Nash Has A New Team … (Video)

HANG TIME HEADQUARTERS — If any player in free agency was going to break the news on his own, we figured it would social media maven Steve Nash.

With a handful of teams aggressively pursuing the two-time MVP, it wouldn’t have come as a shock if he’d already picked his next destination. So when we saw his Tweet this morning we started scrambling the breaking news unit here at the hideout to find out of it was going to be the Raptors, Suns, Knicks, Nets or Mavericks?

Turns out, he has his own “new” team:

Not everyone in this business takes kindly to the product endorsement prank, but with all of the craziness that free agency brings, we can appreciate Nash lightening the mood just a little bit, even if it is just for a moment.

(You can get back to your regularly scheduled craziness now!)


  1. randy buelna says:

    lakers, lakers, lakers,,,, theres no glory in miami….artest and bynum double smack/ i mean double team lebron…give him something to really cry about.

  2. ron says:

    nash, smith, melo chandler and stat… DAMN!!!
    thats a good first five
    for sure thats a championship contender.

  3. ky says:

    nash should sign with the lakers… becuz the lakers are close to getting dwight howard… Kobe nash and howard the new big 3.. championship

    • your mom says:

      thats just stupid it would be the dynamic duo and nash,and then the lakers would have to deal with their bench which is as deep as a puddle of with the bench then talk championship

  4. john says:

    Nash should be at L.A so that there would be possibility that kobe would earn his 6th ring , ^^

  5. spguide says:

    Nash and Howard to Mavs !!!!

  6. chandler says:

    NASH HAS GOT TO COME TO UTAH!! he could do wonders for the new and improving jazz

  7. EP1C says:

    Go to Oklahoma City and replace Westbrook!!!

  8. Raptorsfan101 says:

    Nash is a star, but sadly in Miami he will not be the star. Go to Toronto Nash you are a born leader go show this leadership in the only team from your country

  9. Fanatic says:

    Steve Nash Will Come To Canada, Hes Been Waitting Years To Play for The Countrys National Team, So Steve Nash, I Hope You Come To Canada And Be Proud That Your Repen Your Country, Im Sure The President of Raptors Will Surround You With Talented Players!!

  10. ZeRo2o9 says:

    after all the critisism on nash now everyne is sayng hes a proven veteran and want him..but when the suns were in the playoffs run pl said he had no d and wasnt good. now he gets credit when he might leave? smh basketball fans

  11. phamie says:

    That’s where you belong.
    You can win a title there.
    Anything is Possible and people’s believes in you STEVIE…

  12. Piss Jugs says:

    Hey buddy, why don’t you write a couple more pages there buddy

  13. YuhMudda says:

    lol i think the losers who put up nba names and pretend to be players need a life

    • @YuhMadda says:

      Haha! I know, right? As if Dudley would say that or Nash would be on here to listen to it. Pfft. Morons. How many people wonder if that is them though? People are stupid – I’d say a fair few! XD

  14. Edward says:

    Steve that was funny and singin 2 years

  15. cesar says:


  16. Jared Dudley says:

    Steve you look funny with those cucumbers catch u in practice homie.

  17. zer02her0 says:

    Id rather have no ring and help a young team in my own country go to the playoffs than winning it just by depending on others, this is what will happen if he joins the miami heat. Winning a ring but u didnt work as hard for it is as good as winning nothing the only thing he will gain from it is haters and that is how his legacy will be ruined.

  18. JKryptonite says:

    In response to Canadian Nash Fan:

    I agree. He definitely deserves to win at least one championship.
    BUT, he’s a hall of famer regardless. I’m sure there’s plenty of pressure for him to sacrifice an almost guaranteed championship streak with Miami to be the culture changer and franchise player for his home country’s only NBA team.
    No pressure Steve. No pressure.

  19. JKryptonite says:

    Steve Nash is a joker. His country awaits him. Canada needs you Nash. The Raptors need you.
    I mean, in all fairness, the Raptors COULD find another point guard…
    But, the value of bringing in the likes of Steve Nash to the Raptors franchise is far greater than the $36 million he would receive in pay.
    It goes beyond the salary because he would bring excitement to the team.
    It would mean there would be a superstar player on our team again.
    It would mean there would be sold out crowds coming to see a proven veteran in his return home.
    It goes beyond the $36 million because he IS Kid Canada.

