this looks like a terrible a bad case of something thinking they are smarter than they really are

  9. RAOUL says:

    so the raptors are ready to pay $58mil over 3 seasons to a 38 y.o Nash & a 2nd rate SG in Landry Fields? Rrrriiiiiggggghhhhhtttttt. This is what happens when people lose sight of the overall objective. The point it to BUILD a team, not become obsessed with getting just 1 player, If the Knicks want Nash so bad, let them have him. The Raptors should concentrate on then taking LIN off them, as he will be pushed out of the team. Will cost a lot less, will create just as much hype and buzz with the fans & media – and arguabley you could get a lot more years out of him. Question is still out to if Lin is the real deal, but if he is – he could be a steal for the Raptors for a long time, not just a few years at the end.

  10. PAOLO says:

    I kinda agree that they want to pick the knicks apart. I think they should stick with the young guns ( fields and shumpert). forget nash, he is an aging dinosaur already and I dont think nash joining amare and melo in NY will give them a ring. knick s should develop their young players not trade them. Fields and Shumpert are great defenders in the future, as well as Lin taking point.

  11. EJ says:

    Seems to me that many forgot Jonas the European big man who was drafted last season, and if he was to be in this draft he would of been projected second overall. The Raptors would be a strong team, I\’d say first round team, depending on positioning, they would definitely not want to fall into the 8th spot having to face Miami, The New Nets, or Chicago or Boston. That would be tough. Lets just say if they had This starting lineup; PG Nash, SG Derozan, SF Ross/Fields, PF Bargani,C Valunciunas. If that was the lineup I\’d say that would be a stronger team then the last, now with that roster if we are able to pick up a major star in the free agency or trades for the 2013-2014 season Nash could get his first ring with the Raptors. If these racist Americans who don\’t want to play for Toronto can put their egos behind them and play for somewhere with potential then we can do it.

  12. james says:

    as a raps fan i think Brian C. should fight to get Vince Carter, Turkoglu, Jack and Bellinelli back.
    $56 million should be able to do it, and maybe get Kapono also as a 3 pt threat.

  13. Wat says:

    Nash should go to a team that is ready to win NOW and isn’t rebuilding. The Raptors are still rebuilding. In 2 years he will be 40, he wants a title and wants to go to the team that he thinks has the best chance of getting one in the next 2 years. Two teams come to mind: Dallas and New York. Dallas still has Dirk Nowitzki, who still has at least 1 one more championship run in him. With Nash on his side and another solid all star caliber player, they could make some noise in the West. Financially they can definitely do it. New York on the other hand; not so much. They still have Amare, who had his best seasons with Nash at the point running the pick and roll. Now that they have Melo and Chandler, financially, signing Nash isn’t going to happen. They should not hav made the trade for Carmelo and should not hav spent a lot of money on Tyson Chandler. Now their only hope is a sign and trade.

  14. DeanSmith says:

    *shaking head* BC going down firing both pistols. What’s he thinking? What are the owners thinking allowing this to happen? On the hook for $56MM for two players that “may” pan out to bring one first round playoff win, and risking three more years of trying to offload crazy contracts nobody wants? Same thing with Calderone and Bargnani – one breakout season and instant long-term contracts with regret. Still haven’t learned.

  15. Awsome says:

    If the Raptors get Steve Nash they would have a pretty good starting lineup. Steve Nash, Demar Derozen, Landry Fields, Andrea Barngaini. If you just add one more decent Free Agent the Raptors will be a very good team.

  16. Black24Momba says:

    Colangalo might have just used his queen to corner New Yorks king. Forcing the Knicks to make a move on Fields would be the smarter option for the Knicks but means the Raps have a clear path to Nash. Great Move by Colangalo. Either way Raps will get one or the other more than likely get Nash because of this which is who they’d prefer from they two having a roster with young guards already.