    He’s not a kid anymore, but his numbers have remained stellar throughout his career.
    He was always knocked on for his defence, but everyone knows he can instantly make a team significantly better.
    Isn’t that enough of a reason to bring a guy like him into your circle of guys?
    Isn’t he the kind of guy you want to lead that circle of guys (especially because he’s been to the playoffs – something we’re trying to do as a franchise today)

    I think about how Dallas is a pretty good option for Nash as well. If the Mavs could somehow retain both Kidd and Nash, it would be like old times, only this time around, you could get away with starting both guys at the 1 and 2 spot.
    Kidd can guard most guards in the league still to this day (remember all the premiere players he had to guard in last year’s run to the championship title? – Kobe, Westbrook, KD, Wade, Lebron, etc)
    Nash would be able to team up with his old pal Dirk, and the list goes on…
    It’s just a random thought…but Dallas has to do something to get back to being a championship contender.

    All in all, I’m sure many Raptors fans would love to see Nash come to Toronto.
    I think this is a gamble Canada would be willing to live with if it doesn’t pan out the way we would hope for.
    It’s not like we’re drafting Rafael Arujao over Andre Iguodala…that’s not even a gamble. That’s more like buying a lottery ticket with six of the same numbers. Good luck with that.

    Nash would be recognized as the man who changed Toronto Raptors basketball forever (in a good way).
    Nash would be the man who helps our young guys like DeMar Derozan and Jonas Valenciunas, and even for guys like Andrea Bargnani to get EASY buckets.
    It would allow the coach to trust the point guard to run the offense, and let coach Casey do what he does best: coach defence.
    It’s about a culture change, and THAT is why Nash is being offered $36 million.
    There was a reference made by about the similarity between this contract and the one Kevin Garnett was offered by the Boston Celtics prior to KG winning his first championship ring.
    Look at how it paid off for them.
    I’m not saying it will work out the same way for Toronto, but it goes to show that certain players work their tail off throughout their career and remain loyal as can be, and the reward can be pretty good if you stick around long enough.
    KG, Nash, Grant Hill, Jason Kidd, Dirk Nowitzki, Tim Duncan, Ray Allen, the list goes on – these are just a few of the men in the league who work on their craft day in and day out, knowing that some young kid is trying to steal his job.
    These “old school” guys know the game better than the young kids though. More importantly, GMs in the league know these guys are worth the risk.
    I would try to get Grant Hill in the Nash deal if possible. He is another consummate professional who would be an excellent mentor for our team with regards to teaching the team how to work hard each day with the right mind-set, and for showing that age is just a number.
    You can be a young team that does big things.


    • Jennifer says:

      All the respect to Nash but I doubt that he can provide “sold out crowds” for Raptors. If that is the case Raptors management should not wait for a min to get him.

      • Raptorsfan101 says:

        Toronto has great fans and they are still filling in seats much more than many other organizations. With Nash, the seats will always bwe full but not always sold out

  20. Canadian Nash Fan says:

    I hope to see Steve go to the Miami Heat—-with Steve feeding the Big 3, each will gain about 25% in output. I suspect the Miami Heat will be NBA Champs for as long as Steve is with the team. As a Canadian I would have loved to see Steve with the Raptors, but he deserves a Championship or two for the tremendous perfomances of the past.

    Good Luck to you Steve

  21. Sharquay says:

    Crikey. Definitely has a career in acting after basketball. Funny stuff.

  22. MAVS fan says:

    This is hilarious!! He kinda reminds me of Ben Stiller.

  23. zer02her0 says:

    This shows how fun to be with Nash is which means whatever team he’ll be joining they will be having a very good teammate talent wise and also off the court. I hope he joins the raptors but w/e decision he makes he is still one of the best players who ever played this game on and off the court. Good luck Steve Nash you will be remembered whatever happens!