  17. Oneil Edwards says:

    Shumpert and Chandler are the only two guys playing defense. He anchors the second team defensively. Can’t lose him. Fields showed some good stuff last year. I think there’s a lot of room to improve once he gets use to playing next to Melo’s ego. (notice how much better he played with the second team). I’d keep them and run with Lin. There are tons of point guards available.

  18. Anton says:

    Nobody is getting Shumpert!!!

  19. canada is for hockey no disrespect but its true no one wants to play ball there

  20. landry come to the knicks were u belong dont go to the raptors that team is the gravy yard thats why bosh left vince carter left tmac left they had some pretty strong plays and never went no were

  21. Henk says:

    Landry is an overrated guard and Nash is running at last legs. This doesn’t make sense, a waste of money. Raptors can do better than this.

  22. another random NBA fan says:

    Genius move by colangelo, this could screw the knicks over

  23. K. says:

    wrong and wrong:

    Nash has got one all-star season left in him if he is in shape and can still lead a team to a title.

    …but, with all due respect and I say this as a Torontonian, not the Raptors who are just trying to make the playoffs again and then build from there next year. Nash would be a contender with… the Mavs if they (impossibly) steal Howard from the Magic.

    Not sure about if the Nets land Howard and Williams and Nash goes there. I have more faith in Nash-Nowitzki-Howard than Nash-Williams-Howard-Johnson.

    (No disrespect to Brooklyn who are making big time moves and impressing everybody.)

  24. bedlum says:

    Landry Fields,,,,,,,,c’mon man. I have a 12 year old who’s got more game.. Forget the mental games Colangelo, get some real players for the city. Love Nash’s game ,but we all know he’s not gonna come here.. We need an attacking point guard like a westbrook style player to bring toughness to toronto..Forget hype players, go for some solid players for a change. Long gone are the A.Davis and C.Oakly days, too bad..We’ll always be considered soft til we do….

  25. Perry says:

    I hate the Raptors! They dont even want Fields! They just wanna make it so we can’t get Nash. The Knicks need to stop acting like such idiots and get on some trades. Get Raymond Felton. RESIGN LIN. Forget about Nash, keep Fields and KEEP Shumpert. Maybe they dont realize that Shumpert is one of the best defensive PGs in the league. Maybe they dont realize the hype of Lin and the amount of fans it gives to NYK. Or maybe they just want the other teams to pick them apart.

    • S.I.C says:

      Im Agree with what you said except i really dnt agree at keeping fields for that type of money….it will cripple the knicks’ financial flexibility greatly. I say just see if nash wants to sign straight up for the full mid-level exception at 5mill if not then we should go after felton or even john lucas 3…but if were going to go ahead and do that trade then we should do it, re-sign and start jr smith, sign keith bogans as his backup, re-sign novak and sign rashard lewis for the veterens minimun

  26. Not bad says:

    I would do the trade, but if possible to keep Shump I would immediately go with it. If we have to I would trade Shump

  27. AWALRAPS says:

    Angelo is not playing…by offering Feilds a contract they mess up the Knicks Making a deal….I know the Raps will be a better team this season no matter what happens…

  28. hirosh says:

    At 38, Nash will play way better basketball than Linsanity ever will. In fact, i think we have seen the last of Linsanity. I think he is a Jamario Moon, JYD type of player.
    Said that, I think BC made a very smart move!! I think Fields can be a good starting SF and James Johnson can compliment him by cumming off the bench. we need a good back up PG who is willing to come off the bench and learn from the master!

  29. Josh Collin says:

    Seems to me what Colangelo is trying to do is make NY choose between Nash and Fields. If they match the Fields offer than no Nash for them. If they don’t, we get Fields and Nash will like our team better and theoretically feel better about signing with us. Seems legit.

  30. Ronnanna says:

    The raps might once again make the playoffs, if they are able to acquire both Landry Fields and Steve Nash. These players are good but these players are being promised way too much (56 million) over the next three years. But whatever if the raps can afford these good players and get a decent small forward why not? The only thing the raps still need are a small forward. Hope they can get an Andrei Kirlikenko or Nicolas Batum. Or maybe they can trade, all I hope is that they find a good one

  31. Oneil says:

    Fields and Shumpert. Hells no. We’re keeping them. Get your greedy hands off!

  32. GORAPTORS1957 says:


  33. kobi says:

    waste of money.. i rather get some trusty vets. rather than this fields.. better get grant hill over this overrated fields

  34. coolkid says:

    steve nash and fields will work great together if they are both on the raps toronto has a great chance at winning the championship especially with terrence ross alongside with andrea and derozan we would have a spectacular team largo raptors

    • swag4567 says:

      They are NOT winning a championship

    • jer says:

      a huge raps fan but even if we land Nash and Fields i couldnt see there being even a chance for a championship. i could see them pulling it together quickly, maybe reaching the second round but theres too much size and super teams in the east. though the raps future is lookin beautiful.. so much young talent and they just keep getting more each year, i look forward to jonas’ rookie season. honestly though, ill give them 2-4 years and they’ll be an elite team. they’ve got a few players who could be all-stars in bargnani and derozan. btw demar is our new generation vince carter without a downside. i can see demar getttting verrry good in the future.

    • S.I.C says:

      The Raptors would be nowhere near being a championship contender..andrea bargnani is soft and would get brutalized going up against pf and centers such as garnett, bosh, amare, horford, hibbert (if indiana matches), joakim noah, etc..derozan is also overrated as his shooting consistency as very erratic, ross would be a decent 6tth man but to be a championship contender in todays league you either need 2 or 3 bonafide superstars or a bonafide superstar and a strong supporting cast which toronto does not have at all

  35. leggomymelo says:

    love steve nash, great player, great person. However, at this stage in his career hes not worth 12 million a year. That straps the raptors with 36 million invested in a pg who is past the point of leading a team to a title.

    • QuestionMark says:

      He can still lead a team to a title, he is still the best, if not one of the best playmakers in the game, Bargnani and Derozan are the top scorers for the Raptors, all Nash needs to do is get them open shots.

  36. Fabes says:

    Atta boy colongelo, get nash in here to mentor the young guys especially bayless at the point and landry is a great role and defender!! i wouldnt throw that much money at him, you could a better player !! Go Raps !! Nash i think your better getting that ring then come home hah

  37. Bonafide says:

    why couldnt BC pull this off with Lin as the chess piece rather than Fields?? If you want to play that kind of mind game against the knicks then why not have a ball handler other that Nash in the mix. (or am I wrong since Lin and Fields have different FA status??/salary worth??)

    • S.I.C says:

      It wouldnt matter that much if the raptors signed lin, the knicks would be able to sign nash and make him a starter (more preferable than having him coming off the bench) then sign felton and make him a backup..they would then be able to keep shumpert and trade fields for nash..

  38. alex says:

    we lost half an nba seasonn because the nba owners are “losing” money but what happens in the 1st real off-season of the new CBA omer asik gets 25 million and landry fields gets 20 million?? how does that make sense????

    • Bonafide says:

      over 3 years thats a Low Mid level exception (just over 7mil/year)….. Don’t look at the final number, ( like buying a house, you look at the interim payments)

      • DJ3 says:

        A low mid level is 3 million. A high mid level is 5 million. They are getting above average contracts because the teams are trying to spend 90% of the cap. They have to.

    • Mark. NYC says:

      Well said owners still cant save themselves from themselves. Crazy if Asik gets 8mil with averages of 6ppg and 5rpg, Wait not that crazy Deandre got 9 or 10mil a year while not being able to play in the 4th qtr because he cant play man to man defense(help defender)and cant shoot free throws. All that bargaining and they’re still overpaying.

  39. zer02her0 says:

    Colangelo spending money like a boss!!! Im just not sure if he is as smart as a boss should be…